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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world Grace is going to teach you

how to live a Godly life and a righteous

life except he’s not going to do it the

way man would man loves talking about

you got to discipline yourself for that

and discipline yourself for that and we

don’t understand the discipline that

comes from the grace of God he’s just

saying no I don’t want you to be

involved in worldly things but I don’t

do it by the way of

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today this is your world so let’s vow to

make it a better

place let every heart that need to

know you love is here to

St it’s time we live a new

life let us love sh R in

you we Sav by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are

Chang shame guilt condemnation when they

when they are part of your relationship

with God it just you’re you’re not going

to get free from anything because you’re

already in abundance to those

things but what happens when there’s no

condemnation see under the law we try to

condemn you to try to get you to do

right and the church is doing the same

thing today let’s make you feel bad and

fearful and condemned and full of Shame

and then maybe maybe those things will

make you do right but they don’t

work I don’t know I don’t know how many

of you have ever been condemned or

shamed in church or by Church situations

I’ve been on the other end of it and I

hate it amen amen because that’s all we

knew preachers had to condemn and shame

you and convict

you then maybe you get it


sir doesn’t

work and Jesus knew it didn’t

work he says so what I’m going to do is

remove the shame remove the the

condemnation remove the guilt I’m going

take all that on

myself and I’m going to become your

grace and when you renew your mind with

my goodness and My

Sacrifice you will sin no more because

you’ve experienced this love and you

just ain’t going to want to do it no

more because you heard about a man that

took your shame took your guilt took

your condemnation and he like who does

that how could he do that for me before

I was even formed into a

fetus and then the Holy Ghost starts

working in

you he said go and sin no

more because there’s no condemnation

here and if we were to check out the

people that are in this congregation

today the

condemnation that you receive from

people the condemnations you receive

from your family the cond condemnation

you receive from other Christian people

who just think they’re doing right and I

love how I I’ve been hearing this lately

just I love how when when people really

want you to do what they’re preaching

they say it’s a command

commandment it’s a commandment and

that’s the threat of it’s a commandment

you better do it cuz it’s a commandment

cuz if you don’t do it then God’s going

to get

you he going to get

you and as many times they say God’s

going to get you it seemed like he You’

