Sailing or driving through a storm is scary because obscured vision makes us unsure of our direction and fearful for our safety. This is also true of spiritual storms, in which sudden, unexpected circumstances seem to turn our world upside down. When the disciples were being battered by gale force winds on the Sea of Galilee, they learned some valuable truths, which can also help us in the midst of our own tempests. Jesus intercedes for us. While the disciples were struggling through the wind and the waves, Jesus was on the mountain praying. Today He is in heaven, interceding for us (Romans 8:34). Jesus is our protector. He watched over the disciples in the boat, and He does the same for us, ensuring that we encounter nothing outside of His will. Jesus is sovereign over all storms. He’s the one who forms them, determines their intensity, guides us through them, and brings them to an end in His perfect time. Christ has not abandoned us in our storms but instead is intimately involved, using them for our ultimate benefit. Knowing this, we can respond with trust, dependence, and worship. Visit

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with a message from God’s word here’s

Charles Stanley

there are rainstorms thunderstorms

lightning storms there are snowstorms

there are sandstorms all kinds of storms

in the atmosphere that affect us here on


sometimes they’re driving blinding

violent destructive and costly those are

the kind we can see and are most aware

of but then there are those other storms

that happen sometimes on the inside of

us sometimes only we’re the ones who

know about them sometimes maybe our

closest friends and sometimes even


and somebody has said everybody’s either

in a storm

just getting out of a storm or headed

toward a storm and if that be true then

you and I need to know how to respond

during the storms of our life so

probably one of the best illustrations

of that is found in a night of real

storm on the Sea of Galilee to be found

in the 14th chapter of Matthew so if

you’ll turn to that 14th chapter and

let’s look at this storm at night when

Jesus and his disciples met together in

a very unusual situation

Jesus has been healing and teaching and

now he has fed the five thousand and

when he finishes if you’ll notice in

verse 22 the scripture says and

immediately he made the disciples get

into the boat and go ahead of him to the

other side while he sent the multitudes


and after he had sent the multitudes

away he went up to the mountain by

himself to pray and when it was evening

he was there alone

but the boat was already many steady or

several miles away from the land

bettered by the waves for the wind was


and in the Fourth Watch somewhere around

three o’clock in the morning Fourth

Watch of the night he came to them

walking on the sea

and when the disciples saw him walking

on the sea they were frightened saying

it is a ghost and they cried out for


but immediately Jesus spoke to them

saying take courage it is I do not be


and Peter answered him and said Lord if

it is you command me to come to you on

the water

and he said come and Peter got out of

the boat

and walked on the water and came toward


but seeing the wind he became afraid and

beginning to sink he cried out saying

Lord save me and immediately Jesus

stretched forth his hand and took hold

of his hand and said to him

oh you have little faith why did you


and when they got into the boat the wind

stopped and those who were in The Boat

worshiped him saying you are certainly

God’s son and when they had crossed over

they came to the land at geneserate now

this is the second part in our series on

the storms through the storms of life

and you’ll recall we mentioned the fact

that storms come from one of the

resources they’re either storms that we

ourselves generate other storms that

Satan will generate or sometimes there’s

storms that God initiates for us not to

accomplish something in our life

and the fact that there are some very

specific purposes for these storms in

our life but what I want to talk about

in this message is this and that is

God’s provision for us when we Face the

storms of life and I think this passage

of scripture illustrates all of these

and as you think about storms that

you’ve been through in life although

there are emotional storms or physical

storms or financial whatever it might be

the question is how did you respond I

may not always know the purpose of the

storm but the real issue is how do I

respond in that storm

and remembering that he never allows the

storm or sends a storm to sinkers but

rather to sanctify us so the most

important thing the most important thing

God could provide for you and me in the

midst of a storm is first of all the

awareness of his presence so I want you

to jot down presence the awareness of

his presence nothing nowhere under any

condition could be as important

when you and I going through a storm as

the awareness of the presence of God

nothing else friends books nothing else

can match the power of the awareness of

his presence in our life and you’ll

recall In This Storm as

these disciples were being tossed about

you’ll notice he says in verse 24 they

were being battered and the winds were

contrary they were just being pushed

here in Yonder it’s about five miles

from capernaumowa to ganesara and so

they were somewhere that’s five miles by

the way the uh crow flies somewhere out

in that storm at night and those hot

winds off the desert would come down

that a huge bank and across the Sea of

Galilee and when that hot air and that

cold air met they were sometimes just

