From the onset of creation, God has desired to dwell among His people. Even after sin entered the world, God graciously provided the means for this to take place. In his message, “The Next Temple”, Amir Tsarfati explains how the nature of God’s presence with His people has changed throughout the ages. However, understanding these changes sparks new questions – Will there be another temple in Jerusalem? If so, what is the purpose? Where is God’s presence with His people today? Where will it be in the future? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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I wanted to share with you this

evening a message called the next

Temple and you know it’s the Ramadan

right now I’m sure you know and it’s the

most peaceful month uh

ever um and uh I don’t know if you

understand but one of the hottest points

in the whole world is Israel and the

hottest point in Israel is of course

Jerusalem the hottest point in Jerusalem

is of course the old city and the

hottest point in the old city is the

Temple Mount and uh this whole thing is

not over

yet you know you would think that after

so many years this whole issue and this

whole conflict and who had something

there first would be over but no

we’re not even in halfway

through now the last two and a half

years were pretty challenging haven’t

they look at

you you look

challenged we’re all very very tired

almost bruised to some degree so I’ve

got a word of encouragement for you it’s

going to get worse than



is but I also want to encourage you that

he is still in control and on the

throne and it’s all a matter of

perspective really truly I I came to

London to record my audio book revealing

Revelation and you know as I was reading

through that book all over again I

realized how good we have it right now

here I mean you have no idea how bad

it’s going to be unless you read the

book of Revelation so much so that I

thank God every day for the very soon

Rapture because this is exact this is

the token of his amazing love for us

already as

Believers knowing that as a the

bride we are not going to be a battered

woman showing up in heaven

hello so I thought to share with you on

the next

Temple and um I don’t know if you can

see it there you go and uh let’s go back

to even try to understand the heart of

God to dwell among his people but before

we do that let’s pray father I thank you

for your word your word is true not my

opinion not anybody’s opinion and we

want this evening to dwell in your word

and to understand your heart so teach us

the wonders of your word this evening we

thank you and we bless you in the name

of the Holy One of Israel Yeshua mhia

amen so God wants to dwell and desires

to dwell among his people this is our

God this is our creator he’s not

alienating himself from from Those whom

he created he wants to to fellowship

with them he wants to dwell among them

Genesis 3:8 says and they heard the

sound of the Lord God Walking In The

Garden in the cool of the

day the Lord God Walking In The Garden

in the cool of the how cool it is God is

walking in the

garden and Adam and his

wife hid themselves from the presence of

the Lord God Among the Trees of the

garden how cool it is that he walks in

the garden how pathetic it is that we

think we can hide from him behind the

trees you can imagine how shameful they

felt in order to have to hide themself


him you

know this is exact exactly the

problem the minute sin entered the world

all that men was interested in and was

all about is not just hiding from God

that’s in the good case but actually

replacing God or becoming Gods Genesis

11 says but the Lord came down to see

the city of bavel and the tower which

the son son of men had

built and the Lord


indeed the people are one and they all

have one language and this

is and this is what they begin to

do now nothing that they Pro uh propose

to uh to do will be withheld from them

come let us go down said the Trinity let

us go down and there confus their

language that they may not understand

one another’s speech isn’t that amazing

that God had to deal with that 10

chapters after he 11 chapters into the

creation he just created the world he

just made the most amazing thing he said

it is very good two chapter later two

chapters later we we kind of told him

that we kind of prefer someone else and

then look we’re at the point where we

think we can actually reach

heaven but God even among sinful people

knew that he wants to Tabernacle among

his people you know that was when he all

started you know he created mankind but

then he started all again after and now

after Noah and after Abraham came the

people of Israel and and God said I will

set my Tabernacle among

you and my soul shall not abhor your and

he said I will walk among you and be

your God and you shall be my people

isn’t that a wonderful promise over God

that has already been stabbed by

us and yet he said I will walk among you

and I will be your God and you shall be


people just be my people I want to walk

among you I want to Tabernacle with

you it’s interesting because you know

the Bible in the

ear many many centuries ago when Hebrew

was not really a common thing in a

Hebrew Bible uh because Bibles were not

printed yet um there were tumim there

were um translations of the Bible to the

spoken languages of those days and the


tum um actually said in Genesis 3:8 and

they heard the sound of the Lord God

walking in the garden in the cool of the

