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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

I want to speak this morning on the

secret of strength in perilous times the

secret of strength in perilous

times I would repeat what Pastor Carter

said that if your baby

cries he may be an upand cominging

preacher but I’m preaching this

morning and uh we do have wonderful

Nursery through exit uh s here okay and

uh in the end next you go to the lobby

and they’ll tell you where you can

invest your baby for a few uh moments

till preaching is over and then you can

go back and get your child in good

hands heavenly father I thank you for

the word I thank you for truth that when

anointed by the Holy Spirit changes

lives God we love your word in this

church we stand on your living word not

the words of men not the passing fancies

of men but on the Eternal Word of God

and Lord I know that you planted

something in my heart for this people

today and I pray Lord for your special

touch and your special glorify you today

we thank you for your manifest presence

now Lord prepare our hearts to receive

what you have given us Lord give us ears

to hear give us an understanding mind

and heart we not put aside the word but

would receive it into our own lives that

it would be meat it would be life and be

changing let us be changed by what we

hear this morning in Jesus name

amen the prophet

Ezekiel came to Israel in a very

prosperous time and he said I’m telling

you judgment is at the door his very

words were these listen closely to what

the prophet

Ezekiel said to Israel even in their

most prosperous hour thus sayeth the

Lord I will draw my sword out of his

sheath I will cut off from Thee the

righteous and the wicked my sword shall

go forth out of his sheath Against All

Flesh from the south to the north sigh

therefore oh son of man and it should be

when they say unto you why do you sigh

and you shall answer because of the

tidings or the bad news The Evil news

because it’s coming and every heart

shall melt All Hands shall be feeble and

every Spirit shall faint and all knes

shall be weak as water behold it’s

coming it shall be brought to pass

sayeth the

Lord the prophet said that when God

takes his sword out of his sheath and

begins to strike the Nations he said all

of those who seem so strong and

belligerent and nonch L he said their

knees are going to tremble they’re going

to Bow these men are going to be like


unstable those who were so proud and

boastful he said they’re all going to

faint because of the evil Tidings

because the news of the day and the hour

be so ominous that their knees will

shake and they will tremble every Spirit

shall faint because of the

tidings this was prophesied also many

years Years Ago by Moses when he warned

of War all future

Generations what will

happen when the Lord sends judgment upon


land in Leviticus 26 in fact he gives

three things that happened to Nations

and the society when God’s judgments are

upon the land he said first of all I

will send a fainting into their hearts

their hearts will begin to faint in them

number two they will be so Panic

stricken they will run at the sound of a


Leaf they will run at the sound of a

shaking Leaf thirdly they shall have no

power to stand before their enemies now

folks you look around you today and see

the stock market for example every rumor

Every Word by any expert or leader

suddenly it begins to shake it goes up

and down according to rumors they are

shaking they are running in Panic the

sound the Bible says of a shaking leaf

and that’s what’s happening now every

little leaf that shakes every little

word that said waiting and hanging on

some word waiting for somebody to give

advice out of this mess that we’re


into the prophecy of Moses is meant for

us also today for those who living in

the latter

days I’ve seen pictures of this

fulfilled before my very eyes in the New

York Times pictures of stock Brokers

from Indonesia from Malaysia from Japan

Korea and here in the United States not

far from where I stand picture after

picture of Brokers with their head down

in their hands and the despair in their

faces and the

anxiety they are shaking like a leaf

Panic stricken eyes swollen demolished


fear it’s all summed up in what Jesus

told us and warned us about in Luke

21:26 and there shall be signs in the

Sun and in the moon and in the stars and

upon the Earth distress of nations with

perplexity the Sea and the waves roaring

the Sea and the waves roaring have you

ever seen any of the Hurricanes

lately men’s Hearts failing them for

fear for looking upon those things which

are coming on the earth for the powers

of of Heaven shall be

shaken he says when these things begin

to happen these are the words of Jesus

he he said that that the news the

tidings will become so ominous and so

very very

fearful men who were once so apparently

strong these great tigers and these

great bears and

Bulls he said they’re going to be like

water he said they’re going to be Panic

stricken they’re going to anticipate the

Daily News and with trembling and

faintness of heart and he said many of

