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and I’ll tell you if you don’t have

anything going for you except being bold

enough to say I am never going to give

up you’ll end up getting the victory

I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you hurt


this month we have been celebrating 30

years of Joyce’s Ministry on television

sharing the gospel around the world and

thanking God for all that he has done

through it and thanks to the support of

so many people like you many people

everywhere have been helped and they’ve

learned to trust in the Lord and to

allow his word to change their lives

here’s a look at some of the people

who’ve experienced healing and

transformation I was really in

depression bad and I had a gun in my


and I was ready to kill myself and my

foot hit the remote in life in the word

came on


Saturn recliner and turn on the TV and

lo and behold there is a woman named

Joyce Meyer preaching

next thing I know I’m scared to death

because she’s sitting here pointing at

the TV screen hey you lean back in your

recliner drinking that beer got out of

the recliner went to my mom’s room I

said Mom I need to talk to you I’m

freaking out I don’t know what’s going

on I told her I’m ready to change I

threw my stash of weed out and I sobered

up instantly I just locked myself in the



I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep so I

would watch television

Myers would come on one scripture when

she said nothing is impossible with the


I just hung on to that scripture and

then I started studying the Bible

because when you’re broken and you’re

seeing Joy’s talk on TV you feel like

someone is listening to you

you see me on the TV yes

I searched for other philosophies and

religions but nothing could fill me then

one morning I turned on the television

there’s this woman preaching she

encouraged me to seek God and know him

like she knows him I listened to her

programs and read the Bible for myself I

learned who Jesus is and when I did he

filled my emptiness I got introduced to


then a heroine and then a crack and

within a matter of a couple of months I

went from being a nice little church

girl wife and mother

to being a crackhead a dope fiend and a

full-blown alcoholic and I would turn on

the TV I ran across Joyce Meyer she

became a part of my

this is not going to sound good she

became a part of my my hive routine it’s

just so crazy that God will meet you

right where you are

I pray that we would realize what a

precious treasure we have

in being able to turn the television on

and get the word turn the radio on and

get the word what a wonderful privilege

it is God that you’ve provided the word

in so many different formats

help us to always love your word to

receive your word to be respectful to

your word and I believe that there’s

power in the word

to change our lives to save our souls

and to help us stand up on our feet

a mighty host

doing great things for you

in Jesus name amen


let your tests become your testimony

everybody likes the testimony

we overcome the Enemy by the blood of

the lamb and the word of Our Testimony

and it’s good to be able to testify to

the veracity and the truth

of God’s word

I love to be able to tell people what

God’s word has done in my life and I I


love the word and I believe with all my


that there’s power

in God’s word I think it’s they’re just

like little power pellets and

I didn’t get around to this in the

second teaching but if you say to me

today Joyce I really want to be healed

but I don’t other than asking God to

heal me is there anything else that I

need to do

and I can tell you two things that I

believe with all my heart

will make changes in your life

first of all

studying God’s word yourself

now we always hear read your Bible read

your Bible but I’m going to tell you

that I think you need to do more than

read I think you need to study

and there’s a difference

and a lot of times we read

out of obligation we’ll rush through a

couple of chapters

so we feel like we’ve done our Bible

reading for the day

many people try to read the Bible

through every year and I think that’s a

great habit but

if you read the whole Bible through

every year and you don’t really remember

anything that you learned

then doesn’t do you much good and I can

tell you that I believe God would rather

that you read

a couple of verses and actually get

something out of it

then to read five or six chapters every


I want to encourage you to start

approaching the word in a different way

I’m going to encourage you when you

approach the word of God when you go to

open it up

that you

act like it’s medicine

see when you go uh when you go to your

medicine cabinet at home if people still

have those

if you have a headache you don’t get a

Band-Aid out and put it on your head

if you cut your finger you don’t stick

an aspirin in it

we know how to select different

medicines for what’s wrong with our

physical body

and so I’m just going to tell you that

