David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

walking in the spirit very simple word

from the Lord walking in the spirit if

you will turn to Galatians please the

fifth chapter fifth chapter of Galatians

will read three verses that have to do

with my message Galatians five verse 16

beginning to read this I say then walk

in the spirit you shall not fulfill the

lust of the flesh go to verse 18 please

but if you be led of the Spirit I want

to emphasize there’s word led of the

Spirit you are not under the law

verse 25 if we live in the spirit let us

what also walk in the spirit and a Holy

Spirit we honor you this morning we

thank you for bringing Christ to us in

such knowledge and wisdom and truth Holy

Spirit that is what you have been called

to do and we acknowledge and we honor

you we pray now that you give us ears to

hear and I ask your Lord to give me a

voice to speak we know Lord that you’re

in this house and we know that you want

to speak to our hearts we have hungry

hearts we hunger and thirst after truth

and Lord we give you we give you all

that we are and all that we have we ask

your Lord to make this truth a reality

in our lives in Christ’s name I pray

amen if we live in the spirit let us

also walk in the spirit in plain words

simply this if the Holy Spirit is in you

let him have control obey Him it’s that

simple if he lives in you then take

orders from him walk in his ways Jesus

sent the Holy Spirit to be a constant

ever-present guide and teacher in our

lives now you’ve heard that and you know

that in theory

but many have believed this concept of

walking in the spirit is such a

theological quagmire they can’t

understand it and you have to be in

theology to define it and I can take you

to my library and I can show you books

written by theologians three and four

hundred pages thick and I’ve waded

through some of them and I still

couldn’t understand what it means to

walk in the spirit you don’t have to be

a theologian you don’t have to have a

theological background to understand

what it means to walk in the spirit if I

ask you personally if I can come to just

say what what do you believe it is what

does it mean to walk in the spirit could

you explain it to me could you explain

it to anyone who came to you and ask you

to explain Galatians if it’s out there

do you have a theory even do you have

something that you practice something

that you know works in your life when

I’m preaching you this morning is not

theology I didn’t get it from a book I

got it through experience and walking in

tests and trials and that’s how it comes

most of us have no trouble believing the

Holy Spirit has been brought to us by

Christ given to us by Christ we have no

problem talking about his gifts we have

no problem talking about praying in the


we have no talk to have no problem

talking about the gifts and the fruits

of the spirit

we have no problem praying to the Holy

Spirit we have no problem with

experiencing manifestations and

believing manifestations of the Spirit

but so few of us know the walk of the

Spirit you see you can be filled with

the spirit it’s another thing to walk in

the spirit and that’s what I want to

deal with this morning the Lord helping

us we are missing I think in the Church

of Jesus Christ the one truth the one

great truth that can bring rest to our

soul it’s a truth that I believe can

take away the distress and bring peace

to the heart and yet we have

missed this we we have talked so much

especially in charismatic circles about

the power the anointing of the Holy

Spirit the manifestations of the Holy

Spirit but there’s almost little or no

understanding of what it means to be

under the government of the Holy Spirit

that he has come to guide us in all

truth he’s come to direct our lives he’s

come to take full control of everything

we say and everything we do want your

walk for example my walk has everything

to do with me Who I am and what I do and

what I say and how I act it’s my

lifestyle and it’s not enough for me to

be able to speak with tongues and say

that is the Holy Ghost it’s not enough

for me to even pray in the spirit not

enough for me to talk to you about the

gifts or or show forth the gifts of the

Holy Spirit I have to have an

understanding I have to know how every

day in my life there’s such confusion

there are so many decisions to be made

and I can’t do it myself I can’t figure

things out Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to

take his place he is in glory a

glorified man he said I can’t walk with

you now I walk my season in this earth

and I have fellowship with my servants

and my apostles and the the multitudes

but now I’m going to Gloria said I’m

going to give you my spirit because you

see the Holy Spirit the Bible said the

Spirit is the Lord it’s the Spirit of

Christ Himself I treats the triune

Godhead I believe in a Trinity but the

very spirit that is in us now is the

very mind of Christ it is the very

essence that is in Christ the very

essence of God himself

we have abiding in us there only two

ways to walk you up either in the flesh

that means deciding your own way making

your own decisions or walking in the


and walking the spirit means that you

make no move you go nowhere you you