them are going to die of heart failure

they’re literally going to

die all right having said that what

about God’s people what does God’s word

say about God’s people and their

attitude when judgment is

overhead David said it loud and clear

and I want you to hear it in your

innermost being what you hear it from

the Holy Spirit Spirit you can’t hear it

unless your mind is open your spirit is

open to what the Lord is saying and if

you honor his word let this ring in your

in Man David said this man who’s

righteous this man who is obedient and

trust the

Lord he shall not be afraid of evil

Tidings his heart is fixed trusting in

the Lord his heart is established he

shall never be afraid never his heart is

established trusting in the

Lord now in Isaiah the 34th chapter you

read the whole 34th chapter is a picture

of God judging Nations just as he’s


now incredible picture of God’s judgment

in his sword striking all the nations of

the Earth at the

time for the indignation he said of the

Lord is upon All Nations

for it is the day of the Lord’s

Vengeance yesterday they said that

onethird of the world now is in total

depression onethird of the world and now

it is coming to Brazil next and then to

Argentina Mexico and all Latin America

and then one half of the world from

Russia on one side Asia on the other

side and now from the south it comes and

so the United States is now surrounded

in pendal

movement and in the middle of that bad

news those evil Tidings the prophet

suddenly stops the next chapter in verse

chapter 35: 3 and 4 listen to what he

says he’s speaking now to God’s people

God’s people who see these things coming

on the earth and they’ve been trembling

they have been fearful in the scripture

says that Isaiah Cried Out strengthen

your weak hands confirm your feeble

knees say to them that have a faint

heart be strong and fear not behold your

God will come with vengance even god

with a recompense and he will come and

save you now incredible words of comfort

he he said that which is Vengeance on

the nation is your salvation he said

well I am smiting the when I am dealing

with my controversy about Zion he said

you’re not to fear this is not about you

you this is not judgment on my house or

my people he said you are to strengthen

yourself and while all around you are

growing weak you are to become

strong you are to have continual growth

in strength and confidence in

God profound uplifting word from the


Spirit Paul admonishes the church watch

ye Stand Fast in your faith quit you

like men he said act like men be

strong and in Ephesians 610 he says

finding my brethren be strong in the

Lord in the power of His might now this

is God’s hope for his church in perilous

times now Jesus said perilous times are

coming if if if you get tired of my word

then switch over and listen to Jesus he

said perilous time are coming you don’t

want to hear from a pastor or Shepherd

or Watchman hear it from the Lord

perilous times are coming on the earth

he said so perilous men’s hearts are

going to die they’re going to literally

have heart attacks watching those things

because of the news the evil

Tidings but God’s hope for his church

for those who are truly his is that

there will be a testimony and I believe

there’ll be no greater testimony in hard

times than when people all around are

fainthearted when they are trembling and

they are screaming and

wailing right now you are not aware of

it but all over this city especially in

Connecticut now where long-term capital

has collapsed 16 multi-millionaires have


broke and may have to some of them

having deare bankruptcy according to the


yesterday $2 trillion now of wealth has

been lost on paper a lot of trembling

and people are going to tremble when

this news begins to break and when

suddenly this nation is cast into a

holocaust Financial Holocaust and people

everywhere trembling on the job and on

the streets and there’s a solemnness

there’s a horror and a Darkness Falls on

the land the great testimony will be a

people of God a righteous holy people

who have no fear they’re gr stronger and

stronger in the Lord in their

faith that is the testimony you won’t

have to pass out tracks you won’t have

to say I’m a Christian you won’t have to

be a Christian just by H carrying your

Bible around though those are all good

there’ll be something on your

countenance of Peace there’ll be

something about you that is

different and they’ll say why do you

smile in this time

what kind of investment did you

make where did you put your

money you said I’ve got a bank brother

that you don’t know anything

about he said this sort of

Vengeance right in the middle of it he

says even with the Vengeance I will come

and he will come and save

you he said Vengeance on the nation is

my time of salvation for you I’m going

to save you

incredible however

sadly there going to be many many

Christians are not going to make it

they’re going to faint and they’re going

to fret and they’re going to despair and

they’re going to be listening to radio

or television news and it’s going to be

so ominous and so frightful they just

like the worldly people around them are