if you’re angry and you’re having a hard

time forgiving somebody

reading scriptures about prosperity and

success are not gonna

help you with your problem

you know it’s interesting the books that

people buy


sadly people don’t buy enough of what

they need

they buy books that will help them get

what they want

but many times they’re not addressing

the problem that’s hindering them from

getting what they want

did you understand that so no matter how

many books you read on

how to be promoted in life

if you’re

really mad at somebody and you’re

disobeying God and you’re gossiping and

doing things like that

you don’t need to get the book on


that that’s not what you need


I know from being a writer

and you don’t know some of the books I’d

love to write and the titles that I

would love to put on them but I know

nobody would buy them

I mean I would love to write a book

called dying to self

yeah you clapped but you wouldn’t buy it


no you wouldn’t buy that and you know

you wouldn’t who’s going to send that to

somebody for a Christmas gift

you know


but I can put a book out there on five

easy steps to success

and everybody’s going to grab it up

matter of fact it it aggravates me

even just trying to find a title to put

on a book

because the Publishers will tell you

every title has to have a promise in it

or nobody’s going to buy it

well you know I would like to write

books like the power that’s in the word

the name and the blood

and I actually have a book like that and

we used to sell it under that title

but now we’ve had to change it to I

don’t know


secret to some success or something you

know to oh God’s greatest gifts that’s

what they changed the title to and

sometimes I look and I’m like when did I

write that and I’m like

oh well that used to be but people

weren’t buying it anymore

you know we’re we’re getting to

wimpy in the church today

come on we we need to get down to it and

you need to know the power that’s in the

blood and the power that’s in the name

of Jesus and you need to know the power

of obedience and the power of

forgiveness and you know it doesn’t

really matter what we think or what we

feel if we don’t do what God says to do

we are not going to have the life

that he wants to give us and so

study the word of God like medicine if

you’re angry then look up everything you

can find on anger the dangers of anger

get yourself a concordance learn how to

do some digging and dig some stuff out

for yourself and don’t just want to get

everything because you press a button on

your mouse and everything pops up for


I think I I’m I’m appreciative of the

everything that’s on the

the net now because I can study so easy

but I tell you when I studied all this

stuff out that I teach you now I used to

have to get out 14 different books and

lay them all around me and dig and dig

and dig and it might take me two or

three days to get one of these messages

that I bring you now and I I’m thankful

for those days because the more effort

you put into something the more you’re

going to get out of it all right

did you hear that

let me say it again the more effort you

put into something the more you’re going

to get out of it

stop reading the Bible for quantity

just so you can feel proud of yourself

because you’ve got a lot in but learn


sometimes it’s actually good if you keep

a notebook and when you’ve read a

chapter in the Bible that you write down

the key things in there that you learn

let’s stop trying to just see how much

we can do thinking we’re impressing God

and let’s actually learn something amen

because here’s the thing

the word of God has inherent power in it

to heal

your soul

so if you’re wounded you’ve been hurt

you’ve been treated badly by somebody if

you have any kind of a hang up in your

life anything that you’re trying to get

over I believe that there’s two things

that you can do

that will bring healing to your life now

I think all this is necessary going to

the conferences going to church you get

a lot of pieces of the puzzle for your

life you hear things that help you

but it all has to come together

somewhere in a victory for you and I

think the place where that comes

together is when it’s you and God

your Bible

use two things you need you need to

study the word and you need time with


and the time with God

it’s not even so important what you do

during that time as it is that you give

him the time

because relationship cannot be

maintained without time

if you think you’re going to have a good

marriage never spend any time with the

person you’re married to you’re wrong if

you think you’re going to have good

relationship with your kids and never

have any time for them you’re wrong if

you think you’re going to have good

friends and never have any time for your

friends you’re wrong and if you think

you can have a good relationship with

God and never have any time for God

you’re wrong the one person

that you better make time for Above All

Else Is God and I’m talking regular time

you don’t need to make a law out of it

