In this teaching, you will understand how the Word: • Illuminates things so you can see how the devil has been controlling/deceiving you, keeping you from your destiny; • Helps you to get to the right purpose for you being here—sent by God to lift the burden of suffering off of humanity; • Shows what it means to be miracle-minded. Grab hold of these biblical truths and apply the supernatural power, wisdom, revelation, help and hand of God to cross over to the other side beyond the enemy’s No Trespassing sign and live a life of victory. Ordering Information:…

BW 2043-2 Givings Prayer Unleashes Miracles part of the “No Trespassing” series Series Number 453


I’ll take it I’ll take it whoa whoa whoa

wow you guys are

amazing okay wait stand up stand up I

just want you to know that I sat over

there during worship and I was so aware

of things shifting in the heavenlies and

everything that has been declared during

worship I hope you’re actually really

leaning into that because sometimes you

can hear a message and the person next

to you can hear the same message but you

receive something and the other person

doesn’t it has nothing to do with the

minister it has everything to do with

your position so I want each and every

one of you to get everything that God

has for you so Heavenly Father we come

before you and we have not come for more

information but we have come for

transformation so give us eyes to see

ears to hear a mouth to speak and a

heart to receive and everybody agrees

say amen and

amen I am so honored that I get to be a

grandmother and a godmother at Young

Saints how many people my age usually

get to come to youth conferences that’s

pretty awesome so Pastor Tom mentioned a

book I wrote called kiss the girls and

made them cry I want to ask a question

how many of you know that we are in a


nightmare okay I’m going to talk to the

balcony okay up there they know that all

right how many of you know that rules do

not solve a

nightmare okay how many you know that

saying there are no rules does not solve

a nightmare you and my little boys or my

boys they’re massive men now when they

were little and they had a nightmare I

did not tell them hey there are no scary

things what I did was I climbed in bed

with them and I told them stories or I

sang songs to them to put back to sleep

what had been awakened in the wrong

Manner and there is a generation that

the enemy has awakened your sexuality in

the realm of lust and God wants to sing

a song over you he wants his present to

put back to sleep what was awakened in

the wrong way I love Zephaniah 3:17 says

Zephaniah 3:17 says the Lord your God is

mighty to save he will rejoice over you

with singing and he will quiet you with

his love this is the story that I wrote

because I didn’t have the Purity story I

had the crazy girl story who happened to

get saved at 21 years of age and I

didn’t find anything that spoke to my

situation I want to do something this is

going to take courage if you are here

and you’re a woman and you are a leader

and you say I want to actually redeem

this area of my past and lead other

girls through this group come on up here

and I’m going to give you the book so

just come on up and you can grab the

book so you want it come get it if

nobody wants it I will just throw it at

somebody okay awesome yeah see you got

to be fast she passed you she passed you

okay and uh I also love this idea of

identity and I love this idea that we

have been

entrusted with a weapon and for too long

we have studied the word of God but the

word of God is not something just to be

studied the word of God is something to

be wielded and how we wield the word of

God is we live it and so I want you to

know that everybody here has been

entrusted with an invincible invisible

Eternal weapon it is the sword of the

spirit it is the word of God and you and

I have been entrusted with this language

of our making and for too long we’ve

studied the sword we’ve argued about the

sword we’ve admired the sword but you’re

going to be a generation that speaks the

sword that uses the sword to set people

free rather than beat them up in jesus’

