praise God in Jesus name Amen well hey

welcome to church this morning we’re

still having church we’re just doing it

in a different way and maybe I shocked

down a little bit coming out here with a

suit in the town but I’m telling you I

came dressed up because I wanted to

serve notice on the kingdom of darkness

that they are in they are in trouble

this morning and I’m telling you you

after this I want you to share this

message with as many people as you can

because listen we’re gonna talk about

how to use your spiritual authority in

other words last week I talked about the

authority of the believer now I want to

talk to you about how to do it so get

your notes and in pads I’m going to show

you the spiritual authority plus

spiritual law and after I finish man I

want you to I want you to go after it

man I’m it’s almost like if you were you

know I look at the Justice League and

and a lot of animated cartoons

concerning superheroes and it’s almost

like you know you’re discovering your

power we’re unlocking your power and

showing you how to use it praise God and

I’m telling you you are a born again

believer clothed with an enormous amount

of power

now we’re gonna see how to use that so

father I thank you for this enough

opportunity to minister to these your

precious sheep thank you Lord that

revelation knowledge will flow freely

uninterrupted and unhindered by it in

satanic or demonic force and father I

pray that you will speak through my

vocal cords and think through my mind

I prayed none of me and all of you I

pray that there will be such an amazing

anointing to minister to our church and

our friends and our and our partners and

that the members of world changes will

be so stirred up praise God because they

know how to use their authority and it’s

in Jesus name we pray and everybody said

amen praise the Lord well if you have

your Bibles go with me to the book of

Matthew the book of Matthew chapter 14

and you know I I trust that you will

pray for 49 and pray for me right now

that I can minister with such clarity

this word so that we can see a mark made

in your life that cannot be erased

Matthew chapter 14 verse 22 Matthew 14

and verse 22 a very familiar scripture

but there’s a lot of good revelation

that came out of this and I think it

will really really bless your life today

Matthew 14 22 verses I’m gonna read 22

through 31 he says and straightway Jesus

constrained his disciples to get into a

ship and to go before him unto the other

side while he sent the multitudes away

and and when he had sent the multitudes

away he went up into a mountain apart to

pray so he sent his disciples ahead of

him while he went and prayed and when

the evening was come he was there alone

but the ship was now in the midst of the

sea while he was there alone tossed with

waves for the wind was contrary so it

sounds to me like they came in to some

rough weather and in the fourth watch of

the night Jesus went unto them walking

on the sea and when the disciples saw

him walking on the sea they were

troubled saying it is a spirit or today

we would say it’s a ghost and they cried

out for fear because they they saw Jesus

walking on water but they didn’t know it

was Jesus and they thought it’s a ghost

but straightway Jesus spake unto them

saying be of good cheer it is I be not

afraid now 28 and Peter answered him and

said lord if it be thou this is this if

it be thou bid me or permit me to come

unto thee on the water I like to put

another word here authorize me to come

and walk on the water next verse and he

said come so he gave him the

authorization come come now he hears

Jesus walking on the water and Peter

said can I have the authorization he

said yea come and when Peter was come

down out of the ship he walked on the

water he walked on the water he walked

on the water to go to Jesus verse 30 but

when he saw the wind boisterous he was

afraid and he began to sink and he cried

saying the Lord save me next verse and

immediately Jesus stretched forth his

hand and caught him and said unto Him

old thou of little faith underline that

little faith wherefore did thou doubt

now remember we defined doubt as a

moment of fear o thou of little faith

wherefore did thou doubt now we’ve gone

over this scripture before you’ve read

it before you a lot of good things have

come out of it

but here’s what I here’s what I saw and

I want you to see this now Jesus was

walking on top of the very situation

that was trying to kill these disciples

Jesus was walking on top of the very

situation that was trying to kill these

disciples now ladies and gentlemen I

need you to understand sir

then I don’t know the situations that

you have going on in your life right now

but we can very clearly see that these

disciples had a situation going on in

this boat and Jesus was walking on top

of that situation now Jesus didn’t pick

Peter up and you know when he was on the

boat and asked him could he walk he

didn’t pick Peter up and place him on

the water and and then made him walk

Jesus said come and Peter took the

authorization Peter took the authority

and Peter took the steps in other words

ladies and gentlemen Peter did something

that I want to make sure I communicate

to you this morning

when the authority was given by Jesus

come Peter took the authority and he

stepped out on the water and Peter now

began to walk on the very situation that

that that was trying to destroy him

first Jesus was walking on the situation

that tried to destroy the disciples and

now Peter took the authorization from

Jesus and he began to walk on top of the

situation that was trying to destroy him

here’s what I’m trying to say to you

this morning Jesus has given each of us

the authorization to walk on top of the

situation that’s trying to destroy you

the difference ladies and gentlemen is

that Peter took the authorization and he

acted out upon that authorization he he

was authorized to walk on water

and he took a step and started walking

on water you and I have been authorized

to walk on top of sickness disease to

walk on top of debt to walk on top of

all kinds of situations in life we’ve

been authorized the authorization has

been given to us by God Almighty and if

you will take the authorization and take

a step and walk on top of that situation

in that circumstance praise God then you

can do like Peter did the thing

that was trying to distraught you you’ll

start walking on top of it praise God

why because the authorization has been

given to you to do that you don’t have

to sit back and be beat up and whipped

by the circumstances and situations of

this life when Jesus has given you the

the right to command the authority and

