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B: Hi everyone, and welcome to this special edition of The Line Up.

Today is October the 9th, 2023,

and I’m very glad to have my dear friend and brother, Amir Tsarfati, with us.

I know most of you have heard what’s going on in the nation of Israel and the attacks that are ongoing,

and Amir has very graciously agreed to come on and spend some time with us

and bring us up to speed and give us the real story as to what’s going on,

as well as how this has a biblical implications in the realm of Bible prophecies.

So Amir, good to see you, my friend.

A: Thank you, Barry.

B: I hope you’re getting some kind of sleep and rest.

I know it’s been just an incredible time as we were together in Pennsylvania

when all of this went down and awoke to all the stories breaking first thing in the morning,

and it’s just been quite a roller coaster ride ever since then.

A: Correct.

Saturday morning in Israel was, or will be forever from now on,

that Saturday of the last day of Sukkot will be remembered in our history as the bloodiest day since Israel was born,

bloodier than any war we ever had,

and the only thing that we can compare much of what we’ve seen done to our people during that day,

the only thing we can compare it to is the Holocaust, literally.

Jews paraded in the main street and being beaten and being spat on and being tortured,

I mean, publicly, women, children, Holocaust survivors paraded in the streets of Gaza, people.

We have never seen this before.

The IDF was established to defend Israel, so we will not go through that again,

and we’ve seen it.

We may have overestimated our abilities,

and we may have underestimated our enemy’s abilities.

We got a wake-up call, very costly one,

nearly 1000 people dead so far, and unfortunately, I must say, it will rise to at least 1200,

but it is what it is, and we have to get up and move forward.

We don’t have the luxury of whining and crying and sitting and do nothing.

We have to get up and fight back, and that’s what we do right now.

B: Rockets are still coming in.

My red alert app just went off again as you were talking.

So this is far from over.

And Amir, if we can pause just for a moment,

I’m getting all kinds of questions and emails about your family,

and maybe you could just say, you know, where you guys are and how the family is in the midst of all this

–great concern for your household.

A: Well, I believe that the major concern that I have right now is for my 10-year-old

who is a little bit suffering from anxiety from what is going on

because the television is on.

We all need to see what’s going on,

and it’s not easy for kids.

I think that all of us, the adults, we’ve seen enough in our lives.

We’ve seen military campaigns.

We’ve seen bombings.

We sat in bomb shelters.

We fought in the military.

So we are veterans of these things, although this is very unusual.

But for him, this is the first real major event,

and that’s my major concern right now.

And this is probably why I’m trying to get as fast as possible.

It’s not easy to find flights right now.

And so, yeah, but we’re okay.

I mean, everybody’s okay.

We’re in different locations, doing different things, which I cannot disclose,

but we’re okay.

B: But yeah, everybody is safe, and your family, at least as safe as they can be out of the circumstances.

So, Amir, we’ve been watching and talking about probably one of the more heinous elements of this,

and that is just a wholesale slaughter of young people at a music festival.

And there was some footage that came out.

Somebody was actually recording as this was going down, and I watched that three or four times today.

And just setting these young people up to flee in the direction where the terrorists were sitting,

just to gun hundreds of them down

who were just out there to have a good time and celebrate the end of the Feast of Tabernacles.

And I know we’ve talked a lot about this, but the details continue to emerge.

And as you said at the outset, this is just evil.

This isn’t war.

This is just individual people being evil toward another people group that they hate.

A: It’s bloodthirsty savages

that they’re not courageous enough to fight against soldiers that are standing against them with guns.

They are so cowards that

they come against women and children and unarmed civilians in the middle of a music festival out in the open.

What happened there is still going to be told.

I mean, we only hear very, very few testimonies.

Most of the people that survived it are badly wounded.

Because what happened is when they began…

it was two things that happened in that music festival.

People don’t understand.

There was rockets that began to fly, and obviously people started running to their cars to drive away.

But then there was also at least 50 to 100 armed terrorists that surrounded them.