name so I want to talk to you about who

I believe you are you know Pastor Tom

and Leslie they’re beautiful people

they’re so excited exed about your

generation and Leslie was texting me and

she said I talked to my daughter and my

doctor my daughter thinks that you

should talk about identity and so I took

that into the spirit and I was like God

tell me who I’m going to actually be

talking to because see I’m not just a

mother I’m also a grandmother I’m going

to show a picture of my family really

quick I am a sicilian grandmother which

is why I get to be a godmother I am the

mother of men I have two granddaughters

and two grandsons and because I am a

grandmother I want you to know that what

I see for the next generation is truly

Grand I have this vision for what I see

on the horizon and I know that the

younger generation is going to rise up

into a new day but to position you I’m

going to tell you a ridiculous story so

I get to travel the world a lot I

actually September 2nd I went from

Denver to Japan Japan to Jakarta Jakarta

to Dubai Dubai down to Johannesburg then

back to Dubai then to Dallas and then

Denver did all that in 12 days and I

spoke 10 times because I have such a

sense of urgency of what’s going on but

sometimes I do jet lag better than other

times and I had traveled to Great

Britain on my 50th birthday I came home

and I found myself kind of exhausted and

so when I was Landing in Chicago I told

my husband I don’t want anybody in my

house that I did not give birth to and

he said just come on home I said all I

want to do is brush my teeth and he said

babe just come on home and I’ll put you

to bed but the next morning I felt one

of my sons just standing next to my bed

you know how you used to do that to your

mom you just stand they’re like if I

look at her she will wake and as soon as

I woke up my son was standing there he’s

like I need to go to the doctor and I’m

like what do we okay well you can drive

and he goes like no I need you to go

with me to the doctor well I was worried

that I had broken a rib because I had

before one of my sons wrecked it a ninja

and when you have a sport bike you lay

down on your sport bike and I’d hit a

bump and I was worried I’d broken a rib

or I’d also been to nor way where people

were really strong and they might have

hugged me and broke a rib that way so I

wasn’t sure what was happening but I

knew I had a lot of pain in my side so I

take Austin to the doctor and while the

doctor’s looking at Austin I said can

you check out my rib I think I might

have broke it and he looked at it he was

like no you didn’t break your rib you

have shingles now shingles is an old

person disease Shingles is like oh this

real and so it made me Furious I was

like no I don’t have shingles that’s

ridiculous he said I’m going to ground

you you can’t go anywhere for two weeks

and I thought I’m not telling my husband

this but when I got home you know how

you boys are my son said hey Dad mom’s

got shing shing he thought it was funny

I’m like it is not funny it is painful

and so my husband said that’s it Lisa

you’re in your pajamas for the next 48

hours so I was feeling sorry for myself

because the last thing I ever want to

hear is that I have limits and so I was

moping around the house when when I

discovered that I was not alone the

three older boys had gone out with John

somewhere but my youngest son was still

home we made eye contact he patted the

sofa and he said come on let’s sit down

see you don’t understand why I would be

so excited about that because my

youngest son when my husband would

travel he would sleep in the bed and the

other three boys would sleep on the

floor first thing you would say was I

didn’t kick you did I my youngest son

whenever we would watch a movie he would

cuddle me my youngest son asked me to

marry him

repeatedly but the three older Sons had

shamed him out of the practice they’re

like that’s gross mom’s old stop sitting

next to her don’t sleep in the bed with

her real men push their moms away put

pillows between them and don’t cuddle

them during movies but they were not

there and so I come running over to the

sofa I put my arms around ardan I turn

and look at the television and I said

for the love of Jesus ardan what are we

watching he said we are watching

Terminator now I don’t know if you’ve

ever seen the movie Terminator this was

the first one it is 80s awful it is the

story of Sarah Connor she is a moped

riding waitress and every single day she

goes to Mar calendar and serves pie and

every single night she sat by the phone

hoping that some blind date would call

her that was until Arnold Schwarzenegger

the former Governor of California came

back from the future and he had one goal

in mind and that was to assassinate

everyone with the name Sarah Conor and

it did not look like he would fail

because he had in his possession the

height of 80s data which is a page torn

out of the yellow book and he is

crossing off Sarah’s one by one when

Sarah finds out she might be at risk she

did what a lot of us did in the 80s she

goes out to a bar to hide in the crowd

but Arnold shows up and guns are going

off bad dancing stopping I explained to

my boys this is why your father and I

can’t dance do you see how we were given

options to dance in the early ‘

80s but in the middle of her Assassin

from the future showing up her protector

from the future shows up and he grabs a

hold of Sarah and he says if you want to

live come with me The Lego Movie has

repurposed this to if you want to not

die come with me Sarah was like I want

to not die so she leaves with this

complete stranger they’re driving in a

car Arnold is chasing them in the midst

of all of the chaos her protector from

the future is trying to tell her who she

is he says in the future you’re a hero

in the future we fight with the

strategies you write down for us in the

future your son is our general she’s

like you need to stop right there I

don’t even have a boyfriend let alone a

son this is a horrible case of mistaken

identity but he continues to press her

until she has a meltdown and if you

could see her hair you would understand

why she yells but I haven’t done

anything and that is when her protector

from the future says no but you

will and it was in that moment that I

realized that the enemy of our souls

often knows who we are before we wake up

and realize who we

are and you know what that says to me

that says to me that the attacks on this

generation have much more to do with who

you might be in the future than who you

have been in the past now the enemy will

