In this new series by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that you too have been made to live in the Fourth Dimension. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is the realm of the supernatural where signs, wonders, and miracles happen. For many, living in the Fourth Dimension or 4D is a brand-new concept. Adam was designed to live in the fourth dimension. He discerned what he needed to know instead of learning it through book knowledge. A perfect example of this would be how he named the animals. Adam discerned what to call each animal as it was brought before him. Jesus is the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45) and He came to bring us back to operating in the fourth dimension. BW 2195-2 Out of the Lions’ Den part of the Living In The Fourth Dimension vol 2 series Series Number 479…

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of Faith there’s power to

forgive that’s why you came in here cuz

everything that’s blocking your way to

your wealthy place is being

removed Jesus said it this way in


15:3 every tree or plant in you that the

father did not plant I got news for you




out 3D can be controlled by 4D so

anything that you see going on out here


3D and everything going on out here can

be stopped by 4D

but if you look at this the

woman who had one meal left First Kings

chapter 17 now here’s a prophet coming

to her house and she had one meal left


read and





for the God

is shall not was NE shall the

of all right stop your

meal and

oil will not give

out now suppose God came and told you

your money will not give

out now every time she went down there

to get some meal

some more



appeared now I’m saying he did that for

her how about the woman in second Kings

chapter 4 who only had one little jar of

oil that as she poured in each vessel

what happened the oil multipli am I

right about that what happened when they

were feeding the the five ,000 plus

women and children with two fish and

Five Loaves every time they went in the

basket what happened they

multiply now is God in the


business now will he multiply something


you now suppose we had a food giveaway

on the South Side a food giveaway on the

West Side a food giveaway on the North

side at the same time and every time we

went in the


truck come on is this the right group

now every time we went in the

truck now over in Genesis 41 ready read

and over all the of the earth and J


Alles and Soto the Egyptians


came all right want you to see it so

Joseph put up storehouses in each

City and the famine came and people came

to Joseph to the storehouses to get food

and each one that came to get some corn

there was more corn

my point to you is is those storehouses

in those cities did not stay that a

level that they kept going down yeah

yeah yeah come

on come on now see I want you to be

miracl minded I want you to stop just

thinking naturally that’s 3D you are not

thinking that way anymore you’re going

to be thinking


you’re coming into a time now that you

can pray for somebody watch this watch

this now and Jesus will show up in their




bedroom I’m saying we’re in a time right

now that we can believe for something

now I know Jesus seated at the right

hand of the father but the Holy Spirit

can make that appear and Jesus can show

up and look somebody eye to

eye that don’t like you


on say Amen somebody you witnessing to

and taking all that time just tell

father give him a miracle Let Jesus come

down here and show up right there in the

bathroom and when they look in the

mirror they’ll see Jesus right there in

the mirror come on come on believe

believe believe man Believe come on we

got to

believe see for us to get this wealth

transferred we going to have to

believe take a seat come on


godu yes sir

yeah all right let me get to something

here let’s talk about the

power to



power to

forgive and while I said the power to

forgive now here Jesus he’s on the cross

in Luke

23:34 ready read then

Jesus for

them stop okay so Jesus prayed for their


forgiveness now they’re hanging him up

there now he was innocent am I

right but he said father do what forgive

them over in Luke chap 17 and verse

one look what it says






him stop woe unto him through whom they

come all right I’m about to explain it

to you watch


so he says if you’re going to follow

Jesus then it’s

impossible but that

offenes will

come now when he preached that to the

disciples disciples had a reaction when

Jesus said hey if somebody trespassed

against you seven times in a day day you

forgive them and the disciples said in

Luke 17:5 this what the disciples said

ready read theost said unto the Lord

increase our faith he said Lord you

going to have to give me some more faith

for that cuz I’m about to dot this

brother’s eye so you’re going to have to

give me some Faith are you following

what I’m saying power to

forgive that tells me that somebody can

have an offense that goes so

deep till it’s impossible naturally to

forgive now I want you to see Hebrews 12

please in verse 15 I want you to see

this and then I’m going to show you

something I’ll picture after ready

read now notice what he said he said


there can be a root of

bitterness come up and it will trouble

you watch this and many what be

defiled and I remember I was you know

going to give a presentation to some

people that came from headquarters

because they were looking at promoting

me and so they came from headquarters

and I was going to give one of the lead

presentations and so forth why they want

to examine me because they’re looking at

promoting me and so forth but I stopped

by a friend’s house that previous

night and that friend uh dumped a lot of

garbage well it wasn’t his fault it was

my fault for stopping by there but he

begin to tell me how the whites are