sudden storms would arise well here they

are afraid and what happens is that the

Lord Jesus Christ provides for them

exactly what he knew they needed above

everything else they needed the

awareness of his presence now when he

comes he doesn’t come the way they

expect him to come the Bible says when

he came they thought it was a ghost

there’s some Apparition some kind of

non-physical kind of being that they

couldn’t tell what it was and so what

happened was his appearance even made

them more frightened and now they had

two problems not only were they about to

here’s some ghost out there they’re

having to face and so they are extremely


but when his presence is made known when

he identifies himself and they recognize

it as Jesus what happens

I think the thing that happened to them

is what happens to all of us the

awareness of his presence in the storm

gives us first of all a sense of comfort

here is Jesus a sense of Courage we can

face it and a sense of confidence God

will see us through the storm because

you see the truth is there is no storm

that can drive away the presence of

Jesus Christ in your life in my life

and so the very presence of Jesus made

an awesome difference in our life now

they didn’t immediately find themselves

in a calm sea because the storm

continued just because he showed up

didn’t mean that he was going to calm

the storm immediately and so what I want

to see is the most important thing is

the awareness of his presence and you

recall he says I will never leave you

nor forsake you and in the 14th chapter

of John you recall the night before he

was crucified one of the things he

wanted to make sure was that they

recognized that just because he was

going to be crucified the next day

didn’t mean he was leaving them and so

he said to them what I want you to be

aware of is this I’m going to send you

another comforter the Holy Spirit who

will be in you with you and he says

he’ll be with you forever you’re not

ever going to be left without me now the

difference between those days and our

days is this

in those days Jesus Christ walked among

men and he couldn’t be in two places at

one time he was either here or he was

there because he had limited himself in

his glory and his power while he was on

Earth but you and I don’t have to worry

about that because the day you received

Jesus Christ as your personal savior in

that moment Jesus Christ not only

forgave you of your sin but the Bible

says he came to indwell you that’s why

he says I’m abiding in you and you’re

abiding in me this was his way of

demonstrating and illustrating to them

the fact that Jesus Christ is living on

the inside of every single believer we

are never under any condition detached

from the presence of almighty God who is

indwelling Us in the presence of the

holy spirit so when you and I find

ourselves in a storm we don’t have to

ask for Jesus to show up

he doesn’t have to show up now the

awareness of his presence in our life

may be like he just showed up but he’s

been there all along but you see no

storm can drive Jesus out of your life

and because he’s there he is there for

eternity he says I will never leave you

nor forsake you the holy spirit will

come and be in you with you and upon you


the problem is that you and I don’t

always recognize him when he shows up

and sometimes when you and I are going

through a storm you may have this

tendency to say God where are you Lord

where are you do you see what I’m in do

you see what I’m facing do you see the

battering of the waves and that do you

see uh the torrential rain do you see

the storm do you understand where I am

God and the answer of course is always

not only do I see it

I’m in the middle of it with you that is

you and I never go through a storm in

which he is not in the middle of now we

may not recognize his presence they

didn’t recognize his presence and as we

said before they thought this was some

ghost and of course that scared them to

death and so here they had a storm on

their hands and now here’s a ghost

walking across the water it never dawned

them in the first problem that Jesus

would do that they never seen him walk

on water before he’d probably never told

them that he could even walk on water

and so they’re naturally frightened and

so he shows up in a way that doesn’t

seemingly make sense to them and he

doesn’t always show up the same way for


on this occasion he comes to them like

an apparition as some ghostly figure

until he makes himself known uh closer

and then he steps into the boat

when Mary and Martha were going through

the worst storm in their life Lazarus

had died and one of the things that made

it so bad was that they’d already

contacted Jesus and asked him to come

and he didn’t show up

and so not only did they have the death

of their brother

but there’s this emotional storm taking

place inside of them

we love him

he said he loved us

we’ve cooked in meals he’s been at our

house we’ve said at his feet we’ve heard

him teach we’ve done everything we know

to to make him feel comfortable why

didn’t he show up

and this awesome emotional storm this

trauma going on inside of their life how

did Jesus show up at that storm he came

in the form of a human being of a man

like they had seen him before they knew

him as a man and so he showed up at the

tomb of Lazarus and the Bible says he

said Lazarus come forth and you know

that he came forth resurrected him from

the dead

another fellow who was in desperate need

was beaten and robbed and left on the

Jericho Road to die

Jesus came to him in a different sort of

way he didn’t come to him through some

