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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

the Redeemer is coming to

Zion heavenly

father if we knew

tonight how close we are to the coming

of Christ if we really knew how short

our time was we would not hear we would

not be sitting here so nonchalantly in

your presence there would be a

Detachment from the world there would be

such a hunger in our hearts we would be

lifted out of ourselves into the very

Pres presence of God oh holy spirit I

invite you to come now take over this

service in a supernatural way that no

flesh should glow in your presence but

that we would hear from the very Throne

of God oh holy spirit Minister your word

minister to us Lord and give us hearing

ears that we could hear what the spirit

would say to us in Jesus


amen I’m going to bring you a prophetic

word from the Lord

tonight the Redeemer of Zion is about to

appear in his glory in our day in his

church and the Redeemer shall come to

Zion and unto them that turn from

transgression in Jacob sayeth the

Lord now the vision of Isaiah the

prophet is about to be

fulfilled God is about to move with

vengeance toward all all who Twisted the

truth of the gospel and all who become

Covetous Isaiah spoke of our day he

spoke of the conditions in the Church of

the last days he said truth has fallen

into the streets yay truth has failed

and he that departed from Evil maketh

himself AR prey and the Lord saw it and

it displeased him that there was no

judgment and Isaiah is saying to us

right now let it be known that God is

angry truth is being twisted and

trampled upon the Church of Christ has

become victimized by those who preach

false Doctrine and God is displeased

because no one will stand up and judge

the perversions of

truth no one standing up to judge the

perversion of Truth and it dis pleased

him that there was no

judgment God’s ministers were sitting

idly by while the truth was being thrown

to the ground and trampled upon lying

Spirits had found a voice in the church

and no one stood against it true men of

God refus to judge the false doctrines

creeping in therefore the Lord said I’ll

judge it myself the Redeemer of Zion is

going to come and he’s going to judge


carnality he’s going to judge our

wickedness he’s going to judge our

covetousness and he’s going to judge all

the mockery of the truth of Jesus Christ

in these last

days and he the Lord saw that there was

no man and he wondered that there was no

intercessor and he said where are the

men with

discernment where are those who show the

people the truth because truth is

falling few people care few people

understand and the Lord said I wonder

why where are The Men Who stand up and

discern show my people the

truth the Redeemer himself is about to

clothe himself with vengeance the Bible

said in Zeal he’s going to move quickly

to his church with Fury and

Holiness for he put on righteousness as

a breastplate and a helmet of salvation

is on his head and he put on the

garments of Vengeance for clothing and

he was clad with Zeal as a cloak a

according to their deeds the Lord says I

will repay he’s coming back to his

church even now the Bible said he’s

putting on the uniform of a glorious

Captain he’s coming wearing a

breastplate of Holiness and he said

there’s Vengeance and there’s Fury and

there’s judgment for the Lord shall

judge his

Saints the Lord shall judge his people


new something awesome something Eternal

is about to happen in the house of

God he said it’s going to be sudden it’s

going to be

glorious now you’ve heard that the Bible

predicts in the last day everything that

can be shaken will be

shaken but let’s ask God now by their

spirit for an

understanding why is he coming to his

church with vengeance and fury and why

must the Lord himself return to

Zion why is the Lord going to take the

matter out of the servants hand out of

the own Minister’s hands he’s going to

take this matter of Defending his

truth why is he going to do it in his

own Sovereign

power it’s all clearly laid out by the

prophets first of all the Redeemer is

coming to Zion because the enemy is come

in like a flood against the

church the enemy has come in like a

flood the Bible Isaiah said when the

enemy shall come in like a

flood Satan in these past few years

especially the past five maybe 10 at the

most it’s been flooding the church with

one new doctrine after

another there’s been a spirit of

covetousness and

carnality Satan has poured out a demonic

flood of adultery and morality and filth

John the Revelator saw it coming this is

what he warned

us and when the dragon saw that he was

cast to the Earth and persecuted the

woman which brought forth a

Manchild and the serpent cast out of his

mouth water as a flood after the woman

that he might cause her to be carried

away by the

flood this flood of Satan is all at war

against the true church against the

Overcomers and the dragon was angry with

the woman and went to war with the

remnant of her seed which kept the

Commandments of God and who have the

testimony of Jesus

Christ we are witnessing right now the

devil’s final attack against the chosen

the very elect the Bible said he will