attack you according to your history

because he does not want you to know

your destiny and I want you to adopt a

sicilian attitude see when I actually go

through a hardship

I get excited I’m like you know what

what is it about me that the enemy finds

so terrifying that he would launch a

full scale Onslaught so you have to

actually flip your attitude about this

because Jesus told us that there would

be Wars Jesus told us there would be

people that would talk bad about us

Jesus told us there would be persecution

but somehow this generation has began to

imagine that they could be heroes

without a war and you cannot be a hero

without a war it is not how many likes

you have on an Instagram post that makes

you a hero it is having done all to

stand you stand therefore and you do not

back off what God has for this

generation I believe that I am standing

in a gathering of Heroes that the enemy

knows who you are but this is a time

period where you’re going to discover

who you really are see we all know who


been but only God knows who we are

becoming and the enemy does not want you

to know who you really are he only wants

you to know who you’ve really been so he

will Loop your life back around back

around back around but you have to lean

into everything that has been sung over

you everything that is stirred in your

heart I don’t believe that I have come

here to just make you be nice I believe

that you’re a fierce generation I

believe you are a Fearless generation I

believe you are a kind generation I

believe you are a wise generation and I

love Millennials and I love

genzies because you know why I birth for

of them but I also love them because

they actually know that God has

has his hand on their life for something

significant but here’s the challenge

they have no idea what it is they know

it’s something but they don’t know what

that something is and I think that’s

because God is doing a new thing and you

cannot actually find out the new thing

by looking at everybody else’s thing you

got to lean into the presence of God and

say what is he speaking over me because

we do not find out who we are in the

presence of people we find out who we

are in the presence of God and that is

why there has been such an emphasis on

worship because God can whisper a new

name over your life he can add an

adjective that counteracts somebody

else’s diminishing of you but I want to

tell you how God wants to I want to tell

you how the enemy wants to undermine you

and God wants to position you so I was

in worship and I thought of these things

see if I actually saw the generation

that I see on this earth right now the

first thing I would do if I was Satan is

I would try to distract them I would

have them constantly looking in other

directions I would constantly have them

trapped in comparison I would constantly

have them trapped in this whole idea of

competition I would have them distracted

because I would not want them to

understand who they were

I look at this generation and there’s

often moments they miss I was on a train

in Atlanta and like a famous singer got

on and I recognized the singer and we

started talking to each other and we

exchanged phone numbers and it was

really fun but everybody else was

looking at their phone but I happen to

be looking at someone’s face and God is

saying to this generation put down your

phone and see my face I want you to

behold me behold me not through the pH

not through your audience not while

you’re periscoping that’s not even a

thing anymore not while you’re

Snapchatting not a thing not while

you’re Instagram tving this meeting I

don’t want you to have to filter it for

your audience I want you to sit in the

presence of God and get it for yourself

I want you to get it for yourself then

you can take it back to other people’s I

would distract you and then if I

couldn’t distract you I would diminish

you I would say who Do You Think You Are

are how dare you think that God would

use you in signs and wonders and

miracles have you forgotten about your

past have you forgotten what you did

last week oh I would diminish you I

would say things like nobody in your

family has ever done that what makes you

think it can be different for your

generation what makes you think that

having this opportunity of going to

Young Saints is going to change anything

I would diminish I would trust TR to

shrink you and if I couldn’t distract or

diminish you then I would do the next

thing I would divide you I would divide

you I would divide the genders I would

divide you from the older people that

you would need to learn from I would

divide you from the younger people who

need to learn from you so I want to do

something here at the very beginning I

want to have all the men stand up Don’t

Be Afraid Don’t Be Afraid don’t be

afraid I want to all the men stand up

because there’s an

onslaught against men there’s an attack

against things that are masculine things

that are male our culture is starting to

say things like toxic masculinity is

there toxic masculinity sure but it’s

actually really more toxic men but

there’s also toxic women and so you are

not here as a toxic man you are here as

a son of the most high God and I want to

give you

permission as a grandmother and as a

godmother to be everything that God

created you to be and in this day that

is so confused where people are trying

to blend the genders to heal because

gender has been such an issue of pain

I’m empowering you to get into the

presence of God and allow him to speak

what a real man is and not to allow our

culture to tell you what you have to be

I don’t want you to shrink as a man I

want you to rise as a man I want you to

carry the glory of God on your life in

jesus’ name amen all right guys you can

sit down and I’m going to get all the

women to stand

up I love this just going to do it at

the very

front God created woman as the answer

to the very first problem and that very

first problem was it is not good for man

to be alone but our culture will try to

get the women to imagine that they are

not an answer and the man is their

problem I’m not going to tell you that

there is not problems in our culture

because there are problems in our

culture but the man is not your answer

nor is he your problem God is your

answer and we are women who

understand that we do not get our value

by taking it from the men we get our

value by taking it from God so women be

the answer that God created you to be

God needs your wisdom God needs your

strength God needs male and female

because male and female are a power

Union not a power struggle in jesus’

