When God has a destination that He wants to take you to, are you willing to leave the world you know to move on to better things? Abraham didn’t have all the details but still left behind everything familiar to him to pursue the destiny God had in store for him. In this look at the life of Abraham, Tony Evans introduces three important concepts for your walk of faith: Leaving, Living, and Looking.


hello everyone this is dr tony evans

with the urban alternative

and i’m excited to welcome you to join

us on a journey

a journey through hebrews 11

it’s known as the hall of faith

where men and women

discovered what god can do


god’s people learn

to live walk and act

by faith

the beautiful thing is it’s not just

about them

it’s about us

as the author of hebrews writes to new

testament believers

that’s who we are

about how

the lives of old testament saints who

learn to live by faith should challenge

and affect

our lives as we live by faith

so we’re excited to welcome you on this

journey it’s going to be an exciting

trip we’re going to learn a lot

most importantly we’re going to be

transformed by the truth

what it means to be a kingdom hero

who lives by faith


today we’re going to talk about

the leading candidate of faith in the


if i were to use football language you

would call this guy a beast

because when it came to faith he is the

creme de la creme he is the

he is the superstar he is the most


faith person

in fact when the bible wants to talk

about faith he is a constant

illustration of it

hebrews chapter 4 and

the book of galatians chapter 3 keeps

talking about this guy

in fact

this guy is such a beast he is such an

illustration of faith

and his name is abraham abraham is

called the father of the faith


galatians chapter 3 verses 6 to 9

it says and when you learn to live by

faith you become one of his children

you become an heir to abraham

who was the superstar of faith

and if you learn what we go over these

next three weeks for this one

personality and his wife

you will enter into a realm that perhaps

will be brand new to you and to an

experience with god that will

uh be fresh

not stale

because you have learned to live

like abraham lived

in hebrews chapter 11 we read in verse 8

by faith

abraham when he was called obeyed by

going out to a place

which he was to receive for an


and he went out not knowing where he was


by faith he lived in an alien as an

alien in the land of promise

as in a foreign land dwelling in tents

with isaac and jacob fellow heirs of the

same promise

for he was looking for the city

which has foundations

whose architect and builder is god

we’re going to learn three things

about abraham today

and his walk of

faith that if you want to experience god

at a whole new level by faith it will


a leaving a living and a looking if you

want to experience god

as you’ve never experienced him before

as you move by faith it will involve a

leaving a living

and a looking

let’s start with believing

because verse 8 tells us

by faith when he was called he obeyed by

going out

to a place

now this is described for us in genesis

chapter 12 chapter 13

when god told abraham

i want you to leave

your city your community your house

and even your people

and i want you to go

to a place

that i’m not going to tell you about yet

said he didn’t know where he was going

all he knew is god told him to leave

without knowing where god was taking him

why is god telling him to leave er of

the chaldees why is god telling him to

to move away from family and friends and

the things he grew up with

well to understand that you have to

understand chapter 11 the chapter that

precedes god calling him

in chapter 11

the whole world has rebelled against god

a man named nimrod

uh an african that you shouldn’t be

proud of

led the whole world in rebellion against


the tower of babel

established the religion of humanism

man-centered religion

it says that they gather together as one


to build a civilization

and right in the center of the city they

built a tower that is a ziggurat that is

a worship steeple

and they said we will build our tower to

the heavens

we don’t need god we’ve got

intelligence brains reason science

technology we can build this thing

ourselves we don’t need god

we don’t need god to help us in fact

we’re going to build this thing so high

we’re going to show god we can get to


of course

genesis 11 says and when god looked down

and saw what men were doing he came down

so i don’t care how high you get

how much money you make how much

notoriety you a mass

god’s got to come down because you ain’t

getting but so high

god came down and said now look look at

them fools look look at what they’re

trying to do

it says