day and look basically basically the

word in the on was the MIM the word they

heard the sound of the word of the Lord

walking in the

garden it’s very interesting because

John 1 says in the beginning was the

word and the Word was with God and the

Word was God and he was in the beginning

with God all things were made through

him and without him nothing was made

that was made and the

word became flesh and dwelt among us and

we beheld his glory the glory as of the

only begotten of the father full of

grace and

truth so that amazing thing stands right

next to this

MRA the word that was walking in the

garden and it’s not not the only time we

can see we can feel we can understand

that Jesus was there from the very

beginning he was there also in the

Tabernacle the one that we called in

Hebrew we don’t call it Tabernacle we

call it ohel moed the tent of


meeting the meeting between God and

people that’s his heart Exodus

25:8 let them make me a sanctuary

that I may dwell among them you would

think that by then after all the

shenanigans that the Israelites did

throughout the Exodus you would think

that by chapter 25 he would be tired of

them but no he still wants to dwell

among them that’s his

heart then comes Exodus 26 Moses took

his tent and no excuse me Exodus 33 he

pitched it outside the camp far from the

camp and that is right after he got down

from Mount Si and the whole golden calf

disaster and now look what

happened he pitched it outside the camp

far from the camp and called it the

Tabernacle of meeting and it came to

pass that everyone who sought the Lord

went out to the Tabernacle of meeting

which was outside the camp

so it was whenever Moses went out to the

Tabernacle that all the people Rose and

each man stood at his tent door and

watched Moses until he has gone into the

Tabernacle they literally they were all

ashamed of what they had done they all

understand that God could have been

right in the center but he chose not to

because of what they did and he’s right

out outside of the camp and they’re all

standing outside of their each each each

one’s tent door and they’re literally

looking at Moses walking all the way

until it disappeared into the

Tabernacle and they know he’s going for

a meeting that is the tent of meeting

who is he meeting


hello anybody home who is he meeting

with the Lord and the Bible says

when Moses entered the

Tabernacle the pillar of cloud

descended and stood at the door of the

Tabernacle couple days ago a

lady in London asked me without reducing

from the Holiness of God and Jesus don’t

you think that him coming back will be

on a

spaceship I said where does it say it in

the Bible she said no it says

cloud and I said the last time I studied

the word

cloud it did not


spaceship and then she said so you

really think also that the pillar of

cloud was a pillar of

cloud I said

absolutely I was trying to think if she

meant that that was a spaceship as

well but then the Bible

says all the people saw the pillar of

clouds standing at the Tabernacle door

and all the people Rose and

worshiped each

man in his tent

door now watch this read the following

verse with

me and the Bible says so the Lord spoke

to Moses face to face as a man man

speaks to his

friend the Lord spoke to Moses face to

face as a man speaking to his


H and he would return to the camp but

his servant Joshua the son of Nan a

young man did not depart from the

Tabernacle then Moses said to the Lord

now watch this this is when the

Jewish attitude and nature of Moses were

at it at its

best he says

see you say to me bring up this people

but you have not let me know whom you

will send with

me you have said I know you by name and

you have also found Grace in my sight

now therefore I pray if I have found

Grace in your

sight show me me now your way that I may

know you and that I may find Grace in

your sight and now comes the uh

conditions and consider that this nation

is your

people they’re not mine they’re yours I

don’t want to get stuck with them all by

myself these are your people you told me

I remember the day to get them out of

Egypt so we’re stuck in the middle of

the desert right now I ain’t going to

move out of here all by myself with

them they are your people consider that

and he said and you know if I was God I

would smack him right now this is not

the attitude I would expect my servant

to but this is the type of look what

what did he actually

say I want you to be with me don’t leave

me these are your

people you know me you know my name be

with me I can’t do it all by

myself and this is the type of thing God

loves to hear even if you have some

Jewish or British

attitude and the Lord said my presence

will go with you and I will give you

rest and then he said to him Moses is

not done yet with this whole thing well

if if your presence does not go with us

do not bring us up from here for how

then will it be known that your people

and I have found Grace in your sight

except you go with

us basically Moses

said I’m not moving out of here unless

you lead us and if you’re not leading us

I’m not moving I don’t make a single

step without you if that’s not sweet

Aroma to the Lord I don’t know what now

watch this the Lord said now watch how

how everything


so Moses said except you are with so we

shall be

separate your people and I from all the

people who are upon the face of the

Earth so the Lord said to Moses I will

also do this thing that you have spoken

for you have found Grace in my sight and

