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and there should be certain things you

won’t accept as a child of the case I

sat in the name of Jesus from now on you

are done with second trash living


I’m saying let’s stop half stepping with

God in nothing too hard for God if you

can think it God can do it that we’re

going to recover all

faith is always present tense

if you’re talking about something that’s

going to be well um I’m going to be here

one day or whatever Faith won’t work

because faith is always present tense

say Amen to that now why is it present

tense because faith knows it’s already

done the faith that God gave you is his

faith so you’ve got the same faith God

used to create the universe and we said

that is that faith will do big things

faith works for young folks and old


Lord have mercy I don’t know how much

better to put that

now what do I say about that because we

tend to think that the person is too

young to really do this

well if they’re not doing it and faith

is doing it

what differs does it make

oh I got you now

I’ve got you now

this person is 12 years old

saved how many you know you can get

saved at 12.

then they got the same Faith as an 80

year old

I’m gonna try that one more time

if this child is 12 years old then they

are capable of doing super

natural things as just as much as a

person who’s 40 years old who’s 80 years

it doesn’t make any difference because

faith is safe


and sometimes they are capable of using

it much better than old folks because

old folk have skepticism sometimes but

those kids are what we call dauntless

they are dauntless they’re not timid

they’re not fearful they they are not

easily discouraged these are that’s

dauntless Faith here’s a man that was

lame he was on a cart on a bed and they

heard that Jesus was preaching on the

inside Mark chapter 2 and they went to

the door and couldn’t get in because of

all the religious leaders and so what

did they decide to do we’re going to go

up on the roof went up on the roof come

on help me now

and let the man down on that bed before

Jesus and when Jesus saw there


do you give it up saying I’m saying

Darkness it’s time for the church to be

dauntless dauntless

dauntless don’t fear a thing

come on don’t fear a thing don’t be

concerned about what they’re going to

say about you when you drive up in that

new car and and have the license plate

saying paid for come on now when you

come into your new house and you don’t

need a mortgage


when the bank is trying to get you to

put your money in their backs

you don’t need to explain to nobody

tell them I got dauntless faith I don’t

care what you think about them there

ain’t no fear here say no fear here

keep the faith

keep the faith because three out of four

times it looks like nothing is working

but you’re gonna have to hold on to your

faith without wavering say Amen to that

all right number one the kingdom of God

is a new order

of living by faith the kingdom of God is

a new order of living by faith you

cannot live in the Kingdom apart from

faith this is the way God plans for you

to live Jesus came and he came preaching

the kingdom of God saying repent for the

kingdom of God has come and so what I’m

saying is that if you’re going to be a

citizen of the Kingdom you’re going to

have to live by faith he said over in

Romans chapter 1 verse 16 and 17 I am

not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for

it is a power of God unto salvation to

everyone that believed to the Jew first

and also to the Greek for therein is the

righteousness of God revealed from Faith

to Faith as it is written to just to

live by faith in a box of 2 4 he said

the just shall live by his faith so God

wants you to have your faith

you’re going to have to produce


out of your spirit yes and set out of

your mind

you’re going to have to produce see your

spirit is designed to produce it

your mind your hands are designed to

gather it

are you with me no this spiritual


don’t try to get the full understanding

of this with your natural mind yes sir

you got to receive it first and then

believe it got it so it’s got you got to

receive what I’m saying first now what

I’m saying is this

that Adam in the beginning

named animals it’s Genesis chapter 2

verse 19 or so he named animals where

did the names come from God

so the names came from God and God

speaks to your what spirit so it came

through his spirit

and now it came from the spirit realm

and now he’s going to manifest it either

by speaking it

or somehow by faith acting on it

over in Proverbs 20 27 I want you to see

that now I want you to read that ready


so here is your spirit

here is the Holy Ghost in you who is God

is his spirit

so your spirit

is the light bulb

that goes into the library of his spirit

searching for the wisdom that it takes

to answer the situation that you have oh

you following what I’m saying and it’ll

do that while you’re asleep because he

never sleeps so he makes a search when

you put something in before you go to

sleep and while you’re

the spirit is searching

now First Corinthians and chapter 2

verse 11 if you put that one up there

look what it says about you and about

God ready read

now your spirit knows all about you

hitting those things about you that your

mind doesn’t even know

now keep reading

so no nobody knows God but God so God

knows about all about God and your

spirit knows all about you and when they

come together you’ve tapped into all



