In Romans 12:2, the word “transformed” was translated from the Greek word metamorphoo, from which our word “metamorphosis” comes. If you want to be transformed in the same way that a worm becomes a butterfly, then renew your mind through the Word of God, and effortless change is the result.

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

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and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Monday’s broadcast of the gospel truth

today I’m going to begin a brand new

series talking about effortless change

and I have a brand new book and study

guide out on this this is a teaching

that I have been giving for decades now

and it’s really one of the foundational

truths that God has shown me you know

everybody desires to change even if

you’re going in the right direction most

of us have goals and things that we

haven’t obtained and there have to be

changes before we can see all that come

to pass in my own life I really believe

that I’m exactly on target I believe I’m

right where God wants me to be but I’ve

got a lot of things God has shown me

that I need to accomplish and there has

to be change in order for me to be able

to accomplish that so really I think the

change is something that every single

person desires

you know if somehow another we could see

into the future and if you could plot

where you are right now and say 10 years

or 20 years in the future if the Lord

tarries would you want to be in the

exact same spot that you are right now I

believe that most of you would say no

that you have desires to increase and

accomplish more and and do more things

and so change is something I think that

is universal people desire it and yet

most people just don’t seem to be able

to find a handle on change there’s no

way to grab hold and to make it come to

pass most people desire it and they pray

and they somehow or another are looking

for change but it’s just hit and miss

there doesn’t seem to be any consistent

way to do it and then this title that

I’ve a ascribed to this teaching about

effortless change that sounds like an

oxymoron to most people I mean most

people this is just completely

contradictory change for most people is


it is a terrible thing for instance if

you just talk about people changing jobs

people changing their house people

changing their location of where they

are with most people changes as

traumatic experience and this you know

title that I’ve put on it of effortless

change just seems like this is

impossible but what I want to share with

you is that the Word of God teaches us

how to change and it teaches us how to

change effortlessly and I know that at

first people just think that can’t be

but I really believe it’s because people

are trying to change in ways other than

what God said but God built into nature

if you just looked in nature God built

into nature this ability to grow and to

change and of course this is illustrated

in a lot of ways but you look at a seed

you plant a seed and that seed changes

it changes from just a little tiny scene

you could plant an acorn that is very

small and it turns into this huge tree

that is able to withstand hurricanes and

the elements and all of these things and

you talk about a change or you could

take a mustard seed like Jesus did in

the fourth chapter of the book of Mark

when he was talking about the mustard

seed in the mustard seed is the tiniest

of all herbs and yet you saw it if it

comes the biggest of all the herb trees

and it just it’s just huge change you

take an apple seed and you plant it and

it produces this tree that produces

apples and I can guarantee you there’s

not a single person that has ever walked

by an apple tree and has heard this

apple tree grown and grunt and scream

and yet out they’ve let out this

tremendous paid-in boom here’s an apple

it doesn’t come that way it is the

nature of that seed to produce an apple

tree that produces apples and it just

comes effortlessly its natural now there

are things that have to be overcome if

there’s a drought if there’s storms if

there’s you know freezing temperatures

and there are things that are adverse in

a way you could say it takes a lot of

effort but in another way it’s just

effortless it is the

of that seed to produce apples and

likewise this is going to be a summary a

simple synopsis of the whole thing that

I’ll be teaching that the word of God is

a seed and if we would take the Word of

God and sew it in our life and protect

the seed then the Word of God just

changes you effortlessly it’s automatic

it’s just natural the Word of God will

produce after its own kind if you take

the scriptures concerning healing and

meditate on healing it will produce

healing in your body and I’m going to go

through a number of scriptures and show

you things like in proverbs chapter 4

that the Word of God is health all of

your flesh and life to those that find

it Psalms 107 verse 20 he sent His Word

and healed them and delivered them from

all of their destructions and on and on

and on the word goes with promises about

how that the Word of God will produce

healing and yet see most people that

need healing in their body they don’t

approach it from this standpoint what

they do they go and they pray and they

they cry out to God emotionally

passionately and they ask God to heal

him and they will get other people to

pray and they will start fasting and

they will start doing things trying to

effect healing you know what if you go

about it that way that’s the hard way

and that’s the reason that it is so

traumatic and it’s so hard and people

come all of the time say what do I have

to do being I fasted I pray I go to

church I’m paying my tithes I’m doing

this and this and this and they tell me

