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BILL: He’s about to have you
reach people in high places.

I’m talking about the boss
of your whole company.

I’m talking about you about
to reach people that can’t

be reached. God’s going
even let you reach the drug

dealer. I’m talking about the
head of the cartel. He gonna

say, let me have Jesus, that’s
who I want in my life.

BILL: Now’s time for the church
to mobilize. And it’s time for

the church to advance and take
back. Are you following what I’m

saying? And so one of the things
you gotta note is who you are.

Because if you think you’re a
grasshopper, you cannot take

giants. And there are giants out
there. And we are gonna have to

stop the move of that enemy
coming in, trying to affect the

mind, especially of our
children. And the church is

going to have to stop that. Say
amen to that. So we’re going,

us, to establish the kingdom.
Now, it’s kind of interesting

about this. Now this is a subtle
point, but I want you to get it.

I personally don’t think we’re
supposed to get rid of anything.

I think we are supposed to
establish the kingdom. And when

you establish the kingdom,
everything that is not supposed

to be there will go. Not only
that, there’ll be no trace that

has been there. Psalm 103 in
verse 19, His kingdom rules over

all. Bless the Lord, ye his
angels, that excell in strength

that do his commandments,
hearkening unto the voice of

His word. So His kingdom
rules over all. So God wants

his people to mobilize and
bring His kingdom everywhere

they go. And God knows
we need that to happen.

Alright. Next, uh, we are
going to manifest the truth.

And that enemy hates
that. He’s trying to pervert

everything. But we gonna set
things back in order. Isn’t that

something? Now understand we
gonna do most of it here. He

said, I put words in thy mouth
that I’ll, and cover you in the

shadow of my hand that I’m a
plant the heavens. We’re gonna

plant heaven on earth. And one
of the main ways we’re gonna do

it is with words, because our
identity is going to be as a

king. Now, women, I’m not trying
to insult you, I’m just saying

what the Bible says. Jesus is
the king of who? King. He’s the

Lord of who? Lord. So we are
gonna say things as rulers,

kings, we, we going to decree
things. We’re turning jails into

boarding school, and look what’s
happening. They’ve gone on so

far as to put a high school now
in Cook County jail. Now we are

about to put a trading floor in
Cook County jail. Now wait a

minute. Wait a minute now. I
decreed it in our LA campaign

and I just got a newspaper
article, the governor is now

going to turn prisons into
educational institutions in

Jesus’ name. I’m saying
something. That you, he’s taken

all the toil outta your life.
The Bible says in Ecclesiastes

chapter 8 in verse 4, where the
word of a king is there’s power.

When Jesus cursed that victory,
he released it as a king. See,

as a king, look in Luke, Luke
chapter 2 in verse 1 through 5.

Here is Caesar Augustus and he
released something as a king; or

in his case he was an emperor.
He released it as a king. He

said, I’m going to tax the whole
world. He didn’t stay up that

night trying to figure out how
it was going to be done or if it

was going to be done. That’s not
your part. Your part is to

decree a thing. BILL: You look
that boy in the face and said,

in Jesus name, you shall be
saved. What I’m telling back,

you shall be saved. Watch this.
This year, you know, put it all

on there. Yes, sir. So it’s very
important that you get your

identity from God and not this
identity from television.

Because I mean they they’ll lie
to you, and they get people all

upset. Well, you know, uh,
those, those people don’t like

black people there, so I’m not
gonna do… wait a minute, you

are more than black. Is this the
right bunch over here? That just

happened to be your color. You
are a king, a child of the

living God and owners of the
holy state. Boy, that’s good

right there, man. We got the
devil where he want him now.

It’s very important that you get
your identity right ’cause you

gotta get it from God and not
from this world. And then get a

revelation of it so that when
the devil tries to get you to

spit it up, you won’t spit it
up. You’ll know you can go

through that fire and won’t be
burned. You can go through the

water and come out to a wealthy
place. Say amen. See, every time

the devil tries to do something
to you, he’s got to pay. And I

decree you about to get too
expensive to deal with. Okay.

