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Ministries coming up next on changing


world what is it that you’ve always

feared what is it that you’ve always

dreaded are you walking in fear right

now is there fear in your life something

that you are afraid that’s going to

happen and I am saying get rid of that

because that’s the platform that the

enemy operates in your life if he can

discover in your life where there is

fear that is an open door for him to

show up in your

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today your

world to make it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to stay oh it’s

time we live a

life let Sun I’m ring

you we sa by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love today we are

Chang some people love taking on other


drama and you guys you ain’t got nothing

El to do so you just get on the phone

taking everybody stop

it that’s not what God called you to do

if you find that there’s a tremendous

amount of stress your doctor tells you

about stress if you find there’s a

tremendous amount of stress just always

you’re just you’re leaving you’re just

living a life full of

stress Satan’s trying to that’s a

battle and from that stress he wants to

see if he can manifest some stuff in

your body like

inflammation wants to see if he can

knock you off by eventually you having a

heart attack just your high blood

pressure 200 over

100 and then you you you getting on your

face talking about Lord help me like you

remember that sermon uh your pastor

preached well that didn’t have enough

Revelation in it for

me number

three here’s another sign temptation

Temptation 1 Corinthians chap 10:

12-14 in the

NLT temptation is

pressure applied to your flesh in other

words Satan always appeals to our

desires pressure applied to your

thinking that’s what your flesh is all

about your thinking not pressure applied

to your body necessarily but pressure

applied to your

thinking what kind of pressure is

constantly being applied to your

thinking why won’t the enemy leave that

alone why is this thought continuing to

come why is this pressure continuing to

come because he sees an opportunity to

take you down by hopefully you’re going

to yield eventually to the pressure

that’s applied to your

thinking they’ve had a meeting on

you they’ve been discussing that they

really desire this thing and they think

they can keep it away and fight it off

let’s put some pressure to it surely we

can get them to fall into that and when

they fall then we can kill them with

with the guilt and the condemnation and

they ain’t going to be no good to be

used by God no more this is how these

Spirits are talking about

you 1 Corinthians chap

12 and verse 14 through 14 he says if

you think you are standing strong he

said be careful not to

fall The temptations in your life are no

different from what others

experience and God is

faithful he will not

allow the temptation to be more than you

can stand you need to know

that you need to know that while you’re

standing and there’s Temptation coming

you need to know if it’s still coming

God’s been bragging on you cuz he said

there’s never going to be a temptation

to come at you that you can’t

stand but if you should get to a point

where it gets so bad you’re about to

fall he says I’ll provide a way for you

to escape


it he said he will show you a way out so

that you can endure it that’s a truth

you need to

know that’s a truth you need to put

on don’t let any wicked Spirit convince

you that this temptation is going to


you you just say okay the pressure on

today but thanks be to God that God

would not allow me to be

tempted above my ability to handle it

bring on devil cuz I know you can only

bring so much on Hallelujah you can only

go so far because of the god that I

serve you need to know that they are

they are betting that you don’t know

that they’re hoping you don’t know

that your enemies are totally against

truth they want you to wrap yourself up

into a bunch of religion So eventually

eventually they can get you to a point

where they can whisper to your to your

your your your your your

mind kill

yourself kill yourself don’t nobody love

you where they

at don’t nobody care nothing for

you jump off the building life is

overrated Ain’t No Heaven to Hell you

ain’t got to worry about nothing you’re

just going to go to sleep and see to

cease to exist kill yourself

beautiful people just go and kill them

themselves and we sit back talking about

what happened what was wrong there’s a


loose that’s a that’s demonic

influence and and because you don’t

believe in demonic influence they’re

having a field

day and there’s some there’s some in

here this morning who have heard that



yourself that’s

demonic and you have authority over the


realm but if you don’t

know then it’ll take you out but if you

know it’ll almost become

laughable kill yourself but

please a killing myself I’m just having

a bad day I’m going to go to bed and get

up it’ll be all right well what if the

next a bad I’m going go to bed again and

get up it’ll be all right what if the

next a bad I’m going to go me some

popcorn and peanut M&M’s it going to be

all right but what I’m not going to do

is knock myself off because greater is

he that is in me than he that is in the

world and then you start preaching to