I know you by

name and he said please Moses Moses you

know you gave him a finger he wants the


hand all right so you going to do all of

that yes okay I want to see you right

now show me your

glory and the Lord said I will make all

my goodness pass before you and I will

proclaim the name of the Lord before you

I will be gracious to whom I will be

gracious and I will have compassion on

whom I will have compassion isn’t that

interesting he said I can’t show you my

face I’m sorry but wait a minute I

thought few verses ago he spoke to him

face to face as a man speaks to his

friend who did he speak


mhm hello thank

you and so the children of

Israel entered the promised

land and then of course they wanted a

king how come the Brits have and we

don’t we want also tabloids and we want

to know what they do what they don’t do

who they get married who they cheat with

and all that you know we want that

also so we want a king and the Lord said

I don’t think this is a good idea and

then yeah we do so he gave them what

they want it was King Saul but when it

moved to what God wants if you want a

king this is the king I want you to have

and who was he King David and who was

the king that succeeded

him King Solomon and he’s the one who

built the house for the Lord the

physical Temple for the Lord in 2 Samuel

7 and in first first king chapter 6 we

see the first temple was built in

Jerusalem but then you would expect them

to say wow God is there let’s worship

God ladies and gentlemen soon after not

too long after deception started

crawling into the house of God I’m not

talking about the nation I’m not talking

about the land I’m talking about the

Temple Mount and the temple

itself when Pagan worship invaded

tamuz that Pagan Babylonian God and the

son were

worshiped Ezekiel chapter

8 and he said to me turn again and you

will see greater Abominations Ezekiel

was taken by an Angel to to see why God

is going to judge the city and he says

look at the ab Abominations that they

are doing so he brought me to the door

of the north gate of the Lord’s House

and to my dismay women were sitting

there weeping for tamuz

tamuz a Babylonian

deity then he said to me have you seen

this oh son of man turn again and you

will see even greater Abomination than

this and he brought me into the inner

Court of the Lord’s house and there at

the door of the Temple of the Lord

between the porch and the altar were

about 25 men with their backs towards

the Temple of the Lord and their faces

towards the

east and they were worshiping the sun

towards the east can imag the house of

the Lord is right there they turn their

back and they worship the sun sun is

rising from the East we worship it by

the way it’s almost the same concept of

women worshiping


amazing that is after Deuteronomy says

take heed let lest you lift your eyes to

heaven and when you see the sun the moon

and the stars all the hosts of Heaven

you feel driven to worship them and

serve them which the Lord your God has

given to all the peoples under the whole

Heaven as a Heritage God says don’t do

that and what about the Pagan Idols such

as t

Jeremiah 10 hear the word which the Lord

speaks to you house of Israel thus says

the Lord do not learn the way of the

Gentiles and do not be dismayed at the

signs of Heaven for the Gentiles are

dismayed at them for the customs of the

peoples are feudal for the cuts for one

cuts a tree from the forest The Works of

the hands of the workmen with the axe

and they decorated with silver and gold

they fasten it with nails and hammers so

that it will not topple and they are

upright like a palm tree and they cannot

speak they must be carried because they

cannot go by themselves do not be afraid

of them for they cannot do evil nor can

they do any good it’s just a

tree you’re

worshiping manmade

things it’s amazing you know Satan is

the master of not just deception but

counterfeit one of the names of the

Messiah is what the son of

righteousness Malachi 4:2 or the way the

Italians say

Malachi but to you who fear my name the

son of righteousness shall arise with


in his wings

hello and you shall go out and grow fat

like stall fed calves let’s not deal

with that

verse life death and

Resurrection is not just a a cliche this

is what Messiah had to come he was born

in order to live his life sinless life

and then he died for us but then death

could not keep him down there and then


resurrected and it’s amazing because


deities assimilated life death and

Resurrection Life Death and res why do

you think they worship the sun the sun

is rising then he setting tamos the god

of of of of fertility I mean there’s

always coming new life and then there

comes death it’s amazing how the


Works Philippians

3:10 that I may know him and the power

of what his resurrection The Fellowship

of what his suffering while he was here

and being conformed to what his

death death life and Resurrection as you

can see galatian 2:20 I’ve been

crucified with Christ it is no longer

that I who live but Christ lives in me

and the life which I know live I now

live in the flesh I live by faith in the

Son of God who loved me and gave me and

gave himself for me 1 John 2:16 for all

that is in this world the lust of the

flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride

of life is not of the father but is of


world that Greek word for that

alazon empty presumption which trust in

the stability of Earthly things

everybody’s running to make more money