Sit down, sit down, sit down.
Lemme finish this. Man. Okay. So

he sent you here to seek and to
save that which was lost. Luke

chapter 19, verse 10. And also
he sent you here to transfer the

wealth of the wicked. Say, I am
here. CONGREGATION: I am here

sent by God BILL: to transfer

the wealth CONGREGATION: the

wealth BILL: of the sinner,
CONGREGATION: of the sinner,

BILL: in the name of Jesus.
CONGREGATION: in the name of

Jesus. BILL: Alright. Now we’re
not talking bad about anybody,

anything like that. But look at
the scriptures. Take a look at

Isaiah chapter 60 and verse 16.
Let’s look at first in the King

James and then we’ll read it in
another translation. Ready?

Read. CONGREGATION: Thou shalt
also suck the milk of the

Gentiles, and shalt suck the
breast of Kings: and thou shalt

know that I the Lord am thy
saviour and thy redeemer, the

mighty one of Jacob. BILL: Now,
let’s look at that in another

translation, because you’re not
talking about something freaky

here. He’s, look, look at
another translation and let’s

look and see what that one says.
Read that one. Ready? Read

CONGREGATION: You will drain the
wealth of kings and foreign

nations.You will know that I,
the mighty Lord God of Israel,

have saved and rescued you.
BILL: What they got, they gonna

have to give it to you. Let’s
look at Ecclesiastes chapter 2

in verse 26 In two translation.
Let’s look at, first in the King

James translation. Ready? Read
CONGREGATION: For God giveth man

that is good in his sight
wisdom, and knowledge, and joy:

but to the sinner he giveth
travail, to gather and to heap

up, that he may give to him that
is good before God. BILL: Stop

right there. And let’s look at
it now in the New Living

Translation. Let’s look at it
and get very much, cla- more

clarity, because we’re going by
the Bible now. We’re not going

by, uh, the newspaper. We’re
going by the Bible. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: God gives wisdom,
knowledge, and joy to those who

please him. But if a sinner
becomes wealthy, God takes the

wealth away and gives it to
those who please him. BILL: Now

stop right there. So if the
sinner becomes wealthy, what is

God going to do. CONGREGATION:
Take it from them. BILL:

Unapologetically. Now I gotta
put that in there because He is

not asking you to feel sorry for
somebody, He’s asking you to

transfer it. Now, we are not
hating on anybody, we just

getting what we supposed to get
here, and that’s why he is got

to mobilize the church. We
haven’t been doing this. We’ve

been sitting down hearing a lot
of word. Now it’s time to

mobilize. Time to mobilize.
Because you leave the wicked

with the wicked, they’ll do
wicked stuff. So you got to

transfer the wealth of the
wicked to the hands of the just,

so we can finish the work God’s
called us to do. Alright. Now

the last thing is Joshua.
Joshua, the Joshua generation is

what I call you. I, I’m calling
you, Why? Because Moses, uh,

they they couldn’t take Canaan
because of certain things. They

couldn’t take it. But when Mo-
when Moses laid hands on Joshua,

Joshua was a person to take him
on in. I’m supposed to take you

on in. Say amen to that.
Alright. So the next thing is in

the world to convert the world.
Lord, have mercy. Now, this is

part of why you’ve come here.
You are going to convert the

world. To do the works of Jesus
or to take back these cities, it

requires the next level of
teaching and believing. Am I

right about that? Now you gotta
believe something that other

people don’t believe, because
with that, God’s gonna have you

do something that other people
can’t do. Now, they had to march

around Jericho. Am I right about
that? For seven days and then

they were going to shout and
blow a trumpet. And what was

going to happen to Jericho? The
wall’s gonna fall. I’m just

saying that God has a way of
doing things that comes out of

your spirit and not out of your
head. I’ll try this again. God

has a way of doing things that
come out of your, what? Spirit

and not out of your head. Now
look what he says… Now, I’m

just gonna add this, not in my
notes, but this is special for

you. Look what he says here in
Psalm 72 in verse 18. Ready?

Read. CONGREGATION: Blessed be
the Lord God, the God of Israel,

who only doeth wondrous things.
BILL: Only doeth wondrous

things. Put in your Bible little
notes if you can write in it.

Put in there, only does things
none others can match. Only does

things that leave others far
behind. Got it? So nobody can

match what he’s about to give
you. Now look what David says.

