Service Date: 03.10.19 11AM



Oh hallelujah I’m so excited I got a

word from God for you today and I want

to jump right into it I want to draw

your attention to Matthew chapter 16

Matthew chapter 16

you’re gonna read verses 13 through 20

it is not an unfamiliar passage of

Scripture you’ve seen it before you’ve

heard it preached a gazillion times but

I believe there’s something minute that

we’re going to pull out and I think it’s

gonna bless you and make you better make

you stronger make you wise or make you

more clear make you more confident

it says when Jesus came into the region

of Caesarea Philippi he asked his

disciples saying who do men say that I

the Son of Man am and so they said some

say John the Baptist some Elijah and

others Jeremiah or one of the prophets

and he jesus said to them but who do you

say that I am and Simon Peter answered

and said you sir are the Christ the Son

of the Living God and jesus answered and

said to him blessed are You Simon bar

Jonah for flesh and blood has not

revealed this to you but my father who

is in heaven and I also say to you that

you are Peter wait I thought you just

called him Simon now you called them by

a different name the Lord I feel the

Spirit of God I’m trying not to preach

in the reading I’ve been trying to be a

little more disciplined than that but

there’s a lot of preaching in here

blessed are You Simon bar Jonah for

flesh and blood has not revealed this to

you something’s flesh and blood and

religion can’t teach you

don’t make me don’t make me la I’m

looking at you don’t don’t don’t don’t

make me don’t don’t don’t make me you

you didn’t get this from religion not

this you didn’t get this from church you

you had an encounter do I have any

people and you’ve had an encounter with

God yeah you’re not here because they’re

not gonna do it I’m not gonna do it he

says and I also say to you that here’s

your real name you are Peter and on this

rock I will build my church and the

gates of Hades shall not prevail against

it and I will give you the keys to the

kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind

on earth will be bound in heaven and

whatever you loose on earth will be

loosed in heaven and then verse 20 it

says then he commanded his disciples

that they should tell no one that he was

Jesus the Christ what is this all about

the the thought for today is is based

upon a rhetorical question the

rhetorical question what’s in a name

what’s in the name father we thank you

so much we feel your presence in this

house and where the Spirit of the Lord

is there’s Liberty there’s Liberty

there’s freedom God in this house for

your sons and daughters to be awakened

to the reality of who they are for your

sons and daughters to come into a new

consciousness of who you have created

them to be

and a faith attached to that

consciousness that will allow them to

walk in something greater something more

powerful I thank you Laura this is much

like I’m sensing this is much like a

moment when the walls of Jericho had

fallen down flat and everything that you

had ordained predestined and

predetermined for your children to have

was up for grabs it was up for the

taking so god I thank you right now Lord

God it’s like even as this is like a

moment of Jubilee even like this is a

moment of great favor and I open heaven

I think you got it your sons and

daughters your children are gonna run

into the enemy’s camp and start taking

things that build up I feel the Spirit

of God and start taking things back that

belong to them so God have your way I

thank you for the spirit of wisdom and

revelation that I think you that there’s

no sealing in the spirit right now you

will allow rich heavenly treasures to

descend down upon your servant and to

flow through me and to arrest in the

best way everyone under the sound of my

voice and God when we come out of this

service today our eyes are gonna be

different hallelujah the eyes of our

understanding are gonna be enlightened

some whose fire had somehow been been

then drowned out God their fire had been

drenched I thank you God that the fire

is gonna be quenched unlike ever before

God and they’re gonna lay hold of

everything that you have for them

they’re gonna forget what’s behind them

and reach forward to those things that

are ahead of

I thank you God that every devil and

demon and yoke has been broken in this

house I’ll feel it it is ours for the


it is ours for the grabbing and if you

believe that I dare you

before you say Amen take eight seconds

and give God a bigger hallelujah come on

give God a big ol shout this is your

moment this is your tank up fill it come

on come on come on come on

come on la don’t I see you la come on

and lift up a brace right now this is

your moment this is the moment you’ve

been waiting for

it’s coming it’s coming in Jesus name



Oh something is happening can’t you feel


can’t you feel it see faith people have

received it already you received it

already you just got to get into the

atmosphere faith people understand all I

got to do is get in the room and what

for me is mine oh Jesus man if I didn’t

have to preach I would jump down there

with you and grab a hold of what God man

