People spend billions every year to retain or restore health. No one wants to be sick. Yet, religion often tells us that God is either causing sickness or allowing it for a reason. But that’s not true—GOD WANTS YOU WELL.

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that focuses

on God’s unconditional love and grace

and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Tuesday’s broadcast of the gospel truth

today I’m going to continue a series

that I started yesterday talking about

God won’t you well we’re going to be

talking about supernatural divine

healing and I tell you I am excited

about this this has made a huge

difference in my life and I believe that

this is an area that the body of Christ

is wanting in and I can spend a lot of

time making that point but really most

people don’t have to look any further

than their own experience to realize

that they they believe that God of

course is all-powerful and so when they

get into a crisis situation when the

doctor says there’s no hope when you’re

hurting and in pain I guarantee even

believers our excuse me non-believers

are crying out to God and asking God for

healing and looking for something

supernatural and so many many people

believe God can do anything but they

just don’t seem to have a handle on how

to get healing to work in their life and

they pray and most people are not

experiencing much success in this area I

can guarantee you that all over the

world right now we’ve got people from

every background men women young old

every situation and there are hurting

people that are watching this broadcast

they are desiring to see God’s

supernatural healing power in their life

and yet they have no assurance no

confidence that it’s going to happen

there is fear there’s worry there’s

discouragement people are hurting in

this area and the good news is that

Jesus paid for your healing just like he

paid for your forgiveness of sins now I

know that that is a statement that is

not shared by the majority of people

that’s offensive to a lot of religious

people who put healing in a category

where it’s kind of an add-on God could

do it if he wants to but you aren’t

guaranteed healing and there are people

that are going to take great offense at


say but let me just reiterate a point

that I made yesterday on our

introduction to this subject that the

people who take that approach and

believe God can do it but it’s just

totally up to him it’s on a whim

sometimes he does sometimes he doesn’t

you never know what God’s going to do

people who have that opinion about

healing don’t see healings come to pass

they might once in awhile see something

minor happen but you aren’t going to see

a person that has healings operating

their life they pray for people if you

look at the healing evangelists every

single one of them a consistent belief

is that you have to believe that it’s

God’s will for you to be well and so

just looking at the results you can look

at the fruit people who believe God can

heal but they have no confidence that he

really wants to heal those people very

very seldom produce the fruit of healing

the people who do produce the fruit of

healing believe without exception that

God wants you well and I am in that camp

I believe that it is God’s will for you

to be well and I believe that the Word

of God teaches us how to receive it I’ll

have to confess I don’t know everything

I’m still learning there are things in

my own body that I deal with and I’m

believing God I’m not saying I’ve got it

all figured out and by me just being

honest and trying to be upfront with you

there’s going to be some people who will

instantly just reject me because they

know it all and they are just going to

instantly say well then what right do

you have to talk about it but I can say

that I have seen miraculous healing

operate in my life through me to other

people and I’m seeing tremendous results

in this area and I really believe that

the vast majority of people watching

this program could benefit by the things

that God has shown me and by the things

that I’m learning and so I’m just

encouraging you to open up your heart I

know that I’m going to be saying things

that are contrary to what the majority

of people believe but I believe that

that’s the reason that they aren’t

seeing the miraculous power of God work

in their life if you want different

results in this area of healing than

what you’re getting then you’re going to

have to do something differently

proverbs 23:7 says as he thinketh any

heart so is he your life is the way it

is because of the way you think your

values the truths that you hold dear and

if you believe that God can heal even if

you believe that God won’t steal but if

you aren’t seeing it work in your life

you’re going to have to change something

that you believe to get different

results it’s a definition of insanity to

keep doing the same thing and pray for

different results if you want something

different you’re going to have to

believe something different you’re going

to have to do something different and so

don’t rebel or be upset just because I

say things that are contrary to the way

that you’ve been taught if things aren’t

working there needs to be some changes

so I’m saying all of this just trying to

prepare the ground so that the seed that

I plant will be able to take root in

produce in your life let me use a

scripture out of Mark chapter two and

this is an example of Jesus and in mark

chapter two verse 1 it says and again he

entered into Capernaum after some days

and it was noised that he was in the

house and straightway many were gathered

together in so much that there was no

room to receive them no not so much as

about the door and he preached the word

unto them now before I gone with the

rest of this story let me just make a

