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father we thank you for this another

opportunity to minister to these your

precious sheep thank you Lord that

Revelation knowledge will flow freely

uninterrupted and unhindered by any

satanic or demonic force and father I

ask that you will speak through my vocal

cords and think through my mind none of

me and all of you it’s in Jesus name we

pray everybody said amen amen you may be


we started this series um I don’t know

when but I ain’t you know but but we we

going to pick up where we left off okay

we’ll pick up where we left off now

remember what we’re doing in in the

study of the Book of John we’re just

digging deep I’m not rushing

through um certain principles we’re

taking our time and just kind of camping

out there and tonight I want to talk to

you about something that’s pretty

fascinating I call this

a living revelation of


versus a letter written in

stone a living revelation of


verses a letter written in stone and I

want to start off in uh St John chapter

1 verses 1 and two and then verse uh

verse 14 now this is this is pretty

pretty amazing so um you I’ve never even

dug this deep to even take the time to

look at what I’m about to show you

tonight but there is a huge huge

difference and a gigantic insult when

somebody works real hard to go back to

the letter after we have a living

Revelation that has been given to us

verse one St John 1 verse

one he says in the beginning was the

word very

famili but then he says and the Word was


God but then he said and the Word was

God so we are talking about

God the Word was God we’re not talking

about you know uh something that is

expressing an idea or a thought between

human beings we’re talking

about God and then in verse two he says

the same was in the beginning with God

so the word which is God was in the

beginning with God but then verse 14 he

he he spells it out a little bit more

14 um John 1:14 he says and the Word was


flesh the word was made

flesh we call him Jesus right the word

was made flesh

and the word that was made flesh dwelt

amongst us the word that was made flesh

dwelt amongst us and we beheld his glory

the glory as of the only begotten of the

father and the word that was made flesh

was full of grace and truth the word

that was made flesh we we call him Jesus

was full of grace and truth if you

understand that say amen amen so Grace

and Truth came by the word made

flesh Grace and Truth came by the word

made flesh and it was dwelling amongst

men it was that word that was made flesh

it was a living revelation of God now

listen to that the word that was made

flesh and the word that was God when

Jesus showed up they beheld a living re

Revelation or revealing or unfolding of

God in other words when the word that

was made flesh showed up it’s the first

time man had

ever ah gained an idea of what God was

like let me show you something here go

to 2

Corinthians um 2 Corinthians 3: 6 and

7 so was a living revelation of

God now we are comparing this this this

this living revelation of God to a

letter written in stone we’re we’re

comparing Grace and law the law is

but the

letter written and Engraving in

stone the law was a

letter letter letter written and

engraven in

stone say that again the law was a

letter letters written and engraven in

stone 2 Corinthians chap 3:6 says who

also hath made us able Ministers of the

New Testament and not Ministers of the

letter written in gravement and stone

but of the spirit for the letter kth

the letter kth and then it goes on to

say but the spirit gives life right and

now listen to me carefully now now here

here’s what I’m here’s what I’m trying

to demonstrate

here let’s look at this uh let’s

define a word so you can see literally

what it is and we compare it to what we

just read here a word like I said is it

is an

expression of an

idea or it’s an expression of a

thought I have a thought I use words to

express it I have an idea I use words to

express it it conveys a complete idea

from one person to another I’m I’m

saying words to you right now I am

conveying an idea

I am conveying a thought from me to you

if you understand that say Amen am so

the word that was with

God and the word that was

God conveys a full and adequate idea of

God the word just like words that I’m

speaking or I write in a letter those

words convey an idea or a thought

the word that was made

flesh the word that was

God has given to us the idea of God oh

my God you see what I’m saying it gives

us the idea of

God it gives us and it conveys a full

and adequate idea of God because the

word was made flesh it dwelt amongst us

this idea of God was manifested to man

in human

terms understandable to a man this word

that was made

flesh given to man so they could behold

it and see it the the the scripture says

in first John that we heard it we held

it we we be we beheld it now please put

yourself in a situation before Jesus

what is God

like are you see what I’m saying before

Jesus what what

is how do you how do you describe

God you ever had writings but but you’re

going to see the the the love of God he

says what I want to do is the idea of

God I’m going to allow it to become

flesh the idea of God has now become

flesh and you can Behold Him Glory to

God so that which you

beheld was God and is

God so if you want to talk and we beheld

his glory yeah so if you want to talk

about God and you want to know what he’s

like Jesus said the father and I are

one what else did he say he said when

you see

him see we need to quit this man this

thing done

already all right

so if you understand all that say Amen

if you understand all that let me let me

set this up all right 1 John 1 and

one I’ll just read in King James he says

that which we have heard

