While in isolation, have you opened your home for a visitation from God? Like the disciples, we are undergoing a paradoxical season of seclusion. Do not get discouraged. When you follow greatness, you may stumble upon places of tension. However, if you are patient and prepare for the anointing of God, the trajectory of your situations will improve. Be persistent to God’s voice — and you’ll discover unspeakable joy is on its way!

I wanna turn our attention to the Word

of God but I will said that the flower

fades and the grass shall wither but the

word of the Lord shall stand forever

glory to God

kingdoms come and kingdoms go leaders

come and leaders go sickness comes in

sickness goes but the word of the Lord

will stand forever if you’re looking for

something stable then I want to invite

you to get into the Word of God go to

the book of Acts chapter 1 verse 1

through 8 and there we’re going to

consider and contemplate the word of the

Lord that we might have a different and

a deeper understanding into the truth

thereof when you find it shout amen

okay the former treaties have are made

oh Theophilus of all that Jesus began

both to do and to teach until the day in

which he was taken up after that he

through the Holy Ghost had given

Commandments unto the Apostles whom he

had chosen to whom also he showed

himself watch this closely to whom also

he showed himself alive after his

passion by many infallible proofs being

seen of them being seen of them for

forty days and speaking of the things

pertaining to the kingdom of God and

being assembled together with them

commanded them that they should not

depart from Jerusalem but wait for the

promise of the father wait for the

promise of the Father which said he ye

have heard of me for John truly baptized

with water but ye shall be baptized with

the Holy Ghost not many days hence when

they therefore were come together they

asked of him saying Lord will Dow at

this time restore again the kingdom to

Israel and he said unto them it is not

for you to know the times or the seasons

which the father had put in his own


but he shall receive power after that

the Holy Ghost is come upon you and he

shall be witnesses unto me both in

Jerusalem and in all Judea and in

Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of

the earth

can you say Amen I want to spend a few

minutes from the subject wait on it

somebody shall wait on it let’s pray

father thank you thank you for this day

thank you for this moment thank you for

our strength thank you for the activity

of our limbs thank you for our right

mind thank you for the revelation of who

you are thank you for the Peace in the

power that we have in you thank you for

the revelation of the scriptures

thank you for peace in the midst of the

storm thank you for the healing of all

manner of diseases thank you for being

Jehovah Jireh thank you for supplying

all of our needs according to your

riches and glory now I believe you to

take over the service do whatever you

want to do throw your weight around show

the devil who’s boss we believe me of

her miracles and we thank you for it in

Jesus name

somebody shout Amen you may be seated

well yesterday I decided to go to CVS

and because we’ve been in lockdown I got

completely dressed to drive to three

blocks from my house to go through the

drive-through window at CVS I said you

know you’ve been in a house a long time

when going through the drive-through


requires you getting dressed and if you

like me you’ve been shut in so long you

have looked at all four walls in your

room you’ve seen the curtains and the

drinks and the floor and everything else

and and there’s a deep deep desire to

get out and get involved and get going

and do all kinds of stuff and yet we

and the wisdom then it takes for certain

areas of Steel shut in and we understand

what that means and what that takes and

during that time it’s a it’s it’s a

great time for introspection

introspection I had several weeks of

introspection yeah several weeks the

information I introspected everything a

man I said another seven weeks I don’t

know if I have anything else is left to

introspect but I thought about where I

was where I’m going where I want to be

how I want to get there all that’s a

part of the process I say that because

there’s some things that happen in

isolation they cannot happen in a crowd

you have to go through a period of being

left alone with your own thoughts

without distraction from other people to

really evaluate where you are I say that

because I want you to understand where

I’m going with this text I want you to

realize that this text comes in at a

moment of great transition and I want

you to understand the transition and the

trauma associated with this text these

are men who have given up everything to

follow Jesus their livelihood their

reputations their careers their family

relations here marital relations have

all been stunted by following Jesus

following Jesus meant going wherever

Jesus went however Jesus went whenever

Jesus went on boats on seas hiking

through deserts to dry places through

doubts for three years they’ve been with

Jesus you can’t run a business three

years away from your business so

