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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace



thank you


I want to talk to you this afternoon

about the dethroning dethroning of

Christ in America the dethroning of

Christ how we have cast Jesus off his


heavenly father I need your help

I I need you just to come and take over

and let my body be an instrument a

vessel of honor to your name and Glory

Holy Spirit you have Sanctified me by

the blood Jesus you have Justified me by

the blood

and Lord you have warmed my heart by

your word and I pray Lord Jesus did you

you enable me to deliver this word in

the manner that you gave it to me and

let it find its Mark don’t let anybody

leave this church this afternoon without

being impacted by the truth for its

truth alone that sets us free

Lord I don’t ever want to Dethrone you

from my heart I want you to be king and

Lord of my life to the dying day

Hallelujah be Lord of all be king in our

lives Lord if there be people here this

afternoon that have in fact dethroned

Christ from his throne in their hearts

we pray Lord that before this day is

over before this meeting is over he will

again take his place rightfully on the

throne of our hearts in Jesus name I

pray amen

the dethroning of Christ in America

now Paul spoke of the coming of Jesus as

a time when Jesus shall show who is the

blessed and only potentate the king of

kings and Lord of lords

that’s that’s what God said when he come

he want to show everybody who’s the Lord

he’s going to show everybody who his


he’s going to show that’s exactly First

Timothy 6 14 15. he shall show who is

the blessed and only potentate the only

King of Kings the only Lord of lords God

said of Jesus his son he is the

brightness of my glory

my son Jesus is the express image of

myself he was made better the Angels

higher than the Angels more excellent

than they I am his father he’s my son

and his throne shall be forever a

scepter of righteousness Hallelujah

God writing or Paul writing to Ephesians

Ephesians said God raised Christ from

the dead and sent him at his own set him

at his right hand far above all

principalities and powers and might and

Dominion and every name that is named

not only in this world but also in the

world which is to come and it put all

things under his feet and gave into thee

all things to the church folks Paul the

Apostle said no matter what it looks

like no matter when it looks like things

are out of control and the devil is

taking power he says no God has put all

things under his feet our King is still

Lord of everything Hallelujah

he’s given him to be all things to the


God himself enthroned his son as king

Over All Nations over nature over the

church and over every life of those who

call themselves by the name of Jesus

Colossians 1 16 for by him were all

things created that are in heaven and

that are in the earth visible and

invisible whether they be Thrones or

dominions or principalities or Powers

all things were created by Him and for


Colossians 1 18 and he is the head of

the body head of the church that are all

things he might have the preeminence

folks everything in this book is about

Jesus the Old Testament Tabernacle

everything it’s Jesus he was the word

hallelujah everything you read you go

into this book with Jesus in mind you’ll

never make a mistake you’ll have the

revelation of who he is Christ is all in

all praise His holy name

he was appointed King over every nation

King over the church and King over your

life and mine

and I could spend the next few hours

standing here telling you how America

has dethroned Jesus Christ

we have uh booted him out of our schools

out of our Congress out of our Supreme

Court we have we have neglected and

ignored him in our laws and folks we

have been reaping a horrible Harvest

here in the United States and I can

prove to you conclusively from the book

of Hosea that we every evil thing that’s

happening in America since we have cast

God out of our society and out of our

government is correlated with our

removing Christ from the throne here in

the United States

he was enthroned at one time you say in

name only no there there there were

founding men that came here not not

those who who made the Constitution but

who designed the Constitution but the

Puritan fathers that came here those who

first came to this land and knelt on and

said oh God we give ourselves to you

these were devout followers of Jesus

Christ they were given to the kingship

and the lordship of God and the first uh

25 50 years it was it was a constant

moving of God’s Holy Spirit and the

exalting of the name of Jesus and this

nation this nation has dethroned Jesus

Christ in its media in its newspapers in

television movies

and in our society in general we’ve

asked him to be removed from our schools

in fact there’s an article I picked up

yesterday from New York Post and it’s

written by a Jewish writer Suzanne

fields and she said it was just a

