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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

Welcome to our visitors wherever you are

Annex in all the rooms I took a stroll

over there just a moment ago and the

presence of the Lord just as real in the

annex as is here in the main Auditorium

we welcome all of our visitors we trust

that the presence of the Lord has been

manifested here today in a measure that

you have been

blessed and uh we welcome you now for

those who are downstairs remember

through Annex 8 and9 or rather through

Exit 8 and9 here on the main floor go to

the ancillary building and in the annex

go to room 204 the ushers will show you

where to go after the service our

visitors we’ like to have you visit

there and get a free book and a tape and

meet some wonderful New Yorkers and

there’s some refreshments also we just

want you to be uh made very welcome here

in Time Square New York City this past

year has had 34 million visitors 34

million the highest in record and

they’re expecting more and uh we’re glad

we’re right here in the middle of it all

to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ

so pray for us as we pray for you

amen turn around and just look at

somebody behind you just say God bless

you God bless

you God bless you and mean


Hallelujah we love the word of the Lord

here times cor church and if you look

around you find that anybody who attends

times Corp Church regularly has their

Bible with them we bring our Bible and

we go into the word and we study it and

we just love the word of God here at

Times Square Church my message today

roll roll away the

stone this is not an Easter message this

is an everyday message roll away the

stone now father we come to the word

with great awe and respect reverence we

come to you Holy Spirit asking you to

anoint us we ask you to make this word

living and Life to us we pray Lord as

you gave it that you would bring it

forth expand it Lord we take the lows

fishes in our hands and we ask you to

break it we ask you to feed us and we

ask you Lord to make it a sufficiency

and that everyone in this house will be

touched and moved by the Holy Spirit and

this word will linger for weeks and

months ahead they’ll never forget Lord

what they hear from your word and from

your spirit Lord when the spirit makes

the word life we never forget it and we

pray your blessing and anointing on the

word in Jesus name

amen I want to talk to you this morning

about obedience and the New Covenant

obedience and the New Covenant now let

me refresh your memory those who attend

this church and those who are visiting

in Hebrews the 8th chapter you don’t

have to turn there but the writer refers

to two covenants the first Covenant is

called the old Covenant the second

Covenant is called the New Covenant in

fact the writer in Hebrews in the e8th

chapter calls the the Covenant that God

made in Mount Si the first Covenant and

so in Hebrews 8 there are two covenants

or agreements that God initiated for the

benefit of mankind the old Covenant was

made at Mount Si the New Covenant was

made with Christ when he came to this

earth and God initiated it for The

Obedience of those who have a heart

Desiring to obey but there was a fault

with the first Covenant the old Covenant

God said I’m going to make a new

covenant with the house of Israel and

with the house of Judah now we believe

that the true Israel are the Born Again

Saints who walk by faith we are the

Israel of God the Israel from above we

believe God has his own Covenant a

covenant of the land a covenant of Mercy

with Israel but the true Jew the true

Israel are those who are in faith in

Christ Jesus we are the true Jerusalem

we are the true Israel and so these

Covenant promises made to is Israel are

made to the Church of Jesus Christ now

under the terms of the old Covenant God

demanded perfect obedience to all his

laws and Commandments the scripture

says now therefore if you will obey my

voice this is under the old Covenant God

said if you will obey my voice indeed

you keep my Covenant then you shall be a

A peculiar or special treasure unto me

above all people for all the Earth is

mine you shall be unto me a kingdom of

priest and a holy

nation now why is it that God demands

perfect Absolute Total obedience from


people now I’m convinced absolutely

convinced that you cannot obey God until

you understand why he demands it it’s

impossible for any Christian no matter

how Pious you may be it’s impossible for

you to obey God unless you understand

his motive

you understand why he wants you and me

in fact demands of us total obedience

both under the old Covenant and under

the New

Covenant is it because God is a tyrant

and he just uh demands it for his own

pleasure is he getting some kind of

pleasure putting a heavy yoke on his

children that’s not what the Bible says

Jesus said my yoke is easy my burden is

light and my Commandments are not


obedience on our part has little to do

with pleasure for God has not for his

pleasure the pleasure God gets out of

our obedience is the fruit and the

blessing it produces in

us he’s the loving heavenly father he is

not a tyrant he’s not trying to satisfy

something in his own nature he’s

satisfied with himself there’s nothing

you can I you and I can do to make him

any more satisfied with his glory than

he is so the matter of obedience is that

it produces such fruit it produces such

blessing in our heart he gets his

Blessing out of seeing us be blessed as