all of the things that they do and it’s

just like they’re running after a

miracle their tongue is hanging out

there they’re out of breath their God

what do I have to do you take the seed

and if you were to take the promises on

healing and meditate in them and take

the gospel instead of just some pill

from the doctor if you took the gospel

morning noon and

and meditating in it the word will just

effortlessly change you it will produce

health in your body it will be health to

all of your flesh and life to those that

find it proverbs chapter 4 and see this

is the way that God has ordained changes

for us to take these seeds these truths

that are in his word and we meditate in

it day and night and it produces results

let me start with the passage over here

in Joshua chapter one and just make this

same point again the book of Joshua of

course is after the death of Moses

Joshua became the new leader of the

children of Israel Moses let him ride up

to the promised land but he died and

didn’t take him into the promised land

so Joshua’s job was to replace Moses as

the leader of the nation of Israel and

go in and conquer the land of Canaan and

give the Jews their position possession

in the promised land I could spend a lot

of time on this but if you just think

about this I mean the shoes of Moses are

pretty hard to fill how do you take over

for a guy who called you know and said

if these people die a natural death then

you’ll know that God hasn’t spoken by me

but if something supernatural happens

and the earth opens up and swallows

these rebels alive into the pit then

you’ll know that I’m God’s messenger

this is in numbers chapter 16 and the

earth opened up and swallowed them and

everything that belonged to them into

the earth and then it closed upon them

again and Moses as the guy came down his

face showing Moses is the guy who held

his rod out over the Red Sea and party I

mean on and on we could go talking about

how powerful Moses was and here comes

Joshua to replace him you know it’s just

it would be natural that people would

not put him in the same category as

Moses and yet in the first chapter of

the book of Joshua the Lord is telling

Joshua he says as I have been with Moses

that’s exactly the way I’m going to be

with you and I’m not going to go on and

read all of this but in the first couple

of chapters here the Lord told Joshua

says are today

I’m going to begin to magnify you in the

side of the people so that they will

know that I have been with you the way

that I was with Moses and one of the

ways that he did that is when they

entered into the Promised Land

it was during you know the rain rainy

season the Jordan River was out of its

banks and the Lord told Joshua he says

you tell the priest to carry the Ark of

the Covenant and go stand in the river

and when they got up to about their

ankles or their calves in the water then

the waters of the Jordan parted and the

children of Israel walked across on dry

land to go in to the promised land and

so very similar to what happened at the

Red Sea God parted the rivers of Jordan

and he said the reason I’m doing this is

to magnify you to put Authority and

validate your ministry and let the

Israelites know that I with you the way

that I was with Moses and so this is

what the first few chapters of the book

of Joshua are about and he’s telling

Joshua to be strong and of a good

courage don’t let these people

discourage you and how is it that he

accomplishes this how is it that Joshua

changes from a person who for 40 years

had served the man of God to now being

the man of God well that is significant

some of you have never been in a

leadership position and you’ve never had

to make this mental change on the inside

where you go from being the follower to

the leader but I tell you that is change

and that change has to take place in

your heart before you can assume that

position I’m sure that there are people

watching this program right now who God

is opening up a door for you and calling

you to a greater position of leadership

and yet you’ve got to change the way you

see yourself on the inside you’ve got to

change your attitude from being a

follower to being a leader you’ve got to

change your confidence level from being

well it’s not my responsibility to now

everything is my responsibility and how

are you going to handle this and I’ll

tell you this is one of the reasons that

people fail not because they don’t have

the ability not because God

it hasn’t called them but because on the

inside they have not changed that image

and the image the way you see yourself

functioning the level to which you see

yourself functioning will be like a

governor a limiter on you that will stop

you at some place and this is what the

Lord spoke to me in 2002 about how I had

limited what God could do with me

through my small thinking and the Lord

told me to take the limits off of him

and when I did that I my whole life my

whole ministry everything in my life has

dramatically changed

I mean dramatically changed I I’ve got

an entire teaching series on all of that

but see this is exactly what Joshua was

going through you talk about change

Joshua was experiencing huge change and

how did it come to pass

there’s a lot of things that he said

here but I want to point out in verse

eight Joshua chapter 1 verse 8 it says

this book of the law shall not depart

out of your mouth but thou shalt

meditate therein day and night that thou

mayst observe to do according to all

that is written therein for then thou

shalt make thy way prosperous and then

thou shalt have good success now again

if you take this and put it in its

context and if you see how dramatic the

change is in Joshua’s life in his

position of leadership in his realm of

