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what is empowering seed of his people he

wants you to not be the Tale But be the

one be the hand he not want you to be

the borrower but he wants you to be the

lender and the way you’re going to do

that is get a borrowing image outside of

you you gotta get that out you got to

plant new seed I’m the owner I’m the

banker I’m the I’m the loan company I’m

I’m the mortgage company I’m the

say Amen folks we’re about to go

somewhere he’s about to take some people

who’ve been on the bottom most of their

lives and he’s going to take them to the

top why they’re gonna be truthful


see you don’t need to hang around and

see if the word works

God just wants a vessel to get his word


so that his word

he can bring his word to pass

and we call it being fruitful

it’s manifesting what God has already

spoken already done or already promised


the word is all it’s an all-controlling

seed say all controlling seed

create active

now you can see a couple of places with


because you could see


in Matthew’s gospel chapter 15 and verse

29 and Jesus departed from that and he

came nine to the Sea of Galilee and he

went up unto a mountain and sat down


and great multitudes came to him having

with him that those that were what lame

come on blind dumb come on Main let’s

stop right there Maine

right so they didn’t have any limbs or

something was missing could have been an

organ whatever

and they put them down to Jesus’s feet

and what did he do

he healed them

and so much that the multitudes wondered

when they saw the dumb to speak and the

Mane to be made whole to underline that

because now

he told me to be fruitful

he’s got me being fruitful now he’s got


as a walking tree

Mark chapter 8 please

and look at verse 24.

and this is when Jesus

put his hand on a man to get him healed

and the man he put him out of the took

him out of the city first and the man

was blind and he put his hand on him

and then he told him to look up what do

you see and the man said


I see men as trees



then the Bible says

and then he put his hand again upon him

his eyes

and he made him look up and he was

restored and saw everything clearly



watch this

say be fruitful

Jesus was bearing


of righteousness

fruit of right what’s fruit of

righteousness feeding the poor

Healing The Sick

these are fruits

of righteousness where can I find that

word second Corinthians please and

chapter 9 and verse 10.

