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Ministries coming up next on changing


world there’s a great harvest that’s

been prophesied for centuries of time

the wealth of the wicked how many you

know that transfer must take place but

you know what we’ve got to make room for

the new and he says you got to get rid

of and you got to clear out the old in

order to make room for the

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today this your world so let’s vow to

make it a better

place let every hard than me to

know you love is here to St oh it’s time

we live a new life oh let us love sh


you we’re saved by his grace so we

Embrace Your Love

today we are

Chang today we want to look at uh making

room for the

new because we don’t want to go back to

what things were before the pandemic we

don’t want to go back to uh you know

relationships and the traditions of the

past but I don’t know about you I

believe that God wants to do something

beyond what we experience up to that

point and so he says I will do a new

thing and there are new things that God

wants to do and so it’s a matter of

really opening up ourselves and closing

things that need to be close a lot of

times if we don’t close things at the

proper time they’ll continue to operate

they’ll drag us back we’ll stay in the

past we’ll have those same emotions and

feelings from the past and God can never

do something something new and so that’s

what this teaching is about making room

for God to do something new for him to

do something that hasn’t been done

before you know centuries of time

religion has existed and uh we’re

understanding now that it’s not a

religious uh experience that we’re after

it is a relationship with God and so

religion has operated for centuries of

time but we understand that it’s not

about us becoming more and more

religious because people were religious

in Jesus’s day but he rebuked them he

corrected them he addressed them he

challenged them and he wants us to get

Beyond just going through the motions

the Fashions the traditions and the

patterns of time over to a place where

we can really experience the union and

the intimacy of a relationship with him

and so that’s why he went to the woman

who was at the well and he went to uh

the people who were infirmed the man who

was sitting at the pool of Bethesda and

he went to you know the blind man who

thought was born that way so that there

was not this traditional mindset of why

people were in the situations they were

in but that was a newness that he came

to present a newness that existed

separate from the law separate from you

know the traditions of the past the

Torah and the things during that time

but he really wanted them to realize

that they could have an real experience

and a real encounter with God and so

they had to make room for that they had

to expand their heart in order for that

to happen it didn’t just happen by

osmosis you know uh it had to happen as

a result of them welcoming him in and

receiving from him and knowing that he

came to bring something new and that

what had been done was not what he came

to do again but he was doing something

different and so when we talk about


room uh I want us to understand that it

means giving God unrestricted space in

and throughout our


giving God unrestricted space in and

throughout our life it is the time the

energy the identity that we allow him to


him causing challenge in our life that

he wants to redeem in us so that we can

make a difference it’s making room for

God it extends him into every Creek and

every cravis crevice of our lives every

crack in every crevice of our life when

we allow God’s space when we create room

for him to exist giving him the place

where he resides and he has dominion and

he’s first and there’s this sacred

position that he has in our thoughts and

in our heart and in our lives that

causes us to expand to broaden to

experience the good life that he’s

pre-arranged and made ready for us to

live but you know uh we have to make

room and so we want to look at Mark

chapter 2 verse 2 Mark 2 verse 2 because

so many

times we can be so occupied with other

stuff other things other situations and

it takes the place that God wants to be

we have no uh space for him to to uh do

what he wants to do in our lives because

you know the the schedules the calendars

maybe our experience from the past

I realize sometimes trauma can take the

space up in our hearts in our life and

consequently it shuts God out and so

these are things that restrict him from

having the opportunity to just Blossom

and cause us to bloom where our

relationship with him is concerned and

so when we look at Mark chapter

2 verse two it says straight

way many many were gathered together in

so much that there was no room to


them no not so much as about the

door and he preached the word unto them

they said that there were people who

were gathered in so much that there was

no room to receive the message

no room

whatsoever and so we have to look at our

lives and be honest with where we are

and admit to ourselves am I giving room

for God’s word for God’s message for God

to do what he wants to do in my life or

am I so busy and so encumbered and

cluttered and distracted with all these

other things that he has no opportunity

no access

no uh means to intervene and involve

himself uh in our lives it’s the time

it’s the energy that we extend it’s the

identity that we have that allows him to

use us to challenge redeem in us so that

we can make a difference so we see in

this situation here that there was no

room somebody say no room no no

room to receive

not so much any room and he preached the

word unto them let’s look a little

further here at John 1 verse 11 and then

we’re going to look at um the New Living

Translation we’ll look at this one and a