seduce if it were possible even the

chosen of

God and Daniel suggests that for a

season he’ll

Prevail for a season he’ll be

successful the horn made war with the

Saints and prevailed against

them he prevailed against the

Saints until the Ancient of Days came

and judgment was given to the Saints of

the most high and the time came that the

Saints would possess the

kingdom I ask you now is Satan

prevailing for a season right

now come on now in the United States in

Canada I tell you for a season Satan is

prevailing you and I know that the Gates

of Hell will never Prevail against the

Church of Jesus Christ in the end but is

he prevailing for a season now as Satan

established a beach head in the church a

stronghold are many many of God’s chosen


deceived what happens in the church to

this woman in the wilderness the B until

the Redeemer comes with Fury and

Vengeance Satan will come with another

gospel the Bible

says and Paul told us exactly how he’s

going to come against God’s holy people

to try to deceive them we’re not talking

about homosexuals and drug addicts now

talking about overcoming saints of God

talking about preachers of the

gospel for Satan himself is transformed

into an angel of

therefore it’s no great thing if his

ministers also be transformed as the

Ministers of

righteousness oh that’s

awesome many will come in these last

days who are false Apostles deceitful

workers transforming themselves into the

Apostles of

Christ Satan stronghold in the church in

the last day is a host of teachers and

ministers who’ve been tra

transformed by a gospel of the

flesh they have come to us as the Lord’s

most enlightened ministers they sound

just like the preachers of the

Gospel they freely use the name of Jesus

they speak of righteousness they use the

scripture they cast out Devils they heal

the sick in the lord’s name they do many


works but their message is not of God

it’s another gospel it’s a deception

it’s of the Flesh and it’s not of the

spirit and many of these teachers have

been so deceived by the devil they’re

blind to what they preach they’re

preaching lies and they believe it to be

the truth they’re not even aware they’re

the tools of

Satan do you understand that they are

men who started out right but they’re

transformed by the gospel they’re

preaching it’s doing something in them

and to

them and right now these false doctrines

of Satan are prevailing in the church in

many areas multitudes of God’s people

are flocking to conventions and meetings

to hear this other gospel this Gospel of

self and prosperity and

success the gospel of the flesh is

Riding High in the

church come on Christian wake

up are you and I being deceived have we

been trapped into the teachings of an

angel of Light from Satan are you being

swept we by this flood that the prophets

told us would sweep the church and for

Ceasar would

Prevail get into God’s word and hear the

true Gospel of Jesus and begin to judge

now what we see in here and compare what

Jesus said to what they are

saying the scripture proves beyond a

shadow of a doubt that Satan’s new flood

his new gospel is gain is godliness gain

is God L

less listen to

this clearly if you don’t hear anything

else I say hear this

now it’s a compromising message without

repentance and or godliness it rep it

promises forgiveness without

repentance all we offer people now is

forgiveness turn on your television that

listen happiness and forgiveness it’s

all offered freely no repent

repentance it’s a gospel of gain it’s

based on the supposition that The Godly

you are the more gain you will

have oh listen to Paul’s frightful

warning If any man Teach

otherwise even other than the words of

our Lord Jesus into the doctrine which

is according to Godliness that man is

proud he knows nothing he’s destitute of

the truth opposing that gain is


godliness Paul Cried Out turn away from

them turn away from this other

gospel you want to hear the true gospel

Christian you want to hear what Jesus

really said in this day and age of

success and prosperity preaching you

want to know what the gospel says are


interested here it is from the words of

our Master himself blessed be ye

poor for yours is the kingdom of

God blessed are ye that hunger for you

shall be filled blessed are you that

weep now for you shall

laugh blessed are ye when men shall hate

you when they shall separate you from

their company and they reproach you and

cast out your name as evil for the son

of man’s


now here’s what the gospel says about

people in these modern times in the

church who seeking after material

things from the lips of Jesus

himself woe unto you that seek to be

rich for you’ve received your

consolation woe unto you that are

full for you shall hunger woe unto you

that laugh now for you shall mourn and

weep wo unto you when all men shall

speak speak well of you for so did the

fathers to the false

prophets the gospel of gain despises

poverty it Rejects and despises the poor

listen to what James said he said but

you have despise the poor you say unto

him that’s prosperous and dressed best

with the gold rings and the fine Pearl

sit up here in the good place and to the

poor you say sit here in the low Place