And by the way, from what I understand in one of the interrogation of the Hamas terrorists,

they said they knew about this festival.

They had prior knowledge about it.

So they were aiming towards that place with the knowledge that they can kill as many there.

Nearly 300 people were shot to death, executed right there.

And at least 50 youngsters were kidnapped from there on motorcycles

because it was in the middle of the field.

So they couldn’t do it with vehicles.

It was just the motorcycles.

And there is a video of that young girl that is being kidnapped on the motorcycle.

And by the way, it’s on the front page of so many newspapers around the world this morning.

But Barry, what happened is that this is pure, pure anti-Semitism, bloodthirsty, anti-Semitic monster.

Because if you really think about it,

I don’t believe they thought that they’re going to take over Israel and kick the Jews out of the country.

All they wanted is to come in, kill as many as they can and go back.

That’s it.

It’s pure bloodthirsty monster that needs some blood.

That’s it, that’s all happened.

And I think that they did not take in consideration the fact that

nothing is going to be left from Gaza and nothing will be left from Hamas.

Hamas is used to those kind of rounds of violence and eventually there’s a ceasefire

and eventually they survive and they reshape, rebuild, and rearm themselves.

Finally, thank you, God, finally, what we, the conservatives, have been saying for years,

finally, everyone in Israel understands that

Hamas cannot stay there with a single gun–nothing, not a rocket, not a gun, not a bomb, nothing.

They must be disarmed or completely annihilated.

And this is the first time since Hamas took over,

although we went through at least five operations there.

First time Israel is clearly designating a target to disarm Hamas.

We haven’t done that before.

And it’s not going to take a day, it’s not going to take two days.

They are armed to their teeth and they are getting their stuff from Iran and from others and trained.

They were trained by Russia.

People still don’t understand that

a lot of their capabilities and performance is stuff that we see in the Ukraine war done by Russia.

And so, yeah, that’s what we see right now.

Israel just began.

What you see now is the first two days of something that may last weeks and months.

It’s a war.

We invoked Article 40 in our basic law of our military and our government,

which means that this is the first time since 1973 that we declare war,

not operation, it’s a war.

And so war has different rules and we’re going to see that.

B: Even Naftali Bennett came out today and said that this is a hundred times worse than Yom Kippur.

And we are just watching the devastation.

We had talked a little about what you just mentioned in that

there were bomb dropping drones involved here,

which is technology that was exclusive to really the US and Russia.

And oddly enough, as you just said,

I hope the international community will wake up to what you just said,

because both Putin and Sergey Lavrov came out today and said,

if the US supports Israel, Russia will support the Palestinians.

I mean, both of them just flat out said it.

A: And it’s because they practically already do that.

They just don’t…

But again, I don’t believe we’re in the Ezekiel War,

but I do believe that we are on this highway or freeway towards that war.

Remember, in the Ezekiel War, no one comes to help Israel.

And right now America is helping Israel.

America sent the USS Gerald Ford and B-52s,

and the Gerald Ford, which is the most sophisticated and advanced carrier is coming with its strike group.

And that’s not for nothing.

You don’t mobilize the biggest carrier in the world to Israel just to show strength or show support.

There is a credible information that Russia is letting Iran giving the green light to all of its proxies

to go on the offense and attack Israel simultaneously.

We know that this is it.

And they were very encouraged,

very encouraged by the terrible performance of the Israeli military in the first three hours or four hours of that Saturday morning.

We were caught off guard.

There were two major things that we did not take in consideration.

A lot of people think it’s conspiracy

and that Netanyahu is behind it, or I don’t know, America is behind it.

No, this is not true.

The problem is everybody that says that says that

because he believes that we are so amazing as a military, that how can that be?

No, we actually were caught off guard.

We did not even know the type of communication system that they’re using.

Apparently, we just found out they were using something we had no clue that they have.

We did not know that they have those bomb dropping drones.

We never seen them before.

I mean, there are several things.

And of course, the intensity of frequency that helped damaging the radar of the Iron Dome

is also something that is only a state performance and not something of a small Muslim terrorist organization.