going to

tremble they are going to

fret they’re going to

despair if they’re not going to make it

in their Spirits their Spirits are going

to be cast down and many Christians are

going to die of fright literally

physically die of


the time is soon coming and the Holy

Spirit made this very clear to me the

time is soon

coming in many congregations around the


States where there’s been compromise in

sin where there’s been no preaching of

the true

gospel where there have been pastors who

have drifted far from the Lord and who

themselves are living in sin there are

going to be multitudes on Sundays and

other times they’re going to fall into

church like dead men having listened to

a whole week of evil Tidings and bad

news that has frightened them and scared

them they come to the house of God and

they’re going to sit look at each other

through hallowed eyes and they’re going

to sit there and watch a dead man grow

up like a blind man to the wall in the

Pulpit there’ll be no word there’s been

no warning there’s been no

preparation there’ll be no

aners and I’m telling you there will be

a death you think churches are dead now

wait thousands and thousands of

congregations like going to a funeral

because there’s no life there’s no word

from God the Bible said I will set their

eyes they will be

blind you see the multitudes who are

living in sin

they think they’re going to handle

anything oh you ought to hear the cool

talk on Wall Street right now very cool

talk from Young Brokers are being

interviewed and you listen to the

spin all we can handle it they been

depressions there have been hard times

before but we all come out of it we’re

all in the same boat so

what the Bible said those are the men

are going to tremble those are the men

are going to panic

but Hallelujah there is going to be a

there is now even a holy Remnant

Believers who’ve learned the secret of

getting and maintaining strength in hard

times they have learned how to get

strength they’ve learned how to maintain

that strength so that no matter what

happens on the face of the Earth doesn’t

matter where the moon and the stars fall

from the heaven doesn’t matter where the

mountains quake and fall into the sea

they have something of strength and

power with

Christ they are unshakeable they’re

unmovable they are not going to be

moved I want you to go to Psalms 32 if

you will please Psalms

32 I find that I have to get into the

word to make this


Psalm 32 beginning to read verse let’s

read two

verses I I have the wrong

uh chapter 32 I’m sorry let


I have the wrong reference but let me

give it to you look this way if you will

please it’s

in near Psalm I think it may be 31 here

just a

minute yeah here it is Psalm

31 verses 19 and 20 please oh how great

is thy goodness which thou has laid up

for them that fear thee which thou has

wrought for them that trust in thee

before the sons of men now here here’s

the psalmist introducing us to this

phrase The Secret of his presence thou

shallal hide them in the secret of thy

presence from the pride of

man thou shall keep them secretly in a

pavilion from The Strife of tongues I

want you to notice these words here in

the 20th verse thou shall hide them in

the secret of thy presence look this way

now the secret of thy presence

now folks here the APO here the writer

David is introducing us now to the

secret of strength here it is right now

his presence in us nothing more or less

than The Nearness to Christ The Nearness

to the

Lord the measure of your

security is proportionate to your

nearness to Christ let me say it

again the measure of your strength is in

proportion to your nearness to Jesus the

closer you are to Jesus the stronger

you’re going to be it’s that simple

that’s the secret he’s talking about if

you want strength you cling to him you

run to him in every clis and every trial

you run to Jesus and it’s The Nearness

you are to Christ how near are you to

Christ all the strength that you’re

going to need and all the strength that

you’re going to have to maintain is

going to come through your prayer life

now in the Old Testament the presence of

the Lord was tied to the

ark wherever the ark was the Jew thought

the Israel thought that’s where the

presence of God and for a long time that

was it this is where the mercy seat was

this represented the presence of God on

Earth it was in the holy of holies and

then they Trav CED with the ark and

there’s a

story given in 1 Samuel chapter 4 of Eli

sending his armies Eli the high priest

at the time sent the armies of Israel to

fight the Philistines and they begin to

lose the battle 4,000 men had already


slaughtered and the cry went up why are

we losing the

battle why are we being smitten before


Philistines and someone comes up with

the idea it’s because the Lord’s

presence is not with this go get the ark

the scriptures said they said let us

fetch the Ark of the Covenant of the

Lord out of Shiloh unto us that was the

house of God send the Levites send them

go get the

ark we need the presence of the Lord

with us that when it cometh Among Us it

will save us out of the hand of our