man you gotta get what I’m saying

no wonder Daniel could say to the king

who had a dream and his Sorcerers

couldn’t uh tell him what he dreamed and

he’d threatened him he said hey if you

don’t tell me I’m gonna cut your heads

off I’m gonna kill your families now

that is really uh uh that’s motivation

and and so what happened is that word

got to Daniel Daniel said tell him I’ll

take care of it

and he told the three Hebrews they

sought the Lord and that night boy y’all

got to hear me on that night man that

means you’re not supposed to carry any

problem over 24 hours

at night see that just came to me that


about it

here’s Hezekiah and Hezekiah is trying

to fight off this Army and I mean

they’re closing in on him it is looking

bad and he got a word from Isaiah who

got a word from God and he gave it to

Hezekiah Hezekiah began to praise God

and open that book and begin to say the

things that God said and so what

happened is something happened in second

Kings chapter 19 and verse 20. if you

will Second Kings 19 and verse 20 ready

read and I

spend things

in Syria I have heard all right that’s

what you have prayed to me against

chanessarib I have what hurt how do you

know he heard you because of First John

chapter 5 and verse 14 this is how you

know he heard you


if anything


now if you know you have it how you’re

going to have to be able to receive it

how you have to by faith

not a feeling just respect

I said just receive

I’m telling you God can tell you how to

get out of debt by Tuesday


if you’ll just re-see

say amen amen I’m telling you God can

tell you how to get that apartment

building with no money all you got to do


seeing she prophesied tonight that God

wants you to have property she said it

if she said it that’s the will of God

you can take that and put it in here as

a seat


come on I want that building that

building that building come on that



it’s time for God’s people to own

something the Bible is about real estate


is it the right group I’m talking about


what am I saying you’re supposed to be

the smartest people yes sir that has

ever hit the face of this planet

isn’t that something I don’t care what

school you go to you went to or what

school you didn’t go to

you have access to the wisdom of God

Amen Proverbs Chapter 2

God has laid up sound wisdom

for the righteous

it’s yours I said it’s yours

all right


what are we gonna have to do

we’re going to have to

the Faith

Lord have mercy

keep the faith

now I’m saying that because once you

have faith and turn it loose yes you’re

gonna have to hold fast

say Amen because the fight is over your


you have to hold on to it now let me

show you this because this example he

told me to tell you


I flew in the military and went to war

and in the fighter that I flew in

is a radar screen

in this radar screen can paint two

things when I say paint it’ll show up on

the radar it can paint airplanes out in

front of you

then you can put it in a certain mode

and it’ll paint the landscape

because sometimes you’re going in at


and you want to stay

500 feet above the terrain you don’t

want to hit a mountain you’re just so

far it’ll paint that it’ll paint clouds

in other words there are certain clouds

like cumulus nimbus you don’t want to go

in because they have big big uh uh what

do you call them

hailstones that’ll try to tear that

airplane up and you want to go around

them so you can paint where the problem


now you’re facing an enemy and an enemy

is coming after you

now you’ve got a feature that no longer

is the screen showing you all the

airplanes but you can take the cursor

and put it over that one airplane and

lock on

but when you do lock on everything else

goes away

now the good news is you know where he


the bad news is that you don’t know

where anybody else is

so faith

takes a lock on

come on now you got you got to come with

me got to come with me

and that’s what happened to Peter over

in marks of Matthew Chapter 14 verse

28-31 he said Master he saw him Jesus

walking on the water he said whoa whoa


if that be you tell me to come to you on

the water

and Jesus said what come

well Peter started getting down out of

the boat and you know what his friend

said where are you going see you always

shooting your mouth off and everything

no watch out cause Faith sometimes

people are ridicule you when you’re

stepping out and he stepped out on that

faith and started walking on that water

and all of a sudden he looked away

he looked away at something to his right

had something to his left and what

happened to him he began to sing I’m

saying that Faith takes a lock on

amen when you locked on the faith you

are vulnerable on every side but I

almost tell you just in your language

what God is saying I got your back

I got your back mate I got your back you

stay locked on I got your back he’s not

gonna come up on the left side he’s not

gonna come up on the right side he’s not

gonna touch your kids he’s not gonna

stop your job I got your back stay

locked on don’t give up stay right there

and when you do watch pretty soon you’re

gonna make it to the other side now give

God praise for that because that’s what

he told me to tell you

he said lock on and say that he said the

wage might come the wind might blow but

if you say locked on to the other side

you will go

amen praise God I’m a poet and don’t

even know it



she was with her mother-in-law

Ruth and her sister were married to they