So there’s no doubt that Russia has trained them.

And when I say Russia, reports come that it’s actually the Wagner group that trained them, but it’s Russia.

They’re not the Swahilis, they’re not from Mozambique,

they are Russians and they trained them.

And that’s what we have right now.

And we’re on a clear path towards a direct confrontation with Russia eventually, Russia and Iran.

And Iran is very careful, they’re not sending anything from their territory.

They’re just letting their mad dogs do the dirty job for them

because they know what’s going to happen if something is going to come from Iran.

But I will tell you, Barry,

I believe that Israel has no other choice but somehow address the head of the snake.

Because it is obvious that Iran was enabling all of that.

And without the blessing of Russia, I’m not sure it could have happened as well.

So when the time comes, the snake is going to rise its head

and we’re going to see a much more difficult time than that.

B: Yeah, Amir, it’s interesting.

I’ve commented over the years how the West just doesn’t seem to get it

that sitting at the negotiating table is not impressive to the Middle East.

It’s strength and force and all those things that we’re seeing happen now in response to what’s gone on,

that’s the language that’s understood over there,

and especially with the Iranians.

You know, interesting to see an article of what you just said.

And you and I talked about this at length, how 50 outposts along the Gaza fence,

how could they all be overwhelmed?

And I read earlier today, they went in and shot those soldiers while they’re sleeping.

So they snuck in and, you know, as you said,

I mean, this was beyond surprise.

This was just orchestrated and planned…

A: It was planned for over a year, Barry.

For over a year, it has been planned.

And it’s just that they made it so secret

that they didn’t even let their buddies in the Islamic Jihad know about it.

The only time the Islamic Jihad knew about the attack is when the attack began.

And then the phone rang and they said,

send your people into Israel and kidnap as many as you can, like mad dogs.

And that’s what they did.

But Hamas, very few people knew about it.

And this is our biggest, I would say, downfall as a country that has one of the strongest militaries in the world.

We were caught sleeping.

B: And the intelligence breakdown, yeah.

A: The intelligence, you see, I tried to explain to people

what happened is that they killed instantly on the spot every soldier around, including in the headquarters.

So all the level of soldiers and command on the ground was gone.

No one understood what’s going on on the ground because no one was there to report.

And the only people that reported something are people in the party

or in the cities and the kibbutzim that were surprised to see terrorists in their cities.

And they cannot call the army, they call the police.

In fact, the first people who fought against these armed terrorists were policemen

and were fire brigades and people that were driving ambulances.

That was the first batch of victims.

And another problem when the army realized something terrible is going on,

we thought that this is a distraction and Hezbollah is about to actually invade from the north.

Most of Israel’s top units actually were immediately on their way to the north.

Only about two hours into this whole thing, everybody realized nothing is happening on the north.

Everything is happening in the south.

It took them two more hours to get there.

And that window of the first four hours is something that the Palestinians themselves say,

we were surprised that it took you that long.

And it allowed them, that window of time allowed them to not only go into Israel,

but to go back to Gaza with all of the abductees and the kidnapped people.

And so if I could go back, if we could turn the wheel and go back to that morning

and just fix things, I wish we could, but we can’t.

And you know, Barry, I also hear some Christians that are saying that

“in that rave, in that music festival, there was a statue of Buddha,

so it happened on a holy day of the Jews and look where they were and look where they danced.

So it’s a punishment.”

But don’t forget we’ve lost nearly 1000 people.

Only 300 of them were in that rave.

The rest are innocent babies and women and children and elderly people that were not even there.

They were… I wouldn’t go that far and start doing those things.

You know, something terrible happened and something good can come out of it.

And that’s what I’m trying to focus on.

Thankfully, Israel is one right now.

I’ve never seen more unity as I see right now.

No one talks politics right now.

It’s unity, the unity we needed so much.

And it’s now back in this country.

B: Especially when all you’ve been going through and all the unrest in the streets and all that.

It’s very similar to what we experienced here after September 11th.