they are seeking god said to build a

name for themselves

why because they don’t want to carry my

name god says i have a i have something

for you to do

i’ve got a plan for you abraham

but in order for me to fill my plan

you’ve got to leave here

in other words stay with me

if you want to see where i want you to

go i’m not going to show you where i’m

taking you till you leave where you are

you cannot stay here and have me

you cannot stay around paganism and have

me you cannot stay

around humanism and have me

so you’ve got to leave

and you got to trust me that i know

where i’m taking you even though i’m not

telling you

see a lot of us are like this okay god

show me where you’ve taken me

and then i’ll let you know if i’m going

god says in first john 2 and john 15

he says if you are friends with the

world you are an enemy of god

and he tells that to his disciples

if you if you hang out with the world

you can’t have me

god has called every christian to leave

worldliness he’s not called us to leave

the world that is to to not live in

society not work in society not not not

have responsibility in society

no but worldliness is different


are attitudes and actions that leave god

out you’re worldly when there are

attitudes and actions

where god is dismissed from

god has saved us out of this world

the world is not as we’ve said many

times a place

the world is a philosophy it’s like

the world of finance the world of

fashion the world of politics the world

of sports while they involve places

they’re really an orientation centered

around a certain thing world of finance

is about money

well worthiness is about the exclusion

of god

the enemy wants you to exclude god and

god says leave there

that is

your life and my life cannot be defined

by leaving god out or just putting him

in piecemeal when we like it as a spare

tire taking him out the trunk when life

goes flat putting him back when we can

roll on her by ourselves again

you will never know where god is taking

you unless you leave where you are

the world

you will never find out he will he will

never show you

what motivated him to leave

god said i have an inheritance for you

says he left

to get his inheritance

and inheritance is like a will it’s

something bequeathed to you

god has something for every believer

here if you are a christian he has a

purpose that he wants you to fulfill

but he will not show you your destiny if

he can’t leave get you to leave the


as long as you’re hanging on to the

world you’re at enmity against god god

cannot communicate with you

so you won’t hear heaven talk you won’t

get answered prayers you won’t get

direction you’ll be aimless

because your affections are not with him

they are elsewhere

you visit him on occasion

but you live


affections and actions that leave him


in fact

one of the ways you know you’re growing

as a christian

is when your passion for the world is

dying and your passion for him is


if you’re loving the world more than him

that’s because

the world has your affections it has

your passions

it has grabbed you so he says you must

leave this paganism that doesn’t include


without me giving you all the details

you have to walk by faith and believe i

know where i’m taking you

the problem was

or is

that that’s where he was born

that’s where he grew up

that’s where all his people are that’s

where his businesses were bible says he

was a filthy rich guy that’s where all

of it his activities were so it’s hard

to leave something you’ve grown up in

because that’s that informs your frame

of thinking

but it says when he heard the voice of


he obeyed and left

because his inheritance was more

important than his current location

so here’s the decision we have to make

that is if you really want to experience

god is what god has for you more

important than where you are

do you love the world so much you’re

willing to lose your destiny

because god knows where he wants to take


but you must be willing to leave

say goodbye

because god knows where he wants to take


but you must be willing to leave

say goodbye

some of you are going to battle because

you’re going to have to say goodbye to

that worldly relationship

that’s keeping you from your destiny you

may have to say goodbye to that that

worldly scenario

where the guys are going out after work


they they talk in smut you find yourself

comfortable there and you don’t want to

lose a friendship and we’re not talking

about being anti-social we are talking

about saying that that does not fit

where i’m trying to go and so because

that doesn’t fit where i’m trying to go

and i want to get to where god’s taking

me i’m willing to make i’m willing to

leave it’s going to be hard to leave but

but i’m willing to leave