name you guys can sit

down oh I divide the genders that’s what

I do I would have the men say the women

are a problem to be

controlled I’d have the women say men

it’s our turn now God never deals in

turns he deals in times God never pushes

one aside to lift one up he lifts all up

together that’s what he does and as we

lift up Jesus Jesus draws everybody to

himself so I want you to know there is

an attack on your destiny and the worst

the attack you actually need to say all

right all right I’m going to take it as

a compliment because the enemy will

often attack you in the area of your

anointing and so you need to look at

what he’s after and then figure out what

the counteraction of that is aw toer one

of my favorite people to read this is

one of my favorite quotes of his this is

what he says he said we can be in our

day what The Heroes of Faith were in

their day but remember at the time they

did didn’t know they were Heroes see I

don’t think you understand only time

tells the story of a hero you can look

at Hebrews 11 and we are talking about

Sarah I said they’re preaching about

Sarah because because I’m here but that

we are talking about Sarah and she

laughed at the promise of God but soon

she named a son Isaac which means

laughter and joy and strength and there

be may be things that God will whisper

into your spirit that you will just

laugh at you’re like that is ridiculous

that’s how I felt about it when God

began to whisper Wonder into my life but

God is the one who will do it so I

believe that you are some Heroes unaware

so I mentioned already with your

generation I often think that you guys

are like Samuel you’re like the Samuel

generation and you see the story of

Samuel and God said to Samuel

in I’m going to read 1st Samuel 3:11

listen carefully I’m getting ready to do

something in Israel that is going to

shake everyone up and get their

attention do we believe that God knows

how to get the world’s attention do we

believe that God can do that something

see he didn’t even put words around it

because there was no frame of reference

for what he was getting ready to do you

know I’ve had the honor and the

privilege of traveling and speaking all

over the world I never take it lightly

that I have influence or position and I

get to stand on a platform but the truth

is I am hungry for something more than

what I have seen I did not become a

Christian to be a speaker I did not

become a Christian to become an author I

became a Christian because I had an

encounter with the mercy and the power

of God and as soon as I had an encounter

with the mercy and the power of God I

made a commitment that the rest of my

life would be given to proclaiming that

so I believe that God is saying come on

young Saints listen carefully not just

to what you hear here but what you hear

here what you hear in worship what you

hear cuz see God will actually have a

speaker say something that will unlock

something else inside of you and you’ll

hear something that something that’s

never been done before that something

that has never been seen before God will

unlock that in your spirit and I need

you to dare to believe it I need you to

write it down he is saying listen

carefully because I’m getting ready to

do something in the earth and this

something is going to shake things up

and get the world’s attention in a

season of darkness in the time of Eli

when it says the word of the Lord was

rare rare and that the lights had almost

gone out and Eli is not restraining his

sons God has a young man in the shadows

that he is raising up to hear his voice

and I love how Samuel describes it in

1st Samuel

2:26 while this nonsense is going on

but the boy Samuel was very much alive

growing up blessed by God and popular

with the people I’m going to rephrase

that for you but in the mess of this

world the young Saints are very much

alive growing up blessed by God and

popular with the people some people say

well I I don’t think I’m supposed to be

popular well it another way of saying

that is that Jesus grew in wisdom and

stature and faith favor with God and man

I believe the young Saints are going to

grow in wisdom stature and favor with

God and man and because I believe that

I’m going to give you a warning Matthew

10:26 I’m going to read out of the

message don’t be

intimidated don’t be intimidated

intimidation will shut down the gift of

God on your life don’t be intimidated

eventually everything is going to be out

in the open and everyone will know how

things really are so don’t hesitate to

go public now don’t be bluffed into

Silence by the threats of bullies there

is nothing they can do to your soul your

