How close are we to the rapture? This is a question that many Christians often ask themselves. While we may not know exactly when it will happen, we certainly know when it will not happen. And while we may not know the day or the hour, we do know the times and the seasons. God has revealed and therefore wants us to know and understand His prophetic timeline. Join Amir as he observes the Scriptures and fulfilled prophecy to better address this question.

Amir Tsarfati with some of the family members here,

the others are in the other car.

Very important update, super important.

I will give you a Middle-East update
as soon as I can find the right time, it’s not easy.

But the events in Afghanistan are having ripple effects
all around the world.

All around the world.
And the US media is hiding it from the American people

because they have to play the game with the US administration.

But let me tell you – Something is happening and it’s very, very big.

So I’m going to wait for some of you to connect

and I’ll talk for a few minutes on the ripple effect of the Afghanistan crisis,

because it is huge …it is huge, okay.

Again, I will be giving a special Middle East Update

on – some of it will be on that one, but of course on Russia’s next move,

but I must tell you right now, what the world is seeing and understanding

from the way the US administration is handling itself in regards to Afghanistan.

So allow me to quote … a Chinese Editor in Chief

over one of the most important newspapers in China

and when it’s important newspapers in China,

that means he’s basically speaking on behalf of the Chinese government.

And he said the following thing:

Taiwan look at what is going in Kabul because you’re next, basically.

You’re next … in other words, ladies and gentlemen,

that post-American World Order has officially begun

with such a weak administration that promised last month:

‘Hey, we are leaving by the end of August.

The Afghan army is capable of fighting the Taliban.

and we trained them well for a long time, they can do the work.’

Well, let me tell you something.

The Afghan army ran away, leaving all the equipment on the ground.

You’re talking about the Taliban right now,

they have the most sophisticated vehicles, weapons, aircraft,

all thanks to the American taxpayer.

Now I’m not going to talk about that one,

which is a fiasco by itself, over 150 billion dollars that America spent there.

I’m going to talk about what the rest of the world is learning

from what is going on in Afghanistan right now.

First of all, nobody would want … nobody, no local anywhere outside of America,

would want to collaborate with America

if he knows that America can not back him up and help him

when America is running away.

What happened in, I guess, Vietnam,

what happened in Tehran when America left is happening right now in Kabul.

Now, again, I can talk forever about what happened in the last 72 hours,

but I want to tell you what is happening right now.

What is happening right now is big.

The world is basically saying that the post-America World Order has begun.

America is no longer a country anyone wants to lean on

because when time comes and there is a crazy progressive administration

and they take off, it’s not going to be nice.

Well, I’m not even telling you my opinion.

This is not even about that … I’m not.

I’m telling you what I read from all around the world in regards to what is happening.

I’m telling you what the world understands.

Okay. So the Iranians understand that America can be

and will be kicked out of Iraq and Syria.

The Chinese understand that the American presence in Taiwan

and the American backing of Taiwan can come to an end

and they are now spreading threats all around.

And again, any ally of America should worry right now.

And why do I mention that?

Who is the greatest ally of America in the Middle East?

You guess you got that one right.

And who is going to be attacked by Russia, Iran and Turkey?

I guess you got that one right.

And who is not going to help Israel when this attack is going to happen very soon?

You got that one right as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, for years we’ve been teaching

that in order for the Gog and Magog of the Ezekiel war to happen,

America cannot be strong, superpower because let’s face it …

If the 45th was still in power, nobody would have done what is going on,

what they are doing right now … okay.

We are having the weakest administration the US has known for decades, right now.

The picture of the 46th president sitting all alone in that briefing room,

talking to the special Envoy to Afghanistan, that was in the CIA station in Qatar

and with the rest of the US military personnel.

It was so pathetic … it sent the wrong message.

First of all, it send the message that he is not even aware of what’s going on.

It sent the message that he’s all alone.

Nobody’s around him giving him good advices.

And as of this morning, I received some information …

that the US intelligence community warned the administration that that is going to happen

and the administration was determined to leave Afghanistan by the end of August

and started evacuating everybody by July already.

It started with small pockets of Taliban taking over small places

and the administration said – Oh, it’s okay.

And then came the merging of all those small pockets

into huge territory that closed on Kabul from all sides.

And what we saw … and what we see right now is this.

Now, make no mistake …

America is banking on an agreement

that was achieved between the commander of the central command

with the head of the Taliban and the agreement is this …

Let us evacuate our people from the airport.

Stay out of it, and there’ll be no bloodshed,

there’ll be no war and we are not going to do anything to you.

In other words, the US literally agreed for theTaliban takeover of Kabul, of the government

for the price of give us control of the airport for a couple days,

so we can finish evacuating our own people, that is it.

On Telegram, I posted horrific videos and pictures of Afghans that are holding onto C130s

and to some American cargo jets, military cargo jets,

and the cargo just took off and the Afghans fell in the air.

You could see bodies, you could see people falling from the wings.

That’s how much they wanted to run away.

They clung onto the airplane with a hope that the airplane is not going to take off.

The airplane took off and they just fell down and got killed instantly.

I am not posting on Telegram some horrible footages that I have of what happened

to some of the Afghans that got too close to the US soldiers.

But there are piles of bodies over there.

All I want to say, folks, is that it is very ugly.

The world is watching … China and Iran and Russia are declaring the end of the American world order.

And they actually say it’s a post-America world order.

And for us, the believers, we must remember

that those countries must have a post-America world order

for them to make their move according to Ezekiel.

We’re watching historic time … we are witnessing unbelievable things …

along with some natural disasters and fires and earthquakes.

And of course the pestilences … COVID is not over

– COVID is only getting bigger and smarter.

And that’s what you can expect from a man-made engineered virus.

That’s how it works.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you’re not ready

and if you are not close to the Lord and in His Word,

prepare yourself to be very disappointed and also depressed,

because you’re going to see some very difficult times coming up upon you.

But if you’re close to the Lord, if you know the Word of God,

if you understand what is next, you should actually be excited

as our gathering to be with Him is very soon.

So I want to encourage you,