David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

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zero zero one nine the power of

forgiveness the power of forgiveness

would you go to Matthew the fifth

chapter please I’m going to read verses

43 through 44 the fifth chapter of

Matthew verses 43 for 48 beginning at

verse 43 you have heard that it has been

said thou shalt love thy neighbor and

hate the enemy but I sent you love your

enemies bless them that curse you do

good to them to hate you pray for them

which despitefully use you and persecute

you that you may be the children of your

father which is in heaven for he makes

the Sun to shine to rise on the evil and

on the good he sends rain on the just

and on the unjust for we love them which

love you if you love them that love you

what reward have you your not even the

publicans or the sinners do the same and

if you salute your brethren only what do

you more than they do not even the

publicans do so be therefore perfect

even as your father which is in heaven

it says which is perfect Heavenly Father

I pray that this message will transform

lives and that there be repentance for

those who are holding a grudge against

someone those who are living in the

spirit of unforgiveness

and let us see and understand the power

of forgiveness how it transforms our

lives and how it opens the windows of

heaven Lord I prayed that many many will

make things right and hearing the Word

of God today so bless and anoint us and

let the Holy Spirit flow through us

anoint what you have given to us in

Christ’s name I pray amen

forgiveness is not an act it’s a way of


you can’t pick and choose whom you’re

going to forgive you can’t say well I’ll

forgive you but you hurt me too much and

I’m not getting to you we are to forgive

all of those within our circle all of

those who come across our path over the

past 50 years of ministry I’ve seen the

devastation of unforgiveness how it

creates bitterness and how bitterness

becomes poison how it poisons not only

the individual every member of the

family everyone within the circle of

friendship everyone who knows this

poison I’ve seen it crippled people

literally physically crippled people I

saw man drop dead literally dropped dead

in in an egg in a fit a flash of

bitterness and unforgiveness it just

overwhelmed him that somebody had

reproached him somebody had done in harm

and he clenched his fist and he bent

over the desk and died I’ve seen the

devastation of this kind of thing the

spirit of unforgiveness but I’ve also

seen and I have experienced the power of

forgiveness how it opens the windows of

heaven opens every closed door I’ve seen

how it takes a full cup to a full

measure pressed down shaken and running

over I’ve seen it transform lives Harry

I talked to a woman this past week and

she was rejoicing and her testimony was

that for all her life for many many

years since she was a young lady she had

bitterness against her father who had


for years abuse and she could not she’s

in mid AIDS now and she said buzzer I

have lived for years with this

bitterness and unforgiveness from My

Father though he’s dead and I couldn’t

and he said she said it affected

everything in my life there was no joy

there was an emptiness everything I

tried nothing worked my prayers didn’t

seem to be answered and she said I live

with this bitterness and it was mounting

but she said recently I’ve been in the

word and I’ve been convicted by the word

and what Jesus said and the commandments

of the Lord about forgiveness and she

said I gave that bitterness and that

unforgiving spirit over to the Lord and

she said I can’t tell you the joy that’s

been released in my life I have a joy I

can’t get to my father he’s gone but I

thank God because I have seen the power

of the joy of forgiveness and that came

this past week while I was praying about

this message to bring this morning now

let me get right to the point Jesus gets

very specific about this matter

forgiveness first of all and most

important there is no merit to

forgiveness well you say there has to be

mad because jesus said if I forgive

others he’ll forgive me if I don’t

forgive others he cannot forgive me let

me assure you there’s only one thing

that brings forgiveness there’s only one

power forgiveness and the only one thing

that can bring pardon to force it for

sin and that’s the blood of Jesus Christ

there is no other way this is not a

bargain God is making this is not it’s

saying to you that if you will forgive

others you balance the books and I’m

obligated to forgive you it goes much

deeper than that you have got to

understand you do not merit grace you do

not merit anything you have the windows

of heaven open to you it brings the

favor of God it changes your life and

everything around you

it removes the poison from your system

when you give it to God but it does not

guarantee you forgiveness it doesn’t

merit you don’t earn the forgiveness of

God because you forgive others full

confession of sin is the only way for

forgiveness and I’d be what Jesus is

trying to show us is the absolute

seriousness of this matter of forgiving

and what are you saying if you claim to

have confessed your sins and given your

life to Christ that you’ve held to a

