Discover the powerful coming-of-age story of a student environmentalist who shames his father’s legacy and abandons everyone who loves him, including his girlfriend, Michelle. On the run from his family, the authorities, and—most of all—God, Jeff finally confronts the deep hole in his life that only one thing can fill.

still with unhurrying Chase an

unperturbed Pace came on the following

feet and a voice above their beat

not shelters thee who Wilt not shelter



come on

we’ve got um three pages to go it takes

this guy forever to say what’s on his


he’s really hung up on words but it’s

it’s so beautiful now listen

but still within the little children’s

eyes seems something something that


they at least are for me surely for me

it sounds like you’ve already read it so

so give it to me in one sentence

it’s about how Francis Thompson

tried to run away from God all his life

but he couldn’t

and that’s why he called him the Hound

of Heaven

I fled him down the nights and down the

days I fed him down the arches of the

years I fled him down the labyrinthine

ways of my own mind and in the midst of

Tears pretty heavy subject

I don’t guess you can expect him to say

it in a paragraph

hey uh sure you didn’t pick this

assignment will you shut up and listen

I hid from him and on a running laughter

up this day

hey uh let me greet you lip to lip

let me twine you with caresses

we have one more item of business

and I’m sure this won’t come as a

surprise to anyone that this year our

industrial Achievement award goes to

Warren Coe


well I

I had an idea something like this might

happen so

on campus this afternoon and have asked

some of the students what they felt

about Fame had well let’s find out let’s

talk to some more of them

net complex that we’ve been building out

there is not a pilot plant for power

distribution if you’ve been listening

what about you oh man that’s not my bag

I’m not interested I think it’s the

greatest thing to hit this town since

the electric toothpick well that’s a

curious analogy I don’t know would you

care to explain that

not really we achieved more in

satisfaction of our needs with fewer

man-hours of Labor because of power and


than any other country in the world well

and wait you obviously have a strong

opinion no huh

but I have a lot of questions

to our community Atomic reactor

you know and just how many jobs will

automation take away from the people it

just don’t happen to have an engineering

degree and what are they going to do

with the hot waist how much more of our

Shoreline will have to be cordoned off

from public use whenever the power

demand is low and the heat generated

gets re-rooted back into the sea and we

believe that this massive installation

of ours

is truly a living symbol

of what man can accomplish

when his heart and his mind are

harnessed to the service of humanity

isn’t it true that Fame adds very

biggest customer isn’t going to be the

little housewife of their washing

machine it’s going to be the industrial

military complex


I know Dottie but

we’ve always given him freedom

thank you gentlemen very much for this

very gratifying award thank you

thank you

I get it


well I’m afraid I can’t make any comment

about that until I’ve seen the


well you can quote me no comment

all right

one I don’t think it looks like we’re

gonna make the papers


what’s for dinner


with Ranka

he’s in the den


it was your your soapbox huh

you had your little moment in the sun I

had mine is that all you got to say


looks like I raised a kid with a whale

of a big mouth

this above all to thine own self be true

all right you want to play Shakespeare

dinner’s ready

how about King Lear act 1 scene four

how sharper than a Serpent’s tooth is an

ungrateful child when you two stop it

sit down

Dad look I wouldn’t have mind so much if

you had made your case on facts I mean

really if it bugged you that much you

should have talked to me okay how about

20 minutes next Thursday between micro


anyhow you have a way of bending