couple more but I just kind of want to

walk you through some things as relates

to making room for what matters making

room for the

new making room by Allowing God to have

that space that he

desires that has precedence in other

areas of Our Lives John 1 verse1 says he

came to his own

people and even they rejected

him he came to try to accomplish the

assignment the purpose the vision for

his life to do the things that God was

sent him to do and you know what what he

couldn’t do it because they didn’t

receive and in order for us to make room

we’ve got to receive we got to be

receivers we’ve got to make sure that

we’re in the position we’re in the

posture where we can grab a hold of what

God wants to

do skip down to chapter 8 uh of this

same CH uh same book John 8 verse

37 uh in fact we’ll start at verse 35 he

came to his own his own didn’t receive

him we must recognize that we are his

own and he’s coming to us this very day

asking if we’ll make room for him in our

lives and receive from him we are his

own we belong to him and so it is our

decision it is our responsibility the

choices that we make are to receive what

God wants to do in our life and make

room for what he wants to do bringing us

out of the things from the past and

taking us into the new so look at what

it happens here in John uh 8:35 it says

a slave is not a permanent member of the

family but a son is part of the family

forever so if the son sets you free you



free yes I realize that you are

descendants of Abraham and yet some of

you are trying to kill me because

there’s no room in your hearts for for


message I’m telling you what I saw when

I was with my father but you are

following the advice of your

father our father is Abraham this is

what they declared no Jesus replied for

if you were really the children of

Abraham you would follow his

example instead you’re trying to kill me

because I told you the truth

which I heard from God Abraham never did

such a

thing know you are imitating your real

father they replied we aren’t


children God himself is our true

father Jesus told them if God were your

father you would love me because I have

come to you from

God I’m not here on my own but he sent

me why can’t you understand what I am

saying it is because you can’t even hear

me for you are the children of your

father the

devil and you love to do the evil things

he does he was a murderer from the

beginning he has always hated the truth

because there is no truth in

him so I want us to understand today and

realize that we must make room for the

message we must make room because during

this time people were deceived and they

were under the influence of the lies of

the devil they were doing all kinds of

things that were contrary to what God

wanted to do and as a result he had to

help help them to understand where they

were because there was you know the

respector of persons there was the

treating of people different types of

ways I mean there were those who were

esteemed and highly placed in positions

and there that were those who were

looked down upon and so you know Jesus

had to call them out and say no you are

of your father the

devil and he caused them to be

challenged in identifying in the fact

that there was this lying spirit because

they were under the influence of the

enemy the father of lies and so you know

when we understand some of these things

we understand that because they didn’t

make room for God and His word they were

under the influence of the wicked one

and that’s what happens in our lives and

so that’s why it’s so vital so important

because the world has this voice the

world is speaking and all the voices

that are out in the world today and so

these things cause create uh confusion


Chaos uh cause

Rebellion um dis resentment all kinds of

things and so Jesus Challenge and he

identified with those who were living

beneath the mark and help them to

understand that they needed to make room

for the word now let’s look over this

next scripture over in Leviticus chap 26

Leviticus chapter 26 and just kind of

want to walk you through some things

here let’s look at the New Living

Translation verses

6 through 10 New


Translation starting at verse

six I love what he says

here because uh it really helps us to

see the importance of the

new because that’s what God wants us to

focus in on is the new what he wants to

do in your life is the

new he says I will give you peace in the

land and you’ll be able to sleep with no

cause for fear I will rid the land of

wild animals and keep your enemies

out of your

land in fact you will chase down your

enemies and slaughter them with your

swords five of you will chase 100 and a

100 of you will chase 10,000 all your

enemies will

fall beneath your

sword I will look favorably somebody say

favor faor he says I will look favorably


you making you fertile and multip

multiplying your people and I will

fulfill my Covenant glory be to

God I will fulfill my Covenant with

you you will have such a surplus of

crops that you will need to clear out

the old grain to make

room for the new

Harvest I’m telling you what God wants

to do in your

life in this day and time in which we

live this very

space this very moment and we can get

rid of all the Clutter and get rid of

all the junk and let go of stuff then we

will experience the

new he says if you will experience these

things by clearing out you will need to

clear out he says there’ll be such a

surplus I don’t know about you I’m ready

to receive everything that God has

destined from the foundations of the

world I’m telling you there’s an

outpouring Harvest of souls there’s a

latter rain that’s been prophesied where

the younger will speak with the older

and women and men and people will seres

alongside there is a great return that

must take place

there’s a great harvest that’s been