spirit of unforgiveness you’re really

not my child you have not really

repented you have not come by the faith

of repentance you have not come that way

because you came to me holding on to

that unforgiving spirit so he said I

can’t forgive you because you have never

truly asked for full forgiveness I can’t

do what you refuse to cooperate with the

word about he said if you are my child

the essence of sonship that which

represents being a true son of God is

forgiving everything in your past life

asking Christ to forgive you and you in

turn asking are forgiving those that

have trespassed against you I read a

story this past week rather amusing John

Wesley was traveling from London to

America he was going to land in the

state called Georgia for crucifer

meetings and they were halfway across

the Atlantic and governor Oglethorpe it

was captaining the ship who was wealthy

man it was his ship and it come from

London and John Wesley who was the

founder of the West of the Methodist

movement heard a racket from the

captains quarter and he went up past and

the door opened and Oglethorpe was

screaming at his valet his servant and

John Wesley walked into the room and

bogel Thorpe was red and angry in had

his valet in Chains locked in Chains and

Oglethorpe turned to John Wesley and he

said I can’t forgive this man nobody has

hurt me more than this man I will never

forgive him and John Wilson said what

did he do he said well you know I like

good Cyprus wine and when we left I

loaded up with a couple dozens of the

best Cyprus wine and I just discovered

my valet drank it all and he said I will

never forgive him John Wesley said then

sir you better not sin again in your

lifetime you better not sin if I will

not forgive others you’ll not forgive me

the captain got the message and reused

his valet reluctantly so you say you

can’t forgive somebody well then don’t

sin anymore

do unto others as you would that others

do unto you

and Jesus said forgive because that is

the nature of my children you love and

you forgive Jesus said that you might be

the children of your father which is in


you forgive because that’s the nature of

sonship that’s what it is it’s a

forgiving spirit when you come to me you

come to Christ Christ as a forgiving His

mercy he is forgiveness and when you

have Christ in your life and if Christ

is to flow through you it is he is in us

a spirit a river of living water

springing up by the power of the Holy

Spirit enabling us to forgive secondly

we’re commanded to forgive our enemies I

want you go to Luke the sixth chapter

folks this is probably one of the

simplest messages all over preach but I

believe it’s important that one should

go to Luke 6

if you can see this in red-letter

hopefully to make an impact on your

spirit Luke 6 chapter verses 35 through

38 but love you your enemies is that in

your Bible would you say there’s me love

your enemies

doesn’t say your sweetheart

it doesn’t say anything I says and do

good and lend hoping for nothing again

and your reward shall be great and ye

shall be the children the highest he’s

kind unto the unthankful and to the evil

be therefore merciful as your father

also is merciful judge not you shall not

be judged

condemn not you shall not be condemned

forgiving you should be forgiven give it

to be given unto you good measure

pressed down shaken together and running

over so men give into your bosom for

over the same amazing you meet with all

it shall be measured back again unto you

the enemy as Jesus describes it and

hears his own definition of who the

enemy is those who despitefully use us

who reproach our good name who curse you

who persecute you that’s his own

definition now we have enemies in the

world we have enemies in the church and

we have enemies who are in the grave and

folks it’s important that we have this

this concept this knowledge this

knowledge that the Lord was not going to

take any excuses whatsoever when he

stands when we stand before him on the

Judgment Day I’m thinking of the hurt

caused by divorce those who were once

friends those who wants one and United

and how divorce I’ve seen it over all my

years of ministry probably and people

said divorces

worse than death worse than suffering

the loss of a loved one and the

bitterness and the rage even among

Christians the Christian divorce rate

equals that in the secular world

and the bitterness and the divorce in

many many years of counseling and

talking to those who’ve been hurt and

wounded this is what you hear you don’t

know what he did you don’t know what she

did you don’t know how he or she is

trying to destroy me I can never forgive

never what at sealing word to hear if

you only knew and then when you

understand the circumstance you hear the

story from both sides then you realize

it’s the same old story told again and

again by hundreds of thousands around

the world your story is not unique Bible

said it’s common to all men the things

that you and I go through a common to

all men but there are people there are

Christians who don’t understand have

gone through divorce so they don’t

understand why the window seemed close

to heaven and they don’t understand the

confusion they’re still in they can’t

understand that what appears a lack of

peace in their heart they don’t have