now he that ministers see to the sower

both Menace his bread for your food and

will multiply your seed sown and

increase the fruits of your


fruits of righteousness

Proverbs 12 12 fruits

of righteousness

in Proverbs 12 12 the Wicked desireth

the net of evil men but the root of the

righteous what

what is it you yields fruit

yields fruit now wait a minute the man

saw something when Jesus laid his hands

on him at first are you saying that

Jesus didn’t heal the man oh yeah he

held healed him

but he was showing

this man first

his spiritual DNA

see he was showing him that wait a

minute first you you’ve been designed

by God to be a tree

and a tree is a producer

and you’ve been designed to be a tree

that walks

and any time you see the word walk in

the Hebrew reference it means Spiritual


got it it means maturity

because a baby can’t walk

but when you grow up in the church you

can walk

rise take up your bed and walk

walk around the city of Jericho for

seven days see it’s all maturity and I’m

just saying


you walk through the valley of the

shadow of death praise God my point to

you is is my one of my jobs is to take

you from milk to meat

is to make it so you can walk make it so

you’re not dependent on somebody else to

pray for you

but now you’re working to pray for

somebody else


and and notice what he did now say be

fruitful he’s demonstrating fruitfulness

because he’s following the command of

the father he’s following the command

that he gave adam in the beginning and

he’s continuing that because Adam sinned

and dropped the whole thing but Satan

picked it up because he know these four

steps truthful multiply replenish the

Earth are guaranteed eat


now Satan is using them on a natural

level but once you get to God he said

something before fruitful to you he said

and God blessed them

saken your fruitfulness to another level

Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 and God

blessed them

and God said unto them be fruitful


uses the things of God

because he know they work

but he takes the blood out the name out

the Holy Ghost out and make some

function at a natural level but you

are the church

and you are on a

supernatural level

you got the Holy Ghost you can do things

a man can’t do

Satan’s man can’t walk on water

but the word is creative so Jesus can

use the fruitfulness of the power of the

word of God and the fruitfulness of the

power of the word of God and actually


manifest a limb

in this man’s life

say Amen to this

he can manifest you you can’t do that

with the natural

you can’t get there

see in the natural you might have had to

go through all of this to get there Lord

have mercy

I’m saying that you’re able to deliver

goods from heaven

on a whole nother level

but you got to walk you got to

understand that wait a minute part of

your DNA part of your your your purpose

here is to be fruitful

that you can go around by the power of

the Holy Ghost and get people healed

now what is the word also the word is

God’s divine nature now let’s look at a

second Peter please second Peter in

chapter one

he said this Simon Peter a servant and

an apostle of Jesus Christ

to them that have obtained like Precious

Faith with us through the righteousness

of God and I’ll serve I’ll save you

Jesus Christ

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you

the knowledge of God and of Jesus our


according as he is divine power has

given unto us all things that pertain to

life and godliness through the knowledge

of him that has called us to glory and


whereby are given unto us exceeding

great and precious promises that by

these you might be partakers of the what

divine nature having escaped the

corruption that is in the world

true lust now what is he saying here the

divine nature of God

is the nature that swallows up death

that didn’t do right okay let’s try it


it’s the nature of the word

to swallow up disease

it’s the it’s the power of the word of

God that when you take the word of God

well let’s put a scripture up there

please in Proverbs chapter 4 and verse

20. and he said this

he says my son attended my words

and incline thine ear to my sayings let

them not depart from thy eyes keep them

in the midst of thy heart

what is he talking about

word say words say God’s word

for they are life what kind of Life

Divine Life to those that what find them

and what else how to all their flesh now

the original says medicine

so the word of God

is medicine

I said the word of God

is medicine

now Jesus is a physician

and he is given to church the ability

to be



so the word Jehovah means self-existing

you you you

physician heal yourself

see if if if you’re going to a doctor

for example outside and the doctor says

here’s the medicine

take it three times a day

I’m saying to you


for the church

there is some medicine


and you can take it


and as you take it

Divine Life

will swallow up disease

it doesn’t make any difference how

powerful disease is or what the report


h-i-v-n-i-g whatever it is

the Divine Life Of God will swallow up



are you hear what I’m saying I’m saying

you don’t even need to know what it is

just take this three times a day

now again it comes in as a seed

because what happens why are God’s

people practicing that well they’re not

practicing it mainly because they’ve

never been taught that’s the first

reason put it up there please Romans

chapter 10 and verse 14. how then shall

they call on him who they’ve not

believed and how shall they believe in

him who they’ve not heard and how shall

they hear without a preacher

and how shall he preach next verse

except to be sent in verse 17. so then

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by

the word of God

all right let’s go back to Numbers

Chapter 13 and see what they heard

because what you hear

it’s going to be a seed and that seed is

coming into your heart

and the Bible says over in Proverbs and

chapter 4 and verse 23 guard your heart

because out of it are going to come the

issues of life

so most of us have come in and Satan has

been busy sowing seeds into our hearts

so we come in that we no longer go to

the things of God but if something

happens we run to the world and that’s

called a migrant

see we’re trying to run through the

world because we think the world has the


but you’ve got better Goods in the world

because when the woman couldn’t get her

issue of blood stopped in the world she

came and touched the Hem of His Garment

and the blood snaps

and I’m saying that you got us you’re on

another level

but for me to get you to be fruitful on

another level I’m gonna have to teach on

another level

see I can’t teach you something that

your mind very quickly say yeah okay

yeah see because I don’t want to agree

with your mind I want to let you know

that you can plant new seeds to own one

of the largest hotels downtown Chicago

you can plant that sea see see he said

all things are yours he said go and take

the land and don’t give it up he said

I’ve raised this up to put it in your

hands yeah

but see we’re busy reasoning things and

you can’t reason faith

and the only reason we don’t act on

these things is because we don’t believe


the reason we don’t believe it many

times because we’ve never heard it but

for those who have heard it the only