yeah I’m not going to stand here and say

every day you need to spend two hours

with God but it’s not a bad idea to be

honest and I I’m afraid to start my day

without spending some time with God

I mean I’m just afraid of myself I don’t

trust myself enough

to get out among people and act like a

Christian if I have not I mean I’m

telling you the truth I don’t I need God

in my life I cannot keep this under

control if I don’t have God’s help

is everybody home now how many of you

will admit that spending regular quality

time with God is one of the hardest

things in the world to discipline

yourself too okay so why do we think

that is

because the devil knows

if you ever get with God

and you get serious about it

that something amazing is going to

happen in your life

so if you want to know how to be healed

that’s it the word is the medicine you

need to heal a sick soul

and time with God

is the other thing that you need now you

spend time at the doctor

you spend time at the drugstore

you stand in line and wait to get


you take the whole thing if it don’t

work you go get it refilled

come on

and if that don’t work you’ll go get it

refilled again

and so we take time with all this other

stuff and we need to now start taking

time with God because that’s what’s

going to make the difference in your

life and I’ll be I’ll tell you the

absolute truth

I’m so glad you came to this conference

but if you said to me Joyce I can either

come to your conference or I can spend

an hour with God but I can’t do both I’d

probably tell you go spend an hour with


as much as I love you being here I think

he can do more for you than I can

and you need to know that okay now

I’ve said that

do you agree with me

how many of you understand what I’m



anyone so

if I were you when you open up your

Bible I did this this morning

father I’m reading this by faith

and I believe that there’s power in this


and that as it goes into me

it’s going to heal me

it’s going to change me

it’s going to enable me to go out in the

world and act the way that you want me

to act in other words don’t just read it

mix your faith with it

believe that there’s power in it every

single day there’s power in here I’m not

just reading

I’m taking life into myself that’s going

to help me overcome every problem that I


life sometimes can get tough

anybody agree with that all right

nobody ever ends up with a testimony how

many of you love hearing a good


nobody ever has a testimony

if they haven’t had a test

and so we’re going to be tested

and not only will the enemy try to test


the God himself will test us

David even prayed for God to test him

I don’t pray that prayer real often but

you know I mean David prayed oh God try

me test me see if there’s any wicked

thing in me

wow that’s nerve

we love to hear

great testimonies

but if we don’t pass our tests

we’ll never have a testimony

some of you wonder why you keep going

around and around the same Mountain all

the time all the time

was a little something you need to know

about God

you never flunk out in his school

you just keep getting to take the same

test over and over and over until you

pass them

amen and then even after you pass them

occasionally you’ll get a little

refresher course

just to check and see if you’re still

where you need to be in that subject

well we love to hear and read about Noah

Joseph Abraham Moses Moses Daniel Ruth

Esther Peter Paul

but would you have wanted to have been


oh most wow

must be great to have Joyce’s life

oh honey

well we won’t yeah yes I have a great

life but

you don’t do this and not pay a price

to do it amen

would we you know we thought oh I man

most awesome Paul wrote two-thirds in

the New Testament wow


Moses parted the Red Sea wow

none of these people were making their

own choices in life

they each had a plan that was suddenly

interrupted by God

maybe some of you have plans

and God’s been trying to interrupt them

and you’re not letting him

and so things are not going so well for


because you know when God decides to get

in the middle of something


come on now

most people have an invisible sign

hanging on their life God can see it but

other people can’t says do not disturb

those are signs you can hang on Hotel

doors but you don’t get to put one on

your life if you’re going to hang out

with God you better get ready to get

interrupted you’re going to have a good

plan every day but that doesn’t mean

you’re going to get to do what you

planned because if God needs you you’ve

got to be on call


I’m sure Esther had a plan for her life

and it probably wasn’t

to take a chance on getting killed

by doing things that you normally don’t

get by with

these people were placed in situations

that they’d never encountered

you know when God asks you to do

something telling him well I’ve never

done that before that don’t

that don’t bother God

when he asked me to start teaching a

Bible study where I worked I didn’t know

anything about teaching

I went to my pastor