Apparition that would frighten him to

death he didn’t come to him as the Son

of God as the Lord Jesus Christ walked

among men he came to him in the person

of the Good Samaritan

and that Good Samaritan was the Lord

Jesus Christ reaching down to meet his

need at that moment

that was Jesus working and walking

through him

living through him reaching out pouring

in wine to heal binding up his wounds

and then taking him to an inn and paying

The Innkeeper for his stay until he was

a well man

how many times has Jesus appeared in

your life and mine shall we put it this

way how many times has the awareness of

his presence come in ways that you and I

were not aware of it could be that he

was there all the time the truth is he

was there all the time and sometimes he

has to get our focus in such a fashion

that you and I can recognize that it is

Christ that it is God working in our

life and that he is there in the midst

of this storm and that he desires that

you and I would be aware of that you see

he’s going to show up

it’s not that he’s not there he’s always

there he’s going to show up that is

we’re going to see him if we if we have

eyes that can see and ears that can hear

and faith that can believe Jesus Christ

is always there he says I will never

leave you nor forsake you and I’m sure

he had talked to these Apostles about

many things that um

they understood and of course each

experience in their life and you say we

don’t have all of them each experience

in their life was a step forward in what

God was accomplishing and what he was

attempting to accomplish to do in their

lives now if you’ll notice in this

passage also he didn’t show up at the

beginning of the storm because the

scripture says that they were ministered

from the land batted by the waves and

the wind was contrary how long they’d

been out there I don’t know probably a

pretty good while because he had been

preaching and teaching and he had fed

the five thousand he had sent them away

and that was something before night time

because they had to find their way back

home they knew where they lived of

course but they had to travel on the

roads and then he spent some time with

the father that is he’s up in the up in

the mountains praying and talking to the

father and and whatever their

conversation was about then

somewhere between three and six in the

morning this storm begins so that’s when

the scripture refers to them here

they’ve been out there being battered

and torn by this storm it was a short

trip across the sea of Galileo only five

miles the way the crow flies but that

storm had probably gotten them off

course at least they thought it was off

course and they were behind schedule

they thought they were probably didn’t

know exactly where they were couldn’t

see the stars as many times they’d been

on that sea but when it’s all black

around you you don’t know where you are

on a sea at night like that

and so here they were but he didn’t show

up on time as that is as far as they

were concerned because you see our

timing and God’s timing is not always

the same his presence is there my

awareness of his presence is not always

the same and while for them he allowed

them to be in that storm long enough to

accomplish what he wanted to accomplish

and then he showed up

the Lord Jesus Christ is always with us

in any storm our awareness of his

presence oftentimes may not be until we

understand that is what his purpose is

and what his goal is now sometimes the

reason we can’t see him in the storm is

we’re so busy doing our own thing or are

so busy trying to work our way out of

the storm we don’t even see him in it

but he is always there you and I have

never listened we’ve never even been in

a drizzle let alone a storm without the

presence of Jesus

we’re not here on a sunshining day

without the presence of Jesus no

hurricane no tornado no kind of

atmospheric tumult that we have never

been in anything apart from him since

the moment you and I trusted Jesus

Christ as our savior most important

thing the most important provision is

the presence of Jesus Christ number two

the second thing I believe he provides

for us is a pathway through that storm

now you’ll notice what he says in this

particular verse verse 22. immediately

he said he made the disciples get in a


and go ahead of him to the other side

while he sent the multitudes away now he

had to get them off the scene so he

could get up in the mountains to Pray by

himself and he knew exactly where they

were headed he told them to go to a

particular town a little village there

and that’s where on the other side of

the Sea of Galilee so they had a

particular place he knew exactly how

long it would take them to get there and

uh it’s interesting he doesn’t say

anything how he intends to get there

well he knew how he was going to get

there he doesn’t need a boat and so they

got in the boat the Bible says he made

them do it that is they probably didn’t

want to leave I’m gonna hear all these

people and so he made them get in the

boat and he’s up in the mountains

talking to the father meditating upon

him the Lord Jesus Christ knew exactly

what was going on because you see the

Lord Jesus was talking to the weatherman

there’s only one weather man he was

talking to him he knew all about that

and this storm did not interrupt and

disturb Jesus in his meditation with the


you know what happened the weather

and the gold of God

and the meditation time of Jesus were

all working in perfect concert

Jesus wasn’t Disturbed he wasn’t upset

he didn’t have to hurry up and do

anything and he didn’t say oh there they