don’t do anything until you consult with

the Holy Spirit you get his mind that he

is in full control that I have no will

of my own I’ve surrendered my will to

the Holy Spirit because he knows the

mind of God and he is the mind of Christ

and I surrender my will I have no more

will I give it to him Jesus walked in

complete submission to his Heavenly


here it is in his own words the Son of

man can do nothing of himself but what

he sees the father do for what things

soever he doeth so does the son likewise

jesus said I cannot myself do nothing as

I hear then I judged because I seek not

my own will but the will the Father

which has sent me jesus said for I came

down from heaven not to do my own will

but the will of him that sent me and I

live by the Father and in John 4:17 we

hear these words as he is in the world

so are we who do we think we are that we

can do what Jesus could not do who are

we to think that we can make our own

decisions go our own way and we can do

what we think is right

we can do what we think is good and we

can salt with people we can get on the

phone and we can ask is this good we can

check with our pastors we check with

their family we checked with everyone

and last and calmly least sometimes not

at all consulting with the Holy Spirit

Jesus said I do nothing I don’t say

anything I wait on the Father I have no

will of my own I’m here to do only the

will of my father and as he is in the

world so are we

as a believe in a love of Jesus Christ I

can’t conceive that I have that kind of

power I can do what Christ Himself chose

not to do surely he was wisdom surely he

was knowledge he was all of these things

but he waited on the Father to see what

was the mind of God then and then only

did he act and move in the chap in the

ninth chapter of numbers we see a very

vivid picture of what it means to be

under the government of the Holy Spirit

there was a cloud that appeared when

Israel left to Egypt the cloud by day

and a warm glow at night a fire by night

and it hung and hovered over the people

and began to lead them into the

wilderness and then when the tabernacle

was built that cloud descended from

heaven and stood and hovered over the

holy of holies the tabernacle that was

built in the wilderness for this réalité

and that cloud hovered there and they

did not move until that cloud moved by

day it was a cloud of visible cloud

representing I believe the Holy Spirit

and the very essence in presence of

Christ reviewed through the Holy Spirit

the scripture says so it was always the

cloud covered it by day and appearance

of fire by night when the cloud lifted

up from the tabernacle the children of

Israel moved on when the cloud stopped

they stopped they pitched tents then at

the commandment the Lord they journeyed

and at the commandment or the word of

the Lord they pitched their tents as

long as the cloud abode on the

tabernacle they rested in their tents

and when the cloud rested many days the

children of Israel kept the charge of

the Lord and did not move if the

cloud rested for just a few days the

scripture said they stayed in their

tents according to the Lord’s

commandment then moved as the cloud

moved if the cloud moved even in the

morning they move if it moved at night

they moved whether it was two days or a

month or a year they moved not until the

cloud moved not one move not one step

out of the camp they waited for the

cloud to move the cloud would live when

it was time to go if the cloud stayed

two days it would descend over the

tabernacle when it was time to go the

cloud would lift and begin to drift away

and they were told they were taught go

follow the cloud now Israel sinned in

the wilderness they committed adultery

and fornication idolatry but one thing

that they were obedient and they never

ever moved without the cloud except on

one occasion and I’ll tell you that in

just a moment and it led to disaster at

the commandment the word of the Lord

they rested and at his word they moved

on now ladies and gentleman that cloud

was lifted from Israel because of

idolatry and sin in his final days that

cloud was lifted to glory but on the day

of Pentecost in the city of Jerusalem

that cloud descended over a hundred and

twenty people and that cloud came down

and stood over that upper room hovered

over the upper room and then it slowly

descended more and came into the

building and when the cloud came into

the building it shook and that cloud

that spirit of the Living God descended

further and that

cloud a fire began to break up it began

to split cloven tongues as a fire you

see it was a fire by night and this is

the darkest time in Israel in that dark

hour just before the light is coming the

Spirit of God descends not only above

the building but in the building and

finally on their heads and shoulders

they were all filled with the Holy Ghost

the Bible said cloven tongues of the

fire sat upon each of them and that word

cloven in Greek means thoroughly

distributed thoroughly distributed that

fire began to spread and not only did

that cloud sit upon them it entered

their very bodies and those bodies

became the temple of the Holy Ghost the

Bible said they were all filled with the

Holy Ghost and began to speak languages

as the Spirit gave them utterance and

