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Christians who have a bad days who have

bad days that what it says a message for

Christians who have bad days not day but

bad days that’s what it says in my notes

Here Lord you’re going to talk to us

about growing up

tonight you’re going to talk to us about

some adult things as children and I pray

holy spirit that you have your

mind made known to

us Lord I don’t have anything of myself

to bring I bring just your mind I pray

Holy Spirit you touch me and anoint me

oh God prepare our ears to hear open our

eyes and give us Hearts to understand

because without the Holy Spirit we can’t

understand a word that I say and I can’t

understand a word I

preach only dependent upon you

absolutely wholly dependent on you so we

turn it all into your hand

Lord give me the strength give me your

anointing I pray in Jesus name

amen uh normal

Christianity is not a matter of clear

sailing have you heard that have you

learned that yet that no matter how holy

you may be no matter how many how

righteous you may be you’re going to

have some bad days in fact the holy your

you are sometimes the more excruciating

those days are very

painful I want you to know I don’t serve

a good time God that’s only with me when

things are going well and when I’m in a

bad situation he doesn’t sneak off and

say well when you work it out I’ll be

back he never leaves he never

forsakes Paul said we have this treasure

in Earth and

vessels that the Excellency of the power

may be of God and not of us now that

Greek word there for Earth and is frail

clay we have this treasure in frail clay

now frail clay fr the treasure here by

the way is the knowledge and the

presence of Jesus Christ we have this

great knowledge this great presence of

Jesus Christ in a frail vessel and that

means weak easily broken and easily

tempted easily Broken Vessels

now we all suffer what the Bible calls

infirmities in fact Paul mentioned

Timothy’s uh often infirmities Timothy

was often sick he physically sick and

there are many many Christians who whose

bad days have to do with their Frailty

they they have a very frail Constitution

they’re sick some of you listening to me

right now you wake up in the morning and

the pain is there some of you live with

pain some of you have have never known a

day for months maybe years without

pain and there are many many Christians

who who go through terrible days of

suffering it’s a time of

infirmity we’re not speaking about that

there there there are other infirmities

that are just as difficult more

difficult to handle and those are

infirmities of the mind I’m not talking

about mental uh illness I’m talking

about uh those things that grip our mind

you can go to bed at night feeling happy

you can go to bed all is well with you

and wake up in the morning and there’s a

cloud of the blahs hanging over you you

don’t know where they came from you

don’t know what it is but there’s just a

cloud of of Gloom hanging over you you

try to figure it out you don’t know what

it is others of you live with guilt you

can’t shake it it goes back somewhere I

don’t know how long uh it could be a

result of sin that’s still in your life

and if there’s sin God will let the

guilt hang in until you deal with it

through the power of the Holy Ghost it’s

a wonderful gift of God when there is

guilt because of sin some of you have

condemnation others have feelings of

rejection you’ve never been able to live

with you you get up someday and somebody

said something the day before you heard

something or you feel something and

we say we don’t live by feelings but we

live in feelings we have feelings and

they’re going to affect your outlook on

life it’s the way you

respond now I don’t know what you’re bad

I don’t know what causes your bad days

when you wake up and you just have a I’m

not talking about a bad hair

day you said you you you just have to at

the end I have had a bad day this this

has been awful day this has been

terrible some of you have to to to uh

stop maybe and think about you I hope

you’re have this Mother’s Day I hope

you’re having a good day for for many

this is a very difficult day Mother’s

Day is a hard day one of the hardest

days in the year because either your

mother is gone uh maybe she died uh not

being a Christian it could be so many

many things uh some of you that are on

drugs or coming out of drugs drug life

or alcoholism and you don’t remember a

good day with your parents at all or

your mother especially and it’s a hard

day for others it’s Christmas because

they have no family I don’t I Can’t

Describe what it is let me tell you what

a bad day is for me for example I don’t

I’ve often wondered if other ministers

especially have the kind of day that I

have my my bad days happen in my study

alone with my Bible with my God

those those sometimes are I have to tell

you are my most difficult times when I

open this book and I feel so ignorant I

feel so in a incapable of comprehending

and digging out the truth I read the

stories and the messages of men that

lived 300 years ago some of my favorite

authors are the Puritans and John Owens

and sibs and man and all these men and I

read these were men who were not

supposed to been in an enlightened age

and knowledge is supposed to be on the

increase and here I am in in my mid-60s

and and I’m reading men that were in

their 40s and they are speaking things

that I’ve never seen or

heard and my bad day is going into this

and spending three and four days just

reading and say Lord I don’t even