are out there in the sea I better go

help them no all of that was known to

him because you see the presence of the

Lord Jesus Christ is the presence of

omniscience everything he needs to know

about us he knows now to some degree

when he laid aside his glory and he came

from heaven born in the womb of the

Virgin Mary he

laid aside some things and he said for

example no one knows when he’s coming

back not even the angels in heaven only

the father knows that and so

he knew exactly what to do and the

timing was absolutely perfect so here

they are out there in the sea being

battered around and troubled and

wondering what in the world is going to

happen and yet he knew exactly where

they were headed now here’s the thing of


while they thought they were off course

and didn’t know where they were the Lord

knew that storm had them exactly right

on course because he knew they were

going to end up exactly where he had

designated because he knew that being

the captain not only of their ship but

the captain of the Seas he would get

them where he intended that storm to

blow them now I’m sure with them they

thought they were of course they didn’t

know where they were but I think it’s

something you and I need to think about

is this if he is The Sovereign of the

Seas and The Sovereign of our life there

is no time when he’s not in absolute


and being in absolute control of our

life there is no time when he is not

guiding those storms

and those storms may be tumultas and

they may be battering and beating and we

may feel the pain in the hurt of it he

will make the storm take us exactly

where he wants us to go because you see

he is in Sovereign control and he is our

presence that is wherever we are the

Lord Jesus Christ is there and so their

trouble was of course they didn’t know

what was going on and when you and I

think about troubles and trials and

difficulties and hardships and storms in

our life you may feel at times the Lord

what are you doing where is this leading

where are we going uh how’s this going

to end up and we may have lots of

questions and he is under no obligation

to give us all the answers ahead of time

he could have said to them now look I’m

sending you over to genese right and I

want to tell you ahead of time about


half an hour so after you leave or two

hours after you leave there’s going to

be a big storm coming up on the Sea of

Galilee so I want you to know that don’t

worry about it I’ll be there and show up

you just take it easy no he doesn’t do

that you see he doesn’t feel any

obligation to tell us the future

all we have to remember is this

he holds the future

and he who holds the future holds us and

if he who holds the future holds us and

he who holds the future and holds us is

living on the inside of us we can trust

the future to him no matter what we can

trust him because he’s that kind of a

sovereign God he’s that kind of a

sovereign leader he is that kind of a

sovereign captain of our soul and so

when we think about where they were

headed I’ll tell you why they were

headed they were headed exactly where he

meant for them to be when did they

arrive exactly when he intended for them

to be there and how did they arrive they

arrived a boat out of the water but most

of all it had Jesus in it and that was

the most important thing of all when

they hit the land they hit the land of

the Lord Jesus Christ on board their

ship you and I will arrive wherever God

wants us to be and you know who’s going

to be on board the Lord Jesus Christ and

he is The Sovereign controller of all

things so what’s the first word

his presence what’s the second word

his path there is a third word I want

you to jot down that is his protection

he always

protects Us in any and every storm

remember we said his storms if he

initiates them or even if he allows

Satan to send them or whatever is never

for the purpose of sinking us always for

the purpose of sanctifying us and that

is all of his storms have purposes in

them and so when you think about it it’s

it is always a storm of the purpose

cleansing sometime deeping our

companionship with him our fellowship

with him conforming us to the likeness

of his son deepening our conviction

about who he is what’s going on in our

life and always for the purpose of not

only comforting us but enabling us and

training us to be comforters because our

storms are training tools that God uses

to do what to enable us to be comforters

to others who are going through storms

so there’s no no storm that without a

purpose and these purposes are clear in

the mind of God it may be one of those

purposes it may be all of them but

there’s always a purpose for the storm

now he is always there to protect us

what does that mean does his protection


that in the midst of the storms we’re

going to be so shielded that they’ll say

there’ll be no water on board no does it

mean that we’ll not be tossed and turned

about no does it mean we’ll not be bad

and blown no does it mean that we’ll not

feel hurt and pain and suffering and

disappointment and all that doesn’t mean

any of that because these disciples knew

and probably wondered well where is

Jesus he tell us to get in the boat he

was going to go talk to the father

wonder what he and the father are

talking about if the father’s omniscient

why isn’t he told Jesus about us why

does he do something about that that’s

what I’d be thinking I’d be thinking

Lord if he’s who he says he is why does

he talk to the one who controls the Seas

and get this thing settled and get us

out of this now

well he just doesn’t operate that way

because see protection doesn’t mean the