prophesied for centuries of time the

wealth of the wicked how many you know

that transfer must take place but you

know what we’ve got to make room for the

new and he says you got to get rid of

and you got to clear out the old in

order to make room for the

new time to make room for the new in our

lives so we have to realize that what

God wants to do is something totally

different and God was using even this

analogy in this day and time so that

they could begin to realize the things

that he was endeavoring to

happen and so as we

are understanding this we are realizing

that these times in which we live are

very sacred times and our lives belong

to the Lord let’s go a little further

here look at Matthew chapter 9 verse

23 I believe we’ve got to make some room

for the

miraculous make room for signs and

wonders he is still God he has not left

the throne I know what men say I know

that what people say and the

psychologists and the psychiatrist and

what the doctors say and what you know

the lawyers say and all these other

people say but he is still

God he will have the the final say so in

our lives his word is Incorruptible and

that which is sown will come to pass it

is Incorruptible seed and it will

accomplish that which it was sent forth

to accomplish in our lives so he is

still God and there are things that only

God can do he says with men things are

possible With God all


men’s limitations should not limit what

God can do in our lives so we’ve got to

make room for the miraculous for the

signs and the Wonders that uh the things

that only God can do he hasn’t left the

throne how many you know he hadn’t

stopped loving you he hasn’t thrown in

the towel he hasn’t forgotten about us

he’s not frustrated with us he’s not mad

he’s not angry he is still good and when

we go to him in faith and We Know Who We

Are knowing that we have a place in his

plan and according to uh the the things

that he’s destined for our lives how

many you know he can do things that only

God can

do how many you know there are some

things that only God can

do you might have gone to school and

learned how to you know do all the

different things to go from you know uh

getting a level job to getting you know

a sixf fig do job but you know what it’s

something about God when he gets in your

life and he gets involved in your

situations he’ll just cause you to

experience such favor you look up you

might even start owning the

company you might start your own company

I mean there’s all kinds of things we’re

talking about God today we’re talking

about the

miraculous and the signs and wonders

that still exist in this day and time

and so let us not be moved by the

Demonic Force let’s not be moved by all

the demons and the Darkness and the

oppression and the wickedness and the

evilness and all those things because he

says we’re sin abounds Grace will much


abound and so we as his children as the

body of Christ must allow him a space

and a place where he can be God

yes where he can do the

miraculous when he can do the

impossible things that men said can

never be done I’m a living witness today

if you would have told me 30 something

years ago that I’d be standing up here

teaching and talking from the Bible I

probably would have cursed you out and

told you where to go but that’s because

I realized that God can do only what

what he can

do and what he wants to do is just blow


mind so don’t be moved by what it looks

like right now what it

seems uh what the doctor said or what

the uh Banker says all these things he

will turn it upside

down because his plan will prevail and

the word will prevail over every

circumstance over every situ situation


everything I remember when our daughter

uh the doctor was talking about how she

had alopecia man we got on the word of

God and start praying over her hair and

praying over her head and got the oil

out she’s got a head full of hair right

now don’t listen to I mean you can use

the information that doctors give and

bankers give and lawyers give and all

that stuff but don’t let that be the

final say

so let God have final

say let him be God make room for the

miraculous for him to get on your

financial affairs for you get them to

get in your children’s lives that’s why

you seow the word you train them up when

they are young and you put it in there

and you allow that word to have first

place in your child’s life and in your

family and though they may go through

different things when they become a

teenager or young adults or whatever but

you know what that word will not return

void and the assignment of God will be

accomplished in their life so however

long it takes for them to get more and

more testimony or whatever needs to

happen that’s all right God will have

the final say

so turn over to Matthew 9:23 he says

when Jesus

arrived at the official’s home he saw

the noisy

crowd and heard the funeral

music get

out he told

them the girl isn’t

dead she’s


asleep but the crowd look at what they

did how you know people going to

laugh I me when I first got saved my

family I was the first one got saved out

of my whole family they laugh oh Lord

what you in there doing you having

communion with Jesus and you’re going to

get bread and all this stuff I said

that’s all right that’s all right God

said just keep living keep doing what

you’re doing low and behold each one

just started getting born again getting

saved do you feel caught and dragged

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be a blessing or they can also clutter

your spirit all things are permissible

things are profitable but we have to

recognize what is good for us I want us

to recognize that the enemy wants our

lives to be cluttered he wants to keep

us from having access to God making room

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