remember half this stuff you teach

me I can’t even remember I’ve got a Sie

for a mind I have to sit sometime and

plead with God and the Holy Ghost for

hours and hours to get a word to bring


you and and and I don’t know how many

others of you feel this way or have ever

gone through that it’s a very very

difficult thing to to to spend maybe

four or five hours in this book and I’m

saying Lord I’m not I’m not hearing it I

want to hear it and there’s a sense that

you’re you’re before this great

Reservoir and there’s so much out there

and you can’t reach

it you can’t comprehend it you you you

know that there’s such an ocean of truth

I I have stood uh I looked out my window

and I said Lord I don’t care what

anybody else has they could have they

can have every piece of furniture they

can have my car they can have everything

I possess if you just give me

truth just let me understand let me see

let me know you there’s something so far

out there and we have known and touched

so little of it and you can’t enjoy God

any further than your

faith and you say God I I thought I

believed I’ve tried and I love your word

I’m not living in sin but I’m so blind

I’m so ignorant you said well brother

whats can you stand here and preach


Sunday yes and I tell you I go to the

salt mine and I

dig I I I heard a preacher one day he

said he was talking to another preacher

said boy I got three servants today come


easy for me it just

flows oh

Lord course I heard him preach

and I wasn’t discourage Ed

anymore you see for me that that that’s

I have to say Lord first I pray Lord

Holy Ghost is there anything standing

between you and me I want it clear I

don’t want anything now I’ll Tell You

Folks that’s way you ought to pray if

there’s anything there take it to the

Holy Ghost and if there he’ll show you

if not just start praising the Lord

don’t try to invent something

but you see the only answer I get from

God is that this treasure is an Anar and

vessel and that the glory may be to God

and He Keeps Us humble this is one of

the ways this is probably my Thorn In

the Flesh one way to keep me

humble folks you may think that as a

pastor of this church that I stand here

and I I I know so much about God and

it’s so easy to stand and give you a


no I tell you honestly

I I have a hard time memorizing the

Minor Prophets and where they

are oh come on

now I where’s

haggi I am memorized memorized I can’t


verses I have a bad

memory and to me that’s a bad day that’s

a difficult difficult day for a young

man who called me last week he he he had

the worst day of his life God the young

man broken tearfully he said I don’t

know what to do a thought hit me today

and I I can’t shake it there’s no

God I don’t know where the thought came

from but I’m shocked and I’m hurt I

don’t want to believe like this I don’t

want to hurt like this I had this fight

this thing in my mind I thought I can’t

say it there’s no

God was

weeping he said where’d it come from I I

I assured him said son just just be

still don’t worry about this because

this is the this is this goes back to

the beginning of time it’s the devil’s

number one trick with young people

especially he’ll come to you my


son he was 18 time Gary came in years

ago when he was just a teenageer I’ll

never forget it i’ seen he was having a

rough time and i’ go into his room and

he’s crying and I said what is it and

he’s laying down he said I want to hurt

you Dad but I don’t believe there’s a

God now this boy was called to preach

and I and and and I tell it broke my

heart at that time I didn’t have the

spiritual uh Insight that I believe God

has given to me of course Gary wrote it

out because I said you’re going to stand

still Gary you’re not going to argue

with the devil you’re not going to try

to reason with them because you can’t

believe that there is a God through

human reasoning it’s a work of Faith

only you can’t reason God into existence

and you can’t persuade your mind that

there’s a God through reason you can’t

get somebody’s book about creation or

anything else that’s not going to

persuade you I said you’re going to ride

out the storm and just trust Jesus the

best you know how you’re going to ride

it out this is a trick this has been

instilled in your mind by the devil in s

don’t argue with the devil don’t try to

do anything but stand still until the

storm passes if you don’t move and you

just stand and say God I’m having a

problem trying to figure this out but

I’m asking you Holy Spirit to come and

hold me still I saw God hold my son

still of course he’s pastoring today on

fire for God and as I just told this

young man to stand still he said pastor

I’m going to do just that I’m going to

stand still I saw him this afternoon and

he’s on fire the the crisis has passed

his bad day is

gone folks these bad days often happen

because the devil implants thoughts in

our minds he he can come and plant a

thought uh uh in your mind that God is

Not faithful that God does not answer

your prayer and he can tell you how many

days and weeks and months and years you

prayed about something and seen nothing


and he’ll come at you and bombard your

mind with lies about God about his

faithfulness about his ability or

willingness to answer

prayer you don’t fight that you don’t

Reason by it you stand still and see the

salvation of the Lord and get into this

book and get your faith out of this book

and look at God’s history of

faithfulness to the children of Israel

and to all of our fathers who gone by as

we heard so ay this morning Hallelujah

I I got a

