True or false? The Bible talks more about money than heaven or hell. In an age where debt and greed are the norm, it’s essential that believers know what God says about finances. Reject the world’s selfish viewpoint on money and instead embrace God’s commands to tithe faithfully and live generously. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to


god isn’t begging for money because he

needs it because remember where we

started God owns it all he owns it all

so it’s not that God needs anything he

wants us to love him and obey Him and

follow him because that’s the wisest way

to live and it’s the life he has for us

next on InTouch your convictions about

money well you know money is on most

people’s minds today am I gonna have

enough to pay my bills as we am I going

to have enough to keep my kids in

college am i getting further behind on

my payments what am I going to do about

all this debt so when you think about

money in your life everybody has to have

some there’s nothing wrong with money

and there’s nothing evil about it

depends on how we use it and so when I

think about where it is and all the

politicians today are saying you know

we’re going to have more jobs and the

implication is you’re going to have more

money things are going to be better it’s

a promise that they can’t really and

truly prove but they’re saying it so

what I want to talk about is your

particular personal conviction about

money in your life somebody says well

now where in the world is that in the

Bible you’ll be surprised to know how

often God talks about money in the

scripture for example over half the

parables in the Bible deal with money

now you wouldn’t think about the half

the parables secondly there’s more in

the Bible about money than heaven or

hell and there’s more about money than

prayer and there are hundreds of verses

in the Bible that deal with our personal

finances now whether our believe or not

if somebody said to me in this book

all of those situations are true then I

think I think I need to read it it just

might be there to be able to help me and

the truth is God’s Bible the Word of God

is the best guide for finances of any

book ever written you can’t go wrong if

you obey what he says and so when I

think about that I think about well this

is the world’s viewpoint the world’s

view point isn’t God’s viewpoint the

world’s viewpoint could probably be

described in one word accumulation how

much can I get

how much can I have how much can I say

for how much can I have of the future

what about my retirement its receive

receive receive receive receive because

the primary interest is self-interest

it’s all about me and what I want to do

what I want to buy what I want to have

in life and the focus is on personal

needs personal pleasure personal

security how do I get it and then how do

I keep it and protected that’s not the

emphasis of God at all and so that

viewpoint promises what it does not

promise joy happiness peace prosperity

to anything else when it’s all about

self is heading in the wrong direction

so the question is what is God’s

viewpoint about money the world’s Eve

one of that money does not promise any

security whatsoever have it today and

people used to say you can lose it

tomorrow they’ll have it – then you can

lose it shortly today and so God’s Word

about money

is very very important and this is one

of the messages in our series on our


what are your convictions about money

what do what is your belief system how

does that handle the issue of money and

so when I think about what the Bible

says about money let’s start where God

starts and that’s in the 24th Psalm look

at that if you will and here’s what he

says in the very first verse the earth

is the Lord’s and all it can

the world and those who dwell in it so

but God’s viewpoint is this I own it all

he’s the only one who can say I own at

all but that’s where the basic truth

about wealth about money comes and that

is that God owns it all he owns all the

lands all the stars and everything in

between and so watch this if everything

belongs to God those of us who have the

privilege of handling any part of it

become automatically stewards of God’s

money I’m not talking about just dollars

and bills but everything that he gives

us and so when I think about the fact

that God owns at all then what is what’s

his key word well the key word for the

world is accumulate accumulate

accumulate god’s word is distribute

distribute distribute distribute and

those two simple words describe where we

are those who want to get all they can

and those who want to give all they can

let me ask you who do you think’s the

happiest those who are working to get

all they can are those who are working

to give all the can well the picture

here is while while on the one hand

those who are trying to keep it all they

have this they have this reservoir but

those who are trying to give their like

a channel it just comes through us and

wherever God wants it that’s what we do

and so god blesses and blesses and

blesses and I think about there are

