In this third volume of The Greater Works series Dr. Winston brings a revelatory message that gives believers a clear understanding of how the anointing functions how to value the anointing through the Word of God and how honoring the anointing brings protection into your life. Ordering Information:… BW 1645-3 Grace For The Humble part of the “Understanding the Anointing” series

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up next on the believer’s block of Faith

that’s going to be anointing on you for

battle for winning every battle David

didn’t lose not one battle so from this

day you will not lose


faith in God’s word

is what empowers his word

to deliver

all right


I’m gonna I’m gonna do something here

let’s look at an example of this

Mark chapter 5.

verse 25

this is the woman with the issue of


that a certain woman without an issue of

blood 12 years

and suffered many things to many

Physicians but had spent all that she

had nothing better but rather than worse

and when you had heard of Jesus came in

the press behind and touched His Garment

for she said

if I may touch with his clothes I shall

be whole

and straightway the Fountain of a blood

was dried up and she felt the body that

she was healed of that plague

and Jesus immediately knowing himself

that virtue what’s another name for

virtue how what’s another name for power

the anointing had gone out of him turned

him about the presses and who touch my


and his disciples said unto him thou see

it the multitude they will push all be

pushing on you and how can you say who

touched me

and he looked around about to see her

who had done this thing

and a woman fearing and trembling

knowing what was done in her came fell

down for him and told him all the truth

and he said to her daughter thy faith

had made thee whole go in peace and

behold of thy plague

now this woman

got an instant healing

and I said to you faith in God’s word

is what empowers his word

to deliver

are y’all with me here

let’s look at another one look at second

Kings chapter four please

second Kings chapter four look at verse


now then cried a certain a certain woman

of the wives of the sons of the prophets

and to Elijah saying thy servant my

husband is dead and you know my servant

that’s fear the lord

and the creditors come to take into my

sons to be bondman

and Elijah said to her

what shall I do for you

tell me what’s in your house

and she said thine handmaids not

anything in the house save a pot of oil

and he said to her

go borrow the vessels abroad of all thy

neighbors even empty vessels bar not a


and when thou art come in thou shall

shut the door upon you and your sons

and shall pour out into all these


and thou shall set aside that which is

full so

she went from him and shut the door upon

her and her sons who brought her the

vessels to her vessels to her and she

poured out

and it came to pass when the vessels

were full

and that she said unto her son bring me

yet another vessel

and he said there’s not a vessel more

and the oil what stop it will stay

and she came told a man of God

he said now go sell the oil pay your

debt and you live you and your children

on the rest

he got rid of her debt

in the first example

he got rid of

her disease

y’all with me now

now I’m talking


the anointing

and I’m saying in this particular case

in each one of these cases

there was a man


now what I want you to see this now

there this is the this is a picture for

the church

there was somebody who was anointed

and this anointing was there to lift

burdens off of people

but faith

in that word or is what empowers his

word to deliver

so here

is an anointed one I’m anointed

now I’m anointed to serve you

you got what I’m saying I’m anointed to

serve you

now in this case Jesus wasn’t on it

and the prophet was anointed am I right

and each each case

the people got the benefit of that



in each case

these people Lord have mercy

valued the anointing

and they put such value on it until they

trusted the anointing to get them out of

the situation that they were in watch

this immediately


and this is still available today

now the once you see each other

look at Romans chapter 10 please

home in Romans chapter 10

he says here and I’m going to start


at verse 6.

but the righteousness which is of faith

speaketh on this wise saying

uh say not in thy heart who shall Ascend

into heaven that is to bring Christ down

from above or

who shall descend into the deep that is

to bring Christ again from the dead

but what saith it

the word is neither

even in thy mouth and in thy heart that

is what the word of faith which we




the word of faith

I was in Detroit

second night I preached preached on the


I preached the word of faith

after I finished

I walked out the bishop asked

all who got healed stand up people stood

up all over the place



the anointing

comes with the word

r.w Schambach

going on to be with the Lord

he said I was preaching One Night in

Birmingham Alabama

and as I was preaching

all of a sudden

without warning

the line of wheelchair people

all of them got up

and marched toward me like an army


Now understand what’s happening

that the anointing is accompanying the