now they are filled with the Holy Ghost

I ask you are you filled with the Holy

Ghost do you would you answer me do you

believe the Holy Ghost abides in you he

came we keep praying Oh Holy Ghost come

down well he’s here he has come down but

he wants to take full control of these


this is his tabernacle this is his

temple you see you can be filled the

Holy Spirit but the Bible said if we

live in the spirit in other words if if

the Spirit is in you and the spirit

lives in you and you live in the spirit

now walk in him now as the Lord opened

up this scripture to me this this matter

of walking in the spirit and I’ve been

praying and seeking God Lord I want to

understand this simply I want you to

make it simple so the child can

understand because

it’s the only way I can come with this

because I I want to I want to live it I

want to walk in the spirit I’ve been

preaching about the Holy Ghost for years

and years

penny cost the background my father and

grandfather Lord make it simple and the

Holy Spirit in prayer said the truth is

they were that and it’s this is that

still small voice of the Spirit I don’t

hear audible voices but that’s still

small inner voice and this is what I

heard that it’s so simple most of us

miss it and most great truths in the

Bible are missed because of their

simplicity we so complicated we look for

so many hidden meanings and and come out

of so many different theological ways

that we miss the simple truth and I just

waited on Holy Spirit and finally three

little words came to me and the Lord

said I’m giving you the golden key to

understand this and if you’ll take this

to heart you can live and walk in the

spirit and you can share it with others

and when I heard three little words I

said Lord that is too simple so simple I

don’t understand it

three little words to understand walking

in the spirit just say yes and I said

lord I don’t understand that just say

yes show me Scripture I was led to 2nd

Corinthians 1:20 for all the promises of

God on him yes and a man to the glory of

God by us it’s not yes or no it’s not

maybe all the promises of God are yes in

a man and it came down to this and when

I began to see it i clenched my fist and

yet yes

he I began to go over over the promises

the great promises that he gave me and

let me go over some of these promises

the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave us and

see if you can say yes see if you can

read clench your fists enjoy and against

the devil and say yes because it’s yes

and amen amen is so be it in other words

I believe it in fact a man means

trustworthy and so be it

I can trust what Jesus said first thing

he said and I want you to listen closely

he said I have established you i’ve

anointed you I’ve sealed you with the

Holy Spirit I have filled you with the

Holy Spirit do you say yes you can’t

walk in the spirit until you believe

that you’re filled with the Holy Spirit

he doesn’t flirt or flit in and out of

our lives every time we’re in trouble

every time we do something wrong he’s

still there but I need him more when I

do wrong then when I’m going right

secondly jesus promised the Holy Spirit

the comforter that he will abide with

you forever and he will lead you into

all truth he will take that which can be

known of Christ and he will show it to

you he will guide you he will lead you

and he’ll bring you into the truth of

Christ can you say yes you know I never

try to work a crowd I usually say don’t

say anything don’t clap but I’m so

excited and these simple words are

walking in the spirit there has there

has to come a divine yes intractable

positive-definite no possibility of

maybe or no yes I ran around my room my

fists clenched

yes every promise in the book is mine

when I was a boy in my dad’s church they

had a song they sang almost every week

every promise in the book is mine every

chapter every verse every line and the

promise of his love divine every promise

in the book is mine in the early church

in my boyhood time believe that and

lived it and we do it again today jesus

promised that there would be an inner

voice a guide a teacher he would glorify

Christ in you he will show you things to

come he will show you something about

where you to go and how you’re to go can

you say yes to being guided by the Holy

Spirit and here’s a promise in all your

ways acknowledge him he who the Holy

Ghost he will direct your path he will

direct your steps when I was praying

about it but more what about the

safeguards because I I’m about to order

a book it is a theological discourse or

lecture about all the dangers of

listening to inner voices you see the

flesh has a voice the devil has a voice

and the world has a voice how do I know

it’s the Holy Ghost how do I know it’s

the Holy Spirit now there are many of

you listening to me now and many in the

ministry who can’t accept this walk of

having a constant uninterrupted voice of

the Holy Spirit directing your life

because you have tried to trust that

voice or tie to hear the voice of the

Lord and somewhere sometime you made a

mistake or you see it didn’t happen I

thought I heard the Holy Ghost but it

was not the Holy Spirit now there are

safeguards God would never allow his

people who seek to be led by the Holy