letter this past week from an assembly

God pastor’s wife her husband died four

years ago she had I think four or five

children they’re all grown now married

well and she said brother Dave my

husband was a powerful

preacher he loved his family he was a he

he he he was is faithful to his

children and he had a heart for people

he had a

problem he said she said he had an

adulterous Spirit he was an

adulter said we had to he had to resign


churches one Affair after another with

women in the

churches and she said I can’t tell you

how many times I was advised to leave

him but she said Pastor Dave I have been

in the word and on my face for many many

years I have been a Seeker after God and

I know how God hates divorce and I I

just decided to hold on she said brother

WS I have had bad

years he said I can only remember a few

years in all those years he died at 62

so they were married probably some 40

years and and uh the children are grown

and she said I can’t tell you how many

times I wanted to quit I said there’s no

use to this this man gets up and

preaches like a house on fire this man

moves the hearts of people but he’s an

adulterer she said I hope he died in

Grace she didn’t even know whether the

man died

right but she said I’ve got to testify

brother day

she said all my children because I had a

promise the whole time every time I

thought I should give in every time

people would tell me that that I was

foolish to stay with this man and take

all of this hurt and all this abuse she

said God made me a promise that if I

would just hold on and seek his face he

would honor me in the

end he said she said brother I’ve got to

tell you God has honored me all four of

my children children are married to

Christians all have good jobs I’ve got

grandchildren who love me she said I am

honored and revered in my church I’m

called everywhere to speak to women’s

groups to young wives who are abandoning

their husbands at the slightest

provocation and she said God has honored


me wasn’t a bad day it was a bad life

but God she said I I wanted toward the

end of her fam she said I am so

blessed I’m so blessed I am so fulfilled

and she closes she said Christ is proven


sufficient for my

life the saintly Paul had bad

days days of testing and one of them

took place in Macedonia

he said in Macedonia our flesh had no

rest but we were troubled on every side

without were fightings and within were

fears it didn’t say fear fears Mark that

down inside of me Paul said now Paul was

not a

Superman Paul hurt you can’t tell me

this man didn’t hurt when churches he

founded wouldn’t even talk to him and

gossip about him and turned against him

and tell everyone in Asia he said was

against him these are all churches he

founded gave his life blood he said the

more I love the less I beloved this man

hurt this man had awful

days but he said I am filled with

Comfort I’m exceeding joyful in all my

tribulation because God comforteth those

that are cast

down what is God going to do to you when

you have these awful days where doubts

and fears you may even be saying things

that you never thought you could say in

your heart or think things about

God what does God your heavenly father

do does he spank you does he chasen you

does he judge you because you are having

these kind of Trials and you’re going

through these most difficult times Paul

the Apostle said he comforted he

comforteth those that are cast down


are you sitting in this meeting tonight

really cast down you’re going through

something in your life you’re having a a

bad day or series of days just a bad

season in your life the scripture said

blessed be God even the father of our

Lord Jesus Christ the father of mercies

and the God of All Comfort who

comforteth all who uh Comfort Us in all


tribulations now I looked at the the the

Greek word there he Comforts all of his

children in their infirmities and in

their tribulation he Comforts he doesn’t

come to accuse he doesn’t come to whip

you he doesn’t come to abuse you he

comes to comfort you and the word

Comfort used there means to draw close

to call one

close it’s amazing thing about our

heavenly father when you’re going

through this and feeling very

unspiritual and very immature in

Christ thinking to yourself I should

have learned enough I have heard so many

messages I have been so many years

Walking with God I should have passed

this point but when you come to that

point of discouragement and and and

you’re saying to especially if you’ve

been a teacher or a preacher of the

gospel and these times come the Lord

says those are the times I call you

closer to

myself now let me tell you no honesty

I look back over my life and I tell you

from the depths of my heart the only

times I have grown in the Lord have been

in my difficult

times I don’t grow in

times not to my knowledge there’s the

natural growth of those have the

increase of the growth of the holy

spirit that is natural there’s always

that increase but is that which I’m

conscious of only comes when I’ve I’ve

been in some very difficult times and

I’ve had to be totally dependent on the

Lord and I know that there’s no way I

can do it myself I’ve had to learn to

trust him God will put us in situations

where there is nothing else to do but

trust or to throw it all overb overboard

and Harden your

heart glory to

Jesus so

although we have bad

days then they’re going to be inevitable

for especially those who are new in the

Lord listen to me please they should

become less and less frequent as the

knowledge of who you are in Christ