the authorization to walk on top of your

circumstances and on top of your

situations this is what he said in

Matthew chapter 10 if you’ll go back

there let me remind you what he said in

Matthew chapter 10 verse 1 because this

is not just about this is not just about

Jesus given the authorization it’s more

about will you use it it’s more about

where you step out and use and activate

what you’ve been authorized to activate

he says this in Matthew chapter 10 verse

1 and when he had called unto him his

twelve disciples he gave them power

ability authorization against unclean

spirits to cast them out to heal all

manner of sickness and all manner of


he gave the disciples that day the

authorization to walk on top of sickness

and disease and then in verse eight

here’s another area of authorization

healed the sick they were they gave

Jesus gave the authority to heal the

sick cleanse the lepers Jesus gave the

authorization to cleanse the lepers

raise the dead he gave the authorization

to raise the dead cast out Devils he

gave the authorization to cast out

Devils freely you have received freely

give and so without a shadow of doubt we

have been authorized by God Almighty to

carry out his word so it wasn’t God’s

will for Peter to sink but he got its

eyes off of Jesus it’s not God’s will

for somebody to be defeated by the

circumstances and situations that you’re

going through that’s not God’s will

what happened Peter got his eyes off

Jesus he stopped focusing on what he had

the power and the authorisation to do

and I’m telling you right now don’t you

stop focusing on the authorisation that

you have been given by God Almighty to

walk on top of your circumstances and

situations I’m telling you ladies and

gentlemen this is a word from God for

you to get focused on your optimization

what happened why did he sing that

wasn’t God’s will he authorized him to

walk on water he said come why did he

sink because he was distracted by the

circumstance distracted by the situation

distracted by how many people got the

virus so how many people have died all

right it ready and distracted by all

those things and I am saying get focused

get focused on the things of God get

focused on the word of God what happened

was he lost his focus and he began to

sink because he started paying attention

and giving focus to the thing that was

trying to kill him to the wave and to

the wind what’s distracting you what do

you what are you giving your focus to

what what are you looking at and

forgetting that you have the

authorization to walk on top of that

thing that’s trying to to kill you still

destroy what is it that you’re focusing

I’m saying get your focus back on God

get your focus back on not only God but

what he has authorized you to be able to

do so look what happened man he focused

on the problem instead of focusing on

the authority foking out focusing on the

authorization are you focused on the

problem are you are you spending more

time focused on oh my god how am I gonna

pay my rent all my money spent a little

bit buy some food

baby need a pass shoes look he got a

light bill do what are you focused on

are you focused on oh dear God there’s a

lots of people losing their job oh god

I’m gonna probably lose mine too what do

you focus on oh my god well my neighbor

down the street he got the barbs oh it’s

gonna come to my house – what are you

focused on because when you focus on

that Jesus described

like this why is it that your faith was

little he wasn’t talking about the

measure of faith he was talking about

how long it lasts he was talking about

the endurance of it how come your faith

didn’t endure but for a little while in

other words when he was focused on Jesus

and he began to walk on the water and he

began to walk in the authority that had

been given to him his faith was strong

but then as soon as he got his focus off

of Jesus got his focus off of the

authorization he began to sink he he was

no longer focused I I’ve been authorized

to do this he began to sink and his

faith was just for a short time you

memorize I said to you before have you

ever had a short burst of energy that’s

what he was saying why is your faith

little why was it a short burst how come

it didn’t last long and the reason why

is because when you are surrounded by

all of the distractions and all of the

things that are trying to kill you and

wipe you out and you’re not focused in

on wait a minute I’ve been given

authority over this I’ve been giving

power over this then your faith will be

small and it’ll last just for a little

while and I’m here this morning to jack

your faith up to let you know in the

name of Jesus you have the authority

over sickness over disease over viruses

over pestilence you have authority don’t

have your faith to be little every time

you feel yourself a sense yourself kind

of losing focus you get in that word and

Jack that faith back up and remind

yourself that you’ve been authorized by


you’re an authorized dealer of God’s

power praise God

you’re an authorized dealer of God’s

power amen

now here’s the thought some people say

that if God is really in something is he

if he’s really involved in something

then it’ll work perfectly well he was

involved with Peter walking on the water


but Peter began to sink now listen to me


God’s power comes to pass through us


it’s God’s power but it comes to pass

through us he doesn’t use us

independently of our of our of ourselves

God uses another surprise some people

God uses flesh Peter began to think then

the power began to subside why because

Peter change not the power

Peter change not the power the power was

still available the power was still at

hand the power was still able to get the

job done

Peter changed not the power Peter

started thinking about the circumstances

and the possibility of what the

circumstance might be able to do

Peter changed not the power I’m asking

you right now what’s changed

it’s not the power it’s not God’s the

same yesterday today and forever more

and this Authority and there’s a power

that he’s given us to have victory it

didn’t change make sure you’re not the

one changing the power is still

available to get the job done so I said

all that to say this that the number one

reason people don’t receive is because

they don’t operate in their authority

the number one reason that people don’t

receive receive what God has promised is

because they do not operate in their

authority now this is powerful because

it’s like I don’t want to get to heaven

ask God about something and he said son

I authorized you to do it but you didn’t

how many things in our lives have never

shown up or never taken place because we

