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BILL: And I’m telling you from
now on you going to look at it

that way and you not going to be
all thrown out when something

didn’t work financially and so
forth. All you got to do is

go to God. You get a bill
in the mail that’s too big for

you to pay. You should lift it
up and say, Jesus, you got

mail, you got mail. Jesus,
come on, Jesus, you got mail.

Come on, Jesus, you got mail.
The day for you getting all

thrown out and getting all
down and getting all mad and

fussing at somebody, those days
are over. Jesus, you got mail.

BILL: So you’re gonna speak
things into existence. Why?

Cause I’m gonna imitate
God. Be ye imitators of God as

dear children. How did God fix
the earth? What did he do? He

spoke. How you gonna fix that
community? What you gonna do?

You gonna start speaking and you
gonna believe what you say. Come

on. It’s gonna come to pass and
you will have what you say. So

now we’re looking at this idea
of Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

Now let’s look at scripture
first. Let’s look at Psalm

chapter 62 verses 4 and 5 in the
King James translation. Okay?

All right. Ready, read.
(Congregation reading) So my

All right. Ready, read.
(Congregation reading) So my

expectation is only from who?
God. Let’s put it up there in

the CEV translation, please.
(Congregation reading) Now, God

the CEV translation, please.
(Congregation reading) Now, God

alone, say God alone. Now God is
my source. He is my source. Say

alone, say God alone. Now God is
my source. He is my source. Say

source. Only source. Now people
have sometimes switched between

two sources. Either God or man.
All right. Um, the Bible says

open Jeremiah, think its Chapter
17 verse 5. Cursed is a man that

trust within man. So he is
saying, you can trust in man or

you can trust in who? God. All
right? Now, as we look at this,

this God being my source, all
right? That means my expectation

is from who? From God. He’s my
rock. He’s my rock. When, when

God took them out of the
wilderness. Uh, pardon me, out

of Egypt, through the
wilderness, he was trying to get

them to no longer see Pharaoh,
pharaoh, pharaoh as their

source. But to see God as their
source. He took them out there

where there were no Neiman
Marcus. Are you following what

I’m saying? Where there were no
Piggly Wigglys… Okay. And, uh,

so forth, but notice, no, he
took them out there where there

was nothing because he wanted
them to transition from the

government being their source to
who? God being their source. So

now when you come in here God is
transitioning you from be- from

having, seeing either the
government or the job. Come on.

Or big mama as your source.
And now seeing who? God as your

source. Now, he says here, if
you look at it, he had to wean

him off. And it was taken some
years to do that. Because in

Exodus 32, I’m not going there.
But when Moses went up in that

mountain to get to 10
Commandments, but they say he

stayed a little longer than they
were comfortable with. They,

they may had Aaron to fashion
of what? A golden calf. And they

said, these be our god. This is
who brought us out here. Just

that quick turn their backs on
God. And so sometimes God takes

you through so that you can
get through with what you was

trusting in. And trust in the
Lord. Watch this, with all your

heart. So with whole heart. So
let me just say this. So look at

Psalm. Pardon me. First
Corinthians chapter 11 verse 1.

Ready? Read. (Congregation
reading) This is Apostle Paul

talking. Keep reading.
(Congregation reading) All

talking. Keep reading.
(Congregation reading) All

right, stop right there. So I’d
have, you know, this is apostle

Paul and he’s kind of giving an
order here. A hierarchy. And he

said, that I’ll have you know
that the head of the woman is

the man. Is the man. I’m leave
that right there. I’m gonna

leave that right there. It’s the
man. I’m talking about a male

man. Alright. And a woman. Now,
this, this, this man, this man

is not any man. Cause no any man
is head of my wife. It’s the man

that’s married to her. Got it.
Now this and then the head of

Christ. Now the head of the man
is who? Christ. And the head of

Christ is who? God. Alright,
now keep that order, keep that

picture. Because now what I’m
looking at is I’m looking at a

family and I’m looking at the
man. And we look to the man many

times as the, not only the head,
but the provider. Oh, you follow

what I’m saying? Now, here’s
what I want to teach you, that

he is the provider, but he’s not
the source. And in second King

chapter 4, I want you to read
that with me. We’re gonna read a

couple of, couple of verses
and let’s just see what happened

there. Alright? We’re trying to
get this source thing worked out

in our minds. The source cause
it’s key. Now we are in this

area, Jehovah Jireh, our what?
Provider. Right? Our provider.

All right. Now how many you know
that came from- let’s put it up

there first before we go to this
verse, from Genesis chapter 22

and verse 14. Let’s look and see
what he said in Genesis. This is

Moses now up on the mountain
gonna sacrifice, offer up his

son. But there was a ram caught
in the bush. Now as a result, he

sacrificed the ram instead of
his son. God sacrificed his lamb

instead of you. He. He, he, he
gave a lamb who gave his life

for all the mankind. Am I
right about that? Gave his son.

Alright, so let’s look at this.
This is Genesis and chapter 22

and verse 14. Ready, read.
(Congregation reading) All

and verse 14. Ready, read.
(Congregation reading) All

right. So here, Jehovah Jireh,
the one who sees and provides.