which we have seen with our

eyes ain’t nobody saw God but now we

heard him we saw him with our eyes which

we have looked Upon Our Hands have

handled the Word of

Life they said our hands have handled

the word of life so truly the word dwelt


us that man may know God

and knowing him have life so he dwelt

amongst us so we can know

him but not only so we can know him so

we can have something that only comes



life I know

him I have beheld him and I have from


life now let’s compare that to the law

cuz everything I just said is not so

with the

law the law can convey no adequate idea

of God think about it for a moment the

law conveys no idea no adequate idea of

God think for a moment now I’m get ready

to say something I’m going to show you

that you ought not ever even ever even

ever be tempted to go back to the


it offers shame and guilt and

condemnation and death the law cannot

give you

life okay being the letter it is but

Elemental and it is incomplete it does

not reveal God to

man uh you can study all that may

pertain to the law without ever coming

to an understanding of God read it read

it all you going to hear all you going

to read is the condemnation that comes

the Judgment that comes the shame that

comes it is not going to give you

anything that reveals God if it was left

up to the law the law could have never

revealed God to

man my

gosh so in it is found no revelation of


love the law has no revelation of his


none it was engraving now here’s a

here’s a clue it was engraven and

written upon

stones with

symbolically is its inability to give

life Stones is like you can’t it’s dead


Stone you know it it’s it’s Medusa

Stones you remember that in school the

lady with the snakes in you hold it up

you turn in stone there’s no life

there it can’t touch the hearts of

men nor can it be touched by the

feelings of the infirmities of a man the

law can’t touch your heart the Bible

says in Hebrews

4:15 that that Jesus is touched with the

feelings of our infirmities he says for

we have not a high priest which cannot

be touched with the feeling of our

infirmities but was in all Point tempted

like as we are yet without sin

Jesus he he feels us we feel his love

but not the law the letter does not

dwell among

men the letter can’t do that the letter

is not wrapped up in

flesh it stands off yet men try uh to

find God and they try to find life in


law reject Jesus reject Grace go to the

law and they’re trying to find life in

the law you

can’t that’s why if you miss if you if

you dismiss Jesus and try to live your

life by the law there is no life in the

law now please don’t misunderstand me

the law is not bad it’s just perfect the

better part is the word wrapped up in

flesh coming down and showing you who he

is yet men

try Romans chapter 1:8 I want to read

this what you find in the law Romans

1:18 he says for the wrath of God that’s

what’s revealed in the law is revealed

from Heaven against all ungodliness and

all unrighteousness of men who hold the

truth in

unrighteousness so you find the demand

for righteousness in the law you find

judgment because they fail to measure up

to the righteousness and all that’s all

been demanded so in 2 Corinthians

chapter 3 and 6 where it says the letter

kth that’s what he’s talking about the

letter kth but the spirit brings life

now just for a

moment I want to just take just a little

uh Rabbit

Trail and talk about how we should not

desire to be under the law as many

people do Galatians chapter 4:19

I want to read it in the King James and

the NLT Galatians

4:9 King James NLT so it’s not it’s not

strange that Paul’s writing to the

Galatians who desire to be under the law

here’s what he said to the Galatians who

wanted to be under the law there are

people today that want to be under the

law and as long as you’re under the law

you can’t see grace you can’t see life

now look what he says here but now after

that you have known God or or rather are

known of God how turn you again to the

weak and beggarly elements where unto

you desire again to be in

bondage now look at this in the NLT

there he’s saying a guy that desires to

go back to living your life under

religious law you you just went back to

bondage I like what he says in the NLT

he says so now that you know God or

should I say now that God knows

you huh why do you want to go back again

and become slaves once more to the weak

and useless spiritual principles of this


why I mean every every every every

pastor we have in our church is just

preaching out of his guts the grace of

God and we are very blessed to have uh a

a a church that Farms Grace

so you can Harvest it you know what I

mean but it’s not so so and and and no

matter how we preach it man we just

preach it we preach it we preach it we

preach it and there’s somebody out there

saying well I don’t see it that’s cause

you’re trying to get life from something


dead to you and and and that’s what the

law is the word was full of grace and

truth now there’s a very very weird

teaching that I’m sure you’re familiar

with where it Associates Grace with

license and you hear things like Grace

is not a license to

sin I mean that’s that’s that’s a lot of

lot of things wrong with that but a

whole lot of people seem to be afraid of

Grace because they think it’s going to

teach and lead people into careless

living because it it’s too good to be

true news I mean you know people already

say about me uh Kev be be telling them

people it’s all right to sin ain’t

nobody said it’s all right to sin I’m

just saying your way to try to get out

of sin is not going to

work cuz if you could have did it Jesus

didn’t need to come and die on the

cross no no no you you’re never going to

be free from the behavior of sin until