a result of our

obedience this is how we bring pleasure

to his heart just like a father who

Delights in seeing The Obedience of his

child and how it produces the fruit in

his nature that’s how our heavenly

father Delights in

it the Bible talks Paul in Philippians

talks about being filled with the fruits

of righteousness and he said that right

after saying that you may be sincere

without offense he said in other words

if you obey God you’re going to be

filled with the fruits or the blessings

of that righteousness of that obedience

I can prove that to you conclusively in

the scripture this

morning now for Israel under the old


the the the blessings that resulted were

primarily material in nature he said but

if thou shall indeed obey my voice and

do all that I speak I will be an enemy

to your enemies I’ll be an adversary to


adversaries he said if you will obey me

I’ll bless your bread I’ll bless your

water I will take sickness away from

thee and in Exodus

13:26 if you will obey me there will be

no barrenness in your land he said I’ll

make you fruitful I will bless you as a

result of your absolute obedience to me

I demand obedience for a purpose it is

to bless you it is to give you my favor

it has nothing to do with my being a

dictator in the

cosmos it has to do with God Desiring

His blessings upon his people and

there’s other way to receive them now

all God’s laws in the Old Testament you

read all the laws and all the

Commandments page after page having to

do with Washings having to do with with

uh hygiene having to do with rest days

having to do with cleanliness all of

these laws of washing the hands and the

pots and the pans all had to do with

God’s desire to keep them from being

wiped out by the diseases of Egypt and

the Heathen around them it was God’s

plan to protect them and they chafed

under the very laws that God had

intended to cause them to survive he

said I’ll not let any of these diseases

come upon you if you just obey my laws


hygiene folks that goes the same today

if you’re not going to wash your hands

before you eat you’re going to let

people cough on your hands and not going

to wash them you’re going to get a cold

you’re going to get the

flu there are laws and they are meant

for our

protection the law was holy the Bible

said the law was for their benefit and

they chaed under these

laws the the these this demand for

obedience was meant to bring the

material blessing also he said I’ll

bless your cattle I’ll bless your

Vineyards I’ll bless your crops your

weather your clothing your homes and

I’ll give you personal security those

were all the results the blessings of

obedience but there were also some very

powerful spiritual blessings that came

from obeying God folks you don’t hear

much about obedience in these

days we have a lot of preaching on Grace

we preach Grace in this church but not

to cause any believer to ever consider

that he does not have to obey the word

of God

God demands obedience even a more

powerful concept of obedience under the

New Covenant but see under the old

Covenant there were also spiritual

blessings I want you to go to Exodus the

4th chapter if you will please and I

want to show

you a powerful truth having to do with

the covenants of God the 40th chapter of

Exodus OB obedience

results listen to me obedience results

in the bringing forth of Glorious

manifestations of the Holy


obedience under old or New Covenant

results in bringing forth glorious

manifestations of the glory of God and

the presence of the

Lord verse one chapter 40 and the Lord

spake unto Moses saying on the first day

of the first month thou shallal set up

the Tabernacle of the tent of the

congregation now look at me please look

this way here is the word of the Lord

that came here is the Commandment here

is the law the Lord says I want you on

the first day of the first month now he

got all these details on Mount Si he had

received a clear word from God word for


Moses I want you on the first day of the

first month I want you to set up the

Tabernacle and if you go on further in

that text you will find the Lord spake

unto Moses saying set up the

Tabernacle it’s going to be start the

first day the first month he said you’re

going to put the in place the ark you’ll

find that in next 15 verses or so you

will bring in the table the showbread

table you’ll set in order the things

that are be set in order upon it you

will bring in the Candlestick you’ll set

up the altar the labor the hangings

you’ll anoint the vessels and you’ll

pour all o on the ministers and he gave

every detail on how to pour the oil and

how to anoint word for word

instruction given to

Moses verse

16 thus did Moses according to all that

the Lord commanded him so did he folks

listen to me I picture Moses Going In

and Out Among the workers as they’re

preparing the Tabernacle of the

Wilderness every detail been given by

the Holy Spirit and I see Moses going to

one of the workers on the brass and one

of the workers says to him this socket

is not large enough in fact I found

another way to make it work just a

little bit better and Moses says you’ll

not do it that was not according to the

mind of God that’s not the re

instruction I receive from the Holy

Spirit now remold it he goes over here

now and they are dying the wool for the

veil and one says we can’t get the

proper color of blue it’s just a little

light and it looks better it fits in

better with the other colors Moses says