everything they had suffered so that

they could be with Jesus and in part

because they thought that Jesus was

going to establish his kingdom which the

text brings out they kept waiting for

him to overthrow Caesars influence over

Jerusalem and they said he’s gonna set

up his kingdom and we’re gonna be his

cabinet you know and then answer we’re

getting closer to the end and it doesn’t

go the way they thought it was going to

go now discipleship is really being

tested because discipleship which is

rooted and discipline is tested when

things don’t go the way you thought they

were going to go

it’s not hard to be a disciple when you

get what you thought you were going to

get but it’s difficult to be a disciple

when you thought that what was in it for

you is no longer there and then trying

to figure out what’s going on because

they wanted him to be their king and

they wanted him to be their ruler and

they saw the king but they didn’t see

the cross and you can’t be a king

without a cross those things are

interchangeable and inextricably

connected in such a way that every King

has a cross you might not see it but

they have a cross every person who’s

anything that you want to be has a cross

to go along with it there’s always

something hanging off a crown it’s a

cross people always see it it’s always

in public but every crown is paid for by

a cross the disciples did not understand

that there that every development of

leadership or prosperity the notoriety

or degrees or accomplishment have

crosses with it that’s why everybody

doesn’t have a degree because there’s a

cross with it that’s why everybody

doesn’t have a masters it has a cross

with it that’s why everybody doesn’t

make it to notoriety because there’s a

cross ones and some people would rather

have the peace and the power is it’s a

decision if you go up it’s gonna cost

you something they didn’t know how much

it was going to cross Jesus and all of a

sudden when Jesus got ready to pay the

bill on the next increment of power and

authority which was the cross it cost

great trauma it caused confusion not

only was it traumatic to see a leader

that they had been with for years and

years and dedicated their lives and

resources and finances stripped naked

and beaten like a thief till his

entrails were hanging out hung high

stretched wide nailed to a tree dying in

the hot Jerusalem heat in naked in front

of everybody and the humiliation and the

degradation of his beard plucked from

his face and a crown of Florence placed

upon his head and his leather riffing on

a cross speaking words while bleeding

pus coming out of him dying

in open Sun it was humiliating it was

scary it was devastating it was

emotional yes think about it if it were

your pastor think about it if it were

your leader think about if it was

somebody you care about it there you had

to watch them die

the powerful now seems powerless the

mighty seems mundane the overcomer looks

like he has been overcome and all of a

sudden the enemy begins to place all

kinds of doubts and most people focus on

the fact they’re dead Thomas doubted and

there Peter started cursing and that

Judas hung himself but they do not

recognize the kind of power and pressure

these boys were under these boys were

under pressure because if you follow

greatness you’re gonna come to places of

pressure that’s how you know who’s with

you by how they handle the places of


anybody can with you and be with you and

your exhortation but it takes a special

person to stand with you in your

aggravation and when things got

aggravated there was a great great

discontentment and there was wrestling

and there were turmoil and not only was

the heat turned up on Jesus and he was

crucified and humiliated like he was a

dog like he was an animal

and died in between two thieves with no

reprieve ‘el and no recognition then no

voice speaking from heaven and no angels

to rescue him he died like the rest of

them he died like an ordinary man he

died in such a humiliating way that no

wonder there was doubt and fear and

disarray and controversy but that is not

the real problem of the test the real

problem of the text is now that Jesus

was dead the heat was now on those who

were with him now Peter says here they

said Peter were you with him at all I

wasn’t with him no I wasn’t without know

about it were you involved no he was

very bad

and a nanny Peter went accosted we were

de cousin if he he’d was old then less

you know that the heat is not disowned


the heat is on them and because of the

pressure to destroy anything associated

with Jesus they entered into isolation

yeah and the Bible says that the

disciples were locked up behind closed

doors for fear of the Jews I don’t know

how long they were in isolation but they

were in total isolation like we have

been in isolation and isolation does all

kinds of stuff to you they were they

were isolated they were isolated and in

trouble and because right outside the

door was death right outside the door

was death they dare not go to the market

they dare not go to the store they dare

not leave their houses and be seen in

public places because they didn’t have

Kobe at nineteen to fight but they were