typical Washington dinner party

the conversation gathered heat over a

great range of moral issues about

doctor-assisted suicide

partial birth abortions homosexual

marriages the high rate of divorce teen

pregnancies fatherless families juvenile

criminals as young as six years old

and whether the state should test

pregnant women for HIV to spare their

babies from that disease the guests were

knowledgeable Cosmopolitan in all the

ways of the world that careers offered a

fascinating mixture of perspectives from

the law Psychiatry medicine journalism

government Jews Christians Republicans


all junkies of the Washington political


the Beltway insiders suddenly became

awkward they’d been sitting talking

about the moral decay in America and how

we have lost our bearings remember she’s

Jewish she said these Beltway insiders

suddenly became awkwardly silent when

one of the guests noted the Curious

absence of any reference to God in

Washington and faith and all this talk

about morality and all these hot issues

but when the gentleman marveled at the

lack of any religious defense of God in

matters of life and death the people

grew restlessly uncomfortable it was as

though all the listeners were United in

a silent thought I wish he hadn’t said

that God must be silent

last month Justice Antonin Scalia of the

Supreme Court a Catholic speaking to a

prayer breakfast at the Mississippi

College of Law a private Baptist College

received a standing ovation when he said

this is the Supreme Court judge

we must pray for the courage to endure

the scorn of this sophisticated world

all everybody’s become sophisticated now

a generation of educated people who

don’t need God and he is Taboo in

Washington you don’t speak his name

the next day the sophisticated World

argued that scalia’s remarks were

inappropriate for a man of his position

and then she goes on to say I’m Jewish

but I I it’s it’s she’s thanking uh

giving thanks to the Evangelical

Christians on the right for raising

issues of family values and so forth she

said I’m a Jew not a very religious one

uh but she goes on to say how she

appreciates people taking a stand for

God and morality amazing

amazing that something like that should

even have to be written in a day like

this when at one time uh there were men

in Congress who boldly proclaimed the

name of Jesus who nail people the people

called upon his name

the government of the United States the


the educational system the media system

all of these you know it I don’t have to

go through a Litany of all the ways you

know it uh

Even in our prisons now

no one is allowed to hang a religious

model not even on the Ten Commandments

nobody that works in the New York state

prison system can wear a crucifix

nothing having to do with God or

religion whatsoever in any prison system

other than what comes through the the

chaplacy and and folks in our schools

any young person take the Bible take a

Bible and lay it out on your desk and


if you don’t if you’re one of our

liberal schools especially get called

into the principal’s office now you can

lay any book you can lay play board

there you can lay any filthy thing there

but don’t you dare lay a Bible foreign

these are all signs of the dethroned of

Jesus Christ from his throne in our


but folks my concern this afternoon

as bad as that is something far worse

and that is the dethroning of Jesus

Christ in many of our churches and in

many of the lives of Believers the

dethroning of Jesus Christ that is the

real issue folks ungodly men have always

dethroned Christ his name has been

mocked and ridiculed from the very time

he was born

and it will be until Jesus comes

God’s Great grief

is the dethroning of your son

and that which is called by name his

church and those called by his name as

Christians the dethroning of Christ and

there are some of you here don’t know it

you’re ignorant of the fact that by your

actions you have offended the kingship

of the Lord Jesus Christ and if you’re

not careful and I warn you lovingly this

afternoon you may be in a process of

dethroning Jesus from the Throne of your


but in the church

the Bible says very clearly he’s to be

all things to the church all things

there’s to be no other source of

reference there’s to be no other

counselor there is to be no other means

by which we go about our business that

was that all the government is to be

upon his shoulders and his name Shall be

Called wonderful counselor the Mighty

God the Everlasting father the Prince of


but slowly and surely psychology is

replacing Jesus Christ as Lord in many

many churches in Para Church Ministries


the prophet Hosea and I want you to turn

to Hosea if you will please I want you

to turn to the prophet Hosea

and I want you to leave it open on the

10th and 11th just uh get chapter 10 and

leave the Bible open on your lap because

I’m going to be referring from here on

to the prophet Hosea

and chapter 10 and chapter 11.