everything to your radioactive logic

maybe I’m more interested in truth


Warren please can it wait till after

dinner apparently it can’t


you’re supposed to knock before coming

in here

I’m Not Gonna Knock in my own house

yes sir


come hot Jeff you know how to do that

I’m your father next reason

look I was just one of a hundred faces

down there come on you think they picked

you out of the crowd because of your

good looks don’t be stupid you were a

setup they knew who you were and they

knew who your father was too

no you’ve been had Val you just fell

into it that’s all well aren’t you being

a little bit paranoid I’m simply trying

to explain to you rationally the

consequences look I said what I meant

and I meant what I said don’t I have

that right no you don’t apparently I

don’t no you don’t have that right not

to condemn my work no

if they mad put this house over your

head you know but just work everything

you have and where do you think it all

came from money money your money all

right what’s wrong with that right just

what have you contributed to the family

I’m getting out of your house

happy father trip you’re constantly

running is really the ultimate bummer of

the world would you mind transplating

that for me please what we’re really

talking about is is your image and how I

have to live up to it

I’m concerned with how you think how

about what I think

well I think that image is tarnished

Daddy and I really don’t think I can

live with that come on Jeff will you use

your hand look it’s my head

I don’t know what I am but I’m not one

of your machines you can’t program maybe

your specifications

I’m me and that’s all I want to be

Jeff wait a minute

about my credit card

you popped out of your minds

all yours

are you satisfied


and he looks a million miles ahead and 2

000 years behind

and he travels on that will be his song

cause he is the traveling kind and

ignite the sky will blanket him and the

Earth will be his pillow

the sun will welcome him each day as he




and the things he owns are on his back

and his work shows in his hands and his

friends are Miles and Miles Ahead in a

far far distance


and he traveled on another road the

longest of them are where he proved what

love was all about by suffering for

man’s fall and he showed in doing what

he meant when he laid his life down for

a friend the greatest thing a man could

give the hardest road to travel


if you look to see his hands and brow

you will know he understands

cause he’s been the road you’re

traveling now is that

kind of traveling



I was just trying to figure out when we

had our first running you know

the one that started the whole


you see him so much more than I do honey

does he talk to you

he used to

I was just trying to go back to that

first mistake

you know what mine was

I tried to explain my husband

to my son

was there really that much to explain

I’ll make some coffee

all right yeah

information retrieved are you saying

that cybernetics the machine substitutes

for the human brain when you pick up a

telephone and dial

that substitutes for what we used to

call the the hello girl the operator

but in computers

the information retrieval supplements

the human brain

you’re doing what the human brain does

are you doing it faster more accurately

and it remembers better

man improving on his own creation

can the computer think

in the present state of cybernetic


a computer can only do what it’s told to

do doesn’t decision making require

thinking computers are able to make


but only based on the information given

to the computer by the computer program

I wish we had longer Mr Green

look if you all really want to see how

this plugs in why don’t we set up a 10

tour of the installation do we get





hey look don’t worry about it he’s

around okay

see ya


yeah I blew it I’m sorry Dave did I miss

so much

50-minute summary of everything I know

see the morning papers no

what’s in it you want oh got a minute

hey not right now I’m doing English 102.