I feel it you gonna make me run out

there I wish I was you I wish I was you

I wanna run on the pews and just hang

out with you and receive what God is

getting ready to sin in this house for

you no limits come on no limits no





eyes haven’t seen ears haven’t heard

neither has it entered into the heart of

man those things that God has prepared

for those who love them this is gonna be

an interesting Sunday

come on Denver come on LA this is gonna

be a very very very peculiar Sunday

glory to God what’s in a name you may be

seated at if you can it’s gonna be

interesting today hallelujah what’s in a

name Jesus he seemingly out of nowhere

after he’s moved powerfully and mightily

and his spirit and has been healing and

feeding the multitudes taking nothing

and making something out of it taking

two fish and five loaves and you know

the story feeding multiple thousands of

men women and children and he’s moving

powerfully in the spirit and he he has

confronted the Pharisees and the

Sadducees because they didn’t get it

they were religious and not spiritual

and as a result of it were missing out

on the best part of God and he finds

himself with his disciples now those

who’ve been walking with him for some

time and he begins to set them up a

little bit and he begins to teach them a

deeper lesson and it was the lesson of

revelation and he asked the disciples

that are with him he says man who do

people say that I am he says who do men

say that I and then he says the son of

man and we know Jesus is both the Son of

Man and the Son of God but interestingly

enough he does not reveal himself in

this instance as the Son of God even

though he was a son of God he doesn’t

reveal himself as that because he wants

to teach them a very valuable lesson and

and that valuable lesson is that there

are certain things that religion can

teach you there’s certain things that

only God can reveal to you and so he

asked them he says who do men say that I


and they start naming off things they

that none of them identified him as the

Christ of the Son of God and he said

that’s interesting he says but but let

me drive down your street because it is

not about who people say that I am

ultimately it’s about who you say that I

am and so he turns to them and he says

who do you he says but who do you say

that I am and and there are at least 12

people there but out of the 12 11 of

them out of the élysée 12 11 in them are

silent and only one only one rises up

and says you are the Christ the Son of

the Living God which is something that

was different than what Jesus said he

was because remember he said who do men

say that I the Son of Man am so it was

almost as if Jesus is testing to see

where his disciples were and Jesus and

Peter says you are the Christ the Son of

the Living God right and Jesus is

blessed by it and he says oh my god he

says blessed are you can i I didn’t tell

you I was that he says blessed are you

if we look at the text he says he says

blessed are you simon barjona now he’s

calling him his natural name he’s

calling him as we might say his

government name and then he switches he

says blessed are You Simon bar Jonah for

flesh and blood has not revealed this to

you we’re in verse 17 he says but my

father who was in heaven

flesh and blood has not revealed in

other words flesh and blood cannot bring

revelation it can put you in the

ballpark of Revelation but flesh and

blood cannot bring revelation

so he says flesh and blood has not

revealed this to you but my father who

was in heaven right so so by revelation

Christ identity has been revealed to

Peter but if you keep reading you will

recognize now as you come to understand

what’s happening in the text that Jesus

wasn’t really after

Peter knowing who Jesus was as much as

he was after Peter knowing who Peter was

I feel the Holy Spirit can’t take my

time and teach today this was not Jesus

trying to show off his credentials

because Jesus is perfectly whole and he

is perfectly confident he does not have

to promote himself so this was not

really even about Jesus this was to

bring Peter to the revelation of who he

is that’s why when when Jesus engages

Peter he says Peter flesh and blood has

not revealed that to you but my father’s

in heaven and then he mediately begins

to go into Peters identity so so so the

reason why it is imperative for us to

not simply know Jesus’s name but to

understand his identity is because

there’s something in the revelation of

Jesus identity that brings us into our

truest identity can I take my time and

teach today Jesus is not trying to brag

on himself he doesn’t have to do that

he’s the son of God in the beginning was

the word and the Word was with God and

the Word was God he was there he needs

none of that but what he needs is for

you and I to be awakened to who we are

can I take my time and teach he says

blessed are you simon barjona he says

flesh and blood has not revealed this to

you but my father’s in heaven and then

he says and I also say to you that you

are Peter so the revelation of who I

truly am is somehow interconnected with

my revelation of who Jesus is Oh God

it’s not even for religious purposes it

