Merry Christmas from Tony Evans

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

hello friends this is dr tony evans with

the urban alternative on behalf of


and our whole tua family

we want to wish you and yours a very

very very

merry christmas and anticipate with you

a glorious new year

you know this season is

unlike any other

god entered into human history

in the person of jesus christ

in order to not only give us the free

gift of eternal life

through faith in him

but also transform our earthly existence

as we follow him that’s why i’m so

excited in spite of all the trouble that

we all see around us

even during this holiday season

to say hope is not lost because hope is

confident expectation about the future

if we place faith in christ we have a

glorious future to look forward to but

we also have help for right now

and my prayer our prayer

is that god would meet you in whatever

place or circumstance you’re in and give

you calm and comfort

that he will strengthen you and give you

and yours as you gather together during

this season a fresh view of himself

you know i’m so excited that we just did

the film

journey with jesus and i hope you got a

chance to see it if not you’ll hear soon

how you can get a hold of the of the


but it was a powerful expression as i

led this tour through the holy land of

what jesus really

really does mean

to you and me currently

coming out of that historical location

but regardless right now

as you enjoy

the lights and the sounds of this

holiday season

don’t miss the reason for the season

that in that cradle in bethlehem

was the god-man

very god very man

who came to earth

to save sinners from their sin

and to give us

hope for time and eternity

so again on behalf of myself and our

whole tua



have a merry christmas

please have a time of prayer and praise

and celebration and thanksgiving

for the glorious son of god who came to


and who lives right now on the

right-hand side of the father to

intercede for you and for me

as we continue trusting him

god bless you

know we love you

know we’re grateful for you

glorious holidays