have been got by

now how many ever heard that God gonna

get you my god oh

no and that was a whole attitude about

you know when to come to God oh

no cuz we we don’t know

him because we don’t know

him we somehow receive that that’s him

that’s how he

acts that’s

right I asked the Lord one time I was

walking and I said Lord what if what if

this stuff I’m teaching on Grace is

wrong he said don’t you ever even say

that no more amen I said well why he

said look within yourself and look at

your own life and tell me amen I said

yeah this

right this right cuz he moved in me and

rearranged my furniture my sofa ain’t

nowhere nowhere like it used to be my

chair done been moved my table has been


out I am responsible for teaching what I



and I promise you 13 14 years ago

whenever it was 12 years ago when God

called me to preach this I have been I

will teach it until Jesus

comes but what I have described to you

is the real

God he can’t do any of those things

because he is

love he is goodness he can’t show

Badness cuz he’s goodness but with his

goodness and his love he’s going to

transform you from the end inside

out so when he appeals to you

to to yield your body as a Living

Sacrifice don’t be afraid to do that cuz

what he says is I got

you it’s just like a little kid come on

baby come on take your step and they

start crying and you’re like no baby I’m

right there with you or if you ever if

you ever had the privilege of of

teaching your kids how to ride a

bicycle ohoo boy that’s why you ought to

have murles man you got to stay with him

come on you got it you got it no no dad

I want no come on you got it come on I

got you I’m there with you I’m there

with you and they pedal and then they

take off and then I said I said I’m

there with you and then they out there I

said you there you got it you got it

it’s the closest thing to the Holy

Spirit living with us that’s saying

don’t be afraid to test this out I’m

there with you I’ll never leave no no no

no forsake you I got you I got you

and if you should fall off the bite he’s

not he’s not up there saying now thus

sayth the Lord you shall now go to hell

and suffer shame all the days of your

life no he says come on come on come on

wipe it off and you cry I got you I got

you come on let’s do it

again because this life as a Christian

is a



man wish I’d have known this but I

didn’t but I thank God I had to go

through what I had to go through CU I’m

even more convinced now than ever before

because I I lived under the law and the

conviction and warning the validation

and was a approval addict and all of

those things that I thought we’re right

we’re just I was like why is this so

hard why is this with so much fear why

is this with so much

shame the shame that would come when

when I would get up and hear a preacher

talk about how awesome he is in an area

that I was failing

in I mean at one time I I thought man I

I don’t even want to do this I’m done I

mean seems like I’m seems like I’m just

the the the a mud potty anyway

so you know and then God called me to

preach I’m like how you going to call me


preach a lot of stuff

we went

through preaching and found out the

meanest people I ever met were in

church I was like is this the god

is this the god of

love and when I encountered his


that’s when I

knew now this is the one I was expecting

amen the god that will show me and walk

me out of my

issues without beating me up and

condemning me and telling me how awful I

was amen amen amen

amen go and sin No

More Jesus did a couple of things

here first he freely forgave

her for which under the law she was

worthy of death she was supposed to be

stoned to death death they were

operating in the in the dispensation of

the law right there she was supposed to

be stoned to get

death but he freely forgave

her he freely forgave her I see why

God’s got me taking my time over this he

freely forgave

her some of you need to look in the

mirror starting

today and here’s what you need to say as

you looking at yourself in the mirror

you need to

say I I forgive you talking to you you

need to look at yourself in the mirror

and you need to say whatever your name

is I’m going to as an illustration I

looked myself in the mirror and I said

Klo I forgive

you and it seems weird because your

image is in the mirror and you’re

talking about forgiving yourself but

some of y’all need to do

that it’s not that God hadn’t forgiven

you you haven’t forgiven

yourself that same old junk keep coming

up over and over and over and you beat

the snot out of yourself every time it

comes up because you have yet to forgive

yourself and I’m asking you just do it I

mean humor me do it get in the mirror

and say your name and say I forgive

you and every time that condemnation

come on you because you’ve been so used

I ask the Lord I said where are people

getting the most shame he said at


everybody in here has an issue I don’t

know what your issue is your issue may

be invisible cuz it might be an attitude

issue I don’t know what your issue is

but what I do know is God is capable of

escorting everybody out of their issue

to the place that he’s called and wired

you to do and I’m not going to do you

any good by beating you up and Blasting

you for where you are presently I’ve got

to recognize that you ain’t going to be

be there all your

life you in the right place at the right

time listening to the right message

honey you on your way out


sir I know I know I may have some of

those religious Christians here well I I

just I don’t know if I can receive that

we’ll get on up and

go cuz I’m telling you what I done been

through I’m telling you what I

know so he forgave him when she should

have been stoned without

forgiveness but some people think the

stoning would have made her

better what if she had died in the

middle of the ston stoning the stoning

would have made them better like

Christian thinking oh the shaming makes

them better and we got to stop shaming


other stop it okay so you’re not

struggling with the same thing but you

struggling with something your little


attitude you got that nice

nasty you ever met people with that nice

nasty oh oh praise the Lord I understand

you don’t do that but uh I wouldn’t talk

too much you know this is your second

marriage and you already look girl I

will snatch that wig off your

head now then a got got you going the

church is a very amazing place at this

time and this gospel has got to be

preached and and and I I understand when

you have influence there is the

potential for you to be most

misunderstood and most

misrepresented that’s what Jesus was

Jesus was the most influential person on

the planet and at the same time he was

the most misunderstood and the most uh