okay I’ll see you tonight


should I ask for your order


whenever we’re together things start

turning bright

because we understand each other

the sunshine that surrounds you turns

the dark to light

because we understand each other

look into my eyes see my smile feel my


you understand you have

travel through my mind and leave the

impress Ed


so many times I’ve tried to play it what

I’m wanting to be strong


strong warning to leave me alone

and then you touch my mind with

everything you are

Suddenly It’s spring

Winter’s chill is gone


you’re handing me a key

suddenly I’m free

because we understand

each other

I know at times

I wear you down



feel the Sunshine

Shuffle rain

because we understand

each other


okay Hey listen uh it’s nice Poetry Days

years ways tears but rhyme doesn’t get

it for me what about the meaning

uh well something’s chasing him uh

there’s something something uh of his


paranoia yeah

the Hound of Heaven Is God like a poem

should be not mean

but you have to bring something to a

poem if all you’re doing is looking at

the words hey hold on a sec I hear you

saying I can’t appreciate this thing

because I’m not into god well I’m not a

murderer and I read Crime and Punishment

all right I think it’s fair

that we each interpret poetry from our

own frame of reference


you believe the Hound of Heaven is God

can you support that from the work


alas thou knowest not how little worthy

of any love thou art

whom will thou find to love ignoble thee

save me save only me

we’re Unworthy of God’s love and yet he

loves us

you lose me on the v’s and downs

I’m going to finish it for us


I didn’t get that far


will you end it for us please

our fondest blindest weakest

I am he whom thou seekest thou dravest

love from thee who Davis me you got a


all right

yeah hey guitars amp skis yeah well I

need the bread okay see you later thanks

but you brought him up to be a

self-reliant independent human being the

moment he cuts loose David

so we shot his mouth off it has nothing

to do with it

well the fact that he was arrested two

times was speedy three times solely


they’re even making a fool out of

himself on the tube

so what is eating you

how do you get through to someone who

opposes everything you stand for

and possibly you why is that bending the


hey you’re the one that’s always selling

Faith how about summon me

you know I’ll type my landlady guess

yeah maybe she likes Pizza

hey uh what’s the matter

you really don’t want me to come home

with you

trouble is I do


ah yes and here we have Mrs ungerdanger

our typical the beautiful American

housewife and mother who doesn’t know

she’s on candid commercial

and now for an honest opinion of our

Prada bye they know me on candy

commercial where’s the camera right here

little lady I just watch these and grab

his new poop super strength detergent

clean ah yes well uh thank you Mrs

hunger no matter if I’ve ever much

cleaner before I wash this wow yeah so

thank you I do believe this is the


look like someone’s left in the truck

all night long



you know we could really make it here in

just the two of us





I almost forgot the history notes

yeah it’s cool

got that seminar thing in the morning at

your dad’s place

you pick me up


don’t count on it

what’s that supposed to mean


what do you think you’re doing just give

me a ticket yeah but this is a build up

zone now you had to be going at least

60. skip the lecture please

okay let’s have it

Sharon I’m going to be about five

minutes late


are we

we’re gonna miss you at the golf course

or you could hit that ball a ton

listen Angie I wonder if you could do me

a favor

Jeff and I had a kind of a

problem last night and he

he’s left the house I just wonder if you

could kind of keep an eye out for him

you know and nothing officially

and I got three on my own what do you

think I got the gray hair

greens class they’re on the way down

Master Control

you’re supposed to wear that yeah right


everyone fell in around the window here

all right now you realize that

everything you have seen is run from

right here in master control that

includes the reactor the solidization

intake fresh water output temperature

maintenance steam conversion turbine

speed power start and stop


excuse me

Security’s pretty tight huh well in the

event of an emergency security can

electronically come on in security can

electronically seal off this entire

plant then we need one of these

authorized key cards to release the

lockhements we use them at all times

here in Massachusetts okay everybody

come on in it may be a little tight but


our research and development program has

put us ahead of most other countries in

the programming and control of atomic


and actually the biggest loads in the

history of atomic reactive power is

stored right here program for all

conceivable combinations of demand and


x million information bits

it all boils down to one rail of tape

controlling the whole thing

configuring out the city payroll at the

same time

in fact every conceivable mechanical and

electrical function is handled from this


the data that has been designed into

these machines

enable us to control power plants

automatically cutting in appropriate

substations and cutting out others

feeding power where it’s needed

now the number of man hours that have

been invested in this project

are comparable

to all the time devoted to our space


because if somebody pushes the wrong

button it screws up the tape and doom




thank you


thank you



let me tell you Michelle Michelle