core being save your fear for God who

holds your entire life body and soul in

his hands bullies want to silence you

they want the gift of God on your life

to shrink they want you to not prophesy

they want you not to speak the word they

want you not to live the word they want

to Bluff you into silence don’t do it

just begin to Echo the words of of

Heaven just go ahead and go public now

so I want to talk to you about what I

think are some of the things that we

need to do if we’re going to go public

first of all I’m just going to give a

confession my favorite book in the Old

Testament is the book of Isaiah he’s my

absolute favorite Prophet to read I feel

like it is poetry and so whenever I

think about the prophetic I’m going to

always think about Isaiah because I

don’t want to think about somebody

laying on their side for three years and

then having to turn over for another

three years and eating food cooked over

poop that sounds disgusting so I like

Isaiah and Isaiah

describes the kind of people we need to

be Isaiah 49:18 says look up look around

look well what does it mean to look up

it means that heaven has a strategy what

do we pray thy kingdom come thy will be

done we don’t look around to get the

strategies we look up to get the

strategies and Heaven is cheering us on

Heaven is not worried that the

Millennials are too engaged with that or

not engaged enough with that or the

genes are not doing this Heaven is

saying I planted this generation in this

time in this season but they need to

stop looking at one another and they

need to look look up look up God is

looking for a people who will look up

and see what he is doing we’re talking

about beholding God what are you doing

in all of this and once we have God’s

perspective because you need to have

God’s perspective before you look around

see when we look up we get the

perspective of the father what did Jesus

say he said I don’t do anything unless I

see my father doing it you see the

father doing things the Holy Spirit

reveals what Jesus wants to happen on

the earth we look up then we look around

we look around what do we see we see

hurting people we see people who need

Jesus when we look around everywhere we

go we see needs look around look at the

time you wonder what you’re called to do

look around look around and then it says

look well see my husband and I have a

good marriage but we don’t have a

perfect marriage but I would say we’ve

done marriage well what is the

difference there we’ve taken it to a

place of unhealthy to healthy God is

asking us look up look around how do you

bring Health to that how do you bring

wholeness to that how do you bring

healing to that what do you pray what do

you say what do you do because that’s

what we need to do as a prophetic people

and then Romans 9:29 says that Isaiah

looked ahead and he spoke the truth we

need to be people who are farsighted and

we need to speak truth into the future

God shows us who we will be by revealing

who he is and we have a whole generation

trying to discover what they’re called

to do when they don’t even know the one

who they are you will never know what

you are called to do until you know who

you are and you will never know who you

are until you know whose you are and I

love that I was introduced with this

concept of Abraham and Sarah because

Abraham and Sarah were pretty messed up

now come on I’m not trying to be mean

but Abraham was having his wife lie and

say say you’re my sister just say you’re

my sister I don’t want these people

hurting me so that’s pretty like hey

that’s messed up and then Sarah like hey

take my handmaid and have a baby with

her that’s messed up I would never do

that with my husband I’d be like hey

yeah take this no and then she gets

upset when the woman gets pregnant and

beats her that’s crazy so Sarah’s messed

up Abraham’s messed up there’s a bunch

of mess up and there’s a lot of people

in our lineage of Faith who have made

mistakes but making a mistake does not

make you mistake and if you think that

you are mistaken God is always about

Redeeming the mistakes so God will let

us actually kind of come to a place

where we’re ridiculous and then we cry

out for him Romans 4:17 says we call

Abraham father not because he got God’s

attention by living like a saint but

because God made something out of

Abraham when he was

nobody God is asking actually just

asking a generation to let him make

something out of our nothing you know

when I got saved at 21 years of age I

didn’t even know a scripture and I

remember going back to my college

dormatory and I said God I don’t have

anything I have no goodness I have no

Christianity I have no Holiness I have

