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and that’s what we’re supposed to do

we’re supposed to pray for them are you

with me here no you many times because

God’s people haven’t known Vengeance we

have been victims

all right I want to show you how how

Vengeance looks because Vengeance goes

together with recompense over in Hebrews

Hebrews chapter

10 and verse 30. he says

for we know him that had said Vengeance

belongeth to me and I will recompense

saith the Lord and again the Lord shall

judge his people

all right

and over in uh

Isaiah chapter I think it’s 30 32 oh oh

in Isaiah chapter 30 32 and verse 34 and

verse 8. he said for it is the day of

the Lord’s Vengeance and the year of

recompenses for the controversy of Zion

now that’s a prophetic word speaking

about the church now just stay with me

now because it’s going to make sense in

just a minute

so the point that I want you to see is

that when now Vengeance comes in


that part Jesus didn’t read

because that part didn’t apply to

Jesus’s Ministry

it stopped at to proclaim the acceptable

year of the Lord and he closed the book

and sat down


then this

season which

Joel talked about

he talked about in Joel chapter 2 and

verse 20


three be glad the new children of Zion

Rejoice to the Lord your God who have

given you the former Reign moderately

and he’ll call to come down for you the

rain the former rain and the latter rain

in the first month so he’s saying no

about rain what is the rain symbolizing

it’s symbolizing the anointing that

you’re shifting into another aspect of

the anointing that this first Reign was

for the Gathering end of the church

which you saw in the book of Acts the

next is for the beautifying of the

Church of Latter rain

this is for those who mourn are going to

be rejoicing

this of those who were being harassed

and so forth you’re going to be made


see this is the anointing that is now

come on the church

now this this is powerful because

um this this anointing uh has with it a

protection aspect let me just make sure

I follow my notes here if you go out

down uh to John chapter 14 please

and look at John chapter 14 and verse


and whatsoever you shall ask in my name

I’ll get I’ll do

that the father may be glorified in the


if you shall ask anything in my name I

will do it