enemies and when when the armies of

Israel saw the ark coming into the

camp Bible said they shouted with a

great shot so that the Earth rang

out the Philistines heard the noise and

asked what does it all

mean they understood that the Ark of the

Lord was coming into the camp and the

Philistines were afraid for they said

God is coming to the camp Oh is

us you see folks the presence of the

Lord in your life scares the devil more

than anything else in Hell the presence

of Jesus The Nearness of Christ to you

and you to

him I tell you the man that shut in with

God the woman that shut in with God

those who walk near to him those who

spend quality time with him those who

are so wrapped up in

Jesus I want you to know that is the one

thing the devil will fight more than

anything else he will do everything in

his power to rob you of the presence of

the Lord he wants to put you in the lap

of some Delila so that he can cut you

off from the source of your

strength he wants you to be sidetracked

into some business sidetracked into some

Ministry sidetracked into almost

anything to keep you away from that

quality time alone with Jesus that place

where you get strength where he can’t

touch you where you become invincible to

the fears and the anxieties of this

age but you

see here are soldiers now dancing and

shouting and praising God and say we win

we win the battle’s over the Lord is

with us God is in the house the presence

of Lord we win they didn’t win there was

a great

Slaughter because you see to them the

presence of the Lord was a dead

theology it was just a matter of mind

never affected their heart all they

wanted was the

power and they didn’t want the god

behind the

power and be careful folks you can go to

some camp and you can hear the singing

and the shouting and see the dancing and

everybody saying God is with us you

better make sure the presence of the

Lord is there because you’re dancing

around a de

Ark the Ark of the Lord was no longer

the presence of the Lord God had left

Silo he left the ark it was gone was was

nothing out but a piece of

wood that’s why you be careful folks to

go don’t go anywhere outside of your

secret closet to find the presence of

the Lord

folks this matter of the presence of the

Lord is not a dead Doctrine it’s a

reality now many of

you that may believe that you’re in

spiritual warfare you’re fighting the

enemy but all folks you can’t fight the

enemy without the presence of the Lord

Jesus in your life you can’t do


I would think most of you hearing me

this morning are

convinced that the whole

world and especially the United

States is headed for a chastening from a


God uh you would have to be totally

blind like the man who wrote me a letter

last week and he said very matter of

fact that you are no Watchman you have

not heard from the

Lord and what he’s saying America is

going to face its finest

hour I hope he’s

true look at the tidings already that

are in the land listen to what is being

said by the experts now and finally this

this week for the first time in the

national news they’re using the term

Global depression first time ever that

I’ve have

heard now if that’s so and if you hear

the sound of the trumpet and you hear

the hoof

beats and I have a question for

you how near are you to the

Lord how near is he to you and how much

quality time are you spending in his

presence just theone with him you’re not

asking for anything you you are just

there for


him because you know that he has all

that you need and you are there in his

presence you are there for him and

you’re there saying master I’m in no

hurry this is your

time how near are you to the


you say well Pastor David uh you don’t

understand I I I love the Lord with all

my heart and I’m a good witness I I’m

not ashamed to witness to Jesus to

anybody anywhere at any time I read my

Bible I tithe I’m faithful to church I’m

living a good clean moral

life I’m still going to ask you the

question how near are you to the Lord

because you can do all those things and

if you are not near the Lord if you’re

not spending quality to him your

testimony is dead did and you are

drifting further away from your source

of strength and so that what you give

has no life to it it does not change

lives it’s fine it makes you feel good

you have done your part but there is no

life because the life and the strength

that emanates out of you comes from the

Throne of God when you alone with him

he’s empowering you and if you don’t

have that empowering of the Holy Ghost

you I want to tell you something you can

work your fingers to the Bone for Jesus

you can Minister you can preach you can

do all these things unless you’re s in

with God it’s

lifeless it’ll wear you

out you get weary and your

sweat and you will measure your walk by

your doing rather than your being with

him and I’m going to tell you there’s no

way that you can be more pleasing to God

there’s no way you could be more

fulfilling his will than being shut in

with him

alone he said ‘ then all these other

things will come out of life the life

that you have with

me Paul faced many many hard times he

faced perilous times he knew what it was