did not operate in the authority that

was given to us see it’s not enough for

you to believe that Jesus can do it it’s

not enough for you to believe that Jesus

can heal it’s not enough for you to

believe that Jesus can deliver it’s not

enough for you to believe that Jesus can

can do all these things but

you must believe that you can do it –

what yes you must believe that you can

do it – take your Jesus given authority

and do it

you see I wouldn’t say that

had he not given us the authority to do


the right to command but because he’s

given us the authority to do it and

authorized us on the planet to do it

it’s not enough for you to just believe

that Jesus can do it now with the

authority that came from him you now

must believe that you can do it you must

believe that you can cast that Devils

that you can heal the sick that you can

speak to mountains and tell those

mountains to be gone you have got to

believe that you’ve been authorized by

Jesus pick up your Jesus given Authority

pick up your Jesus given authority and

command what the word has declared over

your life and your over your authority

now look at this Luke chapter 10 verse

19 and and forgive me I’m excited I am

excited because I know my authority I

know my authorization praise God I got

up this morning I said Corona in the

name of Jesus I told you to cease now in

the name of Jesus you stopping your

progress and your maneuvers right now I

paralyze you in Jesus name somebody says

well why would you do that because I

have authority – and if and if we don’t

do it it ain’t gonna get done and like I

told you last week if the devil is on

your back and you don’t use your

authority to actively fight against the

enemy resist him then he’s gonna steal

you back you can’t go to God and say God

get the devil off my back when he’s

authorized you to get the devil off your

back and keep him off your back amen

look at this Luke chapter 10 19 he says

behold I give unto you power or

authority you have authority I give you

power or authorization to tread on

serpents and scorpions and over all the


of the enemy now this is this is awesome

if you identify anything being of the


you have been give authorization you

have hope you have authorization and

authority over all of the power of the

devil Wow well you know fear doesn’t

come from God must come from the devil

you have authority over well you know

sickness and disease doesn’t come from

God you know it comes from the devil you

have authority over it you know all

kinds of bad crazy things that you think

came from God actually it comes from the

devil the Bible says Satan comes to kill

steal and destroy Jesus said I’ve come

that you might have life and have it

more abundantly

so if there’s anything that comes or

shows up from the devil you have been

authorized to use the power against all

of the ability of the devil and nothing

shall be in it shall by any means hurt

you oh my goodness I am trying to speak

this into the body of Christ I’m trying

to get them to see let us stand up in

our authority you are Christian

believers who are clothed with an

enormous amount of power and authority

we just got to get you to use it got to

get you to start walking in it we have

power over the devil say that out loud

I have power over the devil I said it

again I have power over the devil listen

that’s that’s strong I mean most of the

time we’ve been running it away from him

and I’m telling you today no more

running we have power over the devil we

have authority over the enemy we have

authority over anything that he does

it’s kind of like the owner surround

whatever you can do I can do better yeah

because I have the authority of Jesus

Christ so what good is it for you to

believe that Jesus can do it if you

don’t believe you can do it I mean that

could be frustrating you you believe

Jesus can do it but you don’t believe in

the authority that he’s given you to do

I mean that that’s frustrating I mean

let me show you something real quick

there’s a scripture talks about Hope

deferred makes the heart sick let me

show you this proverbs chapter 13 and 12

proverbs chapter 13 and 12 I just

thought about something I saw there’s a

difference between spiritual people

maybe denominational people in what they

believe I want to share this I think

this is a blessing he says Hope deferred

verse 12

make it the heart sick but when the

desire cometh it’s a tree of life when

it doesn’t come

it makes the heart sick when it comes

it’s a tree of life see spiritual people

have a potential to be more frustrated

than denominational people why because

denominational people don’t believe or

expect healing they don’t expect

deliverance they don’t expect prosperity

but spiritual people do spiritual people

or word-based people do we expect we

expect for deliverance the Shoah we

expect for healing to show up we expect

for freedom to show up we we expect for

things to happen we expect for the virus

to stop we expect for people to walk in

favour when everybody else is being

fired we expect that amen so it’s not

enough to believe God can do it but you

must believe that God has given you the

spiritual authority and the power to do

it as well I hope I’ve nailed that point

home that you get a hold of that now on

the other hand when you don’t know what

you have then you won’t use it if you

don’t know that you have been given

Authority how you gonna use something

you don’t even know you’re not even sure

you have that’s why I’m talking this

maybe maybe you’re not maybe you were

not sure of of the fire that you that

the authority that Jesus is given to you

if you don’t know what you have then you

won’t use it and I’m saying to you by

the Word of God you have authority so

don’t go around listen well Oh God give

me more he’s already given you authority

over it

don’t go ask them for more you are gonna

have more than enough to get the job

done you got it you already have it go

first first John chapter 2 and 20 you

already have it you know yeah something

you’re gonna be so amazed when you get

to heaven you’re gonna find out a lot of

prayers you pray asking God for

something it’s like you already got it

it’s already yours

I look at first John chapter 2 in verse

20 he says but you have an unction huh

you already have it you have an unction

or an anointing anointing the ability to

get the job done you have an order you

have ability you have authorization from

the Holy One and you know all things you

already have it the things you already

have but if you don’t know it you won’t

use it God’s already done his part he’s

given you the authorization my power and

my authority is is like that of a