increases there should be fewer of these

days and they should be less intense and

there should come a time when when the

enemy comes in for an hour or two that

you have the resources to deal with it

now I told

you before that when when you’re going

through a hard time God comes in by his

Spirit immediately he rushes in to

comfort if you allow him he’s always

there to comfort you because you’re his

child and he cares about

you now

we you you you it may be because of

frail Health doubt fear despair

depression it keeps coming more

frequently and I’m telling you folks

listen listen closely if if these things

are happening to you more

frequently you’re having more and more

of these days that you can’t seem to

shake it off and the depression keeps

coming on and the guilt and the fear

hangs on you’re in need of some real

spiritual help because this if you allow

it to continue can turn to a Hardness of

Heart and I want to show you some of the

scripture that will help you tonight and

I hope it’ll bring victory To You Paul

makes it very clear that it’s possible

to come out of childish bondage now many

of these bad days that we get result of

our reaction to situations in our life

and reacting

childishly now a child

pouts a child has short interest

spans a child can be laughing one minute

and screaming the

next and this is what we often do when

we’re going through a trial we we are

very childish in our reaction and those

childish reactions result in depression

and guilt and fear and all these other

things in spite of our Tantrums I I’ve

had four children got 11 grandchildren

and I’ve seen enough Tantrums in my life

I’ve seen a lot of childish stuff but

never in any tantum never in any pouting

session no matter what my children went

through I never stopped loving them I

never wrote them off I never disowned

them and sometimes we go through

difficult times and we pout and we put

on a on a on a fleshly

tantrum God that’s where you want to act

why should I

pray I read this Bible and I go through

it and you know we we put on these

little petty Tantrums

God how how long how long do I have to

pray before you I don’t see a sign of

anything God you’re not doing anything

that was the tantum Moses put on I

haven’t seen you called me I haven’t

seen you do

anything God said wait till

tomorrow you’ll see what I’m going to

do now listen even though we know that

our heavenly father loves us through

every childish

response he has something better for

us he has absolutely something better

for us his great de desire for us is

that we lay hold of the knowledge of who

we are in Christ and what he has

provided for us some of you really have

not yet come

in to the place where you will lay hold

of your

inheritance I want you to go with me to

Galatians 4 and nail it down Galatians

the 4th

chapter I want to talk to you about how

to come out of these bad

days Galatians the 4th

chapter when everybody having a bad day


Amen oh my

goodness I don’t think you heard I I

think you said amen

automatically cuz you people say amen to

everything I could give my AIDS and

people say amen in this

church verse one Galatians 4th chapter

verse one now I say that the air as long

as he’s a child differs nothing from a

servant though he be Lord of all now

look at me please

under the Roman

tradition a child was placed in the

hands of a tutor up to the years of to

eight years of age the parents paid the

tutor and then from 8 to 25 they’re in

the hands of a governor took care espec

especially the wealthy Paul was talking

about an adopt a a father wealthy man

who’s adopted a child and he’s taken

this adopted child to school and placed

in school under two tutor the this tutor

has one student and he tutors until he’s

8 years of age at 8 years of age he

turns him over to a financial guardian

and that Guardian takes care of until

he’s 25 years of age and all this time

he’s an heir to a

fortune but the Bible said the heir as

long as he’s a child differ nothing from

a servant though he be Lord of

all now let’s talk about this child

becoming 25 years of age coming to

fullfilled age a full age the Apostle

Paul verse

6 let’s go down to verse two and three

but is under tutors and governors until

the time appointed of the father even so

we when we were children were in bondage

under the elements of the world now look

at me please Paul speaking first of all

about the ministry of the law he’s

saying under the Old Testament under the

law we were in school

the the the Believers there were in

school they were being taught but he

said there comes a time when the


ends and you move in then to taking

place as an air as a son you’re a

servant right now because you are in

school you’re a servant of the tutor

you’re a servant of the governor this

this boy until he’s 25 years old

couldn’t touch his inheritance he he had

no power to uh control his life he was

told when to go and when to come do this

do that he was under the law now that’s

what he’s talking about first but he’s

also talking about Believers today in

this generation

us he said when you’re a

child your childish in your thinking

when you a child and you have not laid

hold of your

inheritance he said you’re under bondage

you’re under bondage by legalism

laws that you establish for

yourself most of us as Christians

believe that if if we could just get the

victory over this one or two things most

of us think we’re about 98%

holy and we got this little 2% thing we

got to deal with and God if I just get

this 2% settled if I can just make you