immediate cessation of the storm

it doesn’t mean that he’s going to

quieten everything down right now

because he has Divine purposes in every

single storm he allows in our life and

so what we see here is we see them

really suffering through this they are

frightened and afraid they’re going to

sink and that they’re going to drown

so the Lord Jesus allowed them to go

through this storm and he allowed them

to feel some hurt and pain

what about the Apostle Paul you remember

what he says in second Corinthians

chapter 11 he says three times three

times he said I suffered shipwreck he

says in fact one of those times I was a

day and a night in the sea now I never

had had well I did have one shipwreck at

one time uh up on a big lake up in

Michigan and this friend of mine and

myself were sailing this sailboat and

one of those fast storms came up on that

Lake and before I knew it he and I both

when the water in that boat was upside

down and the waves were so high that the

boats were trying to get to us I

couldn’t get to us and we happened to

have had on best by the grace of God and

it took him probably about 30 minutes

before they could get close enough to us

to even rescue us so I know a little

teeny bit about

what it feels like to be helplessly

hopelessly being tossed about and you

can’t do anything about it well here

they were being tossed about and he did

not cause the storm to stop immediately

he allowed them to experience the Fright

the fear the uncertainty the questions

the doubt the struggle with their faith

where is he why did he send us out here

surely he must know we’re here why

doesn’t God do something

well God’s another obligation to do

anything until he gets ready now that’s

the thing we don’t like sometimes and

and I think all of us come to those

situations in our life and we thank the


surely uh you want to stop this storm

but not necessarily until he

accomplishes what he set out to

accomplish now

secondarily quieting the storm he had

something far more important than simply

calming the storm what is it that he had


well certainly not to eliminate hurt and

pain and suffering so he we have to ask

ourselves the question what did he have

in mind

well when you see how he responded and

how he came upon the scene

he allowed them to hurt he allowed them

to suffer pain because he had something

far more important than mine and what

was that what he had in mind was to

teach them something what he had in mind

was to reveal something because you see

in every storm if wheel wise and we keep

our spiritual eyes open

in every storm we’ll learn something and

we certainly will learn something about

the Lord Jesus Christ and we’ll learn

something about what’s really going on

in our life and and uh and what’s

happening and so what does he do he

motivates Peter I’m sure and Peter says

now Peter never walked on water either

so Peter says Lord if that’s you you bid

me to come to you and I’ll come and so

he steps out and starts toward the lord

Jesus Christ and sometimes we are prone

to be a little critical of Peter and say

well Peter didn’t have enough faith if

he had it he’d have walked on water let

me ask you a question how many of you

would have gotten out of the boat

I don’t think I would have I don’t

believe I would have I’d had to say Lord

if you’ll come just so I can at least

touch you and reach and know that that’s

you then I may be willing to do it but

Peter stepped out and of course he began

to walk on the water and the Lord says

as he was walking on the water he began

to sink and Peter began to cry out Lord

save me now what I want you to notice is


he protected all those men in the boat

they were safe in the boat and here’s

Peter walking on the water now Peter was

walking in the water and everything

looked real good for just a few moments

are there until he took his eyes off the

Lord Jesus and the Bible says he he saw

the wind

and he saw the waves that is he knew

what was happening all around him

and what happened was when he took his

eyes off the Lord put him on the

circumstances he did exactly what you

and I do

and this is such a graphic picture of

what happens to God’s children when we

make the same mistake that Peter made

he is walking on water until he begins

to focus on the circumstances because

the circumstances reminded him of how

deep that water was how torrential the

storm was and those and the rain and

these waves and all of a sudden when he

began to look at that he knew what big

waves would do to a ship

what in the world would they do to a guy

who’s standing out here

and he’s not even in the boat

and so it begins to sink he said wait a

minute I thought the step here was was

uh was his protection right

and he did protect Peter

he let Peter go down far enough

repeated to recognize how absolutely

hopeless and helpless he was in that


and he cried out Lord Jesus save me now

watch this

the Bible says that Jesus stretched

forth his hand and pulled Peter the

water well how far down was Peter how

far would you say was he ankle deep

lady Waist Deep shoulder deep

I don’t know the answer to that I just

know he was deep enough for Jesus to

have gotten across his point

and that is Peter without me you’re

absolutely helpless when he got him in

the boat he said to him

why did you doubt me

what was Jesus up to

he was not trying to sink this boat he

could have done that sitting up on the

up on the Mountaintop talking to the

father and all he had to say blink his

eye lift his little finger or say

nothing or just think sink and they

would have gone down that wasn’t his

purpose his purpose was very clear he