policeman let’s see if we can go from

this perspective a policeman has the job

and the authorization to enforce the law

that’s what he does he enforces the law

children of God who know their authority

like the policeman will enforce

spiritual law like the policeman the

policeman enforces the law of the land

silver law you and I have been given the

authority to enforce spiritual law so

now when you talk about the believers

Authority when you talk about spiritual

authority then you must talk about

spiritual law so the boundary of my

authority as a believer is within

spiritual law I can enforce spiritual

law now if I know the spiritual laws

that govern healing and deliverance and

freedom and safety and prosperity and

all those other things when I know those

spiritual laws I have the authorization

to enforce those laws even when the

devil and circumstances are trying to

stop it

so what good is it to have Authority

with nothing to enforce we have

authority why would God give us

authority and didn’t give us anything to

enforce and I’m telling you you have

something to enforce what is it it’s

spiritual law it’s spiritual law now

we need to get into that now because

when you talk about spiritual law and

your authority see I think what happens

sometimes as most people think well I

have Authority and you just go around

and you try to use your authority and

beyond the boundaries of spiritual law

and then you come back to money doesn’t

work now you’ve got to know the

spiritual laws you enforce like a

policeman’s got to know the silver laws

and the laws of the land in order to

enforce them if he doesn’t know the law

he can’t enforce but you can’t enforce

anything you and I have got to know

spiritual laws in order to enforce them

praise God so some people think and

believe that the things of God are just

are just concepts and suggestions and

that God is in in a box and and you

can’t ever tell you can’t ever tell what

what God will do you never know what God

will do and then they’ll throw an excuse

you know because he’s sovereign you

never can tell well I don’t know about

that because listen I can tell because I

know that God is committed to his word

listen to this now the Word of God is

spiritual law the Word of God is

spiritual law well let’s just break this

down what is a law a law is an

established principle that will work for

anybody who will get involved gravity is

a law it is established you can’t go

outside and change it no matter how many

times you get on top of a building and

step off the side gravity is consistent

it works always the same way every

single time it is established so

likewise God’s Word is established God’s

Word is settled

it is a principle when God speak it it’s

established look at psalm 119 verse 89

Psalms 119 verse 89 God’s Word is

spiritual law God’s Word is established

I have the authority to enforce God’s

Word praise God

man I have the authority to enforce

God’s Word I mean what you ought to be

doing to the devil right now say listen


back off don’t let me get in this word

don’t let me get in this word cuz

whatever I find in this book I have the

authority and the authorisation to

enforce now look what he said verse 89

he said forever O Lord thy word is

settled in heaven God’s Word is a

settled thing God’s Word is established

and because it’s established and because

it’s settled then God’s Word is

spiritual law it’s spiritual law look at

Psalms 89 verse 34 man God is so serious

about this

you find what God said if it’s in his

word you enforce it praise God because

His Word says it he said my covenant

will I not break nor alter the thing

that is gone out of my lips now our

covenant is a it’s a it’s an it’s an

irrevocable vow between two or more

parties to carry out what was spoken and

God says I’m not I’m not gonna break my

covenant I’m not I’m not gonna alter the

things that’s gone out of my lips that

would make it spiritual law which means

you can enforce it look at Psalms 31:38

Psalms 138 verse 2 I want to read this

out of the King James and then the NLT

his word is established I’m telling you

you don’t have to walk around and wonder

oh my god what do I enforce I mean this

is just like for the policeman this is

his law book this is your book I’m not

talking about Abrahamic law I’m talking

my established principles this is your

book so you can enforce the law I’m not

talking about Abrahamic law I’m talking

about established principles he says I

will worship towards thy holy temple and

I’ll praise thy name for thou

loving-kindness and for thy truth for

thou has magnified thy word above thy

name he is serious about his word that

he has authorized you to enforce now

look at this in the New Living

Translation I’m telling you this will do

something to you you’ll quit sitting

around waiting on God somebody says well

what are you doing

I’m just waiting on God now they waiting

on you Heaven’s waiting on you Heaven’s

waiting on us I mean the planets waiting

on the house praise God he said I bow

before your a holy temple as I worship I

praise your name for your unfailing love

and faithfulness for your promises are

backed by all the honor of your name God

Batz every word God Batz every promise

with his authority and with the honor of

his name our job is to enforce him he

listened it’s his power but we have a

right to use it the question this

morning are you using it are you using

it we’re sitting around waiting on

everybody waiting on people to come up

with a answer there’s certain things

that happen on the planet they don’t

know what they’re doing they don’t know

they didn’t got no answer and that’s

what I’m telling everybody else you

better look to God now it’s time to look

for Jesus right now you ain’t got no

answer the stuff you’re doing ain’t

working you need Jesus Jesus is the

answer some I said boy are you excited

yes I am praise God Know Who I am I know

who you are I understand the

authorization I know that the Word of

God is power and I know that this word

is spiritual law and I have been given

Jesus authority to enforce it praise God

so now that’s what that’s what it’s time

to do so some say well you know you

can’t say God heals and delivers and and

prospers every time you can’t say that

every time

see there you go you’re trying to put

something on God that God already put on

you man I know I know this is this Golgo

gets I mean your religion you probably

pulling your weave out your hair right

now but you have got to stand up and

recognize the Dominion and the authority

that God has given you gods were

is spiritual law in fact if you go to

Hebrews chapter one and three

everything about this physical natural