you recognize you no longer have the sin

nature victory over sinful Behavior

comes when you start realizing that you

have have been set free and totally

delivered from the sin man and that’s

not your nature no more and every time

after you get born again that you find

yourself in bad behavior you continue to

remind yourself what I just did is not

my nature anymore and you renew your

mind with the word of God so it can line

up with your new nature and you’re going

to find that you’re going to start

sending less and less behavior starts

lining up and the day you believe your

identity in Christ that you are now the

righteousness of God and you have a new

nature that desires to live right a new

nature that desires to live holy then

the behavior is going to have to line up

with your new nature and you look up one

day and say well what happened to the

behavior it wasn’t because you continue

to insist on trying to handle your bad

behavior through your self-effort your

self- discipline and all that other kind

of stuff that’s not how that’s going to

happen it’s going to happen when you

believe that life comes from the word

that was made

flesh and the idea of God is that I love

you so much that nobody else could

deliver Grace and Truth so I had to wrap

myself up in flesh and bring to you this

awesome grace and mercy and truth and

get it to you and say Here let it serve

you because that which would which you

were in bondage to cannot give you what

you looking


let that settle for a

moment let that settle for a

moment let that settle for a moment Oho

Jesus y’all getting

this other people would emphasize the

fact that when Grace is taught I don’t

know if you’ve heard this so people are

afraid you know that that Grace teaching

you know it’s too it’s it’s too too much

Liberty you you need to preach sin I

don’t know what I I don’t know I don’t

even you need to preach sin that’s

sin well why didn’t why couldn’t Jesus

heal everybody in the village sh

sh no it wasn’t it’s because their

performance was they thought that they

could do it through their own self-

performance and stuff like that it’s and

and and and I I have to believe the

scriptures the scripture

says those who are in the law can’t see

gra I was meditating on this scripture I

showed up Sunday and I kept saying

Behold the

Lamb behold the

lamb and it hit me not until you stop


yourself you can’t Behold the Lamb if

you got yourself in

view you got to get yourself out of the

way he said behold the lamb what he is

saying is would you please get all your

effort and all of your stuff out the way

and behold the lamb he is enough yes why

cuz he is God you have beheld him you

have heard him you have you oh God you

you your eyes have beheld

him that’s the idea of

God not the one in Mount Si that said

don’t touch the bottom of the mountain

or you’ll fall dead

Behold the

Lamb somebody asked me one time what’s

the first thing I need to do after I get

born again get to know

Jesus no what do I need to read first

okay no let’s get to know Jesus how I

want you to spend time with him I want

you to start off reading reading this

this book we teaching on tonight Book of

John and I want you to get to know I

want you to see John the Revelator John

the one who said he was he was highly

loved of God God I want you to get I

want you to get to know him I want you

to see him I want you to Behold Him I

want you to handle him I want you to see

his glory manifested in your

life get to know him so then when you

run across a doctrine that tells you you

going to go to hell because you missed

it somewhere then you’ll know that ain’t

God how many of you knew before you

heard this gospel of grace certain

things happen in your life and you you

you say to yourself that can’t be God

yes yes that can’t be God I I just I

just you just know and then when you

heard Grace and and you and you and you

were able to see it you’re like that’s

the god I always knew he was when you

heard about he was rich in Mercy that’s

the god you always knew he were I mean

under the under that religion we were

under it was quick to send us to Hell on

a daily

basis you going to hell for that you

going to hell for that you going to hell

for that do you agree well you going to

hell for not agreeing with


me and I’m like where where is this

God and every time I looked at Jesus and

studied Jesus and saw what Jesus was

doing I saw the

father who was rich in Mercy a Jesus

that when they took a woman right out of

a bed of adultery and they threw her in

front of all these religious people and

they were ready to keep the rule and

stone her and they mentioned the rule of

Jesus you know Jesus the law of Moses

said that if you catch this woman in

adultery she should be stoned that’s

what it said Hallelujah but the word

wrapped up in flesh

said cuz it says I’m here to fulfill

every jot and till of the law so I’m not

going to disagree with you cuz you’re

going to catch me in something I’m I’m

not going to disagree with what I’m

going to ask you is this I want you to

look a little deeper than your

rule you who have no sin

yourself cast the first stone and all

the old folks left real

quick and the young ones hung around a

little bit and they eventually

left are you listening to what I’m


here we beheld

him getting this gospel of grace out has

been one of the greatest honors of my

life but also one of the greatest

frustrations of my

life I just figure this is easy just

show the scriptures

I mean if you want the scriptures I I’ll

show you the

scriptures you know I was talking to

minister kins this morning I knew this

was going to come up I tried not to let

it up but and uh we were talking

about types and shadows and

pictures of the Old Testament and if you

go to the Old Testament every type and