This is in Psalm 119 and verse
18. And look at this same

wonder, wonder. Ready? Read.
CONGREGATION: Open thou mine

eyes, that I may behold wondrous
things out of thy law. BILL: I

can see things outta your word
that nobody else can see, and do

things that you called me to do
that nobody else can match. Say

amen to that. God’s about to
give you creative ideas. He’s

about to give you witty
inventions and you going to use

some of that to transfer wealth
into the body of Christ. Say

amen to that, in Jesus’ name.
Alright. So here, you win the

world. You’re part of the reason
why you’re in the world is to

convert the world. So now, uh,
here are some people that are

hard to get to, to
convert. And here’s

one of them in Daniel, in
Daniel chapter 6 verses

25 to 27. King Darius.
Well, how did Daniel convert

King Darius? When King saw that
the lions wouldn’t eat him. And

then I’m telling you when they
see something on you. Alright,

let me, let me finish. Alright,
that was Darius. How about

another one? Let’s go to the New
Testament. This is a man that

when Jesus passed by, he was up
a tree named Zacchaeus. And

Jesus said, Zacchaeus, come
down, today I am going to your

house. Now this whole miracle
caused Zacchaeus in verse 19- In

chapter 19 verses uh, 9 and 10
caused Zacchaeus to want to give

up everything he had. That I’m,
I’m gonna follow him. Are you

following what I’m saying? I’m
saying people in high places

because Zacchaeus, the Greek
word for how rich he was, was

plousios. It means very rich. It
means could mean a billionaire.

So the man had some mulah, but
I’m telling you, God’s about to

get you to reach people that are
hard to reach. Alright, let’s

look at the book of Acts. How
about Acts chapter 13 and verse

12. Now this is when, uh, Paul,
whose name now called God called

Saul, uh, Saul, whose name now
was Paul. They were gonna

witness to the governor. But the
governor somehow was being

witnessed to by the sorcerer.
But when Paul came in and the

Holy Spirit rose up in him
because you shall receive power

and the Holy Spirit raised up in
him, Paul sold the sorcerer, you

shall be blind not seeing the
sun for a season. Immediately

blindness fell on him. Watch
this. And the governor said, I

believe, praise God. Bring me on
in. Give me the prayer. Come on.

Are you follow what I’m saying?
I’m saying he is about to have

you reach people in high places.
I’m talking about the boss of

your whole company. I’m talking
about you about to reach people

that can’t be reached. God’s
going even let you reach the

drug dealer. I’m talking about
the head of the cartel. He’s

gonna say, let me have Jesus.
That’s who I want in my life.

See, sometimes we not have the
strength enough or the nerve

enough to witness to somebody
other than somebody who’s

homeless on the time. Do you
know Jesus? Well, alright, okay,

that’s fine. But I want you to
get the up and out, not just the

down and out. Come on. There’s
some up and outs at your

company. God’s about to open the
door. Open the door in Jesus’

name. Alright, now that’s not
all. How about the man who is

the Philippian jailer? I got a
feeling somebody prayed for. Now

God’s got to get to it. So what
did they do? Put Paul and Silas

in jail. It just so happened to
be he was the guard in that area

in the jailhouse. And so here
they was in there and they

prayed and gave praise to God.
And all of a sudden everything

shook and every door fell open.
And he saw that and he pulled

out his sword to kill himself.
But Paul said this, do yourself

no harm. We’re all here. See,
they didn’t run out because they

had a job to do. See, when you
got a job to do, it might look

one way to somebody else, but to
you, you are on assignment.

Because God desires that all be
saved first Timothy chapter 2 in

verse 4. He wants them all
saved. He wants the carjacker

saved. I’m telling you, he going
to give you the power to witness

to him in a way that’s gonna
break him down. Come on. I’m

talking about he’ll make you
break down anybody. He might

have you go to the head of the
kkk, Lord have mercy. And when

you finish witnessing to him, he
gonna pull out his Lord. I want

to know Jesus, forgive me. What
must I do to be saved? That’s

what the jailer asked him. He
said, believe on the Lord Jesus

Christ and you’ll be saved.
Watch this and your house. See

that’s why I’m telling you, if
you get saved, God promise to

save who? Your house. He promise
to save your house. What am I

saying? Got the man saved,
baptized him that night, he and

his whole house. I know what the
man did. He started a church. I

know how big the church grew to
thousands of people. You

witnesses to somebody who’s
gonna make a mark for the

kingdom of God. But here’s the
last one, this is over in Acts

chapter 19 verses 18 to 20, Lord
have mercy. Sorcery was big in

that part of the country, but
when they saw the miracles of

Paul, you know what they did
with their, their sorcery books?

