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world when you condemn people’s sin

apart from God’s work of Grace apart

from God’s work of Mercy it leaves a

feeling of self-righteousness a holier

than thou attitude in those people who

feel like they’re

reformed that always amazes me how

somebody can take the time

to really condemn somebody else’s

stuff when they

stuff are y’all listening to me they’re

condemning somebody else’s stuff when

their stuff is not really

together can I get a

witness and we got to stop doing

that your story is just beginning the

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screen this is your world world so let’s

vow to make it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to

St it’s time we live a new

life let us love sh ring

you we sa by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are change

under grace God first reminds us of what

he has done in

Grace and then on the basis of

that he he he appeals for a life of of

godliness with that in mind in other


God God has this work of

Grace he reminds of of his grace and he

reminds us of his Mercy

and then he makes an appeal for us to


Godly but not without us understanding

his work of

Grace let let let me show you the the

phrase that God gave me to to to pull

all this together it may help you I

wrote it down I was so excited about it

I signed my name just in case I leave it

back in hundreds of years later so

nobody else w’t have to struggle with

what I’m getting ready to to preach and

it’s no longer struggle but here’s what

he said God will will not make an appeal

when I when I use the word appeal he

won’t appeal to you to to say all right

you need to live Godly or or or all

right you need to present your body uh

as a Living Sacrifice holy and

acceptable unto God all right you need

to treat everybody that that’s what I

refer to as an appeal so I I’m going to

use the word appeal this morning the

appeals that God

make he appeals to you to live holy

appeals to you to do right appeals to

you to do that but but he he never

appeals to you here’s what he says God

will not make an appeal without first

providing mercy and Grace for our

failures oh boy so so what what he what

he means there is I’m not asking you to

live right until I first of all have a

work of mercy and

Grace for when you don’t live right that

day so now all of a sudden you’re not

too afraid to accept that appeal

because the threat of me not being able

to do it has been taken away because he

said before I ask you to live

Godly notice my mercy and Grace is at

every beginning of every appeal that I

have asked

you so I went and checked that out I

said oh yeah and I started seeing it I

saw how we skip we skipped the mercy and

Grace part and went straight to the

appeal live Godly but God says no no no

no I won’t ever request for you to do

anything without first of all

recognizing my work of Grace in being

able to ask you to live this way so

don’t be afraid that you can’t live this

way because I’ve already worked this

thing out for your bad days


amen praise God now thank you Lord yeah

I know I know I got my hand I got my

handkerchief here a ain’t time we going

to cry in a minute baby I got I got one


you I now watch this now but man’s ways

are not God’s

ways in general man clings to the idea

that benefits always come because of

Good Conduct and man’s ways are that

losses come because of bad

conduct so man’s ways are all right

these good things showed up because we

did something

good uh this bad thing showed up cuz we

did something bad that’s man’s way

losses and rewards based on our conduct

with no consideration of the grace and

mercy that has been put in this

place natural man always feels that he

must contribute something to earn God’s

favor that’s what church has been like

for some of you for the last 10 20 30

years natural

man natural man saying and based on

church and based on pull pit and based

on sermons natural man says I’ve got to

contribute something in order to get


favor and if I don’t contribute

something I can’t get God’s

favor in in in the pull pits of the

world this is what you have to

contribute to get God’s favor but you

have to understand you did not

contribute anything at the beginning of

God’s favor God’s favor was God’s idea

not mine not



Hallelujah think about this think about

always thinking I’ve got to contribute

something I got to think it it’s it’s it

so contradicts everything if you have to

contribute something to get God’s favor

it’s not

favor how is it favor if you had

something to do with getting it that’s

right it’s

not I I contributed

nothing to get born again except I

believed I believed his way

a lot of gifts that you’re walking in

now you keep trying to find where your

contribution made this happen that’s

right that is not God’s way

amen it’s man’s

way God’s method under grace is seen in

Jesus dealing with that woman taken in

adultery let’s look at that John chapter

8: 3-1

and the scribes and Pharisees brought

unto him a


taken in

adultery I mean in the very Act of

adultery they bought the woman sheets


all ain’t no we think she in

adultery and when they had set her in


midst they say un to him Jesus

Master this woman was taken in adultery

in the very

