Louis Zamperini shares his story at the 1958 Billy Graham Crusade in San Francisco.

in a great crusade like this

thousands of people come forward to

receive Christ as their Lord and Savior

many people are always asking do these

so-called converts last I never call

them converts I always call them

inquiries because they’re inquiring the

way to heaven and to forgiveness I think

also we could call them seekers because

some of them are seeking the way of

salvation but they do not become finders

but every night when I give an

invitation for people to receive Christ

I know that there are many who do find

Christ I also know that many of those

who come forward will not last because

Christ taught us in his parable of the

soul and the 13th chapter of Matthew he

said that he was a soul that went forth

to sow and he said that the seed was the

Word of God and it falls on various

types of soil and brings about different

types of reaction and Christ said that

some of those that were converted under

his ministry would not last in fact he

had a team of 12 men one of them’s name

was Judas and he betrayed him and he

lived close to Christ for three years

another one denied him until we know

that in a crusade like this where

thousands of people are coming to

surrender themselves to Christ that some

won’t last da luta the Evangelist was

walking down the street one day and a

man pointed to a drunk man a friend of

he has pointed to a drunk man over

against the saloon wall and said Mr

moody there’s one of your converts and

mr. moody said it certainly does look

like one of my converts it’s certain

enough the Lord’s but I know but I know

that there are thousands of others that

do laugh at this room tonight is filled

with hundreds of people that have found

Christ in the last few days and you’re

carrying your Bibles you’ve already

identified yourself with a church or

you’ve renewed your church vow in

dedication and now your life is

completely transformed

I remember nine years ago in Los Angeles

we were holding a Great Crusade it was

the first extensive crusade that we’d

ever conducted we went for eight weeks

in Los Angeles at Washington and Hills

Street and Life magazine became

interested in so they came out to take

pictures and there were four rather

prominent people who had come to Christ

among the many others we never do

announce the names of people who come to

Christ in our crusade since that day

many prominent people have come forward

in our meetings and we try to protect

their privacy because we believe that

God would have it that way and we try to

respect their right to find Christ

without publicity but on that occasion

when it was our first crusade these four

were publicized and I remember that one

of the reporters said to me is the

picture of these four was being taken he

said I’d like to see them ten years from


in other words very cynically he was

saying I don’t think they’ll last well

tonight we have three of those four on

the platform several weeks ago we

contacted all three of them and asked

them if they’d come in fact we contacted

all four because all four of them have

lasted and all four of them tonight are

either partially or wholly in Christian

work and I want them to come to the


the first one is Jim vos and Luis

ambarina and stirred hammering I want

them to come up right now and then I’m

going to tell you about each one of them

and just in a sentence or two I want

these three men to tell you how Christ

changed their life their picture was in

Life magazine

nine years ago people weren’t sure they

would last but here they are nine years

later the second man is Luis Zamperini

maybe many of you remember the headlines

in 1936 some of you older people do

because Louis Zamperini was representing

the United States in the world Olympics

in Berlin he was the great Olympic Milo

and he was the man that climbed up the

rice stock and pulled Hitler’s flag

right down from the

top and the whole world guests and it

became an international incident during

the war Lewis ambereen II was an

American war hero he was 47 days on a

life raft floating around in the Pacific

and he began to drink when he came home

and he was confused and frustrated and

mixed up in his life and he too wandered

into that tent on Washington and Hill in

Los Angeles and found Christ is his

avian tonight he is the director of the

victory boys camp for juvenile

delinquents in Los Angeles giving his

full life now to try to rehabilitate

juvenile delinquents and lead them to a

knowledge of Jesus Christ Lewis we’re

delighted to have you with us tonight

Thank You Billy it was after the war and

with about $10,000 in back pay from two

and a half years in prison camp and also

collecting my life insurance for being

dead I became extremely selfish cynical

and greedy until the wind was finally

let out of my sails I lost everything

that I possessed outside of my wife and

little girl and it was then that my wife

was able to persuade me into going down

to that meeting at Washington and Hill

Street in Los Angeles where I’ve heard

the gospel from Billy Graham’s lips

there’s I sat in the meeting I heard

Billy Graham when he stated that God the

Son the Lord Jesus Christ could forgive

me for my sins and then if I put my

trust in him I could have eternal life

and so I went forward in that meeting

ask God to forgive me for not having

kept many promises I made on the ramp

I acknowledge the Gautham was a sinner I

asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into

my heart and save me and of course he

did since then I have had an

unquenchable joy of working with these

wayward boys and

also preaching to them the same gospel

that I heard nine years ago thank you

very much

Thank You Luis