dip it in the dye again it’s a deep

blue we Will Not divert from the

Commandment of the Lord not an

ioda the Lord said it I will do it Moses

was not obeying God for reward Moses was

obeying God because he was a servant of

the most high he loved and he reverenced

his heavenly father he said I will not

do anything a contrary to what I have

heard from the Holy Ghost the spirit of

the Lord that spoke to him on that

mountain but I want you to see what

results from that

obedience verse 34 and verse

35 so verse 33 so Moses finished the

work everything in divine order


when after he had obey God in every

detail he made no excuses he took no

shortcuts everything was in divine order

then a cloud covered the tent of the

congregation and the glory of the Lord

filled the Tabernacle and Moses was not

able to enter into the tent of the

congregation because the cloud Abode

there and the glor of the Lord filled


Tabernacle you know what happened the

Holy Ghost took

over the Holy Spirit took over and what

he’s saying to Moses what he was saying

to Israel what he’s saying to every one

of us today who want to obey God the

Lord said I will show you what happens

when you walk in obedience let me show

you what I will do for you I will come

down and I will take over your life I’ll

take over Direction because along with

the glory came the cloud

that’s the moment the cloud descended by

day and the fire by night and the Lord

said from now on you don’t have to make

a decision of your own you move with the

cloud when the cloud moves you move the

Bible said and so they moved only with


cloud in you the purpose of obedience

the Reason God wants you to obey in all

things that he says to you according to

this book line up to the word of God

obey it don’t disobey it at any point

the Lord said because I want to reward

you if I see you listening to me if I

see you doing what I ask you to do it is

for your benefit is for your it is for

your favor and your blessing from heaven

and if you’ll do that I will manifest my

glory in your life everybody will sit

and I’ll lead you I’ll guide



talk about blessings and fruit of

obedience the Holy Ghost was so

pleased came down and took over Moses

couldn’t even

Minister well I’ve had that happen

sometimes in my life where I get up to

preach and halfway through the Holy

Ghost said you can sit down now I’m

taking over and God did more in in in

his 10 minutes than I I did in hours and

hours of preaching but I could sit down

and say thank you Lord thank you Lord

there was some divine order you you

brought divine order in my life and you

have shown me your blessing Hallelujah

I’d rather have that than $10 million


honestly if if you want the glory of God

in your life you taste it every time you

obey if you want the glory of God in

your life and the presence of Jesus you

taste it every time you obey and it

increases as you keep on

obeying now under the New Covenant God

demands even a stricter kind of

obedience and for the same reason we are

his children and our Heavenly Father

Knows the dangers and consequences of

Disobedience he knows the consequences

he knows the

danger Paul writing to the Thessalonians

said we were G among you even as a nurse

cherisheth her children then he went on

he said as you know we exhorted and

comforted and charged every one of you

as a father do his children you know

what it means he said we charged you in

the Greek it means we gave you a tongue

lashing we spank you with the word we

used the word as a rod and he said we

did it because we loved you because it’s

it’s a father who cares we know the

consequences of

Disobedience it’s just like a father why

why does a loving Godly father take his

teenage son aside he just learned to

drive and he said now I’m going to tell

you something I’m going to let you drive

the car but you’re not to go over the


limit I want you in by 12:00 you’re

never going to come in after 12:00

because as long as you live in my house

you’re going to be here by

12:00 and I’m not going to allow any

music in this house that has filthy

lyrics and there’ll be no pornography

either on internet or films in this

house because this is God’s

house now why does the father do that

because he’s just trying to be lorded

over his kids no he knows the danger he

knows the consequences and he says it

and he says it emphatically because of

love and he says don’t ever try to

outrun a train at a railroad

crossing and and

suppose he gets a call one day the

father and the boy’s in the hospital all

banged up and somebody’s been terribly

wounded and the boy is hidden the fact

that he was speeding 95 miles an hour

trying to beat a train at a railroad

crossing why would not father not

chastize that

boy not to get EV with him not to vent

his anger but he says you have not

blured I am going to take away your keys

you will not drive a car for another

year and as long as you’re in this house

you’re not even going to get out till

10:00 after 10: you said that’s harsh no

no no no but you see when these laws are

laid down by a loving

parent and especially teenagers come and

said well now wait a minute you’re

treating me like a

child that’s not fair I’m old enough I

can handle

it and I want to tell you something that

child will not obey if it’s chaing

against those rules meant to protect his


life meant to produce blessings in his

life to produce character in him if he

Rebels against that if he has the spirit

of rebell he’s always going to try to

