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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world there’s a training that God

has taken us through so we can enjoy the

results of that

training and whatever it is you might

have been addicted to drugs sex Whatever

Whatever It Is God loves you he says I’m

going I’m going I’m going to start

exercising you I’m going to start

training you and it’s not going to be

enjoyable for a moment but he says you

know what there’s going to come a time

that you’re going to have a

harvest and you’re going to be able to

see the

result of the exercise or the training

that comes from this


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today this is your world so let’s V to

make it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to

say it’s time we live a new

life let us ring

you safe by his grace so we Embrace Your


today we are


Chang what then are the impurities to be

removed by chastening

specifically what are the impurities to

be removed by chastening I kind of

already told you but as the purpose of

the the of the discipline that comes by

grace that discipline by Grace is to

produce Godly living and this was seen

all throughout the New Testament as

complete dependence upon

God complete dependence upon God

so it is the life of a

believer that is not dependent upon God

that’s called

impurity it’s that life that does not

depend upon God that life that does not

trust God that’s the that’s the impurity

that needs to be removed by chastening

the life that doesn’t depend upon God

now now this is this is how I I

understand this it’s like okay we live

our lives

and we have come to the point where it’s

like okay God I’m not depending on you

I’m trusting me I’m trusting me more

than I trust you I’m trusting me to do

this and I’m trusting me to get that

done I’m trusting me and there is no

there’s no dependent on God the most

important thing that I have learned in

this walk of Grace is to make my

Declaration of dependence upon God every


God help

us God help us and my prayer is Lord

help me not to deceive

myself I depend on

you I depend on you to wait me up in the

morning I depend on you for my health my

strength I depend on you for my

promotion when there’s some people right

now who don’t think that is any need for

them to even ask God to bless a thing

they get an idea which came from God all

things come of thee Oh God and of thy

own have we given thee and we don’t even

we don’t even feel like it’s it’s

necessary to get God to bless

it because now we’re smart we have a

degree we know people we got

money what is all that uh going to do

it’s going to try to distract you from

your dependence on

him I trust God I and I trust God and I

need to let him know I trust him I need

I don’t want to start nothing without

without starting depending on him I need

him how’d you do this well you know I

you know go I had the five ways of doing

that you know I did that now you got you

got to work real hard to do no no no no

not me what T say this morning not by

might not by your power but by my spirit

sayith the Lord I depend on God what’s

happening right now I don’t want I

listen I don’t want the church to grow

because of my

intellect I don’t want things to happen

and they give me a a community service

award because of my

work whatever is done through the life

of crlo dollar and the world changes we

got to look to the heels from with

cometh our help our strength and our

help and our dependence comes from

him but you have to really open your

eyes to see how bad off this is right

now listen to people’s testimony Jesus

is not getting the credit no

more and that is an

impurity that cannot exist in

heaven because God has already seen that

movie and he knows How It Ends you

remember the one called

Lucifer and that

impurity is something that that he he’s

going to burn off

so it follows that all in the life of a

believer that is not in dependence upon

Him is an

impurity every self-centered thing is

included all dependence upon self all

self-will all satisfaction of selfish

desire all uh glory for


wow that causes you to examine yourself

I hope so it caused me to examine myself

I’m thinking like dude before I get up

and and think I’m just like oh I am just

look at me God I’m awesome I I I I I I I

minister to the poor I I I build houses

I I I pray for those who need prayer yes

I speak in

Tong I do

all and then you’ll squeeze in a little

quick to the glory of God

and I’m thinking oh my god dude I don’t

know I I don’t know I don’t want to say

anything but I don’t want you to get to

heaven and suffer loss and then look

back at me like dude why you in tell

us many humanly admirable things

together with all worldly lust and all

immorality require the chastening work

of God

God the chastening work of God Burns off


dependence and at times the chastening

work of the Lord is a preventive work

sometime God releases something to stop

you from doing something somebody say

how’ that work well Paul Paul knows

about it Paul experienced that this this

kind of chastening in 2 Corinthians 2

Corinthians CH 12 and 7 look at this 2

Corinthians 12:


yeah check check this out and and and he

says unless I should be exalted above

measure this is Paul unless I should be

exalted above measure through the

abundance of the

revelations that was given to me a thorn

in the flesh the message of Satan to

Buffet me lest I should be exalted above

measure so this provision of God’s grace

was a means to hold in subjection the

tendency of the flesh to

boast God allowed this to

happen to deal with the tendency of the

flesh to want to boast can you

imagine the Apostle Paul getting this

groundbreaking revelation of Grace more

Revelation than any man ever

got and he was a former Pharisee by the

way how tempted he would

be to really get arrogant and

boastful and eventually say look at the

Revelation look at my

Revelation and and and I saw

this the grace of God loves Paul Jesus

loves Paul so

much that a provision of God’s grace

wrapped up in a

thorn to prevent that from happening

because men had to see this was a

revelation from God

Almighty and Paul was just an

instrument where God could flow his love

through one man and deliver men from the

law into this New Testament of Grace

that’s how important it was that he was

not in the

way they had to see God not

Paul we love picking out our heroes and

forgetting that you already have one


I’m good bro I don’t want nobody admire

me like that I’m lightning I’m good bro

I’m good being a slave to

Christ I’m good I do not want to be

going to heaven and and and and God say

you suffer loss because you up here in

your self- dependence no no no Lord no

no no Lord I mean when I get to the gate

I ain’t got no list about what I did

they ask me why should we let you in I’m

G to say because of God’s grace I am

what I am I am not who I am because of

anything about me I depend on God and I

depend on God to unlock that gate and

let me

in no other help I

know if I withdraw myself from Thee I

don’t even know where to go

that kind of

dependence and you know what the church

has done most of them have declared a

declaration of independence from

God God helps those who helps

themselves the Bible says that he’ll

help those who help themselves and I

thought it was scripture until I went to

looking for it one

day and you know what I discovered God

never said that

God didn’t say he helps those who helps

himself you know what he said he said I

help those who need help amen

amen that’s just an excuse we use to go

at it without

god well if you just if you take one

step he’ll do the rest so you mean you

mean to tell me all of God stepping is

going to be based on my one

step so God’s power is limited to my one

step h I have had things that happen in

my life when I couldn’t take a step

Hallelujah but he start taking a step

and start carrying me every time he

stepped Hallelujah that’s the kind of

God I serve a god that’ll pick me up

Hallelujah and I can depend on him to

step when I can’t


step I apologize I I’m I’m not trying to

like scream on purpose like this because

it it it’s really hurt my my voice but I

he is so awesome I mean what a

God oh he’s doing all this

stuff he loves me and I need him and I

don’t want to be without

him that’s why you’ll never hear me say

thank you Lord for bringing that back

you’ll never hear me

say if you don’t have enough Faith don’t

come down here

you know we having a prayer something I

tell you one thing you got to have pray

faith if you don’t have enough Faith

don’t come down

here well now what if you got a whole

bunch of folks who well I ain’t got no

faith but I sure am in

pain here’s what I

believe honey if you ain’t got no faith

come on down here we believe God will

get you some on your way on down here

come on I depend on him to give you

whatever you need on the way down here


would done got a little bit too too high

strong in

church everybody think they know it all

in I listen I just believe what I preach

God will fix it all when I get there

glory to God I might not have it all

like you perfect preachers do I just

preach what I believe and I I preach

what I see in my life and look at what

God has done here and it it might not be

100% f flawless flawless but it’ll get

you there I guarantee you it’ll get you

there and he might have to take half my

book and just T out and leave me with a

paragraph and say baby this what you got

right that that’s all right with me

because I’m not there because of the

whole book he to out I’m there because I

totally depend on him


Hallelujah I need you take a breath all

that holling again my God

God all

right so the one purpose of this

purifying work of the father is that we

might be partakers of his Holiness go to

1 Thessalonians 4 and 7 and this is this

is about to get really radical 1

Thessalonians 4 and7 he says for God has

not called us unto

uncleanness but he’s called us unto what

H holiness

not to uncleanness but Holiness so

that’s number one number two the the

second purpose is that it might that it

might yield the Peaceable fruit of

righteousness so righteousness is the

root but the fruit of righteousness is


results and so he’s talking about

chastening us so we can see the fruit of

righteousness which is results how many

youall ready to see some results in your

life amen


partakers of his

Holiness and so we can see some fruit of


so the Peaceable fruit of righteousness

is said to be unto them which are

exercise go back to Hebrews 12 and 11

but let’s let me read this in the NLT

Hebrews 12 and 11 in NLT so the

