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BILL: You don’t have to wait.
See, that woman grabbed

hold to it. She found out
something about faith.

Faith tells time what to do.
See, your time may not

be now, but if you got
faith, you can bring time

from then to now and this
is gonna be your

time. I said, today
is your day.

BILL: People have not
been taught the kingdom.

And they have not been
taught the kingdom, so they

don’t have this kingdom
principle by which they can

evaluate their lives. And so,
what you’re seeing here is

you’re seeing that people have
taken poverty or, or sickness or

premature death as their
portion, and that’s not your

portion at all. Your portion is
not poverty. Well, I’m, I’m

just, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m
poor for the Lord. No, you’re

not. You’re poor for the devil.
The devil’s got your hood weight

and sickness and gee, you don’t
have to live with one sickness.

You don’t have, I just got one
of our, one of our saints came

up to me and said, Hey, you
know, and went, and the doctor

said, what’s wrong with her
eyes? Said, uh, the doctor said,

well, you got glaucoma. She
said, no, I don’t. And so, so

forth, she went and then he gave
her some stuff. She said, you

put that in the eyes and start
singing, blah, blah, blah. And

then she went back and they did
some tests and so forth and, and

the doctor, uh, he did all these
exams and couldn’t find any yet.

And then he said, well, go home
and come back, let’s do some

more exams. Couldn’t even find
it. You see what I’m saying? Now

I’m just saying something. I’m
not saying don’t go to the

doctor and so forth and so on.
What I’m saying is I don’t have

to accept what the Bible didn’t
say. Let God be true and every

man be alive. So when anybody
tells you, you not going to make

it, say, my God. Are you
following what I’m saying? If he

before me, then who going be
against me? So you’ve gotta be

dogmatic about it today because
people are very adamant, I’m

talking church folk, about what
you going to get. You better not

say that about the devil. You
know, he might hear you. That’s

who I wanna hear me. I told you
about this man. He ran in church

and out of breath. And the
deacon said, Hey, what’s wrong

with you? He said, I got the
devil on the run. He said, well,

praise God. He’s chasing me?
Well no, that, you turned that

around. So I’m saying to you
that God has some plans for you.

And these are big plans, but one
of the keys is to understand the

kingdom. That the kingdom hasn’t
been taught. What’s been taught

is denominationalism. And
because of it, they put that

before the kingdom, so they’ve
ended up blind. And Jesus said,

you are blind leaders of the
blind. And as the blind lead the

blind, what’s gonna happen?
Falls to the ditch. Another set

of leaders are eating that
jezebel’s table. Lemme go to the

other side. Another group of
leaders eating that jezebel’s

table. And I’m just saying here,
that you supposed to be

preaching the truth, you’re
supposed to be listening to the

truth. Say amen to that. And you
ought to have such a, a command

on truth by the Holy Ghost until
the Holy Ghost, he’s a spirit of

truth. And, and when something
comes by, that’s not the truth,

don’t, you ought to get a
quickening on the inside. Don’t,

don’t, don’t receive that, that,
that’s not for you. Are you

following what I’m saying? Now
you gotta do that today, cause

the enemy is trying to
neutralize the church. Do you

got what I’m saying? Also, um,
in this, um, we are now going to

stop evil in its tracks.
Because, because truth hasn’t

been preached, evil has gained
ground. Now you gotta watch what

the kids get in school. Is this
the right group? Well, so, evil

has gained ground. You gotta
watch what they look at on TV.

Am I right about that? You gotta
watch what they play with and in

the, you know, whatever it is,
you gotta be, you gotta watch it

today. Because when I was young,
they didn’t have all that on

television. Really. They didn’t
have on that, I mean, it was,

you know, it you, you couldn’t
do all of that. It was, it was

very much censored, you know, in
terms of what you can show. But

today they going all out, man,
it it, it’s crazy. Alright, so

what’s happening is that we
gonna stop evil in his tracks.

So, many times to do that, you
gotta confront evil. And over in

First King, chapter 18, um,
Elijah had to confront, uh,

those, uh, leaders, prophets of
Baal and they had to have a face

off. And if you remember when
Moses went down to Egypt, God

said, now, when God, when
Pharaoh ask you to show him a

miracle, you do this. Why?
Because you’re getting to the

place now that sorcery is so
dark that you’re gonna have to

confront it. But remember, you
always win. Say, no fear.

There’ll be no fear in your
life. I rebuke fear outta your

life right now in the name of
Jesus and tell it, don’t come

back in Jesus name. So now also
here is Paul. He’s facing this,

this, this, this, this demonic,
um, uh, uh, stronghold go over

in Acts chapter 19 verse 19. I’m
gonna put that up there and want

you to read it. All right?
Ready? Read CONGREGATION: Many

of them also which used curious
arts brought their books

together, and burned them before
all men: and they counted the

price of them, and found it
fifty thousand pieces of silver.