could I see you for a moment

I’m open to just about anything

I mean

you are so much closer to him than we


a time there

I thought you were going to get engaged

if that isn’t too old-fashioned

then when you start seeing each other so


Jeff said the competition was too tough

I guess he meant Jesus

you know

it’s really strange because I have so

much more love to give him now and he’s

miles away and he can’t see it does he

talk to you about us

about his family sometimes

Jeff took most of those

is he interested in religion

oh that was a concert he plays sometimes

Sunday afternoons we usually have a

thing going at the park


do I love you I love you I love you I

love you

brother and sister Mrs and Mr I love you

I love you she made me feel it now I

can’t conceal it I love you or I love


she came into the world to show to show

the way

set us all free and when he died


I love you


excuse me can you tell me where it’s

happening yeah it’s up on the hill here

take a couple of these with you it’s a

long walk to keep you busy

oh it’s not our thing really thing well

it’s not exactly a thing you know it

could be your whole life

well that works for you fine but I just

don’t go along with it would you mind

telling me what you do believe in

in my book

I just don’t believe in miracles

I believe in what works

would you believe in how Christ worked

for me

see I had three felony wraps for


I was in and out of every kind of

do-it-yourself thing to kick the habit

one point I was so far down I felt like


then somebody touched me and

told me I could change my whole life

right around if I just let Jesus help me

Jesus is real brother praise God

thank you

must be the place

we’re singing about love

what is This Love

it’s love we sing about

love is a pretty general term today


could mean anything from something

someone might say to someone when they

wanted to go to bed with them to a

to an ecstatic spiritual feeling


deep inside

I don’t think he’s here friend but real

love is taught by the Bible

is giving

the Bible says in Luke 10 when I was a

legal expert asked Jesus about God’s

command to Love Thy Neighbor

Jesus replied with this story

it seems there was this man traveling

from Jericho to Jerusalem that could

have been for me

Los Angeles to San Francisco for that


and he fell among some thieves and they

beat him up

took his money took his clothes and

pushed him off to the side of the road

and just generally ripped him off

this priest came along

he was a very holy individual

he looked at the man laying at the side

of the road and decided that he didn’t

want to get involved so he passed him by

then an assistant or somebody from the

temple came along and

he looked at the guy laying there and

rushed right by because he didn’t have

the time to be involved

that seems to me to be where most of us


that seems to be the Human Condition we

we need this help we reach out for this

help but nobody hears us because

everybody’s just too busy

but that’s not the end of the story

another man came down the road he was

what the Bible called a despise

Samaritan we would probably call him the

last man on the face of the Earth to

help anybody because nobody ever helped


the Samaritans had their own little

ghetto you know

he knew all about pain so he walked over

to the man at the side of the road

bandaged him up and took care of him

maybe you’ve been way laid by the side

of life’s eyewear maybe you know someone

who has

Jesus loves you you know

he wants to help you

and he proved his love for you by dying

on the cross

for you

open up

and accept that love he has to offer


ing us




thank you


I’ve been home since two o’clock

well I went to a meeting with Dave

some of Michelle’s friends were having

I thought Jeff might be there but he


then we just sat and talked and the time

just got away four hours

well it’s not exactly normal for you to

be home on Sunday afternoons

maybe you better start mimeographing

your schedule

how often you have these little chats

Dave’s a good listener

well the next time she wants to cry on

your shoulder why don’t you try taking

her to lunch

now wait a minute

she asked me to take her there

probably because you’d have taken out

your slide rule and proven there wasn’t

any God

Come On Dave maybe it’s just a fad it

was a rock last year piece last week pot

yesterday Jesus today and who knows what

tomorrow yes but what if there is

something more

what if those kids really do have


and the scientist I’m open open

you think all this was prayed into

existence it took intelligence and hard

work yours and mine

a lot of other people before us which

only proves what God could have done if

he had a Federal grant that’s funny

that’s really funny

thank you








it’s a bad time woman

okay Tarzan


I miss you in the outside world

oh you and who else


your mom came to see me

what’s she bothering you for

she thought I knew where you were

she’s worried

what’s he supposed to do forget your


come on I’ll show you count your summer



it looks like a birthday cake

is there anybody around no just a weird

old lady on a bike that chases


you look pretty strung out

yeah well


been trying to put it all together


it’s been up for review


this is the time to split for good


nothing’s going to change

no matter what I do it’s never going to

earn me a gold star on his performance



does your dad always have to set the



look if you mentioned that Jesus stuff

I’ll throw up

you mentioned him yeah but it’s written

all over your face look I’m tired of