enough promises or get my teeth F the

bullet if there’s something I can do and

get rid of this 2% I’ll be a saint

I will have made

it he said you’re still under bondage

you still don’t see that’s you’re not a

servant you’re not a slave anymore

you’re Lord of all things you own

everything your father owns your father

adopted you loved you and he put you to

school to prepare you for

something he said no no some people say

well our inheritance is eternal life for

folks goes beyond that God sent the Holy

Ghost to give us the earnest of it the

ability to tap into that

wealth now here on Earth now if you’re

going to tell me that this inheritance

is gold and silver and material

blessings that’s

blasphemy that’s

blasphemy because if God did that he’s

planning covetousness in our heart and

he’s leading us right to hell because

that’s what happened when he did it in

the Old Testament Jes and waxs fat and

forgot God that’s not what it oh God

takes care of his

children yes he

does he’s promised you’ll never have to

beg for

food he’s going to take care of all of

his children but he says if if you’re if

you’re going to stay in this

childishness can you imagine this this

son it’s time the fullness of time came

that’s when Jesus came and died on the

cross the fullness of time then

inheritance was made

known he got to notice his Governor his

tutor every said you’re an air now

please understand that you graduate now

you go now and you don’t need a governor

to tell you how to spend money you don’t

need your Governor to tell you when and

where to go no one else is taking care

of this you’re coming into maturity now

go and claim your inheritance and he

doesn’t believe it

now we’re talking about a God who comes

and Comforts us when we have difficult

times now what what good is it for this

father to go to this 25y old boy

now and say son everything’s going to be

all right and he Comforts him that’s not

what God is all about not just to


you when you’re still in bondage

the father’s going to say son when are

you going to take your place at my side

when you comeing into my house when are

you going to come and lay hold of the

resources folks 95% of God’s people live

far beneath their

privileges they’re living beneath their

privileges I live beneath mine you live

beneath your privileges I don’t think

any of us have ever really laid hold of

This Promise verse four but when the

fullness of the time was come God said

forth his son made of a woman made under

the law to redeem that which were under

the law that we might receive the

adoption of sons and because we are Sons

God has sent forth the spirit of his son

into your hearts crying Abba Father

verse seven

listen therefore Thou Art no more a

servant but a son and if a son then heir

of God through

Christ would you look at G look at the

Galatians third

chapter verse

26 for ye are all the children of God by

faith in Christ Jesus look at me

now have you had faith in Christ Jesus

come on raise your hand I have faith I

am a I am a child of God if you believe

that Jesus Christ is your lord and

savior let me read it again folks it’s

in your no I don’t have a special

addition verse

26 for ye are all the children of God by

faith in Jesus

Christ I go back down now to chapter

4 chapter verse 7 wherefore Thou Art no

more a servant but a son and if a son

then an heir of God through Christ

you’re his child you are no longer a

servant now you serve as a volunteer but

that is not your position now that may

be an occupation that you choose but you

are a son of the Living God and because

you’re a son you’re an heir of all that

God placed in Jesus Christ God gave all

of his glory all of his power all of his

resources and put them in Jesus Christ

for in him is the fullness of the


bodily and he he said now you’re an

heir to everything that is in Christ

Jesus it all is

yours folks I’m seeing something clear

and clear every

day that this world that you see around

us is not the real world this is an

apparition the real world is in the


folks Jesus doesn’t live on this Earth

he’s gone to the father he’s seated at

the right hand he’s a man in glory he’s

God but he’s also a man if he walked

into this building and walked on this

stage you could see him he would have a

face he would have ears and nose mouth

he would look just like

us he’s a man and he’s in glory at the

right hand of the

father and I want to tell you something

the real

inheritance the real don’t think that I

want more than anything else is to be

with him where he is he has seated Us in

Heavenly places in Christ Jesus and our

brother spoke it well this

afternoon about the stuff that that the

things that the only thing that most of

the bad days many of us have have to do

with our stuff we’re afraid of losing

stuff we buy a house so it has a garage

so we can store our stuff

you ever try to move stuff stuff stuff

everywhere is stuff and we’re afraid of


stuff he said set your affection on

things above the Holy Ghost comes down

to draw us out of this world and bring

us into our position the spiritual

position that he’s put us with Christ in

a Heavenly place above the things of

this world folks when you begin to draw

closer to Jesus you’re getting further

and further away from the things of this

world you’re getting away there’s no

such thing in a man who had who is

spiritually minded who’s moving out of


world you know I I I hear I’ve heard

preachers use a cliche mockingly oh he’s

so Heavenly minded he’s no spiritual

good I mean he’s so spiritually minded

