Are you interested to learn how Satan operates? Dr. Stanley looks at the story of Satan tempting Adam and Eve in the garden to show the ways that Satan gets us off track.

this is how Satan operates are you

interested in that this how operates he

directs our attention towards a need our

desire that’s the way he always gets in

he starts out with that for example

here’s Adam and Eve in the Garden of

Eden everything is absolutely perfect

could not be better they have everything

they have each other everything is

perfect the one thing that they didn’t

have his fruit from the tree of the

knowledge of yet neither look at

everything else is perfect and so what

does Satan do

he points them to the one thing they

don’t have how many men and women point

to some of the person lustful it because

they have everything else in life they

need but him/her and how many decisions

are made not because people don’t have

certain things but they don’t have a

particular one Satan is a liar

Satan is a deceiver and one of the first

things he does is to point out something

in your life that you don’t have he does

not remind you of how much you do have

how blessed you are how healthy you are

what you try what you live what do you

wear he points out the one thing you

don’t have

what about suppose you had bet he’s a

liar he’s a deceiver and he uses the

same tactics he used in the garden

you’d think buying that way too caught

on how does he operate he points out the

thing you don’t have so that if you want

to be complete you’ll have it did it

satisfy her no and doesn’t satisfy

people today he creates this desire in

order to get people off base off track

if you only had that listening carefully

you can’t ever have enough of anything

that is not the will of God for your

life to ever make you happy

it would make you feel complete but ever

make you feel content you just go from

one thing to the other believing a one

who I have to the other you find

yourself in self-destruction one of his

one of his tactics get our attention on

something we think we need there’s such

a what is this what’s this carefully

satan chooses his timing he knows when

we’re the most vulnerable when Jesus had

fasted forty days and forty nights what

are the devil said to him oh I’ve been

fasting ignore fiying the father well

all you have to discern that stone

enterpise read you you’ll be satisfied

which would have been a violation of the

Father’s will and purpose and plan for

his life and so the devil does the same

thing that is he knows the timing in

their life and so when you get hungry

angry lonely or tired you’re vulnerable

hungry angry lonely tired think about it

h al t remember that halt when you when

you start feeling hungry angry lonely

attired h al t stop and think I am now

vulnerable to a satanic attack did you

get that a satanic attack is an attack

by Satan and in one of those areas of

your life where you’re the most

vulnerable when you get hungry how do

you feel when you get angry at evil when

you’re lonely how do you feel and when

you’re tired and worn out with the most

vulnerable and that’s when Satan will

attack he knows exactly when to attack

us how to attack us he knows our weakest

points everybody has a weakness at least

one or more that’s how he operates a

third thing he does is he creates doubt

in our mind this book from Genesis to

Revelation is the word of the Living God

it’s all true not part true all true the

devil will attack you in those areas

that you are the weakest and he creates

doubt in our minds and so what up noses

him when I’ve talked to people who are

really under temptation about something

it’s amazing how they can bring up other

scriptures that have nothing to do with

that and try to interpret that verse of

scripture to say well nobody’s perfect

and you know he had this problem she had

that problem and and so what happens the

next thing you know they’ve rationalized

themselves right in the sin that’s his

tactic to create doubt in your mind so

if I should ask you do you believe the

Word of God what would you say well do

you believe all of it you mean you

believe all the Word of God what about

this one my God shall supply all your

needs according to his riches and glory

in Christ Jesus you believe that well

what are you sin to get your needs met

this is the devil is a liar he’s a

deceiver he will cheat you deceive you

any way he can to get you to follow him

rather than Jesus and so if he can

create doubt in your mind about the Word

of God that’s a dangerous doubt if he

can create a doubt in your mind about

his word listen he doesn’t have a

toehold he’s got a stronghold on a grip

in your life because when you get

tempted here’s what you lose you’ll say

well I believe I believe the Bible but

some of its not relevant which part is

that or this is it

that’s just your interpretation let me

ask you this how do you interpret thou

shalt not steal thou shalt not kill thou

shalt not commit adultery thou shall not

bear false witness how do you interpret

those there’s only one way to interpret

thou shalt not do it

as for a sample that’s it for example

and yet i’ve here i’ve seen people come

to and say well that’s your

interpretation why have what’s the

interpretation of thou shalt not and

what i want to say you shall not doubt

the word of god this is how Satan


he works on our desires he works on as

spots to the most vulnerable crazed

doubt in our mind and then he loves this

he wants to get us into the debate and

to debate with him is disastrous

jesus said it is written it is written

it is written it is written his is what

the father has said when somebody wants

to debate with you about what’s right

and wrong

just give them god’s word you say oh I

don’t know God’s right that’s why you

need to be reading God’s Word you can’t

you can’t just come to church and listen

to a sermon once in a while and thank

you a bit to deal with the devil listen

you’re not fit to deal with the devil

unless you know the Word of God it

doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know all

of it but you listen you could deal with

him if you know the basics

thou shall not and yet when you listen

when you start trying to reason they

shall not to say well thou should not

that’s not what it says that should they

shall not that is God trying to keep us

from something good no he’s trying to

keep us from self-destruction and so

what does Satan there he owns the gauges

in it in a debate and and Jesus simply

said it is written that settles it

here’s what the father said