Got it. All right. Now let’s
look here at this situation in

Second Kings in chapter 4
and verse 1. Ready? Read.

(Congregation reading) Keep
going. (Congregation reading)

(Congregation reading) Keep
going. (Congregation reading)

Huh? It is full. Okay. That’s
enough. What happened? Her

husband is dead. The historian
said her husband was Obadiah.

Obadiah took care of prophets
that Jezebel was gonna kill. And

he took them and hid them in a
cave and fed them. Took care of

them. Now Obadiah is dead. Now,
I really think that Jezebel had

zeroed in on him, put him in her
crosshairs in some way he ended

up not living, dying. And so
now the woman is left, she’s in

debt, and her sons now are about
to be taken by the system to

work off that debt. And she
cried to the man of God and he

began to give her instructions.
Are y’all with me here? Now she

went and followed the
instructions. Now here’s what I

want to say. That what he was
doing was pointing her back to

her source. Now her husband,
while he was alive, was a

provider, but he was not her
source. Oh, yes. He was her

head, but he was not her source.
Now come on, y’all better get

come alive here. Now I’m
saying that because I know that

sometimes in our environment, a
woman whose husband has died, or

let’s say a divorce or whatever,
she’s trying to take care of all

these kids, the tendency is that
I don’t have a man who’s not

taking care of these kids. And
I’m not trying to, uh, minimize

that. My point to you is she’s
still got a source. She’s got

the same source he’s got. Is
this the right crowd I’m talking

to? See, some of this hadn’t
been preached. Now look at

Jesus, what happened to him. For
now he’s telling the disciples

to feed all these people. 5,000
men plus women and children.

Matthew chapter 14 verse 16.
He’s telling ’em to feed them.

All right, now watch this.
Watch Jesus. Ready, read.

(Congregation reading) When,
when he took it and lifted it up

(Congregation reading) When,
when he took it and lifted it up

to heaven, who do you think he
was acknowledging? As His what?

Now, I, I gotta get you to see
this because just because you

are a single woman raising these
kids, don’t think you can’t send

them to the best universities in
the world. Watch this, and pay

their tuition cash. No, what
you’ve done is you’ve let this

world influence you into that.
Now you shall know the truth and

the truth is gonna make you
free. See, you know this truth

and it’ll separate you from
thinking that because you are a

single woman you can’t raise
these kids in a way that will

please God and have them with
the best that there is. Say

amen. Now, I’m not trying to
minimize the leadership that the

man should have in the home, but
I am saying this, you got the

same source. I don’t know
whether you know it or not, but

those kids got the same source.
This kid come to you and said,

dad, I want a bicycle. What kind
you want? Well, have you looked

at a picture? Yeah. I’m looking
at this one. Oh yeah. Now make

sure it’s the finest one you
can see in there. Yeah. This one

right here. Okay. Here’s what
you do, son. Go in there and get

one of them Nintendo games and
give it to one of those kids

down the tree who can’t afford
anything. Come on, now. Well,

you better get your, that place
in the garage, you better get it

ready cause a bicycle is on its
way. God is your source and he

is your only source. My
expectation is from him. Say

amen. And I’m telling you from
now, you going to look at it

that way. And you’re not
going to be all thrown out when

something didn’t work
financially and so forth. All

you got to do is go to God. You
get a bill in the mail that’s

too big for you to pray, you
should lift it up and say,

Jesus, you got mail. You got
mail. Come on. Jesus, you got

mail. Come on, Jesus, you got
mail. The day for you getting

all thrown out and getting all
down and getting all mad and

fussing somebody, those days are
over. Jesus, you got mail. And

Jesus will tell you what you got
in the house. You say, well, I

sold the color TV and
everything. Well I got a little

jar of oil, here’s what you do.
Go borrow some vessels. Don’t

borrow real few. Come on in.
Cause I’m about to work the

works of God. I said, the works
of God about to be worked in

your house. This is the last day
you going to be broke. Say God

is my source. He is Jehovah
Jireh. My provider. This is what

the government does. The
governments of man, they try to

get you to depend on them. They
try to get you to look at this

government as your source, or
the job tries to get you to look

at the job as your source rather
than the Lord is your source. So

if we are looking at this, if
you think, um, that, now let’s

look at the Sabbath. Seventh,
sabbath first. The Sabbath is

first mentioned over in- over
in, um, Exodus chapter 16. And

he says, over in Colossians,
Colossians chapter 2 in verse 16

and 17. He talks about, let no
man judge you. And one of the

things he said and judge you in
meat and drink, don’t judge you

and so forth well, you eating
meat, blah blah blah. Don’t let

him judge you in the Sabbath.
Now, over in Mark chapter 2, he

said, God made the Sabbath for
man, not man for the Sabbath. So

the Sabbath is a reminder of
God that he’s going to bring his

people back to the place where
they can rest in his provision.