to be more famous to do this to do that

and then there are and then when they

get there they want to kill

themselves they can’t even handle it

it’s so temporary it’s so

empty the departure of God’s glory from

the temple is solemnly narrated by the

way by the prophet Ezekiel we see that

we see that he goes further and further

in chapter 8 to chapter 9 to chapter 10

and chapter 11 all the

way and it’s

amazing to see how eventually God

left the house of

God people used to go to the temple for

years in Jerusalem and God was not

there the fact that there is a church

building doesn’t mean that God is in it

you know the fact that you are in a

church doesn’t mean you’re a Christian

go outside stand in the parking lot you

won’t turn into a

car a church does not make you a

Christian going to the temple in

Jerusalem doesn’t mean you have an

encounter with the Lord because the Lord

might not be

there so many times I travel around the

world and I see everything in the church

but the presence of God they’ve got it

all all the bells and all the trick

everything and then came the destruction

of the first temple in Jerusalem in 586

BC by the Babylonians horrific thing

that happened the Bible says in 2

Chronicle 36 and the Lord God of their

their father sent warnings to them by

his Messengers rising up early and

sending them because he had compassion

on his people and on his dwelling place

but they mocked The Messengers of God

despised his words and scoffed At His

prophets until the Wrath of the Lord

arose against his people until there was


remedy therefore he brought against him

the king of the calans who killed their

young men with a sword in the house of

their sanctuary and had no compassion on

young man or virgin on the age or the

weak he gave them all into the his hands

and all the Articles from the house of

God great and small the Treasures of the

house of the Lord and the Treasures of

the king and his leaders all these he

took to

Babylon then they burned the house of

God broke Down the Walls of Jerusalem

burned all its places with fire and

destroyed all its precious

possessions and Jeremiah wrote the whole

book of Lamentations and he was

witnessing this whole thing but Jeremiah

knew that is not the end he wrote a

prophecy where he says this is only

going to last for how long 70 years for

because the Jewish people for 4 90 years

did not keep the sabatical year every

seven years accumulate them put them all

together 70 years for each year

sabatical year never kept they will

spend in in the

diaspora and it’s not interesting that

the Prophet Daniel he’s in Babylon he’s

not even here he was taken when he was a

young man he became you know a uni hello

and and he he had hope why because

knew that the plan of God is not over

with the Jewish

people the Bible says in chapter N9 of

Daniel that he was excited he was

praying and he was interceding for his

nation and he said I got excited when I

was thinking about the prophecy of

Jeremiah isn’t interesting how one

Prophet is actually referring to another

Prophet they were friends I

guess and then of course those who came

back build the second temple

Ezra chapter 6 we see and then Tatai the

governor of the region beyond the river

Shar B bosai and their companion

diligently did according to what the

king davish or Darius had sent so the

Elders of the Jews built and they

prospered through the uh prophesying of

haay the prophet and Zachariah the son

of Ido and they built and finished it

according to the Commandment of the god

of Israel and according to the command

of Cyrus dyus and Ard deeris the kings

of Persia now the temple was finished on

the third day of the month of adal which

was in the sixth year to the reign of

King Darius then Ezra and

nayah they came and we know that Honan

uh uh people if you remember in the

first century BC they defeated the Greek

and we know that they retook the temple

and they expanded it but then came Herod

the Great and the someone said he who

did not see Jerusalem in the time of

Herod the Great does not know what

beauty is someone else said if 10 cubits

of beauty were given to the world nine

were taken by Jerusalem of those days

Herod the Great expanded a temple uh

platform in an

artificial um retaining wall that made

it huge it was amazing

and then God comes back to

visit someone was born in

Bethlehem and uh when the day comes and

he had to be presented in the temple we

all know when the days of her

purification according to the law of

Moses in Luke Chapter 2 were completed

they brought him to Jerusalem to present

him to the Lord as it is written in the

law of the Lord every male who opens a

womb Shall be Called holy to the Lord

and to offer a sacrifice according to

that to what is said in the law of the

Lord a pair of turtle dos and two young

uh pigeons and behold there was a man in

Jerusalem whose name was Simeon and this

man was just and devout waiting for the

consolation of Israel and the Holy

Spirit was upon

him you know that in those days before

Jesus died and resurrected before he

sent the Holy Spirit to the church the

Holy Spirit was not in you it was upon

you it’s a big

difference it was

upon and the Holy Spirit was upon him

and by the way when the Holy Spirit is

upon you the Holy Spirit can fly away

this is why David after his sin with

Bacha said please do not take your Holy

Spirit for me because the Holy Spirit

left King Saul if you

remember and the Bible says

and it had been revealed to Simeon By