Shadow and picture leads to the shadow


Jesus every last one of them and uh I

went back to Genesis 14 because Genesis

14 is the thing that people use to say

that it’s okay for you to still be under

the bondage of

tithing okay because Abraham tithed

before the law I know that I talked half

of DN

that yeah but then if you look at

Genesis 14 very

carefully you see a type Jesus yes MDC

Jesus is M that you see him bringing the

bread and the

wine and the Bible says in the New

Testament this is my body bread which

was broken for you this is my blood why

still leads to Jesus and then the fact

that mzc was there in the first place


unmar it was Grace where you come from

he just popped up in the picture praise

God and and then

then MDC sits down and explains to him

all of is goodness it was God that did

that you won because of God who did this

and Abram was like woo was so grateful

and thankful for what God had done he

gave 10% of everything that he had want

in that battle and did not forbid his

allies to take what they had won

somebody says what you’re saying can’t


see he wasn’t required to do

that he did that out of his

heart y’all got to hear what I’m saying

now he did it out of his

heart now what is it that we do Under

the New Testament what do we call it

gracious giving what call what we call

it generous giving they said that 10%

that he gave of everything that he had

won that was that was real real

generous guess what that 10% points to

generous giving in the New Testament

because it’s out of the heart that you

give in the New Testament and you see

Abram giving out of the heart not out of

obligation tithing wasn’t required by

Abraham it was out of the heart he gave

out of appreciation so you cannot say

that I’m required to do something that

based on what Abram did when Abram did

what he did out of his heart not out of

obligation or


requirement everything pointed to

Jesus everything pointed to Jesus and

what was it that was pointed to look at

how generous

he look at how generous he has been to

you he died for you he took on all your


he went to a hell you were supposed to

go to he he died so you can die he was

raised from the dead so you can be

raised from the dead he was Seated on

the right hand of God the Father

Almighty so you can sit down there with

him he’s coming back again for you and

you think wait a minute out of my heart

I am going to give

cheerfully not because you require me to

but I see all of your generosity that

you’ve done to me and and out of my

heart I give and I don’t understand why

people can’t see



except tithing still keeps your

self-righteousness in a in the

picture you know how how guilty we are

of something called self-righteous

giving that’s a type of giving that

makes us feel that what we

did is going to be enough to to get a

blessing we still don’t believe Jesus

was enough to bless us we still got to

have something that we can do to say I’m

blessed because I did

ABC instead of I’m blessed now remember

Abram was blessed before he gave

10% he was already rich and he was

already blessed cuz he just won that

battle and he gave a 10% out of

gratitude for what he already had not

like they teach today give the 10% and

then you’ll get

blessed and it still was no money being

exchange it was

still you read

it stop

animals but Jesus says you tith he was

talking about

spices I’m not letting go of it I I kind

of backed off of it a little bit forget

that the whole point point of it is this

everything points to life everything

points to Jesus Jesus is the only one

that can he’s the only only one that can

give you life I don’t care what you do

based on what somebody else did the

whole picture of Genesis 14 was you’re

going to get a new high

priest and he’s going to be better than

this high priest

MDC and go to Hebrews and 7 it compares

the ministry of MDC to the high priest

of Jesus Christ sir and he says they

they B tith to M kzdc but you’re going

to give out of your heart to Jesus

because of the generous way that he has



you everything leads to Jesus the shadow


yes but many Christians are satisfied

with serving the

shadows and Hebrew 10 talks about what

verse one pull it up talks about uh you

know these are the shadow of things yes

it mentions Shadow you know over and

over again for the law having a

shadow of good things to come and not

the very image of the thing we got the

very image yes it can never with those

sacrifices which they offer yearby year

continually make the comer there




we have the

shadowcaster well what day y’all have

church on Saturday or Sunday or Friday

it ain’t a about a day no more because

Jesus is our

Sabbath Jesus is our

Sabbath but we’re so


conscience we just got to keep ourselves

in the mi in the mix cuz we don’t think

Jesus is

enough and that’s the truth you don’t

think he’s enough so you keep coming up

with mixtures you you you you say yeah I

trust you say Jesus is enough and then

you mix it with with a principle we’ve

been pedaling principles because a

principle says if you do this then


happen Jesus Is My

principal he’s he’s the one who I trust

and if you trust him and believe in him

and believe in that new creation on the

inside of you he does a work in you and

with you you can’t

do cuz you’re not dealing with the

letters on Stone you’re dealing with the

word made flesh H and he gives you glory

and you’re about to see an acceleration

of the glory that he

gives and if you’re not satisfied with

the glory that you’re seeing you still

probably got some of you still in the

way I was online the other other morning

and I just made my mind up that’s it I’m

going to let her I’m going to let her

rip people going to talk about you

anyway so I’m going to give them

something to talk