because you can keep yourself

from ever hearing the voice of god

if you stay in the world

there that system that leaves god out

hebrews 13 13 says

you must go outside of the camp where

jesus is

jesus died outside of jerusalem

jerusalem was where judaism was he went

outside the camp and died it says you

can’t stay in just a religious


and not be willing to be identified with

jesus christ

and bear his reproach and expect to hear

from god

you have to go outside the camp

that is you you you can’t be just part

of the system

he based his life on a promise

unless you leave the old you will never

discover what god has for you in the new

so the question is what do you want

do you want him or you want to hang out

where you are and not have him

because he will never coalesce with the


james 4. he won’t do that

so the first thing you need to know

is that your life of faith will require

a leaving

of worldliness

desires and actions that are in conflict

with god


your life of faith from the superstar of

faith will involve a living a leaving

and then a living notice this verse nine

by faith he lived see that by faith he


as an alien in the land of promise as in

a foreign land

dwelling in tents with isaac and jacob

fellow heirs of the same promise


he left

and then he lived now watch this

it says

he lived

in the land

of promise

as a foreigner and an alien

wait a minute now

wait a minute watch this that

he left

he left earl the chaldee’s paganism

he is now in the land god is promising


okay god promised him a land

but in the land

that he’s now in and living in

he’s living as an alien and a foreigner

in the middle of a promise

some of us are in god’s waiting room

and there’s probably no greater

discipline in the christian life

no harder discipline than waiting

god how long is this going to take

when you’re going to come through for me

how come i take two steps forward three

steps back how come every time i look

like you’re getting ready to do

something you flip on me and the thing

doesn’t work out

god is always doing two things at one

time related to your life and mine here

are the two things

he’s preparing the promise for you

and he’s preparing you for the promise


he whatever your inheritance is whatever

your destiny is in time

and eternity but but this is time

whatever he has planned for you in time

is being made ready

but he’s also got to get you ready

so that when the promise and the plan

and the destiny is realized

you don’t mess it up cause you weren’t


now watch this

you have no control

over the promised part

over the part that that’s not you god is

doing that over here you can’t control

that you have a control over the person


so on my side and your side we could be

delaying the promise

while waiting for the promise

and that’s exactly what happened with

abraham watch this john says chapter 12

chapter 13.

abraham is 75 years old

75 years old

his breakthrough doesn’t come for 25


it’s going to take him

25 years for god to break this thing


that’s when isaac appears

so one of your major reasons to want to

leave er the counties the world and want

to live in god’s presence and move

quickly in obedience is so you can get

what he has as soon as he can give it

because you’re ready for it

god why is that such a big deal

because god doesn’t want to give you a

destiny that will cause you to forget

him he says as a foreigner as an alien

the bible says that you and i are

foreigners and aliens here so watch this


god does not want you to be too attached

a foreigner somebody that they they’re

there they’re not fully attached say he

was in the tent

that’s not a permanent location

god is moving him from this place to

this place to this place or this place

or this place

god says if i’m going to take you to

your inheritance i’ve got to develop you

for your inheritance and when i develop

you for your inheritance keep your shoes

on light because i’m going to send you

through some stuff i’m going to take you

through some things they’re going to be

some mountains they’re going to be some

valleys but they’re all divine designed

to develop you i got my piece out here

i’m gonna take care of i just gotta get

you right

some of us are working on 50 years of

things that should have been solved in

three years

but god but but we’ve been pitch that

tent and built us up a house that we

ain’t gonna move out of and so god does

not have flexibility with our lives and

so he can’t grow us like he wants to

grow us because we’re not available

for him to do his thing but it says by

faith abraham was willing

to live as an alien to live as a as a

foreigner not become too attached

looking for god

to change his scenario

and then the third one

is the looking verse 10.

