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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

my message this morning

why are you weeping

why are you weeping please go to John 20

if you will please 20th chapter

of John

beginning to read it first verse I’m

going to read the first 17 verses

follow me


please John 20

verse 17 verses

the first day of the week cometh Mary

Magdalene early when it was yet dark

under the Sepulcher

and seeing the stone taken away from the

Sepulcher then she runeth and cometh to

Simon Peter and to the other disciple

whom Jesus loved and saith unto them

they have taken away the lord of the


and we know not worthy have laid him

Peter therefore went forth and that

other disciple Being John and came to

the Sepulcher

so they ran both together and the other

disciple did outrun Peter and came first

to the Sepulcher and he stood stooping

down and looking in saw the linen

clothesline yet when he not in

then come a Simon Peter following him

and went into the Sepulcher and seeth

the linen clothes lie and the napkin

that was above his head not lying with

linen clothes but wrapped together in a

place by itself

then went in also that other disciple

which came first to the Sepulcher

and he saw and believed and as yet they

knew not the scripture that he must Rise

Again from the dead

then the disciples went away again unto

their own home but Mary stood without at

the Sepulcher weeping and as she wept

she stooped down and looked into the


and seeth two angels in white sitting

the one at the head the other the feet

where the body of Jesus had Lain

they say unto her woman why weep is thou

see saith unto them because they have

taken away my Lord and I know not where

they have laid him

and when she had thus said she turned

herself back and saw Jesus standing and

knew not that it was Jesus

Jesus saith under a woman why we first

thought whom seek is thou she’s

supposing him to be the gardener saith

unto him sir if we if you if thou have

borne him hence taken away tell me where

thou has laid him and I will take him


Jesus saith unto her Mary

she turned herself and saith unto him

for bonai which is the same master

Jesus saith under touch me not for I’m

not yet ascended to my father go to my

brother and say unto them I Ascend unto

my father and your father to my God and

your god let’s pray

Heavenly Father

please teach us by your Holy Spirit this

morning about the power of your


Lord Jesus don’t let us miss what you’re

trying to say in this wonderful Passage

I come Lord unto your anointing and

unction and ask it to sanctify my vessel

let me be a vessel of honor and praise

to your name as I

utter the precious Living Word of God

what a responsibility and what a joy to

share your heart and I pray Lord that

everyone in this building will hear what

you have to say no one is here by

accident you’ve placed everyone in the

seed in which they’re sitting on purpose

and Lord you prepared this message you

prepared it all this week it wasn’t done

just suddenly it was before we would

know anyone that would be sitting here

today you prepared a word now Lord let

us receive it I pray for healing of

those who need to be healed in spirit

mind and body and soul ReStore in this

service today let there be great

restoration through the power of your

word and spirit I pray in Jesus name


why are you weeping

Resurrection morning

and it’s still dark the scripture says

and tearing through the darkness you see

a few women walking toward the tomb and

one of them

is from mag a town named Magdalene they

call her Mary the Magdalene

the magdala

and she can’t wait so she hurries before

the others as she sees the stone rolled

away from the tomb and she peers in and

there’s nobody there and she sees the

napkins uh or the the clothing there and

she sees the head wrappings in another

position and has gone and and despair

I’m sure she screamed I’m sure she began

to cry and weep and she turned from the

women and ran right to Peter and John

and then his broken sorrowful pitiful

unconsolable mood

she says Peter John the tomb is empty

they’ve taken our master’s body someone

has stolen him somebody’s taking him

they’ve laid him somewhere else I can’t

find him please come quickly

John runs first and he goes and peers

into the tomb and he sees it empty and

he stands back aghast he he’s he’s

trying to take it all in Peter is

impetuous as he is he runs right into

the tomb he looks around and and the

Bible says job Then followed him and

sing believed

John and Peter I don’t know what they

were thinking I don’t know what went

through their mind it says they believe

but future events prove that they

believed only partially

because Peter went fishing

well he saw go fishing went home Mary

didn’t leave I don’t know if the other