is for identity purposes catch can’t you

see that the connection here so he tells


he says Simon he says okay Simon check

this out now I know they named you Simon

and they did the best they could

but you have an identity that transcends

what your mama or your father or your

classmates or your ex or your friends

come on somebody or your you have an

identity beyond your nickname let me

tell you who you are one of the main

functions of Jesus is not solely to

reveal himself but to reveal you I feel

the Holy Ghost so when so when he has

this revelation of Jesus now Jesus

begins to give him revelation of self it

wasn’t about the name there were a lot

of people named Jesus it was about the

identity and you know what’s interesting

and if I might take my time a little

what’s interesting is I want you to

understand a difference between religion

and Revelation religion is not bad

but you have to understand that religion

is simply scaffolding okay can I teach a

little bit today we many of us were

raised in church or went to church or

went to Sunday school and that’s

wonderful but if we’re honest our

encounter with God the revelation of God

God did not become fully ours and truly

ours and deeply ours until later in life

but religion created a scaffolding

similar to to construction it kept us in

the neighborhood until the encounter

happened are you tracking with me so

religion watch this now you not gonna

like this maybe but i’ma tell you the

truth religion was never meant to be

permanent oh you’re not ready it was

never meant to be permanent it was meant

to be temporary scaffold scaffolding

like in the building when this building

went up there was scaffolding but there

was a time where the scaffolding was

removed and the building’s fit on its


it’s like religion is like training

wheels you if you’re still riding a

bicycle with training wheels 5-10 years

after you know how you would you and you

you ride them and they get so bent up

and you just get to it’s been too long

okay that’s fine

you need some Bible because that’s

messing with your theology a little bit

go to Galatians chapter 3 verse 24 and

verse 25 it says therefore the law was

our tutor another translation says the

law was our schoolmaster to bring us to

Christ that we may be justified by faith

but after faith has come we are no

longer under the tutor so religion is

the scaffolding until you get to

Revelation I feel God all of us have to

get to Revelation what is revelation

revelation is that which flesh and blood

does not show you but the father who is

in heaven and Revelation is everything

which are we tracking together and lay

are you tracking together that that’s

why having a relationship with God is so

important revelation comes and it brings

you into relationship relationship

revelation relationship revelation so

the rules are to get me to revelation

and then when I get to Revelation I’ve

got everything I need because when I get

to Revelation I will be spiritually

current in every season oh I feel the

Spirit of God I’ll be current I won’t be

out-of-date spiritually I’ll be current

I don’t know what God is doing I will

have the sons of Issachar anointing who

understood times and seasons and what


to do so I won’t be laughing in a crying

season and I won’t be crying in a

laughing season so I won’t be reaping in

a sowing season are you tracking with me

but I can’t do this unless I have

revelation and so Jesus is excited

because Peter now has discovered

revelation and I don’t think that it’s

any wonder why Jesus started the move of

God in the earth on Peter because he

knew that Peter would be accurate mm-hmm

let’s keep going just tell your neighbor

I want revelation and so he says he

starts saying some stuff to Peter he

says you got a different name because

the Father in heaven has revealed my

identity now to you now I can reveal

your identity to you you Peter and Peter

incidentally that that word the Greek

word that was translated Peter means

stone it means stone yeah yeah I know

that you are gonna have a moment in your

life when you’re shaky but I really want

you to know that your stone I feel that

for somebody Jesus prophesies Peters

identity even though subsequent to this

moment Peter would be shaky feel that

how do I know well we know Peter Peter

denied Jesus after this right remember

Peters thought he got a little shaky but

Jesus had prophesied to him and he says

you’re a stone you’re solid I’m telling

you who you are and I think that that’s

important why is that important for

somebody in here that there’s some

people in here and you’re disappointed

in yourself yeah you’re disappointed in

yourself you you you you’re carrying

something you’re carrying a guilt you’re

carrying away and you you feel like you

have let yourself down but I hear God

saying that you haven’t even found you

yet you haven’t even found the real you

and and and I had God saying what I

started in you I feel the Lord what I

started at you I’m gonna complete it and

what you have to understand is that you

didn’t start it you I started it in you

and I finish what I start and I want you

to understand that it’s bigger than you

your identity is bigger than who you