You know, this was, we were one nation again and united.

And, you know, just interesting how these are the things that bring that about.

And that is a positive that comes from it.

But one of the things I think, Amir, as you were talking,

I was thinking how recently it was that we were watching the attacks coming out of Gaza via incendiary balloons.

I mean, they’re tying a balloon filled with some type of ignition fuel to a kite

and flying it over into Israeli farmland and releasing this onto…

And now here we’ve got from that point in time that was not that long ago.

Now we’re talking about bomb dropping drones.

We’re talking about intelligence that is next level, all these things.

So, you know, I think that’s one of the things that is a little beyond concerning is who’s…

Obviously Russia has been involved, but who all has been feeding this to them and training them.

And taking this to this level, just one day, all of a sudden, everything is different.

And fighting against Gaza is different than it used to be.

A: That’s true.

That’s true. And again, as I said in the very beginning, we underestimated them.

This was the sin of being boastful and arrogant AND divided within us.

We, I mean, again, division always brings the house down.

And… I mean, think about it.

Just a week ago, Israelis were fighting between themselves over prayer in Tel Aviv

and over who gets to pray publicly in Tel Aviv.

And right now everybody is praying and everybody’s together donating blood

and everybody’s together fixing meals for the soldiers and doing whatever they can.

This… We needed, I guess, this type of trauma to get back to our senses and stop this nonsense.

And again, it cost us dearly.

We just began to bury our deads.

And a lot of us lose sleep over what the women and children and the elderly people are going through in the hands of the Hamas.

Because… Look, I know their culture.

I know their culture very well.

I’ve been around them enough to know that

none of those beautiful young girls that were kidnapped from that party,

none of them is going to go back home without having been abused sexually and physically by them.

It’s almost like a commandment that they have to do that.

And… so it just breaks our heart.

But Barry, for the first time, I guess, in the history of Israel,

we are conducting a war without taking in consideration that there are Israelis there.

In other words, we don’t let them use the abductees as a card in that war.

And it drives them crazy because they did such a big…

For them, if they got in the past, a thousand prisoners released for one soldier.

Remember, 1,000 for one soldier?

For them, they started making the calculations.

“Oh, so we have a hundred soldiers now, so look what we can get!”

And now we’re telling them actually you’re going to get nothing.

So it drives them crazy, and I think that might drive them to go forward

and maybe release children and women just to show a humane side to them

because the world has seen a side of Hamas that we knew of, but no one else knew.

They are ISIS, nothing less than that.

And if the world is so anti-barbaric and atrocities of ISIS, this is exactly the same thing.

B: Yeah, there’s been footage, I’m sure you’ve seen the elderly lady

who’s obviously has Alzheimer’s and not aware of where she is,

and they’re parading her through the streets and she’s smiling and she has no clue

and mocking her and probably the age of someone who’d be a Holocaust survivor.

A: She is, by the way, a Holocaust survivor.

B: She is, okay, I figured that.

A: Yeah.

Again, it’s a parallel universe and they live on another planet.

Their set of rules is different.

You don’t do peace with stuff like that.

You don’t.

There is no peace with them

because they don’t even understand what it means to have peace with someone that is not like them.

B: Well, when you have in primary school kids being taught how to behead a teddy bear,

you’re raising up a generation of murderers.

Now that’s really what we’re seeing.

And Amir, just watching all this and seeing how the international community has responded in time past,

that Israel’s response has been disproportionate to what Hamas did.

A: They can’t say that anymore.

They can’t say that anymore.

They used to say that when we had 10 people killed and they had 1,000,

we have over 1,000 people killed.

That line cannot be used anymore.

B: Yeah, the other thing, we’ve talked a little about this.

As a matter of fact, this popped up in the Q&A we were doing there in Philadelphia.

About the Ezekiel War scenario.

And the thing that I find to be curious about that is,

when you’re going to strike in a manner that we know is coming,

as the prophet has told us,

confusion and opportunistic type planning is certainly going to come into the picture.