he’s no earthly good have you ever heard

that he’s so spiritually minded he’s no

earthly good what a foolish statement

what Absolut

foolishness the only way you’re ever

prepared to be living on this Earth

God’s way is to be spiritually minded

there’s no other way you can

survive with the days that are

coming I I was uh yesterday in

the one of the

newspapers it said uh Lifeboat practice

on Wall Street

they’re they’re practicing what they


Lifeboat uh training now how to bail out

in the ugly crisis that’s

coming the whole page it’s the most

incredible thing I’ve I’ve seen far

beyond anything I’ve been prophesying


preaching and I see all these things

coming but you know something the more

you obey what the Lord say

set your

affection on things above not on the

things of the world the less this news

means to you the less these reports mean

to you they have no meaning whatsoever

after a while they have no meaning folks

I was I was walking down a country road

this past week and just praying and and

uh that scripture came to me life is

just a vapor

just a

vapor and it’s

gone and we’re worrying about our bad

days what God wants you to do if you

have a bad day first of all you’re going

to be convinced that he’s a heavenly

father and you may St sit here today and

say brother I just can’t help it I I am

not spiritually mature enough to deal

with this but my bad day has to do with

the fact that I I I have a bad situation

in my job that causes stress and I get

sick yesterday’s newspaper said 41% of

all Americans now are sick daily because

of stress on their jobs almost 50% are

physically sick because of the stress on

their job I want you to know my God has

all the resources now these are

spiritual resources but he he they all

according to the riches of God in Christ

Jesus there’s the riches of his wisdom

we heard about there’s the rich the

wisdom of his knowledge the wisdom of

his grace and didn’t he say my God shall

supply all your

need according to the riches of God in


Jesus that tells me that a loving

heavenly father I believe that God works

with his children on the premise of

affection you cannot make it in these

last days unless you know you won’t make

it through your bad days unless you’re

absolutely convinced that he

affectionately loves you there’s an

affection in his heart we’ve been

hearing that all

day this keeps me more than anything

else I know beyond a shadow of a doubt

he loves me I am so convinced of that I

literally he when I’m in prayer and and

he said if you draw near to me I’ll draw

near to you I just keep drawing near in

worship and praise I’ve literally felt

his arms around

me you heard my son stand here he said

you may laugh but he said I had Jesus

kiss me on the

cheek my son just loved Jesus with all

his heart and he said I’ve just I was

loving on Jesus and he he said Jesus PL

kiss he said was a spiritual experience

that it was it was just like embracing

getting so close to his heart folks

that’s what it going to take in these

last days but first of all I’m telling

you be absolutely confident that he’s


loving you he has a great affection in

his heart he’s not mad at

you that he is concerned about all of


things now in Greek the

word I I I want to show this to you my

God shall supply all your need this is


4:19 all your need according to his

riches and Glory by Christ Jesus I’m

going to close in just a minute that

word there need means to have

all business all that is lacking all


necessary he didn’t promise you to

fulfill all your

dreams he didn’t promise to fulfill all

of your uh

wants you know I want this I want

that best thing God can do is knock all

that out of us and purify our

desires and he said I he didn’t even say

needs he said I’m going to supply all

your need

singular not plural I’m going to all

your need because it’s one it’s single


Christ it is

Jesus because he alone satisfies Bill

Gates is the richest man in the world so

many billions he can’t count them now

almost almost

literally but every

billionaire if you just hold on long

enough and listen they’ll talk to you

about nothing they have bringing them

any Joy or any satisfaction whatsoever

there’s no joy in it

whatsoever Howard Hughes one of the

billionair who died died with 8 in

fingernails died with not a friend or

eight people at his

funeral in his confession when he died

he said nothing I’ve own nothing I’ve

had nothing I possessed has ever given

me a moment of Joy but made me miserable

it died in misery died in

pain you said brother Wilson what’s that

have to do with me I I I’m stressed

out I have bills that I can’t

pay and I wake up in the morning looking

at the future and I have this Gloom

hanging over me I don’t know what I’m

going to do

others of you say I’m in a living

condition that’s hopeless and it it just

burdened me down I I’m living in a

marriage situation that’s

beyond hope let me read you a letter in

closing may help you this

woman said Pastor David in 1989 my

husband lost a good job that was so

important to him he worked for the the

US Army in Germany he was fired by a

commander who brought in his own people

it was a tragedy for my husband he lost

all selfesteem as well as his good

income he’s never recovered even though

he’s employed his salaries less than one

half of what he’s making now the

responsibility is falling on me to be

the primary bread winner a few weeks ago

I had a meeting one Friday night but I

had 45 minutes after work to lay down

and rest I was looking for something to

read and the Lord led me to a box of