always feeling like you’re judging me

behind that Christian smile of yours

because I haven’t seen the light


couldn’t be more wrong

I love you

save your prayers you’re being pretty

weird you’re pretty weird yourself

mother Mary reading your Bible all the

time like some

straight and proper

sorry if I turn you off

yeah well I liked you better the old way

not the old way

it never will be again

hey come on

I told you I’m going through a lot of

changes well how do you think I feel

when the person I love most can’t

understand the most important thing in

my life we had a beautiful thing going I


well that’s slipped out I

yeah well maybe it’s better left past

tense it was just a big hole in you and

every time you can’t fill it you explode

against someone


where is he


okay look I appreciate it thanks

all right

all right

you know you’re kind of a tough guy

you’re fired me how you doing

well just

keep them clean

that’s what I see

a Mr ecology this is uh

phosphate you know let’s have pollutes

thank you

all right so look you you made your

point now come on come on home with me


thank you

come on I got some food for you come on


hey kitties Hello Kitties come on little


come on babies

hello dear hello you’re gonna get out

all by yourself oh you little baby yeah

come on I got your food for you I got a

lot of good stuff for you oh come on

come on

where are all the other little kids

have a little kitty cats oh they’re up

in the ceiling son



thank you


can’t be upstairs





thank you






that you love him

use your heart for a change instead of

that super rational brain what do you

recommend the front lobotomy or


yes sir I would like to uh we would come

to see our son the name please

Jeffrey call all right oh Angie Mr Miss


officer Sardinia be with you

Warren friend

well they got him on a misdemeanor

breaking and entering

this is in the charge no no that’ll all

come later I mean restitution should

only run in the neighborhood of 50 bucks



check you later Harvey


you know they really take lousy pictures

in there but I did a great job on the



we’re not interested in punishing you

for some exotic crime I’ll pay back that

fifty dollars

don’t worry

yeah I guess you’re kind of tired from

your jail experiencer

how about a fresh start in the morning

I’m not afraid to talk about it really

I just want you to know that I’m sorry I

put you in all this trouble

forget it

you’re better get some sleep

I must really put you through the ringer

well it was worth it at least you knew

you were wrong son

about what

well your emotional accusations on

television I suppose where it started

I’m sure you got something out of Dave’s

lecture at least about our safety


you must keep pretty heavy surveillance

down there daddy

look I just happened to kick

somehow the super rational brain of mine

can’t penetrate that particular tone of

voice I didn’t say I was wrong I said I

was sorry your boobs are behaving like

spoiled bread stay out of this

what am I

some kind of a gadget you can turn on

and off when you want dinner look I told

you to leave us alone why don’t you

leave her alone look you’ve been doing

this big father number on me for the

last couple of years well I can take it

just leave her alone wait a minute pal

well you just wait a minute you can talk

to my probation officer

I’ll sleep in the van what is somebody

in this house going to love somebody

is that so difficult Warren

new upstairs








I really tried

if it was not exactly noticeable

you win

that’s what counts doesn’t it

you just have to win

you’re playing some kind of

computerized chess game

it’s fixed

so that you always come out on top

you know I love you

it’s the job friend

thank you

I know we are all drifting

away from each other

and as soon as we pass the critical

stage at the plant I promise what about

the critical stage here

it’s the

time thing


things keep building up and driving us

further and further apart

I’ll make it right I promise I I just

need a little more time



thank you

security we’ve got some Monkey Business

at the fountain can you pick up anything

we’ll get right on it

and maybe you better call Warren Cole

Mr Cole I’m sorry to disturb you but we

have a possible entry at the plan we are

alerting all units to a possible illegal

entry and the South

scan bypass area

there he is unit 4 checkout bypass area

for illegal entry


thank you



hey Bob look at this








by the time I get there I’ll be laughing

off some heads






thank you


all units report to electrical relay

immediately possible sabotage




thank you


why do you insist on embarrassing me

like this

oh how’s this for a headline

father trapped son and sabotage plot

that make a great PR man you might even

make the tube again why do you always

have to say something like that that

doesn’t relate to anything

all I see is hate I’m you for me

I don’t know maybe I did something that

nature no diversionary tactics okay

I came here to follow up your toy oh

Jeff come on this toy has so many

automatic systems built in you could

ever be any more than an annoyance

oh all this energy

why can’t you see that every dream I

ever had will all come back to you

that’s it

they’ve always been yours

look you gave up on me when I blew


I don’t know

I try I

everything he ever asked for I I gave


I don’t know anymore

I’m afraid

turbine the generator just recorded

electrical failure they’re losing power

and we’re close to a critical mode I


I Just Wanna Be Free of you

your dreams


we’re fluctuating between 60 and 100.