world is being held up by His Word if

one bit of his word turns out not to be

true then everything crumbles cuz it’s

all being held together by the word look

what he says he said in who being the

brightness of his glory and the Express

image of his person and upholding all

things by the word of his power when he

had by himself purged our sins now what

does it mean the word of his power well

that’s very interesting phrase the word

of his power the word of his power just

simply says that God’s power is his is

his word his word is his power his word

is his power and he’s authorized us to

enforce it his word is his power and

he’s authorized us to enforce that word

praise God

now God will not violate his word he

won’t do it these are laws that govern

the operation of God his word governs

the operation of God so why then did

this person die I mean brother dollar I

believe in God’s Word that’s what I’m

telling you a lot of people believe in

God’s Word but they won’t execute it

they won’t they won’t do what they’ve

been authorized to do well how come they

died well now listen to me carefully

not because healing doesn’t work listen

to that well how come they died I don’t

know but it’s not because healing

doesn’t work now some reason they died

but not that reason not because healing

doesn’t work see we can we can stop God

from from accomplishing his will in our

lives did you know that you can you can

limit God by not

cooperating with high set things up and

you know the question you’ve got to ask

yourself am i limiting God God says I’ve

given you authority God says you execute

Authority God says I give you my word he

says you enforce my word

God says there’s spiritual law you

enforce spiritual law and then you

decide no I’m not gonna do it I’m not

gonna do that

all but I’ll pray and believe that the

Lord will step down and he will do it he

will lay his hands he will go to the

hospital I told you God ain’t your

errand boy

what is it that that could that we’re

doing the – maybe limit God how how is

it that that a believer who comes to

church every Sunday who prays every day

who loves God with all their heart how

could they be limiting God well let’s go

see go to Psalm 78 Psalm 78 verse 37

through 42 we can stop God from

accomplishing his will in our lives we

can be at the center of God not being

able to do what he needs to do now

listen we’re living in a in a in a in a

stressful fearful crazy time right now

ain’t got time to be blowin on smoking

yo yeah it’s time for you to wake up and

get in a word and see what the word says

well I don’t know if I believe that well

he used to be a problem well problem

this is this the time for you to decide

whether or not you can believe what the

word says or you gonna stick with you

your religion but yeah it wasn’t the

devil some of those times no it wasn’t

it wasn’t that healing doesn’t work no

heal they needed somebody to work it woo

now that’s huh look at this Psalm 78

verse 37 for their heart was not right

with him neither were they steadfast in

his covenant

come on but he being full of compassion

he forgave their iniquities and

destroyed them not yay many a times

turned he his anger away and did not

stir up all his wrath

so you see God showing mercy even when

people weren’t doing right look at the

next verse for he remembered that they

were but flesh I remember they’re just

humans he said a wind that passes the

way and cometh not again how often did

they provoke him in the wilderness and

grieve him in the desert how often did

they do that

how often did they do that yay they

turned back

they tempted God think of that they’re

testing God and they limited the Holy

One of Israel 42 they remembered not his

hand nor the day when he delivered them

from their enemies you know what I see

here there was a lack of cooperation

there was a you know God kept trying to

get them go this way do it like this and

they kept trying to do it what they

wanted to do they kept trying to be like

God without God you know that sin is

still here today people still trying to

be like God without God and you limit

God it’s like I can’t go back on my word

I gave you authority I can’t take that


not now at least I can’t I caused during

this whole grace period you you have my


you have the authorization I can’t take

it back so there’s certain things God

wants to see done in your life and he’s

waiting on you who have been given the

authorization to execute – to do what

you’ve been been given the the Jesus

given authorization to do and when that

doesn’t happen there’s certain things

that don’t take place in your life you

remember the scripture Jeremiah 29 and


he said I know the plans that I have for

you go there Jeremiah 29:11 let’s read

it out loud together cuz I I know I’m

saying a lot of radical things but man

it’s time to hear it’s time to hear

praise God I could come here today and

and I can you know you begin to hoop a

little bit and get our get our organ ago

on in and then then loud and get you up

and get you half in and high but then

what’s gonna happen when we go off

what’s my other one when I give

benediction is over with and you by

yourself and all hell around your house

trying to teach how to operate this

thing he said for I know the thoughts

that I think toward you says the Lord

thoughts of peace and not of evil to

give you an expected in another

translation says I know the plans that I

have for you he says none of them

involved evil none of God’s plans

involve evil God’s plans does not did

not involve Korona it didn’t it didn’t

involve the heart attacks it didn’t

involve stress none of those things

where God’s plan think of that none of


think of that I’m sure there’s some

people to try to go around timeout where

you know this is God coming down on you

cuz you wouldn’t go to church no that’s

good that’s not even God’s nature this

is not his plan so what’s going on could

it be the biggest accusation on mankind

who are born-again believers of Jesus

Christ had been given the authority to

execute judgment and they won’t do it

they keep going back to God God like I

already gave it to you but Lord did you

do it no I already gave it to you I

can’t go past my word now God you do it

you do it in the name of Jesus are you

doing here no no no no you do it you’re

the ones supposed to do it now I can’t

go against my word

I’ve given man the Dominion and

authority over all there

if you don’t do it and ain’t gonna get

done he’s got to do it mm-hmm somebody

said Gruffalo to launch his mind you

better believe it man

I got the mind of Christ praise God

hallelujah and I wake up in the jaw of

the Lord in the midst of all of this I