women had gone apparently they had and

she’s left alone

and she gathers her courage and she goes

back again to the mouth of the Tomb and

she looks in at this time there are two

angels sitting on the slab one on the

top and one on the bottom of the slab on

either ends of the slab and she’s

looking and they see her and she she is

weeping uncontrollably just absolutely


for as yet they knew not the scripture

says they didn’t understand the

scripture that he must Rise Again from

the dead

now Mary and all these disciples had

been taught by Jesus clearly that he was

going to be killed crucified and raised

the third day

he went over and over it he had taught

them especially from Psalm 16 10. for

thou will not leave my soul in Hell

neither will thou suffer thy Holy One to

see corruption in fact Paul the Apostle

used that very verse to convince the

Jews of the Resurrection this was the

key verse that was used all through the

New Testament Church to prove to all

unbelievers that Jesus was resurrected

he said it’s right in your scripture

it’s right in Isaiah it’s right and

solved the Jews believe dissolves and

there it was

Jesus used Jonah for a type before he

died he taught his disciples he taught


for as Jonas was in three days and three

nights in the Will’s belly social the

son of man be three days and three


in the heart of the earth and then he

will rise just as Jonas came out of the

two out of the belly of the well I will

come out of the Tomb

I want to prove to you conclusively that

Mary and these disciples had been taught

and taught and taught about the

resurrection and didn’t comprehend it

the word did not it was not mixed with

faith they did not hear and understand a

word of the resurrection message that

didn’t register

three times just before he died Jesus

like Matthew 17 22 Jesus said unto them

the son of man shall be betrayed into

the hands of men

and they shall kill him and the third

day he will rise again

and in Matthew 2018 going to Jerusalem

with the disciples and evidently Mary is

with them because later ways crucified

she’s there in Jerusalem


Jesus said behold as we go to Jerusalem

and the son of man shall be betrayed to

the chief priest and to the scribes and

they shall condemn him to death they

will crucify him speaking of himself

and on the third day he shall rise again

he’s speaking in the third person

they’re going to kill me we’re going to

my death

scribes in the Pharisees are going to

lay hold of me I’m going to be killed

I’m going to be crucified the gentlemen

on the third day Mary on the third day

I’m going to rise again

now his favorite place was Bethany the

home of Mary Martha and Lazarus

this woman Jesus had cast Seven Devils

out of her the Bible said

and you know that gave him he became her

Kinsman he gave

him she saw him having the full rights

to her body Soul and Spirit because

she’d been healed and this woman was

totally devoted to Jesus Christ Lord God

and savior healed Mind Body Soul and


he was a miracle

absolutely totally devoted

but she missed the power of the

Resurrection she missed the truth of it

and this is so very very vital to

understanding victory in our lives today

Jesus taught them that he would not only

be raised from the dead on the third day

but he said the same power that raised

me from Dead’s gonna raise you from the


and this is the will of him that sent me

that everyone that seeth the son and

believeth on him may have everlasting

life and I will raise him up at the last


brother there’s no

power of death There’s No Grave anywhere

I don’t care how deep they bury you

there is nothing is going to keep you

from getting your new body and

resurrected on the last day Hallelujah

now Mary’s the focus of my message this


he set out to prove to you that Mary all

along and all the disciples had given a

full and complete teaching on the


but it did not register

it didn’t

they just passed it off that they loved

to sit at his feet they loved to hear

the word but it didn’t touch their heart

it was not applied to their everyday

life they missed it

no doubt Jesus spent so many hours

telling Mary personally she sat at his

feet Mary they’re going to crucify me

I’m going to go to Jerusalem to the

scribes in the first he went through it

in detail but Mary you’re going to have

a time of Saw but the sorrow is going to

turn to Joy Jesus told her that in John

16 20 your sorrow going to turn to Joy

you’re going to have a very powerful


but it’s going to turn to Joy if you’ll

just allow the truth to register

now Mary goes back to the mouth of the

Tomb and she looks in once more and this

woman is shaking I’m sure with grief

totally unconsolable

be strictly

scripture said that Mary stood without

the Sepulcher weeping and as she wept

she stooped down

and looked into the Sepulcher and seen