these limits aren’t going to hold

alert the local substation they’re

switching the backup

coming to kill a right




okay I’m going to reactivate a tell them

to stand by for a surge

we’ll be standing by for a surge


good we’re holding steady

there might be a slight rise in the

building for five or ten seconds Dave do

you want to record this for retreat

some of the conversion is holding


thank you





left hey thanks a lot


never fails every time I hear a guard

just start walking

where are you heading just traveling you

oh no place in particular just away

that’s cool

just splitting her yeah yeah


Hey listen you hungry

no not not really


hey man it’s ripoff time you take what

you can get what do you have to live for

a week and just talk biscuits of course

you don’t get any Blue Chips tips


hey thanks sure


first time on the road

yeah just about

I’ve been moving around about three



been all over the stage




Europe twice



yeah every single country three feet off

the ground you gotta go to Morocco man

talk about brass

over there it’s Keith Ash anything you

want it’s like buying Burger


thank you

Jesus Freaks

always good for a place to crash

always there with the goodies

really yeah

they get off on Jesus look at this grass


tying with them every chance you get

magic words or praise the Lord pass the

mashed potatoes



thank you



I think we got a flat


to kill it

yeah the Jack and the Tire Tool are in

the front seat okay

thank you

I got a ride I got a ride


see you man take care huh yeah








hi honey come on what’s happened is it

Jeff oh no what have you heard from him



that’s what I kind of hang around home

today you know break the pattern

you realize we haven’t had a vacation in

five years

we’re both a little too old for an

identity crisis but

we could consider a holiday

yeah uh Europe or South America maybe

wherever you want to go

only you could come up with something

like this

like what we have no idea where Jeff is

and you have us off on some vacation

it’s incredible one really incredible




I always believe that growth was the

most important factor in life to

to achieve as much

actualization of one’s potential was


and somehow Ohio

I overachieved at least

with Jeff and


what I’m trying to say is I don’t want

to lose you


is it possible to go back friend

and the silences



fill her up you got any money

uh better make it three bucks

got a pot of coffee on inside

hey thanks


hey thanks a lot man yeah not bad are

you going into the city well if it’s up

ahead I guess I am we really prayed

you’d stop


how’s your day been going all right just

moving along I wish you didn’t plan on

being stranded back there we’re trying

to make it to the sports arena Billy

Graham’s there

it’s a Lord’s timing he knows best well

maybe you’re not missing very much

Graham probably repeats himself a lot


I don’t know I just can’t believe in a

God that would allow


Napalm and starving kids for instance

when we turn our backs his son man you

can see the results you mean people

decided to choose God they’ll

automatically change overnight and

everybody will live happily ever after

well you know God wants to change our

hearts but he won’t back you into a

corner with no way out because that’s

not love

the part of you that will live on


thanks Jeff you’re welcome

well you better hurry up you understand

why don’t you come on in with us uh no

thanks why’d you go so far to your way

to get us here where is the future I

used to know a girl that’d be turned on

by Graham I guess it was for her and

that’s fine

the lord loves you Jeff


pailed upon my wall

my eyes dimly see the pattern of my life

I’m the puzzle that is me

from the moment of my birth to the

instant of my death there are patterns I

must follow just as I must breathe each


like a rat in a maze the path before me

lies and the pattern never Alters until

the rap dies

is that the way your life seems just a


just a maze no purpose and no meaning

life makes no sense

did you know that you can really live

any way you want to live

and there’s nothing that God can do

about it

you’re not a puppet on a string

you’re not a mechanical toy that God

winds up and turns you loose and you do

what you’re supposed to do

you’re made in the image of God you’re

made in the moral image of God you can


you can choose the kind of life you’re

going to leave

if you want to lead a life totally away

from God

pleasing your own flesh