Spirit and walk in the Holy Spirit as

directed by the word and then let

be deceived impossible not when you’re

on your face not when you’re seeking him

not when you’re asking for the cleansing

and not when you believe that the Holy

Ghost mortifies the deeds of the flesh

only the Holy Spirit you cannot mortify

your sin there’s no other way but faith

in the power and the anointing of the

Holy Ghost

if you mortify the deeds of the flesh

through the spirit you shall live the

scripture says now let me talk about the

safeguards Ephesians 6 16 what about it

you see you see if you if you’re going

to have the safeguards it requires

another divine yes it has to be an

intractable divine yes uh I will believe

if I’m going to walk this kind of way

I’m going to believe that the Holy

Spirit will keep his word

I’ll take these other promises he has

promised to protect us

these are protective promises so that we

know the vajjis a– said you the world

doesn’t know the holy spirit but you

know him you know him you know him by

familiarity by spending time with him by

trusting in him but let me give you the

safeguards please take the shield of

faith wherewith you shall be able to

quench all the fiery darts of the wicked

take the shield of faith that you may be

able to quench the devil’s voice every

word that comes from his mouth

everything he tries to win it to to

inject into them to the mind these are

fiery darts of Satan and there is only

one protection and that is to believe

what God said if you will believe me if

you’ll take this step of faith and you

will consult me if you will walk in the


in other words trust him that when you

seek Him and when you believe that he

abides in you and that he has a voice

that he was speaking he will lead and

guide and keep you from evil he will

keep you from

master he will keep you from these

terrible mistakes that we make in life

he said will you believe that I have a


I am your shield and I will protect you

I will keep it and trust that he knows

how to do it there’s no preacher

anywhere can explain how he puts up the

shield my part is to believe that he has

promised to be a shield to me and I go

to prayer waiting on the Holy Spirit and

prank Holy Spirit you shield me from any

voice of the NA you shield me from the

voice of the flesh there’s another

scripture for the flesh lust or fights

against the spirit and we’re talking

about now discerning the Holy Spirit

from the spirit the voice of the flesh

here’s the promise the flesh must her

fights against the spirit and the spirit

fights against the flesh and these are

contrary one to another and now you have

the voice of the flesh and you have the

Holy Spirit here in my heart that in

this body of mind are two voices that

are clamped the voice of flesh always

clamoring for attention and always

trying to tell me what to do

always tell me it’s right always tell me

go to get some counselors agree with my

way and then go to God and praying God

has to bless it do it my way and then go

to prayer and ask God to just bless what

I have I hear people say what God’s

given us a sound mind we have an

intelligent mind and in god helps those

who help themselves

and I’m just going to use my intelligent

spiritual mind well then you’re acting

on your own will I believe yes he does

now I’m not I’m not saying you go to

your closet say Holy Spirit what dress

do I wear or what color suit do I put on

today I’m not asking you to go to the

Holy Ghost and ask and what cereal you

pick for breakfast I’m asking for all of

these all of these things that have to

do with walking walking those decisions

in life that are so important that we


at you don’t have to go into a closet

you can do you can do it sometimes in

just a few moments you stop you see the

Holy Ghost is never in a hurry she’s

never in a rush he said be still and

know that I’m God and you just wait for

a moment if you stop

I don’t care where it’s at and what the

issue may be holy spit it you abide in

me what is your mind what is your word

he’ll never fail now here’s the voice of

the flesh and here’s the Holy Spirit in

this vessel of mine who do you think’s

going win this war the flesh or the Holy

Ghost greater is He that is in us than

he that is in the world this is not your

war it’s not mine I go to the Holy

Spirit and I claim this promise I

claimed this that you’re at war it’s not

my war you’re you’re the one who’s

contrary to my flesh I don’t know how to

distinguish the flesh at all times but

you know what is flesh Holy Spirit I

believe you to quench the flesh I

believe you to break through every

barrier the flesh and give me your mind

never once will God fail

Ephesians 14 a 430 verse 30 grieve not

the Holy Spirit of God whereby you’re

sealed unto the day of redemption and

that word grieve saddened don’t sad in

the heart of God by neglecting the

Ministry of the Holy Spirit for which

he’s been sent but with whom was he

grieved 40 years was it not with them

that had sinned his carcass has fell in

the wilderness because of their unbelief

Israel’s most previous active unbelief

is found in the first half to

Deuteronomy it was a time that the cloud

was about to move across into Canaan and


the cloud would be lifted and they were