And you have to wonder, I think with Hezbollah on the northern border,

they’re acting up and had some rockets fired from there.

I wonder who’s going to try and take advantage of this unrest.

We talked about that, about just a political unrest.

But now you’ve got people completely distracted and you have to wonder,

who’s going to try and take advantage of this?

And Russia coming out and just flat out saying,

I think it’s partially in response to the movement of the Gerald Ford

and the battle group that, “Hey, you want to support Israel?

Well, then we’ll support the Palestinians.”

So the potential for something, maybe not necessarily the Ezekiel War,

but some type of acceleration of this seems like pretty possible.

A: Well, tension is being built up, but everyone is calculating its steps right now.

Hezbollah understands that if they open a war, there will be no more Lebanon

because the Israelis are not the same people as they were five days ago, four days ago.

B: Exactly.

They need to understand that every Israeli that I know is saying right now:

“I will sit in a bomb shelter a year if I need until we get this thing over.”

And the Israelis are no longer saying that,

“Oh, we have to treat them nice.”

“Oh, we have to love, you know, not all of them…”

No, this is over.

Right now, every Israeli wants Gaza to be wiped out.

You know, I mean, everybody is waking up.

This was a very, very, very traumatic event.

And we are just….

So to your question or to, you know, whatever you said,

I just want to say that the level of tension is rising in the Middle East,

but still at the moment, the Hezbollah knows what’s going to happen to them if they’re going to start a war.

And by the way, look, I’m not a supporter of Joe Biden.

I have never been, I probably will never be,

but we must all commend him for his stand with Israel in this time.

And immediately America stood by Israel and America is assisting Israel

just by ways of bringing this carrier and strike group and B-52s.

That’s not something, I mean, I’m asking you, did America bring any carrier next to Ukraine?

B: No.

A: No, no.

Did America use B-52s to help Ukraine?

Absolutely not.

B: We just wrote checks.

A: Exactly.

What I’m trying to say is that this is beyond just saying that you support us.

This is really helping in words and in actions.

And make no mistake, if anyone around us thought that they can mess up with Israel simultaneously,

they’re rethinking that right now with this new reality of having a powerful U.S. carrier,

airplanes, bombs, and bombers right here with us.

So I don’t think anyone wants to mess up with the U.S. military right now.

But again, one of the things that we’ve been teaching for years about Ezekiel

is that no one will come to help Israel in the Ezekiel War.

B: Yeah, it’s true.

A: And so, will that mighty army of America be there in the real war?


So what we’re watching now is maybe the last hour,

not hour as an hour,

but the last phase of the existence of America as a superpower.

America is still behaving now as a superpower.

America is still doing things thousands of miles away to assist other countries such as Israel right now.

But it’s not going to last for too long.

It’s not going to last.

We know that, we are prepared for that mentally,

and we know we’re talking about it for the longest time.

So when that will happen, when America is not going to be there for Israel,

everybody will feel free to do what they really want to do.

And right now they can’t do that.

They know that they can’t do that.


B: Right…
A: Yeah.

A: So, again, terrorists will attack, but countries will not.

That’s a big difference.

People need to understand.

We are not fighting against countries right now.

We’re fighting against terrorist organizations that are sponsored and assisted by Iran.

But these are not countries.

We’re not fighting against the Syrian army.

We’re not fighting against the Lebanese army.

We’re not fighting against the Iraqi army.

We’re not fighting against the Jordanian army or not even the Palestinian authority, so to speak.

We’re fighting against terrorist organizations, and that’s not the Ezekiel war.

Ezekiel is talking about nations that are coming against us.

It’s a different story.

B: Yeah. You know, we have talked a lot.

I know you and I both agree that there is a generation that is the last generation.

We may not know how long a generation is.

There’s lots of speculation about that.

But Israel is 75.

And now we’re seeing these types of actions, unprecedented things.

And that falls right in line with everything else that we talk about concerning the Olivet Discourse.

Things will be on an unprecedented and continually increasing scale,

including things of this nature that having never seen anything like this before,

these types of tactics coming especially from Hamas,

who, again, has been firing homemade rockets and flying kites up until now.