sit at the foot

stol this is a gospel of partiality to

the prosperous and

successful and it’s an indictment

against the poor to whom Jesus

ministered it exalts prosperity and

success James said are you not

partial hath not God chosen the poor of

this world rich in faith and hes of the

kingdom and for you preachers of the

Gospel who tried to tell me that he

became poor that we could become rich in

houses and lands you don’t know your

Bible there it is it said that not God

chosen the poor Rich in

fi how blind is the church today how

blind is this the gospel for a Dying

World gain is

godliness faith is for

Prosperity poor people lack Faith Christ

became poor so that we could be rich in

material Goods he came to give us

Abundant Life is Abundant Life supposed

to be worldly

Goods no that’s eternal

life Abundant Life is the fullness you

and I don’t have the life we have just

the seed the life is encapsulated in

that seed and one day we’re going to

have Abundant Life and that’s eternal

life in Jesus we don’t have it now we’re

going to get it

then 1 billion people on this Earth are


starvation the Heart of Jesus is

breaking over the sight of weeping

mothers who hold starving babies with

their bloated stomachs millions are

unemployed the ends of the world are

coming down on us the world’s headed for

Armageddon our cities in America and

Canada about to explode again in

riots persecution and tribulation are

coming the Bible said the elements are

going to melt with a fervent heat the

world’s on fire

all over the world God’s chosen people

are being jailed they’re being

persecuted they’re losing all they

possess they’re taking joyfully the

sporting of their goods and you tell me

that God’s going to send a man of God to

tell me that I have a right to be

rich is that a man of God who comes to

me in the face of a starving world and

said use your rights use your faith you

can be rich you can be prosperous you

can have a bigger car you can have a


home what’s happened to

us how blind can we

be you say that’s an American message no

it’s creeping all over Canada right

now we got it all wrong the rich man

went to hell the poor man went to

heaven from such turn away

these preachers have no burden for

repentance They Don’t Preach against sin

they offer blessings without

sorrow they are accumulators of this

world’s Goods they

accumulate heard a preacher say I have

to be successful I have to drive a KN

car I have to prove what I’m

preaching makes me want to

cry Amos the prophet Cried Out woe to

them that are ease in Zion unconcerned

about the evil day

ahead they lie upon beds of ivory they

stretch themselves upon their couches

and they eat the Lambs of the flock and

they drink wine in bows and they are not

grieved for the afflictions of Joseph

they’re not

grieved and I S her to think of standing

before the Judgment seat of Jesus


having preached that kind of a

message the Redeemer is coming back to

Zion to break down every stronghold of

the S of Satan and he’s coming back to

Zion to raise up a standard of

Truth when the enemy comes in like a

flood the spirit of the Lord will raise

up a standard against to him what is


standard that’s going to swallow up the

flood what kind of sovereign Fury is

going to be released very soon to the

church folks it’s a sovereign Fury you

can put all your books on finny away 100

waste every rival put them

away this is a sovereign work of God to

be released in the church what is this

Vengeance the prophets are talking

about hear


it’s the actual presence of

God the actual living presence of

God the church in these last days is

going to experience God actually

appearing in their midst and the

Redeemer shall suddenly come to Zion

that’s the

church he’s always come suddenly he came

Suddenly at the day of Pentecost he came

suddenly to fall he comes suddenly folks

one day it’s not there the next day it’s

here he’s going to suddenly appear in

his actual

presence this time the judge is coming

himself to the

church the general of the armies is

coming he’s coming in power and awesome

Glory now you and I know that wherever

two or three are gathered his name there

he is in our presence and our midst but

folks that’s like the ray of the sun

compared to the heat of the Sun the

closer you get to the Sun the brighter

and the hotter and the Lord said he’s

going to remove himself out of his

chamber and he’s going to suddenly come

for he’s going to appear in his

church the Lord will come who will bring

to light the hidden things of darkness

and he would expose the counsels of the

heart every preacher in this building

listen to me every manist every

missionary you and I know God’s not

going to raise up a new Prophet the days

of Big Time Advan ISM are over they’re

over babylon’s coming

down all the men who shine they not

going to shine

anymore all the bigness all the

brightness all sub glory is coming

down and the Lord is going to


appear in Z

midst there’ll be no new

revelation folks there’s no new

revelation coming you say radio we’ve

had radio for 50 years now we’ve had

millions and millions of sermons on

radio and the world is still lost and

America is