about and the Apostle Paul said whether

they preaching for gossip or whether

they preaching at church is being


y’all hear what Klo said the other

night about the tith what you really

mean is y’all hear what Klo said the

other night messing with our money


again I trust


Jesus some of y’all s

here what what do we do with this what

do we do with this prosper

Jesus is your Prosperity Jesus is your

healing Jesus is your righteousness

Jesus is your Holiness Jesus is your

deliverer Jesus is your Redeemer Jesus

is your wisdom Jesus is your

everything don’t you


see he is the Main St we don’t need no


actors ain’t no supportive roles he is

he got the


amen I got to calm down

I’m I I preached myself happy I got to

go back and see oh Lord what did I

say what did I say but I mean Jesus even

said he said those scriptures that y’all

looking at all of them you know what

Jesus said they speak of


and it’s amazing to me how we took this

gigantic wonderful

beautiful signpost that pointed to Jesus

and only picked out the word


seriously talking about a new high

priest talking about bread and wine

talking about the coming to Jesus

talking about the generosity Jesus is

getting ready of and we could only pick

at way

Abram tithe

before the law so it’s a

principle and what you’re saying is so

you going to have to do just what he did

that’s why you can’t hardly read now cuz

you you’re not you don’t know how to

read you don’t know how to

read I mean let let me just say this one

thing I don’t be through with it

if this was such an issue you mean to

tell me out of the main issues in the

Bible God interrupts the Apostle Paul on

the road to

Damascus and the people that were with

him said we

heard I I I I I did something today

I Ken after you left the morning I went

and got my Bible and I said oh they saw

the light but but Paul was the only one

heard the voice and I kept reading

scripture and it said and everybody else

heard the

voice they didn’t see nobody but they

heard the voice I said God dog I see

that religion had me preaching one of

them little sermons

oh Hallelujah they saw the light but

only Paul heard the voice and the

scripture said no everybody heard the

voice right


now so I ain’t listening a’t got nobody

say if I can’t see it and read it for

myself I want to hear all that it sound

good he saw the

light but only Paul heard the voice see

some of you who going through right now

it’s CA you can only see the

light but you can’t hear the

voice oh

loud you need to hear the

voice and right there say and everybody

heard the


voice I said God



Dam I’m like this is this is

ridiculous and then you then you go to

Hebrews 7 and you read in Hebrews 8 he

tells you here is the whole entire

purpose for what I just

said so you’ll see the high priest of

this New Covenant Hall but again we


that see they gave some money so I need

to get y’all I need you to get yall the

principle so y’all can do that see cuz

I’m going to have to I need you to do

and you got to teach people how to do

what they do out of their heart if it

ain’t coming out your heart the New

Testament is all about what comes out of


heart God wants God wants it out of your

heart not out of your obligation or

service but your

heart and if you’re doing it out of your

heart you going to start behaving right

talking right acting right living right

doing everything right giving right cuz

it’s coming out your heart but when you

go back to the letter on

Stone it

kth and it cannot give you

life now I said it take that Viral I


care Jesus is coming soon and this glory

is getting manifesting soon too When sin

abound Grace does much more abound you

think devil going God going to let the

devil just be the only one showing

not are you kidding me when sin abound

Grace does much more and Grace is a

person does much more Jesus is getting

ready to do much


more so it’s crazy as it gets as it gets

out there you ought to start smiling cuz

Jesus getting ready to do much


y y hear what I’m saying don’t look like

I’m going to finish part three tonight


just much more

more much more When sin abounds much

more does grace


amen Oho

Jesus oh

Jesus when Grace is

taught truth also must be demanded in

the lives of those who are under grace

is what people

say you listen to that Grace stuff you

got to get the truth too n they treat it

like they’re two separate

things Grace is the truth Grace is what

produces truth you in fact you can’t

have no truth without Grace did see what

I said there’s no truth without Grace

because the truth came to give Grace

ain’t no truth without Grace well I

preach the truth you preach Grace no I

don’t preach that you ain’t preaching

the truth there can’t be no truth


Grace well praise the Lord you know the

word says grace and truth it’s same

thing there is never ever going to be a

separation from Grace and

Truth never but religious people people

have you thinking that and that is not

so this thought is it’s it’s facius let

me use that word what does that mean

it’s based on a mistaken

belief grace and truth will always be

together Grace and Truth are

inseparable they do not appear apart

from each

other Grace does not demand truth it

produces truth yeah it’s not correct to

say that Grace is God’s part and Truth

is man’s part both are of

God when God in Grace deals with man he

produces truth in

man and you’ll know the

truth and it’ll make you free from the

law if you know the truth and the truth

will make you free from

what from what truth will make you free

from them drugs no no no no no Grace is

the truth and once you get Grace which

is the truth you can be free from

everything because Grace is the truth

that makes men

free look at Titus Chapter 2 Verse

11-13 Titus 2

11-13 for the grace of God that bringeth