this good Masia of the blessing of God

filled press down shaking and running

over men are not giving into the bosom

as the word promises from the word of

Jesus himself but there’s that spirit of

unforgiveness I will not let go I cannot

let go I cannot forgive and if you know

and I hear that so many times you just

don’t know and that will not stand

before God on the judgment according to

God’s Word there are two aspects to

forgiveness to the Apostle

says in classes 313 forbearing one

another and forgiving one another if any

man have a quarrel against anybody even

as Christ has forgiven you so also do

you for bearing and forgiving or two

different issues for bearing is simply

this a ceasing from all acts and

thoughts of revenge

it is the absolute mortification of

every thought of revenge like gotta get

you and every time something unfortunate

something bad happens to that one that

you hold something against and something

happens a tragedy something at haha I

knew it that’s what they get oh what a

tragedy that is for the individual who

has that kind of spirit that this get

even concept that is so prevalent in the

world today Paul the Apostle says


in other words don’t take matters in

your own hands don’t try in fact the

word for bearing itself means to put up

with and leave it alone put up with it

proverbs 29 22 22 24 29 say not I will

do also to him as he has done to me I

will render to that man according to his

work I’m going to deal with this myself

when you go into I think it’s the first

for Samuel you read the story of David

heading off in a rage with 200 soldiers

to the house of Nabal naval was a wicked

man rich man hit over 3,000 sheep and it

was sheep shearing time and David’s men

had stood week after week guarding those

sheep of course they were sentries

looking out for the enemy protecting

gave it in his camp but they never once

stole one of those sheep and David was

with his his army and with his families

and those that were following David

hidden in caves and in on the mountains

David’s people were hungry and so he

sent a few of his men to Naples camp

while they’re sharing these 3,000 sheep

and said David to enable David is asking

if you could be kind enough to spare

some sheep Nabal says who’s David he’s

just another servant he’s a slave that

ran from his master and these men go

back to David and tell him the story of

David rages I have never been so

reproached so help me I’ll get even a

David arms is men and 200 men are

heading over the hills toward nabel’s

camp in the shearing place of searing

Abigail nabel’s wife finds out about and

you know the story is very common we all

know the story Abigail gets her donkey

in some servants and loads it down with

food and intercepts David and David says

to Abigail

before morning your husband and every

man that works of them is dead and

Abigail in essence says God sent me

David to tell you not to take matters in

your own hand that God fights your

battle leave it alone

you’re going to regret you are wrapped

in the bundle of life with the Lord you

are walking in oneness with Christ

you’re in the will of God God has great

things you’re going to be king of Israel

and if you do this

you may avenge and you may feel good

about it mrs. Ness is what she’s saying

but this is going to stick with you the

rest of your life and you’re going to

regret it because you didn’t trust God

to deal with your enemies you decided to

do it yourself and you rallied these

people and you told them the story

they’re all behind you and it’s easy to

build a case for whatever your problem

may be whatever your grudge against

somebody can be you can talk all you

want to and build a case and build

people around you and they take you

aside but the moment you take it in your


moment you say I’m going to avenge this

I regret the day that somebody wrote

something about me and I I got so angry

and I dictated a letter and quite a

while ago dictated it up I mean I was

going to pin him down and and sometimes

when I meant I’m pretty good at words

stinging words I’m a writer

and of course my secretary Barbara knows

that she puts it away because she knows

I’m going to call the next day and say

please don’t send that letter but I’ve

known that rage and Abigail says no

David you’re bundled up the bundle of

the Lord

don’t try to even David then is melted

and he said Lord you have pleaded the

cause of my reproach you’ve kept me from

revenge’ myself and you know the story

Nabal died a few weeks later he suddenly

removed and if you follow the story to

the end

David marries Abigail God took care of

his enemies you remember the story when

David is

in a cave and suddenly everybody’s

saying shush because here comes Saul

who’s been chasing David and he’s meant

with him and he lays right in the mouth

of the cave and David’s hiding in the

back of the cave with his men

and David’s captain turns to me said

this is God he brought your enemy right

to your feet now let’s sneak up there

and salt and his men are fast asleep

they’re at a dead sleep and his captain

said this is the Lord’s I’m let me put a

sword through him let me kill him on the

spot David said no he said the Lord

fights my battles the Lord will avenge

me and he just snipped off border of His