point and that is that one of the

reasons that Jesus drew such great

crowds there was multiple things it’s

not one faceted Jesus was the perfect

representation of God and he wasn’t just

strong in one area of his life he had it

all together

Amen I don’t think any of us

representing God today have it all

together certainly not in the category

that Jesus did so he wasn’t just

one-dimensional he had it all and it

talks here about how he preached the

word unto him but this is at the

beginning of his ministry and one of the

reasons that multitudes came to hear

Jesus and that there was so many people

packed into this house that they

couldn’t even get inside they couldn’t

even get around the windows or the door

because people were everywhere one of

the reasons is because Jesus used

miracles to draw people unto himself as

he began his ministry the very first

miracle that he did was turn

water into wine and you know it’s

amazing how that the religious people

they use the same Bible that I use but

because they don’t believe that God

works miracles today and they will

actually come up with doctrines that

these things passed away with the

Apostles and stuff like this they will

take scriptures like Jesus turning water

into wine and they will spiritual eyes

and talk about how all of our lives were

bland and plain like water and when

Jesus comes he gives your life purpose

and meaning and you can make comparisons

and draw analogies from that I’m not

saying that that’s wrong but it is done

so often that people who use the same

Bible that I’m reading out of will take

this instance where jesus healed the man

let down through the roof and healed his

physical body he was paralyzed and they

will just spiritual eyes this and people

don’t even realize that Jesus used

physical miracles he wasn’t just making

spiritual illustrations and analogies

out of this he was physically healing

people and that is the reason that the

crowds came after him this is at the

very beginning of his ministry and it

was before all of his teachings had

totally developed in God out there and

you got to remember he didn’t have the

benefit of books and tapes and CDs all

of the things that we’ve got it was just

his personal appearance and the things

that he was doing right there and the

thing that he used that drew the

multitudes probably more than anything

else was the miraculous demonstration of

his ability to heal Jesus used miracles

to draw people and I tell you one of the

reasons that the church isn’t making a

greater impact today is because they has

not have not emphasized healing and they

are just preaching something about when

you die and go to be with the Lord which

certainly that’s important I’m not

trying to minimize that but I am trying

to maximize an area that I believe has

been neglected and we need to present

the whole counsel of God and show that

it is God’s will to touch your bodies

right now and see this is exactly what

happened right here it says there were

so many people around him that they

couldn’t even get around him and so it

says in verse 3 and they came unto him

bringing one sick of the palsy with

was born of four and when they could not

come nigh unto him for the press they

uncovered the roof where he was and when

they had broken it up they let down the

bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay

that’s obvious by this story that they

were coming because they wanted healing

and they had heard the stories of Jesus

healing other people and they were

motivated to come here by the power of

God to heal you know why people aren’t

breaking holes in our roof and getting

people down through the roof because it

is so crowded in the churches that they

can’t get in the church they can’t even

look in the windows they can’t come in

the door you know why they aren’t doing

this today because we aren’t

demonstrating the power of God the way

that Jesus did forgive me for being

blunt and being honest but I tell you

today we’re depending upon all of the

padded pews and all of the nice things

and the fact that we’ve cut our service

down to just ten minutes of singing and

15 minutes of preaching units and it’s

convenient and people can come and we’re

drawing crowds in that sense but I tell

you people aren’t motivated this way

because there isn’t the same power of

God being manifest by the people of God

today that there was when Jesus was here

representing his father and this is

wrong we need to be representing God we

need that the same thing will work today

that work then when you start seeing the

miraculous power of God in people’s

lives being changed it will draw people

people are still sick today people are

still looking for God to help them in

this physical area and if the church was

to stand up and take the position that

God called us to take and represent him

properly and if we were presenting him

as he’s not only for the forgiveness of

your sins yes it includes that I’m not

minimizing that but if we were to

present that Jesus is here to forgive

your sins and to heal your body at the

prosper you financially and to deliver

you from the oppression and the

depression of the devil and if we

representing that and could back it up

with the power of God flowing through us

man our crowds our churches couldn’t

hold the people they’d have it to be

cutting holes in the roof and letting

people into our meetings – and you know

what by me saying that that condemns a

lot of people but at the same time if I

point a finger at you

at three point back at me I have seen a

lot of miraculous healing power of God

but I could be much stronger in this I’m

preaching to myself I’m motivating

myself brothers and sisters Jesus if he

was here without the hindrance of having

to flow through me if he was here