act now cuz they trying to they’re

trying to trick Jesus because Jesus is

supposed to be there fulfilling the

law and according to the

law this should be This Woman’s last day

now Moses in the law commanded us that

such should be stoned

but what do you

say they’re trying to trip Jesus up

watching this is why he my

king this they said tempting him that

they might have to accuse

him but Jesus stooped down and with his

finger wrote on the

ground as though he heard them not he

was igging them you understand what I’m


I ain’t got time for this Tom

Foolery so when they continued asking

him he lifted up himself and said unto

them okay and I like this cuz he can’t

go against the law because he had come

to deliver people from the law and he

couldn’t deliver them from the law

unless he operated and fulfilled all the

law so what do you

say so he didn’t say don’t Stone her

here’s what he

said he lifted up himself and said unto

him he that is without sin among

you let him first cast a stone at

her and he again stooped down and rode

on the

ground somebody said do you know what he

was writing no I don’t know what he was

writing and you don’t either so get

don’t get up and get a preach don’t get

up preach a sermon talking about well

Jesus was writing you know the day that

he would now you don’t know he was he

might have been

doodling cuz that’s what you do when

people talking T Foolery you just

like he says all right fine I’m not

telling you not to Stone her here’s all

I’m saying anybody any any one of you

who don’t have sin in your life go

ahead and the Bible says the older

people left first because they knew they

had a whole bunch going

on the older people just got on out of

they like man let me let me

goone the younger people thought they

had hope but they eventually left

too and they which had heard it being

convicted by their own conscience they

went out one by one beginning at the

eldest even until the

last and Jesus left her

alone and the woman standing in his

midst when Jesus had left lifted up

himself and saw none but the

woman he said unto her

woman where are those thine

accusers had no man condemned

thee she

said no man

Lord Jesus said unto her watch this

neither do I condemn thee this sin of

adultery will not condemn

you what you did deserved death and

condemnation you should have been

condemned to death because you broke the

law and the law said you should be

condemned to

death but in a sense he said but Mercy

has come before you today

Jesus full of grace and

truth and I forgive

you now take this mercy and this

grace that you’ve received

today and go and sin no more because

Grace has come unto

you now it’s

possible for her to actually

walk without sinning and doing this

again because before there was no mercy

and Grace there was just the threat of

death and people telling you you’re

going to hell for this and you’re going

to hell for that but now I see Mercy I

see grace I see

Jesus I see that I can do what I didn’t

think I was able to do before because

his way showed up and he reversed first

what was supposed to happen under the


huh and that’s same thing going on

today we still trying to send folks to

hell when we catch them and stuff but

when Jesus asks you to live a Godly life

he will never do so without first of all

making sure that there’s an act of grace

and mercy available for your bad day

am all right let’s go through this Jesus

first freely forgave her of sin for

which under the law she was worthy of

death then secondly he admonished her to

live a life free from sin and it’s

important to recognize that under the

law God’s order was reversed under the

law God promised blessings only on the

conditions of obedience

and he threatened

curse if every part of it was not

fulfilled Deuteronomy 28 1-2 I’ll bless

you uh you know if you obey I’ll bless

you and then in verse 15 of Deuteronomy

he says I’ll curse you if you

don’t that was the law of Mercy that was

a that was Grace showing up see for

every Christian that’s still trying to

live by the law why did Jesus reverse it

here amen amen

huh why did he reverse

it why did this woman walk

away and Jesus said I don’t condemn you

and you remember scripture he says I

didn’t come to condemn the world but

that the world through me through grace

through Mercy might be

saved so it is imperative that God’s

orders under

grace that those orders are not confused

with that the orders of the law and and

to be honest with you it it is often

confused we live this Christian

Life confusing the orders under grace

with the orders under the

law and the problem with

that is you you have to be careful

because self-righteousness is trying to

get in a holier than thy attitude tries

to get in somehow if you think you’re

able to keep doing that with people

you’re kind of saying that you ain’t got

no problems nowhere and the next thing

we look next thing you know you going to

look around and we got we got a holy

Police Department developing in the

church as God’s basis of mercy and Grace

his works of Grace for an appeal are are

disregarded the the service that follows

is often done in dependence upon self if

you disregard the mercy and the grace

and the works of Grace and then God

tells you to live Godly then what

happens is if you disregard this Grace