garment and took it and he woke him up

he stood in a distance and called for

Saul and his men and they were rudely

awakened and when this man Saul heard

what happened David said I could have

killed you and he said I snipped and

David even later was sorry that he

snipped off that piece of a garment but

what did it do to Saul what did it do to

his enemy it melted his heart and here

you see this man saw full of bitterness

full of hatred trying to kill David

falls down and begins to weep and said

you’re more righteous man than I am and

that’s why God wants that’s the power

forgiveness it puts our enemies to shame

because they can’t understand that kind

of response they don’t understand the

love of Jesus Christ and it puts your

enemies to shame now if their demonic if

they’re full of Satan if they’re given

over to the enemy they’ll rage at you

but if there’s anything of morality left

or there’s anything of decency in a

human being it’s called by the scripture

heaping coals of fire on their head

that’s coals of divine love that you and

I are not a capable of in the flesh Oh


then we must forgive from the heart

forbearing one another and forgiving one

another and forgiving involves two other

aspects there are two other aspects to

forgiving from the heart first of all

there’s forbearing and then there is

forgiveness and forgiveness entails two

aspects love your enemies and pray for

them now here are the four conditions of

releasing the power the divine power of

forgiveness for bearing that’s making

sure that there is no more revenge in

your heart forgiving loving and praying

for those individuals but I say unto you

love your enemies bless them that curse

you do good to them that hate you I’m

reading Matthew 44 and pray for them

which despitefully use you one great old

preacher many many years ago said if you

can pray for your enemy you can do all

the rest you can love you can forbear

you can forgive if you pray I have

discovered that secret many many years

ago and I’ve tried to make it a practice

in my life and I’ve seen how it has

released so much of the blessing of God

in my life and my family my children my

grandchildren and everywhere I’ve turned

I’ve seen God do the miraculous well

there’s been a lot of suffering a lot of

pain just like every Christian goes

through but I’ve seen what it’s like

when I begin to pray for those who have

chosen to be enemies and begin to pray

for them pray blessing upon them and say

Lord what do you want me to do and many

times God has had me give them offerings

write them letters and say I am sorry

forgive me I’ve been on the telephone

call and make it right I’ve seen the

breakdown and weep I’ve seen the

our and the release and then after

talking on the telephone or writing a

letter and getting a response said I

can’t believe that you would take the

time to do this and I’m sorry also and

to put your head down on the desk and

just soak in the peace of God soak in

the sense that the Holy Spirit is at

work in my life so that the time can

come that you can’t name an enemy and

you even pray Lord if there’s somebody I

don’t know

remind me show me and I’ll make it right

that’s what God intends love your

enemies the word there in Greek is not

affection it’s it’s moral understanding

and what this means is that III don’t

have affection it’s not a matter of

human affection but a moral love that

removes hatred from the heart removes

the spirit of revenge and seeks ways to

be christ-like and speaks no evil

against the individual if you say you’re

forgiven you can never again speak evil

of that individual you don’t rehash it

you don’t talk it up among your friends

you drop it you leave it in the hands of

the Lord it’s a moral decision a young

man just enrolled I got this hymn from

the school systems here this morning

young man

life Sunday morning back state she told

me about this young man who’s enrolled

in our school and to role in the school

you have to send a testimony about your

got saved and so forth and I had the

school fax me a copy of his testimony

and I was reading it yesterday what a

testimony it was when he was four year

all his his divorce mother who had got

custody of this boy and his brother she

one day packed their little suitcases

and put them out the door shut the door

said never come back and the bitterness

he was they were sitting on the curb

confused and hurt because mother said I

don’t love you I don’t want to see you

anymore don’t come back and evidently

she called the husband and he came and

picked them up he was four years old for

nine years he lived in bitterness hatred

toward his mother she said I’ll never

forgive her my mother didn’t want me

cast me aside when he was 13 years old

he went to a church camp and got saved

truly saved started studying the Word of

God began to read about forgiveness and

he said the Lord told him that if he

would start praying for his mother he’d

learned to love her again

and God would change her he began to

pray for his mother and as he prayed for

his mother a spirit of forgiveness came

in his heart he began to love his mother

six months later she was saved and he’s

coming to school

he said he’s called to being a youth

evangelist the power of forgiveness pray

for those who have despitefully used it