undone television no television is not

the answer that’s a part of it but

that’s not going to do it we’ve had that

now for 20 years and still didn’t doing

it we’ve had the best preaching in the

history of the

world we had the best Church say we have

all the Machinery oh no no folks there

only one hope there’s only one hope left

and that’s the awesome presence of God

God breaking through everything and

coming in his presence to the

church we are going we I I prophesy

right here and now we’re on the verge of

a Revival of the actual presence of God

the holy spirit’s going to Open the Eyes

of his people he’s going to pull the

scales from eyes and you and I are going

to come up against the terrifying

presence of God the Earth shook the

heavens dropped at the presence of God

even SI was moved in his

presence and the Lord whom ye

seek folks you understand that we’re so

deaf and dumb and blind now we hear this

and don’t hear it we have ears to hear

and we don’t

hear but I’ve heard it and I believe

it the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly

come to his Temple he shall come sayeth

the Lord and who’s going to Bear up on

the day of his coming who shall stand

when he

appear do you know that all the

preaching of gain his godliness is going

to melt in his

presence all the pride of success all

the secret hidden sin it’s going to melt

like Wax before the the presence of

God the Bible said as wax MTH before the

fire so let the wicked perish at the

presence of God for he is a Refiner’s

Fire he shall sit as refiner and

purifier of silver he shall purify the

sons of Levi and purge them as gold that

they may offer unto the Lord an offering


righteousness the first thing he’s going

to do folks when he appears in his


again he’s going to work on the Ministry

first he’s going to sit his refiner fire

and he’s going to purge Levi this is the

ministry and folks I tell you the day is

coming whether we want it or not he said

I’ll manifest myself to those who

weren’t even seeking after my name and

God said I’m going to remove out of my

place and I’m suddenly coming to my

church and oh he’s going to come in a

melting power who’s going to stand on

that day who’s going to glorify himself

on that day who’s going to talk about

the church he built the ministry is

established I don’t care if you Pastor

the biggest church in the world is not

going to mean a thing in the sight of

God doesn’t

matter all idolatry is going to come

down for behold the Lord shall come

forth out of his place he will come down

he will tread upon the high place of the

earth and the mountains shall be molten

under him and the valley should be

cliffed as wax before the

fire Isaiah said all that he would Rend

the heavens that you’d come down that

the mountains might Flow Away at your

presence as when the melting fire

burneth the fire causes the water to

boil to make thy name known to the

adversaries that the nation May tremble

at his

presence Jeremiah cried will you not

fear the Lord will you not tremble in

his presence

God said to Ezekiel and all the men that

are upon the face of the Earth shall

sake at my presence and the mountain

shall be thrown down and every wall

shall come tumbling to the

ground every wall is coming

down listen if the

ungodly are going to shake and tremble

in his holy presence how was any one

going to stand in the presence of God in


house how are you and I going to stand

when he

appears he said every wall is going to

fall to the

ground down comes all the boasting all

the books and teaching on

success down comes all the idols of self

down with

self-promotion down with merchandising

the gospel down with all the thieves

that are trading in in God’s house this

house will be a House of Prayer no

longer a dead of

iniquity no more seeking after the

things of this world no more squandering

your faith on temporal things no more

trying to make a name for yourself

because judgment’s going to begin in his

house his presence is going to frighten

and melt everything in sight he’s going

to Humble his

servants no Minister will be allowed to

boast in his presence

it’s going to become

fatal listen it’s going to become fatal

to Harbor secret sin I believe we’re

going to see many whose flesh is going

to be destroyed that their soul may be

saved people are going to die in the

house of God once

again that no flesh should glory in his

presence is said how can you preach like

that brother

Dave very easy I’ve had an experience

like Paul had and

Peter I heard my summons a few weeks

ago and he told me in my time of

departure and at that moment I renounced

the world and everything that’s in it

and from that moment I knew what he said

when he said many many shall come on

that day and saying Lord have we not

prophesied in your name have we not cast

out Devils have we not healed the sick

in your name and he’ll say I never even

knew you and the other side of that coin

is you never knew

me can you understand that not a few but

many many

many who have built churches who have

had Ministries around the world and they

were so busy they didn’t take time to

know him and it suddenly dawned on me if

I have my summons there’s only one thing

