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today this is your world so let’s vow to

make it a better

place let every heart that need to

know you love is here to St oh it’s time

we live a new life

let us I’m ring

you we Sav by his grace we Embrace Your

Love today we are


Chang welcome back to changing your

world I’m Klo doar and today we’re

concluding our conversation on

manhood you know for men inferiority

condemnation and shame are all attacks

on our manhood which are ultimately used

to convince us that we’re failures now

if these situations aren’t dealt with

properly you can begin to manufacture an

inauthentic identity where people don’t

get the chance to see the real you this

just isn’t the will of God for your life

guys listen to me man God’s grace is

available for you to live in the freedom

and full expression of your masculinity

now in today’s teaching we’re continuing

a deep dive into this conversation on

manhood stay right

there the law of Genesis

says that the atmosphere that God

created something

from will be nourished by that

atmosphere so fish in the water are

nourished by stuff in the water

right so whatever’s created is nourished

by the atmosphere whatever was nourished

by the dust of the ground find their

nourishment coming from the

ground we were created dust from the

ground so we’re nourished by stuff that

grows out of the ground does everybody

follow me

here so when you go look at a

woman the atmosphere she was created

from was

you so whatever atmosphere you’re


from is the place where the nourishment


from Oh Glory to

God y’all feel

that we F to go somewhere with this

thing on know where now but we going to

go somewhere with this

thing so what God is saying when he

calls you

head he is saying you are the

source where nourishment flows

from so the question is what where where

am I nourished from well well well what

was the atmosphere you were created from



spoke man into existence and Man became

a living Soul Your nourishment comes

from God who is love your wife

nourishment comes from you you are the

source of love the fountain that love

flows from from God to you nourishing

you ah we see the problem right oh we

see the problem right we we we’re trying

to be men without connecting to the

atmosphere and the source that made

us you you see where you see where all

of our toxicity coming from you see

where everything’s coming from we have

been taught by this world that there

manhood is not focusing on the fact that

we need to be connected to the

atmosphere that we came from if anybody

need to be at church

if anybody need to understand the word

if anybody need to understand Grace if

anybody need to be at home

coming if anybody ought to be praying to

God and listen if somebody told you well

if you ain’t praying an hour you know

you ain’t praying right forget all that

God don’t God God God is not counting

minutes he just wants a daily devotion

from you that says I

acknowledge you today God need you today

love you got to have you I trust you I

depend on you in Jesus name and go to


work and while you’re there you going to

find yourself talking to him now Lord

you got to help

me cuz if he talk to me like that one

more time and the Lord will say calm

down baby calm down calm down I got

you I got you and then he’ll say

remember you filled with the Holy Ghost

I know in your mind you can’t think of

nothing to say come on come on

re and then you find yourself in pring

that same

Tong God said we got more words then rbe



why why won’t we recognize this you

would choose an

inspirational coach to coach you out of

your authentic you and convince you to

take a cheap

copy and you keep comparing yourself

when Jesus said it’s not good to compare

because when you compare yourself you

you you you lose the off authentic

you trying to be something that you

compare yourself with

right do you know what we could

accomplish in the

marketplace if every man was committed

to his connection with his

source and that we can be trustworthy so

that being vulnerable is not such a


Affair and then one guy who has a Godly

IDE idea finds the other guy who’s got

another Godly idea and they form a

corporation and they begin to go and

invade the marketplace possessing the

millions and the billions to do what

need to be done but now now we can’t do

that because we have declared a

declaration of independence from God

instead of declaring a declaration of

dependence on God and we won’t connect

with him so the wisdom and all the stuff

he wants to give to the authentic you is

hidden under aover cover and you trying

to get God to talk to that fake person

you’ve manufactured and he not going to

go he not going to play that game with

you how how long does this

continue where we avoid the

connection how many more days and months


years do we lose

trying to depend on

ourselves and our

intellect when the

Creator and the one who is creative and

Innovative wired you a certain way and

has the specific plan and software and

input for the

wiring but you don’t don’t get it

because you refuse to

connect and you follow a toxic man down


road of

Despair and then when you start getting

older you ask yourself try to wonder

why and I’m telling you

why you are not as smart as your

manufactured self keeps trying to tell

you you need

God in order for your manhood to work

properly you need God he is your battery

he is your power he is your

currenty and you keep refusing him you

keep figuring out more and more

excuses to not live a life connected

with with God and your excuses have

become Nails used to build houses of

failure your wife shouldn’t be the one

talking to your kids about Jesus you

were created in that atmosphere if

anybody going to tap into an anointing

and tap into Revelation and tap into

stuff that they can’t even find written

in the Bible it’s in you you came out of

of the very Source it it’s almost like

it’s like you you’re you’re you’re born

out of a god

class it’s in there by intuition you

know how when you’re you’re born from

your father there’s certain

characteristics of your father that you

have you pick up you you you you have it

you you you got it

legally it’s the same thing with

God there’s wisdom in you you you got

legally there’s prosperity in you you


legally you are the fountain the Cali

you are the

source the fountain that God’s love

flows because he is love his nature is

love and so my nature should be that of

my father my Creator it is not weakness

for a man to operate in the type of love

that changes

things and that type of Love leads you

into the marketplace that type of love

you see a problem and come up with an

answer that type of Love leads you to

invent that type of Love leads you to