reproached your name pray for them we

must learn to forgive finally and this

is the hardest part we’ve got to learn

to forgive ourselves

King David remember it’s in to adultery

outright murder covered it up it was

full he was deceptive and the Lord

forgave him they repented Nathan the

Prophet came to him said your pardon

David the Lord has forgiven your sin but

that wasn’t enough for David because you

see you can be justified you can be

forgiven you can be in the favor of God

and still not have the joy of the Lord

because you can have your sins blotted

out of his book but not out of your

conscience the conscience still comes at

you remind you of your past sin and so

David cries out to the Lord make me to

hear joy and gladness that the bones

which you’ve broken may rejoice and

restore unto me the joy of my salvation

David said I lost my joy and let me tell

you that is the consequence and that’s

the penalty of holding on to any grudge

any spirit of unforgiveness total lack

of massive loss of joy it brings

spiritual famine weariness to the flesh

and spirit and mind but David said now

restore to me the joy that I had and God

answered that prayer in the joy Lord was

restored to David years ago I read the

biography of Hudson Taylor Hudson Taylor

was one of the greatest missionaries

ever to walk this planet he founded

China Inland Mission this is many many

years ago he planted churches all around

inner China this no man was considered

more godly this man he was a praying man

he was a wonderful man of God faithful

to the Lord but he lacked the joy of the

Lord he battled he said he kept a

correspondence with his sister in London

and he would correspond and he said I

hate myself

I am plagued with thoughts that are not

pleasing to the Lord and then I fight so

many battles in my mind and spirit and

he labored that way for many years in


I’m missing churches known as a godly

man and he was a godly man in 1918 69 a

revolutionary change came to Hudson

Taylor he came to recognize that there’s

only one way out of this despair that

was in his heart and his lack of joy in

this battle that was raging in his heart

he said I began to see that everything I

needed was in Christ all the all the

resources I needed all the joy and the

peace that I needed everything was in

Christ but how to get it into my vessel

is the problem he said I know he had

then he’s promised what I need to be

fulfilled and walk in joy and I don’t

know how to get it into my vessel he

came to it dawned on him that faith is

the only way that every covenant God

ever made with man required faith and

that was the only thing that brought the

blessings of the Covenant into the heart

into the individual is all by faith and

he’d been striving all these years just

striving and sweating trying to please

God and he said I realized that his

faith so I tried to have faith and I

kept pumping it up and trying to work it

up and I I couldn’t get the faith where

is the faith if faith is going to open

up all the resources of Christ and those

resources become mine and God knows that

I need them then how do I get that faith

and one day the Lord said you get it

simply by resting in my word and he just

laid back and he said Lord even you have

to give me the major eye of faith that I

need and I have to trust you even for

the faith it’s trust you said well

that’s faith no it’s a resignation it

says God’s Word is true and I’m going to

rest on the word it’s not faith in faith

but rest in what God said and he began

to quote these promises just abide in me

Christ said and you will bear fruit

just to buy quit your struggling quit

your fighting with me he said I will

never leave you I’ll never forsake you

jesus said if you believe not he remains

faithful he said I’ve been trying to

imitate Christ and you can’t imitate

Christ it’s impossible there was a

famous classic written on that but it’s

impossible to imitate Christ you have to

simply rest in the faithfulness of God’s

Word you have to come in to the

knowledge of your sonship in Christ and

what the Cross has accomplished

you can’t imitate Christ you come to

rest on his promises and this is what

happened to this dear man he said I

began to realize that I’m dead and

buried with Christ and he sees me dead

and buried at the cross where Christ

died for me he said I’ve learned that

when I sin to repent instantly and that

I am forgiven instantly I’m immediately

forgiven God has put no distance between

repentance and forgiveness there’s no


he said when I’m truly repentant I

receive what God says I repented and I

rest in his the victory of the blood of

Jesus Christ and I have to now see

myself as God sees me Jesus says that

God says in his word that I am crucified

with Christ his cross was my crucifixion

I come now to the victory that he went

on that cross and now I rest and saying

Jesus it’s pardon you said my sins are

not only forgiven they’re casting to see

their forgotten now I have to say it so

I have to reckon it so in my own life I

am clean I am forgiven and Hudson Taylor

end into rest and he wrote to his sister

laughter and said I have the greatest

joy I’ve ever experienced and I all

these years if I had only known that I

could rest in the Word of God and I