sneak out he will never obey his father

he would just try to do it without it

being without being caught and if he

obeys it’s only because he fears dis IPL

it’s only the child who truly loves his

father Jesus said if you love me you’ll

obey my Commandments this is love that

you do my Commandments first John or 2


8 only out of

love if you obey God simply because you

don’t want to pay the consequences you

know that you might be

exposed you know that your sin’s going

to find you out

that’s not enough motive that’s not

going to keep you that’ll keep you for a

while but you’re going to go back until

finally you want to be exposed because

of the burden you

carry you still

there in the New Testament you find some

of the Lord’s even most devoted ones

questioning the call to obedience

questioning the word that they received

from the Lord they loved him but so

often they said oh yeah but Lord but

Lord but

Lord for for example Peter he’s in a

trance on the rooftop flat Rooftop in

he’s waiting for

lunch and in this hungry State of Mind

God moves in a vision and he sees a a a

sheet embroidered on the edges lowered

to him and that sheet is full of unclean

animals not Kosher for the Jew to eat

they’re unclean and the law said that

they dare not eat any unclean animal and

the word of the Lord comes a commandment

comes rise Peter kill and eat but Peter

said not so Lord you know Peter’s saying

Lord but Lord you’ve got to be mistaken

on this why would you ask me to do

something against your decree why would

you ask me to do something your laws

already forbidden I can’t do it and

evidently he must have shaken this off

as if well I’m I really didn’t hear from

the Lord we do that when something comes

we don’t like that had to be flesh that

was just my mind I had too much to eat

tonight before and we try Holy Ghost is

trying to get through he’s trying to say

something and we always but Lord but

Lord and there’s sometimes you you God

will tell you some things they not

contrary to scripture but you just don’t

understand you can always find a conven

scripture to counteract

it taken out of

context the Lord sends down the sheet

again he said Peter get up kill the

animal and

eat he shook it off Bible said three

times three times and even after the

third time he’s coming down the stairs


lunch and he’s still doubting and this

there at the door are messengers from

the house of Cornelius inviting them to

a gentile prayer

meeting had been unheard of the Gentiles

were without the covenants and and and

the Jews didn’t even touch didn’t even

eat or associate with the Gentiles but

the Holy Ghost came AC upon

Peter and the Holy

Ghost and to him the Lord said in the

vision rather the Lord said to him I I

want you to go

Peter to the house of Cornelius go with

these men but do do you do you see what

I’m trying to get at here here is Peter

is saying but Lord there wasn’t that

immediate answer to the word of the Lord

the more you delay disobeying that clear

voice of the Lord the more difficult it

becomes let me give you another example

ananas ananas the Bible says the word

came to to him in a vision and he said

behold Here I Am Lord and the Lord said

to him ananas arise and go to a street


straight and inquire in the house of

Judas for one who is called Saul

Tarsus then ananas answered Lord and

here’s the butt Lord I’ve heard by many

of this

man how much evil he has done to the

Saints in Jerusalem

the the word is clear the Holy Spirit

came and said you go gave him the

address gave him the name of the man and

the house in which he was abiding you

couldn’t get any clear details than that

the folks the Holy Ghost isn’t vague if

you want deliverance from sin he will

never be vague if you truly want to obey

God’s spirit will speak

clearly there’ll be no fog in

it the only people get muddled messages

are those who have a muddled

determination to

quit he said but Lord I’ve heard of this

man he’s the man it’s he’s he’s a

killer can I just pray for him here is

this trip really

necessary can I write him a

letter anything but this because

he was afraid of this

man but I want you to know that both

Peter and annias put aside all their

questions all their fears they said he

said it I believe it I’m going to do it

and they obeyed the Lord they determined

that they would go at any

cost the spirit of the Lord the moment

that determination is made the spirit

Came Upon Peter rise therefore get thee

down and go with them doubting nothing

what happens when men of God obey the

Lord’s voice the Holy Ghost what happens

what happened with Moses when he obeyed

the glory of the Lord came down the

spirit of the Lord fell what happened

when Peter went down to the house of

Cornelius listen to what the spirit says

what the Bible says while Peter yet

spake he’s speaking to Cornelius in his

household while he still spake these

words the Holy Ghost on all them that

heard the word there it is

again obedience produces a manifestation

of the glory and the presence of

God ananas goes and prays with Saul the

Bible says he received the Holy Ghost

the Holy Ghost came down in that room

filled him and opened his eyes healed

his eyes and folks you and I today are

still benefiting from The Obedience of


men and in every case there was a

manifestation of the Holy

Ghost people talk about Revival people

go everywhere trying to get a little

touch of fire in their

bosom folks I’ll tell you what it’s only

