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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world not how many times you pray

for people not that you pray for

something something Happ not cuz you

prophesize their middle name no other no

other no other circus act is is going to

convince them that you are God’s

disciples he says I need you to pay this

debt of love because I need this world

this unsaved world that I died for

I want to transform them but they don’t

believe so I as you pay the debt of love

that’s going to be

proof that you’re my


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51555 this is your world so let’s vow to

make it a better

place let every heart that me to

know you love is to stay oh it’s time we

live a new life oh let us love shine

right in

you we Sav by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are

Chang Acts chapter 1

and8 is this power to be transformed

well in verse 8 it says but you shall

receive power

literally it is the ability to get the

job done power the ability to get

results but you have received you shall

receive power after that the Holy Ghost

has come upon

you and you shall be Witnesses unto me

both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and

in Samar Samaria and unto the uttermost

parts of the earth and so you say they

receive power and I said for what and

then somebody gets religious to be

Witnesses yeah what that mean what does

that look like and so let’s gather con

con context together and see what we see

here you go to John 1

and2 he can answer that question of for

what he says but as many as received

him to them gave he

power to become

sons of

God even to them that believe on his

name so power to be

transformed into sons of God Daughters

of God verse 5 and five we mention this

but let’s look at it now verse five of

five and five we see the work of the

holy spirit in

us so notice what

happens as he pours This Love on the

inside of us and hope maketh not ashame

because the love of God is not shed

abroad because the love of God is shed

abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost

which is given unto us so we have the

Holy Spirit given to us and he is going

to head this

transformation and the First Act of the

holy spirit is to pour love in US wow

the work of the holy spirit in us to

transform us into the image of Christ

chist which is the essence of God’s

love as he shows us in second second um

Corinthians I believe in verse chapter 3

and 18 turn there 2 Corinthians chapter

3 and 18 so the we receive power the

power to to be transformed into Sons and

Daughters of God the Holy Spirit now

comes in and his job is to transform us

into the image of Christ all of this has

to do with transforming

us into the image of Jesus Christ we

literally took the power in the Holy

Spirit and made it all about you know

doing some manifestations or and ain’t

nothing wrong with that those things

will come but we completely uh covered

up the fact that you know he is going to

be transforming us into Christ we’re

becoming something someone we’re

becoming him and when we see him we will

be just like him why because the power

has been given the transformation has

started you remember Jesus made a

commitment he says I I will start the

work in you I will continue the work in

you and I will finish the work in you

ladies and gentlemen there’s a work

going on in

you there’s a work going on in you

there’s a work going on in you we don’t

we definitely don’t want to turn turn

church into the stage where we

perform that’s that’s not what this is

there’s a there’s a work going on in all

of us

that we’re being transformed into Sons

and Daughters of God that we’re being

transformed into the image of this love

look what he says in verse 18 2

Corinthians 3 but we all with open face

beholding as in a glass the glory of the

Lord we are changed or transformed we

are changed into the same image from

glory to glory even as by the spirit of

the Lord see the holy spirit is is

responsible for transforming us from the

inside out wherever you are now don’t

expect to be that same way next

year and you’re being transformed in

your everyday living not not coming to

church coming to church helps but but

coming to church is where we get uh

where we where we get built up we come

to church to get built up all right

everyday living is the process of being

transformed through the stuff you have

to confront through the Sation you have

through the hurt the pain the issues of

life then he comes in takes advantage of

all of the issues of life and in your

living he starts transforming you you

used to cut somebody out nah you don’t

say nothing you used to not say nothing

nah you say I bless you he’s

transforming you he’s doing that you

don’t know why you’re doing that but

he’s in you changing your mind about

stuff working on your desire to want to

do what you didn’t used to want to do

and you need to you need to pause for a

moment and celebrate look how far he’s

brought you

from you’re not there yet none of us are

but you are being transformed praise

God and we’re here this morning to be

built up yes sir to walk out here and

say yeah I’m getting ready to leave and

maybe I have a flash flat Tire outside

but you know what I’m I I respond to

that differently than I than I did

before I am being

transformed I am being

changed he’s working on my desire I

don’t desire the evil I used to

desire you good man you’re going to be

all right so this is why he says don’t

compare yourself amongst yourself

because you’re comparing your stage of