they were on the hit lists of hell they

had to stay safe by hiding like a bunch

of schoolgirls in Cannes they were

hiding for fear of their lives because

if they got out into public while they

were cleaning out this infestation of

Christianity they would have killed the

disciples killed and so they were in

isolation trying to preserve their life

not like us now we’re not in isolation

cuz we like our house

we’re in isolation because death is

outside the door and we can’t see where

it is and we don’t know what it’s going

to do and so we feel safe in our house

and we rather be born and safe then

excited and dead those are the choices

and if you lay those two choices in

front of me I’ll be bored for the next

six weeks I’ll be born in the next year

I’ll stay about three years I’d rather

be bored in my house for three years

then be excited in the streets and dead

if those are the choices those were the

choices for the disciples either get out

and have fellowship and be killed or

stay in the road and they were locked up

in the road by themselves and Jesus was

crucified and there were little rumors

of all kind of rumors some had said that

they’d stolen his body the body was

missing the body had turned up missing

they came down then the stone was rolled

away the place where Jesus lay he there

was no body there and some said that

they had heard from angels and others

said it was a trick and a prank and they

were all kind of rumors and they were

sharp and in the midst of that isolation

and there’s a seclusion that comes a

seclusion and Jesus comes into their

seclusion now I want you to see this

isolation and seclusion are two

different things

let me look at this a minute isolation

and seclusion are two different things

to be isolated they’re isolated so that

they might be insulated from the

possibility of anything happening in

their life but the isolation gradually

turns into seclusion so that Jesus can

come into their seclusion because Jesus

desired to have a private moment with

him he has given up on public displays

so even when Jesus rose from the dead he

did not seek the crowds he only sought

those that knew him he only sought those

that knew him because the Bible said the

secret of the Lord is with them that

fear him and he shall show them his

covenant now you remember at the Last

Supper he said that the New Testament

was in his blood so he’s not going to

show his covenant to the world because

he has come unto his own and his own has

received him not

he’s already wept over them remember all


how off would I have gathered you as a

hen together no cheese and you would not

okay I’m through with that he’s turned

his back and he’s only showing himself

to the believers as it was then

so is it now there are certain things

that God will only show people that

really serve him yeah he won’t just show

you just because you’re curious he will

just show you because you’re fascinated

and interesting he won’t just show you

because you’re taking a class in

religious studies he will show you

because you think you’re an intellectual

and you want to understand some there

are some things that God will only

reveal to people who believe in him and

so the God who walked amongst him every

day has now started showing up in visits

and so for the next 40 days he visits

him and I thought I’d take a moment and

thank God for his visits because I must

I must admit it’s not that he talks to

me every day you know it’s not that he

talks to me every day it’s not that I

feel anointed every day it’s not that I

feel his presence every day it’s not


then I speak in tongues every day it’s

not that I feel his power every day but

I don’t want to thank him because he

visits a village from God can change

your trajectory a visit from God can

change how you see your life a visit

from God can change how you deal with

your children a visit from God can

change your attitude and your whole

disposition I know there’s a lot of you

watching me that you say that you have

breakfast with him every morning but the

truth of the matter is every time then

God stops my visits he visited Abraham

every so many years God would visit him

and it would change the trajectory of

his life he visited Moses God has a way

of visiting you and his visits made a

different he visited the two disciples

on the road to Emmaus and the visit

changed a whole conversation they were

having a conversation until Jesus

and walked up from behind them and they

included him in their conversation and

then he included them in his and the

Bible said for the next seven miles he

unfolded himself through the scriptures

and when the seven mile trip was over he

made as if he would go on and they

invited him into the room because they

wanted to visit to continue the only

thing about Jesus visiting you is you

never want him to leave if you’ve ever

had a visitation of the Holy Ghost you

don’t want it to be over if you remember

I mean a real man I talked about just

goose pimples and children but I mean a

real visit from God

makes you want him to linger abide with

us and if I invited him in and I say

broke bread the Bible say if they saw

him in the order of the breaking of