just give him the praise cuz I execute

my authority

and what I declare his soul in Jesus

name in Jesus name now go to Deuteronomy


now Deuteronomy 30:19 you’re not charged

to me you don’t decide what you’re gonna

do you gonna sit there and just get beat

up go to bed in fear live all that wake

up in fear walk throughout all day in

fear just fear just scare everything got

so much fear and stress you got you got

headache all day long and then well I

tell you that’s just an insensitive

thing to say now that’s the truth you

just upset because the responsibility

that’s finally been put on where it

belongs you when you go when you loose

your authority we’re gonna lose your

authority now remember Jesus immediately

called Peter when he began to sink

sinking it the problem comes Jesus can

immediately intervene in your situation

but she’s just gonna stand then bleed

stand and feel sorry for yourself stand

there and sing a bunch of old songs past

midnight old gentle Savior he can’t pass

you why because he’s giving his word

that I’ll never leave you nor forsake

you I’ll be with you unto the end of the

earth quit doing that find out who you

are in Christ Jesus

execute that authority now look what it

says in this verse verse 19 I call

heaven and earth to record this day

against you there’s a record of it that

I have set before you life and death I

have set before you blessings and a


therefore you choose therefore choose


now you know what he just said there he

says I place before you like that better

than of cursing and then he says if

you’re too dumb to know what to choose

let me give you a hint choose life that

both you and your seed may live the

choice is a decision is an open door

into reality the choice when you gonna

make a choice I choose blessings I

choose life and then I execute my

authority for blessings in life or you

can just forget about everything I’m

saying just now whatever and click me

off and go somewhere else and say I

don’t believe none of that well you

choose death you choose a curse but

believe me when this is over with this

ain’t gonna be about what the devil did

and what God didn’t do this is gonna be

about what you chose what you didn’t

choose whether you chose to execute or

whether you chose not to execute that’s

just that’s a heavy statement man if you

live by it things will be well with you

so making the wrong choice will stop the

power of God from operating in your life

making the wrong choice stops the power

of God from operating in your life no

demands no declarations no operating

your authority all equals limiting God

no demands no declaration no operating

your god-given Authority all equals all

comes down to limiting God and I’m not

gonna limit God I’m not gonna live in

God and until you let me have another

one comparing yourself amongst yourself

will cause you to limit God ah comparing

yourself amongst yourself cause you let

me go

well that that church over there ain’t

talking and saying what you saying my

mom what I’m not comparing myself

amongst that of the church I’m looking

at what the word says and hopefully

they’re not comparing ourselves with me

Bob says

wants to do that why because you limit

God what happens you can get to

comparing yourself amongst yourself then

all of a sudden you start belittling

what God told you to do and what you

have and what he’s blessed you to do I’m

doing that I’m gonna walk in my

authority I’m gonna make declarations

I’m gonna make demands praise God and I

don’t care what somebody looks at me and

thinks I’m a walk-in my authority praise

God Amen I’m a walking my father in the

name of Jesus I’ll keep saying it over

and over again

Coronas virus I call you down I command

you to stop in your spread I command you

to stop in Jesus name and your

infections in Jesus name I called

healing forth right now I lose the power

of healing right now in the name of

Jesus I lose wisdom on our leaders in

the name of Jesus oh yeah I’ve been

authorized to do that and I fully expect

I fully expect for for what to have what

I say

I’m the redeemed of the Lord you’re the

redeemed of the Lord you fully expect to

have what you say or you can sit around

like some old weak Christian begginning

God oh Jesus

oh so sha sha sha so you can do that all

day or you can stand up both me in God’s

Word get in it find you what he found

out what he said and enforce it and

force it in the name of Jesus let me

give you an illustration when someone

steals from you you have a right to file

a complaint somebody comes on your

property and steals you have a right to

file a complaint but if you don’t you

limit the government and what they can

do for you you have a right to file

complaint but you won’t well you know I

know they stole from me and praise the

Lord I’m just gonna hang on do nothing

maybe the government might pick it up in

a dream no you have a right to file a

complaint but if you don’t you limit the

government you limit what they have a

obligation to do for you but you won’t

do nothing it’s the same thing

spiritually it’s the same thing

spiritual when something comes to your

house or when something’s attacking you

or some circumstances around just like

the disciples you have a right to file a


use your

and walk on top of bat which was trying

to destroy you you have to exert the

power that has been given to you the

question is will you exert the power

that has been given to you God supplies

the power you put it to use God supplies

the power you put it to use wonder how

much further down the road you would be

if you would begin to stand boldly with

the Liberty knowing that you can do this

how much further down the road you find

yourself in peace going to bed tonight

because you know you’ve made the demands

you’ve made the declarations and you

receive the authorization and you focus

on that authorization so that you won’t

have little faith but your faith will

last throughout the situation throughout

the circumstance you know Romans 3 27

says that faith is a law it is an

established principle and that when you

believe and you get you when you lay

hold on something you know God told you

to do it’s a powerful thing but then in

Romans chapter 8 and to flip over there

Romans 8 and 2 you can overcome the law

of sin and death if you execute the law

of the spirit of life within in Christ

Jesus you can overcome if you don’t know

how to execute for the law of the spirit

of life in Christ Jesus has made me free

from the law of sin and death when I

execute things when I when I declare I’m

healed in Jesus name and I speak that

and I command that in Jesus name

it’ll overcome a sickness that’s coming

by the law sin and death