do you have your Bible open it God God

help you if you don’t need your Bible in

Times Square Church you’ll be lost

all right and chapters 10 and 11 the

prophet is going to show us the terrible

Harvest that’s reaped by societies and


especially the religious crowd

who Dethrone Jesus Christ from his


now folks look at me please first Hosea

the prophet is addressing a people who

have been delivered by the hand of God

they had literally being cradled in the

arms of the father

he had delivered them from overpowering

enemies he he had blessed them and

prospered them these people had

inherited houses they had not built

Vineyards they had not planted these

people had been LED and guided by The

Counselor himself prophets were raised

up with the clearest word people ever


they they had been faithful for a season

they did they didn’t turn to the flesh

they they would turn to the prophets

they would turn to God and God would

speak to them and they would obey him

and for a good season of time prior to

this Prophecy from Hosea the people of

God were walking under the lordship of

the father they were walking under under

the submission and yieldedness to the

Lord of Heaven Lord God of heaven but

apostasy had said in during the time of

the Prophet Hosea and now he’s

addressing a people who had departed

from God in fact God says those very

words in the ninth chapter he said

you’ve departed for me your princes have

raised up in Rebellion against me you’ll

find that 9 15. they they have revolted

against me

now follow me closely

God comes now through the prophet Hosea

and he says you people once depended on

me I was your source of everything

I was God in your life I was King

but you’ve dethroned me you’ve turned to

the flesh now you turned to men’s advice

you’re not even Consulting with me

anymore you’re revolted against my

kingship my lordship you do what you

think is best you do now what you’re

running down to Egypt the very place you

were delivered from you’re running back

there trying to find Deliverance you’ve

turned from me and God called that

wickedness he wasn’t referring to drugs

or promiscuous sex he was saying you

don’t depend on me now in God’s eyes

that’s the greatest wickedness that any

Christian could ever commit thank you

to no longer be holy dependent upon him

folks in all of my Ministry if I were to

boil it down

and I started I was called to preacher

when I was eight years old and I’ve been

preaching since a teenager and you know

I’m 65 now there it is again

but I’m saying that to say this if I

were to sum up what I’ve learned

how to serve God

and follow him all your lifetime

and come under his Blessing and favor

it’s simply this

you have to become holy totally

dependent on him for everything

he has to be Lord and God in every


that he is jealous over any decision you

make in consultation with men without

checking with him


children’s wisdom sure God uses

counselors but you go to him first you

acknowledge Him as God and Lord and


and you Dethrone him every time you make

decisions you grieve the Holy Spirit you

grieve the King of Kings and the Lord of


I read a statement by

a great prophet of God

wrote it 300 years ago and I read it

this afternoon

and this great prophet of God this great

Puritan Prophet said pure power

is never anxious for cooperation it just


in other words God’s not saying hey look

how I’ll do my part if you do your part

you know do your best to consult me do

your best to check in with me

occasionally no no no no he has pure raw

power he is everything everything

consists in him and for him he’s the

king of kings and the Lord of lords he’s

the only Pope and potentate and he

demands that we follow him first and

foremost in everything we are totally

holy dependent on him

anything short of that

is maligning his kingship and his


now consider now these people had

dethroned him as king and we’ll show you

that just a moment look in verse chapter

10 verse 1. here are the tragic results

I’m going to give you at least four of

many he lists about 10 12 tragic results

I’m going to go through just four of the

results of dethroning God in your life

both Nation individually and in the


all right tragic result number one Hosea

10 1 Israel is an empty Vine he bringeth

forth fruit unto himself now look at me



clearly designed or clearly defines what

has happened to the United States of


to many churches and to many Christian


and empty by

every man out doing his own thing a

sense of emptiness absolute emptiness

and every man ought to do his own thing

now does that describe what we have in

our society today in America tell me

is there not an emptiness in everyone

you talk to on a job there’s an

emptiness folks every theater most of

the theaters are open this afternoon for

the for matinee

and you see these people rushing in

there because they’re trying to find a

little bit a little tiny bit of


watch them coming out across the street

here folks that’s supposed to be one of

those happy shows over their Showboat

it’s supposed to be a happy uplifting

thing go there watch him when you go to

church they’re becoming a take a look at

their faces

see if you find anybody smiling


everybody doing their own thing and

folks when you Dethrone Jesus Christ

when you take him off his throne he is

the only peace he’s the only

satisfaction he’s the only meaning in

life you Dethrone him you’ve lost it all