reason you’re not seeing it in your life

is because you’ve never meditated it to

get the Revelation and for those who

have meditated it the only reason it’s

not working in your life is because you

never acted on it you see he’s saying

when you hear the word and you don’t act

on it you’re gonna have to come back and

hear it again

and some of you have heard my teachings

for years you should own buildings you

should own this why because God said

possess the Earth

in a wrong hands but for you to do what

you’re gonna have to be fruitful you’re

gonna have to multiply and replenish

this Earth say Amen to that and subdue


am I preaching all right

now who will this work for

me me huh okay all right it’ll work for

anybody who will meet the biblical

requirements and the

and the requirement as you got to be a

seed of Seed of Abraham

that is empowering seed of his people he

wants you to not be the Tale But be the

one be the hand he not want you to be

the borrower but he wants you to be to

Linda and the way you’re going to do

that is get a borrowing image outside of

you you got to get that out you gotta

plant new seed I’m the owner I’m the

banker I’m the I’m the loan company I’m

I’m the mortgage company I’m the

say Amen folks we’re about to go

somewhere he’s about to take some people

who’ve been on the bottom most of their

lives and he’s going to take them to the

top why they’re gonna be fruitful

the world can’t believe what you can


and because therefore they can’t do what

you can do

but this is your season

God is about to make you

stagger the imagination of the world

the Bible says you’re going to be a city

set on a hill watch this so the world is

going to be looking up at you


now most of the things that were

produced were created why when God went

through and created everything he did it

uh for six days he was all his work was

creating he was creating and creating

and creating and creating and creating

now he dropped his DNA in you so every

day you should see how better you can do

what you’re doing


the word

is all controlling

the word

is creative

the word

is divine what


and this word

is light

is light

you see

God is about to give you insight

that you’ve never had before

say Amen to this

because this is a season

that he’s going to have his people

to repopulate the Earth

with the things God has planned for this


so if I need something

I just need to get some what

I need to get some seed

because I want to move from a consumer

to a what

to a producer

and God has provided solutions for this

nation or for the world

watch this

that the world can’t even get

he’s laid him up for the church

and all you got to do

is ask for

why Proverbs chapter 10 verse 24.

the fear of the wicked

it shall come upon him but the desire of

the righteous

shall be granted

I’m telling you

I was saw on television last night where

it was showing this young lady

and so forth and said she

she made

over 600 million dollars

selling cosmetic products

I said well the church can do that

I better not say that anymore

my point to you is

is that God

has big plans for the church

God’s having problems getting

Faith around your vision because it’s so


and what you need to do is understand

that God has big plans for you

and those plans are going to come to



for you

be fruitful

say Amen to that if I’m anywhere

and I don’t have an answer

I can require or ask God

give me some seed

it doesn’t make any difference where I


God will give me Solutions he’ll give me

Innovation it doesn’t make any

difference because I’m going to be the


and whatever situation I go

well I tried to do a bless by today’s

message now let me share with you a

couple of points that you want to make

sure you remember


you were designed to be a tree

a tree yielding fruit sometimes the

Bible refers to us in scripture as a

palm tree look it up sometime a palm

tree and look at all the products that

come from a palm tree you notice what

it’s doing it’s yielding it’s producing


now number two

you were never meant to be fruitful

without the blessing

now what has happened today what’s

happened today

is that people are being fruitful

meaning that you’ve got big companies uh

apple and Amazon and and so forth and so

on notice what they’re doing they’re

bringing forth ideas and so forth notice

what’s happening people are buying them

up and then the money is coming in and

these are some of the biggest wealthiest

countries in the world but what is

happening that fruitfulness but you as a

Believer have the blessing and that

blessing will take you up to a whole new

level of fruitfulness now this is a

powerful concept praise God get to

teaching you’ll enjoy it well until next

time this is Bill Winston saying we love

you and keep walking by faith

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but I’m ready to turn these cities



I said I’m ready to turn these cities


we need help and bless the families and

the children thank you Dr Wilson for

blessing me and my family this is truly

a blessing it’s a lot of single parents

like myself that’s doing everything by

themselves and this actually is a big


oh this is huge for the Detroit

Community some of us are like swamped in

bills and and property taxes and then um

this is excellent um we appreciate the


and being out here and handing out Uber

and gas cars that really helps me and

thank you for your city tours for the

resources that you bring to our

neighborhood we want to thank you Dr

Winston and operation Tent City campaign

and all of the pastors and ministers and

people that have come out to serve it

has been phenomenal and we are forever

just blessed because of your leadership

thank you so much we’ve had opportunity

to pray for so many families I mean we

pray for people that were ex-gang

members on Southwest side of Detroit are

single mothers every single person is

being prayed for thank you for touching

this family

thank you for this mother and thank you

for these kids

we ask that you touch their lives right



each competition was important for

Detroit because sometimes the city of

Detroit can feel lost or forgotten and I

want everybody to know that you’re not

forgotten and that there are churches

out there pastors out there Dr Bill

Winston Ministries that really love the

people of God and support the people of


me having my record expunged will be the

most powerful impactment in my life

because I plan on getting my CDL so I

can be a truck driver I want to give

everyone a hug with the guidance that

you all are giving us today I have a




and your business is going to be so

powerful it is going to turn people back

to God

this is your day no no no no no no no

you got to say this is my day

you’re not gonna leave here without your

stuff this is your day well I just thank

you so much

from the bottom of my heart

for coming

to Detroit

to help us

heal the community

thank you

you don’t know what we’ve been through


but I feel extremely blessed

and I just want to thank you

thank you Living Word Dr Bill Winston

and operation 10 City for what you’ve

done for this city


now remember you need Faith to get to

your destiny so don’t forget to

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this is Bill Winston I love you and keep

walking by faith