told they’d stand there on the side the

river and the Lord says now it’s time to

act it’s time to go on go in I’ve made

you the promises you go now go into the

into Canaan this is where the cloud was

moving and they said no one they

rebelled against him Bible makes it very

very clear Moses said you did not

believe God’s Word not one of you shall

see the good land you will die in your

despair God was greed now God never left

them even though they were not going to

obey God at this time God was faithful

he saw them through the wilderness God

doesn’t drop his people for even an

unbelief God still they we don’t believe

by WA said he remains faithful he still

loved his people though their unbelief

but you see they missed the blessing

they missed the life that God had

planned for them with rest divine rest

the Bible and in Hebrews said they

missed the rest that was promised

because they did not move with God they

didn’t go with God they didn’t obey his

word they didn’t go with his direction

and then they gird themselves the Bible

said they said well because now they

were told God’s not going to go with you

you choosing your own way and so they

said the Bible says they girded

themselves they put on their weapons

they had no direction the cloud didn’t

go with them and yet they went up the

hill to battle against the enemy they

said we’re going to go in and he got the

hill right with the Bible Moses told me

said that you’re going to be chased as

bees or chase as bees chase you in other

words you’re going to hit a bee’s nest

because you’re going your own way making

your own decisions God’s not with that

and the Bible says they were chased as

with bees

now folks I look back over my life and

the times that I acted without consult

the Holy Spirit not just to get

permission but say Lord is this your

will is this what you want

and when I’ve acted on my own volition

and when I’ve taken my own will at hand

and did what I thought was just right

and thought I was smart enough and

intelligent enough to know what was

right and wrong and I’ve acted that way

I’ve every time looked back over my life

as many of these issues that I can

remember of all these times I’ve acted

in my past 50 years of ministry I’ve

always run into that bees nest

I’ve always been chased by distress I’ve

always found it just like sand Civic

through my fingers but when I’ve obeyed

the Holy Spirit he’s always blessed and

he’s always been there years ago some

over 40 years ago the little town in

Pennsylvania the Holy Spirit spoke to me

clearly go to New York City and work

with gangs and drug addicts and it was a

clear voice now you just don’t pick up

when you’re in a little town of 1,500

people up in the hills of Pennsylvania

you just don’t get up and go unless you

know God sent you then you don’t go tell

your wife you’re going to move to New

York when you have nice little cottage

with a picket fence and nobody around to

bother you no neighbors you see you have

to hear from God and I heard from the

Lord he said go to New York and work

with drug addicts and I moved with the

cloud the cloud was moving I moved with

that cloud I said yes Lord and I look

back over those years and now over 500

teen challenge centers around the world

500 thousands and thousands of drug

addicts being sick

I’m not boasting but in the faithfulness

of God but you see I had been on my face

for weeks and weeks praying that God

would speak because often when God’s

trying to lead us you stir the nest and

we have that divine restlessness and we

know God is trying to get our attention

and I look back over my past life and I

came to New York City in four or five

years later after coming obeying a Holy

Spirit the Lord spoke clearly to my

heart write a book and we called it the

cross of switchblade and that book went

all over the world and it’s opened or

sold it now in my latter years I could

go anywhere in the world and that book

God used to open up the doors because

you see the cloud moved and the cloud

said do this and I did it obeyed him now

folks there were a lot of times I didn’t

and in between all of these blessings

I’m talking about there there were times

of loving chastening from the Lord

because I ran off and did my own thing

and it blew up in my face I could write

a whole book on just that it’d be bigger

than the cross and swift blade

eleven years ago I was driving down

Interstate in Pennsylvania running

interstates and I had some tapes that

had been in car for months and I picked

up this tape and I put it in the tape

player on the radio in the car it was a

pastor Conlan and Holy Spirit said put

another one in in the second tape I

heard a voice and Holy Spirit said pull

off the road I said why he said there’s

a telephone number there call him and

invite him to preach so I got on the

phone I got sister Teresa and I I don’t

remember all the details but here he is

still small voice of the Holy Spirit I

believe this I believe with all my heart

and I have made and a retractable

absolute positive yes to every promise

in the book and to believe that what

jesus promised me is true that this Holy

Spirit and they will guide me he will

lead me into all truth and show me

things to come he’ll show me the road

this life is possible the last one I