that time I was in the Lutheran Church

and I said if somebody I didn’t want to

tell him it was me but I said if

somebody were going to teach a Bible


what would be a good place to start and

he said oh the book of John’s always a

good place

and I said and what would they use to

study and he suggested a Thompson Chain

reference Bible

so I got a Bible and a Thompson Chain

reference Bible and a Concordance

and started teaching

a group of 12 people all that worked for

me I was an office manager didn’t have

enough sense to realize if I invited

them to a Bible study they would be

afraid not to come

so I thought I was having great success

I invited 12 people and they all come

well they were afraid they’d get fired

if they didn’t

I didn’t know that

but I thought oh this is working

and I look back now and I think what in

God’s name was wrong with me that I

actually thought that I could teach the

Bible well see sometimes if you’re going

to hang out with God you got to just

have enough guts that sometimes you just

are on the edge of stupid

you know I mean I quit a full-time job

to study for this great worldwide

Ministry that I thought I was going to


at the time all I had was

three kids a husband and a mine that

didn’t work half the time

I mean I was a mess

whatever would have made me think

that I could teach but I was just doing

what I felt like God was telling me to

do and you know what when he asked me to

teach this Bible study I said I don’t

know how to do that and you know the

next thing I heard I know you don’t but

I do

so I got my Bible John chapter 1 verse

1. I wish I could remember what I said

to those first 12 people

see some of you are waiting to feel


well God I just don’t feel ready I just

don’t feel like the time is right

well can I tell you a secret you better

hope you never feel ready

I didn’t feel ready when I got up here

today you never feel ready it’s called


you step out and hope that God shows up

because you know if he doesn’t show up

you’re going to be a mess

so they were placed in situations they’d

never encountered

and in the natural we’re not equipped to


they were alone many times in their pain

in their tragedy misunderstood

and criticized

in these men and women we see things

like the death of loved ones persecution

of the righteous famine prison

rejection abandonment abuse Injustice


how many of you still want to be used by


why where’s the hands

I saw one that went about like this

you know I’m going to tell you the truth

they had to be willing to die they had

to learn to love unlovely people

have long suffering impatience

get criticized and accused long periods

of waiting for God’s Deliverance

but we also see in the lives of these

people that great fruit was produced and

that God used them in amazing ways he

used Esther to save a whole nation one

little young girl in her 20s

because she was willing to lay aside her

plan and step out and do what she felt

like God was telling her to do now I

know all of you are not called into

full-time Ministry but I can tell you

this affects every single person because

there’s not a person in this room that

God doesn’t challenge you and ask you to

do things that you feel like are more

than what you can handle I don’t care if

it’s nothing other than talking to your

next door neighbor about Jesus


nobody gets a testimony

without a test

if you’re going to hang out with God


the word endurance

a Bible word endurance

is a must we have to learn how to endure

how to not run away from hard things

we have to learn that the only way to

get through is to go through


and so I have my own little definition

for endurance and I like it

I believe that endurance means to

Outlast the devil

in other words however long you want to

aggravate me

that’s just how long I’m going to stick

with God and not quit and not give up

you go ahead and wear yourself out

trying to wear me out but I am not going

to give up

amen and I’ll tell you if you don’t have

anything going for you except being

bullheaded enough to say I am never

going to give up you’ll end up getting

the victory

I’ve got a sign in my office that says

never never never give up

I almost brought it this weekend just to

show you

don’t give up be not weary and well

doing for in due season you shall reap

if you faint not and that scripture is

for every single person here we all get

tired of it

we all get tired of waiting we all get

tired of the devil picking on us

we all get tired of the stuff that

happens to us

but only the ones that refuse to give up

are the ones that will come out

and be part of the group that Parts the

Red Sea and does the kind of things that

these guys did men and women come on


overending pressure anxiety builds as

life twists and turns and we struggle

through one problem to the next

but there is an answer there is an


discover how to find rest and relief in

Joyce’s book the answer to anxiety

God longs to give you his peace learn

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