to lose everything he knew what it was

to to

to hunger and thirst he knew what it was

to sit in a damp dark cell alone and

forsaken even by friends

but I want you to go and I want you to

listen to this man go with me please to

Second Timothy will you will you please

the fourth chapter second Timothy the


chapter the fourth chapter of second

Timothy this time I think I have it

right verses 16 and

17 at my first answer no man stood with


but all men forsook me I pray God that

it may not be laid to their

charge notwithstanding means in spite of

it all the Lord stood with

me and he did what strengthened Me That

by me the preaching might be fully known

and that all the Gentiles might hear and

I was delivered out of the mouth of the

lion the Lord shall deliver me from

every evil work

he will preserve me unto his Heavenly

Kingdom to whom be glory forever and


amen Paul said look everywhere I look

there trouble there’s distress people

have abandoned me I’ve been rejected and

this man had nothing in the flesh to

glory in there was not much to comfort

him in the flesh he said in spite of

everything I see coming in spite of the

hard and perilous times that I in

nevertheless in spite of it all the Lord

stood with me and he strengthened

me thrilled Paul must have been when he

heard his children that he ministered to


congregations holding on strong that’s

why he could write to the

Hebrews he said you endured a great

fight of afflictions you were made a

gazing stalk by reproaches and

afflictions and you took joyfully the

sporing of your goods here was a

congregation that could say with their

Pastor I’ve lost everything I’ve lost

everything Paul said i’ I I I’ve

suffered the loss of all things these

people have been made a laughing stalk

they have been robbed they’ve lost their

homes they’ve lost everything they’ve

lost their careers they’ve lost

everything and Paul said you took it

joyfully you grew strong through the

process everybody else would be

screaming at God and wailing and washing

and nashing their teeth you’re growing

stronger you’re being

strengthened that’s what Paul said I’m


jail I I don’t have anything but the

Lord came and stood by me and

strengthened me and told me he going to

deliver me from everything that comes


me do you have a notwithstanding in your

life have you come to that place where

you said in spite it

all I believe that if I stay close to

Jesus in my hard times I run to him he’s

the source of my strength he has

everything I

need you

remember the man who had a guest come at

midnight he had no bread but he had a

friend who had all the bread he

needed that friend is Jesus who sticks

closer to her brother he said he’s a

friend and this man says I’m going to go

to my friend friend he didn’t ask once

and then go home and sit there and say

well I’ll take it by faith he’s he’s my

friend he knows what I

need I want to tell you something folks

you have not

prayed you have not prayed until you’ve

given up all other

options there’s no such thing as prayer

unless all options are gone and you are

shut in on one purpose and one plan and

that is that you know that your Christ

has all the strength all the power

everything you need nobody else has it

where do you go you can’t get it from

your friends you can’t get it from the

government there’s no institution only

Christ has the Bible said he is our

strength and so you go to him he said I

know he’s got the bread he’s got my

strength everything I need where can I

go and now folks I’m telling you you

don’t pray until you have given up every

other hope of getting strength or

direction or anything else from any

other source not from your books your

sermon tapes not from your pastor not

from your friends not from a

prop not from a healing of aners not

from anybody but

Jesus folks I want tell you something it

comes down to this you give God an

ultimatum you give the Lord an ultimatum

you say Lord Jesus I see hard times

coming I don’t know what’s ahead of me

but I tell you Jesus I know you have

everything I need to keep me by your

power and your grace and I’m keep coming

and coming till I get what I need I’m

coming at

you I I gave God an ultimatum a year ago

I said Lord there’s so much yet I don’t

know there’s so much I’m going to have

to have I’m going to to stand in the

pulpit in perilous times and I can’t

just give little

sermonettes I can’t tickle anybody’s

ears Lord I’m going to have to hear from

heaven and I know you have the word you

have everything the house of God needs

you have what your people need in

indones in China and Russia wherever

there’s a depression you have everything



and I said God I’m telling you I’m not

giving up till you bless me with your

word and Revelation I’m not giving up

I’m going to come and come and



come yes my dear

wife he he got an made him from

me oh

God you will not withhold from

me your presence your word the Bible

said this man kept pounding kept

knocking until the word says He gave him

all he needed he gave him

all he’s going to give you everything

you need strength and power and

anointing and

encouragement but let me tell you

