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Dreams, Destiny & Opportunities #1

Join Dr. Savelle’s daughters for a special series as they teach about the faith it takes to reach the God given dreams in your life. Both ministers of the Gospel, Jerriann Savelle Newton and Terri Savelle Foy, give real life examples on how to build yourself up in the Word and expand your vision – […]


Calling In Your Harvest #3

What’s keeping you from claiming your rightful harvest? In these powerful messages, Dr. Jerry Savelle explains the Spiritual laws that govern the reaping of a harvest that has been reserved just for you. God never forgets your offerings and the seeds you sow. Start expecting extraordinary things to happen after you’ve planted your seed. Your […]


God Is Not Finished With President Trump

Listen as Dutch Sheets challenges us to pray, and passionately declares that God isn’t finished with President Trump’s assignment for America. He explains why our prayers are important and exposes the erroneous belief that “God will accomplish His purpose even if we don’t pray.” God’s will is not automatic; our prayers are critically important. Do […]