wanted to reveal to them several things

first of all

he wanted them to see him from a whole

different life I don’t believe Jesus had

ever told them before I can walk on

water in fact I don’t think Jesus told

them a lot of things like that except he

could say would say I am the Messiah

you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father

for example if he just said to Peter

Peter I can walk on water you know what

Peter would have said same thing you

know I would have said show me

just show me here’s the Sea of God at

least just take it take a trip and then

we’ll believe you no he waited till they

got absolutely desperate and hopeless

and there was nothing they could cling

to nothing they could lean on and here

he was coming to them on the sea walking

on the top of the water and what I want

you to see is this when Peter said Lord

save me the Bible says the Lord reached

forth his hand and took him and pulled

him out

you and I never have to look for the

hand of Jesus we don’t ever have to look

at that you know why here’s the reason

the moment you trusted Jesus Christ is

your personal savior

the Lord Jesus Christ got a

Eternal grip on you and it doesn’t make

any difference what goes on in your life

you’ll never be out of the Eternal

loving grip of Christ Jesus the Lord he

is always there we may cry out Lord save

us but you know what Jesus doesn’t have

to reach out and do anything to us

because he is living on the inside of us

our very savior himself

he’s our savior our Lord now Master he

said I’ll never leave you nor forsake

you and that being the case we don’t

ever have to wonder about whether he’ll

show up on time or not whether he’ll

show up at all or not whether he has the

power to save us or not or whether he’ll

have to reach out and grab hold of us

listen we we are never out of the reach

of almighty God because he’s already he

has already gripped us once and for all

when we trusted him as our savior we

live under his Divine protection all

times look if you were the 121st Psalm

121st Psalm

is one of those that David must have

written when he was going through a

difficult time of running from Saul who

was the king and who was trying to

destroy him

the 121st Psalm he says I will lift up

my eyes to the mountains from which

shall come my help now that he didn’t

say listen to this now because you

should be read that saying like this I

will lift up my eyes to the mountains

from whence shall my help come question

mark it isn’t coming from the mountains

my help comes from the Lord who made

Heaven and Earth he will not allow you a

foot to slip he who keeps you will not

Slumber behold he who keeps Israel will

neither slumber nor sleep

the Lord is your keeper the Lord is your

shade on your right hand the son will

not Smite You by day no the Moon by

Night the Lord will protect you from all

evil he will keep your soul the Lord

will guard your going out and your

coming in from this time forth and

forever that was written by a man who

knew exactly what it meant to live in a

storm day after day month after month

year after year David understood what

storms he says he will protect you go

back if you will to Isaiah chapter 43.

and here’s another passage you might

want to underline in the scriptures

going through the storms

wondering where God is sometimes being

disheartened and discouraged and fearful


fretting over the circumstances listen

to what he says in Isaiah chapter 43.

he says in verse 1 but now thus says the

Lord your creator o Jacob and he who

formed you o Israel do not fear for I

have redeemed you

I have called you by name you’re mine

when you pass through the waters I will

be with you and through the rivers they

will not overflow you when you walk

through the fire you will not be

scorched look at that he didn’t say run

through the fire he said you can walk

through the fire when you walk through

the fire you will not be scorched

you won’t even be able to smell in the


nor will the flame burn you for I am the

Lord your God the Holy One of Israel

your savior


as I think about the storms that we go

through in life and as I think about the

storms that these men were going through

a physical storm and think about how God

works in our life

I want to make a statement here and I

want you to remember this

it is much safer

to be the target of the storm than to be

the cause of the storm

it is much safer to be the target of the

storm than the instigator or the

initiate of the storm always safer to be

the target the Lord Jesus Christ has

promised to protect us promised every

single moment of our life he says I will

never leave you nor forsake you and

these men understood having experienced

the Lord Jesus Christ in his miraculous

power showing up

just what they thought was in the nick

of time in God’s perfect time to

accomplish his purpose what’s the first


his presence what’s the second word his

path what’s the third word is protection

the fourth word is something you would

expect naturally and that is his peace

because the scripture says when they got

into the boat the wind stopped now

here’s what I want you to remember

listen carefully our peace

is not dependent upon

the removal of the storm

our peace is not dependent upon the

removal of the storm our peace is

independent upon the quieting of the

storm our peace is based on something

that has nothing to do with external

circumstances what that’s why he says he

says don’t don’t look about you he says

I am your God I will strengthen you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand he is continually reminding us that

