no to our precious Jesus today who say

he delivers and this is your day I’m

gonna begin administering the word but

before I do let’s just pray wonderful

Lord Jesus we come today in high

expectation Lord in high faith today as

you show us from your word how to hear

your voice we pray Lord that this will

be a blessed time your people blessed

mightily in the name of Jesus and God’s

people said a man and then I’m gonna

pray with you that the Lord will touch

you today his presence will become rich

in your life and yes I will be praying

for the sick that God will heal those in

need of either I have this incredible

deep feeling in my soul and I think all

of you do to the coming of the Lord is

really very close may be closer than we


and I think this is the time to prepare

and I think all that’s happening on

earth today is really a sign like a

wake-up call for the church especially

the church I think God has allowed all

this to happen to wake the church up to

let us all realize the day is at hand

the day of the Lord is at hand we are

not to sleep now humble now we have not

seen they say we have not seen such a

time as since the Second World War

now I was born in 52 that was after the

war and many people are saying now that

what’s happening today is very similar

on the globe to what happened

in the Second World War now I don’t know

totally what they mean by this cuz I was

not alive yet neither were many of you

but the world is shaken by this but I

think God Almighty is really shaking the

church rather than the world right now

to say wake up the time is short what’s

coming in the future is way worse than

what’s happening now I read 15 chapters

today of the book of Revelation and I

was so glued to the coming events ladies

and gentlemen I’ve read the book of

Revelation possibly hundreds of times

since I have been born again back in the

early 70s and the more I read it the

clearer it is to us because prophecy is

always unfolding and the longer the time

goes the clearer prophecy becomes you

know and I’m not going by what I just

read I’m going by the whole Bible I’m

not just going by 15 chapters I read

today I’m just good looking at the whole

puzzle you know it’s like a mighty

puzzle you look at and you put the

pieces together not only by looking at

Scripture by also looking at current

events world condition especially in

Israel because Israel is the voice of

prophecy and I can assure you that we

are very close if you look at Genesis 15

where God said to Israel that a

generation is a hundred years because he

said to Abraham that Israel would be in

Egypt for four generations well they

were there for four hundred years we

know that so that means one generation

is a hundred years and then if you look

at Matthew 24:32 Jesus the law

focuses on one generation the generation

that will see the restoration of Israel

well we are in it so 1948 2048 quite


now we don’t know exactly one the Lord

will return no one knows we do know the

seasons by just looking around and

looking at the Bible and I think what’s

happening now it’s just a wake-up call

to believers to repent to live the

Christian life with holiness to to live

a holy life a faithful life to the Lord

with intense love for him so I believe

it’s time we also know how do I hear the

voice of God for my life and how do I

hear the voice of God for people who are

not saved or people who are not

listening it’s God saying about them so

first thing is praise praise removes our

ear plugs you know praise takes away

their distractions all around us so in

John chapter 10 John chapter 10 you know

you need to share this with your friends

because there’s so much in the Word of

God about and I’m gonna give you some

real clear instructions on what to do to

hear the voice of God that I’ve

experienced in my own life so a John 10

I’m going to read verse 3 and on so

let’s go to verse 3 of John chapter let

me go back here

okay John chapter 10 and verse 3 listen

to what the Lord said to us to him the

porter openeth and the sheep hear his

voice because he just finished saying in

verse 1 verily verily I say to you he

that enters not by the door into the

sheepfold but clams up some other way

the same thief and a robber but he that

enters in by the door because Jesus says

I’m the door he’s the door it says he is

the Shepherd of the Sheep to him the

porter opens and the sheep hear his

voice the voice of the Shepherd and he

calls his own sheep by name and leads

them out and then if you read verse 4

and when he puts forth his own sheep he

goes before them and the Sheep follow

him because they know his voice so we

are not to know the voice of the enemy

wood were to know the voice of the Lord

and in verse 27 I love this – here’s

what the Lord see here’s what what what

what a lot says my sheep hear my voice I

know them and they follow me

so when I hear people say you know the

devil says this and then also says I’m

thinking wait a minute where to hear the

Lord’s voice not the devil’s voice and

not the world’s voice but you know a lot

of of dear people are not able to hear

the Lord’s voice because they are so

wrapped up in the world and so wrapped

up in the things of this life Isaiah 55

verse 3 commands us to hear his voice

thinking it’s a command when we do not

hear the words of God we sin can I say

that again do not hear the voice of God

is sin because in the scripture God

wants us to hear his voice so much that

he repeats it continually in Scripture

listen to some s or Isaiah’s