want to talk about five years ago the

Lord said in your last days and I don’t

have any premonition of an early death I

can’t die an early death I’m already


I’m four years to the good on the

promise of seventy I know I don’t look

it but I am 74 that was flesh but the

Lord said I want you to share your time

with pastors and I want you to go to the

nation’s and we’ve been doing it for the

last four years and Lord’s been faithful

I want you to stand

and this is not flesh I want you to do

something finally and I’m not I promise

I’ll not try to whip you up

are you tired of making such terrible

decisions it just mess up and are you

ready now to say I hear something from

the Holy Spirit if he abides if he lives

in me and I live in the spirit then I

want to walk in the spirit I want to

surrender my will and I’m saying Holy

Spirit govern my life govern my life you

and I are under the government of the

Holy Spirit

that’s how Jesus intended to bring us in

to the relationship of Christ that the

father so desires for us are you willing

to give one ear retractable in other

words you can’t take it back you say

Lord the best I know in my heart I mean

it I want to say a great powerful yes

let me hear it yes yes Lord father thank

you for the Holy Ghost Jesus thank you

for the Holy Spirit Lord we want to be a

church that walks in the spirit that we

hear from God that we hear that still

small voice saying yes follow me my

promises are for you let it be so let it

be yes and a man not nay and yeh not yes

and no not maybe but yes every promise

is mine so–but glory to God if the Holy

Spirit speaking to you and you have to

confess unbelief and fear if you don’t

know Christ if you’ve never given your

heart to Jesus I invite you to step out

of your seat and come and receive them

as Lord and Savior and to you you can’t

be saved without the Holy Spirit drawing

you it’s the Holy Spirit that comes to

draw you to Christ now we’ve been

lifting up the Holy Spirit as we’ve been

a directed by the word we’re to honor

the Holy Spirit and we’re honoring the

Holy Spirit and as we honor him he

his work that means he’s come to you and

pricked your conscience or he is

quickened your spirit and he wants you

to yield to him if you’re backslidden if

you’ve grown cold to the Lord

join these that are coming and if you’re

here we have never ever none of the

pastor’s ever try to pack these altars

or just have people standing you know

filling it all the aisles and everything

just for show god forbid but if you are

drawn by the spirit this morning and you

have been living in doubt and fear and

unbelief and you’ve been going your own

way and you say Lord I want to make a

stand and if you feel that the Holy

Spirit come you follow these that are

coming and in the annex you just go

stand between the screens and I’ll be

praying for you just a moment and let’s

believe the Lord then when you walk out

of here you you walk out of here with

the confidence you walk out here with a

confidence bring your sins to Christ

bring your unbelief bring your doubt

bring your fear we will pray within just

a moment we invite you to step out and

and take your stand Holy Spirit we have

shared with this congregation what we

believe is your heart for this hour and

we pray now Holy Spirit will come down

and make this real to us make it a

reality and for these that have stepped

out Lord only you know what the battle

is or what the struggle is or what the

need is and I’m asking you Holy Spirit

to meet that need I’m ask your Holy

Spirit now to open their eyes and their

hearts and Holy Spirit draw them now

into the love of Christ draw them by

your power now Jesus to bring rest to

the weary heart and mind only you can do

that I can’t become the Holy Spirit we

honor your abiding presence

thank you for your drawing spirit how

you draw us you’re drawing us to a

deeper walk a closer walk do that now I

pray and I want you to pray this prayer

with me now Lord Jesus

thank you for sending the Holy Spirit

and now Holy Spirit I believe that you

live in me and my body is your temple

and that you’re in the temple and that

you do speak and I can trust you to make

your voice known and to clear the path

so that we know that I know that I’ve

taken time to be with you and to listen

to you and hear that still small voice

that says this is the way walk in it now

let me pray for you again Heavenly

Father I’m asking for those that have

backslidden that you bring them back to

a knowledge of your love that you still

love them or that you want to make this

the first day of a new beginning and

those are Lord who are struggling with a

sin that has controlled their life and

they’ve cried they’ve weapon they don’t

know how to get free let them understand

that that’s the work of the Holy Spirit

if they were trust the Lord will come

and he will mortify that means he will

he will put underfoot he will conquer

every evil deed of the flesh we trust in

that covenant promise now Lord Jesus

were those now that want to take a step

of faith and go out now and say gee the

Holy Spirit I hear it but a walk with

you just going to walk with you and talk

with you and that should be my personal

guide and my strength in Jesus name Amen

this is the conclusion of the methods