something you’re not going to give it to

those who come home from work flip on

the TV and flop in the

couch waste away

hours never open their Bible never seek

the face of God not going to be given to

pastors who sit around through the week

ping away their time and

going spending more time on the golf

course their knees I’m not against that

but but no time for the Lord and stand

in the Pulpit dead and

dry folks I’m telling you there is no

other source of strength but being in

the presence of the Lord the Bible says

very very clearly that there is no other

way no other

hope I was talking to a friend of mine

this past week in Texas who

has who raises

cattle he said brother

Dave we’ve had

droughts and yes this past week we had

12 Ines of rain after a

drought we’re back in a

drought no anticipation of further rain

but he said we’re now being invaded by


worms he said I went out in my field and

I turned off and said honey what’s

happened look the fields are all

yellow and he went out in the fields and

all his hay crop was gone army worms had

eaten everything left just

stalks just

stems he said brother looks you read

about droughts in the Bible in the last

days you read about pestilence and you

read about plagues he said I’ve we’ve

got a plague in East Texas now eating up

everything everything is green is being

eaten up and now they say that we’re

going to have Locust

coming and he said

it it’s it’s in my yard it’s in my

Fields the things that God talked about

then then we went on and talked about

the failure of long-term capital hedge


investment that last

week a week ago almost

collapsed and I was telling what I just

read in the newspaper in the New York

Times how the Federal Reserve had to

come in and rescue uh a 100 billion doll

uh Fiasco was about to

break and 7 of these Bankers gathered

together right down here in Wall Street


panic in panic absolute Panic saying

what’s going on what happened the

smartest brains in the

world were about to

lose the bond

market and every hedge fund would have

collapsed they had to get together in

that room and folks last week while

everybody in America went on their free

spending ways everybody happy everybody

thinking fine the nation almost

collapsed last

week they build

out long-term capital investment


and I was aware of it because I’ve been

reading on it and keeping up with

it and I I turned I I told my friend

said you know

something we

were hours

away in fact

Greenspan said just so in so many words

that they had to do it to save the whole

world’s Financial system to save

it and I hung up the phone after sharing

this with with my

friend and I I thought wait a minute

here we are talking about plagues and

and pestilence that are right in front

of us here I am talking about uh being

on the brink right on the brink and

we’re just nonchalant about it we’re

just talking about it and sudden da

we’re not ready we’re not ready for this

I’m not ready we’re not ready physically

we we’re not ready

for for the thing when it happens we’re

not ready for it and then most

Christians I talk to the attitude is

well wait a minute there’s nothing I can

do about any I’m just going to trust God

and it’s kind of a nonchalant it’s kind

of easygoing we talk about these things

it just flows out of us it’s all almost

like a doomsday scenario where

everybody’s talking about how bad it’s

going to get and things we just talk

about it and it just pours out of us and

and the attitude well I’m just going to

go as far as I can what else can I do uh

and uh I I’ll just do my best in what

God has called me to do and there’s

nothing I can do oh yes there is here’s

what the Holy Spirit told me is the

point of my message there is something

that you and I can do there is a

preparation that we should be making

right now we should be preparing right

now and that preparation is alone in the

Pres pres of the Lord the very thing I’m

talking about right now to start

building up your spiritual strength and

your faith in the Lord and you are not

going to get it in any other way but

shutting the whole world out and going

into a secret place with the Lord and

pouring your heart out

daily just pouring your heart and get

drawing he said you draw nigh to me I

will draw nigh to you and it’s that

nearness that is the secret of strength

it is measured by your closeness to

Jesus and you can’t get close to Jesus

unless you’re shut in with

him any more than you can get close to

your wife without being shut in with her

or your

husband they that trust in thee before

the sons of men thou shall hide them in

the secret of thy presence


you know you’re not going to be able to

lean on somebody


strength I want to speak to every wife

that’s here

quickly if if you don’t have your own

prayer life if you don’t have your own

time with Jesus if you’re not building

up your own strength in the Holy Ghost

in the Lord when these things come

you’re not going to be ready you can’t

get it from your husband you can’t get

it sir from your wife your wife may be a

Praying woman you said well when hard

times my wife will pray us through no