mistreating him and blacks in general at

the company and I began to listen to it

now now the Bible says over in Mark 4:24

take heed what you hear and he’s saying

here a root of bitterness a root takes a

seed and people who are bitter can be

bitter and talk to you about their

bitterness and the seed is in

itself the seed of strife is in

Strife the seed of bitterness is in

bitterness come on the see are you

follow I’m saying so you don’t know it

but it’s spiritual seed and you can

swallow that seed I know man I’ve seen

them do the same thing you see what I’m

saying so I got bitter in within 24

hours look at the kind of tree that you

can get that bitterness can grow

bitterness can get so rooted down in a

person they just say this I can’t

forgive them there ain’t no way I can’t

for yes there is there’s power to


forgive that’s why you came in here cuz

everything that’s blocking your way to

your wealthy place is being

removed Jesus said it this way in

Matthew chapter 15 verse 13 every tree

or plant in you that the father did not

plant I got news for you it’s



out so what am I saying I’m saying God’s

got big plans for you and he’s not going

to let a tree of bitterness stop that

PL well you know what happened I went

there the next morning began to give him

a presentation the guy said well Bill

what did you say what did you mean when

you said over the revenue side I said

well there it is right there you you can

see it for yourself just ugly ugly cuz I

ate some

fruit that was not fit to eat and I

swallowed the seeds and it took them

less than 24 hours to grow up and

produce and you know what happened I

lost the promotion I did that thinking

I’m kind of consoling a brother and

trying to hang out with him make him

feel good about this he was

wrong I said he was wrong and I had as a

Believer no uh reason to be listening to


mess are you with me now listen don’t

get up and leave I’m about to sew you up

in just a minute I’m telling you we

doing major surgery here today this is


Major so let me give you a reason to

forgive first of all if you look in the

scriptures and you’re look at seeing

forgiveness we’ve heard the scripture

whosoever shall save to that mountain

all right let’s put it back up there

Mark 11:23 and 24 let’s put them back up

there all right ready

read be thou removed be thou plant into

the sea and shall

not believe that those things that he

says shall come to pass he shall have

which youever said next verse verely I

say unto you whato you

desire believe you receive it you shall

stop that’s what we’ve read and we’re

saying praise God I’m a Believer and not

a doubter that’s wonderful but look at

the next verse I want you to read that

ready read


in next

verse not neither will your father is in

for your trespasses so notice the first

thing that will happen withholding

unbelief is that their prayers will not

be answered

I said prayers will not be answered

let’s look at something else uh that

will happen because of it put it up

there please Matthew’s gospel chapter 18

put it up there ready read

and master over to the ters the ja he

should all that he ow now stop right

there so when a person does not forgive

this is a story of a man who owed a lot

of money and asked forgiveness and they

forgave him his debt then he goes out

there and finds somebody that owes him

just a little bit of money and the guy

said would you give me time to pray and

forgive me he said no I will not and

then the man who forgave him heard about

it and called him back on the carpet he

said now I forgave you your trespasses

and you won’t forgive him he said all

right now look what happened to this man

put the scripture up there please ready

read so also

Father every


not brother your

heart now notice what he’s going to do

he’s going to turn you over to the

Terminator on he going to turn you over

to the Terminator until you paid the

debt see holding something against

somebody is like being in debt yeah and

it’s got to be paid so God says I’m

going to take it all right I’m going to

take it out of your hide I’m going to

take it out of well he didn’t quite say

it like that but um that’s what my daddy

used to say but but he he he’s saying

listen if you hold them then I’m going

to take it from you then I’m going to

take mine back and I’m going leave you

to the tormentors until they’ they’ve

gotten sufficient out of you now let’s

look at an example of that let’s look

here at a place where in the Book of

Esther and in Esther had a man named

hmon hmon was a wicked man and hmon was

having uh people bow down to him but

Mori who was a Jew Esther’s Uncle Mori

wouldn’t bow the knee and kissed the

ring and so what happened he got mad

about it and got got got real Wicked and

held the bitterness in him and he said

let’s kill all the Jews so he went to

the king and made a king a deal with the

King to kill all the Jews now what’s

happening now now here comes uh uh uh

hmon and hmon is really you know coming

against him but God gave Esther wisdom

and gave a wisdom that the king pretty

soon found out that hmon was doing

something wicked and so then he

pronounced sentence against hmon and

over in ESS 8:7

uh hmon had made a Gallows to hang Mori

on it but hmon got hung on his own

Gall you got what I’m saying now notice

he hated the Jews but the Jews didn’t

come out and fight his hate they let God

take care say Amen see woe to them that

hate you see you got what I’m saying so

God got your back

and not only that did he hang hmon now

don’t don’t listen can I keep talking

about this not only did he hang hmon but

now look at es chapter 9 and you’ll see

haymon’s Sons got killed now notice what

happened because hmon held all the

bitterness unbelief and hate not only

that hmon get killed watch this but now

his sons his household got wiped out now