two angels in white sitting the one at

the head the other the feet

where the body of Jesus had laid

and they say unto her woman

why are you weeping

they were dumbfounded

I’m sure they had been sitting there

waiting for all the disciples to come

together start rejoicing

where are the disciples Peter and John

were here and they’ve gone there’s no

great rejoicing where are the disciples

he told them the third day this is the

third day

this is the new day

power over death Hell In The Grave where

are the rejoicing believers

who suddenly Mary shows up and she’s


and they are dumbfounded they’re gassed

they’re saying


are you reaping their thinking says

where’s the joy where’s the victory

where are those are taking this word and

applying it to their hearts this is the

third date he’s raised but you know why

they’re dumbfounded Mary is weeping and

they’re looking right in the face of

Jesus because he’s standing right behind


they’re looking at this weekly woman and

she’s on her feet on her knees probably

and seeking uncontrollably

there’s the master

now looking right at him

that’s where the dumbfounded Mary

why are you weeping

he who has all power and glory and

victory over the tomb is right behind


and now marry a devoted loving

disciple stands there weeping

Mary what because she thought she had

lost her Lord and her beloved they have

taken him away they’ve taken away my

Lord and I don’t know where they have

laid him

she’s looking for a dead Jesus

to looking for a dead Jesus he hasn’t


giving to him she has spices now he’s


had the spices he’s already been uh

cared for carefully

and this has not been a conflict but

here she is she’s not finished in the


trying to minister to him rather than to

comprehend she’s doing for Jesus rather

than allowing Jesus to do for her

and I don’t think we hardly ever get out

of that kind of condition where we’re

always striving In the Flesh always

always trying to give something to him

and never understanding what he’s trying

to do for us and what he has


in the resurrection

she’s looking not for resurrected Jesus

he’s looking for one who’s still laid in

the grave

if you tell me where you lady’s body

I’ll take him I don’t know what she’s

going to do with it

is he going to cling to a dead Jesus

she saying to herself I’ve lost him

who’s delivered me he’s left me alone

he’s forever God let me tell you

something no power nothing on Earth or

in hell can take your Jesus from you


and they see under her woman

why do You Weep and when she’d said this

because evidently their eyes were not

unheard but above her

and she’s trying to see where the angels

are looking and she turns the Bible said

when she said this she turned herself

back and saw Jesus standing

and knew not that it was Jesus now I

want to stop right here and freeze this


here’s Jesus standing over Mary and she

turns around there he is

right before her and she doesn’t

recognize him in her grief

this this proves that you can go through

such trials and have such grief there

are times that you can’t recognize him

you can’t recognize his presence he can

be right there and you can’t acknowledge

you can’t see him it’s as though he has

has left you he is gone you can’t find

him and grief can do that sorrow can do


now I want you to know something folks

you and I have been given a revelation

so great so far beyond anything that

marrying the disciples had we not only

have the Old Testament we don’t we not

only have Isaiah and the prophets and

David and the psalmist and Moses and all

who pointed to Christ his death his

Burrows Resurrection we have the New

Testament completed we have the

historical testimony we have the

testimony of generations we have a clear

word that Jesus ascended to the father

that he has taken Authority and he’s on

the throne that we do not serve a dead

Christ he’s risen

we have that testimony it’s been made

very very clear

but then a crisis comes into our lives

for example it can be a besetting sin

that returns and you thought you had the


and you sit in the service this morning

you say Pastor I failed the Lord somehow

even when I thought I had the victory I

fell back into an old pet sin something

came over me I went back and I feel so

dirty So Unworthy so unclean and I can’t

seem to get back to Lord I can’t seem to

find his presence God has every right

Jesus has every right to drop me

and sometimes you can feel abandoned you

feel dirty and unclean and filthy and

that’s fine you you go through the guilt

you go through the condemnation and all

of that but here’s the problem in that

state of mind so often

we end up weeping and crying and saying

oh God I’ll never make it I I keep

failing you you have every right to

leave me

and you still don’t understand

that he’s still behind you he’s still