the holy spirit that he would not see

death before he had seen the Lord’s

Messiah Christ so he came by the spirit

into the temple and when the parents

brought in the child Yeshua Jesus to do

for him according to the customs of the

law that’s why I don’t understand how I


this Jesus was the first Palestinian I

mean presented it the

temple and the Bible says he took him up

in his arms blessed God and said

Lord now you are letting your servant

depart in peace according to your word

for my eyes have seen

what that’s why he’s called Yeshua you

see the word Yeshua means

salvation I know that you call him Jesus

is fine will forgive you it’s okay he

understands all languages I’m not

someone who says if you call him Jesus

it’s not him no no no he knows it’s him

but if you wonder why in Hebrew is

called Yeshua he is our

salvation and the Bible says which you

have prepared before the face of all

peoples and watch this he is a light to

bring Revelation to


hello and the glor of your


hello he is not now the Messiah for the

Gentiles forgetting about the Jews and

is not the Messiah of Israel that has

nothing to do with the Gentiles you


that and Joseph and his mother marveled

at these things which were spoken of

him I will continue I will continue all

the way um and uh because uh

you know it’s uh getting late and uh we

know that in Luke Chapter 2 there was


um um another amazing woman uh that uh

obviously bragged that she you know she

saw the Messiah himself and it’s

interesting how the Bible

says that Jesus

himself was referring to the whole issue

of the

temple when he met with the

woman uh in

Samaria she told him our fathers

worshiped on this mountain and you Jews

say that in Jerusalem is the place where

one ought to

worship and Jesus said to her woman

believe me the hour is coming when what

you will neither on this mountain nor in

Jerusalem worship the

father you worship what you do not know

we know what we worship and then look

what he says for salvation is what of

the Jews in other words I am

what I’m a Jew as a man who came came to

the World As a Man I’m a Jew not a

Palestinian not African not a Muslim not

nothing I’m a Jew and salvation is of


Jews but let’s stop stop there the hour

is coming and now

is when the true worshippers will

worship the father in spirit and in

truth for the father is seeking such to

worship him God is not a statue God is

not a religious figure God is not

something man-made God is spirit and

those who worship Him must worship how

in spirit and in truth you cannot

worship God unless you have what his

spirit and unless you believe in

who who is the truth


truth do you not know in First

Corinthians that you are the temple of

God and that the spirit of God dwells in

you is that interesting up until that

moment everybody was thinking there is

that Temple in Jerusalem Jesus comes

changes the rules and says yes it was so

but that is over the time has come and

now it

is that unless you worship God in spirit

and in truth it doesn’t matter what

mountain you’re going to go

to and he says only when you have the

Holy Spirit in you you become the Temple

of the Holy Spirit Matthew 24 then Jesus

went out departed from the temple and

his disciples came up to show him the

buildings of the temple and Jesus said


them do you not see all these things

surely I say to you not one stone you

they were they showed him the beauty of

the Temple look how beautiful Jesus

look he’s shaking his head not one stone

shall be left here upon another that

shall not be thrown down and as a tour

guide who who spent over 20 years taking

people in Jerusalem I used to take them

to the herodian street these are the

stones that were thrown from the Temple

Mount just as he said this is the

Fulfillment of that verse not a single

Stone will remain that shall not be


down gig the smallest stone 2 and A2

tons the biggest over 600 tons

huge and it’s there and it’s a memorial

to the truth of the

scriptures nothing is left from that

Temple and the Temple Mount today looks

like this take a look at what the Temple

look like

today see that

Dome this is just from the sth

century then there’s all those trees the


mosque the old city has the Muslim

quarter and then you see the Western

Wall do you see the Western

Wall why do you say yes

not you really see the Western Wall here

take a look I don’t know if I can show

you that but before we show you the

Western Mall let me show you


so about 25 30 years ago there was you

know on top of the Temple Mount that’s

the Muslim wak is is is watching over

the Temple Mount we may have the

security uh responsibility but we do not

have religious responsibility there

whatsoever it’s still trampled over by

the Gentiles just so you know and I want

you to know so a a a a a a a pipe

bursted and they called the Jerusalem

municipality to come and fix

it we sent a

team of

plumbers and the plumbers brought some


equipment and we removed some dirt

because we are

plumers and we want to fix the

pipe and we EXP




corner of the retaining wall of the

Temple Mount from Solomon’s

time I want you to uh look let’s

highlight it here it is and because we

know exactly the measures of the

retaining wall 500 cubits on 500 cubits

we know exactly now let’s move to where

the temple must have been standing you


so when you see the Dome of the Rock

it’s not by a

coincidence the Jewish people pointed

for the Muslims where their Temple was

they told them this is where we used to