what salvation the truth of Salvation

has appeared to all men it’s appeared to


men what is Grace doing teaching

us that denying ungodliness and worldly

lust it’ll teach us to live soberly it

teaches us to live righteously it

teaches us to live Godly those are all

the things we were trying to get on our

own by keeping the law he says Grace

will teach you how to live Godly Grace

will teach you how to live righteous but

if you don’t think Jesus is enough you

still going to be trying to do this on

your own

verse 13 and Grace will also teach you

to look for that blessed hope and the

Glorious appearing of the great God and

our Savior Jesus Christ Grace teaches

that Grace teaches

that Grace May well be

defined as God’s abounding

provision and it abounds when something

abounds it increases God’s abounding

provision in love

for those who depend on

him Grace is God’s abounding provision

now provision in two areas

provision uh to justify the one who

believes in Jesus number one there’s

Provisions to justify the one who

believes in Jesus just as if you’ve

never sinned

justification and then provision for a

life of Truth in the one who is


and so this comes by grace to be

justified and then to have a life of

Truth for the ones who who are Justified

so let no one think of Grace apart from

truth you can’t think of Grace apart


truth and equally as important let no

one think that there can be truth

without Grace because Grace offers free

pardon for sin and the law demands

righteousness okay and then there are

people who again will say that Grace is

going to lead people to careless living

it won’t and that’s what people are

afraid you already living careless you

living careless

now careless living that’s what you’re

doing now trying to trying to keep the



right but the

law doesn’t produce truth it reveals


sin which is error and

failure look at Romans

6:14 I think I have time to stick a

little in this y’all give me about five

more minutes set that clock for five

more minutes there Keith let me have

five six and a half minutes Keith got

six there you go half minutes

uh Romans

6:14 now listen to this the law cannot

produce the slightest bit of Truth in

man I mean when you talk about the

comparison between the law to

Grace this is the

age old conflict of legalism and

Grace look what what he says here and

this is what the Book of John is about

you see that comparison between Jesus

and Moses the law and Grace you see it

through the entire Book of

John he says for sin shall not have

dominion over

you for you’re not under the

law but you’re under

what so sh sin shall not have dominion


you now notice what else he says here

under the law sin has dominion over

you now please I don’t want you get I

don’t want you to get this idea in your

head oh the law is devilish no no no no

the law is

perfect the law came from God but you’re

imperfect and your imperfection trying

to keep something that is perfect


sin it you can’t do it and and when you

realize you can’t do it it produces

condemnation and and it produces shame

and it produces everything and you you

don’t you don’t have life in that I I I

I I I want to in this cycle continue to

say to people like Paul said in Romans

the law is

good says the law is perfect the problem

is men are

not so this the the beauty of about

Jesus he says I gave you something it

was it was perfect I did it on purpose

because when I came came down from the

mountain and told y’all what needed to

happen y’all just stood up arrogantly

and said we can do everything you say

you still thinking you can do this by

yourself so okay here’s what I’m going

to do I’m going to give you something

perfect do that by yourself not talk to

me in 2,000 years do that by

yourself okay but I love you and so I am

going to wrap myself up in flesh the

idea of who I am will be made known to

man I’m going to give you a new Covenant

through my blood we’re going to find a

way to get rid of your old nature and

I’m going to give you my nature and I’m

going to seal what I give you in the

Holy Ghost and what you have in New

nature cannot sin it is perfect and it

is heaven ready it is what is going to

come out of your body when you die you

are oneir perfect now start Renewing

Your Mind it starts lining up with the

Perfection of your new creation I can

hard talk about this stuff for the

Perfection of your new creation and then

when you when the more you renew your

mind and yielding to that new

creation your body just going to do what

it’s told to

do your body right now operates on on

sin impulses from a software that has

not yet been completely

renewed you

see uh

Yeah man so I’m not under now that I’m

born again and nobody could get born

again until Jesus made that

available nobody could get born again

that’s why he can trust you to give out

your heart cuz your this is good I I I I

let me let me take a breath I just

bumped into this right now this is good

somebody say I’m going say it oh this is

good you have a new creation on the

inside of you it is Flawless it is

perfect okay so you can now trust

your new

nature in

giving you don’t need nobody to give you

no rules cuz you have you got a new

nature a perfect nature and what you do

out of that nature is always going to be

right and and that nature is also going

to help you to love right you don’t need

five rules of how to love right you’re

going to love right you’re going to love

your husband right you’re going to love

your wife right because the more you

renew your mind to yield to that Perfect

part of you that’s God you understand do

you understand you’re in there with God

in him we move in him we breathe you’re

in there your spirit the new creation is

in God you have the faith of Jesus