transformation maybe with somebody

else’s stage of transformation and

that’s not wise you ain’t been

transforming as long as they

have you just started your

transformation so you still going home

doing you know you know you got to have

a help a little little mad dog got to

help you calm down a little bit you know

you’ll be all right a while but you you

still need a little sip every now and

then to help you out don’t beat yourself

up you’ll be all right you’ll learn that

that bottle ain’t got nothing in it that

can help you like the Holy Ghost can

help you and you’re being transformed

but how can ever people how can people

ever get to a certain place if they’re

always been dogged out by church folks

who somehow in their mind think that

they have reached the ultimate of

perfection and they still dripping water

on the floow from the baptism of service

just got baptized want to try to tell

somebody what the Bible say shut your

mouth up go get a piece of pie



when we pay the debt of

love we release the power of God for

people to be

transformed wow how’s that work what

does that look

like somebody who ain’t even Christian

somebody’s not interested in changing

and they encounter you paying the debt


love and they

pause they don’t get to see that all the

time and you sh I mean when you spoke to

them they told you to go somewhere and

and you said you know what I still got I

still owe you

love I know you just cuss me out but I

still owe you love don’t do it no more

though but I still owe you

love I’m transforming now don’t mess

with me I


still but you still owe him

love I I don’t think we get that yeah we

we’ve turned this love thing into this

little gooo Gaga

stuff it is what God uses to not only

transform you but by paying that debt of

love you trans transform somebody else

because they can see God without no

Bible and you don’t know how

embarrassing it is when you see

Christians who don’t even understand how

to be Christians because they think it’s

all about the

performance and and they miss an

opportunity to release train


power cuz some things you do for people

they ain’t going to never forget

it they’ll never forget it and that

might be the one thing that turned their

whole lives around when they can really

see one day a real

Christian I’m telling y’all this is the

objective of God God in our lives this

is the

one and I may have to preach this 20

more times before you get it but this is


2024 with all of the stuff that’s

happening around the world God still

needs people that will be committed to

paying the debt of


some people think they have a right to


rude I know the narcissist does but some

people think they have a right to be

rude so they automatically go into a


and they think they have a they they

think they have this right to be rude to


waitress or rude to the the people that

deliver your food or rude to the people

just Kenny what what is that you say how

how much it cost to be kind what was

that in season love and kindness is

always in

season ain’t that the

truth but look at First Peter chapter 3

and verse 10 in the

NLT 1 Peter chapter 3 and verse


for the scripture says oh this blesses

me every time if you want to enjoy life

how many y’all want to enjoy life you

want to enjoy life all right let me show

you how if you want to enjoy life and

see many happy days how many you want to

see many many happy

days here we go keep your tongue from


evil and keep your lips from telling


lies how many you still want to

enjoy keep your stong your tongue for


evil and your lips from telling lies

that’s got to be a part of the

transformation now listen ain’t nobody

that yet perfect ain’t nobody that yet

perfect at

all some people me and T were joining

yesterday just just joining and I said

something made her fell out the chair

and she woke up this morning laughing

about it she almost fell out the car

seat again laughing about it she said I

can’t believe you said that I said I

can’t either

baby I said but don’t play with me I I’m

College Park you know all we used to do

is joone don’t be trying to joone now we

all we just joned all some of y’all

don’t know what joning is but we I I

used to joone you till you

cry but if I want to

see long days and happy life I got to I

this this will determine

that this will determine that I I did a

a little small teaching this week on on


complaining rewires your

brain it’s the part of the blame brain

where your in intellect your

intelligence is your decision

making and it rewies your

brain to complain

more and it shrinks that area where your

intelligence is the more and more you

complain rewies your BL brain you

complain even more and you look around

you complaining about everything and

it’s also bad for your help as you start

complaining it releases more cortisol

increases your blood pressure increases

your blood

sugar all because you

complaining you just need to shut up you

need to get the anointing a shut

up somebody need to write a song you

need to shut

up this is Big Time right here I was

explaining to my younger daughter she

was telling me some things and I said

baby there’s a connection between your

words and your

brain I said I notice when you feel like

what you describe back up and see what

you’ve been saying she said yeah Dad


and we don’t we don’t want to do that

but see that’s a part of your

transformation I’m not up here saying

this try to bring condemnation to

anybody cuz we are still working

there and what God is looking at is that

the holy spirit is still working there

with you I don’t want nobody in here to