And things all of a sudden just went next level.

And again, just reminding all of us, I think, of the lateness of the hour.

And therefore, people need to be ready for that moment we’re all waiting for

when the Lord is going to meet us in the air with the dead in Christ.

A: Yes, and we also need to never underestimate our enemies.

That’s another lesson I can give advice to everyone:

Don’t ever underestimate your enemy and be ready and be prepared for the worst.

Because the worst can arrive unannounced.

B: Well, I mean, you guys just learned that lesson.

And the United States is not in a position to defend Israel

when the invasion, the international invasion actually happens.

So a lot of speculation here, economic collapse and all that,

the whole collapse, the decline of all the Roman Empire,

all the things that happened to them that caused their implosion are happening here in the United States.

So, yeah, I think that’s a good word of counsel.

There’s nobody that’s exempt, especially not in this world that we’re living in today.

And we’re in those perilous times that Paul talked about. So…

A: I agree.

B: Well, Amir, I don’t want to keep you.

I know you’ve had a road trip this morning and getting ready, hopefully, to get back to your homeland.

And we’ll be praying that that all works out.

And thank you for taking a few minutes.

I know we just spent…

We’ve had some awesome trips here lately,

some wonderful places and saw God move mightily.

And that included this past weekend.

So I know you’re ready to get home.

And I wish it was a different home you were going to as far as the war climate.

But I know this is heavy on your heart.

And I’ve watched you…

A: One of the reasons that God put on my heart to stay in 2024 and to work from my country

is because I know it’s heavy on my heart.

I know there’s going to be unprecedented things that are going to happen in this part of the world and in my country.

And that’s why I’m getting ready

and I’m gearing up for that.

In a few days, I’ll go to Greece and Turkey to conclude our tours there

and come back home and stay home for more than a year.

B: Well, we appreciate you and all that you do.

And thanks for keeping us informed.

And we kind of tease about Telegram and getting people to follow on Telegram.

But I want to encourage people to jump on there

because you’re not going to get better news

and you’re not going to get it more timely either.

This guy doesn’t sleep.

And if you want to know if he’s getting any sleep,

all you got to do is check Telegram and you’ll know when he’s awake.

But I haven’t seen anywhere the coverage is better.

So I encourage you to follow Amir on Telegram.

You’ll be blessed and informed.

Well, my friend, it’s been a great few weeks and a few months, actually.

We’ve been traveling since July.

And I am home now for really the rest of the year.

And you will be in the not-too-distant future.

But I hope you and pray you get some rest.

And let me pray for you before we close this thing out.

Lord, we thank You for our dear friend and brother

and his love for You, his love for his nation,

and Lord, his love for the church.

And what a wonderful combination of things You’ve placed in this man, God.

So we pray, Lord, that You would, as You had promised in Your Word,

You give Your beloved sleep,

that You would give him rest in the midst of all this turmoil.

And Lord, that his travels would be safe and timely,

and that he could get back to his family

and put the squeeze on that little 10-year-old boy, his son,

who You can see his love for his dad in his eyes.

I just pray, God, that all would go smoothly in this return trip home.

And Lord, we thank You again for the gifts that You’ve given to him.

Pray Your hand be mighty upon him, Lord,

as You continue to use him in these new ways from a home base in Israel.

So we thank You again, Lord, for this time together, for this evening.

Pray travel mercies as he heads home.

We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A: Amen.

B: All right, my friend.

Thank you and we’ll talk soon.

God bless.

Well, everybody, that’s it for this week.

And well, I shouldn’t, for this program, I should say.

We’ll see you on Thursday and I’m sure there’ll be much more to talk about.

We’ll even broaden the scope as we always do and talk about some things

outside of what’s going on.

But we’ll focus heavily on what’s going on in Israel as that is the proper thing to do.

So with that said, you know how we close out these programs.

So we’ll see you here, there or in the air.

God bless you and Lord willing; we’ll see you Thursday.