think you are and I hear Jesus saying

that if you would stick with me and stop

being so disappointed in yourself

because when you’re disappointed in

yourself you are partnering with the

accuser of the Brethren and you’re

speaking and thinking against your own

future you are who I say you are you

will do what I say you will do you will

have what I say you will have URI stone

and I know your little shaky right now

but you’re not gonna be shaky for long

because I’m getting ready to ground you

I’m getting ready to root you I’m

getting ready to ass that I feel God I’m

getting ready to establish you in a way

that you have never been established

before if that’s your word you’ve got

about eight seconds of glory if that’s

your word

yeah what I started in you I’m gonna

finish don’t worry about what it looks

like now when this thing is said and

done you will look exactly like who I

said you were you didn’t started I

started it I started that working you

and never mind what people say never

mind who counted you out never mind who

doubted you they didn’t start it in you

I started it and I’m gonna finish

cuz I’m God that’s what I do I shake

things I mold things you need that

difficulty you needed that trouble you

needed that situation I’m working let me

work stop counting yourself out is it

let me tell you someone though they

calling you Simon ooh simon barjona son

of your father yeah you’re not gonna go

any higher than your father you’re not

gonna go any higher than then those who

were in front of you you’re not gonna go

higher than your community you’re not

gonna go any higher than that you’re

calling yourself Simon son of but the

real you you’re not a son of your father

you’re a son of me you’re a daughter of

me so check this out

I’m about to tell you what your real

name is you’re a stone and the things

that I allow you to go through a design

develop your strengths I’m making you a

stone I’m making you a stone I’m making

you tough I’m making you faith-filled

I’m making you glorious I’m making you

unstoppable I’m making you unmovable

I’m making you steadfast I feel God

because you get too excited over

blessing and too discouraged over fail

here I feel it let me say that better

you get too excited over my

miracle-working power and to discourage

over the trial yet means that you’re


I don’t want what I’ve chosen is not

flaky I need somebody who will praise me

in the high times and praise me in the

low times who will praise me in

prosperity and praise me in adversity

are you tracking with me I’m trying to

make you a stones cuz you tossed to and

fro and I can’t use you like that he

says your stone I’m making you a stone

Peter yeah you’re not the son of Jonas

god bless Jonas he’s got his own journey

I’m making you a stone but it doesn’t

stop there

he says I’m tell you something he says

and I say to you that you’re Peter

you’re a stone and on this rock I will

build my church now a lot of people

think that Jesus is saying that he’s

gonna build his church on Peter what’s

wrong the root words are the same Peter

that was translated stone a rock but the

word when he says that on this rock I’m

gonna be in my church the root word the

same but this this word means rock

figuratively it’s a figurative term for

rock so that people think oh this means

that he’s gonna build his church on

Peter yes and no that makes sense given

day at Pentecost he started – no no it’s

not so he says on this rock or what rock

the rock of Revelation how much time do

I have with you the rock of Revelation

revelation is Iraq that which God said

to you is Iraq listen in the beginning

was the word and the Word was with God

and the Word was God and all things that

were made everything that was made was

made by this word that’s the Greek word

logos and it means something

said is not even something written is

something sad something said something

spoken and that’s why we have to be in

relationship with God so that we can get

close to his mouth so that we can hear

what’s spoken because the instruction

for your destiny is going to be in the

revelation that God brings to you O

Jesus Christ of Nazareth help me today

and he says Peter on this rock of

Revelation you have come into this whole

new universe now I don’t know

necessarily why you were follow me

before but now I understand that you’ve

got you’ve tapped into something Jesus

would say things like when they would

question what he was doing when the

religious people to turn would question

what Jesus was doing Jesus like hey dude

I’m only doing what I see my father do

in other words what I am doing I’m doing

by revelation I am here by revelation we

have these churches by revelation I did

not read in a book somewhere plant one

and then pastor Potter’s and then bring

them all together I didn’t I didn’t read

that anywhere I can’t open up my Bible

right now and find that terrain it was

by revelation so your life and your

destiny is built by revelation it’s

built by revelation he says he says on

this rock I am going to build I’m going

to build my church can I take my day

this might be a two week er I think this

is a two-weeker because I’ve got I’ve

got more revelation than I have time I