no virtue but I will give you my nothing

completely and God will start with your

nothing because he is the god that makes

something out of nothing but when we

think we are something then sometimes he

has to bring us back to the nothing Zone

you know there’s a conference I always

love to go and do and be part of the

people there and uh I would go on a

regular basis and and then one year year

uh they were announcing the next year I

was speaking that year and they were

announcing the next year’s speaker and

um I Heard the Holy Spirit say you will

not be back here for three years and I

said no no I come every other year

that’s not that’s not you God and and

and you know what I got home it was

three years and I said God why wouldn’t

you have me come back every other year

he said because you’ve become so much

like them you have nothing to offer them

and he said I’m going to take you into a


of alone he said I’m going to take you

into a season where it’s just you and me

and you can decide whether that’s lonely

or you can decide whether that is alone

you can decide whether I’m enough during

that season and you can sit down and

describe the things that I give you or

you can feel sorry for yourself because

you’re feeling left out being alone with

God is one of the greatest invitations

you will ever receive and in that season

of alone I put my head down and I wrote

girls with swords and when the book came

out then I came back there is something

onside inside of you that will not come

unless you take the time to be

alone and I know that’s hard and I know

that can feel awkward but alone is so

important because when you’re alone with

God he does things he can never do when

you are surrounded by a

crowd I was also sitting here and I I

had such a memory of uh doing a youth

Gathering a number of years ago and I

found it always funny to talk about

Jesus’s first miracle you all know

Jesus’s first miracle he’s at a wedding

his mother comes to him and says they’re

out of wine and what does Jesus say what

does he say do you guys know cuz my boys

used to always say it to me he said

woman woman is not my time and my boys

would call me woman and they say Jesus

calls his mom woman I’m like you’re not

Jesus so you better not call me woman

but that’s what he did she’s like hey

they’re out of wine and he’s like woman

it’s not my time but you know what

Mary’s not Sicilian Mary’s like okay

feel like that was disrespectful but I’m

you’re the Son of God so I’m not going

to argue with you

what does she do she turns to the

servants and she say whatever he tells

you to do do it now if I had been there

I would have said hey hey hey hey you

button your lip you don’t talk to me

like that you don’t call me woman there

would have been a scene there would have

been no Miracles you guys would not be

reading about it but Mary had an

awareness of something that actually

Jesus wasn’t even aware of

it was time and when a mother says it’s

time it’s time see when I gave birth to

my first baby I well it’s kind of a joke

I like never went into labor I’d

probably still be pregnant so they had

to like induce me and they’re like okay

we’re just going to pull a baby out

that’s horrible and that it was horrible

but then my second baby I remember I was

waiting for the kind of pain that I’d

had in my first labor and I’m just at

home pushing my firstborn son on the

swing and I’m like hey this is weird

kind of feels like something wants to

come out every 5 minutes kind of just

feels like maybe something wants to

leave my body I’m not sure what’s going

on so basically I only got to the

hospital 20 minutes before I had my son

and when I walked in I was like hey I

need I need I need an epidural they’re

like ma’am all the examining rooms are

full I said I don’t need to be examined

I need to to be delivered and they’re

like you need to calm down is this your

first baby I said this is not my first

baby this is my second baby and as soon

as I said it was my second everybody

went into high alert why because before

you’ve had a baby you don’t know when

it’s time but once you’ve given birth to

a child you know when it’s time and I am

standing in front of you as a mother and

I am saying to you it is time for for

you to do whatever he tells you to do

whatever he tells you to do I need you

to do it don’t argue about whether you

think the timing is right if God is

speaking to you I need you to do it it’s

time I need that thing that is on your

life to come forth I am standing him as

a mother in the house of God and I am

blessing the gift of God that is on your

life and I I am saying come forth gift

of God in jesus’