bread some of you don’t know don’t have

a clue what I’m talking about because

all you’ve ever visited with church and

you’ve never have visited Jesus but then

there are moments in your life that

Jesus will visit you and it doesn’t have

to be in church he’ll come in your house

and visit you he’ll come in a jail cell

and visit you you can be driving the

work with tears running down your face

and he’ll visit you here you wake you up

at three o’clock in the morning and give

you a visitation that changes how you

see everything in your life you have to

be a real question to know what I’m

talking about but every now and then God

visits us and when he visits us he turns

our fear removes our doubt and all of a

sudden we go into a different state of

existence we’re not in isolation just

because we’re in seclusion yeah yeah

it’s a different tenor to the word we

may be in seclusion waiting on a time to

come but we’re not in isolation so the

disciples that we meet who are locked up

behind the doors for fear of the Jews

are in isolation the disciples that end

up in the upper room are not in the

upper room out of fear they’re in

seclusion yeah they’re in seclusion

there’s still nobody else in the room

but they’re not in isolation

then the

the reason for them being behind closed

doors is no longer the fear of the Jews

but they’re not waiting for the Holy

Ghost to the outward man they’re still

behind closed doors the situation is

still the same the only thing that

changed was attitude when we see them at

first they are behind closed doors for

fear what the world might do but when we

see them in the end they’re behind

closed doors waiting to see what God is

going to do and in between these two

polarities all the change the narrative

was he visited them if he ever visits

you the situation may still look the

same but it won’t be the same because

because the visit change its attitude

under stay over and all of a sudden you

might be in isolation well at one moment

but then you go into seclusion because

you’re there for a different reason same

hospital they’re different reason living

in the same house but it’s a different

reason going to the same job but this is

a different reason married to the same

person but it’s a different reason

driving the same carpet is a different

reason hi Lillian why man looks on the

outward appearance and says it’s all the

same thing you know it’s not the same

thing because you have a different

expectation before I was locked up in

here because of what I was afraid of but

now me here here because of what I’m

waiting on something else is going to

happen if I stand here a little while

longer something is going to happen and

the Bible said that he he led them out

in the Book of Luke 24 verse 47 that he

led them out as far as Bethany and he

blessed him and it is a hard thing in

the world because can you imagine what

it is to be in love with Jesus to the

point that John has laid his head on his

breast to the point that they’ve given

up everything to serve him to the point

that they spent the last three years

serving him to the point that they’ve

put their lives at risk to serve it and

they loved him and they loved him and

now he’s leaving the visitation period

is over there’s 40 days of visitation

and then it’s over and they know that

they will not see him anymore until they

see him in clouds of glory

it’s like taking a loved one down to the

airport and you know that they’re going

away and it’s one thing for you to be

gone a couple of weeks but when you know

that I may not ever see you again in

this life that’s a whole different kind

of feeling it’s the kind of feeling you

get when you close the casket on

somebody love now if you haven’t done

that you don’t know what I’m talking

about but if you’ve ever done that the

closing of that cabinet is a coffin

there’s a finality to it dinner there’s

a pain to it there’s a ate to it because

you know that you won’t see him anymore

on this side and I can remember wanting

to bend my head down and peek in for one

final lock it was at this point that

Jesus leads him out as far as Bethany

and lays hands on him and blesses him

and gave them joy at a time that they

should have had on a pain how can God

give us joy at a time we ought to have

other pain it’s a place of separation

this is the circumcision of the

disciples it is a cutting away it is the

separation is the cutting loose and yet

he had Nestor sighs her pain with John

had God give you joy and a painful place

have you ever had God give you joy with

your head every right to be bleeding but

he gave you joy unspeakable joy that’s

what we’re looking at in our text and

there is no difference between Luke and

acts they’re written by the same people

Luke were Luke but he also wrote ax so

ax is just a continuation of the

conversation of Luke so Luke 24:47 when

he lived him out as far as Bethany and

laid hands on them and bless him and

told them to go on to Jerusalem when he

picks up in Acts chapter 1 it’s the same

writer writing about the same group of

people and since the former treaties

have I made out the awfulness of all

that Jesus began both to do and to teach