your own desires

under the control of your own will

without any restraints without any

lordship of Jesus Christ go ahead and do


now you cannot Escape Jesus you can try

but you can’t do it

if Jesus claimed to be God knowing that

he was not

then of course he’s a liar

if Jesus thought he was God and didn’t

know the difference he was a maniac

but if Jesus Christ is who he claims to


God In the Flesh

then nothing else counts except to know


with all of our scientific and

technological achievement with all of

our intellectualism we cannot Escape


everybody has to decide about Jesus

who is it

what was he

what demands does he have on my life


God said I’ll become a man

and young people I want to tell you

that’s who Jesus Christ is


God and God in the form of Jesus Christ

born of a virgin

walked Among Us

and he showed us what God is like and if

I want to know what God is like I take a

long look at Jesus

I watch him as he makes the blind man to

see and the dumb man to talk and the

dead man derives

but that wasn’t why it came he didn’t

come just to live among us he didn’t

come just to teach us a new way of life

Jesus Christ came for another purpose

he came to die on the cross

you see the Cross of Christ where he

died for our sins that was a judgment

Jesus said to this end was I born he was

not accidentally put to death

and he said my God why is Thou forsaken

me at that moment in some mysterious way

God was judging his son instead of us

he didn’t just give him to die

he gave him to sin

he became sin for us

the Bible says all have sinned what does

sin mean sin means that you’ve broken

the law of God sin means that you’ve

come short of God’s holy requirement

for eternal life all of us are sinners

all of us have missed the marks

honey I was just going through my back I

can’t find my nine hours

Jeff’s room

he used them last summer

to take away this cause


you know the god of the Bible is not

some cold impersonal formula or


yeah and Jesus said I’ve come to bring

life and life abundantly

Jesus said you cannot serve God and

Mammon he said a man’s life consisted

not in the abundance of the things that

he possesses


make people


lonely and often afraid

if you make money your God

it leaves you empty

George Bernard Shaw said there are two

tragedies in life

one is not to get your heart’s desire

and the other

is to get it

you think if you had a lot of money

you’d be happy

some of you have already got a lot and

you’re not happy

two tragedies you didn’t get it and you

did get it you see without God

life loses its zest and its purpose and

its meaning you were made for God and

without God you can never find Total

fulfillment and total satisfaction how

many people are watching me that are

having problems in your home he can give

you a new home turn it over to him take

all the selfishness out and put Christ

first and see what happens what is the


there is a Christian killed

that cures Christ

to go to our knees

if you wait until you can understand it

all or accept it all scientifically

you’ll never come Jesus said

except you become as a little child and

be converted you cannot enter the

Kingdom of Heaven what does converted

mean converted just means change

you’re going in One Direction in your

life and you change and start a new

Direction and your new direction is

taught god with Christ in your heart

that’s conversion conversion is the work

of God all you have to do is be willing

and he’ll do it

I’m going to ask you to submit and

surrender your life and your heart to

him and start life all over again

with his love and his power to help you

what do you have to do

you have to be willing to give up your

sin and confess that you failed and

sinned against God I’m going to ask you

by faith to come to his cross where he

shed his blood for you

and let him wash you clean of your past

and change your life and make you a new

person I’m asking you to get up out of

your seat and come and stand right here

in front of this platform and say I want

Christ I choose Christ as my Lord and my

master and my savior there’s a young man

there’s a young woman there’s a father

there’s a mother here tonight but Christ

is speaking to

and you’re going to have to

fake and you’re going to

and you can’t face any of them really

without Christ


on my way to where have I been

on my way

to what am I do


something around me I don’t know

coming on


telling me to try and look his way but I