you’re going to often end up doing

things depending upon yourself instead

of depending upon him and that’s what’s

happened in church we disregard the work

of Grace we disregard the mercy of God

and so we look at the appeal live Godly

and so what are we going to do we we’re

saying I I I not got to do I got to

depend on myself to be able to do that I

got to discipline myself to be able to

do that I got to work hard to be able to

do that and what God is saying I I don’t

want you to do it like that I want you

oh to be so into my unrestricted love

for you that you find yourself doing it

not out of Duty and responsibility but

as a response to the love that I have to

you that I I I don’t want you to do it

because you think it’s your duty I want

you to do it because you’ve been blown

away by his unrestricted unrestrained

love that he loves you enough not to

condemn you and you say I got to be I

got to do this not cuz I want to because

I’ve never encountered nobody like

this I want to live right I want to live

Godly I want to say no to that and no to

this not because of of the consequences

of Hell or condemnation or shame but I

want to do it because he loved me so

much he wouldn’t dare make an appeal

without first of all showing me there’s

mercy and there’s Grace and I won’t

condemn you but I’ll get you to want to

do it because you want to do it because

you’ve encountered my

love that’s why I had to wear tennis

shoes this

morning cuz you can’t tell me I’m going

to go to hell because you’re a preacher

dressing the way you

dress but I can dress this way because

there’s mercy and Grace for the way I



amen when the appeal is based on God’s

work of

Grace the resultant conduct will be in

dependence upon him and for his glory so

when I when God ask me to live Godly

okay I’m depending on

you I need you to do

this you your appeal is for me to

present my body as a Living Sacrifice

all right so you know I’m going to need

your mercy in your

grace to be able to do

this the eloquence and the persuasive

powers of a speaker or the enthusiasm of

an occasion may move something people to

action but it will probably be lacking

depth and it probably won’t be centered

on God motivational speak is what I’m

saying that yeah it’ll move you to

action for a minute I’m motivated my

emotions are high you can do it we can

do it we can do it and I’m not against

motivation but it if it if it’s not

dependent on God it has an

expiration that just one day you’re

going to wake up and you don’t feel

motivated but under God’s way I can wake

up every morning knowing his grace and

his Mercy is from Everlasting to

Everlasting From Grace to Grace and when

you have a bad

day you don’t stay stuck on your evil

day your bad day you realize it’s a

journey and you realize you have mercy

and race and you simply get up wipe

yourself off and keep going on the

journey sometimes what it took you five

M five minutes to commit it takes you 20

years to get

over the children of Israel their

actual Journey time from them getting to

where there was was about 11 days or so

supposedly and it went from 11 days

to 40 40 something years

that’s basically what we got

here we got a few times under grace that

we can get something done and we’re

taking 40 years to do something that

should take about a day or two to

do because we’re depending on us and not


him God’s appeal for Godly conduct are

valid only when it’s based on his works

of Grace and his works of

Christ and so the more that is made of

the works of Christ and of the fullness

of God’s work of Grace the stronger will

be the appeal for Godly living but by

omitting God’s work of Grace by omitting

God’s work of Mercy standards for Godly

living are brought down from the Divine

plane to the level of human

concept now all of a sudden

God is asking me to live Godly but I

bring it down on the Divine plane now

I’m depending on

me it’s often necessary to correct the

sins of

Believers and this should always be

related to God’s work of Grace for

them sin should be shown as being of the

old man and should be part should be put

off as being inconsistent with the

believer’s position before God however

condemnation of sins

condemnations of vices apart from God’s

work of

Grace when you condemn people’s sin

apart from God’s work of Grace apart

from God’s work of Mercy it leaves a

feeling of self-righteousness a holier

than thy attitude in those people who

feel like they’re

reformed that always amazes me how

somebody can take the

time to really condemn somebody else’s

stuff when they

stuff are y’all listening to me they’re

condemning somebody else’s stuff when

their stuff is not really

together can I get a

witness and we got to stop doing

that do you know who God really is in

crlo Dollar’s four-part series the truth

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under grace God does everything apart

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by Grace you’re already righteous by

Grace you’re already Perfect by Grace

you’re already holy and now that you can

see that it’s available to you by Grace

then I’m going to try to appeal to you

to live a life in harmony with what

Grace has already done this four message

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