The Sabbath is a reminder that
God is going to bring his people

before it’s all over with back
to the place where they can rest

in his provision. That’s what
the Sabbath represents. All

right. Now remember in Sabbath
day, in Exodus chapter 16, he

gave them manna every day except
the sixth day or the day before

the Sabbath. And then he gave
them twice as much on that day.

Why? So that they could do- have
to do no work on the Sabbath

because the Sabbath reminds you
of the rest of God and the rest

says all that you need I
will provide. People think they

cannot do anything or go beyond
what they can work for or what

they can produce mentally. They
think they cannot have or go

beyond what they can work for
physically or mentally produce.

That’s what people think. Right
now ask anybody. Because if you

say something like this, uh, buy
this or do this or something,

people will say, I can’t afford
it or I can’t have that. Am I

right about this? Now this is
what people say who don’t know

God as their source. All right?
And that’s when you even ask

people to tithe. Well, I can’t
afford first thing they say,

because God is not their source.
See, just stay with me. So, when

I say I want you to double
your salary. Can you double your

salary? You say, yeah, I can
do it. Now, how- what do people

think? Instead of working one
shift, they’ll work two. Am I

right? That’s not what he’s
talking about. He’s talking

about double it with the one.
Come on now, say another level.

So he wants you to double it
with that one. He wants you to

take a piece of that one and sow
it. Or give you a strategy that

you can double that. And people
who don’t see God as their

source say, I can’t do that
unless I work another job or get

two jobs and so forth. So here’s
what I want you to do, don’t

think about what you can afford.
But don’t think about what you

can pay for, but make a list of
what you want. Make a list of

it, put it down of what you
want. Just as if you got all the

money in the world. See, stop
thinking your little savings

account and start thinking
Jehovah Jireh. You put it down

what you want. Man, he told
me, I want you to believe for an

airplane. Whoa. Or I want you
to buy that shopping mall. Whoa.

See, don’t don’t think about the
money. Cause if you think about

the money, it’s going to
minimize what you put down.

Don’t even think about that.
Say, I want a house. I want a

swimming pool in the back. I
want a, I want a basketball

court inside. I want this and
that. Come on, now. See, y’all

got quiet. I’m going back over
the other side. Man, I ain’t got

time. I do not have time to
play. God’s about to give you

everything you ever wanted,
right? This is your season. God

is saying, he’s telling me to
tell you put down what you want.

Man, that’s Christmas. See and
somebody going look at me and

say, oh, you’re trying to get
these people, see, they think

it’s a, it’s a limit. There is
no limit. And there is no limit.

He said, the Earth is full of my
riches. It’s full of diamonds,

it’s full of pearl, it’s full
of, what do you think? Why you

think God just only has one
thing for somebody and he

doesn’t have it for you? Are
you kidding me? God can make

everybody in here a billionaire
by this afternoon. He can make-

I’m just saying, we need to
stop limiting God. God’s

got big plans for you. You
gonna have to think big.

BILL: Well, praise the Lord.
I trusted you enjoyed that

teaching. Now, receiving
your supernatural supply.

You know, we talked
about the fact that God is

our source. Matter of fact,
he’s our only source. Some

people say, well, my source
is this, my source is that. No,

no, our source is God the
Father, he provides. You

remember when Jesus was telling
them to feed the 5,000, notice

what happened? They said, well,
we only have two fish and five

loafs of bread. He said, bring
it to me. This is in Matthew 14.

He looked up to heaven and
blessed it, and it came down,

began to break it and feed
everybody. Why? Because of the

supernatural supply. Now,
that same supply is available to

every believer. You see,
sometimes women, let’s say they

had, um, a hard divorce or
something, and the man, you

know, he’s not really, um,
maybe, uh, measuring up to

taking care of the kids with the
financial responsibility. And,

and so she no longer do you have
to fret because just like that,

the God of the supernatural
supply will supply the man,

he’ll supply the woman. Now,
true enough, the Bible says the

man is the head, but it didn’t
say the man is the source. And

that’s where people get it mixed
up. So if something happens to

the male in the house, then now
a person can, a woman can just

right up to God, see God is her
source. Not, not, not a source.

Only source. And when you do
that now, like the woman, she

sowed two mites, and all of
a sudden, what do you think

happened? Abundance came back.
Why? Because she saw God as her

source. And that’s what this
is all about. You’re going into

times now with inflation and
all everything’s going up. Stop

trying to work for it all. No,
no, no, no, no. Now let’s go

into this place where we can
actually double our income

without another job. Isn’t that
powerful? Now you gotta get this

teaching, this one right here.
Well, I mean, wherever the enemy

is coming in economically, this
will clean his clock. I mean

this, this is going to be the
teaching for you. So get ahold

of this one now, this is
Supernatural Supply, which God

has for every believer. That’s
one of the advantages we have

over the world. We can get a
supernatural supply. Your days

of worrying and toiling about
how you’re gonna pay for things

and take care of the kids.
That’s over. This is

your year. Praise God. Well,
this is Bill Winston. We

love you. That’s all we have
for today. We’ll see you

next time. Until then,
keep walking by faith.

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