there he’s not forsaken you he said I’ll

never leave you I’ll never forsake you

I’ll go with you to the end

I don’t serve a good time Jesus I

servant Jesus is there when I fail when

I’m blessed when I’m happy when I’m sad

this is the worst tormentors nobody

torments themselves like Christians do

you have no sin on the face of the Earth

that torments himself like Christians do

fail God and say he’s gone I can’t find

him where’d he go where’d he go

he’s right behind you

standing right there never leaving I’m

with you to the end and by the way he’s

not standing back there only he’s right

here inside the heart living and abiding

oh but he’s gone I can’t feel his


folks I don’t trust my good feelings of

all my bad feelings

I told you once and I’ll tell you again

I’m never surprised at my flesh

I’m never surprised when it rises up

because the Bible said flesh is going to

be flesh

flesh in itself cannot be redeemed flesh

has to pass away and be crucified but it

will never change

that’s why I need Jesus with me at all

times and a sense of his presence and

he’s abiding with me Hallelujah

glory be to his precious name

you can have

a dream

and it’s smashed

your hope suddenly goes a promise


maybe you heard a voice

telling you something good was about to

happen instead you’re greatly


and then we cry The Cry of Mary

where is he

where is he we’re talking now about a

dead Jesus we’re talking as though he’s

dead he’s buried he’s gone has no power

he’s not been resurrected

do you understand what this scripture is

trying to say to us

what about that marriage problem you’re

having or trouble in your home or with

your children or relationships you’ve

reached a point in which you say I can’t

go on much longer I don’t know how I can

handle it I’ve tried and Lord I feel

like I’ve come to the very end of my

rope and in that time after you prayed

and cried and wept and you don’t see the

answer coming yet and you say where is

he where is he where did he go I’ve lost


he hasn’t heard me

in times like these all you can see is

the death you cry a lot You Weep a lot

it seems like you’ve lost him like like

he he had every right to leave you you

can’t understand why the Lord is taking

you through this kind of trial why did

he leave me

that’s what Mary is thinking she’s

thinking of her own hurt she’s thinking

of her own loss

Mary had come to the tomb the Bible said

with spices that they may come

that they might come and anoint him she

came with other women to anoint him

and now looking at that picture here she

is weeping she’s got the spices ready to

anoint his body she wants to caress that

body with these spices and just Minister

and love him and and speak over his dead

body Jesus oh how I loved you I devoted

to you

and it looks like a very religious

devoted scene and it was she was totally

devoted don’t get me wrong this woman

was totally devoted to Jesus

but see Mary is focused on the grave

she’s focused on the death and she’s not

focused on the resurrection

she wanted to anoint the Dead

and not to seek a word of resurrection


she wasn’t thinking of life or victory

over death she was thinking of her loss

and and I have lost him

she’s focused on what she could do for

Jesus even though dead and totally

ignoring or

not comprehending what the Lord had just

done for her in supplying and providing

for her everything she needed to have

Victory everything she needed to live

victoriously and be redeemed and she has

missed it

but you can appear to be so devoted to


I’ve seen people


cry all the time

there’s nothing wrong with weeping I

weep in his presence there are times I

weep I weep over sin I weep over

weakness I I weep over uh the condition

of the world I weep over sinners

but that weeping just endures for a

season but I’m not that’s a different

kind of weeping that that’s the Weeping

of the heart of God

but this is a different kind of weeping

this this is a weeping of ignorance

this is a weeping of self

concern of my hurt and my pain and and


as if the Lord has left me

some of you here this morning you feel

that now you’ve been feeling the Lord is

kind of just backed away and left you on

your own

and it seems like it looks like a very

devoted picture here here’s a woman at

the tomb and weeping and crying and

reaching out where’s my Lord it seems

very very religious

but there’s something wrong with the


because they’re standing beside her is a

resurrected Christ that she doesn’t


with all that she needs

and then she’s weeping in Jesus himself

is aghast he’s not playing games with

Mary he’s not teasing her he said woman

why are you crying

look at me why are you crying I told you

I would be raising the dead I have I’ve

come out of the Tomb I’ve conquered that

I put my heel on the Serpent’s head I’ve

crushed him

you should be rejoicing