have lost it

to become an empty Vine all the fruit is

for yourself self-centeredness


try uh

cutting in front of somebody

accidentally in your car


centered you move two inches in front of

my bumper bang you’ll Bang into you

try it

I don’t try it anymore I’d let everybody

go I’ll let him go

Israel is an empty Vine he bringeth

forth fruit into himself number two

chapter two or chapter 10 verse two a

divided heart and the breakdown of all

trusted institutions their heart is

divided and in the Hebrew it’s better

their heart is faithless they’ve lost

faith now shall they be found faulty he

shall break down their altars he shall

spoil their energies and you know what

that means clearly there’s there’s no uh

difficulty in interpreting it it’s very

very simple when you lose your faith

when you no longer are totally dependent

on the Lord and you are faithless

God says everything you put your faith

in you take your faith from me and put

it in your institutions you put it in

all of these Idols that you trust in I’m

going to cause all of these to fail and

you’re going to lose trust you’re going

to lose your faith in everybody and

everything tell me how many of you trust

your government

tell me how many you trust your


tell me how many of you trust Congress

how many trust the IRS

how many of you trust

the school system

tell me what you trust

yes but tell me what you what are the

institutions now here that are trusted

folks even the United Way

the United Way collecting Charities they

had to throw the president out for

astounding millions of dollars and there

the trust was gone the trust of God God

said you’re not going to trust me and

you’re going to transfer your trust to

your institutions I’m going to make all

your institutions fail you

you’re not going you’re going to run

around there’s you’re not going to have

anybody anything to believe in and

that’s what America is saying today who

do you trust who do you trust we write

on our coins we trust in God what a lie

that has become

We Trust in our money

God says

because your heart’s divided your hearts

become faithless I’m going to knock down

everything you trusted in

you’ve dethroned me I will Dethrone your


number three

verse 13 chapter 10 verse 13 a harvest

of iniquity

when you Dethrone God when you film

Christ you’re going to reap a harvest

iniquity you applaud wickedness verse 13

you have plowed wickedness you’ve reaped

iniquity you have eaten the fruit of

lies because thou dids trust in thy way

in the multitude of thy Mighty Men and

your professors and you trust in your

psychologist and your psychiatrist and

you trusted in in in those uh Arts and

Sciences and all those things that you

just did God says I’ll take away but

that’s where you’re trying to you’re

leaning in that direction he said but

consequently you have reaped a harvest

of wickedness

oh folks what what has all this

sophisticated learning done for us what

is it gotten us it’s gotten us a plague

of AIDS a plague of drugs

dysfunctional families

absolute chaos among our young people

our school system deteriorating

our roads deteriorating

folks I’m you know that

if you have a car you surely know our

roads are deteriorating

but I’ll tell you what

that’s not the really is the real issue

here is God says you take me from your

throne and you’re going to reap

you’re gonna reap a wicked Harvest

and that’s what we have now in America

we have it in churches where the gospel

is not really being preached What a

wicked Harvest we have among our young

people getting pregnant right in


a terrible Harvest of divorce he said

you’re going to pay the price and number

four chapter 10 verse 3.

for now they shall say what

we have no King

because we fear not the Lord

what then should a king do to us now

look at me please

oh Shia was the king they had a king but

this King because he turned against God

God stripped him with all his power and

authority nobody paid any attention to

the king his words meant nothing

he he was an idolater and nobody they

laughed at their King there was no

Authority folks that’s what’s happening

now God’s allowing the nation to

absolutely mock their leadership you’ll

find it in churches today people think

nothing of mocking their pastors they

mocking they ridicule Authority

listen to this this King had lost his

authority because he was an idolater God

stripped him his authority and they said

we have no King we have no leadership we

are lost we are confused folks that’s

the Payday for dethroning our Lord

no leadership in the government no


folks I’m not going to tell you who to

vote for

it is so

grieve in your heart

you just grieve in Your Heart You Weep

over it

oh God save this nation we are reaping a

harvest folks because we’ve dethroned

our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this

country we’ve dethroned him now do you

have a king in your life

listen to what Psalm 29 10 11 the Lord

sitteth king forever the Lord will give

strength unto his people first thing you

get when you enthrone the Lord in your

heart is strength

oh Lord thy Throne oh God is forever and

ever thy kingdom is an everlasting

Kingdom and thy Dominion endureth

throughout all generations

but now here’s a people saying

I have no king and you know what God

says all right Jose you go tell him you

say you have no King

but I’m going to give you a thing I want

you to see it go to chapter 11.

verse 5.