got more revelation they have time he

says he says I’m going to revelation

builds I want to

build your life the steps of a good man

are ordered by the Lord did you hear

can you hear revelation in that the

steps of a good man are ordered they are

commanded by the Lord

you have steps assigned to your life you

have a you have a pet lar you listening

you have a path assigned to your life

your steps have been ordered now we know

that they were ordered before the

foundation of the world right but how do

I get to what was before the foundation

of the world how do I get the message

that was before me to me by revelation

by revelation I have to be in

relationship I have to be in proximity

this didn’t happen to somebody off in

the corner this happened to somebody

that was hungry for Jesus and was close

to Jesus and was studying Jesus and

looked at Jesus so consistently and

intently that he aligned himself and was

a prime candidate for Revelation and

Jesus did exactly what he said he would

do he built not only this man’s life but

he built his church on this this this

stream of Revelation revelation is

critical I married my wife by revelation

and you see what has come out of that

glory to God by revelation by by

revelation by revelation

I came to Denver by revelation by

revelation by by revelation everything

and God is still my steps are still

being ordered your steps are still being

ordered but everything thus far hear me

clearly I kid you not everything that

has happened in my life thus far since

I’ve been walking with God has all

happened by my revelation by revelation

flesh and blood has not revealed

anything to me

revelation and so my relationship with

God is everything to me because my

relationship with God is my doorway to

Revelation is my doorway to Revelation

gosh how much time we got and so and so

let’s talk about this three things that

I believe when you tap into this the

stream of Revelation the three things

that they gonna that this will add to

your life the first thing is progress

its progress he says I’m gonna build my

church right the word that was

translated church ekklesia you’ve heard

this before it literally means the call

that the called out right which means

that when he is telling Peter who has

been called out that he’s going to build

his ecclesia or build the called out

he’s telling Peter i’ma build you I’m

gonna build you I feel God progress God

wants to build you that that’s why you

cannot be too discouraged with where you

are God still building and even if

you’re at a high place don’t get excited

if you’re still alive he’s still

building he’s still building he’s still

building Revelation is gonna build your

life is gonna build your life he’s gonna

build you he’s gonna increase you all by

revelation that word Church also

represents community he represents a

nation a community a nation or a

generation of call people of call people

so I’m building something I’m building

something I’m building a nation a

generation a community of call people

watch this who call others your

assignment your assignment hear me

clearly la hear me didn’t ver hear me

wherever you’re watching from your

assignment is that you are a called

person you are called and you are

designed to call others you’re designed

to call others

and not only are you designed to call

others but you are also designed to call

forth things from the earth that God

desires to see so you are called to be a

caller or Philip your call to be a

caller that’s why you’re here and you’re

creating the image of God your call to

be a caller your call to call others

others others others others and then

you’re also called to call for things

there’s so many ther things man how much

time I don’t have time to do it all day

it’s too weaker for sure so we just get

there as much as we can okay here we go

and they’re things that God has

established in the earth that have not

come forth yet so he called you to call

others so that you and others you and

the church the ecclesia the called out

ones can begin to call forth things into

manifestation that are right now hidden

in revelation can I teach today that’s

your assignment your assignment is to

hear the call and be a part of the call

and then to call others because now you

don’t look at people the same because

you realize that everybody has a call

God has called them to something and you

no longer tolerate mediocrity in people

you no longer you start getting

passionate about people because you

begin to see in them what they can’t see

in themselves and you and God and the

called the ekklesia the church are now

on an assignment on a mission to

manifest on earth that which heaven

wants are we tracking mmm I gotta figure

out how to do this

because there’s no way I’m gonna be able

to finish this today mmm oh thank you


just tell your neighbor it’s by

revelation I gotta get to Revelation

this seems abrupt it does and we will

carry on next week but I want to do

something how do I get to Revelation how

do I get to Revelation

I need revelation there’s some in this

room and you have been drawn you’ve been

drawn to this movement because this this