you should be leaping without

are you crying

ask you now why have you spent so many

days and

weeks or even months why have you spent

so much time


and reaping

there’s no Jesus we’re still dead


and all along

all you have to do is appropriate his


I am the resurrection and the life if

you believe that I came out of the grave

and you can talk about the cross you can

preach sermons about the cross you can

say I’m going to stay focused on the

cross if you stay focused only on the

cross and don’t see the victory the

cross and the resurrection you’re going

to mourn the rest of your life and

breathe the Holy Ghost and grieve Christ


because you have not seen the victory

you’ve not seen the resurrection

yes we’re to be conformed to the Cross

we are crucified with Jesus I praise God

for the cross night and day but I praise

God that he didn’t stay on the cross he

didn’t stay in the Tom he’s alive

Jesus saith under woman why weep us thou

she’s supposing him to be the gardener

that’s amazing

saith unto her sir


if thou

he’s talking to the living

resurrected Jesus if you have taken him

away tell me where you lead him and I’ll

take him

amazing I read that and I can’t believe

it but you know

Jesus didn’t condemn her

for not recognizing his nearness he

didn’t condemn her

or being ignorant of the word of the

Resurrection he didn’t condemn her at

all and in her Despair and when he had

every right to say look


I don’t follow why didn’t you listen to

me I told you and told you and told you

he didn’t beat her down with any kind of


she’s grieving she’s hurting so Jesus


and looks down he says Mary

and a tone of voice she remembers

I’ve been there

I’ve been in that place of grief and

weeping and feeling that the Lord had

every right to leave me and I couldn’t

recognize him in my pain I couldn’t

recognize him in my trial and I would

think there comes a time when the tears

are all gone there’s no more tears left

and you can’t pray you can’t even the

words run together so you just close the

book and say Jesus I don’t know what to

do in those moments if you’ll just wait

you’ll hear your name

I’ve heard it David

I love you

I’m right here I’ve never left you I’m

right here

I’m right here

both folks that has consoled my soul

time and time again I’ve heard by the

way David means beloved of the Lord

and I I

that that is everybody everyone that’s

our name of the spirit beloved of the


I don’t care what you did I don’t care

yet if your heart’s repented you’re

reaching out to Jesus he is right there

he’s here he’s not gone

will you quit looking for a dead Jesus

she knew him in the fellowship of his


and this is why Paul said that I may

know him not only in The Fellowship of

his suffering not only the pain I want

to know him in the power of his

resurrection the church today often

recognize we have devoted weeping

Christians who know and have entered

into the sufferings of Christ but

they’ve never entered in the power of

the Resurrection

forgive me I’m screaming

offering makes the flesh feel good

but until you

acknowledge his word

until you acknowledge he is raised from

the deadness all the power that you need

that he has been invested with

everything you need to get victory over

Temptation victory over your sin to the

power of His Spirit until you deal with

that I serve a God who is able to

deliver me from anything nothing is

impossible in my life because I am

resurrected with Jesus Christ I am

raised from the dead of sin the depth of

sin I raised

Jesus said unto her she turned it she

tried to cling to Jesus

she tried to cling to him and Jesus said

to her Mary

touch me not

if I’m not yet ascended to my father but

go to my brethren and say unto them I

Ascend unto my father and your father

and to my God and to your God now some

people say well he had already gone the

father and came back no he said I

haven’t understand it he he’s still not

in glory

and what he’s saying to Mary Mary wait a

minute our relationship has to change

you can’t cling to me like you did when

I was in the flesh

I am the Resurrected God Of Heaven and

Earth your relationship to me now has to

be one of faith this is not human kind

of relationship anymore this is a faith

relationship you’re not going to cling

to me now except by faith

says I’m going to leave you and I won’t

be here and if you don’t have faith

you’re never going to ever you you will

always be clinging to the Grave you’ll

be coming back to this tomb night and

day and you’ll be looking at you’ll

you’ll just have a memory you won’t have

a Living Word in your life you missed

the word up to this point don’t miss it

now our relationship has to change it’s

by faith

folks the only victory over sin is to

face your way through it you can’t

starve your way through sin you can’t