see some people don’t like to hear this

cuz they might have to forgive somebody

I’m saying you don’t have to forget let

the power come on




you my point to you is is not only did

did did hymon get punished but his

family got punished well Pastor now

that’s just one place oh okay let’s look

at someplace else let’s look at Daniel

chapter 6 Daniel was rising up and now

here comes jealousy Here Comes envy and

they schemed against him and next thing

you know here is Daniel being thrown in

the lion then check it out now going to

Ling but the Lions would need

him so look what happened here in Daniel

chapter 6 ready read and theing

commanded those men

Li look who they threw in the Lion’s in

Daniel the lion wouldn’t eat Daniel he

wouldn’t attack Daniel cuz God’s got

your back I don’t care what trap they

set for you God’s got your back you

don’t need the hate you don’t need the

whole Unforgiven well Pastor you don’t

know what he did to me he walked out on

me with all these kidss and you don’t

need to participate in that well Pastor

you know the white folks don’t like you

don’t need to participate in that you

about to get your family

cursed now let that mess go all right

that’s that’s a command you let that

mess go God’s got Dominion for this

whole earth that he wants you to


in they couldn’t top you if they red if

God be for you come

on no see you some of you don’t like it

cuz you’ve been watching this TV and

it’s been making you mad at another race

when you have no this is not an option

for you once you get born again you have

to love your

enemies God’s Got Your




now I’m saying if you don’t care about

you care about your

kids they came against Daniel and here’s

the king next thing you know God put a

mind in the king to throw them all in

there threw in all I’m talking

counselors Mayors everybody that came

against him threw them in there threw

the wives in there threw the kids in

there if they had a dog threw him in

there if they had a cat threw him in

there if they had a rat threw him in

there I don’t care what they had

everything was going in there and the

Lions ate him


up nothing’s going to stop you from

going to the


top well they don’t like me so what in


name you about to get rich and don’t

even know


it take a

seats we want you to be

merciful stop hating well he didn’t

treat me right stop

hating when the king came to get Daniel

out in Daniel chapter 6 and verse 21 C

translation watch this this how Daniel G

the king this somebody who just threw

him in there to be killed come on I want

you to read this ready


yourest you Lord have

mercy Lord have

mercy that’s 4 d I said that’s 4 d but

you running around here running down

your your your colleague or your your

business of you know Associates and so

forth you’re doing all that

3D that’ll get you caught you can’t

afford that

now I said you can’t afford that

now God wants to use you as a

representative of

Heaven God so loved the who


World well praise the Lord I trust that

you enoy enjoy that teaching now today

is offering day on the broadcast this is

a time that we give the viewing audience

and our partners and those who are being

blessed by this broadcast an opportunity

to sew into it now we take the seed that

you sow us and we sow the word of God

he’s sewing it all over the world when I

first came to Chicago nobody knew me and

I have to say nobody really probably

cared but look what look at us now look

how we have expanded and now we

preaching the gospel to

I know on a weekly basis to almost a

billion people now God is doing that

that’s not a bragging Spirit that’s it’s

showing you what God has done for us

since we’ve been preaching this gospel

now that’s what we want to do is we want

to even touch more people because one of

the reasons the church is in the world

is to save the world we’re to get this

world into the kingdom of God and we

can’t do it without them hearing the

word so as you SE uh God gives it to us

we we sew again we sow the word of God

now here’s one of the things about

sewing that is so important right now um

it seems like U this country in in the

world really is going to a time going

through a time of inflation and that’s

when prices of everything goes up and so

forth and people seem to have more month

than money and so what we do in the body

of Christ to get around that predicament

is that we actually seow because we are

not connected to that system when it the

system goes down we can go up well let’s

take Noah for example remember the flood

came with Noah well he had the ark and

as long as he stayed in that Ark the

worst the flood got the higher Noah Rose

well it should be the worst things get

now economically the higher the church

is to rise you’re part of the church

it’s time for you to go up now you have

to participate in God’s way of doing it

so we so seed once we do God measures it

back to us good measure press down

shaken together running over men will

give into our bosom we’ll have plenty to

be able to buy whatever we need now this

is the time you’re in so as you seow

that seed I’m believing with you I’m

putting my faith with yours that this

Harvest will come back plentifully and

it’ll come back quickly praise God now

just decide what you want to sew and

let’s pray together father we come to

before you in the name of Jesus thanking

you so much for those who are sowing

into this uh gospel uh and the spreading

of this Gospel of the Kingdom throughout

the world father I pray this blessing

come back to them return multiplied Now

quickly in the name of Jesus now we

thank you for it and we receive it done

in Jesus name amen praise God well

that’s all we have for this time this is

Bill saying we’ll see you next time

until then keep walking by

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