were more by women married to two Jews

the Jews married outside of what God

told them to marry next thing you know

both of their husband died

and now here’s the mother where two

stepdaughter or two uh daughters-in-laws

and notice what’s happened their

husband’s gone and now they needed

somebody to help with the money and the

Mother-in-law uh one of them told them

said listen mother-in-law we I really

enjoyed your company

while I was with you but I’m out of here

I’m going back to my people and she left

and then the Mother-in-law said well

Ruth why don’t you go ahead with her she

no no no no no no no no no I’m going to

say locked on come on Ruth chapter 1 and

verse 16. I’m gonna say locked on come

on read it with me together ready read


give Ruth a hand clap for that statement

stay locked on and she stayed with her

mother-in-law mother-in-law went back to

the country next thing you know she’s

gleaning gleaning is something for the

poor and the the people who are rich are

supposed to leave something in the on

the borders of the field so that the

poor won’t feel so ashamed they come and

pick the pole beans and pick the corn

whatever have you and here is Ruth and

her mother-in-law down there picking

pole beans but on the horse comes a man

a name Boaz as he is riding with one of

his servants and he said whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa who who

who is that that’s it oh that’s that old

moabite woman oh it ain’t no home more

about them hey ah girl see me at the



she married the richest man in the whole



because she stayed locked


up how about this other woman in second

Kings chapter four verse 23.


the man of God came to town the woman

and her husband had never had children

but she was building a prophet’s

quarters for the man of God fully

furnished and the man of God when he

came in this time he saw this huge

prophet’s quarters that was a seed into

his ministry and he got up and said what

do you want tell her ask her what does

she want servant go get his eye and he

said well she has no child and a husband

is old do you know what that means

let me come over here do you know what

that means all them soldiers ain’t

marching now and so what happens look

here he said next year by this time come

on help me you’re gonna have a child she

said oh Lord don’t lie to the handmaid

No No when the prophet says it if the

prophet said I’m gonna speak right over

here if the prophet said you better take

it to the bank

so what happened and that’s what

happened is she had a child but here’s a

child growing up and now the child went

into the field with her uh dad and and

all of a sudden he said my head my head

see that’s Satan coming back trying to

take out the gift say amen and then next

thing you know she brought him into his

mother and his mother he laid his head

on his mother’s lap and died

and she took him and put him up on the

bed what a man of God you sleep when he

came and then she come down and say it’s

a husband oh can we have one of the

servants saddle the donkey I would get

my Carriage ready I need to go see the

man of God she said why are you going to

see him today that’s what he said he

said it’s not the new moon or the

Sabbath she said this all is well it’s

always have gone all is well I’m talking

about when the devil then shot his best

shot at you you get up say always


and I was 23 and another verse verse 26

read this one


oh no have mercy I’m saying she had a

second chance to start crying start

boohooing oh my God I thought you gave

him to me and thoughtful she didn’t say

that she had dauntless faith


when your children didn’t come home last


oh well now give the Lord a hand clap

cause all his weapons

that’s the kind of Faith you’re gonna

walk in


well praise the Lord I trusted you

enjoyed that teaching now again that’s

Faith to recover all that David and his

men went out to fight a battle and while

he was gone the enemy came to the camp

ravaged the camp ran off with everything

you know now here’s David and David’s

the Lord what shall I do he said I went

to the pursue overtaken recover all so

that’s what we’re doing right now we’re

recovering everything

so now look at your life and you’re

trying to recover all from Heaven’s

standpoint God has already met your need

God has already healed your body God has

already canceled your debt God is oh you

see so if he’s already done you’ve got

to agree with God

that you agree with God you say based on

what God has already done you give the

answer and the answer is going to be

present tense

thank God I am healed

thank God my debts are paid in full

praise God thank God I’m full of joy you

know what I mean that’s what praise does

praise Praises God even when things

don’t look right

Paul and Silas in jail prayed and then

praise God just like it’s already done

why because in God’s eyes it’s already

done and you’ve got to agree with God so

faith is always present tense get the

tense right and you’ll get your stuff

praise God well this is Bill Winston

that’s all we have for now we’ll see you

next time until then keep walking by


you need to know that you’re the child

of a king and there should be certain

things you won’t accept as a child of

the case I sat in the name of Jesus from

now on you are done with second craft



let’s stop half stepping with God and

nothing too hard for God if you can

think it God can do it that we’re going

to recover off

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