strive your way through your problem you

have to resign all of your thinking

capacities you have to resign all of

your striving and say Jesus I believe

what you said I will never leave you

I’ll never forsake you I’ll go with you

to the end I’ve got to believe what you

said you will present me faultless

before your throne with exceeding great

joy I will rest on your word I will

appropriate it I will apply it that’s

where the power is


beloved we’re just like the disciples

those two disciples on the road to

Emmaus they they’ve gone home they’re

going to Emmaus and they’re talking to

one another and they don’t even

recognize the presence of Jesus this

wonderful man is walking in their midst

these and they say we trusted we thought

or we had believed

that this had been he which should have

redeemed Israel

we really thought he was the Redeemer

and beside all this today’s the third

day since these things were done

you know what Jesus says oh you fools

so slow of heart to believe all that the

prophets and the scriptures have said

folks we’re we are we’re that foolish


how slow we are to believe what he has

promised in this book

how slow We Are

looks I want to tell you something

there’s all these years I have learned

that God help me if this is one thing

that I’ve ever asked him to teach me

it’s this that no matter what I’m going

through no matter what I may consider

myself as having failed in some way or

another I know I have a heart for Jesus

I know I love him I know I’m devoted to

him but I am not going to give in to the

lies of the devil that Jesus has walked

away from me Jesus didn’t bring you this

far just to dump you to Pearly Gates


one of my favorite writers of dear old

Puritan just before he died someone

asking about are you ready he said God

didn’t take me all these years just to

drop me at the last moment before I

entered Paradise

God didn’t take me all these years just

to let go of me

he didn’t take you through all your pain

and suffering he didn’t take you through

all of this that you’ve gone through and

then suddenly because you have a problem

he just gets up and walks away no I

don’t serve a God Like A Christ like

that neither do you he’s been there all

the time and he’s there now and you’re

going to have to lay hold of his promise

lay hold of it and say I don’t have a

lot of care what you tell me I don’t

care what I feel

I told somebody I heard everybody feel

safe before 11 o’clock in the morning

you know what I mean I’m a night person

in the morning I’m very slow

so if I listen to the devil I wouldn’t

feel like I’ve accomplished anything

today I’d never doubt my salvation but

sometimes I I don’t feel like I’ve

really reached him or done much until I

have I’ve got to spend my hours in

prayer I’ve got to have so many

scriptures written then I start feeling


now does he love me just as much when I

feel down is when I’ve read all these

scriptures does God just love me a

little more because I’ve been a little

more diligent no

he loved me when I was a sinner he loved

me he loved you when you were blind he

loved you when you were a blasphemer He

Loved You Then how much more does he

love you now Hallelujah

you can pray for hours a day

you can weep until there are no more

tears left

you can listen to the word and you can

live on religious tapes and books

but if you don’t appropriate the power

of his resurrection if you don’t lay

hold of his promises by faith

all you’re going to hear from the Lord

is why why

are you

carrying this burden unnecessary why are

all this unnecessary guilt why are you

carrying all these burdens

when I told you just cast them on me and

I’d take them all

why are you still carrying it

you know there’s a step of Faith you can

take right now even while I’m preaching

you can imply the word of God and say

holy ghost I want to recognize that I

want to receive it right now and you can

chase the lives of the devil you can put

this all out of your mind soul and body

right now through a step of faith take

that step of Faith right now while I’m

speaking to you

see there’s a form of godliness the

Bible said that’s going to deny the

power forms of worship forms of piety

and Holiness forms of weeping and legal


and and things that look so religious

they look so so religious

I know people now

uh that are so legalistic

there’s focused on the way

they fix their hair

they’re focused on

whether their faces are painted or not

painted red or white or they are focused

on danglings and and clothes and and

they’re focused on all of these human

things but most of the time I see no joy

I see no Victory I see a morning sad

group of people who’ve never entered

into the joy of the resurrection of

Jesus Christ

all the talk about being crucified with

Christ all the time but the flesh has