he’s still talking he just changed

things but he’s still talking like he

turned the page and named the chapter

something different but it’s the same

guy talking these

have left the presence of Jesus with

great joy they seen him go up in

chariots of glory they’ve seen him come

and be escorted on a cloud service and

he spent standing up in the air gazing

at him an angel said Ye men of Galilee

why stand ye here gazing at him this

same Jesus that you see us in shall be

said in like manner and what ever

happened to them feel them with such joy

that they didn’t have time to ache over

what they lost because they were so

excited about what was about to happen

will you stop focusing on what you lost

and get excited about what is about to

happen everything will change your life

well how do I change my attitude

preacher I tried to change my attitude I

tried to speak differently about it I

tried to feel good about it but every

time I try to feel good about it I keep

thinking about what I lost the only

reason the only way that you can survive

what you lost and started getting

excited about what you’re about to

receive is that you need visitation

there’s some things I lost I would have

lost my mind but when I was about to

lose my mind

he visited me God will come visit you

that’s the size your pain and give you

joy that made me make sense here to make

your relatives look at you like you’re

crazy and they’ll get mad cuz you don’t

react the way they had but you would not

like them because yes higher he visited

you but he visited me I would have blown

my brains out but he visited me I would

have shot you but he visited me I would

have crossed you out but he visited me I

would have drove the car off the cliff

but he visited me I would have lost my

mind but he visited me understand what

it’s like

to have a visit just a visit just a

visit from Jesus trace midnight into

morning cherish darkness into down tears

hopelessness into hope just despair into

destiny just a visit from Jesus trans

mourning into dancing just a visit from

Jesus their sorrow into the garment of

praise just to visit from Jesus

Tarrance despair into revelation just a

visit from Jesus can stop the tears that

are falling down your face just a visit

from Jesus you don’t need any money just

a visit from Jesus you don’t need a

husband just a visit from Jesus you

don’t need a wife yes sir visit from

Jesus you don’t need to do Church you

just need a visit from Jesus you don’t

need to move to another city you just

need a visit from jesus a visit just a

visit just visit right there in your

apartment it’s a visit just a visit from

Jay won’t visit from Jesus and the

swelling tissues will go down in the

lump in your breast won’t visit from

Jesus and the hypertension will recede

out of your corpuscles and cells just a

visit from Jesus and and the mass of

cancer will begin the stream just a

visit from Jesus and the IV will be here

just a visit from Jesus and all the

debts will begin to dissipate just a

visit from Jesus and you get a

revelation on your money just a visit

from Jesus and he’ll bring you out of

debt in the prosperity disability from

Jesus and you could go from Rhenish your

ownership just a visit from Jesus and

you get your focus back in your life

just a dinner from Jesus and the wayward

child will come back home just a visit

from Jesus and you and your sister get

back together just just a visit from

Jesus my god have mercy have you ever

been visited by have you ever had him

stopped by your house why are you

running your sweeper and he just come in

the house with you and you started

looking kind of crazy to the kid’s

cousin Xing you know you’re rocking your

head and tears are rolling down your

face and they come in the house and say

mama what’s wrong with you

and they don’t know you got company they

didn’t hear the door but they didn’t

hear the door closed nobody heard the

doorbell ring but there’s a visitor in

the house good God Almighty I’m the time

in the driveway and I didn’t see a car

anywhere but there’s a visitor in the

house I don’t see an extra placement at

the dinner table but there’s a visitor

in the house I want to talk to somebody

that knows what it’s like to get a visit

from Jesus you were gonna quit your job

but all the nights you got a visit from

Jesus you were gonna leave your husband

but overnight you got a visit from Jesus

let’s be real for a minute without here

because we’re so good but every time we

got ready to quit we got a visit from

Jesus we got a visit from Jesus and so

my brothers and sisters huh huh

the text says the former trainees have I

made all the awfulness of all that Jesus

began both to do entities notice the

word began whenever it says he began

both to do it to teach it means he ain’t

finished yet

write yourself alone and tell yourself

he ain’t finished yet tweet your

neighbors and tell him he finish it

take a picture yo house and put it on

Instagram and write up on her – he ain’t

finished yet

take a picture yourself and say he ain’t

finished yet good God Almighty he just

began to teacher God is not through with

me take a picture in your church he

really said go out in the garage to take