worship and years after the temple was

gone they used to go and lament over it

you think that diling wall is something

that old it’s not I mean the wall itself

is herodian but it wasn’t the Wailing

Wall nobody wailed by that retaining

wall shortly after the temple was

destroyed people went to the to that

area to wa to to to to whail and

cry so we know where it

was and Herod when Herod expanded after

Solomon the second Temple look made it

bigger and you want to know where the

Western Wall The Wailing Wall is today

here it is the little red part There Is

it part of the temple no it’s merely

part of just a retaining wall from when

not even from the time of Solomon from

the time of

Herod and people go and kiss the stone

and put uh some you know notes

and we’ve got 24 hours

camera you have fact

service you can actually not even show

up send it a Messenger will run and put

it for you and you can watch on the 24

our camera if he’s doing

that folks that’s the Western


but there is no

Temple there is the

Dome the Bible says not me the Bible the

Bible says there will be another

Temple a temple that will stand there

and will also deceive people Daniel

chapter 9 says 70 weeks are determined

for your people and for your Holy City

to finish the transgression to make an

end of sin to make reconciliation for

iniquity to bring Everlasting

righteousness to seal up vision and

prophecy and to anoint the most holy

know therefore and understand that from

the going forth of the command to

restore and build Jerusalem until

Messiah Prince shall be 7 weeks and 62

weeks the streets shall be built again

and the wall even in Troublesome times

basically Daniel received the vision of

the future of Israel and of Jerusalem

and he was told from the moment King

aric xerxis is releasing Nehemiah to go

and rebuild

Jerusalem I want you to start counting

exactly s and 62 weeks which is

69 weeks is a period of 7 years a year

is a period of 360

days math



days that is on April 6 32 ad when Jesus


Jerusalem but that’s not all he says

after the 62 weeks seven it took to

build Jerusalem 62 it took for him to

come Messiah shall be cut

off but not for himself he didn’t do

anything to deserve it he died for

everyone else and the people of the

prince who is what to

come shall destroy the city which means

Jesus may die in 32 ad but there will be

later on a conquest of Jerusalem that

will cause the city and the sanctuary to

be destroyed the end of it shall be with

a flood until the end of the war

desolations are determined he says then

he stops and he says

then later he shall confirm a covenant

with many for one week he said look

Jesus came after 69 weeks it has been

fulfilled he died for all of us the

temple later on was destroyed it’s

over but the future is going to bring to

Jerusalem and to Israel another set of

seven years one last week and that one

last week he said what’s going to

happen in the middle of that week he

shall bring an end to sacrifice and

offerings what does it mean that there

will be again a temple in Jerusalem and

something is going to happen halfway

through that seven years period where

that same leader from the area where

2,000 years ago that Nation came to

destroy Jerusalem he will stop the

sacrifice even until the consummation

which is determined is poured out out on


desolate and that is exactly why Paul

wrote to the church in

Thessaloniki and he said to them in 2

Thessalonian chapter 2 now Brethren

concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus

Christ and our gathering together to him

we ask you not to be soon shaken in mind

or troubled either by Spirit or by word

or by letter or by email or by YouTube

or by Facebook or by Twitter as if from

us as though the day of Christ has come

said don’t

worry he says there has to happen some

things now look what he says for that

day will not come unless the falling

away comes first and the man of sin is

revealed and the son of predition who

opposes and exalt himself about all that

is called God you see they thought they

missed the Raptor and they’re already in


tribulation and he’s telling them how

can the tribulation be when we’re not

seeing the falling away and we’re not

seeing the

Antichrist the mark of the beginning of

the seven years tribulation is the last


remember and that’s the rise of the

Antichrist said that son of predition

who opposes and exalt himself above all

that is called God or that is worship

look what this he says he sits as God in

the temple of God showing himself that

he is

God and Paul wrote that when the temple

was no longer you

know you have to understand do you not

remember that that when I was still with

you I told you these

things now you know what is

restraining that he may be revealed in

his own

time he says he cannot just show up he

cannot just be revealed any day any

time something has to

happen watch

this the mystery of lawlessness is

already at work only he who now

restrains will do so until he is taken

out of the

way who is

restraining the Holy Spirit where is the

holy spirit now in you who has to be

taken out of the way exactly and once we

will be taken out of the way then the

Lawless one will be revealed whom the

Lord will consume with the breath of his

mouth and Destroy with the brightness of

of his coming when Jesus will come back

with us he is going we all know the Book

of Revelation

says the Antichrist will be

thrown all the way to the lake of fire

with the false


amen the coming of the Lawless one is