now let’s start at verse uh

four I I drew them with cords of a man

with bands of love and I was to them as

they that take off the Yoke of their

jaws and I laid meat unto them you know

what he Prophet is saying look God

delivered you as a people he delivered


he showed his power he took the Yoke Off

Of You the Yoke of sin

I laid me to point I blessed you I

prospered you

and now they’re saying I have no King

and God says no you’re not going to

return to Egypt Egypt’s the type of the

world you’re really not going to go back

you’re not going to turn to drugs you’re

not going to turn to alcohol but you you

you’re without leadership you’re

confused you don’t know what to do and

you still have no reason we have no King

you said but I’m going to give you a


I’m going to give you a king read it

verse 5 but the Assyrian shall be his

King because they refuse to return look

at me please

the Syrian King remember the Syrian is

the rod of God and the prophet referred

the prophet referred to this uh king of

Assyria the Assyrian will be your king

because you refuse to return

and in Isaiah 10 12 Isaiah said the king

of Assyria is a man of a stout heart

which is proud and high looks

Syria here means king of pride

king of Pride folks when you Dethrone

Christ Pride takes the throne

Pride takes the throne I’ve seen it in

churches where the glory of God’s gone

where pastors are absolutely salesmen

and CEOs in the churches like a

corporation they really don’t need the

Holy Ghost they many greedy don’t want

the Holy Ghost nothing can scare some

pastors more than Holy Ghost to come

down and take over and people begin to

weep and stand and just praise the Lord

for an hour we’ve we’ve had ministers

who have ministered this Pulpit who told

us they came from certain churches large

churches where there were thousands of

people and and as they were ministering

the Holy Spirit began to move and the

pastors got so frightened and the Lord

moved in one particular service and one

of the staff who came to this church and

and shared this with us said they met on

Monday and the Pastor said that will

never happen in this church again we

will not allow it

dethronica what happens pride and you

shouldn’t talk to these kind of pastors

and they they will argue with you they

will take their stand I don’t care we’re

going to reach people the way we want to

reach them today there are churches that

Minister through data and surveys

whatever the people want they send

people door to door what do you want in

the way of a church what do would you

like to have in the way of worship and

they put it in the computer and they

spit it out and all of their programming

is done according to surveys

Christ is dethroned he is not Lord the

holy spirit is not allowed to move in

the Maze that he chooses to move

folks I I want to

stop here and and really get into this I

have seen Ministries Dethrone Christ and

turned to the wisdom of the world I’ve

seen it over and over again

there are Ministries that were founded

by Godly men

these men were on their face they were

Godly praying intercessors

and they didn’t have any money

50 years ago 100 years ago

35 years ago they started Ministries

they prayed in every dollar

they had nobody to consult with but the


and God said go and do it and they just

obeyed the voice of God

Jerry McCauley almost 200 years ago an

alcoholic raised up a mission here that

man had no dollar to his name that man

would just stay on his face before God

prayed in food money prayed in every

building that God gave to them and that

mission still stands

other Ministries all over the world that

were that were founded by praying people

who believed God who were totally

dependent Jesus was Lord and king of

those Ministries and now after these

years younger men have come

and these younger men are more educated

and they have brought in with them now a

whole new way of thinking that some of

these precious young workers believe

that the computer can do anything

you just Crawford cross-reference you

just get enough sources and resources

everything’s resources resources well I

thought God was our only resource I

thought he was our resource

folks I’m not against computers our

office is full of them we got too many

of them over there I mean every young

man that works for us needs a computer

God I’m not putting that down but but

there’s folks that’s all right if he is

your resource if you’re getting all your

directions from and then you come down

here and try to interpret it that’s a

different thing I’m not against using

modern methods

but you see when the altar is replaced

by the counseling room

when Christ is replaced by Freud


when psychology replaces the Holy Ghost

these ministers begin to die on the left

and in the right and the money begins to

dry up so they have to call in other

counselors on how to raise money

and then when they can’t raise money a

better expert is called in and has cost

them as much to get experts as is the

money that they’re raising and they go


folks 35 years ago

I started down in Brooklyn

I weighed 115 pounds then so I didn’t

impress anybody

but I’ll tell you I had bony knees

I knew how to seek God

we came and lived in a rough area in

Staten Island

and my wife was sharing she we remember

these times

we found an old

Mansion over in Brooklyn still there 416

Clinton Avenue

full of junk five truckloads of garbage

had to be taken out

and folks we put a little sign there

nobody shines here but the Holy Ghost

and they’re a little sapling there we

prayed oh God

it’s not psychology

it’s not psychiatry

it’s the Holy Ghost

we can’t work on the head until the

heart has changed

that’s the problem today

listen let’s get the head straight and

then we’ll work on the heart

if you don’t have a changed heart forget

the hit

I know because Nikki Cruz was

incorrigible he was hopeless he had a

Killer’s heart

didn’t know how to cry mean angry he

delighted in mixing up psychologists and

psychiatrists he knew exactly

one psychiatrist took him up took an

interest in his case and took Nikki

Nikki’s told about it up here in Bear

Mountain for a day to get into his head

and he’d show him signs what’s that

looked like Jesus it looks to me like

your mother

you know he he knew because a man’s

trying to get into his mother and and

into his background and pulled out the