They burned every one of ’em.
You can make every witch burn

her books. You hear what I’m
saying? It’s time to make every

witch in Chicago burn their
books. I better say that again.

I decree every witch in Chicago
is going to burn her books in

Jesus’ name. Come on, give God
some praise on that one. I

decree every gang leader in
Chicago is going to give his

life to the Lord in the name of
Jesus. Come on, give God some

praise for that. Okay, wait a
minute. Alright, take a take a

seat. Take a seat. Take a
seat. Wow. I put my

words in your mouth
and I’ve covered you

in the shadow of my hand
that I may plant the

heavens. You planting the
heavens everywhere you go. How

is it in heaven? It is peace in
heaven. How is it in heaven?

It’s joy in heaven. How many is
in heaven? No crime in heaven.

And we going to do it like a
king. He going to speak things

out. And right now I bind all
retaliation spirits in the name

of Jesus. You can’t retaliate on
anybody here, their families,

their businesses. It’s off
limits to you right now in Jesus

name. Sit down, sit down. The
girl has actually been getting

the benefit of the blessing.
Come on now. They have-

siphoning, siphoning off the
resources of the church. And I’m

telling we calling them back in.
We collecting all our money and

taking it down to a bank that we
don’t own. Come on now. And as a

result of that, they’re using it
for what they want to use it

for. Not only that, that the
church and and this is in 19,

oh, that this is in 2007. The
church brought in $119 billion

in the church in the US And that
was not a part. That was not

even all of the church. And they
take it and what do you think we

take it, we take it down
somewhere where they can take it

and use the float on it. Lord
have mercy. I’m not talking

against somebody. I’m saying
somewhere we need to stop being

Jacob working for Laban. We we
need, come on now. Jacob had

worked for Laban for 20 years
and didn’t have enough money to

get out of town. I’m saying the
days for you being ripped off is

over. See the system been
getting you, but we about to

break the system down. We about
to dismantle the system. I’m not

mad at anybody. I
just want my stuff.

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MALE: Lift up your
head, there’s a bright

day coming. Lift up your
head, there’s a

breakthrough coming.
Lift up your head, your miracle

is coming. Lift up your head,
your, your anointing is here.

MALE: When you ask God for
something, the Father gets

glorified. Jesus gets magnified.
’cause now you know he’s able to

do exceedingly, abundantly above
all that you can possibly ask or

think. What’s happening in your
faith starts dominating. MALE:

I’m gonna tell you what the Holy
Ghost told me to tell you. I

need you to put a smile on your
face and a dance on your feet.

Because by the time you get
home, by the time you get home,

by the time you get home, what
you’ve been asking for shall

come to pass. MALE: I refuse to
die without getting everything

that God has in mind for me. I
refuse to die. I refuse to close

my eyes in debt. I refuse to die
until I lay hold of everything

that God has in mind for my
life. I refuse to be alive

without relevance. I must
possess my possession for the

Bible set upon Mount Zion. There
shall be deliverance, there

shall be holiness. And the sons
of Jacob must possess their

possession. MALE: You want more?
MALE: Habla con los que tiene

más. MALE: Then talk to those
that already have more. MALE:

Tú quieres salir adelante?
MALE: You wanna get out ahead in

life? MALE: Habla con los que
van adelante. MALE: Then start

having fellowship with those
that are ahead in life. MALE:

Nunca le preguntes al que viene
atrás. MALE: Never be asking

someone that’s in the back.
MALE: Quieres ser rico? MALE: Do

you wanna be rich? MALE:
Pregúntale al que es rico.

MALE: Start talking with those
who are. MALE: Porque si un

pobre MALE: ’cause if a poor
person MALE: pregunta a otro

pobre MALE: asked another poor
person. MALE: Como podemos ser

ricos? MALE: How can we ever be
rich? MALE: Él no tiene

respuesta. MALE: He’s not gonna
have the answer. BILL: Do you

hear what I’m telling you? I’m
saying we’re going to 4D. We’re

going to, whatever’s missing can
be restored. Come on. We’re

gonna win when the devil shoots
his best shot. You said, try it

devil. Try your best shot, and
we going to fix what’s broke. It

makes no difference how bad it
looks. Everything that Satan

did, God left no strength.
You don’t need to

reason out nothing. You
just know the God

that you serve, He will
deliver there.

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