according to the working of Satan with

all power signs and lying wonders and

with all unrighteous deception among

those who perish because they did not

receive the love of the truth that they

might be

saved and for this reason God will send

them strong delusion that they should

believe the lie that they all may be

condemned who did not believe the truth

but had pleasure in


amazing so the Antichrist has to rise

but in order for him to rise he needs to

be a man of Peace not a man of war he

present peace which later on he will

break in order to present peace he needs

to come to the Jewish people and not

tell the you should have two states Arab

State and a Jewish state that is not

going to work anymore we tried it the

Bible says in Daniel he will confirm a

covenant but the Hebrew doesn’t say


heg heg is not confirm heg means

increased stepped up did something

greater from the usual to the

unusual no peace deal so far offered the

Jews anything on a temple mark

in order to increase in order to make

something spectacular guess what there

has to be a temple approved for building

in Jerusalem and when I’m thinking about

options look I’m not an

architect but I can tell

you that there is a chance I’m not a

prophet also I come from a nonprofit

organization this is not a word of a

prophecy you know all I’m saying is this

today there is a vacant area north of

the Dome of the Rock you see that in

that vacant area there is a dome a

little Dome where the Jewish some Jews

believe it is some believe it is where

the holy of holies used to be but even

if they didn’t it is the perfect

alignment to where the Golden Gate or

the Eastern Gate is today you

understand maybe I’m just saying

maybe that would be the site of the

Third Temple I Don’t Really Care by the

way I really don’t plan on being here

when that Temple is going to be

built that man of Peace the ultimate

peace Jerusalem of course is going to be

on the table there will be a temple but

that Temple is going to be destroyed

when that’s the Third Temple when will

it be destroyed when when Jesus comes

back with us the Bible says his feet

will stand on Mount of Olives and mount

of oliv is going to split and a valley

will run from east to west the mountain

will go half to South half to North

amazing it’s all going to be

gone and Jesus comes back and he

establishes his

kingdom in what city

leads what city Jerusalem thank you in

Jerusalem Jerusalem once again will be

the the head of all cities and Israel

the head of all Nations and he will

reign from Jerusalem the millennial

Kingdom and then there will be another

Temple fourth temple that one much

bigger much greater not anything even

similar to the first and the second or

the third Isaiah 24 says then the moon

will be disgraced and the Sun is shame

for the Lord of hosts will reign on

Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and before

his Elders gloriously the Bible says in

Ezekiel 40 in the 25th year of our

captivity at the beginning of the year

on the 10th day of the month in the 14th

year of the city was that was city was

captured on the very same day of the

hand of the Lord was upon me and he took

me there in the visions of God he took

me into the land of Israel and set me on

a very high mountain on it towards the

South was something like the structure

of a city he took me there and behold

there was a man whose appearance was

like the appearance of bronze and he had

line of flax and measuring rod in his

hand and he stood in the Gateway and

that man said to me son of man look with

your eyes and hear with your ears and

fix your mind on everything I show you

for you were brought here so that I

might show them to you decare to the

house of Israel everything you see and

now there was a wall all around outside

of the temple in the man’s hand was a

measuring Rod look he’s showing him a

gigantic Temple much bigger than he had

ever seen

before so let me show you how it all

started first of all we were in Garden

of Eden when there was no

Temple then the tent of meeting then was

the first temple that was destroyed by

Nebuchadnezzar then the second temple

destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans 10th

Legion then the Third Temple was built

in during the seven

years and it is the house of God that

the Antichrist eventually will enter and

declare himself as God and then comes

the fourth

temple and let me show you something the

Third Temple is the one thing that

captivates the minds of so many yet

we’re not going to even see it it’s not

for us we’re taken before we’re spending

our time in heaven in the mansions that

he prepared for us and we’re coming back

with him to put an end to that Temple

and then we will reign with him and and

judge with him in Jerusalem for Thousand

Years where there is a fourth temple

isn’t that

amazing you look so depressed

look and then what happened after the

millennial Kingdom what

happened wa way before

that God has to resurrect all mankind

remember that is the second

Resurrection there is a first

resurrection and there is a second

Resurrection first resurrection has few

parts there is the first fruits who is

who is he Jesus

Jesus then all that belongs to him all

the way the major major thing is of

course during the Rapture the dead in

Christ will rise and we who are alive

and remain will shall be cut up with the

Lord together to meet him in the clouds


wait it’s a waste of time so watch this

so we are going to be with him who come

