How do we pay back our spiritual debt of sin? Dr. Stanley teaches us that God’s only answer to our sin-debt was and is the cross. Through His love and justice, He sent an innocent person to the cross to die for our sins. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to


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in touch with Dr Charles Stanley

reaching the world with the Gospel of

Jesus Christ through sound Biblical

teaching next on in touch the cross a

debt paid in full

a debt is an obligation

and probably most people have been

indebted at some point in their life of

the Elder nobody likes that because it’s

a pressure that seemingly increases over

the period of time

and usually people will try to pay off

their debts but some people have no

intention of paying off their debts and

so somebody else has to suffer as a

result of their being unable or

unwilling to pay their debt

well it’s one thing to owe something to

someone financially and to be able to

pay it back but there is a debt that you

and I cannot pay back

there is a debt that all of us have

incurred in our life

it began way back on the very early in

our life

and some people try to pay it off but

they really can’t

and so I’m not talking about a material

debt but I’m talking about a spiritual

debt because you see the truth is that

all of us who’ve sinned against God have

a debt of sin

and people will try to pay that debt off

one way or the other but the truth is

you cannot because you see the only way

you could pay off a sin debt is by

righteous living and no one can live a

righteous life apart from Jesus Christ

and when Jesus Christ comes into a

person’s life you don’t have to pay it

off God has already taken care of it and

so the issue is how do we deal with this

sin debt that we have and that’s what

this message is all about and the title

of it is the cross a debt paid in full

and I want you to turn if you will to

the book of Colossians I’d like for us

to read just a couple of verses in this

second chapter of Colossians Paul is

talking about what God has done for us

and this is a wonderful book because it

magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ from

beginning to end and in the second


here’s what he says beginning in verse


and when you were dead in your


and the uncircumcision of your flesh he

made you alive together with him having

forgiven us all our transgressions not

some of them all of them

having canceled out the certificate of

debt consisting of decrees against us

and which was hostile to us and he has

taken it out of the way having nailed it

to the cross

now here’s the perfect example of a

passage of scripture that would be sort

of meaningless to US unless we

understood what the Apostle Paul is

doing what he’s doing is painting a

picture to these Colossians who would

understand exactly what he meant when he


in this verse

having canceled out the certificate of

debt consisting of decrees against us

which was hostile to us he’s taken it

out of the way having nailed it to the

Cross what in the world does he mean by

that well here’s what the Apostle Paul

is doing he’s using something that is

very uh clearly evident to the people

that day exactly what it means and

applying it in a spiritual way for

example when a person incurred a debt

that they could not pay what would

happen was that the person to whom they

owed it would write out their debt

listing the thing how much they owed or

maybe there’s certain things that they

owed for