you’ll be so stricken you won’t know

what to do you’ll be

blinded you can’t get it remember during

the time of the prophets they thought

well when the hard times come we’ll just

call for Noah and Daniel and job the

scripture says no though these three men

Noah Daniel and job it they shall

deliver but their own Souls by their

righteousness they won’t have enough for

you and Jesus blessed the word that in

fact Jesus gave the parable of the

foolish virgins who came to the wise and

said we’ve run out of oil will you give

us some of your oil they said there’s

not enough for us and you you go buy

your own oil and the Lord spoke those

words he said there’s not enough you

have to have your own prayer life you

have to have your own time singles

career people I ask you I beg of you

when you come home go home and shut the

door begin to seek the Lord then you

won’t have you you can sit through any

message of any Prophet or any Watchman

doesn’t matter how scary it

gets you won’t shake you won’t fear the

loss of your job you won’t fear the loss

of your home because I want to tell you

something my God he the Apostle Paul

said the Lord will come forth he will

strengthen you he will give you the

assurance that he’s going to preserve

you and keep you he’ll do it in a way

you can’t imagine or understand but God

will keep you he will not let you suffer

death or deprivation or anything else

unless his perfect will is in it he said

be faithful even unto death and you

can’t do that unless you have the

supernatural strength of Jesus Christ

abiding in you

Hallelujah do you have your own source

of strength now

you say what can I do there’s nothing

wrong with being

informed but I’m telling you

now there are

Christians who to be doubled up in fear

and living in dread and

panic because they’ve not been running


Jesus in perilous times I tell you


what happens you don’t have your own

source of strength and your mate is

taken from

you what

happens if things change so much that

you’re left alone and you have to face

the battle alone you better have a

secret of strength you better have a

source folks it’s that simple I’ve

learned I learned it when I was 8 years

old and all these years has kept

me in every crisis anything I don’t

understand anything that overwhelms me

any crises any hard time I just say

goodbye world and I run to Jesus and I

stay there until I get all the strength

and the comfort and the help that I need

to come out and face it he doesn’t

remove the problem he just puts me above

it because I’m seated with Christ in in



he wants to raise you above every crisis


coming I and everybody that has full

confidence in the word just raise your

hand and wave it at me right now please

you have full confidence in the word all

right let’s see if you

do let’s start verse 28 if you have King

James would you read it aloud with

me Isaiah 40 verse beginning verse 28 to

the end of the chapter hast thou not


hast thou not heard that the Everlasting

God the Lord the creator of the ends of

the Earth fainteth not neither is weary

there is no searching of his

understanding he giveth power to the

faint and to them that have no might he

increaseth strength even the youth shall

faint and be weary and the young man

shall utterly fall but they that wait

upon the Lord shall renew their strength

they shall Mount up with wings as eagles

they shall run and not be weary and they

shall walk and not faint glory to God

glory to God

hallelujah that’s the word hallelujah


Father what a wonderful promise you’ve


us that if we would wait on you that’s

prayer that’s quality

time if you draw near to me and wait on

me in that waiting you will be

strengthened you will not faint though

even the young around you may be

fainting and falling you will not faint

your strength will be

renewed you will grow

strong in hard

times you become a

testimony to a man or woman who trusts

in God before the sons of men oh

Hallelujah Lord I want to be one of


testimonies Hallelujah Lord get our eyes

off the problems get our eyes off the

crazies get our eyes off all these

things Lord we hear the news but Lord

we’ve got better news we’ve got a better


hallelujah God said I’m going to

preserve you I will preserve Zion I will

keep you by my grace and by my power but

you’re going to need the strength


hallelujah hallelujah

uh been asking Theo I’ve been asking the


Spirit how to approach this

invitation and what I believe I’ve

receive from the Holy

Spirit there are a number of you here

now that need to change we were singing

about that that changed

me it’s not enough to hear a word and

let it just let it

die it has to change

us and there are some of you that are

standing here watching me in the annex

and here in the main

Auditorium I’ll tell you bluntly how how

clear I hear it from the Holy

Spirit you don’t have a prayer life you

don’t you don’t have a prayer

life oh you you you have a love for him

you you don’t want to turn your back on

him you don’t live in any flaunted

sin but you don’t have a life shut in

with the

Lord you have a full day of activity but

you don’t have that special time with

him or a special