don’t know

I don’t know

catch me Catch Me If You Can


you help me slow down and find out who I


the pieces


catch me

running away

to where’s all the sunshine

on my way

to open some door

on my way to one where and more

something around me


telling me to try and look his way

things I love

catch me catch me if you can


help me slow down and find out who I am

you have to pick up the pieces


catch me or catch me

catch me if you can

catch me



do you have any more of that Christian

love left for a guy with an empty tank


it seems like

such a cop-out to just give in to him


he hadn’t left anything for me to do


I have to believe


yeah yeah well if he’s God he knows I

don’t understand at all

he’s a Hound of Heaven he’ll know when

you’ve stopped running



well hi





Michelle just called she said we should

come to the park well what far

she says it’s Jeff’s there


I’d always been strong and independent

until my family started breaking up for

the second time and I realized how weak

I really was and how I needed somebody

who was strong and whose love was

constant I had some friends who told me

about Jesus Christ and I really knew

that I needed him and that he really

wanted me I just couldn’t help but

respond to his unending love I felt like

I was lost you know like 25 years like I

used heroin for seven years

like I’ve been in the penitentiary like

I felt like I never belonged all my life

like I felt like something was always

missing inside of me

and now like I feel whole I Feel

Complete you know through Jesus Christ

and coming out of a drug culture I found

one of the biggest Hang-Ups for me was

that I was never willing to admit that I

was wrong or that I could possibly be

sinful or something

and I found that when I accepted Christ

at the age of 18 all I had to do was

just be myself and that’s the kind of

relationship I found that God wanted

with me

you know I used to really resent

Christians with their smiley faces and

their white Bibles and they’d come up to

me and they’d tell me what a wonderful

personal relationship they had with

Jesus Christ

until one day I was in a Volkswagen

repair shop and uh and this guy came up

to me and sat down next to me with a

Bible and so I thought as a game I’d ask

him some of the usual questions about

God and Jesus Christ and things and

and right there he explained to me why I

needed Jesus Christ as my personal


and you know driving home right after

that in my in my repaired Volkswagen I

could tell that I was I was a new person

and Jesus was really in my life I

remember going to church every Sunday in

my life and I come away from my deal on

Sunday and think I’d done my bit for the

week but I was missing the whole point

of what church is about

but then one day a guy on a football

field really told me that Christianity

is a personal relationship with Christ

and that God my God wanted to be a seven

day a week God not just a Sunday God

and when I found when I invited Jesus

into my life that I had a God that was

with me all the time there was a girl in

my class who started talking to me about

Christ and I couldn’t believe it because

she really seemed to be a semi

intellectual person and I I couldn’t

bring the two together and one by one

all my intellectual arguments started

breaking down

the crisis in my life

and you know

it’s not hard to be alone now

so not hard to

be alone at night

because I know that God is really there

after a while I just um

stopped running I guess

well I guess the chase is over


I’ve been doing a lot of searching

but I’ve decided to trust



I need

for him to give me

well for one thing love

I don’t really know what’s going to

happen from here on

but I do know that I need Jesus

I’m figuring he can show me the way










come on

have you sensed the spirit of God the

great hound of Heaven tugging at your


the Bible says we can never find God

through our own knowledge

that we have to discover him like a


reaching out in simple trust to his son

Jesus Christ

only then

after that first step of faith will he

reveal himself and in your heart

will know

what’s keeping you from doing that right

now your pride

your uncertainty

perhaps Christians that have failed you

your own dreams your own bank account

your own ambitions

if Jesus is who he claimed to be

there is nothing more important in the


than getting to know him

it’s my prayer

that this moment you will come to Christ

God bless you