that spirit and you command that thing

get away from me right now in the name

of Jesus my God will take care of


don’t you just sit up there and

just just sit up there and just let him

just talk you

uhuh and you dead and here’s the thing

that convinced

me you dead and you all your life you

done read of of of God God saying my

good and faithful servant well done

enter into the joy of a life

Lord but one day I saw it differently

and heard it

differently my good and faithless

servant job

incomplete what are you doing

here you quit on your assignment that

ain’t how I want to meet

God and yeah thank God for his grace

thank God for his Mercy but I want to

finish my assignment amen

I want to accomplish what I was put here


accomplish come hell a high water I want

to be able to celebrate that and end the

thing that all hell thought it could

stop the body of Christ but the body of

Christ stood strong they wouldn’t quit

they wouldn’t give up they wouldn’t cave

in they stood and having done all they

can do to stand they contined to stand

and stand and stand and stand and the

devil cannot deal with people who won’t

sit down if you just just keep standing

you just keep standing I’m not going to

quit I’m not going to give up I’m not

going to turn in fear I’m not going to

let you win I might have to cry but I’m

not going to quit I might have to curl

up in a corner for a minute but I’m not

going to quit I might have a headache

but I’m not going to quit I’m going to

keep going back to God over and over

again I will not quit this too shall


be careful that you don’t submit

yourself to


self-pity oh I know what that’s

like oh boy there are times in my life

where I thought I had a right

to pity

me since nobody else would Pity

Me Nobody

Knows the Trouble life see lying on The

Wizard of bar nobody

knows be careful of that

sneaky spirit of self

pity cuz if you let that thing get on

you the cousin of

depression and

loneliness and

inferiority all shows up at one

time when I was working at the

hospital there was this guy back then we

dealt more with psychosis versus being

bipolar and this boy didn’t have no

chance not

none not none I I knew in my spirit if

something don’t happen he going to be

there by tomorrow

morning and I pulled him

in and I said

uh I know how to help you it’s up to you

if you want to receive in

it he said uh there’s something in me

that won’t let me do what I need to do I

said yeah I know him

too I can help

you led him to the Lord he prayed the

Prayer of

Salvation and just simple as that he

said I feel like something left

me watch this then I knew once you cast

it out you got to get in F cuz

something so I said now we need to we

need to occupy that

space I didn’t tell him nothing about no

tongues I didn’t tell him nothing I just

said I’m going pray that you be filled

with the Holy Ghost and you receive

it he prayed filled with the Holy Ghost

I laid hands on him he said

W woo what just


every day he got better and better and

better and he told the doctors he said


Healed medical director called me and he

said come in I we need to

talk why is he going around saying he

healed I told him what happened he said

well I’m glad you did it but you can’t

do stuff like that

here later on he was discharged

because I knew there was a wicked Spirit


him and you just don’t hear this you

don’t hear this talking Church no more I

mean you know the the the the the the

Deacon board to get together not ours

and they’ll talk we we we can’t hear

that you’re talking about spirits and

you got one you

know and and please don’t me some say me

not everything is a spirit not

everything is a demon

but some things

are and Christian people ought to be

able to make the distinction between

when it is and when it’s

not some things it’s just

you you just full of drama you just

hard-headed you extra it’s just

you and you ain’t trying to change for

nobody but some things you got to

recognize there are even some there are

even some Wicked spirits that are behind

sickness and disease not every not every

sickness and disease cares a demon but

some of them do and you have to

recognize the Devils should know

you you remember when the the the well

seven sons of

scha and they tried to cast this cast

these Spirits out and they went up there

and they say we cast you out in the name

of in the name of

Paul and they were


now Paul we

know and Jesus we sh enough

no but what your name

is and the Bible says they jumped on

them stripped them of their clothes and

ran them


if I cannot bring you to the phys to

this this reality that these things

exist you will continue to be subject to

deception while they continue to reap

havoc in your

life number four

fear now this is interesting Satan needs

needs fear in order to operate in our

lives Satan needs

fear fear to Satan is like Faith to

Jesus like God needs

Faith to allow certain things to to come

into our lives Satan needs fear you

remember job I believe it was 3:25 job

said go there uh job said the thing I

feared the

most has has come upon me look at that

in NLT he says what I always feared has

happened to me what I dreaded has come

true what is it that you’ve always

feared what is it that you’ve always

dreaded are you walking in fear right

now is there fear in your life something