a picture that raggedy car and write a

note to yourself and say he ain’t

finished he said all that Jesus began

both to do and to teach I’m happy

because I know he ain’t finished yet

he’s still working on me he’s still

building me

up he still getting me ready he’s still

sanding me down he’s still nailing me

together he’s still varnishing me out

he’s doing some finished work on me

have you had God put some finished work

on you oh oh you should have seen me

before you think I’m a mess now

you should have seen me before I came a

long ways to be where I am right now

somebody’s child yes somebody shall yes

somebody shout yeah somebody shout yes

somebody shout yes again put your hands

together and give the Lord some praise

now we must understand something these

are particularly and there are 11 men

left one of them has committed suicide

his entrails have spilt out in the

potter’s field his name is Judas the

unity has been broken by suicide so

their Lord has been crucified their

comrade has committed suicide

they’re trying to hold the reins

together in the absence of the physical

presence of Jesus they’re trying to

figure out who’s going to replace Judas

they start casting Lots because men will

do men things trying to fix God problems

but men things won’t fix God problems in

order to fix a gaurd problem you need a

god thing you can’t do a man thing and

fix a god problem you gotta turn it over

to God while they were casting Lots for

a boy named Matthias God was looking for

a guy named Saul

they picked Matthias and God picks all

good God Almighty

I don’t want who you pick I want who God

picks that’s what’s wrong with your life

now you’ve been picking who you pick but

the next one who comes in your life you

wanted to be who God

ah now I wanna admit to my Mathias look

like a better deal Mathias had been

around Mathias was on the right side of

the track and the guy that God picked

had been on the enemy of the church it

didn’t look like a good deal it didn’t

look like a good decision but when God

makes up his mind he’ll take wrong and

make it right

he’ll take down and make it up he’ll

take loose and make it strong he’ll pick

weak and give it power some of you are

in this room because God picture nobody

else would’ve thought you two ever been

where you are right now but God picked

you out if you app and God pick you out

it’ll put a running in your feet and

carpet in your hands they pick Mathias

God pick Paul Paul wrote more than New

Testament then my thighs was ever heard

of we had never hear of him again

historian said he built the church

somewhere but he didn’t write an epistle

not one book was that it had not one

miracle was written not one revelation

was given that not one dead man was

raised not one sick man was healed but

the stone that the builders rejected was

the one that the miracles came through

the doors were opened blind eyes were

open the lame begin to walk never

despise being God’s man I’d rather be

God’s man than to be your man I’d rather

be on God’s side then to be on your side

somebody who’s been rejected give God a

little bit of praise right now


so now they’re trying to figure out what

to do

the last thing they’ve said in the texts

with Jesus even after all of his visits

and all of his speaking and all of his

revelation they still were not clear of

his direction so they asked him when are

you gonna set up your kingdom because

once people get something in their head

no matter how they shall no matter how

they dance is still in the back of their

mind I’ve counseled people till my

tongue turn blue and once people get

something in their mind it’s still in

their mind all the way down to the end

they was asking him oh yeah that’s good

thank you we gonna have the Holy Ghost

thank you for the dead you raised thank

you for the sick you heal thank you for

turning water into wine thank you for

cleansing the lepers set the captives

free but when are you all set up your

kingdom when you’re gonna set up your

kingdom the reason they wanted the

kingdom is as if Jesus set up the

kingdom they were gonna be on the board

lord have mercy

everybody has a reason why they follow

you but Jesus kept on walking and said

it’s not given to you to know when the

kingdom is going to be set up but ye

shall be witnesses unto me here both in

Judea and Samaria and the uttermost

parts of the earth good God Almighty I

said to myself they shall be witnesses

to you were they not already witnesses

to you they were there on that night

when the wind was whispered through the

air and the lightning was flashing and

you were walking on water they saw you

walk on water like a ghost they will

when the storm began to rise and you

were sleeping in the bottom of the boat

you wife’s leap out of your I arrested

her the winds and commanded the ways to

be steal they were there when you

stopped the widow Mane’s funeral ran

down and touched the casket and the boy

got out the casket and started walking

all around they were there when you

stopped by the blind man and spat in his

eye and he washed in the pool of siloam

and he came out seeing they were there

when Lazarus was down in the tomb and

you didn’t even go in the tomb you stood