is the same church I’m gonna let you in

on some in case you haven’t figured out

this is a movement we’re after something

yeah we’re call people calling others

some of you have been drawn here because

you called and there’s something there’s

something that God wants to see in this

city I feel is that there’s a glory

hidden in revelation that God wants to

see in Colorado in California all over

the world in LA in Denver there’s

something that God wants to see and it

ain’t gonna happen until call people who

begin to call it forth and I can’t call

forth what has not been revealed to me

so we gotta get to Revelation we got to

get to revelation ireally revelation for

my life any revelation from my family

need revelation for my career any

revelation for my ministry have any

revelation for my city any revelation

for my nation

I need revelations if you need

revelation I dare you and shout I need

revelation oh yeah oh yeah so how do we

get revelation how do we get revelation

how do we get revelation we surrender

we surrender revelation is like a stream

is flowing over your head right now

it’s flowing over your hair right now LA

it’s flowing over your head right now

you just got a tap into it

you’ve got tap into it there’s an open

heaven and I just believe that today

what God wants to do we’re gonna pick

the rest up next week I got too much to

even go further but I believe that what

God wants to do is he wants to open

something up to you Wow

your your your whole thing your whole

reservoir spirituality has been based on

other people has been based on flesh and

blood yeah it’s been based on your

pastors revelation your mama’s

revelation the revelation you read in a

book your motivational speakers your

spiritual leaders or whatever however

you do what you do and I believe that

God brought you here today because he’s

gonna tap you into the revelation that’s

assigned to your life you are a

revelation you are here by revelation I

know because the word says before I

formed you in your mother’s womb I knew

you I knew you I knew you I knew you so

you began with revelation you began by a

logos he began by something spoken and

now we all must come to a point where we

have to now begin to participate with

what God foreknew fill the presence of

the Lord we have to come to a point

where we surrender ourselves so that we

can participate with the revelation

that’s assigned to our life and for some

of you you were getting flashes of

Revelation in fact it was the flashes of

Revelation that brought you to this

moment but God is getting ready to flood

you with revelation he’s getting ready

to flood you you you you’re no longer

gonna say I wish God would talk to me I

wish I would hear God’s voice that

changes today that changes today just

like it changed for Peter

and you’re gonna open up yourself to the

Lord in a unique way today and and the

Lord the Lord hallelujah I feel I feel

this I’m happy for you and the Lord is

gonna begin to order your steps you are

no longer gonna accidentally find God

you’re gonna partner with God and you’re

not gonna be a weirdo I’m not talking at

all weird stuff the Lord told me it’s

none of anybody’s business it’s gonna be

you and your prayer closet you and your

relationship with God in secret and

people are gonna see you start to win Oh

fill the Lord LA if you catch it that

holla at me I feel the Lord and people


people are gonna all of a sudden see you

winning and they’re gonna be like what

happened to you isn’t that Simon nope

it’s Peter there is a difference here’s

what we’re gonna do cuz I gotta stop but

we’re gonna continue on next week you

better come here next week bring your

mama your daddy your sister your brother

bring your dog and you can’t don’t do

that here’s what I want to do if you’re

here today and you feel seized by this

truth you feel seized by it you can’t

you can’t necessarily describe it but if

you’re honest you feel seized by you

come meet me here this altar right now

if you’re in LA come meet me at this

altar I’m looking at you right now

come meet me at this altar right now you

feel seized by this word you feel seized

by this word the reason why you feel

seized by this word is because flesh and

blood I see you coming all Denver LA I

see you coming I see the altars flooding

I see the altars flooding

the reason why you feel seized by this

word is because the father is drawing

you he’s drawing you the Word of God

teaches us that we can’t even come to

Jesus except unless the father draws

unless the father draws we can’t even

come to him so if you feel seized it’s

because the father is drawing you and he

said now he said now no more flashes of

revelation your life is not built by

flesh and blood not your life is built

by God’s voice into your life and it

will work and not fail in every season

of your life there comes a point with

the law you don’t you don’t get tutored

forever the whole purpose of the tutor

is to bring you to a moment where you

can stand on your own you tutor when

you’re missing something you get told it

when you’re misses when you’re lacking

something toters temporary I gotta catch

you to the rock of Revelation for your

life well God will whisper this in your