left in this world that matters and

that’s to really know know him to know

him because you and I have to stand

before the Judgment seat of Jesus Christ

do you understand that folks we must all

appear before the Judgment seat of

Christ to give an

account and God’s made it so clear to me

he’s interested more in winning all of

me than he is in my winning all the

world for

him until he has all of me I don’t know


and I tell you the time is coming soon

that God is going to break through in

our midst preachers are going to get up

and confess their sins publicly I’ve

already seen it

happen I received a call of Revival just

broke out in Chicago it’s happening

there it’s happening in California and

day is coming you will not be able to

stand in the presence of the Lord you

will fall on your face and you will

confess your sins and no flesh will

glory in his

presence you’re going to have to flee

like Jonah from the presence of the Lord

you won’t hold your secret sin any

longer how many times has the Holy

Spirit dealt with you how many times did

he say lay it down and the only reason

you still flirt with it because you have

not yet come into His awesome

presence I hear people say

oh the Lord is moving in our midst we

have seen and felt the presence of God

folks you and I don’t know what we’re

talking about we don’t know what we’re


about if God was really in our midst

tonight I would be the first one down on

my face I couldn’t preach every man

behind me would be on his knees saying

God I am nothing I have nothing I’m

nothing none of us could stand in this


no one could go another minute without

confessing lifting his hands crying out

to God your head wouldn’t be in the air

it would be in the

dust in the year that King Uzziah died I

saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high

and lifted up and his train filled the

temple and above it stood the seraphim

each one had six wings with two he

covered his face and two he covered his

feet can you understand that the

seraphim couldn’t even stand to look so

they covered

their eyes they were so ashamed of

themselves they covered their

bodies they didn’t want him to look and

they couldn’t stand a look in his

face with Twain they covered their eyes

and with Twain they covered their

bodies and one Cried unto another and

said holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts

the whole earth is full of his glory and

the post of the door moved at the voice

of him that cried in the house was

filled with smoke then said I woe is me

for I am undone because I’m a man of

unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of

a people of unclean lips for my eyes

have seen the king the Lord of hosts and

the messages see the Lord and die see

the Lord and

die all success all

self-esteem all secret

sin it’s all going to vanish in his

presence it’s going to turn to

corruption Daniel said I lifted up my

eyes and I looked and behold a certain

man was there clothed in linen and his

loins were girded with fine gold his

body was like Burl his face had the

appearance of lightning his eyes were

lamps of fire his arms and his feet like

in color to Brass poly’s brass and the

voice of his words were like the voice

of a

multitude and I Daniel

alone saw the vision for the men that

were with me saw not the vision but a

great quaking fell upon them so they

fled and hid

themselves therefore I was left alone

and I saw this Vision there remained no

strength in me for my comeliness was

turned to corruption I retained no

strength in me yet I heard the voice of

his words when I heard the voice of his

words then was I in a deep sleep on my

face with my face toward the ground and

when he had spoken these words to me I

set my face upon the ground and I became

dumb couldn’t say a

word when the presence of God comes in

his house people are going to stand and

confess her they’re going to melt and


themselves we’re going to cry woe is me

I’m not a success I’m not a winner


undone I’m Jacob’s worm I’m a proud man

I’m a proud woman I know nothing I have

nothing but for his blood I’m damned but

for his grace I’m

damned and then you’ll learn to cry out

with Paul he’s chosen the weak things of

the world the foolish the nothings that

no flesh and glory in his

presence now finally

the redeemer’s coming to Zion to prepare

his bride for the wedding to prepare his

bride for the

wedding blood trumpet and Zion gather


people sanctify the

congregation assemble the elders gather

the children and the infants that suck

the breast let the bridegroom go forth

of his chamber and the bride out of the

closet blessed are they which are called

to the marriage supper of the lamb for

his wife had made herself ready she’s

array in white and fine linen and

righteousness people let me tell you

what the real gospel is this is the

gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and it’s

this put on

righteousness lay aside every weight and

the sin that easily besets you don’t

become entangled with the things of this

world go forth now to meet him get your

lamps burning get your oil supply don’t

set your fing on things below but on

things above don’t lay up Treasures

anymore here on Earth that’s the