start business that type of Love leads

you to invade the art world and show

them y’all been lifting Michelangelo up

too long there are better than Michel

Angelos around


but instead of doing it from the love

that God flowed through

you you now Do It For the Love of

Money not knowing that money just like

water if you want to get wet it’s in the

water there’s so much in this

room wonder what would happen if we play


up what would be the result of your life


we if we plugged up to the right

socket what could we

accomplish being

plugged to the

source that made us from


and somehow if God has the

Ingenuity to Make a Man Out of the

Dust you will by legal right be able to

look at something that ain’t nothing in


world and manufacture something that

would be so powerful so awesome so


have you even

recognized the anointings that you

carry how do you find the will of God

for your

life well how are you

wired something in you that just loves

math and it’s

easy he wired you like

that something in you what you can fix

anything and it’s

easy and you’re wired like

that take a day and go into yourself and

discover the

thing I look give me the way to say

this yeah that’s

good discover and pay attention to how

your friends and relatives compliment

you about something if it seems like a

lot of people keep complimenting you

about the same

thing you might ought to pay attention


that because that thing is that gift is


out in the lives of other

people that are complimenting you where

that is

concerned it’s about discovering the

purpose for your

wiring there’s certain things on this

Earth that are wired different ways to

accomplish different

things you’re wired different ways to

accomplish different things and don’t

don’t limit what you’re doing because

you’re looking at the financial picture

if you accomplish what God wired you to

accomplish that will take care of itself

in a magnificent way you ain’t got to

concerned about it in fact you get so

busy doing what you’re

doing somebody going to have to stop me

and say man you realize how much money

you don’t make no what well don’t bother

me right I’m doing something that

that’ll come that’s the wet with the

water it’ll

come but I can’t tell you how backwards

it is for you to pursue the money

and not pursue the

connection you got to pursue the

connection are y’all getting this this

morning that there is something

that it’s pretty heavy I think I need to

at least bring up

because sometimes it could be the

elephant in the

room how does a person get C how does a

person get how does a man

get how do I I just say it how you get

hooked up to



who you talking

about how does a person become hooked on

porn and what role does fear play in


process a person’s carnal desires which

are based in

selfishness are what the enemy uses to

draw them into addictive

behavior let me say that

again a person’s


desires which are based those desires

based in selfishness you ain’t think

about nobody else but

you or what the enemy uses to draw them

into addictive

behavior so any time we violate the

Commandment of

love and we’re not

connected to that love Fountain fear is

automatically going to be

present and when we seek to take care of


needs and then do that outside of

God we are far from walking in

love and then listen to this and since

love is what cast out fear

we can’t be selfish and then expect to

be free from God’s from Fierce torment

fear will always infiltrate Our Lives

when we are operating in selfishness

selfishness in the area of emotional

needs is not often considered but it’s

real all of us have a need for

relationships because we’re not created

to be islands that exist apart from

others we want to be loved and we want

to be accepted that’s that whole

inferiority thing we’re

fighting all have sinned and come short

that word is inferior all have sinned

and have become inferior or come short

of the glory of God and the only

antidote for inferiority is

Jesus cuz all have done it it’s it’s

what happen when you fall into

sin we want to be loved we want to be

accepted and made to feel

special and when we do not receive this

affirmation growing

up we may feel empty inside and as a

result we can easily lose focus on God

if there’s nothing to counter those

negative emotions and so someone said

what’s got to do with porn so in order

to try to fulfill what I’m not

getting I turn again to that secret

place not where the Lord is but where


is why you talking about this somebody

got to bring it

up Church ought to be the place where

all this stuff can be bought

up cuz God loves you too much if you get

too comfortable in your stuff he’s going

to do something in his love in the act

of his love and even if get if getting C

going to get you delivered then C can be

used as an antidote to to try to at

least make you consider maybe it’s time

for me to plug

in cuz you should not feel safer with

porn than you do with

Jesus so let’s define manhood




service who

better to be a servant under sacrificial

conditions than a man who’s plugged in

with enough love not to be offended by

it and so you look at all the slave

movies I a now I ain’t trying to do that

and you are missing out on the path that


you to the call and the and the purpose

for your

wiring because there’s a

pool that’s especially created for

manhood for

manhood that in certain cases a man

regardless of the situation there are on

anointings available to a man to do some

of the stuff that he didn’t hadn’t been

trained to do but if he needs it at the

time there’s an access to an anointing

for you through manhood to get the job

done no matter what you

face we’ve been trying to get the job

done in our own natural ability

depending upon

ourselves but there is a Grace that’s

available to a man

man to see and figure out and accomplish

things things that showed up that you

were never trained of about you were

never T about but there’s a Grace that’s

there for

manhood how do I get it well it just

starts off with just getting plugged up

with the spirit of Grace just getting

plugged up with

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last you know as men we have to come to

the conclusion that every way out comes

through Jesus every way out of Shame

every way out of inferiority every way

out of condemnation the victory over all

those things comes through our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ and when Jesus

becomes the center of our focus and we

become nourished from our intimacy with

him then we as men can properly pour

into our families our relationships and

our communities and you’ll in turn begin

to see your manhood

transformed if you haven’t already make

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