he is our peace that’s what Paul said in

Philippians chapter 2 he said he is our

peace and you recall that he said before

his crucifixion he said

my peace I give unto you not as the

world gives give unto you let not your

heart be troubled neither Let It Be


he says my peace I’ve given to you turn

to John chapter 16 you might not be

quite as familiar with that passage in

the 16th chapter of John again the night

before his crucifixion listen to what he

says as he concludes this message to his

uh disciples around the table that night

he says to them in verse 33 these things

speaking of all that he said 13 14 15 16

these things I’ve spoken to you that

listen to this now that in me you may

have peace in the world you may have

tribulation that is he says he says your

life is going to be in the midst of

storms but in me in your relationship to

me you’re going to be able to experience

peace even in the midst of that storm

now if our peace was dependent upon

that the absence of storms in their life

remember what we said in the very

beginning that for most people we are

either in one I just came out of one or

going into one then if that’s true then

we’d have no peace

and the word peace means to bind


and that is you and I are bound together

with the person of the Lord Jesus Christ

and he who is the Great Peacemaker and

he who is peace himself the very Prince

of Peace he is the one who is indwelling

us living on the inside of us it was the

presence of Jesus The Peacemaker the one

who had listened could make peace in the

sea and peace in the heart that brought

them to a place of calmness and

quietness in their heart that day

and you see our peace is not determined

by circumstances our peace is determined

by listen air awareness

of his presence the presence of an

omnipotent omniscient omnipresent God

who loves us unconditionally who always

has our best interested heart and who

said I will never leave you nor forsake

you who knows exactly what port he wants

us to end up at and who’s going to see

to it that even the storm becomes his

method in his tool of making sure that

we end up at the Port right on time

what an awesome sense of assurance he

gives us that our peace rests upon his

presence he is our peace we are not

dependent upon anything or anybody else

to be our Peacemaker and you see nobody

else can give us peace our peace is the

result of a relationship and if our

appease is the result of a relationship

what we made you own is not fixing the

storm what we made you on is keeping the

relationship right and that relationship

is one of intimacy and dependence and

trust and recognition of our Absolute

Total dependence upon him in every

single situation and Circumstance of

Life the fifth word is this one of the

things he provides in the storms of our

life is the potential

to grow strong in our Christian Life the

potential to grow strong in our

Christian Life That’s What storms are

all about storms are God’s exercises in

your life and mind to strengthen the

vital part of it is that is not the soul

but the spirit of a man the spirit of a

woman these storms that come into our

life God has a very specific purpose for

them now

when you look at these men and look at

this passage of scripture and think

about their potential to grow I think

one of the things that he saw was an

opportunity for them to understand more

fully who he is now he could tell him

I’m the Messiah but their ideas of the

Messiah all Old Testament ideas and he

could tell them that he was the son of

God well how do you prove that and he

could tell them many things about

himself the Lord Jesus had to

demonstrate to them that is

this was an opportunity for them to take

a tremendous Leap Forward in their

understanding and recognition of who

Jesus was and so that was part of their

their growth recognizing who he is more

fully that he controls the Seas not only

the creator of them but he’s the

controller of them the second thing was

that they understood more about his ways

they had seen people come to him and say

of leprosy can’t hear whatever it might

be and he would touch this one and speak

that and all the rest this time

he did not show up on their schedule and

so they began to see how he works they

began to see the ways of God the very

fact that he would ask Peter come and

walk on the water was their way of

recognizing that sometimes he will ask

us to take awesome challenges to our

faith to say yes to him and we there’s

no way to stay away it looks dangerous

or whatever and deep and yet they began

to learn they learned an awesome amount

in fact it was one of those

Unforgettable motivating learning

experiences in their life that I’m sure

they told their children their

grandchildren their great great

grandchildren ever how long they live

I’m sure that everybody who knew these

men knew this story of Jesus walking on

the water they would never forget that

learning his ways learning his power

that is watching him demonstrate

something they could never have believed

in either way

this man walks on water and this man

gets in the boat and the winds die down

the sea becomes glasses smooth and

everything is quiet

but you know something else they learned