gospel I tell you why the Redeemer has

to come to Zion with his presence

because the church is not ready to meet

him we’re not

ready there’s too much hay wooden

stubble it’s going to burn

God made this so real to

me you been speaking to me night after

night saying to my heart I’ve got to

come back to Zion I’ve got to have

people face my presence

now lest there be no help for them when

they stand there because folks if we

don’t allow the fire of his presence to

burn out the dross if we don’t allow him

to burn out the sin of their pride now

how do you stand before

him I had a beautiful last week a

beautiful six-hour experience in the

spirit when he laid me down and said

come the spirits had come and I found

myself racing through the universe past

the stars in an outer Darkness but there

was no fear because I was racing further

and further out into eternity and

suddenly the world was so small there

was nothing nothing left it was nothing

but a speck out there in space and the

further out I got toward his presence

away from the world and all of its

beggarly elements the more I was crying

I’m nothing I’m nothing I have nothing

I’ve done nothing I could feel the utter

nothingness The Emptiness and I could

say it’s only Grace it’s only Mercy

that’s all I have grace and mercy and

that’s when the Lord said David there’s

something more important than your

ministry even more than your family and

everything and that’s to know me to know


me we have to have this presence of

Christ revealed to us now before we go

to judgment or we cannot stand

there what’s it going to be like to

stand before the Judgment

seat it’s a private chamber as far as

I’m concerned forget the masses this

time you can put them at the great white

throne and just he said I stand one at a

time at the door of your heart and I

knock you’re going to wait outside his


Christian and he said some of us are

going to suffer

loss do you remember when Satan took

Jesus to the mountain toop and showed

him in an instance all the powers of

this world he said you can have it in an

instant there before his thrown and

you’ll know as soon as you enter that

presence and he opens that door and

you’re ushered in and there’s nothing

there in that chamber but the judge

Jesus chist the judge whose eyes are a

flame of

fire and you suspended in

space nothing no place to stand

nothing but his

grace and his mercy and he shows you all


done and in a moment of time he builds

your world

again and he shows you your

motives and he said see you said to my

glory but it was to your

pride you built your

Empire and not my

kingdom every secret

sin all that was

confessed but still hold it Clinging On

besetting You vexing

you and that’s going to be the greatest

revelation of Grace that you could ever

receive and how many many thousands in

the Church of Jesus Christ and even

ministers because that which is highest

stinged among men is an Abomination at

times for the Lord some of the greatest

known men on this Earth are going to

stand there naked with nothing nothing

nothing going to be stripped naked and

they’re only going to say Mercy Jesus

Mercy oh you’ll get his grace but you

won’t get his glory I want more than

Grace I want the glory Jesus said that

they may see my glory which the father

has given to

me folks he’s going to manifest his

glory we’re going to GL go to Glory with

glory in our hearts the glory is coming

back to his church and when that Glory

Appears remember what Jesus said to to

Mary he said did not say to if you would

believe you would see the glory of God

folks do you want to spend your faith on


worthwhile he said didn’t I tell you if

you’d believe if you had Faith you’d see

what material blood know the

glory that’s where I’m going to spend my

faith God said you’re going to see my

glory you’re going to see my

glory I’ve already touched it I’ve

already felt it

you understand that your cars that you

drive 20 years from now so Jesus te

going to be on a heap somewhere just

rusting away you know that your house

and everything you want is going to melt

and you know the only thing that you

have now that’s worth

anything is the

knowledge of your saving love and grace

that you and I have nothing more to give


him but

love I will glorify the house of my

glory arise and shine Zion for your

light is coming the glory of the Lord is

upon you now and that Glory shall be

seen upon thee That Glory shall be seen


you all people are going to see it

what was that Glory that Mary and Martha

saw what was the glory was resurrection

power this soul of man come out of a


folks after all these years he’s finally

seen fit to show me what his

resurrection power means I’m not talking

just about that day that he’s going to

come for us and take us out of the Grave

oh no folks I’m talking about

resurrection power right

now I’m talking about being raised from

the death of

self and

pride I’m talking about being

transformed into the kingdom of God

where your soul is possessed with Jesus

will you want nothing more in your

life than to truly know you are

glorifying his

name that every word you say and

everything you do is pointed to his

majesty and His

