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when Stephen of kalana fell into the

hands of his assailants and they asked

him in derision

where now is your Fortress

Stephen placed his hand over his heart

and said here is my Fortress

Helen Keller who is blind and deaf and

dumb wrote the best and most wonderful

things in the world cannot be seen or


but it just felt in the heart

you see the heart has come to stand for

the center of the moral spiritual and

intellectual life of a person it’s the

seed of a person’s conscience in life

and extremely important and the question

I want to ask you tonight is this is

your heart right

is your heart right is it right with God

because if it’s not right with God

your sins are not forgiven

you’re not going to heaven when you die

our hearts have to be right

I do not ask about your outward life I

don’t ask about your intellectual life

or your financial status or your social


I’m asking about your heart What About

Your Heart dig deep into your heart

tonight in your thinking how are you

toward God

are you right with God

the Bible says prepare to meet thy God

and before you can prepare to meet God

your heart has to be right and your

heart has to be touched by the Holy


now what does the bible teach about the

heart the Bible teaches that our hearts

are sinful

their sinful mine is yours is we’re born

with it from Adam and Eve it’s passed on

from generation to generation and the

Bible says first of all that our hearts

are full of evil imaginations

Proverbs 6 18 A Heart That dividesth

Wicked imaginations what do you imagine

what are your fantasies

what are you fantasize about

and then secondly the Bible says the

heart is desperately wicked and

deceitful Jeremiah 17 9 the heart is

deceitful above all things and

desperately wicked who can know it

that’s your heart

that’s what the Bible thinks of your

heart that’s what God thinks about your

heart and my heart

the Bible says the heart is far from God

in Matthew 15. this people draweth nigh

to me with their mouth

and honoreth me with their lips but

their heart is far from me

how many of us go to church and sing

how many of us go to church and listen

to the clergyman how many of us

outwardly live a fairly good life but

our heart is far from God we don’t have

that experience with Christ in which

he’s in our hearts all day long and we

think about him and pray to him and he’s

close to us

but he should be and we’re not bearing

in our bodies and lives the Fruit of the


which is love and joy and peace and

gentleness faithfulness

and then the Bible says our hearts are

treasury of evil Mark 7 Jesus said for

within out of the heart

perceive evil thoughts

evil thoughts come from the heart


you might commit adultery with your body

but it starts in the heart and in the

mind and fornications

and murders and thefts and covetousness

and wickedness and deceit lasciviousness

and evil eye blasphemy Pride foolishness

all these things the Bibles Jesus said

come from the heart

so the most important thing in the world

for you tonight is to be sure that your

heart is right with God and that you

have been forgiven of all those things

and how many today

have darkened Hearts I’m sometimes

absolutely amazed at their ignorance

of the world

and the ignorance comes from the fact

that they don’t know God they don’t know

the Bible

they don’t know God’s plan of the ages

and so they make so many mistakes

because their heart is dark and Satan

has blinded their eyes

and many times I I’ve talked to people

who have very little education but they

know God

and they know more about what’s wrong

and how to write it than those people

with all the brilliant education

you see there’s something wrong with us


we don’t recognize in the world in which

we live

our world is secular

our world doesn’t want to take into

account that God exists

or that man is made in the image of God

his heart is made in God’s image and

made for fellowship with God and without

God it’s dark you see he darkens our

under the devil darkens our

understanding sin darkens our


sin paralyzes our will

does the conscience

and defiles the heart

and then the Bible says that we have

unbelieving hearts take heed Brethren

unless there be any among you with an

evil heart of unbelief in departing from

the Living God Hebrews the third chapter

and then our hearts are blind

Ephesians 4 having the understanding

darkened being alienated from the life

of God through the ignorance that is in

them because of the blindness of their


our hearts are blind