back and then there’s a thousand years

Millennial Kingdom remember at the end

of the millennial Kingdom there is a

second resurrection of all

mankind the sea will give his death

Hades and death all will stand before

him and the the Bible says there’s a

stack of

books and there is a

book the stack of books is for the

non-believers and the book is The Book

of Life of the


Whoever has his name not found in the

Lamb’s Book of Life is going to be cast

all the way to the Lake of

Fire and

then there will be new heaven new Earth

and New

Jerusalem and the Bible says in

Revelation 21 but I saw no temple in it

for the Lord God Almighty and the lamb

are its

Temple isn’t that

interesting see what I’m trying to tell

you is if you wait all the way you’re

going to

smile you need to understand this is a




from the

great Garden of Eden

to the new heavens and new earth and in

both the very

beginning and at the very end there was

really no need for a

temple and I want to encourage

you your decision

today will determine where you will

be and what you will see and who you

will be with

when all these things are going to

happen we need to

remember God wants to fellowship with


children and that will be a wonderful

time look people come to me do you

believe Earth is

flat and I’m saying look right now Earth

is not


but I’m giving you a

chance maybe the new Earth and new

heaven maybe that will be flat I don’t

know but if you really want to know

you’ll have to believe in Jesus to even


there ladies and

gentlemen I want to encourage

you these are dark

days but our hope is not in anything in

this world amen amen the Bible says in

Colossians chapter 3 if you indeed were


with Christ and seek those things which

are above where Christ is at the right

hand of the father and do not seek those

things which are on

earth I want to tell you that according

to what the Bible says things are only

going to get

rougher but why is he saying seek those

things which are above because greater

things are still head for us the

Believers can you imagine we’re going to

be taken up at the last trumpet with the

sound of the Archangel and we’re going

to be escorted

into the throne

room you think that I like anything in

this world when I know I’m going to be

in the throne room

hello you know I walked in here and I

saw coffee

machine and I’m like I’m in

heaven and then I was reminded no you’re

not heaven will be even


better coffee

machine isn’t that

great coffee is

amazing but Heaven is even more

so and I also want to remind you that in

these last days the whole world is

looking at

you look if you

behave as anxious fearful confused if

you’re into conspiracy theories if you

are angry person if you are fighting all

day long if you are

hateful I’m not sure you’re ready the

Bible says that he never gave us the

spirit of fear but what of what of power

and love and sound mind not of

conspiracy theories and not of anger and

out of fear and I’m going to tell you

something you think that Co is is the

worst thing you’ve seen it’s

nothing it’s nothing it’s almost over

we’re going to see more and greater and

more terrible things not that I’m

wishing to see that but I know where

this world goes and you should too but

here we are the people of God the whole

world is looking at us the Bible says in

Jeremiah chapter

17 that the people of God should be like

a tree planted in the streams of

water and he will always bear fruit even


it’s dry and when the heat wave is

coming its leaves will remain green okay

so even when the heat wave is coming

even when it’s going to be super super

hard your leaves should be green and

everybody should see how come it’s so

bad and they’re so happy

and they’re so peaceful and they have

that peace that surpasses all

understanding and the joy of their

salvation and

life from the death how come these

people are so different it’s because the

Bible says Jesus said in a sermon on a

mount when they see you they should

worship your father which is in heaven

you should reflect that in your life

today Father I thank you for your word I

thank you for your promises I thank you

you that we are now the Temple of the

Holy Spirit I thank you that we don’t

need a temple made of stones or wood we

don’t need a temple made of gold or

silver I thank you that we don’t need a

structure or a building in order to

fellowship with you right now father we

know that you are a spirit and we

worship you in spirit and in truth

because you gave us your Holy Spirit and

we believe in the one who is the only

way the only life and the only truth and

his name is Jesus and father we thank

you that you have great plans for your

children but we also are aware of the

fact that this world is going the wrong

direction this world is exactly as it

was in Genesis CH 11 coming together

wanting to be in one language wanting to

be one Village wanted to be a


Union what for to replace you so father

we not only come against it but we know

it’s happening for a reason for a season

we ask father that until you come to

take us you give us the

strength to

be your mouthpiece so that when a

trumpet is making its

sound people will prepare I pray father

that we will occupy until you come to

take us back we thank you we bless

you and we we’re so happy that we

know the one and only begotten

son Yeshua hamashiach a light of

Revelation to the Gentiles and the glory

of his people Israel in his name we pray

and all of God’s people say amen amen