Christ is in him so out of him you can

trust everything cuz it’s coming it’s

coming from a perfect

place right that’s

right I don’t expect nobody to

understand me tonight except the

crew everybody else online I think

probably gone by now like what what are

you what what what you talking about

they smoking weed in that church well we

smoking something that ain’t weed we

smoking the glory praise the lord we

smoking the presence praise the


Lord and the fight is you think you

need rules do you understand the Ten

Commandment is God’s character it was so

perfect it was was so Flawless but

surrounded by a bunch of rules to see if

they can produce morality in your life

it failed miserably that’s

right so not because it’s devilish it’s

because you don’t

have a soul that will line up with your

new cre well now before then you didn’t

have a new creation so Jesus had to do

this so he you you didn’t have it you

already proved it man didn’t have it

he made him and he he didn’t have

it The Boy The Boy would bring his

sacrifices on on the way home sining

again it was in nature he just he just

gave the priest a

sacrifice he would covered for 2 minutes

now he got to wait a whole year to come

and do it

again man didn’t have it cuz he had the

nature to sin he couldn’t help it

because that was his

nature and people who are not born again

they have a nature to sin don’t look at

the world like look at them fools what’s

going on they just doing what they have

a nature to

do and Jesus said I want to make

available to everybody who don’t like

their nature I got a new

nature it’s the new creation it’s

Flawless it’s perfect I’m in there I’ll

seal you with the Holy Ghost you won’t

be able to sin it’s going to give you

impulses to do right and every time you

do something wrong with this new nature

you ain’t going to feel like you used to

feel when you had that old nature go out

and do something with this new nature

and sit on and talk to you all night

long sit on your Twitch and start

telling on

yourself because the new nature is

trying to get you to

live according to that Godly Perfection

on the inside of

you you have a nature to live

righteous you got born again you have a

nature so that’s why God is not sending

people to hell when your behavior is

still out of whack it’s coming together

you just got the right tool now you’re

Renewing Your Mind and and and and you

do stupid stuff but now you got new

nature that’s convicting you and trying

to convince you that ain’t your nature

no more that’s what the Holy Ghost is

doing to you that’s not

you and you going to say yes it is it

used to be me and go out and do it again

that’s that’s not you and then you

realize you ain’t even getting high no

more you like I don’t even know where

where is the high it ain’t there no more

I done drunk three bottles and I still

ain’t drunk yet cuz that’s not

you and then you’re going to encounter

that love and the day you encounter that

love and it break you down you going to

say that’s not

me and the Holy Ghost will say that’s

what I’ve been trying to tell


I get it it took me a long time to get


y’all I’ve been doing this 42 years it

took a minute but I got it and I’m

trying to accelerate the teaching so you

can get it a lot sooner and get it to

your family and get it to your friends

and get it to people who have fallen

down and they don’t want to get up no

more and tell them come on get on up you

can be all right because God’s forgiven

you that’s not no nature he’s working on

you you’re going to be all right he

promise that the work will be finished

with you on the day that he returns

that’s his promise not

yours I know what you’re thinking this

sounds too good to be true that’s

exactly what the gospel is it is the too

good to be true news the almost too good

to be true news that’s what this

is and that’s what I made my mind up to

to teach


radically no more ease and in no more


radical radical until you think

something wrong with me when the whole

time something is so absolutely right I

finally get it

because I now can

Behold the

Lamb I see him word made

flesh you know what we saw you know what

you know what they saw when they when

they when they first saw


Glory they saw the

manifestation of

God so you know what he put on the

inside of us this new

creation you know why he put that on us

he’s going to start manifesting in our

lives watch this


I’m telling you this glory is about to

accelerate and you won’t be able to take

credit for

it the glory is

coming somebody says it’s here the glory


coming I said the glory is coming it’s

going to invade your house it’s going to

invade your family it’s going to invade

your finances it’s going to invade your

physical body it’s going invade your

emotions there’s going to be

manifestations of that new

creation in every area of your


life and we will all become extremely


together some of you going when you get

this you it’s going to be hard to stand



and knowing you got all this in

you Hallelujah before you even ask in

the name of

Jesus yeah you ain’t got to be scared no

more you ain’t got to pretend no more

you ain’t got to like well I ain’t

worthy no more stuff like that you

getting rid of the you you going to go

with the flow that anointing people

think is going to come from the pull pit

it’s coming from the

congregation it’s coming from the

congregation all

right I’m going out here to the West

Coast and get real

radical real

radical real radical

so y’all hear me holling come out there

help me

now the glory is

intensifying with

frequency you hear me

frequently frequently seeing the

glory yes sir all

right all

right all right come on y’all keep it

going praise God let’s give God some

praise what an on time

word praise God yes

yes did y’all see confessions yesterday