BILL: Paul was demonstrating the
power of the kingdom so, so

powerfully until they threw
their magic books in the fire.

Put ’em in the fire. Now my next
section, the church is taking

back rulership. The church is
taking back rulership. Alright,

now lemme show you how bad
things can get. Let’s go over

here to second King chapter 6.
Alright? And let’s just look

here where there was a problem
with famine and watch this.

Ready? Read. CONGREGATION: And
the king said unto her, What

aileth thee? And she answered,
This woman said unto me, Give

thy son, that we may eat him to
day, and we will eat my son

tomorrow. BILL: Now wait a
minute, wait a minute. They

eating kids? They lost all hope
and now they’re gonna boil and

eat their children. Ain’t the
devil a liar? I mean, that’s how

bad it had gotten here. So the
scriptures are showing you it

can get bad. But we are gonna
stop evil. We gonna shut it all

down. Now, the Bible says we
have dominion over how much of

the earth? CONGREGATION: All.
BILL: All the earth. All the

earth. Say, all the earth.
CONGREGATION: All the earth.

BILL: Now I’m gonna take you
somewhere. Now I want you to

say it with me. Alright. If you
look at all the earth, what’s

left after all? CONGREGATION:
Nothing. BILL: Alright, now this

is the church, and God said, let
us make man and our image after

our likeness. Let’s go over to
Psalm chapter 8 and verse 3, and

look at verses 3 through verse
6. Ready? Read CONGREGATION:

When I consider thy heavens, the
work of thy fingers, the moon

and the stars, which thou hast
ordained; What is man, that thou

art mindful of him? and the son
of man, that thou visitest him?

For thou hast made him a little
lower than the angels, and hast

crowned him with glory and
honour Thou madest him to have

dominion over the works of thy
hands; thou hast put all things

under his feet: BILL: Alright,
here’s your word, dominion,

again. And He’s put how many
things on the man’s feet?

means, everything God made with

his hands, He’s put where? Under
our feet, meaning we have

authority over it. Say, amen, to
that. Now, let’s go back and

look how God dealt with the
earth. Let’s go back to Genesis

chapter 1 and verses 1, 2, 3.
Now you know this, but I’m gonna

put it in another, uh, I’ll
putting it, have you to think

another way about it. Ready?

beginning God created the heaven
and the earth. And the earth was

without form, and void; and
darkness was upon the face of

the deep. And the Spirit of God
moved upon the face of the

waters. And God said, Let there
be light: and there was light.

BILL: Notice that the earth was
dark, but the spirit of God

hovered over the earth, and God
said. Now, what happened before

God said? Nothing. The spirit of
God was there, but God didn’t

say. So when God spoke,
something happened. Got it? Now

all over the earth. So now here
is spirit of God all over the

earth and he now is going to
manifest what God said. Now,

let’s see what happened here.
Satan is a seducer. And look

what he did, what he did to Eve.
This is found in Genesis in

chapter 3 and verse 4. Let’s
start right there. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: And the serpent
said unto the woman, Ye shall

not surely die: For God doth
know that in the day ye eat

thereof, then your eyes shall be
opened, and ye shall be as gods,

knowing good and evil. BILL:
Stop. Who said that?

is talking and he is whispering

to Eve and seducing Eve to
believe what he said. Now, Eve

then, of course ate it and gave
to Adam and he ate, and the

whole thing fell. Genesis
chapter 6, verse 5. And it says

here that the thoughts and the
imaginations of man was only

evil continuously. Now this led
to God having to flood the

earth. Now, these thoughts, how
did they get these thoughts? How

did Eve get it? Alright, wait a
minute. Uh, you you, I I’m not

gonna lose you. How did Eve get
the thought to eat that fruit?

Satan gave it a thought. Now,
how do people get the thought to

carjack a person’s car?

I’m only saying that now what
has happened is that because of

the church and it’s prayer life
not being like it should, you’ve

got demons in the cities telling
them what to think. Why, they

have now flooded the atmosphere.
Now, when Eve sinned, the Holy

Ghost had to get up outta here
because God no longer had

authority because the man that
he gave his authority to that he

could work through had now
fallen and was now a, a, a child

of the devil. Now God’s gotta a
plan, but I’m just letting you

know that now God’s gotta get,
the Holy Ghost has to get up

outta here. Jacob saw Jacob’s
ladder. Say, Jacob’s ladder.

Because he saw angels going up
and down because they could come

on a specific purpose. But as
far as God filling the earth

like he did when it was in the
beginning, he can do that

because Eve and Adam lost it.
But now on the day of Pentecost,

when Jesus paid the price, then
the Bible says that the Holy

Ghost came in like a rushing,
come on, mighty wind and filled

all the house. So the Holy Ghost
now is not somewhere, He’s

everywhere. So He’s all over the
earth again. That’s why I can

pray here and get a brother
delivered in China. I can- Say,

amen. So we can get back to
where Adam was before the fall.