what are you gonna do how do you

continue life after hearing what I’m

preaching to you today I am confronting

you today with something so powerful

that can change things around you praise

the Lord a law is universal gravity is

everywhere all the time

it’s absolutely something that does not

it’s like gravity so there are spiritual

laws ladies and gentlemen that we must

trust as much as we do physical laws as

much as I trust the law of gravity

listen as much as I know if I if I just

climb on top of the dome and just hang

on bar open then let it go I trust the

spirit to grab it hang on let that rope

go I’ve got to trust the laws of the

Spirit just as much as I trust the

physical law of gravity praise God it

doesn’t fluctuate a law is constant the

Word of God is constant it doesn’t

fluctuate you know a person died so so

it must be God’s will for that person to

die no it’s not what they died it must

be God’s will no it’s not spiritual laws

are constant not it’s not God’s will

that you should perish in fact I need

you see the 2nd Peter chapter 3 and 9

for everybody who wants to make it well

that’s God’s will perishing his God’s

will no it’s not you got to get in God’s

Word look what he said he said the Lord

is not slack concerning his promise he

meant as some men count slackness but is

long-suffering to us-ward not willing

that any et any should perish but that

all should come to changing his mind

repentance that all changed his mind

about this I’m changing my mind about


you know sometimes some people think

that Lord if it would if it would have

been your will then it would have come

to pass if it was your will then it

would have come to pass well maybe it

didn’t come to pass because you didn’t

use your authority

oh no no brother if it was God’s will it

would have came to pass well maybe it

didn’t come Pascoe’s you didn’t do your

part you didn’t use your own authority

but you didn’t trust or have faith in

his spiritual laws see we never we never

put that stuff in its either well it

must been God’s will or devil did

something but we don’t ever we act like

we ain’t got a part to play

and we got the biggest part to play

because he’s given us the authorization

your authority comes by discovering

these spiritual principles these

spiritual laws this word understand

that’s why it’s important to understand

the grace of God that’s why I got on it

so hard and so meticulously because it’s

it’s vital that you know the promises

that have been made to us under this new

covenant and understand that this is the

greatest time ever in the history of

mankind where a man by grace can receive

salvation and get born again not by his

works but by his faith and what Jesus

has already done so I stand righteous

this morning I stand confident this

morning about what God has already made

happen now my time is coming to a close

but we’re listening to this now we got

to discover those spiritual also I want

to spend some time next week I want to

talk about the spirit some spiritual

laws let me give you a few of them so

you know we’re talking about your

prospering is one of God’s spiritual

laws you having success in every area of

your life your spirit your soul your

body your family your health that that’s

the spiritual law and we’ll show you how

secondly you have what you say is a

spiritual law having what you say is the

spiritual law and of course you know if

you believe right then you know you act

out on what you belong what you believe

number three

faith without actions is dead that’s the

spiritual law so you try to do anything

else except that that’s the spiritual

law to be carnally minded is death to be

spiritually minded is life that’s the

spiritual law that’s the spiritual law

that’s something you need to execute and

and place a demand on and then there’s

some other spiritual laws that we’ll

begin to talk about but I’m not finished

with this I just want to wake you up

today I just wanted to come in your

house and just shake you up a little bit

and say listen don’t sit there sad all

day today no most

days your days of glad days now yeah but

I don’t feel well you take authority

over your feelings you take you don’t

move by your emotions should not be

governing your life your emotions are

not the governor of your life you’re

making your mind up right now wait a


if God’s giving me this I’m gonna I’m

gonna use it I’m gonna operate in it I’m

gonna say it I’m the redeemed of the

Lord whatever the redeemed says is so I

believe it I’m not moved by what I see

I’m not moved by what I hear I’m moved

by the word of God and I take my place

as one who has been authorized by God

Almighty to speak words to make

declarations to bind on this earth to

loose on this earth and it’ll be so in

heaven praise God Amen father we thank

you for our time today I thank you that

in the name of Jesus man the body of

Christ has been stirred up praise the

Lord I thank you Lord that truly today

we will operate in the authorization

that you have given us as believers

we’re not only sitting around hoping on

a praying but father we now execute as

our right to do so we execute and

enforce your word now Lord stir up world

changes nations stir up world changes

nation right now stir them up stir them

up stir them up gives them give them

wisdom and how to operate give them give

them understanding of these spiritual

laws and these principles and and father

I just thank you for them right now I

pray for every member of our church

every partner friend I pray for their

families right now I pray Lord that you

bring great joy in those homes today

great peace peace peace in those homes a


and all as well all is well all is well

in the name of the Father of the son in

the name of the Holy Spirit we give you

praise for it now in the name of Jesus

we pray and everybody said a man praise

God praise God praise God let’s go ahead

and worship God with our finances I want

to thank you guys who are giving to make

sure that our church stays afloat and

does everything that God wants us to do

and it’s just been amazing that you as

our members of our church have been

given to allow us to just continue to

operate and even though you’re not here

in the sanctuary you are you’ve made it

a priority to come to church and tune in

on Sundays and come to church and tune

in on Wednesdays and those of you in New

York on Saturdays and it’s very

encouraging very very very encouraging

like I said before I miss you I really

do miss you I mean you’re not even here

ain’t got nobody to be sharp in front of

it just it just is it’s a new way but

I’m I’m thankful and I will not complain

all is well we were born for a time such