child in him he knew Nikki knew it all

so he’d just mix them all up

this psychiatrist came back with a

report that Nikki was absolutely


no I know

that’s the same boy

that stood before me and slapped he said

go to hell

he looked incorrigible it felt


but that’s the same boy who heard about

the power of Jesus

he wasn’t psychoanalyzed

his head wasn’t messed into

but God sent an arrow into his heart and

it’s simply this okay Jesus loves you

no Holy Ghost drove that into his heart

and God transformed him what the

psychologists and psychiatrists couldn’t

do with all of their uh latest

techniques the Holy Ghost did it over

and I took out that heart a stone gave

my heart a flesh he’s still preaching

the gospel thank you


God LED us to found King challenge

started started as a Teenage evangelism

actually 35 years ago

and the sons of God came to us and asked

if they could adopt it and I said go

ahead and take it so I changed I let him

have it and we started Teen Challenge

and teenage evangelism died immediately

after that

and Teen Challenge went on I think

they’re probably 200 centers in the

United States and over 100 worldwide in

other nations probably 250 300

centers but I would tell you something

folks in 35 years I’ve seen the


I’ve seen I’ve I’ve seen the literature

I am not director of that I’m the

founder but of the own program notify

takes about 25 30 years before the

backsliding sets in

now I see an army of young professionals

coming in

and and they bringing in the

psychobabble they’re bringing in they

want to take Freud and psychology and

put Bible to it just you know just put

Bible names to the to the art or to the


and and I I began to see now when that

happens the money begins to dry up and

all the methods trying to raise money

and the trust and the confidence in

Jesus to meet the need is evaporating oh

not in all but many many of them and and

folks I have to sit publicly a number of

them ought to be shut down right now

because Jesus has been dethroned and I

say that lovingly

I’m preaching Saturday night over here

at uh at The Meadowlands at the hotel

there a gathering from all the United

States of of of leaders of missions and

I’m getting letters from that

organization from some of their old-time

leaders and they say Pastor Wilson

you’re preaching Saturday night he said


may God help you to say something to

bring us back to our knees because we’ve

turned professional now we are not what

we used to be we’re bringing in all the

modern cycle Babble and it’s just it

just breaks our hearts we don’t know

what to do

folks Jesus is being dethroned

in ministries he is no longer The Source

he’s no longer the power

we’ve turned to flesh we’ve turned to

Egypt we’ve turned to these things that

just fade away they have no strength

they have no power

and what about your life

do you have a king

you have to say you have to say when you

walk into some of these churches

something they have no King

they have no King

if you’ve turned to psychology if you

have no King

you’re going to end an album Absolute

Total confusion

do you have a king in your life if so

then you are going to him and you don’t

make your decisions until you consult

with him till you go and he said come

into my courts with praise he said come

boldly to the throne of grace I have

everything that you need

where are you going now for your

counseling where are you going for your

advice are you just are you just making

your decisions pale Mel are you saying

well this is what I feel to do it feels


like that that song a number of years

ago it must be right because it feels so



all sin feels good

until until the payday comes

why why does a wife walk out of her home

out of her marriage and a husband get up

and walk out of his marriage why do this

pick up and say well I can’t handle it


he didn’t do that

my dear friend by going to the throne of

grace you didn’t go to the king and ask

him what his word says

you just made the decision I can’t

handle anymore you didn’t ask God for

the grace you didn’t ask him for the

power you didn’t ask God to change your

mate you didn’t ask God to change your

heart and I want to tell you 99 of all

marriage promises not a marriage problem

at all it’s a Jesus problem it’s a

kingship problem

everyone who comes to me for counseling

right now then their marriage is in

trouble I know it just as soon as I said

I’ll listen to one side and they sound

convincing listen to the other and they

sound convincing and I watch and listen

to the actions they take the things they

do get up Mark out of their obligation

just leave

can’t handle it anymore well the world

can do that but you don’t do that when

you’re subject to a King

you are not you want you you are to do

what he tells you to do

are you making all your own decisions

are you just acting without

full consultation he said he’s Mighty

God counselor

and yet you’ll do what your friend tells

you to do

you’ll do what somebody else tells you

to do especially if it agrees with what

is in your heart

and and if you look far enough you can

find some counselor he’s going to agree

with you

make take three or four trips but you’ll

find somebody because the devil makes

sure there’s somebody there to confirm

you and your disobedience

now folks this is not professional

preaching this is plain meat and

potatoes but it’s going to save your



well folks we’ve got high-tech churches

now everything is High-Tech high Knology

High knowledge

but now let me bring you to this

the good part

you know I don’t ever preach hard

anymore without bringing the good side

always flip the coin and look at the

other side

I’ve shown you the tragic consequences

of those who have dethroned Christ as

Lord let me show you

the good consequences the wonderful

things that happen to those

who enthrone him as the king of their


you sit here in the surface of seven I

hope beyond anything else that you can

say brother Dave I want him to be king

of my life I want to be subject to him I

want to do everything that he commands

me to do how many can say that

wave it at me if you mean it all right

then let me tell you what’s going to

happen you want to know what’s going to

happen if you allow him to be the Lord

are you ready get your Bibles out

go to Hebrews 12. this is going to take

five minutes

Hebrews 12.