name Luke

418 this is Jesus I I I love the message

and I just can capture Jesus’s attitude

here Jesus gets up reads the scroll he’s

like in a you know very stayed setting

and he says God’s spirit is on me he has

chosen me to preach the message of good

news to the poor sent me to announce

pardon to prisoners and recovery of

sight to the blind to set the burden and

battered free and to announce this is

God’s year to act he rolled up the

scroll handed it back to the assistant

and sat down and every eye in the place

was on him intent and Jesus is just kind

of sitting there and then he goes on and

he said you just heard scripture make

history it came true just now in this

place well it is time for you to say

this is God’s year to act because I

believe it is always God’s time to set

the captives free I believe it is always

God’s time to preach the good news of

the Gospel I believe it is always God

time to recover the sight of the blind

this is our season to make history it is

time that the scriptures come alive in

your life and you use them to make

history it is my prayer that over the

span of this conference everything that

is released will be activated and come

alive that faith will rise where you

have thought it is too late I am too

young I have been too bad or it’s too

hard that you will actually have an

awareness that you are not made for a

season of comfort you are made for this

season of strength you were made for

this season of hardship Hebrews 11:33

says through acts of faith not through

thoughts of Faith through acts of faith

they toppled kingdoms made Justice work

and took the promises for themselves we

need a generation of action heroes not

just thought Heroes not just virtual

Heroes we need action heroes because as

you act God will follow up what you do

with the power of His spirit so we’re

going to actually close up with this and

then I believe that God wants to do a

couple of things Ministry wise if we’re

going to be action heroes then we need

to understand what it means to be brave

rth wo Emerson said this quote a hero is

no braver than an ordinary man but he is

braver five minutes

longer sometimes just you have to

outlast your

opponent sometimes the truth of your

life will outlive the LIE sometimes you

just have to be five minutes longer you

just have to be quiet 5 minutes longer

you just have to speak up maybe five

minutes longer but just five minutes

longer can make the difference on

everything Ephesians 610 I’m going to

read all of it and it’s a big passage

Ephesians 610 I’m going to read it from

the message it says and that’s about

wraps it up God is strong and he wants

you strong so take everything the master

has set out for you you well-made

weapons of the best material and put

them to use so you will be able to stand

up to everything the devil throws your

way this is no afternoon athletic

contest that we will walk away from and

forget about in a couple hours this is

for Keeps a life or death fight to the

Finish against the devil and All His

angels be prepared you’re up against far

more than you can handle on your own

take all the help you can get every

weapon God has issued so that when it’s

all over but the shouting you will still

be on your feet truth righteousness

peace faith and salvation are more than

words they’re apps learn how to apply

them you’ll need them throughout your

life God’s word is an indispensable

weapon in the same way prayer is

essential in this ongoing Warfare pray

hard and long pray for your brothers and

sisters sister keep your eyes open keep

each other’s Spirit up so that no one

falls behind or drops out as long as we

walk this Earth there will be

war and I believe that

Christianity is a battle not a dream and

if you and I are going to be brave

enough to dream we’re going to have to

be brave enough to fight as long as we

walk here the enemy is going to forge

weapons s but we also have the promise

that there is no weapon that is forged

against us that can prosper because God

knows every single weapon that the enemy

forges and this list in Ephesians 6 is

all of the counter weapons to the

enemy’s weapon so I want to know are any

of you here and you’ve had a hard time

the last year has been hard for you will

you wave at me okay awesome I want to

tell you what a struggle is a struggle

is strengthening a struggle builds

muscles in your life that nothing else

