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well today is the National Day of Prayer

here in the United States

what a blessing that we live in a

country where we can freely pray to the

Lord for our leaders and ask for his

help to continue to guide protect and

bless our country

yes our nation is struggling with many

serious issues

but our God is a big God and if we turn

to him together he will hear our prayers

for our country

God will do his part

but he’s also asking us to do our part

and to pray for our nation no problem is

too great for him join me in prayer

father we come to you in the name of


and we pray for our country

we pray for our leaders

we pray for every leader from the


to Mayors and

anyone else that’s in leadership

anywhere in our nation

we ask you to give them wisdom we ask

you to give them courage to do what’s


we pray that they will always do what’s

right no matter what and not just do

what is going to get them votes

father we know that we have many serious

issues right now in our nation

many of them are moral issues and I pray

that people will turn back to you

and begin to do things your way

I pray that people will do their part we

know you’ll do your part

but I ask that everyone would go out and

vote in every election


would pray for our nation not just once

a year but on a regular basis

and I ask that we would all together

take a stand against unrighteousness

and things that are wrong

I believe that you’re able to do

anything all things are possible with



and America is a great nation

but it can return

to the even greater nation that it once


we thank you God that you’re working

even right now you’re working in our

nation behind the scenes and I believe

that something wonderful is going to

take place in Jesus name we pray



tonight I want to talk about seven

common fears

we’re going to talk about some very

practical areas where we let fear

overwhelm us make us miserable and

torment us can I just say loud and clear

you cannot enjoy your life and be

fearful at the same time

you cannot enjoy your life and be

fearful at the same time fear first John

4 says fear hath torment it torments us

and so some of these are fears that you

may have and don’t even know that you

have you don’t even think about having

them but they’re things over the years

that God has dealt with me about and

helped me get through and they’ve really

brought a lot of freedom into my life

the first one I want to talk to you

about is the fear that I’m not pleasing

to God

and I think lots of people have that

they kind of think God’s mad at them

about half the time he’s not pleased if

I could just be better

then maybe God would be pleased more now

I kind of fell into that because my

father was never pleased no matter what

I did and I wanted to please him but I

was always afraid that I wasn’t pleasing

him so it’s very easy to translate that

into a relationship with God but I don’t

think that you even have to have been

mistreated as a child you could have had

great parents and still have this subtle

fear that you’re just not pleasing

to god let’s just see if anybody out

there agrees see because sometimes you

guys look so innocent I can’t tell if

you need this enough

and God doesn’t want you to be that we

did not receive the Holy Spirit to put

us once again in bondage to fear Romans

8 15 says we did not receive the Holy

Spirit the spirit of adoption God has

adopted us you know what that means he’s

chosen you he didn’t have to choose you

he chose you on purpose and knew when he

got you every wrong thing you would ever


that’s better news than your acting like

see adoption is really a powerful thing

I mean there are people who’ve been

adopted that it becomes a problem for

them because they only think about the

person who didn’t

keep them for some reason but

I mean adoption if you look at it

properly is amazing

because somebody came and

they didn’t just have a baby

they wanted you they chose you they

picked you and that’s amazing we need to

think about the upside of stuff

and not the downside of everything

that’s going on in our life amen

well John 6 28 and 29 helped me so much

when I was going through these things

because if you’re afraid you’re not

pleasing to God you’re likely to just

work yourself to death

trying to do everything right and be

really good and make sure you knew do

enough of everything that God has

pleased but the interesting thing is is

when you’re trying to please God through

your own Works no matter what you do

you’re still afraid he’s not pleased

so apparently we’re not the only people

who had this problem it was all the way

back in the Bible with the disciples

then they said to him

what are we to do