that you are afraid that’s going to

happen and I am saying get rid of that

because that’s the plat form that the

enemy operates in your life if he can

discover in your life where there is

fear that is an open door for him to

show up in your

life you must not fear you must not

tolerate fear you must not tolerate fear

if you tolerate fear you’re going to

contaminate Faith that’s right that’s

right you must not do it you must cast

it down you must cast it out you must

you must recognize it when it shows

up fear cannot be tolerated

and the number one fear that Christian


have is the fear that what God promised

won’t come to pass you’re afraid that

with his stripes you are healed is not

going to come to

pass you are afraid that the promise

that God loves you won’t come to

pass and so that’s the greatest fear

that you can have I’m afraid that this

word is not true I’m afraid that that

this scripture won’t happen to me it’ll

happen to everybody else but it won’t

happen to me I’m afraid that Grace is

too good to be

true and Satan hops right on that fear

like a wave and he rides it to your

destruction escorting you to your

destruction you cannot be

afraid you cannot be

afraid when I saw those tumors in my

body yeah it was it was

paralyzing whoa cuz I really wouldn’t

didn’t think it was like that like

whoa heart start beating real Crick and

I’m real I’m realizing uhoh there’s fear

I got to get it I got to get it I got to

get it I got to work on this I got to

work on

this the way I worked on it is let me go

see what the word says let me go see

what the word says let me go see what

the word says and then the peace of God

begin to come let we go see what the

word says and the peace of God began

going to come and we goes to the word

and the peace of God and then the day

came I had no idea I was going to be

under for a 4H hour

operation one of the reasons that took

place is because my body even though I

was under anesthesia my my insides were

still vibrating they wouldn’t stop

moving so they had to call everything

still cuz in this operation you could

not make one bad move or it mess up


everything and I thought

well is it going to give me too much

anesthesia is something going to go

wrong is this the last time I’m going to

see my wife I’m looking at her real good

and I’m like that’s

fear I got to get rid of

that and so I just started going rolling

rolling my eyes again over just rolling

in my head rolling in my head all is

well I will live and complete the the

work of the Lord all is well all is

perfect the hand of God is on the hands

of this guy the hand of God is on the

hand of the equipment the hand of God is

on the hand of everything all is well

all is well all is well all is well God

is good God is

good you appreciate tongues then cuz you

when you Fighting Fear it’s hard to come

up with something to say in English and

it’s good to have some

Tong you just keep praying until the the

peace of God comes over your

life what are you afraid of you afraid

you’re going to lose your job you’re

afraid you’re going to lose everything

you got what are you afraid of you’re

afraid your wife going to cheat on you

your husband going to cheat on you what

are you afraid of you’re afraid your

kids going to die somebody going to

shoot them what are you afraid of get

rid of that


fear let today be the last day you carry



let’s look at number five real quick I

got about five more minutes


despair if you cease despair that’s a

sign of an


despair despair is the absence of

Hope what does despair look like this

despair looks

like depression and

hopelessness let let me show you what

Paul wrote that he went through

um look at 2 Corinthians chapter

4: veres 8-9 in the in the NLT look at

what Paul went through this was an

attack to try to steal

hope Paul said we are pressed on every

Side by

troubles think of that by troubles on


side I don’t think people recognize what

comes with the call to preach the gospel


grace I knew what was going to come I

just didn’t know it was going to be like

it was and is but something happened

um uh the

stuff that happened

before runs into a different CP dollar

today let me show you what Paul went

through I’m pressed on every Side by

troubles but we are not

crushed we are perplexed but not driven


despair we are haunted

down but never abandoned by God what was

he using to fight this attack with what

he knew about his

father we get knocked down how many you

get knocked down all right the rest of

you will cast that line devils in a

moment we get knocked down but we’re not

destroyed look at the guy’s attitude

here glory to

God through sufferings our bodies

continue to share in the death of Jesus

so that the life of Jesus may also be

seen in our

bodies how can Christians walk worthy of

Christ in C Dollar’s four-part series

The worthy walk he reveals how to keep

Satan at Bay and be seen as faultless

what he wants you to do is recognize his

work of Grace and want to harmonize your

life in line with what he has done you

walk where God is because you are in

Christ and he is in you you are

continuously forever cleansed because

you’re in Jesus Christ and you are in

the light and in the light you can never

be in darkness again this Revelation

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