never been crucified because like like a

lady told us he said I sent my my kids

to a very religious legalistic school

and they had a parents meeting and all

of these women were dressed so you know

old-fashioned they everything had to be

right and they look if you came in with

pants as a woman or any kind of informal

clothes you know you’re a sinner

but she said you know what they did for

the whole two hours they gossiped

it just won’t go like this off I mean

chewing everybody up

but they look good

that’s not what God’s looking for

if you don’t have faith in his

resurrection power

if you don’t believe that he’s raised

for you the Bible said he was raised for

you he was raised for me he wasn’t

raised on his own account he was raised

for us

boy that that hit me the other day you

did all this for me Jesus

God help me if I don’t appropriate it

if I don’t believe it

and God hath both raised up the Lord and

will also raise us up by his own power

beloved we are not Pawns of the devil

we have a man in glory

who was crucified but now he reigns in

all power and authority and he’s there

as my high priest he’s there as my king

he’s there is my God if I fear of him I

go to my high priest and I repent

and when the Devil comes to accuse me

before the father my Jesus is an

advocate my lawyer stands Before the


and he says my blood my blood my blood

and I get my forgiveness and I walk away

with joy and knowing that he’s forgotten

my sins why should I not

and if the devil still harasses me I can

say I stand on an everlasting promise

that God is going to see me through and

Deliver Me from every snare of Satan


Jesus Christ Our Lord declared to be the

Son of God with power according to the

spirit of Holiness by the resurrection

from the dead

in Romans 6 5 for if we have been

planted together in the likeness of his

death we shall also be in the likeness

of his resurrection

if I have truly died by faith to sin

then God helped me to enter in to his

promise that I can live in the likeness

of Jesus Christ by faith through the

endowing power of the Holy Ghost now let

me tell you in closing what I believe I

believe in the cross I believe that

Jesus died I believe that he was raised

in power I believe that he reigns now in

power I believe it has all power over

every Temptation every demon Onslaught

every lost every Power of hell that

comes against me and I believe he meant

when he said I will never leave you I

will never forsake you I’ll go with you

to the end I believe that with all my

heart will you stand please



my God

can we sing he lives Christ Jesus lives

today it’s an Easter song folks

do you know why we celebrate you know

why we have the Sabbath on the first day

of the week rather than the seventh

because Jesus was raised on the first

day of the week

five times he appeared before he died on

the first day of the week I mean after

his resurrection he appeared he appeared

the first day of the week so we

celebrate we practice the Sabbath on the

first day now Saturday is really the Old

Testament Sabbath we celebrate it

because of the Resurrection

Hallelujah but do you understand that

every day is supposed to be Easter with

a Christian every day supposed to be the

first day of the week it’s supposed to

be resurrection power you’re supposed to

get up and face every lie just I don’t

care what you do if you have to learn to

practice it

I I went to years ago a very wealthy man

gave some money

to Teen Challenge and

when he gave us the check he’s the only

thing I want you to do Pastor I want you

to come up here somewhere in Manhattan

and go to one of my motivational

meetings I want to motivate you

and so

for a hundred thousand dollars I will be

motivated so

he said if you’re going to be a success

you get up every morning you’re going to

feel downcast and you and he gave us

these words to report report

I will not give in to my Despair and

everybody will say I will not give in to

my despair

I am a success

if I think right I can do right I have

the power I have the ability to do this

and here we’re about a thousand very

intelligent people

say I can do it I can do it I can do it

of course they can’t do it without the

Holy Ghost they can’t do without the


and I’m

standing back there in the back thinking

and Christians get up in the morning


claiming in church raising their hands

praising a resurrected all-powerful


and get up in the morning as though he

were dead

folks get up in the morning and exercise

in the spirit

remind the devil that you don’t have to

listen to anything he says I don’t care

how downcast you feel say Jesus I accept

your word I’m going to go through this

day believing and knowing that you are

with me you will not leave me you’re

standing I I don’t talk about

visualizing but I know I know your hand

is on me just let us speak your name all