all right Hebrews 12 chapter

are you there yet

well I’ll wait just a minute get there

before you you you go where I’m going to

tell you to go look at me for just a


if you allow him if you enthrone him as


and you subject yourself completely to

his lordship his kingship first thing

he’s going to do is Infuse you with his

Holiness you’re going to become a

partaker of his own Holiness there’s no

Holiness pure it is the ultimate holy

you are going to partaker of his

Holiness think of that

chapter 12 verse 9 and 10.

furthermore we have had fathers of our

flesh which corrected us and we gave

them reverence shall we not much more

rather be in subjection unto the father

of spirits and live first of all he said

you subject yourself to my lordship

that’s what it says so you’re going to

know what it is to live you’re really

going to live

if you want to live you want to know

what life is really like full life full

living He said you subject yourself to

my lordship and live for they verily for

a few days chastened us after their own

pleasure but he for our Prophet that we

might be what partakers of his Holiness


and says

you subject yourself to me and I’m going

to give you real life without fear

condemnation guilt and I’m going to have

you partake I’m going to infuse I’m

going to give you my Holiness Hallelujah

Holiness is a gift from God he said I’ll

give you this gift you’ll be a partake

in fact the Greek word is share you will

share in my Holiness all right I want

you to go right now to Luke 1 Luke 1

quickly I’m going to show you number two

you’re going to know what it is to walk

in peace all your days


Luke first chapter

folks this is one of the most glorious

passages in the word

you ought to have it underlined

and go to it every time you get


folks listen to me please look here up

I know your guitar saying look here but

I just got to get this into your eyes as

well as your ears

he doesn’t want us to walk with anxiety

and fear

and despair despair is the greatest


of the kingdom of God there is people

who walk in despair are saying to the


Satan has been enthroned

he has control of my emotions

despair says the enemy has my emotional


that’s why this wonderful promise is so

wonderful looking first

chapter do you have it verses 74 and 75

that he would Grant unto us that we

being delivered out of the hand of our

enemies might serve him out

in Holiness and righteousness before him

all the days of our life doesn’t that

say that you’re to have to to walk

before him without fear and hold his

rights and all the days of your life

does that mean every day of your life

no no good go down and look if you will

please verse 78-79

through thy through the tender mercy of

our God where by the day spring from

month I have visited us to give light to

them that sit in darkness and in the

shadow of death to guide our feet into

the way of peace

God says I’ll sign the light into your

Darkness I’ll clear up your confusion

and I’m going to let you walk in peace

folks I can always tell when people have

Christ as King in their hearts and

they’re obeying him in All matters is

because it produces peace you can see it

in their face and in their countenance

all right

I’m going to give you just one more his

promise to keep you blameless in the day

of the coming first Corinthians 1 First

Corinthians 1

first chapter

First Corinthians

you have it begin with verse five that

in everything

you are enriched by Him in all utterance

and in all knowledge even as the

testimony of Christ was confirmed in you

so that you come behind in no gift

waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus

Christ who shall also confirm you unto

the end that you may be blameless in the

day of our Lord Jesus God is faithful by

whom you were called and the fellowship

of son Jesus Christ Our Lord now look

what he says I if you keep me as Lord

you’ve been told me as Lord I’m going to

keep you blameless to the coming my come

I’m going to keep you blameless I’m

going to keep you from falling now I

want everybody to stand turn to one

Psalm 121 and stand as we read it

together in closing Psalm 121 you know

what it is

God said I’m going to keep you you

enthrone me as Lord and I’m going to

keep you you know what that means you

you you put your life into his hand say

Lord you’re going to be my counselor

you’re going to be my guide I don’t make

a move without you


that means you have obligated God

‘s responsible from that moment on

to keep you from falling to keep you

blameless before his throne Hallelujah

Psalm 121 if you have a King James read

it along out loud with me please only

eight verses I will lift up mine eyes

unto the hills from whence cometh my

help my Help Cometh From The Lord which

made Heaven and Earth he will not suffer

thy foot to be moved he that keepeth

thee will not Slumber behold he that

keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor

sleep The Lord Is Thy keeper The Lord Is

Thy shade upon thy right hand the Son

shows not smite thee by day nor the Moon

by Night the Lord shall preserve thee

from all evil he shall preserve thy Soul

the Lord shall preserve thy going out

thy coming in from this time forth and

even forevermore Hallelujah glory to God

thank you for your word Lord thank you

for your word God says I’ll keep you you

enthroned me you trust your life to me

you let me be your counselor make no

decisions without me