didn’t have to struggle now if he said I

am capable of sinning as much as I’ve

ever been capable but now I’ve entered

in to this relationship that I’m a son

that when I need strength he’s made

covenant to give me the strength when

I’m going through a battle he’s given me

a covenant that the Holy Spirit in me

will wage war against that sin he’s

given me a covenant when I confess he’s

faithful and just to forgive me and

cleanse me from all my sins hallelujah

how do you wake up in the morning I’m

talking about forgiveness how do you

wake up in the morning is this the day

the Lord really made why is it that so

many Christians wake up now and say oh

god get me through another day please

that’s the day the Lord has made that’s

the day we rejoice and be glad in it

what is it that condemns us it’s not the

sins of 10 years ago five years ago even

a year ago we know we’ve confessed then

there’s been time and we’ve enjoyed the

blessing of the Lord since that time but

what about yesterday what about what you

did yesterday that has brought

condemnation and guilt in your heart

when you did it was there a banging you

that that hang of the Holy Spirit

whispering this is wrong did you get the

sense of sin did you have the sense of

doing something contrary to the Word of

God and if you had that sense did you

repent did you say Lord forgive me and

then did you call on the Holy Spirit as

the Holy Spirit you’ll promise to wage

war against my flesh I got in the flesh

I am sorry forgive me did you accept

your repentance did you forgive yourself

we offer grace to the entire world and

then Sparsit out to ourselves

afraid to forgive what God has promised

is absolutely forgiving I’ve got to move

on I’ve got I’ve got a lot more here but

I want just my Bible says today is a day

of salvation I could give you five or

six verses right now that says that

salvation is is a daily thing today is a

day of salvation

whatever you did last night whatever you

did yesterday if it’s under the blood of

Jesus Christ don’t let the devil condemn

you or rob you of the peace and the best

thing that is yours by the Word of God

can I tell you a little story

Gwen and I have a home in New Jersey and

there’s a yard and nice trees and I

thank God for trees thank God for

flowers but I never saw them much I know

I was always on a sermon or something

and I’ll walk through a garden that’s

nice but you know last year I don’t know

it’s my age or what I’m loving trees and

flowers I’m watering them and one of my

social Joy’s in the service here this

morning and he helps me water and I’m

planting flowers and I told one I don’t

believe this she said did you ever in

your lifetime think I would be doing

this he said no and we were planting

some things and I noticed over in the

container there was a little broken tree

the stub was quite thick and it was

cracked as broken and the bark was

chipped and it had been laying there I

don’t know where it came from

I don’t know someone’s digging up

thought it was dead and just laid it in

this container and had a ball of dirt

around it and I looked at it and there

were two or three little limbs in about

three leaves on it I said there’s still

some life in that thing I tell you Joe

said I want to I want to plant this

enjoy Doug Doug the whole

and we’ve got some real fine dirt

organic dirt filled that hole with that

this dirt and put water it and then

planted that thing this has been a

couple weeks and I I go out every day to

that tree in fact when we plant I laid

hands on it this is true I laid hands on

that tree and I said Jesus I want this

tree to grow

I want no bugs I want no disease on it

and this is going to be my tree of

remembrance I want to remember how you

can take a nothing and put it in good


I put Miracle Grow on it every day

that’s right I hold it every day can you

manage that tree could talk and it was

sitting there you know what to say that

tree were to say this laying in that

tail unforgotten everybody given up for

dead I can never forgive that man that

dug me up and cast me aside never will I

forgive but you know what that tree

would say after I planted it and watered

it and put good soil and prayed over it

I even kicked bugs off the done like

this bugs off the leaves

you know what that tree would have said

look at me now

a new beginning

in this past week I was meeting it by

that tree I even killed a bug that was

coming toward the tree and the Lord

spoke to my heart the Holy Spirit said

David don’t you understand look at the

love and concern look how happy you are

because you’ve seen three new sprigs

come up can you understand the joy the

Lord gets when he sees us grow when he

takes a nobody and nothing and puts him

in new soil and the Word of God begins

to fertilize that little broken stub

folks I want to I’m gonna make that the

most famous tree in America and that’s

what I do when I get up in the morning I

say this is the first day of the

beginning of my life this is the first

day of the rest of my life

I didn’t coin that phrase it’s a cliche

but it’s true you get up in the morning

I’m forgiven this is the beginning of a

new day what happened last week

yesterday doesn’t matter now it’s under

the blood this is a new day I start all

over again will you stand please