there are two aspects of giving here one

of them is an encouragement that is the

encouragement about giving and the

second one is a warning and usually when

God gives them encouragement he gives a

warning so I want you to turn this would

it be encouragement first of all and

let’s let’s look at Luke Luke chapter 6

and verse 38 one that you know well and

I want you to listen carefully whoever

you are and wherever you may be

see here is what the Word of God says

and when I read this verse look at this

he says you watch this give and it will

be given to you what did you give is

coming back they will pour into your lap

good measure pressed down shaken

together and running over for by your

standard of measure it will be measured

to you in return look what he says give

and it will be given to you now who said

who is this in the token this is a God

doing the talking he says if you give

I’m going to see to it it’s coming back

to you and it’s going to be watch this

and this is how God emphasizes things

they will pour into your lap a good

measure pressed down shaken together and

running over so by your standard of

measure it will be measured to you in

return here’s what he says the way you

handle your money and to where you’re

going to get it if you change you with

it and if you’re selfish with it and if

it’s all about me myself and I my three

favorite friends if it’s all about me

I’m going to get what I can do if I do

it the way God says do it I’m going to

get what God gives give and it shall be

given to you good measure pressed down

shaken together God’s going to turn to


that’s his encouragement you cannot out

give God but the simple reason that’s

what God said he said look I own it all

and if God owns it all watch this he

controls it all and if I give to him

adequately as I should as the Bible says

very clearly we’re going to talk about

it in the moment

if I give then he’s going to see to it

that you and I are rewarded for our

obedience to him because you see giving

is a matter of obedience to God it isn’t

what’s the church going to do what’s

this going to do it’s not the issue this

using my obedient a my not obedient and

so here’s a word of encouragement then

look at the God’s warning because he

does have a warrant

failing to give so look if you will in

first Timothy chapter six a very strong

passage of Scripture first Timothy

chapter six and notice what he says and

you may be one of those persons whose

goal is to get rich you’re not going to

be happy about this verse but look at

this verse he says verse 9 but those who

want to get rich fall into what

temptation he formed the temptation look

at this and a snare and many foolish and

harmful desires which plunge men and

women into ruin and destruction think

about this the desire for money causes

people to be dishonest it even causes

them to steal and worse than that it

even causes them to kill money is a

dangerous item when it’s not under God’s

control and in keeping with his will and

purpose so listen to what he says but

those who want to get rich fall into

temptation and a snare and many he says

many foolish and harmful desires which

plunge men into ruin and destruction

watch this but the love of money is the

root of all sorts of evil

he didn’t say money’s evil he said it’s

the love of it I just got to have some

more of it the love of money is a root

of all sorts of evil and some by longing

for it have wandered away from the faith

and pierced themselves with many griefs

they just can’t get any stronger than

that when it comes to God’s warning

here’s what happens when your attitude

toward money it becomes an ungodly

attitude he says what happens foolish

and harmful desires plunge men into

destruction a love of money is a root of

all kind of evil longing for what

happens you pierce through but flee from

these things you men of God

and pursue what watch this he says

instead of pursuing money you pursue

what godliness faith love perseverance

and gentleness now it couldn’t be any

stronger than that because we have a

choice is my choice to be obedient to

God no matter what do whatever he says

and then trust him to provide what he

promises to provide so word of

encouragement given it should be given

to you this is God speaking good measure

pressed down shaken together running

over or emptyness dissatisfied unhappy

because you and I know people who have

we put it this way who have everything

but they’re miserable and that it’s not

a single verse of the Bible that says

things are going to make me happy what’s

going to make me happy is the right

relationship with God I want you to turn

back to Malachi for a moment and look at

this third chapter and in this third

chapter is God’s his blueprint his

master print

it’s his master financial plan for us

and I can tell you this I have been

practicing this plan since I had my

first job which was four dollars and I

didn’t know any better and I gave God 25

percent well you say well why don’t why

did you just give why don’t you just

give 10 percent well as a kid and I