will build and you are here because God

is positioning you for breakthrough

because what you went through last year

didn’t break you God is going to give

you breakthrough after breakthrough



breakthrough so I want to do a couple

things I want to

know the attacks against your life have

they made you shrink because if up to

this point they’ve made you draw back or

they’ve made you shrink or they’ve made

you afraid I understand but no more you

know I lost my right eye to cancer when

I was five years of age I got out of

speech I got out of debate because I

never wanted to do do what I’m doing

right now getting up in front of more

than two people was the most terrifying

idea I could ever have but see God is

positioning a generation to face what

they fear because when you face what you

fear you become Fearless God is setting

you up to go from breakthrough to

breakthrough God is setting you up to go

from Victory to Victory so I want you to

stand to your

feet and I want to challenge you to give

God permission to do a reset some of you

are here and you’ve made mistakes and

you think that those mistakes and those

missteps are the things that are going

to hold you back God is going to redeem

those mistakes some of you I mentioned

earlier there’s been a sexual Nightmare

and maybe you’ve made horrible choices

listen I can’t give you back your

virginity but I can give you back your

virtue and virtue is is the power of God

to be able to stand and you have every

right to take back your strength in that

area the enemy cannot condemn you

anymore and just because you said yes in

the past doesn’t mean you can’t say no

in the future we are a generation where

the enemy is Whispering Lies Over You

he’s saying you have no self-control

he’s saying you have no strength he is

saying you’ll not make intimate

connections well he is a liar I believe

that you are strong I believe that you

will be connected in community that you

will not be satisfied with a virtual

community but that you will go deeper

into an actual Community I believe that

God is having a Revival among you and

this is the time and you are the

carriers so I’m going to call forth the

timing over your life and then as a

mother I’m going to believe that God is

going to from the front to the back to

side to side wash away your shame

wash away your guilt wash away any

condemnation that you can rise up and

understand that his Mercy is new every

single morning and that God has a

mandate on your life that has really

nothing to do with your mistakes and

everything to do with his faithfulness

so I want you to lift up your hands and

say heavenly

father I am a child of

Abraham I am a young

Saint I am a target of the eny

but long before the

enemy targeted

me I was chosen by you I was chosen for

this moment I was chos and the attacks

on my life the attacks on my life that

have been in my past my past will be

strength for my future streng for my I

will not allow my past I will not allow

my to dictate dictate my future my

future so I’m going to lean in

to everything God has for

me God I give you my

nothing I call myself nobody call call

me forth as everything call I want to be


saint that consecrated one that anointed

one I am not content with what I have

seen or what I have been so anoint me

with this something

more turn my water turn my into wine

into it’s time it’s it’s time it’s time

I’m speaking to the gift of God in your

life and I’m commanding that gift of God

to come forth I’m speaking to that gift

of God that is in seed forward I’m

speaking to that gift of God that has

been covered by a spirit of

discouragement I’m speaking against that

spirit of suicide because see if the

enemy can’t diminish he can’t distract

he can’t divide divide he will destroy

and there is a reason he is after this

generation it is because he is afraid of

you he is afraid you will wake up and

realize who you really are he is afraid

to open up the word of God and allow the

word of God to transform you into your

real image he wants you to look into the

fake mirrors of what you have and what

you’ve done and what people have said

but God is releasing his Divine Vision

over your life so father I thank you

that you give them a vision that they

can behold and become in jesus’ name

amen and amen you are heroes you are

heroes you may be unaware but you are

heroes in jesus’ name amen and