I’ll start posting pictures of my tree

My dear wife sis honey what has gotten

into you

well it’s just it’s a picture God has

given me to remember because you see we

have some of those trees here now Jesus

like a nest of vines into trees and

there’s some of you here you came this

morning you wounded something in the

past as wounded you hurt and there’s

been paying and suffering and how you

respond is most important this morning

please don’t walk out of this building

carrying carrying this load you said

brother Dave I would never take revenge

it goes beyond that though it’s at the

point now where the Lord said it’s time

it’s time for you to truly forbear and

forgive love and pray have you prayed

for those who’ve won did you could be

children beyond your job can be anywhere

I can’t isolate that I don’t know what

you’re going through but I know what

this is done in my heart the extreme joy

everything that’s opened up since the

Lord taught me to forgive now tell you

what the Lord wants that for you if if

the message is touched your heart if you

want to see this America if you want the

heavens open follow these that are

coming up in the balcony go to the

stairs neither side into the annex did

this walk in between the screens I’ll

pray for you and we’ll believe the Lord

now to release you and let you walk out

of this building a free man a free woman

if you’re not saved if you don’t know

Christ come follow these that are coming

and maybe that’s the reason you’re not

serving Christ maybe that’s the reason

you have back

slitter going cold toward the Lord

because there’s something now standing

hindering you and you want to remove

that stumbling block out of your life

you obey the Holy Spirit come as a

minister to you you came forward and it

can’t be your your main object here and

standing here before the Lord is not

just to get the heavens open to you and

the blessings the important thing is you

have to say this is what God said this

is what Christ said to do this is the

right thing to do this is what I do if

I’m going to call myself his servant

whose child this is what I have to do to

walk in sonship this this is required of

the Lord

it’s his word and the Lord though

there’s no merit to it there’s blessings

to it we want you to open your heart now

and let’s pray I’ll lead you in a simple

prayer but it has to come from your

heart it’s something that you’ve had to

make a decision on your way down here I

will forgive I will have you made that

commitment if it’s more than one let the

Holy Spirit dig deep and find every

person somehow get to that person but

you can’t get there until you get here

right here and settled in your heart

until you know you’ve completely

fulfilled the word of the Lord you’ve

obeyed what the Holy Spirit has brought

to your attention now pray this with me

from your heart Lord Jesus I can’t do

this on my own strength

I need the Holy Spirit I believe you and

I trust you to make it possible for me

to obey

forgive me Lord Jesus for carrying this

so long and by faith I lay it down

forgive me Jesus and cleanse me now help

me to truly forgive

remind me to pray for all of these you

have ended me now let me pray for you

father I’ve seen over many years of

preaching and ministering that you’re

more ready to give than we are to

receive that your heart is open to a cry

and we’re so weak we make promises we

say we’ll do things and we mean it the

best of our ability and then we fail but

Lord you have made provision you’ve

given us promises that if we ask in

faith you will do it you will give us a

strength and Holy Spirit we call upon

you right now to have people that have

come forward just to rest now and say

Holy Spirit I’m going to turn this over

to your hands show me how and don’t let

me forget this when I walk out the door

remind me at the door

remind me when I get in the car remind

me when I get home remind me and lord I

pray that everyone’s here now we’ll take

it home and go and pray over it pray

about what is being said by the Holy

Spirit and Lord you said you’ll give us

direction you tell us how Lord Jesus let

there be life changes we believe you and

we thank you Lord for those that have

come to renew their walk with you coming

to repent Lord hear that cry sometimes

it’s not even an audible crime it those

are groaning inside that groaning

towards you hear it

Holy Spirit and answer we pray in

Christ’s name will you thank the Lord

right now that he’s been faithful to you

to speak we thank you Holy Spirit

I would hope that if this is your home

church that you worship here I would

hope that you would go to somebody if

you know anyone in this body that you

have something you’ve been holding

against them I would trust that the Holy

Spirit spoken clear enough that you

would make make it a point to get to

them and say to their face I’ve held a

grudge I have something make sure that

if you’ve had something against somebody

go to them and say well it isn’t say

pray with me God give me the right

spirit what I’m asking you to release

the power of forgiveness and everyone

who hears the word this morning and as

it goes out on internet when it goes out

on the tapes Lord let there be much

restoring power released in Christ’s

name Amen

this is the conclusion of the methods