when you got your house in divine order

when You’ got your life in divine order

and you obeying the Holy Ghost and

everything he says not then not until

then will you have a true manifestation

of the Holy Ghost in your life

everything else is sugarcoated candy

cotton it’s froth

it vanishes two months later you’re back

down where you were because you are not

obeying the Holy


H let me give you another ex example of

questioning God’s word and and this by

the Lord’s own disciples his very own

disciples in John

11:7 Jesus turned to his disciples and

he gave them the word he said he he said

to his disciples let us go to Judea

again his disciples said unto him Master

but Master the Jews of late have sought

to Stone thee and you’re going to go

fither there again you’re going to go

thither again he said but

Lord this doesn’t make

sense the word is clear the Lord said

we’re going to Judea now

Lazarus is dead they’re going to to to

the home of Lazarus and Mary and

Martha and these disciple can you do you

hear the tone of these men Lord this is

foolishness this can’t be done they’ll

kill you and they’ll probably kill us in


process but see they’re questioning the

word of the lord they’re questioning it

then said Jesus unto them plainly

Lazarus is

dead Lazarus would you go to John 11

please beloved I want to tell you

something there is nothing on the face

of this Earth that will set you and I

free except the word of God the word of

the Lord

nothing just just leave it open in to

the 11th chapter and I’ll tell you where

to go as we go here the four verse 14

then said Jesus unto them plainly

Lazarus is dead then Jesus says

something very profound very profound

verse 15 and I’m glad for your sakes

that I was not there you know what he’s

say I’m glad I didn’t go when they

called me he said I have a reason for

delaying has nothing to do with Lazarus

has nothing to do with Mary and Martha

it has to do with

you my disciples to the intent that you

may believe nevertheless let us go unto

him you

know the Jesus had said we we first he

said we’re going to go because Lazarus


asleep and you know what the disciples

said don’t you they said well he’s

better off than we are let him sleep why


him any

excuse Jesus plainly said no Lazarus is

dead and I’m so glad for your sakes that

I was not there to the intent that you

may believe and you what he’s telling

his disciples I’m about to bring you

face to face with the greatest

impossibility you’ve ever seen in your

life I am going to bring you face to

face now they’d seen people raised from

the dead have been dead a day or hours

had never seen anybody raised from the

dead who’ been four days when the body

would have

decayed he said I I I’m going to put you

face to face with the greatest

impossibility any human being could ever

face and I’m going to show you folks

that that impossibility at that tomb has

to do with your besetting sin it has to

do with that one issue that God’s been

dealing with you that is has intuned the

revelation of the glory of God in your

life we’re going to see that unfold here

in just a minute follow me closely in


Greek unbelief and

Disobedience are represented as the one

and same word let me give you an example

don’t turn there but in Hebrews 3:19 it

says so we see that they could not enter

in because of unbelief the children of

Israel didn’t go into the to Canaan land

because of unbelief in the next chapter


4:6 they to whom it was first preached

entered not in because of unbelief it’s

the same word but it has a different

root and the root of

46 the word means disobedience are

unpersuadable and what it is saying what

what it is very very clear in the

scripture is that the fruit of unbelief

is always

Disobedience the fruit of unbelief is

Disobedience the fact that you are

disobeying God in one area in your life

you’re disobeying you’ve questioned his

word he’s told you clearly time and time

again what to do this has to go and he

keeps dealing with that but the the very

fact that you’ve not had the the faith

produces this disobedience in the

life this is brought out in the reaction

of Martha when Jesus comes on the scene

Lord if you’d been here my brother would

not have died she believed that God

could raise a half dead man but not a

full dead

man that’s where most of us are we

believe God can do it where there’s

still a little inkling of

Hope God’s going to bring you into a

place in your life where you are going

to have to be face to face with absolute

impossible situations outside of God’s


power you know ananas at first didn’t

believe that this man could be

changed Peter couldn’t believe that the

Gentiles could come into the Covenant

Promises of

God the disciples doubted that God


could protect them from the judeans who

wanted to Stone them and here is Martha

questioning him in every instance there

there there is no faith in God doing the

impossible in their lives and

situations the and we come down to what

I want to call the crisis experience the

crisis experience in

obedience now the New Covenant demands

Absolute Total obedience to the word of

God every word that proceedes out of his

mouth they are not Grievious but folks

he demands absolute obedience and the

reason he can demand

it is because he’s made every

provision in our lives to have all the

power and resources we need to oby he’s

not asking us to do anything he has not

provided for in the New Covenant

obedience is provided for by the

indwelling power of the Holy Ghost the