as this and we will we will do well and

we will overcome and no weapon formed

against us is gonna defeat us or

prosperous and TAF and I will continue

to do everything we know to do to

minister to you preach the gospel to you

make sure you’re stirred up we use this

technology to do that and we thankful

that you use the technology as well to

make sure you’re sowing seeds and our

bills are paid and it’s just a great

wonderful thing and I’m so grateful to

you the ways that you can give you can

give by text you can text world changers

and the amount two seven four four eight

three you can also call the number on

the screen if you want to give by cheque

and credit card it’s 866 four seven

seven seven six eight three and you can

also give on online you can go to Creflo

Dollar ministries org or world changers

org and give that way and listen you

know maybe you had used it but you know

somebody told me well I’m just gonna

hold on to it until this is over wit you

ain’t got to do that you can also week

by mail the mail is still running twenty

five hundred berta at roha College Park

Georgia all of that information is on

your screen if you’re watching from New

York you can use your New York code and

you can give to the church and those of

you who are in other churches if you

know your code you can give if not don’t

worry about it you can give based on on

what’s on the screen as well we’re just

so so amazing now as we give we’re

giving to honor God now I think that

hurts the devil more than anything is

that you can still worship God with your

finances and not even being in the Dome

this little thing here it’s the blessing

of the Lord that we can carry on and

that phone numbers of blessing of the

Lord that we can carry on and and the

website is a blessing of the Lord for us

to carry on so I want you to pray about

what you’re gonna give let’s pray

together on that okay father speak to

our hearts lead us and guide us in our

giving we worship you with our gifts we

give because we’re grateful to to you

for your what you’ve done and how you’re

taking care of us we give because we’re

thankful we give because we honor you

we give because it is our reflux as a

result of our love that we have for you

speak to us right now and we praise you

and honor you for it in Jesus name and

everybody said amen go ahead and load

your gifts up worship God for a moment

with it father thank you so much we

worship you with our money we worship

you with our gifts we do as they map you

to 11 and the Magi I keep saying this

Lord over again but it’s just so amazing

how they found you and they showed up

with gold frankincense and myrrh but

when they saw you they fell to their

knees and begin to worship you with the

Treasury and so father we come not

asking you for anything but thanking you

for everything

we give Lord not because we try to get

blessed but we give because you already

blessed us we give Lord not because our

giving is going to be a seed to bring

about victory I don’t make light that as

long as the earth remains seedtime and

harvest shall not cease I don’t make

light of that but our giving is a time

where we can remember all that you have

done for us and we remember all that

you’ve done we praise you for it right

now and the mighty name of Jesus we pray

and everybody say Amen

go ahead and and give and we thank you

once again for your giving and let’s

believe God that you know you know the

will of God be done we execute that

God’s will will be done in this

situation we could we command that the

will of God be fully carried out in this

situation and I trust God I trust

there’s something amazing going on I

trust that after all this is over with

there gonna be new believers there gonna

be new church members there they’re

people that are getting born again right

now things are happening right now

I mean as far as you and I know there

may be a great revival going on through

these streams and we’re not gonna see it

until we all come back into to the dome

we may not have enough seats for

everybody that’s gonna get ready to come

back somebody sent me a shot of the

Bible section in one of the stores and

it was ah it was almost empty

people going out buying Bibles and

getting in the Word of God that’s a

blessing of the Lord and I just thank

God that he knows how to orchestrate

this whole situation and we will execute

our authority and and where his word is

concerned and and we’re not gonna back

up because we see something we don’t

understand that’s what the word says

that’s what we execute in Jesus name so

if you’re here and you’ve never made

Jesus the Lord of your life and you want

to get born again you you you want to

come out of darkness into the marvelous


your your your your coming out of Satan

side off the devil side and your coming

on the Lord’s side if you’re interested

in being born again and giving your

heart to Jesus would you pray with me

just say these words up to me heavenly

father I want to be saved I believe that

Jesus is the Son of God I believe that

he died and that he was raised from the

dead and he’s now seated on the right

hand of God the Father Almighty I

believe in Jesus

I believe that my sins are forgiven and

I receive his love for my life father

saved me and by faith I declare

that I am saved in Jesus name Amen well

if you prayed that prayer with me I want

to take the opportunity to welcome you

into the family of God you are saved

which means if you were to die right now

you’d go straight from this physical

body to be happy from the body and be

present with the Lord now if you prayed

this prayer of salvation today with me I

got something I want to put in your

hands if you just call that number on

the screen one eight six six four seven

seven two seven six eight three then I

want to put something in your hand so

that you’ll know the first steps that

you take as a new believer in Christ and

we’re working on some email stuff some

stuff that we can download to you and

I’m just happy for you I’m just glad

that you made a decision

wherever you may be how the Spirit of

God can still move on the lives of

people and make a mark that cannot be

erased well hey guys I love you so much

Wednesday morning we’ll have our Bible

study Wednesday morning Wednesday night

we’ll have our Bible study Wednesday

night Saturday night church will have

our Saturday night Church and then

hopefully I’ll see you guys on next

Sunday morning you have an amazing day

get full of joy get excited normal sad

days no modown days

let’s get stirred up because of who’s we

are and the God that we serve in Jesus

name Amen god bless you have an epic day



understanding grace you’ll be empowered

to change