without my limits that I’ve imposed on

him by my own problems and prejudices

and background and everything I

guarantee you’d be doing a much better

job than what I’m doing he’d be doing a

much better job than what most of us

have ever seen represented we need to

get back to this Jesus drew people they

were if they were so motivated they took

the tiles off the roof they broke up the

roof and they let this lame man down

through the roof because they couldn’t

get to him any other way people would

still do the same thing today if they

had any confidence that when they

brought a person to church that they’d

get them healed people would do the same

thing I’ve had people come to my

meetings and ambulances hire ambulance

isn’t come because they believe that

they’d be healed and they were healed

I’ve had people come on their deathbed

I’ve had people that were not supposed

to live through the night and we have

seen many many many of these people heal

I guarantee it’s still the way that it

works the way that it was in Bible days

is still the way that it is today in

verse five it says and Jesus saw their

faith he said unto the sick of the palsy

son thy sins be forgiven thee now it’s

obvious that they came for healing but

Jesus said your sins be forgiven you you

know there is so much here I’m not going

to preach on this because I could spend

the rest of the day and I want to move

on to the rest of this but let me just

say that when you forgive a person their

sins if you totally understood what that

meant that would mean that healing is

yours deliverance is yours prosperity

because all of these negative things

sickness and all of this stuff came into

the world through sin and if sin has

been dealt with and removed and

therefore all of these side effects and

negative effects of sin have been broken

and you can go on and walk in health and

prosperity and deliverance when Jesus

said your sins be forgiven you he

literally was given this man the key to

his healing and to everything else he

wasn’t just dealing with

sealing but he was dealing with that

entire person in verse 6 it says and

there were certain of the scribes

sitting there which reasoned in their

hearts why did this man thus speak

blasphemies who can forgive sins but God

only and boy they were offended that he

said your sins are forgiven God’s the

only one that can forgive sins of course

what they were missing was that Jesus

was God and he had every right to

forgive this man sin but of course they

didn’t believe that and so there was an

immediate criticism of him

and look at this in verse 8 it says and

immediately when Jesus perceived in his

spirit that they so reasoned within

themselves he said unto them why reason

ye these things in your heart he was

demonstrating that he was God he had the

ability through the Holy Spirit to see

and perceive what they were thinking

without them saying it he knew what was

going on in their heart and in verse 9

he says whether is it easier to say to

the sick of the palsy thy sins be

forgiven thee or to say arise and take

up thy bed and walk now before we get to

the rest of this let me just make this

point which is easier to say your sins

be forgiven or to say be healed rise up

and walk now both of them are impossible

to do only God can forgive sins and only

God men in their own strength and in

their own power if they were separated

from God and if it wasn’t God’s powerful

and through them no person can heal a

paralyzed person that’s not natural it’s

not normal so both of them are

impossible to do but just talking about

saying which one is easiest to say you

know it’s actually easier to say your

sins be forgiven you because you can’t

see us in you can’t see that sin you

can’t see if the sin was forgiven so you

could say your sins be forgiven and

there’s no way to disprove that it

happened so it would actually be easier

to say your sins are forgiven you but as

far as healing goes if you say you’re

healed well then there’s immediately the

physical realm is either going to

confirm our prove you wrong when you say

this it’s actually harder to say be

because there’s instantaneous

manifestation of either healing are the

continued paralysis and so it would be

harder to say your you’re healed than it

is to say your sins are forgiven and I

believe that what Jesus is doing is just

saying I’m going to do the thing that is

harder to say and if I can do the

greater thing well then I can also do

the lesser thing in other words if I can

heal this man’s physical body that will

be proved that I could also deal with

his sins and that’s the point that he’s

making and so he says whether is easier

to say to the sick of the palsy thy sins

be forgiven thee or to say rise take up

thy bed and walk but that you may know

that the Son of man hath power on earth

to forgive sins he saith to the sick of

the palsy I say under the arise take up

thy bed and go thy way to thy house and

immediately he rose and took up the bed

and went forth before them all

instruments that they were all amazed

and glorified God saying we never saw it

on this fashion so Jesus right here in

the tenth verse he says but that you may

know that the Son of man hath power on

earth to forgive sins and then in the

eleventh verse he healed this man so

jesus himself said the reason I am

healing this man is to show you that if

I can heal the physical bodies if I can

do that thing which is in the natural

then I can also do this thing that’s in

the spiritual and Jesus proved to

skeptics that he had the power to

forgive sins and to deal with the

spiritual inside greater details of the

spirit man by proving he proved it by

healing the physical man now let me say

this if Jesus had to prove himself and

to establish his authority and his