through the day let him call to you he’s

there he’ll speak your name he’ll speak

Love to You Hallelujah all he’s asking

is an open repentant heart

so Jesus I want to be devoted to you

this day

and and by faith taking authority over

all of those lies take authority over

those uh feelings of depression and fear

and anxiety and guilt and say Jesus I

cast all of this on you and go your day

rejoicing the world needs to see a

smiling Victorious Faith man everywhere

you look

I I walked on Friday I walked 70 blocks

that’s right

all right

you say you’re boasting you bet I am at

my age I’m boasting

I I don’t think I saw two smiles the

whole day I there was nothing but

gridlock I heard everybody blowing their

horse and cursing and yelling and

screaming and bustling and hustling this

city and this world needs Christians who

live in Victory they need smiling faces


so why are you weeping why aren’t you


your God’s Not Dead

your savior’s Not Dead He’s Alive he

abides in your heart and he’s loving you

he wants to love you out of your despair

this morning would you sing that while

we sing that he lives if you if you’ve

been living in this by the way if you’re

not right with the Lord you have strayed

away from his love

I want you to get out of your seat and

come here or you say Pastor Dave I’ve

been living in despair I’ve been living

in defeat and I need to walk out of this

church totally revitalized by the Holy

Ghost up in the balcony go to the stairs

on either side and come and I’ll pray

for you we’ll believe Jesus right now

amen we’ll be Jesus right now in this

service I want you to sing it with faith

though he lives he lives Christ Jesus

lives today where does he live he lives

right here in my heart amen

and ask the Lord by his spirit and Power

to deliver everyone who came forward and

everyone in this building this morning

who’s been living under the

influence or power of a life from hell

oh how quickly God wants to dispel all

of that

look at me please

do you believe the Lord really loves you

do you believe he’s near

that he abides

he doesn’t

Flint in and out of our lives

he’s the most stable thing in your life

he’s the most constant thing in your


I believe when we get to heaven

we’re going to look back over there

wouldn’t be no brief but

how many

unnecessary burdens

oh what needless cares we bore


I want you to bring them all to him

right now by faith it’s a step of faith

it’s believing his word


this past week for just a few hours in

the morning when I get up the enemy just

tried to come in with a sense of

you don’t know where it comes from it

just comes doesn’t it have you ever been

away it just seems to come and there it


that downcast

thing and I said no Lord Jesus

you’re right here

then just begin to love on him

just begin to love him talk to him

and then receive his love

Hallelujah God’s not mad at you

God is not mad at you

I want you to

lift up your hands to Jesus right now

just lift up your hands and I want you

to pray this prayer with me right now


I’m tired of my burden

my fears and all the guilt the feelings

of unworthiness


forgive me Jesus for trying to carry

this burden

by myself

and help me now Lord

to cast all of my cares all my burdens

Temptations and lust I cast them away I

put everything at your feet

stand with me now Jesus

my heart is repentant

I’m sorry Lord for every sin I’ve

committed and now Jesus look at my heart

you know I love you I’m devoted to you


I desire you with all my heart

that’s why I’m standing here

so come now Jesus by your spirit

comfort me and help me to see you

and recognize you in my problem

right now now while your hands are

raised let me pray for your father I

pray that you open our eyes and our

understanding and we can recognize you

right now in our troubles and in our

sorrows and on our burdens and in our

even on our failures we can recognize

you and we can see master master as you

call our name and remind us that you

love us

God you love your church

it died for your church you Died For All

Mankind but oh Lord the great love you

have for your body for your church it’s

your own body you said a man loves is to

love his own body and you love your own

body we are your body we are bone if

you’re bone and flesh of your flesh

now I want everybody in this church that

loves Jesus to raise your hands and say

thank you for loving me and let him love

you right now accept the love of Jesus

Lord I’ve repented of my sins I open my

heart to receive your protection your

love I cast my cares upon you strengthen

me Lord strengthen this body for the

battle ahead give strength to this

people give hope give Faith bring



oh blessed be the name of the Lord bless

him now just bless the Lord I bless you

Lord I bless you Lord


this is the conclusion of the message