papers that I had kept I pulled out one

of your old sermons a place called witz

end April 24th 1995 as I read it the

Holy Spirit ministered to me that that

is exactly where I am I’m at my Wit’s

End I’m going to be retiring from the

service myself the worries keep piling

on we’re drowning in financial

difficulties I can’t get my husband’s


he’s like an ostrich that put his head

in the sand and you just hoped the

problems will go

away God showed me through your message

that I have turned in Anger against my

husband and I’ve been depending on him

I’ve been depending on the Flesh and I

need to turn to Jesus alone as my only

hope as the only one who can provide for

me and bring me out of these problems I

see now my husband can never bring me

out I read the message with assurance

that God was was with me at my wits end

later that evening I went to the meeting

and one of the speakers of the meeting

who’s a friend of mine shared with her

from her heart how God brought her out

of a financial difficulty that she and

her husband had gone through she’d been

obedient in sharing her embarrassing

experiences God meant it all for me and

afterwards I shared with her about

reading your message on W end not

knowing that she even knew of you and

how God used your message to talk and

minister to me the following week I

received a package from her inside was a

copy of your message right song wrong

side dated May 11

1990 how

awesome I called Karen she told me she

would send other

messages she said Pastor David I’m not

through my trial yet it’s very hard when

I look down the road I see potential

disaster being h in like the children of

Israel that God has shown me that I have

doubted his love for me I’ve doubted his

faithfulness to provide for me I’ve also

realized as you’ve taught that I’ve been

good at suppressing my fear and that

I’ve never dealt a death blow to my

doubts I’ve never dealt a death blow to

my doubts now I want to put an end to my

doubts I’m going to choose to praise God

for loving me for his Provisions though

I don’t see them yet please pray for me

my prayer is that Jesus the author and

perfector of my faith would heal my

doubt give me the gift of faith to trust

him completely I pray that it give me a

song to sing on this side of the victory

I want so to pass this test I want to

sing the right song on the right side a

testimony of God’s grace and to his

faithfulness now we’re getting so many

letters like this from around the

country from people whose faith is

growing they have seen God faithful and

they they believe like I do and many of

us that hard times are coming but the

Lord’s going to see us through and if

this is your if this is what you’re

going through you’re going to have to

come to a place where say Jesus I have

to cast all my care upon you now you

said that I’m an heir to the riches of

God in Christ Jesus and the riches of

God in Christ Jesus include all my

physical needs

I believe God for

that will you


folks one last thing I want to say to

you I don’t know what you’re going

through but I do know what we’re all

going to go through

some very powerful testing

times little simple song we sing Turn

Your Eyes Upon Jesus look full in his

wonderful face and the things of the

world grow strangely dim in the light of

his glory and grace

Hallelujah are you

afraid there’s nothing to

fear nothing to

fear Hallelujah

now if you’re going to take your place

as an heir of

God whenever these things you wake up in

the morning these things come at you the

spirit tries to fall on you and just lay

inside and bring you down in your

emotions tell

yourself Christ my savior is my

inheritance in him is fullness of

joy peace wisdom and Grace and all that


need and you just start coing up to

Jesus and start looking to

him I find myself doing that every hour

of the day anymore all the waking

hours saying Lord I don’t want to be

attached to anything on this Earth now

nothing I don’t want anything to take my

attention away from

you folks you know that’s possible on

your job that’s possible on the way to

work on the way back it’s

possible turn off the

television turn everything

off get alone with

him start drawing closer and closer to

the Heart of Jesus and you’ll see the

changes then you’ll have your husband

your wife you’ll have others come up to

you and say what’s happened to

you you have

that look of

peace Brother Carter talked about how

God had brought him into that peace he

has brought me into that peace and God’s

no respect of persons he he wants you to

go through your day with peace no matter

what you’re going through and rest in

the Holy Ghost so that those bad M they

only moments and you’re dealing with

them by the power of the Holy Spirit

you’re dealing with them by saying I am

not a child under bondage anymore I may

not have the victory yet but I hate my

sin and God said the Holy Ghost In Me

will enable me and he’s going to bring

me through the Victory and I’m not going

to pout and put on a child’s tantrum and

I’m not going to accuse God of an UNF

faithfulness Lord Jesus I’m going to

trust you and the more you trust him

folks there’s only one way and it’s by

faith no other way you cannot you cannot

approach anything of God you cannot

receive anything you cannot reach any

point the maturity in him other than

Faith what else do you have to give him

the fruit of your lips and your faith

heavenly father I pray this evening that

you bring encouragement to our hearts

that we’ll not be afraid and that we

will be able we will have the tools