for he was looking it says he was


for the city

which has foundations whose architect

and builder is god


if if you if you miss everything else

don’t miss this

because it will change everything

for the rest of your life

he left the world

he no longer

associated with that which leaves god

which left god out

he lived in the arena of the promise but

stayed fluid

because he had to grow in that situation

because before god gives you destiny he

always deals with development after

having provided deliverance so it’s

deliverance development destiny

and then it says the way he survived

and the way you and i survived

was where he looked

while he was living on earth while he

was waiting for the promise that was

going to come on earth namely a son born

out of his old age

while he waiting for this and

it says he kept his eyes on heaven

he looked for a city whose builder and

architect was god that’s that’s the

heavenly city

okay watch this

he wasn’t going to heaven yet he still

had a lot of years to live on earth

but even though he wasn’t going to

heaven he was looking at heaven

because here’s the secret

if you learn to look at heaven you’ll

live better on earth

if you stop looking at heaven and only

look at earth

you will be looking through

bad glasses

because you’ll be living like this is

all there is

and this is not all there is in fact

this is so small

a piece of the pie

god wants you and me to have an eternal

perspective he says i want you to look

to heaven

while living on earth

there are two extremes as a christian

one is to be so heavenly minded you’re

no earthly good

the other is to be so earthly minded

you’re no heavenly good

like santana holmes in super bowl 43

when he won the super bowl for the uh

pittsburgh steelers and he went to the

edge of the end zone and he leaned up

and he caught the ball in the air with

his feet firmly planted on the ground

the winning touchdown

if he would have missed the ball with

his feet planted incomplete

if he would have caught the ball but his

feet not planted in bounds incomplete he

had to reach high and touch low

god wants you to look up

while touching down

your feet firmly planted on the ground

but you’re looking up to heaven as you

make your move so that heaven is

informing earth

and when heaven informs earth you can

make it on earth because now you’re

getting supercharged

you’re getting from up there joining you

down here so you can make it from 10 to


until your change comes until god brings

the breakthrough until god shifts the


that’s why the bible says in first john

2 this world is passing away watch this


don’t hang on to this world too tight

see that’s why things get boring because

this world is passing away

that’s why the drug addict has got to

get more that’s why satan offers more he

always ups the dosage because he knows

this thing is passing away so he got up

the dosage to keep you going and craving


god says this world is passing away so

don’t hinge your whole life onto this


because it’s passing away and guess what

we’re passing away

so since this world is temporary look

eternally and it’ll change your

temporary movement

when you lose sight of heaven

your perspective will be ruined on earth

if your mind leaves heaven and you only

live for earth

earth is all you’ll get

but if you are heavenly minded

colossians chapter 3 seeking the things

that are above if you have a heavenly

perspective driving you you’ll be ready

for heaven and you’ll be okay till you

get there

because he kept looking

eternally although he was living

physically it has to do with your

perspective there needs to be a shift in

your perspective there’s got to be a

shift in our perspective that you wake

up in the morning thinking eternally

that is thinking god’s perspective that

a spiritual worldview this has got to be

how you live this is how he lived by

faith thinking heaven while functioning

in history genesis chapter 12 and 13

guess what you find

over and over and over again when it

tells the story of abraham in genesis 12

and 13 it says everywhere he went he

built an altar

a altar is a worship place he just go to

church he carried an altar with him so

every time he was in a new situation he

built himself a worship place so he

could keep his eyes on heaven in the

middle of earth while waiting for

promise as he was trying to develop he

said god is you and me now he can’t pick

up his altar go to another place hey

worship he picked him his altar so if

the only time you worship is on sunday

you leaving your altar at church the

idea is to keep a spiritual perspective

until god joins you in destiny having

left her of the chaldees

god says if you will leave where you are

if you will

move and you will move toward me keeping

your eyes on king jesus the author and

finisher of your faith he will know how

to get you home and take you to where

you ought to be if you will leave the


live under me and look toward me i will

deliver you home

so the question is

you want to keep hanging out in the


or do you want to discover your destiny

but the only way to get there

is by faith


life is not an event

it’s a journey

it doesn’t start and end in a day

it’s experienced

over days months and years

we call a lifetime

in this journey of life a lot of

decisions have to be made

and a lot of them

have to be made by faith

because we don’t know where things will

result we don’t know in advance how

everything’s going to work out

abraham made a pilgrimage of faith

he was looking for a city

whose builder and maker was god

since we have to go on this journey


we need to make the pilgrimage of our

life and our life’s journey

one of trusting god

because he alone

knows where things are going to wind up