glory we need a resurrection a

revelation of his re resurrection power

in the church right

now I’ve canceled all my

meetings I felt led of God to take this

one I’ve got next week three more and

that’s it and for the next five


I’ve got a little prayer chamber and I’m

going to

wait because I’m

repenting and I’m falling on my

knees I’m saiding oh

God how many times you’ve come to me and

said now make your move go all the

way humble yourself and seek my

face and how many times we go so close

and then we quit and we say some other

time and I’m so grieved at what I’ve

seen around the country and around the

world I’ve preached in some of the

largest assembly God and Pentecostal

Church in the world in the past 6 months

one pastor of a large Church told me he

hadn’t prayed in one year he has

devotions every day but he doesn’t

pray we’ve got men so busy running

around the world trying to win the

kingdom for

God but where are

those where are those who shut


in and hear that

sound of the

trumpet you understand people you and I

are not

ready you’re not

ready now folks I can say some things T

that because I’ve got nothing left to

lose I’ve got nothing to prove to

anybody I’ve already been given my


Detachment we’re here now in his


presence I’m going to bring you what I

feel the Holy Spirit told me to tell you

this is the reason I

came maybe you’re not relating to

everything I’m saying

yet but first to the Pentecostal summies

of God in

Canada if all the

leaders and all the pastors and all the

people L you and I Repent you’re going

to remove your

Candlestick going to remove it and

you’ll pick him up a

people who are given totally to his

love you put away your

professionalism you get back to the

Cross you get back to the secret

closet you humble

yourself you go back to the meekness

that you once knew you go back to the a

sense of his

sovereignty saying not my will anymore


yours I’ve got a neighbor who got his

summons two weeks

ago well-known Young singer in America

Keith Green he lives next door to

me his plane came down 12 people

killed 27 years

old I talked to Mel his wife the other

day day he

said he got on the plane and said honey

if I don’t come

back raise Daniel for the Lord suddenly

he goes up 15 seconds later he’s down

the pl burst in Flames the bodies

dissolved couldn’t even identify the

bodies oh folks we live like we’re never

going to die

there’s some pastors here

tonight that need to

repent in just a few

moments he’s going to move

closer he promised

me that he give us just a little taste

of his presence he’s going to appear

Among Us he’s not let you sh

in your

seat comfortable

anymore you’re going to bring you

back and the moment you feel his Spirit

breathe on

you humble

yourself just come and stand in his



Jesus I want to know

you I’m going to tell you you did so

much in my name but you didn’t take time

to know me you didn’t take time you so

busy you didn’t take

time you became a stranger to

me used my

name you didn’t know me

I don’t care whether you think I’m a

Mystic or

not because I’m just as much at home

over there as I am here

tonight I’ve already seen his

face I don’t want anything this world

has to offer oh I’m going to occupy till

he comes for me I’m going to


but you understand that you haven’t been

given any more

time you’ve only been given the hour

that you’re in right now you don’t have

a promise of getting out of this

building every one of you could be


tonight now you think about that if I

only had four or five more hours to live

when I go into the Judgment

chamber and I appear before the Judgment

seat of Jesus Christ

am I going to stand he said that you may

be presented faultless with exceeding

great joy that’s what he wants the Lord

wants on that day to reach out and say

come on my child come on closer I know

you you know my We Are One come my

brother come my sister into my presence

folks that’s what I want I want him to

embrace me on that great day I want to

be embraced by the Savior himself I want

him to reach out of that judgment seat

and say David come closer my son come

closer because he said you’re going to

be known even as you know what you’re

doing right now depends oh it depends on

what is going to be like on that day

you’re going to be known as your known

right now are you close to him do you

know him are your sins really forgiven

have you forsaken have you repented are

you looking for his coming have you set

your affections on things above are you

still so Earthbound so interested in

yourself and your

ministry and what you doing

oh Lord Jesus

come exalt

yourself let the presence of Almighty

Christ Come Holy Spirit bring

Christ reveal him in our presence

tonight and don’t let anyone walk out of

here tonight caring Pride or self or sin

humble us humble us in your presence

Holy Spirit turn your flaming eyes on us

and let us see now the Judgment must

begin in the house of God you do love

your people you do love your children

you’re getting us ready for your coming

you’re getting your bride ready and you

do love

us but you said to the church repent you

said to the church the seven churches

repent repent repent this is the

conclusion of the