influence I mean this is dramatic this

is huge and how do you accomplish it the

Lord said this book of the law at that

time there was only five books of the

Bible Moses had written Genesis Exodus

Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy and at

that time this is all that he had and

yet the Lord was saying this book of the

law these five chapters are what the

Jews call the Pentateuch this book you

have to meditate in it day and night you

speak it out your mouth you keep it in

front of you now of course today we have

also the inspired Bible we have all of

these books 66 books in the Bible and we

could substitute or put into here that

not only this book of the law the first

five books

this Bible shall not depart out of our

mouths but we need to meditate in it day

and night

and if we will do that and observe all

that is written in it it says then we

will make our way prosperous and then we

will have good success

everybody wants the prosperity everybody

wants the success everybody wants this

change everybody would love to see God

increase them and give them more

influence and so that their life could

make a bigger impact and so that they

could live more abundance and that they

could walk at more victory and power

everybody wants these results but I’m

telling you there is not one out of a

thousand Christians who is taking this

approach to the change you want this

goal but most of us are just wishing and

a hoping and a praying we are expecting

faith to just supernaturally move us

that direction and it’s just somehow

another going to come to pass and we

don’t know how and and we’re going about

our way and just goofing off and wasting

our time and we aren’t taking the word

of God and meditating in it constantly

and yet we want the results this makes

it very specific it says then you make

your way prosperous then you have good

success then why when you have meditated

in this word day and night when you take

the seed and you plant it in your heart

and you let this seed produce I’m

telling you I’m going to be spending a

number of weeks here just trying to get

this point across that God’s Word is a

seed and if you want prosperity the

seeds for prosperity are in this Bible

and if you would take those seeds and

meditate on them that’s how you plant

them in your heart then those seeds

would spring up and it would begin to

start producing prosper and it would

just come to pass I know some of you

think that I can’t believe that I can’t

believe that just reading the Bible and

reading scriptures about prosperity is

going to make me prosperous no I have to

have master’s education I have to have a

connection here I have to have a super

product to be able to sell

and we’re looking for all of these

natural things but I’m telling you that

the seed of God’s Word will make you

prosperous and then you will have good

success it’s really how it works now I’m

not saying that God won’t give you a

creative idea but it will come as a

byproduct of meditating in the word in

putting God’s Word first you know I

wished I had the ability I’ve read

things about this but I wished I had all

this information on the inside of me

that I could spit this out to you and

prove it to you but I’ve read lots of

documents and different things about

inventions and some of the inventions

that have changed the world some of the

medical discoveries and just all kinds

of things Industrial Revolution and all

of these things some of the great

scholars and scientists like Newton that

came up with the law of gravity of

course he didn’t create gravity but he

was the first one to express this as a

law and some of the things that he did

did you know that the vast majority a

weekend I wished I had the ability to to

show you this specifically but it’s I

just don’t have those figures in my head

but the vast majority of scientific

breakthroughs medical breakthroughs in

things all of the stuff that has made

our life’s so far superior

technologically compared to previous

generations the vast majority of those

discoveries and inventions came from

people who were god-fearing people who

meditated in the word and as God

influenced them then that caused these

reactions and these things that have

impacted our everyday life now I know

there are some people are going to argue

with that and say oh that’s not so but

again I’ve seen a lot of statistics and

I mean for instance you could go back to

the Reformation that happened around

1500 Martin Luther and all of this and

when the Reformation broke people out

from under the religious system of the

Catholic Church the bondage and people

begin to start studying the word they

started putting the word

into the languages of people in the

Reformation the Protestant allowed

people to start reading the word and

people started doing this there came an

industrial revolution that was a direct

results I just recently saw a thing on

television that was not a Christian

program it was a secular program

discussing about some of five of the

major things that have changed the

history of the world and it listed the

Reformation as one of the dominant

forces in the history of the world

because it opened the Word of God up to

the average person as people begin to

study the word have personal

relationship with the Lord then the

Industrial Revolution broke out all

kinds of things happen and again

somebody else could probably verify that

and make that point better than I am but

again I’m saying that see when you

meditate in the word the Word of God

frees you up it takes us away from these

religious traditions and doctrines of

men that make the Word of God and no

effect it causes you to start thinking

bigger it’s causes you to start thinking