ability to do supernatural spiritual

things and deal with people’s sins if

Jesus felt a need to prove it by doing

physical healings then let me just say

this how arrogant how conceited is it on

the part of preachers ministers the body

of Christ today to think that we are

going to convince

a skeptical world that Jesus is alive

and that he can deal with your sins and

forgive your sins and settle your

eternal destiny and do these things how

arrogant is an on our part to think that

we somehow are better at convincing

people and doing things than Jesus is

Jesus used the physical realm to prove

that he could do the things in the

spiritual realm and yet today people are

saying oh we don’t need that we’re just

going to proclaim that Jesus can forgive

your sins and Jesus can set you free and

we are going to demonstrate it we aren’t

going to prove it we aren’t going to

bring Jesus into the world where people

can see a physical manifestation of

God’s power we’re just going to trust

that they will just know these things

and open up and receive it Jesus didn’t

do that Jesus specifically said I’m

using healing to prove to you that if I

can do this then I can also do that and

Jesus said this in a number of different

places you know I’m getting short on

time today but real quickly let me just

use one of these instances over in the

10th chapter of the book of John this is

another instance Jesus was constantly

the scribes and the Pharisees the

religious people were always criticizing

him and coming against him and you’re

casting out Devils through the power of

Devils you’re doing miracles because

you’re the devil you know it’s amazing

how things seem to come back around in a

circle but today if you go out and cast

out a devil if you heal people say

you’re healed in the name of Jesus there

are many religious people that will rise

up and say that’s the devil man that’s

exactly what they were doing to Jesus

and they said you’re doing all of these

miracles by the power of the devil and

in John chapter 10 in verse 25 they had

said tell us plainly if you are really

the Christ and he says in verse 25 I

told you and you believe not the works

that I do in my father’s name they bear

witness of me so he said right here that

the works that his father gave him to do

and he was talking about the fact that

he was casting out Devils and healing

bodies he says these things testify of

me that I am of God and you know I’m not

going to take time to turn over there

but you could go to Hebrew

chapter two and it says that Jesus was a

man that was approved of God by mighty

signs and wonders and it was confirmed

his word that he preached was confirmed

by God through mighty signs and wonders

and then those who heard him went out

and the Lord worked with them and there

were signs and wonders worked through

them and so here’s three or four

instances that I’ve given you and

there’s many more that I could turn to

in Scripture but there are times that

Jesus himself said I am going to heal

the physical body to prove to you that I

can also do the spiritual things the

scripture says that Jesus was approved

by God how through the acts that he did

specifically the healings and things

like this those who came along in Jesus

footsteps the early apostles that

recorded in Scripture they used miracles

of healing to draw crowds and to

demonstrate that the things we’re saying

are true and here’s the proof of it if

you can see these physical miracles

which are impossible for men to do if

those things can happen then also the

spiritual things that we are proclaiming

can also happen and so the gospel was

preached in power it says in Acts

chapter 4 that after they were beaten

they went back to their assembly and

they prayed and said O God behold their

threatenings and grant unto your

servants that you that we might preach

your word by stretching forth your hand

to heal and that signs and wonders might

be done by the name of thy Holy Child

Jesus they they equated preaching with

demonstrating the power of God and

seeing miraculous things happen and

because they did that they were walking

in the power of God multitudes came unto

them thousands were being saved today

the church as a whole is not

demonstrating the power of God they’re

proclaiming that God is real they’re

proclaiming that he can do things but

they don’t demonstrate it if the average

sick person was to come to the average

church and say would you please pray for

me the average Church and say well why

did you come to me why don’t you go to

the doctors have you tried this pill

have you tried this I heard and they

would send them away the average church

doesn’t even have this as a goal and

then there are some people who believe

that God can

and they may pray for it but they don’t

understand that it’s something that God

has already done and he’s put this power

in us they aren’t taking their authority

but instead they’re coming as a beggar

said Oh God we can do nothing

o God please stretch forth your hand be

healed and they aren’t understanding

that God has already put that power in

us I’m going to be dealing with these

things as we go through this series and

hopefully we’re going to be helping you

to understand it is God’s will for you

to be well we’re going to be sharing

with you about how you can exercise your

faith and begin to receive healing on

your own I tell you this is going to

change people’s lives I know that

there’s a lot of people that will be

upset and not like what I say but I tell

you what I’m not preaching to the ones

who are upset I’m preaching to those of

you who have ears to hear and I ask to

see and a heart to receive and I believe

that this is going to change a lot of

people’s lives I would like to encourage

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