place and that’s a grief to

God that you should neglect his son

neglect this source of thing because you

see God wants you to be very strong in

the days ahead that’s his desire for you

be strong that you grow and you see

growth is nothing more than a a

continual revelation of who Jesus is you

grow in the knowledge of him that’s what

growth is nothing more or less it’s it’s

a greater and greater revelation of who

Jesus is and you can’t have that you

probably have a static stale vision of

who Jesus is Jesus can’t be making

himself very real to you it’s just

something you knew of him in the past

but it’s not a fresh live word in you

now you’re not able to draw

strength if you do go to prayer it’s

only to ask him for things with loving

heart that aching cleaving heart for the

Lord and I want you to deal with that


morning we’re not here

to pack out this Altar and say oh look

at all the people not at all God knows

our heart on

that I’m going tell you

something if you’ve not if you don’t

have that prayer life if you’re not

seeking the Lord with all your heart you

have a time alone with

God he told you to redeem the time and

when you and I stand before the

Lord you have to answer for

that the neglect of the secret closet

alone with

him and if you’re here now in the Holy

Spirit is convicted of you and you say

and I’ll tell you what to me that’s just

the greatest sin as anything you could

name on

Earth he said my people neglected me

days on


neglected how should we

escape what’s coming if we neglect so

great is salvation and he is our

Salvation it’s the neglect of

Christ if God’s convicted You by his

holy spirit you say Pastor David that is

me I come to church I love the

Lord I I I try to read my Bible and I

witness but I have no life of

prayer I don’t have a prayer

life if the Holy Ghost convicts you I

want you to come because that is sin I

want you to confess it and I’m going to

ask you to say God I want you to help me

from this day on to

develop a life of prayer I want my life

to be a life of Prayer in the days ahead

up in the balcony go here de side if

you’re in the annex you can go to the

lobby and the ushers will show you how

to get into this building you come down

and meet me we’re going to ask God to

forgive us and I’ll tell you what this

blesses The Father’s Heart mightily when

there’s True Confession Lord I’ve

neglected your son father I’ve neglected

Jesus I don’t

have I am not a man I’m not a woman of

prayer and I want to be now if you’re

here also and you’re not right with God

you’ve been drifting away from him

you’re backliner you don’t know Jesus

follow these that are coming nobody will

know why you’re coming you come nobody’s

putting you on the spot this is a time

to make things right with the Lord your

perilous times get it right with the

Lord sing that again if you will please

while they’re coming look this way for

just a

moment the Lord knows our hearts he he

no matter what we say with our mouth he

goes deeper than that he says into the

very heart and he

knows and he has such a love for you and

especially because you come to his

presence right now to

acknowledge Lord I’ve sinned against you

I have neglected you I I I I kind of

left you somewhere in the back roads of


mind oh I think about you Jesus but I

have not given you that

wonderful loving

time I want you to pray with this me

right now

Jesus I’ve neglected

you and that is

sin that is grieving to the Holy Spirit

and to the heavenly father

and to you Jesus because you

said if I’m under the

blood I’m the bride of

Christ and as your bride

Jesus I’ve neglected

you I ask

forgiveness I ask for

cleansing and I ask you Holy

Spirit to woo me and draw me so that I

want to pray

that I want to seek you Jesus draw me

Lord and I’ll run after

you now I want everybody in this house

every Christian in this

house I I I I don’t think there’d be

many Christians who who could be able to

honestly say to the Lord I’ve been very

faithful in this

matter folks I I’ve got a hunger to

spend even more time with him I I’m I’m

not near where I want to be this matter

I want everybody as a Christian to raise

your hands by I would many everyone have

hold your hands and and ask the Lord

Lord forgive me forgive me for not

giving you the time that you deserve

forgive me Lord for neglecting the

prayer closet forgive me Lord Jesus for

not going to my source of strength I’ve

been trying to be strong but My Own

Strength is going to fail me in hard

times give me your strength as I wait

upon you Lord I will wait upon the Lord

I will wait upon the Lord God by your

spirit draw us now into your presence

draw us to yourself Lord awaken us to

pray help us to remember this moment of

consecration that we will seek the face


God now for those who have drifted away

from the Lord will you just ask him

right now to cleanse you just ask him in

your own words to forgive you those who

are not right with the Lord say Jesus I

give you my heart I confess every sin to

you and I believe you now for a new

heart a new heart put a new heart in me

Jesus with new desires Draw Me Closer to

you this is the conclusion of the