Holy Ghost has been given to us it was

not given under the old Covenant there

were times the spirit would move on

people there were manifestations such in

the time of Moses in the Tabernacle and

Solomon when he built the temple but

they did not have this daily walk with

the Holy Ghost you and I have the spirit

of God abiding us if you were saved by

faith in in Christ that had to be the

work of the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit

had to be in you to reveal

Christ he said the Holy Ghost is given

to those who ask have you asked the Holy

Ghost to come and abide in you when the

Holy Ghost comes to abide in Us by

faith folks that indwelling power of the

Holy Ghost is every resource everything

we need to obey God at every point in

our life every word of this book

so that it’s not our striving but the

ministry of the holy spirit in

us the crisis

comes when you’ve been dealt with by the

Lord about

something that is holding back the glory

and the blessing of God in your life

there’s not the

fullness you live with guilt and fear


condemnation because you know there’s

there’s this one issue the Holy Ghost is

dealing with this one

issue could be a besetting sin could be

covetousness could be a driving ambition

it can be sexual

problems it can be lust it could be

Temptations so many many things that

Christians carry year after year and


never enjoy deliverance from the bondage

and Dominion of

sin and they live in misery because the

Holy Ghost is persistent he’s saying I

have to have that it’s got to go because

it’s blocking and hindering the flow of

my Covenant

blessings he’s saying now if you really

want to be free I’ve made a way I’ve

made a

way see this crisis comes when God by

his spirits knocked down all the excuses

the excuses are all

gone and the Lord keeps saying obey me

in all things you’re not living

according to my word and that’s why you

don’t have order in your life that’s why

you don’t have order in your

home and folks I’m going to tell you

again he has every right to demand full

obedience because he supplied all the

power to obey that if you the spirit do

kill or mortify all the Deeds of the

flesh you shall

live you know what it means to live when

God says you shall live that means

you’re going to live you’re live free

from guilt you’re going to live free

from bondage you’re going to be set free

he said you’ll

live a lot of Christians aren’t living


existing what is it that’s locked up in

that tomb as Jesus approaches it with

his disciples you you say

Lazarus let me tell you the two things I

see locked in that

tomb even though in the spirit you may

be outside here with Jesus right by your

side locked in that tomb is this is the

flesh under bondage

chained by the death of sin the stench



hopeless also in that tomb represents

your full revelation of Jesus Christ new

Resurrection Life it’s inomed because

there’s a stone rolled at the

door and folks you can go through life

keeping your revelation of Jesus in

tuned it’s there the Lord is there with

the word ready to bring it forth he’s

more anxious than you are but he


roll away the

stone that stone is nothing more or less


unbelief according to the Covenant the

New Covenant the only things that stands

between you and total Victory and

freedom from all sin in his Dominion is

unbelief nothing

else you don’t need to make promises you

don’t have to say I won’t do it again

that’s not what God wants God want wants

you to roll away the stone of

unbelief Mary said but Master by now he

stinks he’s been dead four

days and that’s the word that we hear

from people but this thing is laid so

it’s been so long the stent of this in

my life it’s been so long it’s there

there’s no hope I’ll be hooked as long

as I live I’ve tried and tried and tried


impossible and so there’s no revelation

of Jesus there there there’s no hunger

for the word of God there’s no divine

order because unbelief has

inomed the revelation of Resurrection

Life blazing that tomb all wrapped up in

unbelief and the Lord comes to you today

in the Holy Ghost and he says do you

want to be free you want Deliverance

I’ve made a covenant with

you I have made a

covenant roll away the

stone get rid of the unbelief that’s

within your

power that’s within your ability that’s


only thing that you and I can do that’s

our part in the

Covenant what else can you

do but

believe Jesus said didn’t I say to you

if you would believe you shall see the

glory of the Lord there it is again the

glory of the Lord comes because you

believe and that is the demand for

obedience all that God demands of you

and I for obedience is

Faith roll away the stone God didn’t

send Angels down to roll away that stone

he could have spoken anyone who could

call a dead man out of a tomb could

surely roll a stone by a

thought he said you roll it away and the

Bible said they rolled away the stone

that’s your part and it’s my part you

roll away the stone

when you roll away the stone you’ll hear

his command

Lazarus come

forth the moment you believe that God

has the power for the impossible you

said my sin is so embedded in me it’s

impossible it’s been there I have been

changed by death for so

long God said I promised you that if you

will believe you will see the glory of

God and the glory of God is victory over

sin released from the tomb and the

revelation of new life that comes from


alone if you will believe you will see

the glory of