didn’t have any money and they God gave

me a thought of a job I thought giving

him 40 cents no way I gave a dollar and

I was grateful I didn’t know anything

about tithing or whatever said a word

about talent and then so then I got

another paper route and I went from four

dollars a week to sixteen dollars a week

God had multiplied by giving him 25% and

of course I gave more than a title know

how much exactly I gave in but I’ve

learned to listen and I’ve never

a lesson and I can tell you I’ve been in

situations and circumstances that only

God could bail me out of not not death

because I’ve always avoided that and

every single time I’ve had a need in God

has been there to meet my needs so

therefore I am fully and totally

convinced and persuaded what he promises

he will perform now listen to the

scripture he says in verse 8 of Malachi

3 will a man Rob God yet you are robbing

me but you say how have we robbed you

and got answers in tithes and offerings

you know what that says if a person

doesn’t tired they’re robbing God if it

were not wrong why would he use the word

rob why doesn’t he use the word deny

something that makes it a little bit

more palatable will a man Rob God yet

you’re robbing me but you see am i we

robbing you in tithes and offerings and

listen what it says you’re cursed with a

curse for you are rubbing me the whole

nation of you speaking of Israel but the

principle applies to all of us are

Christians now so he says this is what I

want you to do bring the whole tithe

into the storehouse the church the

temple back in those days so they may be

food in my house test me now and this is

the Lord of those if I’m going to open

to you the windows of heaven and pour

you had a blessing until it overflows

that’s the promise of the sovereign God

of the universe who controls all things

and we read while ago he owns it all so

now let’s look at his verse will a

person Rob God yes they will

he says you’re robbing me but he robbing

me of times now what is a time a tithe

is 10%

he says you robbing me of both tithes

and offerings the 10% is what is get

what God requires and then the offerings

oftentimes we may require more than a

10% somebody says I cannot cannot cannot

live on that

are you saying that yards a lie you say

but you know how much did I have well

you may be deeply in debt and being in

real trouble

the it’s going to be hard for you to

believe but I’m telling you I’ve seen it

over and over and over again you want to

get out of debt is how you start start

giving God 10% of your income but

there’s no way I can do that just try it

just try it because here’s his promise

he said bring you all the tithes in the

storehouse that there may be food in my


he says test me now says the Lord and

watch what I’ll do I’ll open you the

windows of heaven and pour you out a

blessing until it overflows

he said well how’s that possible I don’t

know it’s possible

does it happen yes yes yes yes yes God

always honors his word and so he says re

as some of you’ve not done that you’re

cursed with a curse for you robbing me

the whole nation bring the whole time

and somebody says well I give a 5% time

well yeah that’s like saying it’s a

little this is a five-cent down no it’s

no such thing bring the whole tithe into

the storehouse that there may be food in

my house and then here’s what he says he

knows we go down and the next word is

test to me now in this says the Lord of

Hosts if I will not open for you the

windows of heaven and the tests open to

the windows of heaven and pour out to

you a blessing until it overflows some

other sides can’t do that what he said

he said yeah yeah it’s a test and some

of you won’t do it I have seen people in

all kind of debts and no person who’s

ever tried this has ever come back to me

and said well you know I try what you

said and it didn’t work

not one person here’s the reason

this is not my promise this is God’s

promise and God says if you will bring

me all the tithes into the storehouse

here’s what I’ll do

he says I will pour you out a blessing

until it overflows it won’t listen God’s

blessing won’t trickle in it overflows

you say well I’m indeed you you’re in

need start shouting well I do I just you

know what What did he say he says test

me so God acknowledges that for you to

start tithing is a test and you’ve not

heard me say one word about giving money

to the church because that’s not what

this is about this is about you being

obedient to God if I will tithe to him

and bring to him that which belongs to

him he says here’s what I’ll do I will

pour out blessings upon you he says

until it overflows and you watch this

you won’t be able to figure out how it

happens you won’t you won’t be able to

see your death if you did here’s what

you do

well this is what I did I started

tithing and I did this and I did that no

you didn’t you took gun at his test you

obeyed him and here’s what he did what’s

this not only will he provide what you

need and not only will he show himself

strong and plentiful

then I will rebuke the develop you so