we’ll have the ability to deal with

these moments that come to us of

discouragement and being

downcast and as David we can say I en he

encouraged himself in the L help us Lord

every time we get up in the morning now

to encourage ourselves God you’re going

to see me through this day God you’re

going to see me through my financial

difficulty you’re going to see me

through this because you’re my father

and no loving father would ever let his

child down you will not let me down

because you love me glory be to God now

I’m going to give an invitation for

those that are going through not a

difficult day or hard day I’m not

talking about the past 24 hours I’m

talking about a season you’re going

through I don’t care if it’s been days

or weeks there’s

confusion you you are not confident in

God’s will in your

life and little by little you’re being

disturbed in your spirit the total peace

of Christ has not been yours lately and

you’ve been your nest is being stirred

and I’m speaking in the spirit now very

clearly to a number of you standing here


now it’s not that you’re mical you just

wonder you just

wonder Lord I just I I am

confused he wants to clear all that

confusion before you walk out of this

church tonight if I’ve described you in

any way just get out of your seat and

come and stand here I’ll pray with you

and let’s believe the Lord but come in

faith please don’t come hoping God will

deliver you come believing and trusting

God will see you through this and

deliver you tonight right now in this

church in this service wherever you’re

at all through up on the balcony go to

the stairs on on either

side now for you that have come forward

listen closely please when I

when I have a difficult time

and I go to

Jesus and the first thing he tells me is

what I believe he wants to tell you

tonight you have no reason to be

afraid none at all you have no reason

whatsoever to be afraid because I’m your

God I’m your lord and I love

you and if God loves

you he truly loves you no matter what

you’re going through he’s saying because

of my love because I am God you have

nothing to be afraid of

nothing and so I’ve always said if God

didn’t give you the fear why’d you put

up with it you’re not put up with if if

if God didn’t give it to you you don’t

need to endure it so Lord I give you

these fears I give you all my fear fear

is a terrible tormenting thing you don’t

have to be afraid

Look At Me Now folks get it in your mind

now I don’t care what you’ve done I

don’t care what you’ve said you’re here

now because you want

him and he’s not mad at

you I want you to say this God is not

mad at me not mad my father my father

loves Mees

Hallelujah glory be to God you have

nothing to be afraid of


father I don’t have enough words I don’t

have words in my vocabulary to reach

into the hearts of these people who have

come sincerely to you I don’t have to

beg you I don’t have to scream at you

Holy Spirit I’m asking you to come down

now and do a work in the heart of

everyone who has responded to you not to

me not even to this invitation but to

your cry to the call of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit I’m asking you now to change

lives so that suddenly the light goes on

I am loved he is my father I believe

Jesus Christ is Lord he is my Lord I’m a

Child of God I I have inherited

everything I need to live above Fear To

Live above the power of sin God in

Christ Jesus living in me has enabled me

to have everything I need if I just

trust that if I will just believe

it now holy spirit make that


known and experienced in the hearts of

everybody who came now I ask you to take

the darkness Lord Smite the darkness and

let the light of the Gospel let the

light of the love of Jesus come in you

loved us so much you gave your own son

you said you’re a loving father you have

affect put your arms around these women

that hurt put your arms around the men

that are coming right now Lord embrace

them and say you are loved deeply loved

now confess your sins and Believe on me

and trust me now that I will take you

through every battle and every trial I

want everybody came forward and pray

this with me Jesus I acknowledge you as

my Lord and

Savior I receive by faith the cleansing

and forgiveness

of all my sins open my heart now and ask

you Jesus to take my doubts and all my

fears my guilt my

condemnation remove it from my

life oh Jesus embrace me embra with your

love your love father father help me to

know know and to understand and never

forget never forget that you love me you

love I love you for that Lord and I

thank you for it and I give you my

praise now just tell them thanks in your

own way just say thank you Jesus I give

you thanks I praise you I return now to

give you thanks


hallelujah remember the story I told you

that wife who endured a husband who

cheated on her all life a preacher and

yet the Lord took her

through same God who took her through

going to take you through the same God

who’s seen me through all these years is

going to take you through the same God

that’s seen my wife through 25

operations six for cancer going to see

you through he’s no respector person

going to see you through Hallelujah I I

want you to turn around shake hands with

5 or 6 and say God’s going to see me

through or God’s going to see you

through God’s going to take care of

things whatever God tells you God’s

going to take care of it God’s going to

take care of it this is the conclusion

of the





















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