Mis misrepresented and I’m like boy I’m

in good

company but I can no longer allow

religious attitudes to stop me from

preaching what God’s telling me to

preach I can’t do it


anymore the second

thing was he admonished her to live a

life free from


wow under the law God promised blessings

only on conditions of obedience to the

laws and he threatened curses if every

part of it was not fulfilled it couldn’t

be just a third part of it you had to

fulfill it

100% so it’s imperative that God’s order

under grace be not confused with the

order that’s under the law and it often

is what God says to us to do Under the

grace of God sometimes it’s confused

with with with what was under the

law because the order under the law

parallels the thinking of natural man

the orders under the law are right there

in line with the ways of natural man go

and look at it again and then check out

natural man they’re on the same the same

parallel the same

level with the law God met man on man’s

own plane on the natural plane the law

came down to man’s natural plane he

could understand that he could see

that but God’s orders and God’s appeals

that’s a better word have no Force when

his mercy and grace are

ignored so when God tells us to do

something it doesn’t really have Force

if we ignore his mercy and his grace if

we ignore his work his his work of

Grace if we do it because we’re afraid

of or because we’re condemned or or

because we we we we we feel one way or

another it doesn’t have any power to it

so as God’s way of mercy and Grace if

you omit that it is natural now that

man’s ways of contributing something to

to earn God’s favor his grace his Mercy

what’s going to happen is you’re going

to take man’s

ways and substitute them over there for

God’s ways or vice versa and he says

uhuh when you’re not doing it God’s way

you’re going to find yourself doing it

man’s way so what is it that you’re not

doing God’s way you you’re going to be

doing it man’s way if if you’re not

doing this under the grace of God

Grace’s way you’re going to do it you’re

going to do it the natural way you’re

going to deal with people the natural

way I’m mad at you

forever I’m never going to speak to you

ever you’ll hurt my feelings you know

how many times my feelings and taff’s

feelings have been hurt you can’t even

imagine that ain’t that that what you

better get over

it boy so while God is very concerned

about keeping the lives of his people

free from worldly things he absolutely

is his approach is way different from

condemnation look at uh in the King

James John

3:17 so listen God’s not trying to find

a way for you to be

worldly God’s not trying to find a way

for you to be sinful Grace is not your

new license to to go and and and and and

and commit adultery and and sleep with

five women or five men that’s not what

this is Grace is going to teach you how

to live a Godly life and a righteous

life except he’s not going to do it the

way man would man loves talking about

you got to discipline yourself for that

and discipline yourself for that and we

don’t understand the discipline that

comes from the grace of God he’s just

saying no I don’t want you to be

involved in worldly things but I don’t

do it by the way of

condemnation look at what Jesus said in

verse 17 he said for God sent not his

son into the world to condemn the world

but that the world through him might be

saved so Jesus was not sent to condemn

everybody or to judge everybody G Jesus

wasn’t sent for that purpose oh my

goodness well I’m just like Jesus well

you hadn’t Jesus was not sent for the

purpose of condemning the whole world

Jesus was not sent so he can stand on

Mount Si and say oh y’all going to

hell I was just sent to let you know all

y’all going everybody in the house going




everybody all the preachers and the

choir members going to



everybody think about that think about

if that was the

message what would our Easter

celebration be like well we celebrating

Jesus came and gave us a warning what

did he say you going to hell you going

to hell you going to hell you going to

hell you going to all y’all going to


hell he he wasn’t sent for

that and yet that’s the message that a

lot of Christians have have

adopted we figure we don’t know any way

to get you to change so we’re going to


you they used to have a movie they used

to show around the church called The


hell and that movie Scared

the I said oh

law look like I’m on my way to

hell they call a list out I said I ain’t

doing all of them but I’m doing two of

them that didn’t motivate me to

change and any decision I made that day

out of condemnation changed at the first

sight of

Temptation didn’t work

there are two

methods that the Lord uses to draw the

hearts of man away from the present

world two methods here’s what God uses


one by setting before us the

attractiveness and

stability of things

above how is he going to change Us by

setting before us the attractiveness and

the stability of things

above number two the second method that

the Lord uses to draw the hearts of men

away from the present

world is by Faithfully

declaring the

Evanescence somebody say what you just

say when something is fading or

disappearing when something is soon

passing out of

sight he Faithfully declares that this

world is soon passing out of sight that

it is quickly fading away that it’s

disappearing that it is

shakable and will be

removed Colossians chap 3: 1-2 in the

NLT he’s going to change Us by showing

us the attractive attractiveness and

stability of those things that are above

and right here he says since you have

been raised to New Life with Christ set

your sights on the realities of

heaven where Christ sits in the place of

honor at God’s right

hand think about the things of Heaven

not the things of

Earth I get that now I don’t know if

we’re going to do that but I get that I

get him

saying seek the things that are

above not the things that are on the

earth set your sights on the things are

above not the he’s trying to show you


attractiveness of of of of Heaven the

attractiveness of what is to come the

attractiveness uh of what’s what where

you’re on your way

to look at Hebrews 12:2 in the

NLT Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 2 he

says we do this by keeping our eyes on

Jesus the champion who initiates the

perfect who who initiates and perfects

our faith because of the joy awaiting

him he endured the cross he went through

the Cross by by focusing on what was

above disregarding its shame now he is

seated in the place of honor beside

God’s besides God God’s Throne we don’t

hear that very much in church we don’t

hear about the attractiveness of

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