the Lord is your keeper I will look to

him from what’s cometh my help my help

doesn’t come from man don’t look to man

don’t look to man’s Wisdom

say Jesus you’re king of my life I

believe you to keep me from falling your

your watch over my coming and am I going

out from everything I have to do and

everything I am you will guide me you

will lead me Hallelujah King Jesus Lord

we exalt you as king it’s potentate Lord

of lords King of Kings

be the Lord of our life be the Lord of

our lives very Kingdom of our heart

thank you Jesus

it’s bowed please

Holy Spirit

there are some that are standing here

right now

that have been drifting

Lord they have not really been coming to

you as a king

they’ve come to you weeping sometimes

and they come bawling and crying because

they’re in some hot hard place and

that’s all right Lord you said we’re to

come to you in our hard times but Lord

there are many

that are here now are making decisions

and doing things Lord that have grieved

you because it’s not been your mind has

not been your will it’s not been your

counsel it’s not been your guidance

Lord forgive us

forgive us Lord I don’t want to ever

grieve you out of whatever insult you

lord your king and you said I’m if

you’re my king I’m your subject I am

subject to you

Hallelujah I will not Dethrone you in my

life you will never be dethroned in this

church Lord Jesus you are the king in

this church you are the Lord of this

church Hallelujah we give you praise now

if you’re here just have no balcony here

in the main floor

they say Pastor Dave

I want him to be the king of my life

I have been

going my own way and I’m tired of going

my way I want to go his way get out of

your seat come and meet me here up in

the balcony go just either side come

down Holy Spirit dealing with you you’ll

feel that pull you’ll feel that tug in

your heart that’s the Lord saying today

Lord is trying to say to you I want to

be everything I want to lead you I want

to guide you all to be I want to be king

in your life I don’t want you to follow

me haphazardly I want you to give me

everything I want you to give me your

heart the way all of you to come forward

this is going to be a good day for

everybody that came forward let’s

would you believe me

it’s going to be a good day because the

Lord’s going to lift the burden

and more than that the Holy Ghost is

going to help you to make a commitment

to make a commitment to follow the lord

in everything in your life

following him acknowledging him giving

him quality time is really crowning him

it’s enthroning him saying Lord you take

the central place I’m not going to think

about anything till I come to you I’m

not going to do anything I don’t want to

go anywhere I want you Jesus to be

Central I want to get my direction from


I want you to be more than my family

more than my husband wife boyfriend

girlfriend you have got to be all and

all to me Jesus be my all be my

everything right now

now folks he if you sinned against him

if you’ve been making your own decisions

and you have been grieving the Holy

Spirit he’s very anxious to cleanse you

and forgive you and then bring you out

into this wonderful place in him this

wonderful place of total dependence

look at me is there anyone standing here

that came forward could doubt that God

we’ll take over if you let him as any of

you that doubt that God knows the way to


does he have the power

is he willing to do it

well then what is he waiting for he’s

waiting for you to Simply say Jesus I’m

not going to call my friend first I’m

not going to call a counselor first I’m

going to take quality time no matter

what it takes I’m going to get alone

with you

and I’m going to honor you as king of

kings and Lord of lords and I’m going to

talk to you and I’m going to bring it

all out to you and I’m going to wait

until you speak into my heart

listen he’ll speak to Children he speaks

to Children he’ll speak to you he’ll say

there’s a voice behind the scripture

says this is the way walk you in it but

you wait you’re willing to take the nose

When God says no he won’t speak to you

for all you waiting for a yes if you if

you’re willing to take his nose as well

no no no and Obey that then you become

very sensitive to his voice

and the Holy Spirit will come mightily

into your life

if you offer yourself

to his leadership would he not take over

will he not be the leader he said that

he is will he not be the king that he

promised to be amen he will raise both

hands please and pray this prayer with

me Jesus

I’m tired of doing it my way

I’ve done it my way long enough

and I’ve rushed ahead of you Lord

I’ve made decisions

without even Consulting you

without even thinking about you

I Repent Lord Jesus I come now

to enthrone you in my heart

as my king

as my Lord

and my savior Lead Me O God

teach me how to sit before you and wait

on you and worship you

and wait for an answer

Lord I know you won’t lead me astray

you won’t hide from me

you’ll give me everything that I need

just as I promised

Lord I give you my heart

my mind and my body everything I am I

submit to you now

I want to be led by the Holy Ghost

all my days then may walk in peace

and be blameless before God

now just thank him for his faithfulness

right now Lord I give you thanks I give

you praise

I honor you Lord at this very moment I

honor you Hallelujah

this is the conclusion of the message