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from our archives the Billy Graham


now tonight I want to speak on

John’s gospel the 11th chapter the 25th

verse and Jesus is speaking to Martha

Lazarus has died

and Lazarus is in the Tomb and Jesus is

trying to comfort Mary and Martha the

sisters of Lazarus and here’s what he

says Jesus said unto her I am the

resurrection and the life he that

believeth in me though he were dead yet

shall he live

and whosoever liveth and believeth in me

shall never die

believeth thou this

and she saith unto him yea Lord

I believe

I believe that thou art the Christ the

son of God which should come into the


you know the Bible talks about three

parts of us the Bible says that we are

built with three things

first we have a body now your body

allows you to see people to walk to here

to shake a hand

but the body can never make a friend

it is the soul and the personality that

has the capacity to love a person and to

have social relationships

and most of us don’t like to go to

funerals we don’t like to talk about

death and we in America have a great

fear of death

and the Bible says in Hebrews the second

chapter who through the fear of death

all their lifetime in bondage

the fear of death can hold you in

bondage all your life says the Bible

in Genesis 3 19 the Bible says for dust

Thou Art and unto thus Thou shalt return

and in Genesis 5 it mentions this it

says this and he died 11 times you’re

going to die

are you prepared to die

the scripture says prepare to die

prepare to meet God it is appointed unto

man wants to die and after that the


but Satan whispered to Adam and Eve and

said Thou shalt not surely die

and he still uses the lie on you

you say somebody else is going to be

killed in that automobile crash it’s

going to be somebody else that’s going

to get pneumonia diet it’s going to be

somebody else that gets cancer it’s

somebody else that’s going to have a

heart attack but one of these days it’ll

be you

we look at our screens and we see Motion

Pictures like Gable and Lombard

are pictures on Marilyn Monroe

and we think that they’re alive or we

even see former President Kennedy come

back on the screen of Martin Luther King

come back on the screen and somehow we

get it in our minds that that they’re

alive right now just like that in the

same old body but they’re not they’re


so the body dies

everybody’s body is going to die your

body will go to the Grave

the second part of us is called the soul

sometimes we interchange it Soul and

Spirit but I believe there’s a

difference between the soul and the


but the soul what is the soul the soul

can think

the soul can decide the soul can desire

the soul can know it can love it can

hate it can react to sum it up the soul

is that part of us that we call

personality now I have two dogs at home

German Shepherds

highly trained dogs I might add

one of them is trained to run when you


and the other one’s trained to growl or

bite if necessary

but you know I’ve noticed that those

dogs they have emotions they grieve they

were they seem to worry if they’re not

fed in time