I knew he was going to come out here on

fire from yesterday I said yeah

Wednesday night bible study going to be

on fire

amen I want to ask y’all a question

while y’all standing are y’all World

Changers y’all World Changers

online we World Changers right I’mma

reiterate something that he said he said

that a person that’s under the law can’t

see grace do you know how many people

are out there that can’t see grace

because they’re under the

law Jesus said in the word that the end

won’t come until the gospel is being

preached he’s talking about this gospel

now we all are equipped to preach this

gospel to the world so I charge y’all

are y’all going to preach this gospel to


world Amen they waiting on us y’all we


Changers so let’s do

this y’all could be seated while we get

people born again for those of you

online anybody here that’s never

received Jesus Christ as their lord and

savior let me tell you something

like he just said the law you can’t see

love in the law you see love in Grace

when I first got saved I was a Seventh

Day Adventist my entire life all of my

family were Seventh Day Adventist but

when I heard the exact same message he

preached tonight was very similar to the

one I heard when I first got born again

when you hear that it changes you so

those of you online that heard that

message I know it I know it made

manifestation in your spirit I I know it

made impact if you’ve never received

Jesus Christ as your

lord and you want to do that today the

same spirit that raised Jesus from the

dead The Same Spirit that raised Lazarus

from the dead will move on the inside of

you that new nature if you’ve never

received that nature it’s simple say

this simple prayer with me father in the

name of Jesus I realize that I’m a

sinner right now I repent for my sins

I receive my new

nature I receive

forgiveness and I receive

salvation I declare

today I’m saved in Jesus name amen come

on y’all let’s give it up for those who

got saved today praise

God listen if you just prayed the Prayer

of Salvation with me today text the key

word I’m saved as one word to

51555 provide your name and email

address and we will send you a free

ebook as a gift to you today and our

advice is to get to know Jesus

amen all right y’all know what time it

is it’s gracious giving

time I ain’t even got to say nothing cuz

like he

said that new nature is already put in

your heart with to give amen so I ain’t

even got to say nothing y’all ready

ain’t y’all if you need an offering

envelope raise your hands and the ushers

to get one to you for those are you

online the ways to give are on the

screen you can text World changer space

in the amount to

74483 or if you want to call you can do

so at 1866

477765 someone will be there to take

your uh your gracious gift if you want

to mail it in you can do so at 2500 bird

at Road College Park Georgia 30349 and

of course if you want to give via web

via Paypal you can do so at or coll

and last but not least if you want to

scan the QR code you can give that way

as well amen all right you guys let’s

hold this seat up those of you online

hold your seat up so we can pray over it

father this is our worship this is our

seed this come from that new nature that

you put on the inside of us out of our

hearts as a worship and we say thank you

Father for giving seed to us so we can

seow now we sew this into your kingdom

in faith grateful and thankful for all

that you are doing and all that you have

done and we declare a hundredfold return

as we SE it in Jesus name amen you may

receive the offering at this

time I’m telling y’all go back and chew

on that some more amen that was a good

word I feel like Grace is just a

Unlimited Supply of

layers it just never stops it gets

better and better and better that’s how

you know it’s God that’s how you know

it’s Jesus amen come on y’all let’s

stand so we can


I declare over your lives manifested

Glory I declare manifested Glory over

your fam’s lives I declare manifested

Glory over your co-workers lives I

declare manifested Glory over everyone

who comes near you lives I declare The

Best Is Yet To Come I declare you will

become divinely intervene with your new

nature I declare the best of wealth and

the best of health to hit your

houses now onto him who is able to keep

you from falling and to present you

fallace in the presence of his glory

with exceeding joy to our only wise God

and savior be glory dominion and power

both now and forever in Jesus name y’all

are dismissed have a good

evening a room filled with Brilliant

Minds women gather to share and learn

seeds of knowledge ready to bloom ideas

blossoming as we

discern experts students leaders alike

each with her own light to

shine I break the bands of trauma in the

name of Jesus that’s trying to Snuff out

your Gard there is something you felt on

the inside of you that built strength

within you to give you the courage to go

out and do what he assigned you to do

could you

consider cooperating with the

plan since he has done what he has done

I’m more than a conqueror greater is he

that’s on the inside of me that he

that’s in the world when you begin to

call those seed that be not as though

they were by his TR I am heal but you

have to make up your mind I am ready I’m

not scared you will not have my marriage

you will not have my mind for we are not

under the law ladies we are under

grace are you ready to




I’m a world

changer changing the world everywhere I

go know I’m a world

changer Anointed with the power of the

Holy Ghost I’m a world

changer tell the world of God saing

grace know I’m a world

changer and we’re making the mar that

can’t be raed I’m a world

changer I’m a world

changer you know I’m a world

changer I’m a world you’re a world I’m a