God you know what they Jesus they

brought to Jesus a man in a bed who was

crippled up and he said sir your sins

are forgiven

and the Jews said only God can forgive

sin and you know what he said which is

easier to say your sins forgiven or take

up your bed and walk and he said take up

your bed and walk and he walked you know

what God’s

saying how is it that you can believe me

what’s easier for me to to save your

Eternal Soul through my

blood or to say to your sin enough be

gone be healed be delivered come out of

your tomb which is easier

here God said if you’re going to believe

me for your Eternal salvation and you

believe me I’ve forgiven all your past

sins I want you to go to that tomb right

now he says and move the stone away and

I’ll speak the word you just give me

Faith and I will bring you out of that

tomb I will take away all of those

bandages and you’ll leap and you’ll

dance with new




beloved what a grief it must be to the

heart of God that he sent his son to

bring such freedom to open every

tomb to raise every dead man and

woman what

a what a pain it must be the heart of

God that so many Christians do not enjoy

Resurrection Life and that’s the purpose

of the New

Covenant Lord so yes you’ll obey

me and when we don’t they’ll be

chastening but he’ll just keep coming

back and coming back out of his great

love until he says look I’m going to

keep bringing you to this tomb I’m going

to keep bringing you to this

Stone until you roll it

away I don’t care how long you’ve been

in the that

grave I’m telling you I serve a God if

that man had been the grave 10 years he

could raise him because when Jesus came

out remember people been dead for years

came out and were seen on the streets of

Jerusalem with God nothing is impossible

God said I want to this is the the the

heart of the the heart of the New

Covenant I want to be God to you and I

want you to be a child to me I want to

be my son be my daughter I want that

father son daughter relationship now I

want you to believe that nothing nothing

is impossible there’s no sin in your

life that I can’t help you conquer by

the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost

now folks don’t don’t expect the Holy

Ghost to instruct you how he’s going to

do it his ways are past finding out just

accept that he is there take that by

faith the Holy Ghost abides in

me he can do it his way I’m just going

to trust him to do it he’s got a million

ways to do it things that you couldn’t

even conceive in your mind the Holy

Ghost will do it your part is to just

say holy ghost I receive the word I

believe you with all of my heart I’m

going to trust you I’m not going to fear

this thing anymore I’m going to put it

in your hands I’m going to seek you Holy

Ghost with all my heart I’m just going

to worship the Holy Spirit and I’m going

to ask the Holy Ghost to do his work in

my life I’m going to cast myself in the

bosom of the Holy

Ghost no he’s

faithful you hear word behind you he

said I’ll give you my spirit and cause

you to walk in my ways Hallelujah and

you will not depart from me I accept

that I believe it

Hallelujah roll the stone Away We

Stand forgive me for getting so loud

but man

God wants us to be

free God wants you to be

free now let me tell you what the Holy

Spirit spoke to me about the

invitation that many of you balcony main

floor and in the

Annex in the main Annex in some of the

rooms in the

annexes many of you came to this service

this morning

with that sense of

death because you don’t have the victory

in your

life you’re still struggling and you’re

fighting a losing battle against the

besetting sin or something that God is

dealing with in your

life I’m tell you something he’s not mad


you he’s saying that has to

go because I I want to bring into your


resurrection power I want you to know me

like you’ve never known before known me

before I want to give you all my


blessings God said I want to write my

law in your

heart I want you to know me like you’ve

never known me nobody will have to teach

you I will teach

you everything you hear from the word

when he says I will teach you there are

people coming they they hear message but

even though somebody else is teaching

the Holy Ghost is not teaching it’s

going in one ear not the other he said

when you hear a pastor preach I’ll come

and I’ll teach what he’s teaching to you

I’ll make you understand it is what he

said I’ll make you understand the

word I’ll make it life to you and he

said I’m going to be merciful to your

sins I’m going to be merciful to

you I’m going to send my Holy Ghost upon

you and you’re going to walk in my ways

if you’re here this morning you’ve got

that cloud over your head you say I I

have that sense David pastor David God’s

been dealing with me and I want Victory

today I’m going to come against that

stone of unbelief in my life I’m going

to ask God’s spirit to help me just roll

it away he’ll even do that he’ll come

and give you the faith that you ask him

for remember the man who came said help

my unbelief Jesus helped his

unbelief I want you get out of your if

you don’t know Jesus if you back if

you’ve been running from God in the in

the annex go outside to the lobby the

ushers will show you the door into this

Auditorium and you come down the aisle

and come here and meet me and I’ll pray

for you and up in the balcony go the

stairs on either side and come down any

aisle move in close make room for those

who are coming now to walk in the Holy