that it will not destroy the fruits of

the ground

no will you a vine that he’ll cast its

grapes as though it is what he says not

only watch this not only comes with

obedience that which I have required but

I’m going to protect you he said I’m

going to protect your crops in other

words what he’s saying is this when you

put me to the test and you give me the

tithe that belongs to me because I own

it all that’s what I’m requiring usually

get back here’s what’s going to happen

you’re going to find God protecting you

watch this

God isn’t begging for money because he

needs it because remember where we

started God owns it all he owns it all

so it’s not that God needs anything he

wants us to love him and obey Him and

follow him because that’s the wisest way

to live and it’s the life he has for us

and so when you look at what the world

is doing versus what God says I can tell

you God is not going to come up short

anywhere bring you all the thousands of

song house here’s what I’ll do put me to

the test and see what I’ll do you know

what this all boils down to choose

between two words obey disobey that’s my

choice you say well now but you just

don’t know my circumstance I heard that

so many times let me ask you I don’t

need to know your circumstance listen

God knows your circumstance and think

about this God placed in his word

knowing all the circumstances that will

ever begin to exist and he says his will

happen you did what I tell you and I’m

going to bless you in fact I’m going to

bless you in such a way other people

going to be wondering about it but you

know what if you obey Him you trust him

you do what he says he is going to bless


personally and protect you personally no

matter what happens to everybody else

that’s his promise he didn’t he didn’t

make this promise to Americans or some

other nation this is a personal promise

to the people of God so let me ask you a

question a u”t honor

let’s put it this way do you want God’s

best for your life you believe God tells

the truth he owns it all he asks for a

time he promises to run over with

goodness and protection watch care and

blessings in your life

it’s another do I believe him I do or

not I can tell you in all of these years

he keeps his word every single time hey

guys so maybe you’ve never heard a

message on tithing before and you’re

sitting there thinking I don’t I don’t I

don’t think I can do that remember what

God said he gave you a warning he says

going to be a test he knew that you

would have your own way of working your

finances but he knew you weren’t going

to be happy I think about how many

people get divorced over money and

people lose their jobs over money and

people lose relationships about money

and don’t pay off of their debts in

other words when you and I obey God

we’re going to have enough we may have

more than enough we’re going to have

peace and happiness and contentment in

our life and most of all we’re going to

be living in a relationship of obedience

do I have any father it is a choice we

make and my prayer is that you’ll make a

wise choice you say well I’m not a

Christian well the first choice you need

to make is this you need to acknowledge

that you were created by God and that he

wants you to have the best which means

the first most important decision in

your life you trust him as your personal


you ask Jesus to forgive you of your

sins you surrender your life to Him and

when you surrender your life to Him you

surrender your whole life to him and ask

him to save you

he said if you confess Jesus is Lord and

believe in your heart that God’s raised

him from the dead you’ll be saved your

eternal future will be set and then ask

the Lord to give you the deserve your

heart to obey Him in every area of your

life you cannot lose obeying God and

that’s not pray for you that you obey

Him and wherever you are financially you

go home today and you say okay Lord I

can’t get this to work

watch this when I look at what I owe and

what I need to do I can’t get this to

work and then go back to Malachi chapter

3 and in one word I’m going to test you

so you have to decide what you think

about simple this is yet to decide am I

willing to believe the God who created

this whole universe and keeps it going

am I willing to believe the Word of God

that’s absolutely true am I willing to

believe all that or do I think I’m smart

enough to do this without him and you’re

not smart enough to do without it and

you know I think about sometimes people

say well you know I think I just don’t

think I have to do all that you don’t

have to but if you were wise you’ll

choose to and probably how grateful we

are that you made it so simple if we can

count to 10 we can time and if we really

want to be obedient to you you promise

them run over our cup full / fully and

so we just come today to say thank you

Lord for giving us clear direction

simple instruction give us the wisdom

dear father to obey you and watch you

work and we pray this in Jesus name Amen

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