outside at the door stood on the front

porch and said Lazarus come forth and

the dead man came walking out of the


they were there they were there they

were there with a woman with this your

blood touch the hem of His garment and

she was made whole they were there when

the crowd sought you and you disappeared

out of their myths they were there with

you to two fish and five loaves of bread

and fed 5,000 people huh they were there

when they cut a hole in the roof and a

lay man came down and you healed him and

he picked up his bed and begin to walk

they were there when they took you from

judgement Hall the judgment hall they

were there when they you ha and stretch

you Ana they were there when the stone

was rolled away and you stood up again

they were there when you walked through

a solid door ghost enough to walk

through the door but man enough to eat


when you got on the inside they were

there how could they not be witnesses

since they were there

he said all in all Jake’s that ain’t the

witness I’m talking about everything you

talking about is on earth but in order

to be a witness under me you had to be

there when I was in the portals of glory

and I rolled up my divinity and threw it

from eternity down into time wrapped up

in the dressing room of a womb calm area

and came walking out in the flesh you

had to be there when I said let there be

light and there was light and it was

good you had to be there when I wrestled

Jacob in the middle of the night you had

to be there when I appeared in the fiery

furnace you had to be there you shall be




you’re not a witness yet you got a good

memory but you’re not a witness yet

you’re not a witness till the witness

comes you’re not a witness to the

witness comes you’re not a witness to

the witness comes you know the witness

to the witness comes I said how could

that be I saw some stuff he said yeah

you saw some stuff I said I got evidence

he said yeah you got evidence but you’re

not a witness till the witness comes and

witness witness who is the witness

witness witness who is the witness the

Holy Ghost is the witness and that’s why

I said you shall be witnesses unto me

when the Holy Ghost has come upon you he

can witness things that you never got to

see and that you never got to do he said

go to Jerusalem ma what the young people

say wait for it wait for it you got to

wait in Jerusalem not till you be endued

with power that comes from on a hand I

feel most school stuff kicking in right

now the problem with the church today is

that what everything instant they want

it quick but I remember the old school

where you have to get around the altar

and wait for it good God Almighty if you

waited around the altar

you didn’t let nobody talk you out of

that huh if you tear it around the altar

you didn’t let nobody get you drunk out

of that that’s something about waiting

on it when you get it you appreciated

what you need to do is wait till you get

an encounter with God a real encounter

with God I’m not asking you to give God

your heart

it’s not in the presence of God there is

a power that comes from the Holy Ghost

of the power from the Holy Ghost out of

prison doors a power that the which

there is a power that’ll break every

curse over your life what’s your

grandmama did huh what’s your granddaddy

did there’s a power that a loose shoe

and set you free

wait for it there is a power that a

bring you off a ventilator there’s a

power better bring kohli it out of your


there’s a power that will set the

captive free somebody somewhere give God

a praise right now



wait wait wait wait



is coming in your house wait wait wait

for leukemia wait for lupus wait for he

says you shall be endued with power from

on high after that the Holy Ghost has

come upon you ye shall be witnesses unto

me both in Judea and Samaria and the

other parts of the earth the challenge

today is that we don’t want to wait for

word we don’t want to wait God is ready

to do it

we don’t want to wait for it we want to

grow up overnight we want to be a bishop

in 30 minutes we want to be a pastor in

two weeks we want to be an apostle in a

year and the reason the church is in

trouble today is that we don’t want to

wait for it but Jesus is teaching us

clearly and succinctly the great things

come to those that wait they that wait

upon the Lord shall renew their strength

they surmount up a winds like Eagles

they serve Ron and not be weary they

shall walk and not faint if you don’t

learn anything else this Sunday morning

I challenge you to learn how to wait for

it God’s already told you some things

he’s gonna do in your life some great

and mighty things and the prophecies are

true but just because it doesn’t come

speedily doesn’t mean it’s not gonna

happen you gotta have faith enough to

wait for it you don’t raise a good child

overnight you don’t get out of debt in

three days you don’t lose that you don’t

lose weight in a week you don’t have a

strong marriage in three years

you gotta wait

you got a cry for it and crawl forward

and work forward and set your mouth

forward cry out forward in dear Ford

suffer Ford he told him to go on to

Jerusalem and wait

wait for it I’m gonna send it there’s no