ear and say this is the way walk in it

he will whisper and say it looks good on

paper but don’t do it Oh God

there’s so many stories I can tell you I

was offered a television show my first

television show I was offered about easy

six years ago and everybody was jumping

on it and everybody was excited and the

Lord said don’t do it

the Lord said the Lord said if you do it

it will take you down

I backed out of it and it became a

television show and with the exception

of one or two guys who were on that show

personal friends of mine and had I done

that show it would have put a wedge

between me and who is now my bishop and

my father-in-law and I would not have

his daughter and she was nowhere in the

picture at the time revelation will warn

you revelation will guide you revelation

will feed you and you fast forward now

and we have an incredible television

show on a bigger network more money the

blessing of the Lord it makes rich and

there’s no sorrow no strings attached

unapologetically ourselves and it brings

glory to God are you tracking with me

I’m talking about your life being built

by revelation you’re a stone I don’t

care how you feel where you been you’re

solid you’re solid you have integrity

I’m speaking it over you and you are

worthy la you are worthy of everything

that God has prophesied over your life

you are worthy of it yes you are you are

worthy of it you’re stronger than you

think I hear the Lord saying you can

make it without them I don’t know who

that’s for you can make it without them

you can make it without them you are

strong you are not weak you could make

it without them so I just want to pray

for you spirit of the Lord we honor your

presence here in this house today Lord

you’ve done some work in the spirit that

transcends what flesh and blood can even

fully articulate in to a certain degree

even comprehend

nevertheless it’s being done and your

sons and daughters are at this altar

here because you the great caller has

called them forth you’re calling us

forth you’re calling us to be who you

created us to be and is glorious and is

solid and is strong and it’s awesome

now father here at this altar we’ve got

some surrendering to do and God we want

to say here right now not my will but

your will be done because revelation is

all in accordance to your will not my

will but sure will be done and so here

at this altar what we are laying down is

our insistence upon having it our way

and our insistence upon being in

absolute control all the time we’re

laying it down right now at the altar

and we are gonna trust in the bedrock of

Revelation revelation those where I’ve

been revelation knows where I am and

Revelation knows where I am going

we trust you God we trust you with our

life we trust you with our future how

can we trust you with bringing us here

and not trust you with sustaining us and

carrying us every step of the way in

this life and so God we are recommitting

our trust to you right now we are saying

I am yours and you are mine we are here

saying that you are the Christ the Son

of the Living God father I just pray

right now

that you would open up that’s what you

were saying that’s what I was sensing at

the beginning of the service there’s an

open heaven you said in the last days I

will pour out my spirit upon all flesh

and your sons and your daughters shall

prophesy you need revelation the

prophesy who got to fill the Holy Spirit

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh

on the old and the young and male and

female I’ll pour out of my spirit and

they will prophesy so right now God as

we stand in that moment as we stand in

that moment we receive right now a fresh

outpouring Oh glory to God

repeat after me Holy Spirit you are here

you are the revealer of the identity of

Jesus and when Jesus’s identity is

revealed so is mine so today I yield my

heart I yield my mind and I yield my

soul to my greatest lover and that’s you

God I surrender right now I open up my

heart and I receive this invitation to

be yours god I thank you that on the

rock of Revelation you will build me

and the gates of Hell will not be able

to prevail so right now in this moment I

thank you for the open heaven that’s

over my life I’m being transformed by

revelation by truth speak to me about my

past speak to me about my present and

speak to me about my tomorrow order my

steps in your word from this day forward

I will not lean into my own

understanding but I will acknowledge you

and you will direct my paths on this

rock on this rock of Revelation you’re

gonna build my life

I receive it now Holy Spirit I receive

you fill me today like never before

divine resources power insight authority

and revelation I claim as my portion and

I’ll never be the same I thank you for

Jesus thank you for making him who had

no sin all of mine all of my weakness

all of my failure all of my shortcomings

you place in his body nailed it to the

cross and put it to death and because

I’m in him just as he was raised up I’m

raised up to my past is behind me I’m

full of light and truth and by

revelation I’m gonna win all the days of

my life in Jesus name Amen amen now come

on and give God