And I’m saying here was a lady
and she came to Jesus and this

is in Mark in chapter 7 and
verse 25 through verse 30. But

here she was a syrophoenician, a
Greek by nation, and she came to

Jesus saying, my daughter is at
home and she’s sick and blah,

blah, blah. And Jesus said, wait
a minute, this is a children’s

bread. And he said, let the
children first be filled. Now

what was he saying? He was
saying, lady, you are a Greek,

and I came first for the Jew. So
let the Jews have theirs first

and then we’ll get to the Greek.
But she said, no, the Jews right

now are wasting food and it’s
falling on the floor. And He

called her a dog and she said,
even the dogs eat the scrump

that fall from the children’s
table. So what He is saying is

you came to the Jews, but they
didn’t receive you. At least

gimme some of the crumbs that
they’re wasting. And what did He

say? Go thy way. Thy daughter is
healed. Where was her daughter?

Was she a mile away? Was she 50
miles away? Was she in Atlanta?

Was she in LA? Was she in
Pittsburgh? Where was she? Makes

no difference where she was. If
you get down and you know you

got dominion over all the earth,
that’s what that’s all about.

You can pray your cousin loose
from them drugs from right here.

It’s according to your faith.
There are people sitting in here

right now and you feel that at
the pastor can just lay hands on

me, I can get my healing. That’s
what you feel. That’s okay. But

there are others sitting up in
here saying, if I come in the

auditorium, there is enough
anointing in that place to heal

me of anything I got. And you
can get your healing right now.

You don’t need to wait on the
sermon to be open. Say, I take

it, in Jesus’ name. Now, right
now. I can be preaching on one

thing and you can make me turn
and go to something else, if you

got enough faith. Say, amen. You
don’t need to wait on one year

to get your debts paid off. Get
’em paid off today. Glory to

God, if you can pull it outta
me. It’s about the anointing. It

ain’t about who’s doing it, it’s
about him. It’s about the

anointing that you’ve got the
power in you as a member of the

church to distribute debt free,
clear of sin. I call you debt

free in the name of Jesus. Is
this the right crowd I’m talking

free in the name of Jesus. Is
this the right crowd I’m talking

to? You don’t have to wait. See
that woman grabbed hold to it.

She found out something about
faith. Faith tells time what to

do. See, your time may not be
now, but if you got faith, you

can bring time from then to now
and this is going be your time.

I said, today is your day. Glory
to God. Right? That’s, that’s a

revelation. Today is your day.
See some of y’all think when

revelation. Today is your day.
See some of y’all think when

Ruth told her mother-in-law, she
said, where you go, I will go.

Your God will be my God. See
when she went to her

mother-in-law and her sister
went on back to, to the

motorbikes, she, I know what her
sister thought. Oh Lord, she

gonna be picking pole beans the
rest of her life, gleaning poor

and so forth. No, no. Ruth saw
something and because she was in

faith, she went down to them
pole beans and the first day she

went down there picking them,
here come Boaz. What brought

Boaz by there? The faith that
Ruth had. I’m saying, you

reading the scriptures, you
think that’s in time. You

looking at Boaz coming about
three years later. No, Boaz

showed out three hours after he
got there, right? You ain’t got

to wait that long for a man. Boy
I’m preaching now… Am I going

out too far now? Sit down. No,
that’s just what you think. It’s

according to your faith being
unto you. Dominion over all the

according to your faith being
unto you. Dominion over all the

earth, every bit of it, every
bit of it. You can shut Satan

down. Watch this, in a
neighborhood you, you, you, you

can, you can, you can define the
coordinates by which he’s going

to be shut down. Satan, I want
you to be shut down from, let’s

see, uh, gimme some streets
here. You see what I’m saying?

see, uh, gimme some streets
here. You see what I’m saying?

You can define where you want
him to be shut down. You can

have him be shut down. Come on.
Do you hear what I’m saying?

Come on. Think possibility. If I
got dominion over this, I tell

him what to do. This man came
over when we at Lake Pulaski and

uh, my wife did not talk about
it. And he came over and he

said, uh, I can’t stay over here
long. I said, why? He said,

every time I come over here, I
want to do some drugs. I said,

where you stay? He said, I stay
on the south side. Now, isn’t

that something? So there must be
some drugs, demons over there on

the west side. Watch that, that
can’t leave the west side. Come

on. You can, you can find them
in a geographic area and say,

Satan, I bind you from 22nd
Street. Come on. Come on. We

going that way. This is where we
going, right? No, no, no. She

going that way. This is where we
going, right? No, no, no. She

said, you don’t have to come to
the house. Just speak the word.

Believe me, the devil hates this
message. You can’t just hear

this one time. You
gotta know that, that

his ability is at
your disposal.

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