question am I gonna send it the question

is are you willing to wait there’s no

question am I gonna bring you out but

are you willing to wait there’s no

question I’ll answer your prayer I’ll

speak to your questions I remove your

anxiety but you gotta show me that

you’re willing to wait for it

slip your hands up in a sign of total

surrender submission to God not my will

but thine be done not my time but yours

not my plan but yours not my way but

yours I sell out I surrender

I wait

I waited on this alright let the tears

come open your mouth up to God I know

you embrace it and you’re used to

throwing tantrums and getting your way

and having fits and manipulating

everybody and getting things done and

being frustrated and you grew up where

when you hollered somebody responded but

God is not your Grandmamma he’s not

gonna spoil you he said wait for it what

you gon do you ain’t got no choice if

you could do it it would already be done

but you got to go and sit yourself down

in Jerusalem and when the day of

Pentecost was fully come and they were

in one place with one Accord suddenly

there came a sound from heaven like a

mighty rushing we’re here suddenly

suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly

suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly

suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly

there came a sound from heaven

after 50 days like a battery rushing

with cloven tongues appeared and sat

upon each of them they were all filled

with the Holy Ghost we’re getting close

to Pentecost Sunday and we’re gonna have

to go back to the old time way for the

kind of demons that are coming out of

Hell now you will have to get you some

consecration or

y’all don’t even know what I’m talking

about and start annoying yourself with

all and pleading the blood why you doing

all the things at the Surgeon General

everybody else said to do let me give

you some spiritual weapons you I have to

start anointing yourself with the law

yes pleading the blood over your house

anointing your doorposts anointing your

exited entryways and tell no demon you

can’t come any here the Bible said when

the enemy comes in like a flood the

Spirit of the Lord will lift up a

standard against his shondo bow shine is

hallelujah and it’s time to get their

anointing oil out most of you believe

you don’t even have no consecrate at all

you don’t even know what I’m talking

about but the Bible says any sick among

you let him call for the elders in the

church anointing them with all and the

prayer of faith shall save the sick and

the Lord shall raise him up we gotta get

our oil out for these demons is coming

out now you gonna have to get your

grandmama stuff out and start walking

through your house of knowing in your

house and pleading the blood and let

your living room be your sanctuary yeah

I want to see your knowing and coming

into your house I want to see the power

of God covering you I want to see you

anointing yourself with all while you

washing your hands and doing all that

other stuff and taking your vitamins

that got on your mask you got on your

gloves I want you to put some all on


and plead the blood over yourself and

over your children annoy them with home

I say back up devil you can’t come in

this house you shall receive power after

that the Holy Ghost is come upon you

power over coffee at night power over

depression and suicide power over

domestic violence you have to get off

the phone and stop talking to everybody

and get on your knees and wait for word

to show up in your life you had too much

like your worldly friends get out on

your knees and wait for it

God said he’s got something to give you

but he’s waiting on you to wait for it

mister TD jakes is senior pastor of the

potter’s house

I came to leave this word with you the

promises of God are right at your

doorstep but you gotta let it in you

gotta let it happen

wait for it stop right now everybody

nervous right now Lord Thomas is down

peter is cussing Judas has committed

suicide but as for me I’m a weight

forward sooner or later everything God

promised me it’s gonna come to pass in

my life so I light of my family’s gonna

come together sooner or later my

children go get off drugs

sooner or later God’s gonna save them

from saying sooner or later it’s gonna

show what I put inside of you

sooner or later God’s gonna bring me the

happiness sooner or later gospel give me

some joy

I came to encourage somebody he may not

come when you

on him haha buddies right old time you

settle yourself down and wait for it

a Samaritan pass is better why does

Jesus tell us that the third guy was a

Samaritan that’s what I want to talk

about today a sociological construct is

an idea that has been created and

accepted by the people in a society it’s

not a god idea what happens that’s

really frightening to people is when

somebody shakes the cage of your country

our God is the Caged shaker this is a

preparatory Bible class getting you

ready for God to use somebody that you

didn’t expect God will raise up somebody

that is least likely and do the Almighty

through them to bless you if you’re not

afraid to allow the Samaritan to become