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he didn’t want you to get saved but now

that you are he wants to do everything

that he possibly can to keep you from

growing and acting like a Christian

you see if we all acted like Christians

and behaved like Christians

if we heard the word and then took it

out into the world and lived the word

everybody on the planet that was ever

going to give their life to Jesus would

have already done it

and we’d be on our way

to getting to go home

I don’t know if you even realize how

important it is

how you behave

out in public

do you realize that our behavior is so

important you can put a bumper sticker

on your car and hang cross around your


but all you’re doing is inviting people

to watch you and see if you’re the real


are just a phony

and we all know that it’s easy to lose

our temper it’s easy to get impatient

when things don’t happen the way that

you want them to happen

but you know stuff just happens

in life

we started just for fun a couple of

years ago keeping a record of the crazy

stuff that happens when we’re out on the

road doing conferences

at the end of the year it’s hilarious to

see all the stuff that happened now this

is the first time we’ve been out

this year and

one of our guys that goes ahead and

drives all the routes and makes sure he

knows the church and meets the people

and does the walk through and all that

stuff well his plane got canceled


and then

without asking him they canceled his car

his Rent-A-Car

so when he got here he tried to rent a

car but there’s no cars to rent

so he had to borrow a car

from the church

well that was just

aggravation and trouble

number one

and then

this morning I sat down to study

got about four sat down to study and the

light bulb in the lamp

next to my chair went out

so now I got to get up and I got to go


another light bulb somewhere and

go back and

put it in there and

there’s just stuff how many of you know

there’s stuff

that happens all the time just stuff

and the more calm you can stay the

matter it makes the devil

did you hear me

even when you’re by yourself in your own


see there would have been a day when I

would have just really let that light


make me mad now here I am trying to

study the word and God I don’t

understand why you let this happen

well now I know it’s the devil just

trying to aggravate me and so I just

calmly get up go find myself another

light bulb

put it in there

everything works out all right just stay


how many of you need to stop getting mad

every time something happens that

you don’t like if you’re going to be a

Christian there’s always going to be

stuff happen

that you don’t like

we’ve got a huge what’s it what kind of

tree is that in our backyard that great

big one that you like to look at is it

an oak tree

it’s a huge oak tree it’s been their

Towns how many years and

let me tell you something when it storms

in St Louis which it did a couple times

in the last week that baby don’t move

it’s there

there’s no storm knocking it over


there’s other little

Twigs of trees

that still have a lot of growing to do

amen now I’m talking to somebody

little Twigs of trees that still have a

lot of growing to do and you get a storm

there and it can break it in half or

uproot it we had a pretty bad storm a

couple weeks ago and there were some

sizable trees that actually were torn

out of the ground

by The Roots but it didn’t bother that

oak tree because there’s no tellings how

deep those roots go so I’m going to ask

you today are you a tree or a twig

a tree

or a twig

now let’s go back to mark four and they

have no real root in themselves and so

they endure for a little while and when

trouble or persecution Rises on account

of the word they immediately are


they become displeased indignant

and the word indignant

means being annoyed

at what is perceived to you

as unfair treatment

I don’t know why we think it’s so unfair

to us

if we have a problem

well God I went to church

I gave him the offering

and I just don’t understand why this is

happening to me

well it wouldn’t bother you if it was

happening to somebody else

you would tell them just trust God just

believe God

come on now


I mean I

just hang on brother that’s just the

devil just trying to aggravate you just

stay happy and keep praising God but

when it happens to us

we can get offended well

I don’t know why this is happening to me

well why not you

one man that I know his son had cancer

of course everybody was believing for a

miracle and

it didn’t happen and the boy died and

this man got really mad at God and he

said where were you when my son died

and God answered him back right away and

he said the same place I was when mine