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he picked Peters and Peter said Thou Art

the Christ the son he said Flesh and

Blood didn’t reveal this to you and when

it be someone walking on the water he

said wait a minute if that be you


Peter was ready for miracles he wanted

to see him he wanted to be all that God

wanted him to be and I decree from this

day you’re going to be hungry for

miracles Miracles because they’re going

to be running in your house they’re

gonna be running in your business say

Amen in the name of Jesus


there are people

and it was like me I mean I’m being

transparent now when I was just

beginning in this thing and I was

excited about it and a little

um having youthful exuberance

um I went and you know I was preaching

on the streets because I’m I’m I’m on

fire for God

and I’m preaching you know away from my


you’re going to hell you sinner

you know this is what’s going to happen

to you

and this lady came out of the grocery

store because I was in a kind of a strip

mall thing and I was preaching on you

know a way across from the stores but

you could hear me

I had no megaphone or anything you just

hear me I’m hollering

and uh

um she came out one of the ladies who

worked in the store I was taking a

little break

and she said preacher I said yeah

she said you know I believe you could

win some of them if you was just a

little nicer


you’re going to hell too

you know you know what I’m saying see

I’m trying to condemn them

see I’m I’m trying to make

feel better now I’m trying to I’m trying

to scare them because I’m talking about

Hellfire now I’m talking about Brimstone

I’m talking about you’re going to hell

man you’re going to burn

okay and you know what happened in New

York at 9 11. you know it happened is

all of a sudden when the towers got hit

everybody ran in church

but then when they found out it wasn’t

all over they ran back out

you got what I’m saying I’m saying if

you tell a person Okay the reason why

you need to get saved because you’re

going to hell if you don’t now that’s

that sound you and I understand the

meaning of that but that’s not what

Jesus preached now that was places that

he preached about the rich man and the

man that set at the gate and the rich

man went to hell we know that because he

wanted to let you know Hades really

exists all right but that’s not what he

told the man

I’m saying that when he’s preaching the

gospel he’s preaching good news

and and and what we need to do is

understand wait a minute what is the

gospel say and and so if you tell

somebody okay to read why you need good

sacred you’re going Health you don’t

well that’s fine that might scare some

people in addiction of thought that’s


but he said with loving kindness I’m

drawing you see I’m going to tell you

what you can get he said in John chapter

10 verse 9 on the door

and anybody that comes through the door

will go in and out and find pasture in

other words you’re going to find

something to eat

so he preached the gospel to the poor

man what’s the gospel to a person who’s

poor you don’t have to be poor no more

and look what he’s doing he’s now

showing people what heaven is like and

he’s manifesting it in their lives so

that whatever they’re attached to they

want to leave that

now this is one of the reasons why the

enemy doesn’t want Miracles because

Miracles turn people away from dead gods


here is Peter I just have a feeling

Peter was not going to the synagogue

every Saturday

I just have that feeling I just I just

have that feeling

a used phone set he said I got a

business run I ain’t got time to go in

there so here here he was out here and

Jesus preached the gospel set in his

boat then told him to launched out to

the Deep he launched out and caught a

boat sinking net breaking load of fish

watch this at a time you shouldn’t fish

so Miracles are works of God or acts of

God that override natural laws of time

space and matter

so here is Peter boom jump out caught

all these fish throw himself down to

Jesus knees and repented and said I’m a

sinful man now notice what brought him

to that the goodness of God


I know that we can show people in the

scriptures where things won’t happen

with that life right if they don’t obey

God’s commandment we can show people

that but I’m telling you now those

people ran in the church at 9 11. in New

York City and then when they found out

everything was cool they ran back out

you never see him again