Go Beyond Grades w/ Tracie Potts

You know, today’s math is not for the faint! Plus, the real question you should be asking your child’s teacher is if he or she is on grade level. National research reveals a significant disparity between what parents think about their child’s educational progress and how their child is really doing. Lucky for our listeners, […]


When Sin Enters Our World X Sarah Jakes Roberts

The journey from deception to reconciliation is one we can all relate to. In this message Pastor Sarah traces the profound impact of sin on human consciousness. Through biblical reflection, she highlights how sin distorts our perception of God and ourselves. Yet, amidst this turmoil, the Word emphasizes God’s relentless pursuit of reconciliation, symbolized by […]


Hey You: On The Front Line X Sarah Jakes Roberts

#HeyYou #WoManToWoman #WomanEvolve Tune in for a night of testimony, vulnerability, and corporate prayer as Hey You Live travels to the West Coast at One LA. Link up with your Bestie! TEXT SJR: 818-485-4684 To sow into this ministry, text “HEYYOU” to (833)611-9600 SHOP WOMAN EVOLVE https://shopwomanevolve.com/ JOIN THE WE BOOK CLUB https://www.womanevolvebookclub.com/ WOMAN EVOLVE […]

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