Spirit and to become sensitive to his

voice you’ve got to give him time that

means if you feel a Temptation coming on

you if you feel you’re drifting toward

doing something it’s contrary you know

to the will and the word of God stop

immediately and consult the Holy Spirit

consult him there’ll be a word in

you he will

come he is

faithful if he didn’t come when you

called he wouldn’t be God he wouldn’t be

the Holy Spirit he will come he’ll not

let you be deceived and I’m going to

tell you you say Lord should I go there

should I do this Lord I’m about to do

something that I know is sinful I don’t

have the power to resist the holy spirit

will you come right now and I’m telling

you he will come the problem is we race

ahead of him because we know what he’s

going to say we shut him out we just

shut him out and we go and do it and

then we get the guilt and the fear and

condemnation after the Holy Ghost

doesn’t put that on you but that’s from

your flesh and that’s from your

conscience so if you’re going to walk in

the spirit and if you want him to be if

you want him to give you that cloud that

leads you that inner voice of the holy

spirit that will not deceive you you’ve

got to give him time you’ve got to love

the Lord with all of your heart you’ve

got to get into his word because that’s

where faith comes from Faith Comes the

Bible says from hearing this word you

read it and you hear it in your soul and

that builds up your faith and that gives

you the power to roll away the Stone you

got to have the muscle and this gives

you the muscle to roll away the stone

and you get that stone out say I believe

God and every time doubts from the devil

come and fear comes to you say God said

it and I’m going to stand on it the Holy

Ghost is in me the Holy Ghost is my

helper the Holy Ghost is my comforter

the Holy Ghost is my strength he’s my


tower and speak the word of faith speak

it out loud and say Jesus I believe Holy

Spirit I believe your power deliver me

from the bondage of this death it’s what

Paul said who shall deliver me from the

bondage of this I thank God through

Jesus Christ my Lord hallelujah the

spirit of God is the spirit of Jesus

Christ that is Jesus now if Jesus were

still here he would probably be living

in Jerusalem and and with with how many

billions of people on the face of the

Earth what chance would you have to get

in five minutes with him

if if if if he were on Earth if he were

living today and he lived in Jerusalem

what chance would you have you couldn’t

afford to get there in the first place

and if you wanted an audience and and

what could you tell them in five minutes

because you’ve got uh you’ve got uh a

couple uh you you’ve got a billion or

two Chinese in front of you lined up and

you got Indians and you’ve got them from

Africa you got them all over the world

they’re lined up you can’t do it but

that’s why he sent the Holy Ghost so his

Spirit could be everywhere at one time

for all of us and he’s

available everything you would have

gotten with

a interview with Jesus everything you

would have gotten with him putting his

hand on you say let it be done is done

now by the power of the Holy Ghost

that’s the spirit of Jesus spread abroad

in all of us we’re one body Hallelujah

we believe him right now that Jesus is

right here by his spirit I want everyone

that wants freedom and roll away the

stor I want you just lift up your hands

to the Lord by I would you lift your

hands to God that says I Surrender pray

this prayer with me right loud Jesus

Jesus I come against my

stone my my unbelief my unbelief and I

cast it out and I cast it out and I roll

it away and I roll it away in the name

of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ my Lord and

Savior my Lord and Savior Jesus Jesus I

have no power I have no I have no

Authority I no Authority but you have it

holy ghost you have and you abide in me

I cast my life I cast my life and my

care and my future into your hands Jesus

Jesus cleanse me forgive me for and heal

me Heal Me Release Me release now in

Jesus name now in Jesus name I speak the

word I speak the word the word that

Jesus spoke the word that Jesus spoke to

the dead flesh in me the dead flesh in

me in Jesus name in Jesus name Come

Alive come alive

every sin every sin every habit every

habit be gone be gone in the name of

Jesus Jesus through the power of the

Holy ghostly ghost now you thank him in

Jesus name for his power you thank him

for his authority I give you thanks

Jesus I give you thanks I give you

praise hallelujah holy ghost raise your

hands and tell him you love him right

now Lord we love you you have power you

have authority Holy Ghost come down

right now

and speak the word of faith roll away


stones Lazarus come forth in Jesus name

Victory Resurrection Life come



hallelujah glory to God glory to





do you know when they took

the the bandages off of

Lazarus I don’t believe he went

around just shaking hands with everybody

say good to be

back I believe he danced all over

Bethany the

joy of the Lord the joy of the Lord Lord

you see when everything’s in divine

order that’s when the spirit of the Lord

comes and he imparts Joy his work is as

a comforter he will do his work in you

immediately he start comforting you and

telling you it’s going to be right just

follow me it’s going to be right you’re

going to have my life he’s going to

impart The Life of Christ to you

Hallelujah whose report do you believe

this is the conclusion of the message