be feeling well well you know you know

that’s just me yeah me too we still

working now but here’s the good news

you’re going to get there because God

has made a commitment that if he stop

started the work he going to continue

the work he going to finish the work and

one day you going to get up and find

that instead of complaining 90% of the

time you complaining 1 and a

half% you have to realize this is a


journey let me read first Peter again it

got quiet after I read that 1 Peter 3:10

let me let me read it again see if we

can get anything else out of it for the

scripture says if you want to enjoy life

yes and you want to see many happy days

yes keep your tongue from speaking evil

and speaking evil is speaking about

others in an evil way and keep your lip

from keep your lips from telling lies

you know there’s a ly spirit in the

church there’s a lying spirit in the

church somebody say why why you ain’t

working that no more the Lord mve me the

real truth is you got


fired tell the

truth let me let me move on cuz


some the question is are we running

short on the currency of

love yeah we we get frustrated with one

another yeah we we disagree with one

another yeah and in some cases we simply

don’t like being around one


however John 13:35 and NLT why must we

allow the Holy Spirit to constantly

transform us out of these


he says verse 35 your love for one

another will prove to the world that you

are my

disciples there’s no other

proof that the world is going to

take except this

love not how many times you pray for

people not that you pray for some someh

not cuz you prophesize their middle name

no other no other no other circus act is

is going to convince them that you are

God’s disciples he says I need you to

pay this debt of love because I need

this world this unsaved world that I

died for I want to transform form them

but they don’t believe so I as you pay

the debt of love that’s going to be

proof that you’re my

disciples look at what Jesus said about

it in John 1725 and 26 in NLT John 1725

and 26 and NLT this is this is pretty

this is interesting in 25 and 26 he

saids oh righteous father the world

doesn’t know you so that’s where the

issue is the world doesn’t know him and

then he says he says but I

do so Jesus said I know him the world

doesn’t know you but I do and he says

and these disciples know you sent me

because they know I know you and they

see I know you because they see the love

that I have and they know that you see

sent me because they what they see in

me next verse I have revealed you to

them and I will continue to do

so how how do I know it was love then

your love for me will be in them and I

will be in

them wow I don’t know what we told

Church what we were told that church was

I don’t know what you know who convinced

you that you know the is a part of your

life you need to be there but I am

telling you right now it’s it’s more

than gimme gimme gimme cuz you think

God’s name is Jimmy it’s more than that

it’s so much more than

that it’s so much more than let me be

right with God let me do right with God

maybe he’ll help me get my bag see that

goes back to that Mammon spirit it’s so

much more than

that when we choose to look past our

inner personal challenges and focus on

loving one another we show The Mark of

disciples and we are actually showing

the world what God love looks

like they can’t see God they can only

see that through

us they can’t see it when let God show

you love he they can’t see him but they

can see

you and what do they see see when they


us T and I have a revelation on leaving


tips cuz they know who we are what they

see cuz they talk about you after you

leave oh you know they don’t wait on

them they cheap tippers they

cheap every one of you today will have

an opportunity to pay on this debt of

love but now you know why this is what

they going to

see and we still don’t get

it we still don’t get it we still trying

to turn church into a

circus we still don’t get

it oh we still don’t get

it still trying to go around telling

people the Lord told me to do this you

don’t know the Lord’s voice enough to be

talking and telling people what the Lord

told you the Lord told you to be quiet

and learn the vocabulary of silence and

you still running your

mouth cuz we we don’t get in the word no

more and we don’t you know Tik Tock has

replaced the

Bible how about

that and when social media platforms

have more influence on your thinking

than the word child of God church we

don’t miss



love results in Supernatural

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kingdom and that’s what we owe now

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like people you can’t stand people you

don’t know people you mad at and you

will not be able to pay this debt

because it’s going to take the grace of

God for you to make the payments there

is something about paying the debt of

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Dollar God bless

you as we wrap up today’s broadcast I’d

like to take a moment to pray for you I

don’t ever want to take for granted that

you have received Jesus Christ

as your personal Lord and Savior there’s

no better way to Embark upon a new stage

in your life than to enter into a

personal relationship with Christ so if

you want to become born again and begin

an exciting intimate relationship with

Jesus pray this prayer with me now

Heavenly Father come into my heart save

me I receive You Now by

faith and I declare in Jesus name that I

am saved thank you Lord for saving me

amen well if you prayed that prayer with

me I want to welcome you to the kingdom