outside of the box things start

happening and if you would take the Word

of God and plant these seeds in your

life these seeds would produce the

change effortlessly the only effort is

really to just discipline yourself to

turn off all of the things of this world

that occupies so much of our time and

put your effort into meditating in the

word day at night and if you would do

that then change would come effortlessly

you know let me give you a personal

testimony that back about I started on

television in 2000 and I knew that we

were moving in that direction and it was

somewhere around 96 or 97 1996 or 97 I

just saw television on the horizon I

knew it was going to be infinitely more

expensive than the radio ministry that I

had had for 25 years and I saw that we

were going to need huge influx of money

and I was just barely getting along

where I was and I just

it was a revelation from God that I

needed to start getting my attitude

straightened out in this area of

finances so you know what I did based on

this exact teaching I’m giving you I

went to the Word of God

I took Scriptures about prosperity about

a hundred of them and I put them on my

computer I made a file and I just put

scriptures about prosperity and I would

go through and I would read those

scriptures and I would meditate on it

and most of them I guess nearly all I

might heard before but I took them out

of context put them all in one place

just so that I could get the maximum

impact and I started meditating on these

scriptures and for about two years I

just took these scriptures and I

meditated them even though I knew these

scriptures I would read them over again

I would pray and ask God for new

revelation and for about two years there

was virtually no change in our finances

we were limping along there was times

that my board even told me that they

were going to close the ministry down

because we were bankrupt on paper but I

just kept meditating on the scriptures

in anyway it’s a long story I haven’t

got time to give you the whole thing on

today’s program but as I meditated on

these scriptures there came a time that

I invited this man

pastor Dean Melton from Charlotte North

Carolina I’ve been going to his church

for about 22 years every September and I

invited him to come into our school and

teach on prosperity because he had a

revelation of prosperity I saw it

working in his life I saw it working in

the lives of people that were in his

church I knew that he had something

working in his life in this area of

prosperity that I didn’t and so I

invited him in I took a legal pad of

paper I sat down and for two days I

listened to him and I was going to copy

down everything he said and I was going

to learn what he needed to know and you

know what after two days I had never

taken a single note he didn’t use one

scripture that I hadn’t been meditating

on he didn’t say one thing that I hadn’t

already heard but you know what it

changed my life

because pastor Dean Melton believed it

in a way that I didn’t believe

that I had the knowledge but for

whatever reason I believe it was really

tradition and doctrine a man that had

taught me basically that Christians

aren’t supposed to prosper that we’re

supposed to be poor and that those

traditions were voiding the word of God

but through pastor Dean Melton I saw

some things I grabbed hold of these

truths I started believing God and I

guarantee you our finances exploded and

some people think well man I need this

guy to come into my church but you know

what it would have had the same impact

if I hadn’t have planted the seed for

two years been meditating on these words

and I just it’s like I had all of this

fuel there and all I needed was a spark

to ignite it and see some people only

hear testimony like this and think well

I need this person to come do something

but if you haven’t been meditating in

the word then change is not going to

come effortlessly but see I’ve been

meditating in it and because of that the

Lord was able to take that and our

finances now are probably a hundred

maybe 200 times as great as they were

back in 1996 I tell you this is how

powerful the Word of God is and if you

need financial miracle or if you need a

healing or if you need relationships or

if you need skills to learn how to get

along with people whatever you need the

seed is in this word if you will plant

it in your heart then change will come

effortlessly you know I’m out of time

today but I’m going to continue to teach

on this as I said we’re starting a brand

new series I’ve got a brand new book and

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John chapter 14 verse 1 the very first

thing that Jesus told his disciples he

says let not your heart be troubled when

I looked into his face I saw his eyes

flittering and so um I yelled at him and

I said you are not going to leave me

next thing I know I’m down an emergency

room at the stroke center and eres

Methodist in Fort Worth

one third of Alan’s brain had not

received blood the MRI scan of the brain

showed a massive stroke they told me he

was paralyzed on the left side they told

me that he could not swallow they told

me he could not speak they were saying

he’s going to need a stomach to to be

fed the rest of his life we were not

very optimistic about the outcome we had

spent that time in Christian survival we

had spent that time in harnessing your

emotions and I was harnessing my

emotions I was completely under control

and that’s what disturbed the doctors

the most they were not going to speak

death over him because his life was in

the balance and I knew the truth and the


was gonna set him free and I knew it I

knew it would set complete it would set

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