Peaceable fruit of righteousness is said

to be unto them which are exercised by

the chastening exercised by by the

chastening the chastening that exercises

us he says this in verse 11 no

discipline is enjoyable while it is

happening how many how many ever went

back in in the exercise room you ain’t

been there in two years and you back in

that exercise

room and you you used to could do 100

push-ups you can’t do but a half of

one that is not enjoyable while it’s

happening it’s

painful and you go there you get sore

and then you start lifting weights up

and you’re more sore and you think is

the soreness ever going to stop it’s

painful but afterwards there will be a


Harvest here it’ll be a Peaceable

Harvest of right living for those who

are trained in this way for those who

are exercised in this

chastening there’s a training that God

has taken us through so we can enjoy the

results of that

training and whatever it is you might

have been addicted to drugs sex Whatever

Whatever It Is God loves you he says I’m

I’m going I’m going to start exercising

you I’m going to start training you and

it’s not going to be enjoyable for a

moment you’re going to have to say no to

this and no and Lord help me here and

you might find yourself praying past one


I but he says you know what there’s

going to come a time for those who will

exercise in this chastening that you’re

going to have a

harvest and you’re going to be able to

see the

result of the exercise or the training

that comes from this

chastening you got to let God train you

cuz here’s going to be the key to this

training yielding somebody say

yielding the clay must yield to the


exercise if it is to become a vessel of

beauty the goal must yield to the

exercise of the

fire if it is to become

pure the drops of water must yield to

the exercise of the sun’s rays and the

cool of the night to be transformed into

the Dew


yield is the key word in each of these


so the believer is to is is exercised by


chastening only as he yields to the hand


God when you’re being

corrected in love disciplined in

loved something some Affliction happened

in your life but you know God loves you

are you willing to take out of that

Affliction the wisdom necessary to be

better don’t be like a dog and return to


vomit no

fruit of righteousness without yielding

to the hand of the

Potter so something you’re still

depending on yourself still depending on

yourself and then something happens

where you got to depend on

God and so while you were exercising and

learning how to depend on

God it

ceased and you did

too and went right back to

doing what he what you just you you

successfully exercise you’re in shape

you’re bearing the fruit or the result

of your righteousness

as a result of the junk you had to go

through it’s like dude I don’t want to

go through that no more and you knew in

here that God is is trying to get you

from doing

that he tells you don’t do

that and then you do it and then he says

okay you I see you going it’s going to

be like this okay well I’m going to

permit this thing going to happen to you

and then you know something happened to

you you get something you oh Lord Jesus

all cry he says all right I’m going to

permit this he said cuz I’m God and I

and and I love you but I’m trying to get

you to see the results of this

chastening and I can fix everything that

was messed up in the

process but it’s not going to be by your

might I’m trying to show you how awesome

I am in your

life but you keep going back to your

self effort thing I I I did that when I

uh I I finished that operation got those

T tumors moved out the way went back in

my bathroom and saw those 80 bottles of

supplements and by by by by training I

was getting ready to take them all again

and I just said

no no I will never take all of those I I

still take some but not no

80 I told my doctor that he said who who

told you to do

that now I was depending on those things

more than I was dependent on

God I don’t want to I don’t want to go


back after I see the fruit of depending


him you know what what happens when you

done did everything you know to do watch

this and it doesn’t work have you ever

been that before I’ve done everything I

know to do and it’s not

working now watch this here’s what we

say I don’t I don’t know why we don’t

get this and and finally I said God I

don’t know what else to do so I guess I

might as well trust

you and then something awesome

happens anybody ever did that before

over and over again right I done look

for a job I done called I don’t went on

the internet I done called all the

people who promised me they get me a job

I did everything I knew to do well heart

I might as well trust you and God was

like good I’ve been trying to get you

out of my way for the longest I had your

job 4 months ago when you first

started so why didn’t he just give it to

you right then I’m trying to show you


necessity of trusting me amen not to

trust me optionally not an option no no

no to trust me as a

necessity as a

life waking up trusting me you know

stuff can happen these days and times

is somebody say well I don’t want to

risk risk everywhere this day in time

you can go to the grocery store and get

shot at this dayn time you could be

driving and and and and something

happened you can you could be on the way

home didn’t know a storm was coming

tornado T your call this day in time I

got to trust God I got how I got to


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