that day they learned the awesome love

of Jesus for them

he loved them so much looking piercing

right through the darkness because it

wasn’t dark to him he could see exactly

where they were what was going on and

what did he do he came upon the scene in

time to rescue them to save them

to comfort them to increase their

confidence and their assurance and

to bolster them up

and remind them that they had a loving

heavenly father who can see right

through the darkest of all storms and

see exactly where we are and always be

there right on perfect time

they understood that now let me ask you

a question

when you and I go through storms what do

we learn

it’s always an opportunity to grow we

will grow if we respond properly we will

fail the wonderful opportunity of taking

leaps forward in our spiritual growth if

we don’t respond correctly

and what is that right response trust


fully trusting fully dependent fully

surrendered fully focused on him we will

learn what God wants us to learn in the

process we will grow in our experience

with him we’ll grow in our understanding

of who he is because you see so many

times people read the Bible and say yeah

that’s what I believe all that but you

see how much do we know about him until

we experience some things when do you

and I learn the most about who Jesus

Christ is when we get in a storm and we

feel what they felt helpless and

hopeless God if you do not rescue me

there will be no rescue

we have the same opportunity they had

the same opportunity to learn the same

opportunity to grow he is the Son of God

he is omnipotent he is exactly who he

says he is they they learned that

and to see the demonstrations of his

awesome power in your life all of us can

look back in times in our lives when

we’ve been in those situations and we

have seen God show up so to speak and

quote he showed up and he did something

that was so miraculous you and I would

never have been able to figure out how

or what he would do but he always shows

up he always reveals himself because

he’s always there working in our life

doing what making us aware of his ways

making us aware of his presence making

us aware of his power making us aware

that he loves us absolutely


he’s always there

because he wants us to grow growing our

faith in him growing our dependence upon

him grow in our Absolute Total

recognition of his lordship and Mastery

of our life

that we are absolutely and totally

surrendered to him that’s what he’s

looking for and so when we come to those

stormy times in our life then

he uses the storm as a tool to grow us

up and to deepen us and to strengthen us

it is his exercise in our life to make

us to become the persons he wants us to

be never even crosses his mind to sink

us but always to buoy us up and to get

us to the port that he has in mind

now you may be one of those persons who

says well you know I’ve never trusted

Jesus Christ as my savior so

how do I know how to respond to this

well you see you’re in a storm my friend

and that storm is ultimately going to

sink you unless you get in the boat and

that boat is trusting the Lord Jesus

Christ as your personal savior depending

upon him and you say well how do I do


you believe the testimony of scripture

that the Bible says that Jesus Christ is

the Son of God and that he went to the

cross of Calvary and laid down his life

to pay your sin debt in full

and paying your sin dead in full the

moment you ask him to forgive you of

your sins and to come into your life and

to save you in that moment he will and

that’s as if you got in the boat with

Jesus and from that moment on he has an

eternal grip of love on you and forever

you may go through storm after storm but

you will never sink because you can’t

sink the son of the Living God you

cannot sink him

and so I would just encourage you if

you’ve never trusted Jesus as your

savior today to say Lord you know I’m

helpless and I’m hopeless and I can’t

forgive my own sin I can’t straighten up

my own life I can’t make it all new I’m

absolutely totally dependent upon you

God and my friend nobody’s ever cried

out to him illustrating wise that he

didn’t reach down and say I got you

he’s always there to say I got you

because you see he’s been there all


God is willing to see you through the

storm you know the song How firm a


that soul that on Jesus hath leaned for


he will not he will not desert to expose

that Soul though all hell shall Endeavor

to shake

he says I’ll never I’ll never I’ll never

forsake that is the promise of our

father and father we love you and praise

you and bless your name for this simple

story of this incident of the Savior and

his disciples

and how many wonderful exciting helpful

motivating strengthening lessons are

built into this passage of scripture and

I pray the Holy Spirit

has enabled us to grasp at least a few

of those that you’re the Great

provider in every storm and there’s not

anything that we need you will not

provide we love you and praise you for

it and I ask you today that somebody

might trust Jesus as their savior

that someone may discover for the first


that your love for them has been there

all along just waiting for them to

believe you for it in Jesus name amen